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English 101

To those of you who say I am crying and that I hate the Dodgers, I would suggest that you pull out an English book and see where I wrote any of that.  I said that I was happy the Dodgers won – how can you come to the conclusion that I hate the Dodgers from that?

I said that I wasn’t proud of the way they did it, by outspending the competition.   Then some moron says “It’s not your money, what do you care?”   The money in the purse of that little old lady getting her purse snatched isn’t mine either, but it doesn’t mean I like that kind of activity – maybe you do!   Maybe you are the purse snatcher!

I get that the Dodgers have more money than anyone and are drawing more fans than anyone and this can spend more than anyone.  It just doesn’t make if fair.  If you had a son who played baseball in a league that allowed oversize bats that were ultralight and cost $50,000 and you had the money to get him one, would you be proud that he led his team in home runs after such a huge advantage?  I’d be happy for him, but sad too… just like now.

Maybe you rooted for Goliath – I’m a David guy.  Maybe you enjoyed bullying smaller kids – I was the guy who protected the smaller kids and hit the bullies in the mouth.  I have a hard time relating to superior spending making one superior unless it’s in war – this is a game and someone had it right that I should be mad at MLB because the Dodgers are playing within the rules.  Actually, it’s the players association that is responsible for no salary cap in baseball.  All the other sports have it, but baseball.

I despised the Yankees because they made stupid moves and then outspent others to cover up their ineptitude.  I don’t have a double-standard.  When my team does the same thing it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

“1,200 posts on MSTI” just proves that most fans are lemmings and can’t think for themselves.  Kind of a circle jerk!

I was proud as hell in 1988 when the Dodgers won, because they didn’t outspend everyone to do it.  They out-hustled and out-hearted other teams to win.  Somehow this just isn’t as sweet.   If it’s as sweet to you, then you are a “win at all costs guy.”   I’m not!  Maybe you are the guy who loves to see Wal-Mart come into town and put all the little guys out of business.  I’m not… but I understand it.

I’m glad the Dodgers won and I’ll root for them to the end, but somehow this feels a little hollow.  It was me who wrote this on September 6, 2009 about a player most of you were excited to get, Manny Ramirez:

I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again:  “I’d rather lose without Manny than win with him.”  In my mind, if we win it all this year, I will have an asterisk by the Championship.  But, that’s just me…

There was a nice run there too, but how did that work out?

Watford Dodger is evidently the only one of you who is literate.  He responded:

I understand where Mark is coming from in that he would have loved to have won the division but without the huge payroll. He is pleased it’s just that the victory is tainted because of the money. However it is what it is – it is normal for the biggest franchises to have the biggest payroll & the Dodgers are definitely one of the biggest – in many different criteria. The Guggs spent their money to catch up immediately after the austerity of the McCourt era. I think we would have all liked to do it on a smaller budget but it wasn’t to be – 2009 was our last win. So here we are – Mark has mixed feelings but I’m sure that when the fun & games of October begin, there will be no bigger Dodgers flag waver than him.

If I were running the Dodgers, I might have made every move they made.  I get the business side of it.  It just doesn’t mean I would sleep well at night.  And, Badger – I can afford a new Caddy and pay for it tomorrow, but I drive a 2000 Ford Expedition that looks like new.  So, just because I can do something doesn’t mean I will.

When your friends say “So what, you won because you outspent everyone but God?“  Do you feel proud.  I’m glad we won, but my chest isn’t puffed out like in 1988!   Now, that was really something!  Baseball has changed.  Business has changed… and maybe not for the better.

I supported McCourt because I wanted the little guy to win.  I supported him until I found out he was a sleazy greasebag for practically embezzling the Dodgers money.  If he could have just waited and eeked by on just $5 million a year, he’d have been super rich next year, but he couldn’t wait!  How stupid!

Other Stuff:

  • I like Donnie, but he makes numerous mental blunders.  I’m not confident in him and neither were the Dodgers, which was why he’s a lame duck.  He has to win out.
  • On the swimming pool.  I’d have jumped in first.  If the D-Bags don’t like it, come to our house and do it next year or quit crying!  Much ado about nothing!


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  1. Badger says:

    I have known you for years, and we have debated many, MANY things, but I always found you to be a “free market” guy. Now, all of a sudden, you are a man of the people? Now, after supporting the policies I have seen you support over the years, you are for the underdog? I find that just a little hard to believe.

    Until MLB decides to follow the lead of every other major sport in America and adopts a salary cap, I say let the market dictate what each team can do. Now that your “underdog, underfunded, under capable” Frankie No Nickels is out of the picture, the Dodgers are where they should have been a long, long time ago. And somehow that displeases you.

    Long live the financial health of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  2. Badger says:

    P.S. -

    “If he could have just waited and eeked by on just $5 million a year, he’d have been super rich next year, but he couldn’t wait! How stupid!”

    Stupid? I thought the guy was your hero. He took his daddy’s parking lots and turned them into a billion dollars. He just donated $100 million to Georgetown University. He did EXACTLY what he wanted to do – he got filthy rich on OPM.

  3. Bball says:

    I really don’t care what you think. Don’t get me wronge this blog has quite frankly changed my life but I’m super proud of this team. Who wouldn’t be. Like badger told me this is bballs year. That’s right and thanku badger I’ve waited my whole life for what I think is coming so you can take your bitterness and go cheer for the reds or pirates. This game is different now and we don’t live in the sixties like your trying to hold onto anymore. Except it and be happy. These are different times mark.

  4. Hawkeyedodger says:

    I’m proud that these owners came in and put their money into the team, the stadium, and scouting. I’m proud these owners gave the Dodgers fans a team that they deserve after watching players beg to be Dodgers and Mcdouche not having the money to bring them in while he was stealing from the team. I’m proud of these owners for finding a way to put a competive team on the field while they rebuild their minors. I’m proud of a team that didn’t give up when Mark was giving up on them. I’ve watched practically every out even when they were practically unwatchable. It made want to puke when Fox owned the team and it was embarrassing to be associated with the MCCourts but Ill always be proud of the Dodgers!

  5. Mark_Timmons says:


    How do you even think I am bitter? Read my words man. In legal jargon that is called \”assuming facts not in evidence.”

    Badger, I still am a free market guy and I know sports is business, but I admire winning with guts over winning with money.

    See, the government has never given me anything. They took my money and tried to take my life, but I took it back. My story is David vs. Goliath and I killed the Giant, never asked for help and re-built my empire. I admire people who worked for everything they have and didn’t buy their way into the Country Club.

    The game has changed, but unless there is a salary cap, the end of baseball as we know is is looming.


  6. Hawkeyedodger says:

    Lets not forget that the Dodgers are still paying for many of McDouches deferred contracts and bad deals Ned made overpaying mediocre players because we couldn’t sign marquee players.

  7. Mark_Timmons says:


    I wish I could say I don\’t care what you think either, but I can\’t and be truthful.

  8. Quasimodo says:

    I know what you are saying, Mark. I’ve said as much. But I also know the position the Dodgers were in and the only way for them to field a competitive team was to use their new found resources. It was a task given to Ned. I’d say he was successful. I’m very much aware you are a big fan of the Dodgers. I surely hope you’ve never felt anything I’ve said was in any way an insult. I too would be happier if Dodgers built a winning team strictly from the farm system. That wasn’t possible. The team that was assembled contains one extremely high priced free agent. Good pitchers that become free agents aren’t gonna come cheap. I think the big spending is about to be divorced and a budget will enter the picture that will make all of us proud. But I’m gonna go ahead and feel a little proud in the meanwhile. Might not be able to hang around for the home grown talent.

  9. Quasimodo says:

    Its really fun hearing Padre fans singing away. Bless their hearts.

  10. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, didn’t you make like $488.00 a month in Vietnam? I know that was all that some earned. Its pretty amazing considering how worthless money is when it comes to sports. There’s more danger driving to the ballpark than playing the game. We make heroes out of entertainers and reward them beyond comprehension. During World War Two many ball players were real heroes as they left the game to put their lives on the line of their own accord. Just pondering.

  11. Gonzo says:

    Nobody ever questioned the love you have for the dodgers mark, it just makes no sense to me why you would even broach this subject. The Dodgers were the ones getting bullied for a loooooong time and now they have finally stood up and punched all those bullies in the mouth and you the “bully killer” thinks they bought their way into this? To me the dodgers were David. Now they’re David on steroids.

  12. Joseph Olivas says:

    stop whining like a b*tch and be happy! Who gives a shit how we win & how much money they spent!

  13. Badger says:

    When I hear people say “the government never gave me anything” I have to laugh. This country, and it’s government of the people, gave you opportunity. If you don’t believe that take your business to Iraq and see how it works. Now that we spent a trillion dollars to bring them the democracy you thought was such a good idea you shouldn’t have any problem setting up Iraq Water Systems.

    If you really are a free market guy then you should love this. Free markets give us monster corporations that crush opposition. If we are crushing the midgets I, and MOST Dodger fans, love it.

  14. Badger says:

    I don’t recall how much money I made as a lance corporal in Vietnam Quas, but I don’t think it was that much. Maybe. We got hazardous duty pay, and combat pay, which was about a hundred each. I think my base pay was about $190. Good questions really. I would have to look it up. It was a looooongggg time ago.

    And as many have pointed out in here, our minor league systems are being rebuilt after being destroyed by McTrustfundbaby. Underdog indeed. The man was a freaking con artist and should NEVER have been granted ownership of the Dodgers.

  15. Robert says:

    Give the Dodgers a chance. The new ownership wanted to make a big splash. They said they wanted to give the fans the best baseball experience they could and they are living up to that. But the high payroll is temporary. They also want to develope the best home grown talent through the draft and international signings. I am sure we will see that happen. Wait until Beckett’s and Crawford’s contracts come off. That will be the start. They took them to get Gonzales. The Dodgers have a lot of Latin fans buying tickets and they have sure come out this yr. Great move by the Dodgers to reward their fans. Just give them time to better balance the payroll.

    • Badger says:

      Of course you are right Robert. But, after hearing this several times over the last year, it would appear Mark’s mind is made up.

      The idea that a team can use it’s own farm system to win a World Championship has proven to be mostly fantasy. The teams that use this as a model are the small market teams and the results are there for all to see. Oakland and Tampa Bay have come close. Florida has actually accomplished it, but look what they have to go through every few years to have a shot. I don’t like their chances much in the coming years. It isn’t rocket surgery people. The teams that win championships are the teams that can afford the veteran free agent stars of the game. The teams that are going to flounder are the ones that have to rely on their own farm systems to provide enough talent to win. It happens every year – the smaller market teams that bring up great talent lose most of them to free agency. This will continue until MLB decides enough is enough. I don’t see them caring enough about the fans of Tampa and Minnesota to change the model. These fat cats have become enormously wealthy with the system as is. The only way it will change is if the fans decide they have had enough. That won’t happen. We are sheeple and we will continue to show up, pay the $75 for our tickets and root root root for the home team.

      So, as long as it what it is, I am happy my team is one of the large market teams that has the resources to compete against the other large market teams. I am thrilled that the underdog Boston parking lot attendant is gone. I am not so thrilled he was able to bilk a billion from the swindle, but, that’s our system. God Bless the USA.

  16. Pete M. says:

    How about those Dodgers???
    Kersh today and I’d suppose a ‘play off lineup’…
    Long since given up on salary cap dreams…
    Kershaw’s extension will once again humor and puzzle me at the same time…
    Anyone out there know how many ‘options’ a minor lg. player has???I.E. SVS…maybe about 34 times in the last couple years??!!

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Respectfully, I disagree. The Dodgers are playing within the rules, and doing what they perceive to be necessary to be competitive within those rules. Yes, it’s nice to win on just grit alone, but that simply doesn’t happen very often. And to count on it really isn’t very smart.

    Now if the Dodgers were literally snatching the purse of that little old lady, or were using oversized and ultralight $50,000 bats, I wouldn’t approve. But they’re not, not even figuratively. All they’re doing is investing the revenue they’re taking in (or are about to begin taking in) back into the team. If they didn’t do that we’d hear (not necessarily from you) that they were hoarding the profits at the expense of the team and its fans. Quite honestly, they have the money, and see that it’s in their interest to invest it in the team so that they can make even more money. I really don’t think they have much of a choice.

    As far as I can see, this ownership is going about re-building the team the right way. They’ve made an initial investment in high priced talent in order to buy time to re-build a broken player development system that will, hopefully, provide them with a continuous pipeline of young talented replacements. But we all know that building such a pipeline takes several years. What would you have them do in the interim?

    And in no way do I see the Dodgers as some bully stepping on poor defenseless victims, unless that’s how you see the other billionaire owned MLB teams. You don’t have to be proud of them (actually, I believe pride is one of the seven deadly sins), but what would you have them do? (and I expect that you’re going to answer that question).

    Finally, you said “I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again: “I’d rather lose without Manny than win with him.” In my mind, if we win it all this year, I will have an asterisk by the Championship. But, that’s just me…”

    I don’t doubt that you’re currently rooting for the Dodgers. But I have to admit that the above remark gives me some pause. I’m sure you have a good explanation, and maybe I’m missing something. So could you please elaborate.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      You can disagree – that\’s fine – I\’m just telling how I feel.

      On Manny, I felt he was a low character guy. He was despised by many of his teammates in Boston, and after the altercation with the 64-year-old traveling secretary, I knew he was scum. Turns out he was! Yeah, we had a nice stretch that was enjoyable. Manny was the drug, but we should just say no to drugs. They come back to bite you.

  18. the truth hurts says:

    The elephant in the room has reared its ugly head. The payroll.

  19. Badger says:

    There are probably character guys who make $154,320.99 a night. But, I wouldn’t try to build my team around them. You give people with enormous egos that kind of money and what you probably have created is an a$$hole. Most country club people wouldn’t give you the time of day because they would have to expose their Rolex to do it, and scum like we 99% can’t be trusted around a Rolex.

    As those who know me know, I have been screaming for a salary cap for years. One year I tried to organize an Opening Day boycott, just to send the message that we, THE FANS, are in charge. Well, I learned, we are in charge of nothing. Even in the alleged democracy, we vote for the campaign promises and then once in office those rat bastards do exactly as their fund raisers tell them to do. The whole thing is fixed. And, as long as it is fixed, I like the fact that the Dodgers are now the West Coast Yankees. I have NO problem with being able to land the Greinke’s. Like Brooklyn mentioned, if Underdog McDouche hadn’t been allowed into the hen house, we would have landed Fielder a few years ago. If we had the minor league system we SHOULD have, we could have traded for Miguel Cabrera when he became available.

    It’s a new ball game boys. And we are players.

    Whiners wine. Players play.

  20. Badger says:

    I think it’s worth noting that our most ready prospects, alongside our back-ups, got shut out by a rookie pitcher I never heard of last night. We have a ways to go before our minor league system catches up. In the mean time, what free agents are available next year? You know many of them want in on this.

  21. tdf says:

    Good morning gentlemen, Mark i dont post very often but i read daily. I see your point, baseball has changed. The other day i read somewhere that the Astros were one of he most profitable teams in baseball. I guess its the other side of the coin. I would be really dissapointed as a fan to see the astros in last place and then reading that theyre one of the most profitable teams. All I know is that i enjoy the Dodgers being really good and having a chance for a championship, than waiting another 25 years for another chance. I feel like us fans were cheated with the last owner, I dont even like to say his name. So lets just enjoy the ride and hopefully it ends with a championship. Great day everyone, DODGERFAN 4 LIFE.

  22. Bobbie17 says:

    This is all much ado about nothing. Everyone has an opinion. No one is right or wrong. I side with Mark. More than that, I side with the uniform. No one wants to buy a championship–really. We want to earn it. We earned this one with mercenary type players. But many other teams have tried and failed. That is probably the greatest achievement; to win with a group like this. Now we turn to the postseason and our feelings won’t change. It is still a great uniform with its history. I love the team, but I don’t like them. I won’t like them until they succeed with their own players, developed by them and raised in their own farm system, playing fundamental baseball. Give me teams like Oakland and Tampa Bay. Maybe the Dodgers can do what they do; probably not. They don’t have to. Love them or not, here they are, finally playing for something. I am happy about that.

    • Quasimodo says:

      I happen to like Greinke very much. I am very pleased he wears a Dodgers uniform. We want Kershaw to resign with the club. That won’t be cheap, it’ll be astronomical. Maybe some don’t fit him in the expensive free agent category as he gained stardom as a Dodger. But to keep him from going to free agency Dodges will have to pay…BIG! So homegrown talent ain’t necessarily less inexpensive. Keeping Kemp likewise. Are there other teams that’d say so long to their homegrown talent when the market dictated keeping them would cost mega-bucks? Sure. Kershaw would surely become an ex-Dodger if new owners weren’t here to flex their might. If keeping Kershaw is bullying then its good to be a bully.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well, we could use another starter, and I’ve heard good things about that guy Tanaka who might come out of Japan. I’ve heard him described as having the best splitter in the world. Who knows? Just a name now.

    I’m still worried that the Dodgers will give silly dollars and years to Nolasco, when there might be better fish in the sea. I see Nolasco as good mid-rotation guy who’s nice to have, but not worth a huge investment.

    I don’t have a complete handle as to who might be available in free agency or as trade targets this winter, but I do know that I prefer that we don’t sign Cano. I think dollars can be put to better use by spreading them around. But I do think the Dodgers will be spending, since they not only have the money, but also because significant dollars are coming off the payroll (Lilly, Harang, Capuano, Ellis, Uribe, Manny–yes, Manny, and others).

    Erlin was ranked by Baseball America as the Padres #10 prospect. He was acquired from Texas in 2011 in the deal that sent Mike Adams to the Rangers. Has a decent enough minor league track record, and is a finesse pitcher considered to have a good change and curve. Unfortunately, for my own opinion I didn’t get a good enough look at him last night, as MLB.TV sabotaged me with continual freezings of the broadcast. After a while I surrendered, turned off the game and went to sleep. Based on the outcome, don’t think I missed much.

    Most of the good Dodger prospects aren’t even on the 40-man yet. Guys like Buss, Castellanos, and anyone else I’m not thinking of are not, in my estimation, prospects to be counted on, or really, prospects at all. I still like Gordon, but not at shortstop. I think he is going to hit and get on base, and since his defensive problems have revolved around throwing, I see him as a candidate for second base. And he could also be trade bait.

    And yes Badger, there will be players who want in on this, whether we win it all or not. And by the way, out of curiosity I looked up Willie Bloomquist. He’s in the final year of a two year deal with the D-Backs. Think the 36 year old (next year) might be interested in a utility role with the Dodgers? I bet he would be if the Dodgers were actually interested, and the bucks were big enough.

  24. William says:

    The Yankees outspent other teams for decades, and became a legendary franchise. The Lakers, who are beloved by many in this town, always spent at the high end. This is the way that major sports are.

    I watched the Peter O’Malley Dodgers decide to stop going after free agents, and I began to go into each winter realizing that we would not do enough to improve the team. It was pretty depressing, and I started to lose interest. I watched Frank McCourt grind this franchise and its fans down; and his hand-chosen cheapie GM Colletti going after the likes of Rafael Belliard, Mark Hendrickson and Steve Podsednik, while other teams went after top players. And I basically gave up on the franchise, as long as McCourt was here. Now, when the Dodgers actually have owners who are willing to spend, we are going to feel guilty? Let’s go back to the good old days of frugal payrolls and futile seasons?

    If we had Billy Beane in here, maybe we could win with small payrolls. But we don’t; we have Colletti and Mattingly. Limit them to comparable payrolls with everyone else, and we will come in next to last every season, because they are not good at their jobs. I wish the Dodgers would spend another $100 million on payroll, because I don’t think this team has enough pieces for the next few years. And finally, how nice would it be to have the highest attendance in baseball, loyal fans who haven’t seen a title or even a pennant since 1988, and essentially tell them that “the Dodgers want to do it the ‘right’ way, not by spending lots of money; so please be patient for another 25 years, and we’ll possibly get there. Meanwhile, enjoy those Dodger Dogs!”

    Oh, and you may get your wish: Dodger guilt is already setting in. Kasten has indicated that this large payroll was only a short-term thing. It might not be too long until we start trying to go the “minor league route,” bringing up young players, and waiting five years to see if they develop. Dee Gordon and Steven Fife types. I don’t think that many Dodger fans look forward to those days returning. Meanwhile, rest assured that the Rangers, Tigers and Red Sox will continue to spend money, while the Dodgers can feel virtuous again.

  25. Badger says:

    It won’t happen the way you and Mark want it to B17. The game has changed. Guys like Cabrera and Greinke will come up with one team and end up with another. Change with it or be left behind.

    We will have an occasional success with our own prospects. But it will be the key free agent acquisitions that bring championships.

  26. jerry says:

    putting all that money into the team…makes me pay $12 for a beer..that is just way over priced. $ 5 coke…and the salary..make me now buy the cheap seats..

  27. Mark W says:

    In 1988 the dodgers made a trade with Oakland that filled a couple of holes on their team. That made a large free agent acquisition in Kirk Gibson. At the time a lot of people commented that the dodgers were “buying” a team. When Gibson signed the headline in the la times was “dodger green gets Gibson”. That 88 team had injuries and other setbacks but battled through all of it. Sounds to me like this season is a lot more like 88 than people think.

  28. Quasimodo says:

    I’m trying to figure who would be profiled as “mercenary”. And also who is not. If Greinke is a mercenary,(he fits better than anybody) where is it that one loses that status or never gained it? Is Brandon League not a mercenary? What about those on the DL? I’m just wondering where you guys want the cost line to be. Because if you want the team that was the 10th in spending, you’re still a bully to more than half the other teams and less likely to see post season.

  29. Quasimodo says:

    There is no end of this discussion. It really not all that interesting and I’m confused with myself for even biting in to it. When Mark said there’s a hollowness in how Dodgers obtained the division, I should be ‘hmmmm, okay. I’m not.’

  30. Badger says:

    To William’s point about Beane – we had his protege here and Mark hated the guy.

    I think I agree with Quas. This is a tired argument and when an old goat has his mind made up you aren’t going to change it with facts. Remember, he’s a values guy. So, even if you win, there is less value because it cost more. It’s a more dollars but lack of sense thing. I think. Not sure about that. But I am sure I like my team making the playoffs.

    Maybe Mark is pulling for an Oakland Pittsburgh World Series. That would be interesting. It would set a record low for viewing audience, but it would sure show those arrogant Yankees and Dodgers a thing or two.

  31. Jae says:

    Hey, I’m really happy the Dodgers are winning, but I also see how someone might feel a little conflicted about the Dodgers right now, but hey, I’m probably that guy who snatches little old ladies purses. I also love Goliath, hated David!

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Want the Tampa Bay Rays? Well first we have to end up at or near the bottom for a few years in order to get those high draft picks that become stars on the cheap, i.e., before they become eligible to become mercenaries somewhere else.

    And I’m all for building from within, but I also know that it takes quite a few years to get any traction with that. And I also know that having a well-stocked farm system creates a surplus of talent that can be used to pry away proven stars from teams in need of payroll relief.

    So why don’t we do the following. Sign or trade for high priced established stars to fill immediate needs not met by the current crop of prospects, continue to develop players from within, and over the next coming years filter in those that are ready, onto the 25-man roster. Wait!!!!! Isn’t that what this current ownership is trying to do?

    Oh, and let me ruffle a few purest feathers in here. I’m a Dodger fan, and come into each new year hoping that my team can bring me a championship. I would love to do it with homegrown talent, but (and this may rub a few people the wrong way) I’m happy when the Dodgers win no matter where the talent comes from. Bottom line, as much as I’d like to see a championship brought about by homegrown talent, I’ll be happy just to win a championship, no matter where the talent comes from.

    As Mark W noted above, Kirk Gibson was a free agent acquisition. And yet this mercenary from Detroit ultimately became a Dodger icon. There were even people on this blog who at one time (and maybe even now) wanted him to manage the Dodgers, simply because he was a former Dodger. They didn’t consider that he originally came from somewhere else, and that he wasn’t a lifetime Dodger.

    For me, a player is a Dodger when he puts on the Dodger uniform. And personally, I don’t care where he comes from as long as he plays hard and contributes to Dodger victories.

  33. Michael says:

    Some people see the good, some people see the bad and some people see the ugly[One of my favorites movies].
    We all know how Mark feels, so we shouldn’t let the negative energy drag us down when we finally have something to be proud about. 25 years is a long time and nobody is going to rain on my parade.

    P.S. Mark loves nothing more than infuriating the masses

    Hopefully Kersh gets a real lineup behind him tonight.

    Go Utah State

  34. Mark_Timmons says:

    I have a new policy that I will adhere to whenever possible:

    \”When someone who obviously has a limited comprehension of the English language continually attribute things to me that have no basis in fact, I will try and ignore the stupid jackasses whenever possible.\”

    About 3/4 of you obviously read at a 3rd grade level. I I had a test about what I wrote, most of you would fail miserably. Most of the stuff you attribute to me was never said!

    Have a nice day. Learn to read please!

    • Michael says:

      I don’t think you were calling me a jackass or least I hope you weren’t but when we win it all are you going to blog how you hate it?
      I’m just saying, why not focus on the positive?

      If we waited to grow our own instead of paying for it many of us would not live to see the day.

  35. Quasimodo says:

    Damn, I really need to proof and reproof my comments before I hit ‘submit’. Without a ‘edit’ option it stays apparent I’m not so skilled at this. Not that I’m fooling anybody here, but sometimes I’m trying to say the complete opposite of my arrangement of words.

  36. Mark_Timmons says:

    I\’m usually OK with what you say Quas!

  37. Watford Dodger says:

    Listen to Badger. He gets it.

  38. Quasimodo says:

    I’ve got to say for me, what’s the utmost important thing for Dodgers in the post season is HanRam. I’d bet every one of the pitchers would totally agree with me. The worse threat other teams can offer is to walk him every PA. And we’ll see a lot of that. If Dodgers can get on base ahead of him, this race will be very eventful.

  39. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well, I believe that most tabloids are written at a 4th grade level. And it’s not just the inability to read. Most people are lazy, and don’t take the time to think through their comments, or to even look back to the source they’re commenting about.

    Ignoring “stupid jackasses” is probably good policy.

    I think we all make mistakes in our posts. I know I do, even after proof reading. The vast majority of my remarks are impromptu, and my proof reading is less than perfect. However, if I comment about what’s said by someone else, I try to go back and read those comments carefully, if only because I don’t want to look like a stupid jackass. And if I read something that’s completely asinine, I try not to comment about it at all. Or more succinctly, I do the typing equivalent of biting my tongue.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


    • Badger says:

      I re-read Mark’s stuff a lot. I usually find myself posting on the part of his posts that I find outrageously in error. Maybe I should focus only on the points with which I agree.

      However, insulting those who disagree with you is a third grade debate tactic.

  40. Roger Dodger says:

    For some of us old guys (folks), who knew of the great teams of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and even in the 1980s — it has been a long time since we have really seen success.

    But baseball has changed greatly with the contracts, agents, free agents, multi-year contracts, and the like. And the Dodgers have been on the tail end of development since the late 1980s of creating a great team. A few good players, but just not the same class as yesteryear.

    The new ownership came in and changed that overnight. Fox and McCourt’s ways went out the window — and the new Dodgers turned the dime and made it grow and spin.

    Taking on big contracts, aging players — signing some nice foreign talent — just put it together and overwhelmed all of baseball for several months.

    I feel sorry for cities (teams) where they are still on the old model of family ownership with limited funds. Places like Chicago, Twins, KC, etc. have very few options open other than drafting great and trading here and there and signing a FA who pans out. Then it all as to fall in perfect order.

    The new Dodger ownership has funds, TV contracts, crowds showing up, and really expanded their foreign base again. They are in it to win. Or, at least put up a good show. I bet the Giants front office has sleepless nights now — wondering how they compete. Easy, bring on some additional new owners and their money.

    Baseball has changed. Personally, I would like a salary cap of some kind. And a salary low that a team has to meet.

  41. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I missed this the other day.

    Appears that the Dodgers remain active on the international market. Tanaka is the pitcher I mentioned above who I’ve heard described as having the best splitter in the world.

  42. Badger says:

    Agree with all of that Brooklyn. The voice of reason.

    I find it interesting that some people hate “the trade”. They say that taking on all those bad contracts was really stupid, yet some of those same people are saying the Dodgers bought the Division. How can it be we bought the division by taking on bad contracts?

    I am looking forward to seeing some of our youngsters at the ML level but as one of our astute posters pointed out, it’s difficult to stack up A prospects when you are not picking in the top 10 every year. Frankly I look forward to picking in the bottom of Round 1 every year for years to come.

  43. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, if you keep it up, that “voice of reason” thing will go to my head. (SMILE).

    Hopefully the commitment to signing international talent will make up to large degree the handicap of picking at the bottom of every round. But like you, that’s a handicap I look forward to us having.

    • Badger says:

      Actually I read Roger’s post and thought it was you! Which means I agree with what W said about Roger’s post that I thought was yours. Three voices of reason! If you count mine then that would be four heaven’s sake I can’t count my own voice. That would be solipsistic and we can’t have any of that around here.

  44. Watford Dodger says:

    Roger – great post. I so agree with you about the other great teams -like the Cubs etc not having the ‘$$$ but its not our fault. We are lucky but we know what it’s like to be there with them – and we will applaud them when they get their turn. The Dodgers are back now – where they should be. Everyone in baseball knows it.

  45. Roger Dodger says:

    Really, what the Dodgers have done (ownership) is to start a new model of ownership. Not a family, but deep pockets of numerous people and organizations to make the moves that the CEO (or whoever is on top of the key decisions) is willing to do — and not just ask one owner if he/she will make a trade or sign A player.

    Soon, other teams might enter this concept. Other billionaires will want to get in on the action. And then we will see the game really change . . . why? because they will make more money in the end.

    Putting people in the seats, and getting TV contracts, also, selling stuff — all adds up to $$$$ and that is what this game is all about now.

  46. Quasimodo says:

    I thought Cubs ranked #5 in value. I could be wrong or outdated and the game is on. So I’ll check that later.

  47. Badger says:

    Cubs are 4th. Yanks, Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs, Phillies.

  48. Quasimodo says:

    Two pitches and two more runs

  49. Quasimodo says:

    It sure looks like there’s more Dodgers fans than Padres fans in this one.

  50. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “solipsistic”. And I thought I had a good vocabulary. Had to look that one up. Badger, you definitely pass “English 101″. Guessing that you read on a 5th grade level.

    I consider it an honor being confused with Roger. Sounds like you’re hearing voices.

    • Badger says:

      I am Brooklyn. I worry that they may be remote viewers so I do my best to ignore them. The gubmint is everywhere you know.

      Kershaw’s pretty good isn’t he.

  51. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Puig’s 18th HR reminds me that you made a remark a while back in which you indicated that you didn’t think he was going to hit for big power. I don’t remember exactly what you said, but if my memory is correct, I wonder if you still feel the same way. At the pace he’s hit HR this year, it would be about 30 in 162 games.

    I think as he gets more experience and matures his power numbers will only go up. And if Kemp’s bat returns to what it was, and another bat or two is added to the lineup, Puig is going to have more protection than he does now.

  52. Bobby says:

    I think in a perfect world, all of us would prefer to have only our home grown guys come up and win us a title, like the 70s Dodgers or the 95-2000 Yanks. I really thought our core of Loney, LaRoche, Bills, Kersh, Brox, Martin, Kemp and Ethier would do that for us. It didn’t work.

    But, more importantly, it’s not a perfect world.

    If my choice is home grown team to watch grow up and not win, or a team that spends to bring in quality talent while growing home grown guys as well, resulting in a title, I”ll take the latter.

    • Badger says:

      I just want to win.

      Watching the midgets win not one but two World Championships was painful. Reality is screaming at me – it is nearly impossible to win championships with young, unproven talent. In today’s game you have to have the balance of youth and experience. It is possible to find a star in the later rounds but it is rare. Those teams picking in the top 5 every year get the talent. I don’t want to be picking in the top 5 – ever. And if all of you are honest about it neither do you.

  53. Badger says:

    I just read that Kershaw is throwing a change up.


    A 4th pitch.

    Bring on the playoffs!


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