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Game 1 – Red Sox vs. Dodgers


  1. Crawford  LF
  2. Puig  RF
  3. Gonzalez  1B
  4. Ramirez  SS
  5. Ethier  CF
  6. Uribe  3B
  7. Ellis   2B
  8. Fed-Ex  C
  9. Nalasco  P

I will try and post tomorrow, but we have a funeral tomorrow.  A friend’s father died 7 weeks ago.  Her mother died this week.  We have to travel a long way and I’m about 30%.

Go Dodgers!


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39 Responses to “Game 1 – Red Sox vs. Dodgers”

  1. Quasimodo says:

    10.5 games up, 20 games up on the Giants, and its this quiet here. Very unusual.

  2. Bobby says:

    It’s Friday night Quas; everybody on this board is out drinking and clubbing?

    I myself am coming back from watching my Bears vs the useless raiders in a preseason game. Another brilliant start by Nolasco; I really want to keep him next year!

    Hanley is the league MVP but for 2 crazy injuries. Best player this year in the NL (Kershaw aside, of course)

    Now, as this is a series vs a great team, we need to win tomorrow or Sunday and win another series.

  3. Badger says:

    Yeah. I agree. It was much busier in here when we sucked.

    Nolasco. Pitching. We can win the low scoring games.

  4. Dino says:

    Dodgers Owner Mark Walter wants to sign Hanley Ramírez to an extensión. Hanley wants to stay in LA

  5. Bobby says:

    I see a 4-5 year extension for him, leading up to his age 36 year (like our owners prefer).

    Combined with the Kersh extension, those 2 should be making near 50 mil combined. Therefore, I don’t see any push to bring Cano to LA

  6. Quasimodo says:

    Dodgers are 1 game back of lead in all of baseball.

  7. Pete M. says:

    I have a feeling Nolasco will be in the mix next year along with 2 kids whose time may have come. Zack Lee and Ross Stripling… Competition is a good thing. Sign HanRam ASAP along with Kershaw…

  8. Badger says:

    All this talk about D1 players had me thinking about Lee too Pete. If he had gone to college he would be a junior and who knows – maybe he would be thinking about turning pro in football, but he didn’t, is going to be 22 in September, and I think it’s time to give him a couple of starts. He was a first round pick, overpaid for his slot, time to see if he can get Major League hitters out.

    An extension for Ramirez makes sense. So does an extension for Kershaw. I wonder how those negotiations will go.

    You know, Josh Beckett is not that old (34 next year). I wonder if he can rebound. That would be some staff if he did.

  9. Rob says:

    Just looking at the potential playoff teams I don’t see one that has two dominating starters like Kershaw and greinke. I thought about Detroit but Verlander is having a horrible year.

  10. Bball says:

    Badger I was thinking that as well about Beckett. I was also thinking about billingsley as a four or five. I really think he will bounce back better then before. What’s his contract status?

  11. Badger says:

    I don’t think cutting League is a good idea as we are stuck with that contract for a few more years. Maybe we can rehab him this off season. Get him together this winter with the world renown sinker ball instructor Splitter McK and they can figure out how to throw that thing over the corner at the knees. High and tight, low and away and League can stay in the league.

    And we still have some heavy contracts in Beckett, Ethier and Billingsley. Will they all three play for us next year?

    I wonder if Matt Kemp will play baseball any time soon? That too is an enormous contract. Anyone remember Les Nessman? The guy had a bandage on some part of his body every week. I wonder if we have our own Nessman in Kemp. We could call him Les Kemp, because that’s what we have seen of him this year.

  12. Pete M. says:

    I look at Beckett and I gotta have hope!!! Especially when I see what the NYY pariah has done for the Bucs…

  13. Pete M. says:

    The NYY pariah above is A.J. Burnett…
    Now here’s a ‘way out there’ what if… Could they still sign the Cuban SS and have him on the playoff roster??? Is he working out or ??? Just wondering…

    • Badger says:

      I think so Pete, but without seeing him who knows if he is ready. With all the money at Walter’s s disposal why doesn’t he just buy the man’s entry paperwork and get the deal done? What’s the hold up? Must be Obama.

  14. Mark_Timmons says:

    Mark Ellis will be hard to beat at 2B this year if he remains healthy. Even if the Dodgers sign the Cuban he won\’t play this year!

  15. Quasimodo says:

    Hey Mark, you say you’re at 30%, not so great. Were they able to find the answer to what ails you? At any rate, hope you’re soon 100%.

  16. jerry says:

    i still think billingsly is not that great…to me he is like cappono, one good game and then a bad game. just my opinon

  17. Badger says:

    I keep waiting for Ellis to reach his game limit.

    On this team Bills is a #5. Maybe a #6.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I think the pitching picture will be worked out over the winter. I wouldn’t come to any conclusions at this time.

    Maybe Nolasco signs with the Dodgers, or maybe the Dodgers take a look at the overall picture, and consider a combination of free agents, trades, their own prospects, and pitchers like Beckett and Billingsley.

    As regards Billingsley, I’m trying to remember exactly when he had the TJ surgery. I know it was early, maybe April or May. Whatever, I believe that the recovery period is 12-18 months, probably being closer to the former. That being the case, we probably can’t expect him to be ready at the beginning of the season. It’s possible that when he gets back he could, at least at the start, play a role in the bullpen. He’s signed for next year, and the Dodgers have a 2015 option, so he’s pretty much under their immediate control.

    As I write this the Dodgers are down 4-0. Hyun-jin just has to hold them scoreless the rest of the way, and the Dodgers can just chip away at the lead.

  19. Badger says:

    Ryu piu. Might take a few large innings to win this one.

  20. Watford Dodger says:

    Nalasco is better than Bills & Beckett.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    Now this is THE test. Or, at least a good test . . .

    After the Red Sox made their statement in the 1st inning –

    Can the Dodgers come back — and make a game of it, or will they just flatten out and do nothing (like back in May)??

    Seems Ryu did not warm up enough, or is he tipping off his pitches?

  22. Badger says:

    Nolasco is our 4.

    Lester with a no hitter. It’s bad lick to talk about it so…… there.

  23. Badger says:

    Bad lick? Come in guys. That’s an easy set up.

    Looking ahead…… I see September.

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    Watin’ to see in the Dodgers can come back in the 8th and or 9th innings.

    If not, this is not good.

    If Kershaw had pitched either yesterday or today — been a loss, possible for him.

    Red Sox are tough. And the Dodger hitting are not up against the Cubs or Padres or Twins or . . .

    So, bring on the bottom of the 8th and 9th (if needed) — 5 runs.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    They lost a game. So did we expect the Dodgers to win every game? Bring on tomorrow. Shut ‘em down Cappy. Light up Peavy.

    Looking ahead, I see September, then October.

    Actually, come to think of it, looking ahead I should be looking at now until August 31. Will the Dodgers add a piece or more during the final week of the waiver period.

    By the way, I wasn’t able to see this game on TV (I hate FOX). Would Gomes’ HR have been out if this game was at night?

  26. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, this to me was a kind of test for the Dodgers.

    Can they win against a really good team in the other league with (almost) all of the horses.

    Answer, game one was a win — but could have gone the other way. Hanley was lucky and without him it might have been extra innings at 0-0.

    Game 2, the Dodgers were spanked early. And the Red Sox did what they had to do to win.

    With all this hitting on the Dodgers, it was flatten the last two days.

  27. Bball says:

    Roger Red Sox fans are probably saying the same thing. Fact is you just never no what will happen. Just win the series. That’s all you ever have to do. Whether its in August or October, all you have to do is win the series and you will be champions of the world.

  28. Badger says:

    I like Puig leading off but I still don’t like Ellis in the two hole. I would like to see Crawford there and Ellis hitting 8th. I understand why Crawford didn’t play. AJ looked kinda lost the plate. So did Uribe. Ethier we know doesn’t hit lefties worth a damn. One of those days. Cap vs Peavy may be another one.

    Any move now would be a surprise me. So…. surprise me Jed.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Roger, I respectfully disagree.

    Game 2 was a loss and could have gone the other way. Gomes was lucky, and without him it was a Dodger win.

    I can’t understand why you think Hanley was lucky. Hasn’t he hit homers before? And I didn’t get to watch today’s game on TV, but didn’t the Red Sox have a hit batter and an infield hit precede Napoli’s RBI hit and Gomes’ three run HR? Sounds to me as if Ryu could have just as easily gotten out of that inning 1-2-3.

    And you said that “the Dodgers were spanked early. And the Red Sox did what they had to do to win.” If that’s the case, then I can say about the night before that Hanley hit a two-run shot and the Dodgers did what they had to do to win.

    And didn’t the Dodgers hit into 3 double plays today, one of which I believe was a line drive by Agon with Puig on first and no one out. That means no one on and two out instead of 2 on and no outs. Huge difference. And since baseball is the game without a clock, there’s no telling how many runs the Dodgers might have scored had the line drive went down the line.

    And I believe the second double play was with no out, and a hit and run where Puig was doubled off because he was running. If that ball drops in for a hit, no telling what might have happened. It’s all baseball, and I’m not suggesting the Dodgers necessarily should have won today, but I am suggesting that in this series the Dodgers have had no more luck than the Red Sox, and the series thus far is split. And I remind you that the Dodgers swept Tampa Bay, the team that the Red Sox are battling neck and neck.

    And finally, the Dodgers lost last Sunday to the Phillies and on Monday to Miami. So what? The Dodgers are going to lose games to both good and bad teams. Problem is, because they’ve been winning so much in the last couple of months, when they lose it seems like the team has gone into the tank. And that impression is only enhanced by the fact that they got off to such a lousy first 72 games.

    I’ll admit that I’m a bit concerned about the hitting lately, but I am also enormously pleased with our superior pitching. The so-called powerful Red Sox have just scored in one of the 18 innings they’ve played in this series, and as I pointed out above, that almost didn’t happen but for a hit batter and an infield hit.

    For me there is no single game (or even series) that is a test for the Dodgers. The test is how they hold up over the long haul. And that story has yet to be written.

  30. Roger Dodger says:

    I saw again what I have been saying for some time. A.J. Ellis is not the answer this team needs. Yes, he is a nice receiver and throws out runners. But he lacks what I want in a hitter as a catcher —- because we lack so much at two other positions (being 3B and 2B). For me that is 3 weak positions on this team along with the pitching slot makes 4 weak spots in the lineup, hoping one comes through.

    Brooklyn, I meant to say Hanley was lucky, in that not HE was lucky, but we are lucky that he was able to do it — because the Dodgers only scored those runs. Sure, that is all it took, but this teams needs to find more ways to develop this magical half season.

    The real key has been the excellent Dodger pitching for well over a month now. Teams know when they face the Dodgers — they will usually not get many runs.

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well Roger, the key to winning consistently is pitching, pitching, pitching, and more pitching. And yes, I understand your concern about the offense. That’s my concern too, as I noted above. And if the Dodgers were lucky that Hanley was able to do it, so too were the Red Sox that Gomes was able to do it.

    I disagree about A.J. Ellis. He’s not a long term answer, if only because of his age, but he fills the bill for me over the next 2-3 years, until the Dodgers are able to develop their own (my preference) or are able to import an upgrade from elsewhere. For now I see him as a .260 hitter with a high on base percentage, solid defensively (including his throwing), and it appears that he connects very well with the pitching staff, which I think is an often overlooked variable when rating a catcher. It’s also the reason why I like Fedex as the backup.

    Upgrades at 3B and 2B (although Uribe and Mark Ellis have both acquitted themselves well this year) are necessary, and so is the return of Matt Kemp, and the maturation of Yasiel Puig. If those things happen, and everyone remains healthy, then I think the Dodgers offense can easily carry A.J. Ellis, who though not a huge offensive force, is still a competent hitter that fits in well in a strong lineup.

    Unless Matt Kemp returns to being the old Matt Kemp we remember from last April, and all of 2011, then there is some worry going forward this year. But remember that the midgets won a world championship last year sans a stellar offense, but with excellent pitching. And a little opportunism. Same could happen for these Dodgers if the pitching steps up, and the offense goes on a good run throughout the playoffs. Nothing written in stone, but definitely a real possibility.

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oh, and one other thing. We tend to concentrate on Dodger weaknesses, without acknowledging that weaknesses are part of every team. You can rest assured that for every complaint we have about the Dodgers, so too do the fans of other teams have about their players.

  33. Badger says:

    Yep. Still 3rd and 2nd. It’s been that way all year.

    AJ is ok. His occasional offense comes in handy, but he is there to handle the staff. He is only going to play fewer games as he gets older, and if FedX is our choice for backup then the catcher position is a bottom of the order player no matter who is in there.

    Agree about pitching. It’s what we do best.

  34. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Definitely agree Badger. I also see A.J. as a bottom of the order hitter, and not a 5-hole hitter like he was yesterday. For me he’s a great complement to a productive lineup, which the Dodgers would have if everyone was healthy. A.J.’s ability to get on base would make him a productive hitter in the 8-hole by helping turn over the order. And for the time being I still like Fedex as our backup, also hitting at the bottom of the order. But since A.J. will be 33 in April, I ultimately see him as our backup, with someone else (not Fedex) taking over the starting job. Maybe that’s someone from our farm system (where I don’t see anyone now), or a player that we go out and acquire via free agency, trade, or whatever. I believe Brian McCann is a potential free agent, but I’m also not totally convinced that he would be the answer. And by the way, he will be 30 in February. With him behind the plate it’s pretty likely teams would be running more on the Dodgers.

    But upgrading our catching, I think, is secondary to getting back a healthy Matt Kemp, keeping everyone else healthy, and upgrading at 2B and 3B (which almost certainly doesn’t happen until after this season).

    Of one thing I am extremely confident. The longer the current ownership is in place, and the larger the distance grows from the McCheap era, the better the Dodgers will be. The team now has financial flexibility, and the farm system is looking to be already more productive, and with more to come.

  35. Badger says:

    I think it’s safe to say the Dodgers are favored not because of anything they do at the plate, including and especially anyone hitting after Ramirez. The Dodgers are favored because of Kershaw and Greinke. I am both impressed by what Ryu has accomplished and apprehensive about his ability to keep it going through October. I have admittedly been waiting for that late August move for Cole Hamels to secure the low scoring games I know we can win. It would help my confidence level if Matt Kemp donned his cape and finished September with 12 home runs and 30 ribbies, but I can’t help but think he won’t help much til next year. This team can be held in check with good pitching. But it can also compete against good pitching with better pitching.

  36. Bobbie17 says:

    These are playoff-type games. The Dodgers are not head and shoulders better than the rest of the playoff teams. These games expose weaknesses. Hitting? Too many double plays. In close games, double plays will cause you to lose. With the pitching matchup today, we should lose. But it would be a really good win if we do because of that. The offense must pick up. We are starting to find out that Puig can’t do it by himself. Is his energy wearing thin with the others? We will see.


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