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Why can’t the Dodgers just win them all?

Because they can’t!  That’s why.

Hanley had his head up his butt most of the game as did Puig and a few others.  Andre played well, but it was just one of those days.  I hate to tell you this, but the Dodgers are going to lose a few games.

Get over it.  The world is not ending.

Brandon League has pitched very well since the All-Star Break.  He’s also been very lucky.  He’s probably not going anywhere.  SVS will probably go back down when the Beach Boy is activated.  Sunday’s loss was not his fault but was Hanley’s fault.  It’s over – move on.  He’s going to make some errors.

On final thing on Kershaw vs. Koufax:

There is no doubt that from age 27 to 30, Sandy Koufax was one of the most dominant pitchers ever, but he didn’t do it for long.  His career WAR is 53.2 which is only 84th on the all time list.   Roger Clemens is 139.4, and six pitchers who played for the  Dodgers at one time or another have a better WAR than Sandy. Longevity counts for something.  Clayton could be more dominant if he choose to, but it would take a toll on his arm.  Instead, he is now pitching more to contact and extending his career.

Right now, on the all-time list, Sandy is the better pitcher, but by the time he was 25 years old, the best ERA he had was 3.52.  Except for his rookie year, Clayton has been a run or more better than that every year.  Sandy built his legend in 4 or 5 years.   Clayton’s legend will likely be 2 or 3 times longer than Sandy’s.

You are comparing the 27, 28, 29 and 30 year-old Koufax to the 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25-year old Kershaw.  Not fair!

The dead-ball era helped Sandy immensely as did the 18 inch mound.  I am not sure the 18 inch mound adds speed to your fastball, but it give your curve more room to break and delivers a steeper angle through the strike zone, causing the hitting area to be smaller for the hitter.  You are comparing the dead ball era  to the live ball era and a steeper mound to a much shorter mound.  Not fair, either!

We could argue about Kershaw and Koufax, but the next ten years could cause that argument to be moot… one way or the other.

Sandy Koufax will always be “the left arm of God” but if Clayton Kershaw ends up with 300+ wins, he will be the greatest Dodger Pitcher of All-Time.  Even Sandy Koufax said that hat he was the one who should be flattered by  comparisons with Clayton Kershaw, not the other way around.   A couple of years ago. Sandy said “If he’s as good as I think he’s going to be, I’m honored.


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35 Responses to “Why can’t the Dodgers just win them all?”

  1. Quasimodo says:

    At the chance of looking dumb, is there more than one ‘dead ball’ era? Because the only dead ball era I know of was long dead before Koufax.

  2. Badger says:

    Innings pitched Mark. What if Koufax only had to pitch 7-8 innings each time out? What if he didn’t have 84 starts, 54 complete games and 658 IP his last TWO YEARS? He did things that will NEVER be done again. Ever. Not until the great dissolution. Never ever no way no how not by Clayton not by ANYONE! Ever!! End of discussion.

    Somehow I don’t think that discussion will ever end. Mark loves this Kershaw fellow. So do I, but…. Koufax? No way. Had Koufax pitched with the schedule Kersahw is pitching, he might have pitched until he was 45. He was THAT GOOD. The Dodgers blew his arm out. Hopefully, with 220 innings a year, that won’t happen to Kershaw.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    To the Koufax – Kershaw debate — I believe that there were better hitters in the Koufax time period. Sluggers, average hitters, money hitters, hitter’s row and so on.

    Yes, there are some good hitters today — but not like Koufax, Gibson and others had to face.

    And in those days, there were a couple of relief pitchers who were special at it, but most of the pen guy were just not as good as the four (4) starting pitchers and some in the pen were nursing arm concerns. Pitchers just accepted and learned to pitch every 4 days and went deep into games.

    Gee, today, if a starter makes it through 5 innings and into the 6 and gives up like 3 runs or less, that is a quality start. Big deal. Ask Kershaw, for he has been on the loosing end of those 2 or 3 runs against him this season.

  4. Quasimodo says:

    You all can debate till the end of time on this one. You can pass it on to your children’s children’s children and let them continue the debate. Its like debating on who was the fasted gun in the west. We can’t send Kershaw back in time to face those hitters and we know Koufax’s pitching days are history. Perhaps history could possibly favor either one in a century. Was Billy the Kid faster than Jesse James? I’d guess James was faster but I’d be guessing. Will Kershaw win Cy Young this year? He’d have my vote but my vote doesn’t count. Back to my question – dead ball era – Am I stupid with believing Ruth played in the live ball era?

  5. Quasimodo says:

    Today on ‘The Rundown’ the were talking on A.J. Ellis. Were saying some really cool things of A.J.. Mark said sometime about a month ago that he’d someday be manager. I thought at that he may of hit that nail on the head. That thought hadn’t crossed my mind before that but since have thought of it often. And favorably so.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Did Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Henry Aaron, and others play during the dead ball era? I guess the ball was dead, but their bats were alive. I guess I’m just prejudiced on this issue. Koufax is the greatest pitcher I ever saw, and Kershaw could win 1000 games, and I’d still say that. How many more years would he have pitched had Walter Alston not sent him in to pinch run? How much longer would he have pitched given the advances in medicine since the 1960′s?

    Look at Koufax’s stats in his final year. 27-9, 1.73, 27 CG, 0.985 WHIP. He was 30 years old during that season. There is no guarantee what he would have done had he been able to pitch 5-10 more years. But given what he did in his final year, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

    “Even Sandy Koufax said that hat he was the one who should be flattered by comparisons with Clayton Kershaw, not the other way around. A couple of years ago. Sandy said ‘If he’s as good as I think he’s going to be, I’m honored.’”

    And what would you expect him to say? I’m sure he greatly respects Kershaw’s ability, but he was also just being polite.

  7. Badger says:

    The dead ball era technically ended when the cork centered ball was invented. That was 1909. The “dead ball” has nothing to do with the Koufax Kershaw comparison. Not sure why it’s being brought up. Not even remotely relevant to the discussion.

    And everyone knows the fastest gun in the west was John Wesley Hardin. Not even close. Hands down. End of discussion. OK, maybe Tom Horn is in the discussion. Deacon Jim Miller. Bill Hickok. Wyatt Earp. Billy the Kid maybe, but not Jesse James.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And one other thing. Had it not been for injuries in 1962 and 1964, Koufax would have, without any doubt, won 5 consecutive Cy Young awards when there was only one such award for both Leagues. And how many more would he have won had he been able to extend his career beyond 1966? It’s a shame his career was cut short at the end, and yes, even at the beginning when he was forced to remain with the Dodgers because of the stupid bonus rule that made the Dodgers keep him on the 25 man roster when he was desperately in need of minor league experience.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Q — now you are talking my stuff — Billy the Kid and Jesse James . . .

    I am a member of the Billy the Kid fan club in N.M. And Jesse James, been to some of the places he lived and died and the guy who says he was Jesse and died in the 1950s.

    Anyway — Billy had Ted Williams’ eyes, like 20/10 or whatever. And he had no fear. Been to Billy’s original grave in Fort Sumner, N.M. and to the new grave where they moved him some years back. And to Las Cruces at La Mesilla south of town where he used to hang out. Also to Lincoln County where there is the whole area (jail and all; museum) he was at . . . I even went to school at NMMI in Roswell for 3 years back in the 1950s just miles from the Lincoln County area. And I have a great Billy the Kid sweat shirt . . . I have a picture of Billy hanging in my Baseball Room here at home. I also have a copy of Pat Garrett’s book on Billy the Kid.

    If Billy had taken up baseball in NM as a kid — he would probably had shot his coach.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s the Beach Boy Beard in the bullpen tonight.

    Van Slyke on the roller coaster, heading to ALBQ.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    With the Dodgers carrying 13 pitchers, I’m sure that one of them will eventually go. Probably when Kemp is activated (if ever), or for the postseason, where I can’t see the Dodgers carrying that many pitchers.

    Of course, a deal or two in August could easily change the mix.

  12. Badger says:

    That is some collection of arms in our bullpen.

    Interesting Roger. But you didn’t say who was fastest.

  13. Quasimodo says:

    I knew a guy by the name Leonard Knight. Once upon a time he was the fastest gun alive. Draw, cock, fire and hit a 12″ target at 30′ in .39 seconds. As there was no way of timing a draw of any of those gun fighters of yesteryear there’s no telling if any would of beaten Knight. Knight has lost his crown more times than I know of since. But he was pretty damn fast. There are too many if’s in ALL points of discussion above.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Supposedly in those olden days of the Wild West — guns were not of the best. Many old and not in the best of shape under those living conditions.

    Bullets were expensive and not much practice because of that.

    Today, or say the last 60 years, gun slingers could practice and have the best of guns to work with. So I would think that the old timers in their time were in fact slower and not as accurate.

    Oh well . . . kind of like baseball. Things change and debates go on.

    1st inning tonight — Dodgers look weak. Dodgers get 2 walks and Puig, Hanley, and Ethier do nothing.

    Oh, I did not mention, guy are hitting against some 21 year old, young kid named Fernandez.

  15. Quasimodo says:

    Ah, my point was taken.

  16. Badger says:

    I saw some quick gun dudes in Chico once. I was blown away. They barely clear the pistol. It was like they were just twisting the holster and the shot was fired. They were shooting at targets just a few feet away and all of them could hit it. I think I read somewhere that most gunfights were pretty close in. Didn’t the gunfighters retrieve and recast their own ammo?

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    I have been very hard on Puig of late. But this is not the Puig of a month ago.

    He is lost. He cannot even hit the ball in the air or hard or . . .

    If this were SVS, they would send him down to get it figured out in AAA or AA. But he is taking up space in the lineup now. Sorry, but I know folks around baseball land want to see him play — but –

    Maybe he needs to try and bunt once a game. Jump on that first pitch again, that was successful early.

    When Kemp comes back, if and whenever that is, Puig should sit some games on right handers and let C & K & E play.

  18. Badger says:

    I see the Dodger bats are still asleep. They should watch film of that Chula Vista Little League team.

    Didn’t Puig go through a similar streak a while ago?

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    Puig looks like Kemp of a couple of year ago. Swinging like he wants to pull the ball on pitches out of the strike zone.

    Send him down to re-focus.

  20. Mark_Timmons says:

    Jesse James is a relative of mine. I don\’t know whether to be proud or ashamed.

  21. Badger says:

    Looks like May out there tonight.

  22. the truth hurts says:

    Maybe Crawford and Puig shouldn’t have been partying with Lebron is South Beach last night. Kemp should not have been either now that I think about it.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Glad this was not the beginning of the post season. Yes, they are playing like in May.

    Fix it:

    1. fire the manager

    2. fire the G.M.

    3. send down Puig

    4. play the B team, at least they hit singles

    5. do 1 – 4 by noon tomorrow.

  24. Rob says:

    The boys hit the ball hard in the 9th but directly at players, tough at bats to finish.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    My glass remains half full. D-Backs lost tonight. One more game off the schedule.

  26. Quasimodo says:

    Well the Dbacks did us a favor and lost. Give me 9 Juan Uribes and watch some ass-kickin post season.

  27. Badger says:

    Off night. No worries.

  28. Roger Dodger says:

    For the past 50 games, I have been getting younger looking day by day.

    For the past 2 games, I have aged 25 days each — and feel now like I was 50 games ago.

  29. Bobbie17 says:

    I don’t like the off field attention Puig is getting. He should stay in his hotel room and shut up. He must have a mentor hanging around with him, I hope. Miami threw its best tonight, and he had something to prove in front of the Cuban crowd. Tomorrow, no excuses. No time to get complacent. There is only one May in the year, right?

  30. jerry says:

    tv..said that puig and one other was out with la bron, at night club party and it said they spend 21 thousand dollar..sso they must have been buy rounds. now i dont know if that is true..just what i heard..but that could be affecting puig.

  31. Badger says:

    No curfews? No, I guess not. Not in baseball. This is what you are going to get with young guys whose team is going great. They are invincible. Hope it’s done.

  32. Quasimodo says:

    Oops! Knight drew, cocked fired and hit target in .039 seconds.

    • Badger says:

      That’s more like it. The guys I saw were ridiculous fast. Sure as hell not like in the movies.

      West sucked last night. New day. Probably a new lineup. I look for Wilson to make his appearance today. Should be exciting.

  33. Quasimodo says:

    With the sleep medication I should still be asleep but woke up with a killer headache. Coffee is a miracle drug, At least it is as strong as I make it. Yesterday’s game was sort of boring. Dodgers didn’t look hungry from the moment Crawford didn’t catch that fly ball. Other days he’d of caught it and we’d seen the catch on highlights. Hopefully they’re hungry today.

  34. Badger says:

    They might have hit the pause button. Miami, nobody in the West playing that well. With their road record maybe starting the play-offs out of town doesn’t concern them. I do think Puig’s night life activity does concern them. It should.


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