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You can’t judge a trade in the microcosm of a three game series, but if you could, you would have to conclude that the Red Sox got the best of the Dodgers.  At the trade deadline last year, the Red Sox shipped Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzales, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto to the Dodgers.  They insisted that the Dodgers take all of the salary and throw in some top prospects.

Being able to jettison over $55 million a year in salary enabled the Sox to sign Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, Jake Peavy and Jonny Gomes… among others.  None of the players the Dodgers traded for were much of a factor against the Red Sox, but all of the players mentioned above that the Red Sox were able to trade for or sign played a huge factor in their winning the 3-game series in LA against the Dodgers.

I am not down on this team… I mean after the run they are on who could be?  But they had an opportunity over the weekend to say “Look America – it all worked out for us.“  Instead, it all worked out for Boston.  Kasten and Company still have a little egg on their face.  It’s only a series and maybe this was a World Series preview.  Maybe revenge will be sweeter for Crawford and Gonzo on the big stage.  Let’s hope so.

BTW, Jake Peavy is still a Dodgerkiller!

Dodger News:

  • In case you wondered why Stephen Fife is still in AAA, look at his 6.27 ERA – he has been getting hammered!  Something may be wrong…
  • I have a couple of things to add about Ross Stripling – At Chattanooga he has walked a batter every 4.57 innings while Zach Lee has walked a batter every 3.94 innings, but Zach Lee serves up some fat pitches (one HR every 13.5 innings), while Ross gives up a HR every 28 innings.  Stripling works the edges much better than Lee and therein is the difference.  I still see Stripling with a much higher upside than Lee.
  • It sounds like Kemp will see a rehab assignment in the next 4 or 5 days.  Just so he’s healthy for the playoffs.
  • Several sources have reported what Josh Beckett said about Clayton Kershaw:  “I know he hasn’t been doing it that long, but he could possibly be the best pitcher ever — he’s that good.  Coming over here last year, I knew he was good. But he exceeded my expectations.”  Stay tuned!  I never thought I’d say someone was better than Sandy, but this guy has a chance!


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  1. Badger says:

    Well, let me be the first do disagree with the premise.

    “Kasten and Company still have a little egg on their face.”

    The Red Sox and Dodgers have very similar records. The Dodgers are way out in front in the West, and Boston is in a dog fight. They many not make the play-offs.

    Both franchises needed to change directions but clearly it was more important to everyone on THIS board that the Dodgers distance themselves from the McDirtbag era.

    And obviously that has been done. Kasten and company have succeeded, and done so very quickly. The Dodgers lead the Majors in both attendance and interest. We are back. Boston? Who gives a sh*t.

  2. Badger says:

    I recommend, if you haven’t already, take a minute and read MSTI’s take on extending Ramirez. Makes a lot of sense to me.

    And Kershaw is allegedly reading over a 7 year $210 million deal. That should do it. Personally, I think that’s nuts, but if he continues to do what he is doing past 30? then it’s probably money well spent. The Dodgers can afford it. Nobody else can, or would, but, that’s what makes them the Dodgers.

  3. Matt says:

    Boston didnt see a Kershaw or a Greinke. They won 2 of 3, big deal, I like our chances.

  4. Bball says:

    Agree matt. They seen the back of our rotation. Guys they won’t be seeing in the World Series. Hard to judge when they throw there best and we throw our worst.

    • Badger says:

      Easy to evaluate the offense in this series. We got 5 runs in 3 games. At home. Does having Kershaw and Greinke guarantee wins in this series? I hardly think so.

      It was only one series, that is true. During the great run, we did better against the best teams. It’s not September yet. No need for panic. But, there is a need for the Dodger offense to examine what needs to be done to win those games Kershaw and Greinke aren’t starting.

  5. Pete M. says:

    Come on Mark!!! The truth!!! Sometimes you pull these topics out of the air(?)…Sort of pulling off a Miley Cyrus on us to create controversy… Damn the Blue has got 42 games left in the NL to secure a spot and worry about STL, ATL and Maybe Pitt.

  6. Pete M. says:

    Come on Mark!!! The truth!!! Sometimes you pull these topics out of the air(?)…Sort of pulling off a Miley Cyrus on us to create controversy… Damn the Blue has got 42 games left in the NL to secure a PLAYOFF spot and worry about STL, ATL and Maybe Pitt.
    So now is the time to stop the train and evaluate THE TRADE??? WHO WON??? WHO LOST??? REALLY???
    P.S. I tried the Flying Hawaiin a couple times and that was a waste of time and energy…

  7. Pete M. says:

    See, you got me so nervous I stuttered…

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Face it: the Dodgers were taken to the wood shed over the weekend and clubbed almost to death.

    Forget the 1 win in 3 games.

    I see a total of 11 Dodger hits in 3 games. That is averaging 3.666 hits per game — and the world was watching.

    It is not that Kersshaw and Greinke did not pitch against Boston — it is that Boston’s pitcher basically had “their way” with Dodger hitters. Do that in the post season and it just might be a short post season.

    A lack of power at the plate concerns me still. The Dodgers are 27th in baseball with 102 HRs. Only the Royals, Giants, and Marlins are worst (88, 76, 72). The leader, Baltimore has 175 or 73 more than the Dodgers, 73 more!

    Run production. The Dodgers are better in knocking in runs and stand 15th (middle of the pack) with 501 for the season so far. But the Tigers have 138 more at 639.

    In the end, Dodger pitching and those key hits are keeping the guys in there. Oh, the Dodgers are 4th in average with .265 (with the Tigers, Red Sox, and Cardinals with higher averages)

  9. Quasimodo says:

    Hmmm, I think more like 32 games. I have no idea what a “Miley Cyrus” is. But you’re correct on Mark’s M/O. I’ve done a lot of reading today and I think nearly every base was touched about the why’s, what if’s and the where’s. We’re all on the same page that the division is ours – Dodgers WILL play postseason! I just hope the planets are in whatever line they need to be in for Dodgers to stomp their way through. Dodgers franchise was certainly not upstaged. I’m sure the new owners see profits as the the real championship.

  10. Watford Dodger says:

    I think the Red Sox will know not to take us for granted – after all our no4 starter beat them Friday. I think Donnie was happy to take the Kershaw/Grienke wins from last week and hopefully 2 from the Cubs this week – not sure he was bothered by us playing the Sox as wins are wins however they come.
    However we did learn some things about when the season comes to its conclusion.
    League should only be used if the game is already lost and we want to save arms.
    Mark Ellis is key and needs to play 2nd base. Punto’s at bats were particularly poor last night.
    Carl Crawford needs to get on base if he’s going to lead off – and maybe try and work some walks. Peavy had only thrown Kershaw numbers of pitches by the 8th.
    Ethier needs to play ahead of Schumaker in the big games.
    Hanley needs to get the ball away quicker – infield singles are very hurtful.
    Agon is Mr reliable.
    Puig will get it right when the adrenalin starts flowing.
    I think the Dodgers have mentally taken their foot off the gas as a 9.5 game lead at this time is big. Maybe this is the little breather they need before they regroup for the big charge. It was impossible for them to stay hot all the way to the play offs – so a little cooling off now maybe a blessing in disguise. Hard to keep up the intensity when the pressure is not there.
    The really important news that Mark brings us is that of Kemp’s impending return.
    This could be a massive shot in the arm at just the right moment – a month to get in the groove and then….

  11. Badger says:

    This year? We will win with pitching.

    Next year? Who knows?

    Harvey, torn ligament in elbow. It’s stories like this one that make a 7 year 200 million dollar contract look crazy. Insure it with the power of the Guggs.

  12. Watford Dodger says:

    Ps – terrible news about Harvey – just shows how things can change in an instant.

  13. Bobby says:

    “Face it: the Dodgers were taken to the wood shed over the weekend and clubbed almost to death.”

    Wow talk about exaggerating. This is the same guy complaining about AJ Ellis. Good grief.

    Next you’ll be telling me Salma Hayek’s flaws too.

  14. Quasimodo says:

    Bobby, Salma is a diabetic. Every team has flaws. Every player has flaws. But not every team can make record runs anywhere near the like of 2013 Dodgers did. Only great teams can do that. Any and every team can and will lose a series. The one with the Sox is at best a minor loss and it wasn’t a Dodgers A-game.

  15. Badger says:

    Every body has flaws. Some are more obvious than others. Some you really have to search for. Give me a few hours with Salma and I’ll let you know if I find something that ain’t perfect.

    Our team has offensive weaknesses. It’s ok to point them out.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Certainly the Dodgers weren’t taken to the woodshed. In fact, in the first two games the Red Sox scored in exactly one inning. And that inning was largely the result of some good fortune (hit batter and infield hit that may have prevented Ryu from getting out of the first inning 1-2-3).

    I’m not happy about the offense, and I’ve said that on numerous occasions. I hope that Kemp can return, remain healthy, and find his stroke for the playoffs. But it’ a hope, and certainly not a slam dunk. I also think it’s possible that the Dodgers will do something between now and August 31st. But if true, I have no clue what it might be. Who knows, maybe we won’t be talking about Lee and Stripling for much longer. Maybe one or both of them will be used in a deal. Probably not likely, but you never know.

    By the way, talking about pitching prospects, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Anderson turns out to be one of those D1 guys who makes a quick impact for the Dodgers next year. From what I’ve read in the past, he was considered a top 10 pick in the draft, and then fell due to overwork and a loss of effectiveness in the second half of his college season. In fact, I read that the Dodgers planned to limit his innings because of the overwork. Same also I think with Windle.

    Also, in the Boston series Mattingly continued to give some of his players a breather. A 9.5 – 10.5 lead in the standings will do that. That won’t happen in the postseason, into which this team should go in well rested, and knowing that they’ll have the entire offseason to rest after it’s over. The series we just completed was a big series for the Red Sox, not so the Dodgers. And by the way, in a 3 game series one of the teams is going to win, be it 2-1 or 3-0. Very little things can turn that around. In fact, didn’t we lose 2 of 3 to the Cardinals at home earlier this year, and then take 3 of 4 in St. Louis recently? Baseball is a funny game. You never know.

    For me the postseason is all about who is playing better at that time, not necessarily who IS better. Does anyone here believe that the midgets were better than the Tigers last year, or better than Texas in 2010. I don’t.

    And if you would like an extreme example, just look back at our last championship in 1988. If memory serves, the Dodgers lost 10 of 11 to the Mets during the regular season. And we know how that turned out.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Shows you that I’ve been under a rock today. Didn’t hear about the Harvey elbow tear until I got in here. And that’s with me being in an environment in which I’m surrounded by Mets fans (Yankee fans too). Sounds a lot like Billingsley’s partial tear. Wonder if the Mets will be as stupid as the Dodgers and try to get Harvey through this without having surgery. Harvey says he wants to avoid it, but Sandy Alderson sounds as if he’s aware that that strategy hasn’t been too successful in the past.

    Mets are likely going nowhere next year, and the recovery rate from TJ surgery is excellent. They’d be crazy to do anything else but insist that he have the surgery now, and be ready for 2015, when, who knows, they might have a good team.

    By the way, I also read that Harvey has had elbow discomfort for quite a while. Is medical malpractice rampant throughout baseball?

  18. Mark_Timmons says:

    Boy, a lot of you guys get really sensitive when I just call it like it is. The Dodgers did get their clocks cleaned the past weekend and if it were otherwise and the Dodgers swept the Sox, and Crawford and A-Gone OPS’ed 1.200 you would have been gloating about the trade (as would I).

    Quit being hypocrites and making excuses! CC and A-Gon had every reason to want revenge on the Sox and they didn’t get it. It’s just two games and I have no reservations about this team, but it is what it is – Roger called it. They were taken to the woodshed. They got a whipping (FACT). They are still going to the playoffs (FACT) and they may win the war after losing the battle (FACT).

    I just call it like it is… and it ain’t always pretty!

    I still say they will win the World Series.

    Lighten up!


    • Badger says:

      The way you called it was to suggest the Red Sox got the better deal in the trade. The way I think you saiod that was:

      “You can’t judge a trade in the microcosm of a three game series, but if you could, you would have to conclude that the Red Sox got the best of the Dodgers.”

      And that whole statement is just horseshit. You can’t do it, but if you could? Who writes something like that? Since you can’t do it, the logical thing is to look at where the teams are and come to the conclusion that it worked well for both of them. I think it worked better for the Dodgers because things have changed so drastically in L.A.. They are outdrawing everyone in MLB, and that includes the Red Sox. The Dodgers are a more valuable franchise, have more national interest than the Red Sox and again, frankly, who cares about the Red Sox? Gnu Inglan people do and that’s about it. The Dodgers have fans all over the planet.

      Really, you write something ridiculous and we put you in your place (like we have for over a decade when you write something ridiculous) – hell, it’s just another day at the office! Don’t take it so seriously. Lighten up! ;)

  19. Michael says:

    Although I was disappointed with the results with the Boston Beards[Brian Wilsons is cool, these guys look like Jeremiah Johnson]now that I think about it, it was a good thing. Don’t want our players to think that effort and preparation aren’t required and for Donnie Boy to think no matter what he does ensures a W.

  20. Mark_Timmons says:



    Re-read what I wrote!

  21. Badger says:

    I like the Red Sox beards MUCH better. They look real, and those guys look natural in them. They look like woodsmen. Wilson’s look fake, and frankly in my opinion that, with whatever haircut he has going on, doesn’t work at all.

    Are we going to once again make a guy with a 5+ ERA look like a Cy Young candidate?

  22. Badger says:

    Meant to add this:

    “Instead, it all worked out for Boston. Kasten and Company still have a little egg on their face.”

    More nonsense.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Saw a bit of the Cardinal / Red game tonight — when Craig hit the grand slam and put the Cards ahead. Don’t know how it ended ——- but the Dodgers have to start doing things like that — some big hits when behind.

    This Dodger team has been hitting — but need to make more statements like Greinke just did.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    How is losing 2 of 3 getting their “clocks cleaned”? The first two games were close, and the yesterday’s game was pitched by Capuano. Heck, I didn’t gloat when the Dodgers swept the Rays, and wouldn’t have gloated had they won the series against the Red Sox. I still think the trade was good for the Dodgers, because it made a statement that ownership is continuing to follow-up on.

    I have been concerned for a while about the Dodgers hitting, and in fact, I’m still concerned based on what I’ve seen tonight in the first 4 innings (even with the 2 runs, largely the result of a pitcher who can’t throw strikes).

    “They got a whipping (FACT)” Yes, they did get a whipping last night (at least their pitchers did), but not during the entire series. Here’s a FACT. You exaggerate.

    However, the Dodgers did get a whipping against the Phillies, when they lost 16-1. Now, that’s a whipping.

  25. Watford Dodger says:

    Badger you are correct. That was horseshit.
    Didn’t like to see Grienke throw that many pitches – the game was won & I know he wanted to stay in but Donnie needs to look after him.
    Good to see Puig looking much more like it.

    • Badger says:

      Agree. No need to bring him in for the 9th. He did his job. Yes, he’s a horse, but even horses are shut down when the work is done. He has a lot more starts to pitch to November.

      Sticks came alive. Love it when that happens. It’s the Cubs. No mercy. Maintained the lead.

      • Bobby says:

        Saturday Greinke goes up against SD. After that, rosters expand, and hopefully Fife or someone else gives us a 6 man rotation for a bit to rest the main guys thru Sept.

        Granted we still are very much in the running for best record in the NL, but resting pitchers also has to be a big priority the last 38 games days of the year.

  26. Quasimodo says:

    The statement made by the new owners was “we want MORE for whatever TV deal” and were very very successful. We’ve been fans all along, but many are joining the club. Worldwide.

  27. Mark_Timmons says:

    Look, you may have a different view than I do, but what I wrote was not HORSESHIT!

    And, I exaggerate?

    The manager got all over the team after the game because they played like horseshit.

    You guys fixate on a couple of words and your brains go into lockdown and your alligator mouths overload your hummingbird asses.

    If the Dodgers had won the series or swept it you would have been pointing to the trade and you are damn liars if you say you wouldn\’t.

    Go back and have someone read what I wrote to you very slowly so that you can comprehend.

    Just because you say it\’s horseshit doesn\’t make it so. No one died and made you god.

    I remember why I get sick of this…

    It\’s that same tone the left uses when they have no argument.

  28. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark not sure if its mock outrage or you are serious. If you are then I am surprised. I thought the idea was that you wrote a thought provoking thread and we responded to it. The stuff you write is always angled to get people thinking. On this occasion many more people disagreed with your take than agreed. It doesn’t make them right but it suggests that the majority think you are wrong. I was wrong a couple ok weeks ago and was told so by a number of posters – with whom I have no problem – and having thought about and reread what I had written decided I was in fact wrong and posted such the next day. I hope you haven’t been offended & that your health is on the mend.

  29. Reggie says:

    Damn the Docgers got 10 hits in the series. I would say they got a thrashing.

    If you were judging the trade on the series you would have to conclude that the Dodgers got snookered on the trade but Mark said he wasn’t basing his comparison on that. I understood it but some of you don’t.

    Mark is dead on and Donnie even says that the team was outplayed. I tend to think that some are full if horseshit but its not Mark. Just my opinion.

  30. Watford Dodger says:

    They lost 2-1 hardly a thrashing – and we blanked them Fri night. We faced their 3 best pitchers – they did not face Kershaw & Grienke. The Red Sox will not be fooled just as we weren’t when we beat the Cards at their place. There was no egg on anyone’s faces. Donnie conceded that they had more to play to than us.

  31. Badger says:

    Geez man, sorry to crap all over your sense and sensibilities. It was brilliant! Clear concise prose.

    Having said that, you can judge nothing from one three game series. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

    But if you could…….

  32. Quasimodo says:

    Mark was totally protected with his words and point of judging a 3 game series wasn’t large enough to do accurately. He admitted that he was on the other side of the bigger picture and that Dodgers will be holding the better cards in the long run. So yes. If we were judging strictly by a 3 game series, 2 of 3 puts Sox in front. Would I be ‘gloating’ if Dodgers won that series? Well yeah. I’m still gloating even though Dodgers didn’t get that series win. And that trade was a big factor enabling me to gloat. Dodgers are in a far better position than Red Sox for postseason. But all the reasons I’m gloating are factors outside of those 3 games. Damn! I’m just rattling on here……Sorry.

  33. Badger says:

    But… the idea of Kasten having egg on his face over this deal remains… IN MY OPINION….. laughable.

    For all the reasons that have been named here numerous time, this deal kick started the Dodgers. It put butts in seats and it quickly made Dodger fans forget the Frankie “No Nuts” McScrotal sack years. I’m sure most of us have even forgotten his lovely wife, Jamie McNetworth and her ambitious, also incredibly overpaid, sons.

    The Dodgers are in first place and no longer a laughing stock. Thank you Stan Kasten. A million times, from all of us save one, THANK YOU!

    But honestly, I thought Mark was half kidding just to light up his board. I know how he feels about promoting education, science, art – I know how he feels about government, waging war and advancing social welfare generally, and we will never agree on those issues, but it DOES surprise me he still doesn’t understand what is happening here. Must be the lingering pain of losing his guy Frankie.

    But, we agree to disagree and move forward. That’s what we all must do….. lean FORWARD. And forward looks bright for the Dodgers.

  34. Bobby says:

    I”m not judging the season on yesterday’s game, but if i could…… we win the world series.

  35. Bobby says:

    On a more serious note, I know Saeger and the AFL was discussed in an recent thread.

    Today it was announced that he is, in fact, going to play in the AFL. Or, at least I saw it today; maybe it was announced earlier and I was on an airplane

  36. Ravensdale says:

    Hey Mark, I see that some of the cannibals are off their meds. Ha! Beat them down because they are silly old men who are afraid they will die before the Dodgers win the big one again.

  37. Badger says:

    Ruh roh.

    Rectal itch is back with yet another handle. Mark’s upset with the children so he probably won’t regulate.

  38. Quasimodo says:

    Well, I guess I fit the ‘silly old men who COULD die before the Dodgers win the big one’ category.

  39. Jae says:

    In case you live in a bubble, here’s the stuff blogs are writing on the East Coat:

    “Thanks to Peavy, it was “Bye Bye Bye” to Crybaby Carl and the rest of Los Angeles with a 77-55 record, second best in the American League. See you [maybe] in a couple of months.

    Peavy’s performance closed out a weekend of starting pitching brilliance by the Red Sox. Friday night, John “Lack of Support” Lackey made one mistake in Boston’s 2-0 loss. Saturday, Jon Lester dominated the Dodgers, allowing just one run over 7.1 innings.

    The Dodgers were crafting a mythological tale of 2013 dominance before the Red Sox rolled into Chavez Ravine. A year to the day that the Red Sox underwent their multi-organ transplant and shipped Crawford, Gonzalez, Josh Beckett and Nick “The Fourth Stooge In This Deal” Punto for a bunch of kids and $262.5 million of salary relief.

    There was plenty of whining from Crawford, who said before the series that he wanted to sweep Boston “bad.” He got it half-right. Crawford scratched out a hit Sunday around two vintage Crawford whiffs and a fly out to end the eighth. Adrian Gonzalez added a useless solo shot to pad his otherwise impact-less stats. Beckett was spotted throughout the weekend in the dugout next to all-world pitcher Clayton Kershaw, who spent the rest of the time making Popeye’s runs for Beckett, who’s out for the season after surgery and going 2-8.

    Shane Victorino, who was once a sixth-round draft pick of the Dodgers and played 53 games for the Dodgers in 2012, was booed heartily all weekend. Or at least for what amounts to booing in Los Angeles. Victorino didn’t cry about his days in LA. He just beat the Dodgers at the plate, hitting a home run and double Sunday and turned a sure double into a single off the bat of Skip Schumaker thanks to pure hustle in right-center field.

    Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Mike Napoli also homered for Boston. Salty’s shot produced twice as many runs as Gonzalez’s did for one-fifth the cost. Napoli’s shot nearly left the ball park landing deep in the left-field stands.”

    So, yeah I would say Kasten, Crawford and Gonzalez have egg on their faces. The Dodgers are their bitch.

  40. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s quite possible that some silly YOUNG men (or women) could die before the Dodgers win their next championship. And furthermore, if as one of the silly old men I should die before the Dodgers capture their next championship, I really don’t think at that time I will care. Or maybe the Big Dodger in the Sky will allow me to enjoy the championship.

  41. Quasimodo says:

    Then you agree with what those idiots are saying. I disagree. Dodgers are a half game up in the standings than Boston is. Dodgers are 9.5 games ahead in our division. Boston leads their division by 1.5 Boston has a far less chance of making it to the postseason than Dodgers. And I’d bet Dodgers are the most feared by any team. With that, a 5 game series doesn’t always favor the best team so surely a 3 game series means even less. Boston fans can say those sort of things, I find it odd that there’s such a thing a Dodgers fan agrees.

  42. Badger says:

    Thanks Jae.

    And what a revealing article it is. And frankly I find it the perfect example of Boston pompous. They have a distastefully arrogant feeling of themselves. As far as I cam concerned, they are the East Coast midgets. Here’s hoping they disappear likea roid rage fart in the rest facility yard wind.

    There are some silly old men that frequent this place, but, you aren’t one of them Brooklyn.

    I suspect we will hear from Mark again soon. Wonder what he will have to say. I guess maybe I should comment on those parts of that post that I actually agree with….

    looks like something IS wrong with Fife.

    Kemp. We’ll see.

    Stripling or Lee? Heck I don’t know. What they have done is worthy of a look. But, will either of them have a shot at a rotation spot next year? Not likely. But, if they look good next month, they could bring us the bat we need. I don’t see one in our organization.

    Beckett’s comments were already dumped on over at scribe. Kershaw has a llllloooooonnnnnngggggg way to go to even be mentioned as “the best pitcher ever”. And we already decided the Koufax thing. Nobody will ever do what he did again. Not ever. Nope. Not gonna happen. Kershaw is the best right now, but, we all know how things can change in a heart beat. Ask the Mets fans. It happened with Dwight Gooden and it just happened again. Let’s just not say dumb things like – this 25 year old pitcher is better than Warren Spahn, Whitey Ford, Nolan Ryan, Cy Young, Tom Seaver, Walter Johnson, Greg Maddux, Steve Carlton, Randy Johnson, Bob Gibson, Roidger Clemonabol. It’s a long list. Kershaw ain’t on it yet.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Some of you guys are nit-picking words out of a blog post that if you took the time to consider what was said, you would see how impotent your arguments (or lack thereof) are. I used to come here all the time, but all I do now is usually read the posts. The comments are trash.

    • Badger says:

      “The comments are trash”

      Yours is evidence for your point.

      And for the record, I know what just wrote is not true.

  44. Badger says:

    “It went better than I thought it would”. Matt Kemp on running the bases for the first time.

    Really? It’s YOUR ankle Matt. What DID you expect?

    I don’t know but that doesn’t sound like he really believes he is ready.

  45. Quasimodo says:

    It didn’t look at best either. Its progress but nowhere near a hard test.

  46. Bobby says:

    Let Kemp take his time.

    We Andre Ethier looking like Ken Griffey Jr. out in center!!!

  47. Bobby says:

    Boy this game could take the place of Ambien.

    Between watching this and the glass of merlot im having, I shall sleep like a baby

  48. grumpy3b says:

    A subtext on “the trade ” may well be the new owners read their tea leaves and saw MLB was coming after more of the cash from the new TV deal. By adding payroll now in the short term it gave the team a higher overhead giving the Dodgers a bit more leverage negotiating that inevitable meet cut for MLB.

    Granted the added $260M is a small fraction of the ~$8,000M for the deal, it sets upohetam to argue “fan expectations” based on a higher payroll. Them if fans see the team being forced to spend less by the league the fan intrest will be diminished which equates to brand dilution→ lower attendance → less cash down the road.

    Of course the team will indeed reduce payroll to keep more cash but they needn’t bring up that plan behind closed doors w/MLB.

    Not saying it’s true just that it’s another possible & subtle part of why the Dodgers easily justify the trade. You know wheels-within-wheels.

  49. Badger says:

    Interesting take grumpy. Follow the money. If it makes dollars and sense, MLB will make it so.

    2 earned runs and a loss. That is this team’s Achilles heel. Is there no bat available for the right price? Guess not. We could sure use more power. But, fact is – our OPS thunder is on the mound. Live by the pitch or die by the pitch.

  50. Badger says:

    I see I am finally getting the top of the lineup I have been asking for – Puig, Crawford, Ramirez.

    A lot of outs after those guys though.

    What, Mark scared you guys off?

  51. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Maybe there is a bat out there. We still have until August 31st. And hopefully, Kemp is OK enough that he becomes a big addition to the offense.

    I have to admit that Schilling did make a good point about Crawford’s impatience at the plate the other night. Surprised I haven’t picked up on that this year. Maybe it’s because he’s been in and out of the lineup, and I’ve also had periods when I was too busy, and was missing games, or too tired while I was watching them (after all, I am a silly old man). Checked it out, and Crawford has only drawn 25 BB in 347 AB. If anything, that’s a good argument to find someone else to lead-off, and an argument for the Dodgers to make that a priority during the offseason.

  52. Badger says:

    Amen to that Brooklyn. Crawford earned that insane contract hitting out of the two hole. That is where he belongs. When Puig gets on base, Crawford will see a lot of fastballs for strikes.

  53. Bobby says:

    Totally agree.

    Maybe for now Puig leads off until we find better, or maybe he becomes Ricky part 2.

    Yes it’s the Cubs, but Nolasco pitching great so far. Let’s win the series.

  54. Watford Dodger says:

    Just got in – why was Puig taken out? Not injured?

  55. Jason says:

    Another wasted outing for Kershaw. Getting mad.

  56. Bill Russell says:

    I heard Puig got benched on the radio today. Does anyone know why?

    • Glass Is Half Full says:

      Not sure Bill…The game was on in the break room at work and I happened to glance at a double play ball where Puig didn’t appear to slide into second…He went in standing up…I even mentioned it to some of my co-workers…..

      Just guessing however…

  57. Bobby says:

    710 said he was pulled for “lollygagging”

    Will be interesting to hear Donnie after the game.

  58. Roger Dodger says:

    Rick Monday has a theory on “the pull” of Puig.

    Kershaw got “Kershaw-ed” again. That is, out-pitched and his own teammates did not score enough runs for him. It is like a disease.

    BUT — his agent will chalk it up to a “quality” start for Clayton . . . but that is not enough for me — Clayton, think shutout.

  59. Badger says:

    Puig isn’t listening to anybody.

  60. Idaho al says:

    I agree Badger. Puig is not listening. I have seen many times in the dugout, where Dodger players are talking to him. He is not listening. He has no respect for the game of baseball. I just hope this will wake him up. He is a great kid, but he needs to listen and play the game correctly. I believe he will. However, money has a way of making young kids act like dumb jocks.

  61. Roger Dodger says:

    One of these innings (days) when he is catching a ball, like he does right next to his body — he will drop it and then it will start.

  62. Kris says:

    Agree with everyone on your list but Whitey Ford? WTF?

  63. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Roger, that’s just the way he catches the ball. I’m sure there were people who criticized Willie Mays for his basket catches. That’s how he felt comfortable doing it, and it worked. Will Puig ever drop a ball? Maybe. But so do players making catches with two hands. In fact, using two hands could probably cause a player to drop a ball. Just an extra hand to get in the way.

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a case of Puig not listening. You can be told what to do, and even understand it. But it’s not easy to break a lifetime of habits, and bad ones are sometimes going to continue to rear their ugly heads. It takes time for some this stuff to become ingrained, and it’s perfectly normal to see some regression. But from every indication, it seems as if he’s a good kid, intelligent, and willing to learn. It’s just going to take some time. And I still believe that he’ll make his biggest strides going into next year, after he has the offseason to reflect, and spring training next year to continue working to smooth out the rough edges.

  64. Badger says:

    You don’t like Whitey?

    10 time All Star, all time Yankee leader in wins with 236, .690 win %, won at least 18 5 times, career 2.75, 6 rings, career 133 ERA+ – how many of those stats wii Kershaw surpass?

    It’s ok. He’s aYankee. You can take him off the list.

  65. Mark_Timmons says:

    Dodger apologists all. If the Dodgers do it, it must be OK.

    They could murder Nancy Bea Hefley while she was playing the organ and you would defend it.

    I will never say anything bad about them because you all might lynch me.


    Nevermind… Piss off!

  66. Bobby says:

    Rumor has it Puig was hungover from partying hard last night.

    Obviously that made him sluggish for today’s day game and Donnie and the vets could tell.

    You’d hope the team takes care of this as they should, including benching him for a couple days. However, I also feel that come late Sept and beyond, everybody will be totally focused and this crap won’t happen.

    Agone and the other leaders will make sure it doesnt happen again

  67. Badger says:

    You still pissed off?

    If Nancy is playing the organ, nobody’s gonna stop her.

    Relax Mark. We all love this place or we wouldn’t keep coming. We know you didn’t like that trade, but we just didn’t agree with your assessment of a three game series. That’s nothin compared to what I have put up with from OD over the years.

    Let me ask you a question – do you REALLY believe Kasten feels embarrassed right now?

  68. Quasimodo says:

    29 games ahead with 9.5 lead puts the magic # at 21. Dodgers look really good, friends. Cheers!

  69. This is a topic which is near to my heart… Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?

    Feel free to surf to my site – seo high Wycombe

  70. Badger says:

    Volquez? Really? Last year he led the league in walks, this year he leads the league in ER. He has a WHIP around 1.7. OK. They must see something they think they can fix.

    Is that the only late August move? Donde esta el bat?

  71. Bobby says:

    No game today. Well this sucks.

    At least I can watch the Bears at 5pm, then Fresno St at 730!!!

  72. Badger says:

    Last game Seager 0 for 4 with 3 K’s. Sample size getting bigger, numbers continue to go down. Maybe he is tired. Better cowboy up Corey or the AFL pitchers will bury you.

  73. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I hope Volquez isn’t the only late August move. Maybe they do see something they think they can fix. But stuff like that is usually long term, and usually doesn’t work. And should he take Capuano’s spot in the rotation, it may only be because the Dodgers want Cappy to start working out of the pen to get him ready for any role he might have in the postseason. The Dodgers lead is large enough that they can probably experiment with the 5th spot that won’t be used in the postseason anyway.

    Maybe Corey Seager will eventually do everything that we hope he will do. But, if anything, his experience in high-A should lead us to conclude that although he might be a good prospect, it’s a bit early to be penciling him into any future lineups. He’s 19. It could take some years, or maybe he never lives up to expectations. The AFL should tell us something. And should also be good experience, and give Seager a better idea of what he has to work on.

  74. Badger says:

    You think Mark’s done?

  75. Idaho al says:

    There is a good article on the dodger web site on Honeycutt. The players have many good things to say about the job he has done.

  76. Watford Dodger says:

    No I just think he’s a busy man who hasn’t got time to post every day – who also has a bad foot to contend with at the moment.
    You know I don’t know how the rest of the posters on here feel but I didn’t think I’d feel like I do at the moment. There’s something missing and I think it’s the lack of tension that we all thought we would have going into this last month & all the match ups with our division. It was meant to be nip & tuck with a rollercoaster of emotions every night with lots of scoreboard watching & finger crossing. This seems a bit surreal. From a nightmare situation a couple of months ago we have basically won the division already without any fight from our expected rivals. It means that we are basically ticking off the games until the post season on 1st Oct. there is no excitement. It seems a bit flat. Obviously that will change come the play offs but for now it’s a bit humdrum.
    There are important issues like getting the best record in the NL to secure home advantage & getting certain players (Kemp) into form but really it’s a bit like waiting for Christmas.
    Think that’s why it’s quiet In here at the moment – everyone waiting for the main event.
    Strange one signing Volquez – seems like Honeycutt enjoys a challenge.
    Would have prefered to see a bat but maybe there’s one on the way. Really impressed with Nolasco & he’s made no secret of fact he loves & wants to play for the Dodgers. I’d sign him in an instant. Great 1234 next year.
    Hope everyone enjoys their night off.

  77. Watford Dodger says:

    Badger you were right – Puig had pissed Donnie off. Good management.

  78. Badger says:

    I’m watching football the rest of the day.

    Good point about the division W. The dbacks have turned into a disappointment. I had them battling us right down to the last week. Who knows, that could still happen but it doesn’t look like it.

    In a couple of days it will be roster expansion time and I am hoping to see starts by both Stripling and Lee. I can’t help but feel if they were “all that” one or both of them would be showing up on top prospect lists. Actually I think Lee shows up on some, but Stripling, the guy Mark seems to think has the best chance, wasn’t even in our own top 5 pitchers earlier in the year, though I guess he may be now. At any rate, I think it’s time to start looking at the post season rotation being well rested.

  79. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Is Stripling on the 40-man? He was drafted in 2012, so I’m guessing he’s not. I doubt if the Dodgers want to waste a roster spot at this late stage for a young pitcher who may or may not be ready. They did it with Paco last year, but that was a whole different situation. Same thing with Lee. I’m not sure he’s on the 40-man yet. Probably will we during the winter, but it might not be necessary now.

    Dodgers appear to have a pretty comfortable lead. At the same time they shouldn’t take anything for granted, especially since they play the D-Backs 7 more times. Stranger things have happened.

  80. Bobby says:

    Since Rick Honeycutt became out pitching coach, (7-8 years ago), we lead all of baseball in ERA.

    He HAS to get credit for that, and it’s nice that management trusts him to fix broken down talented guys like Marmol, Volquez, and maybe even Jonathan Sanchez.

    It’s nice to have football back!! I look forward to the next SEC team committing a violation and receiving a 30 min punishment!!!

  81. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well, this pretty much answers the question I posed above about Stripling and Lee. Lee is mentioned as not being on the 40-man, and Stripling isn’t mentioned anywhere, leaving me to believe he’s also not yet on the 40-man. And apparently Paco was up later than I thought last year.

  82. Badger says:

    Informative. Thanks. I probably should have done a little more research on the subject. With all the Stripling talk around here, I assumed he was on the 40 man.

    McGill, Fife and who? Volquez? I would rather see Garcia. Fife ain’t right, Magill hasn’t been heard from and Volquez needs some time to be reclaimed. Who is the relief? Maybe they aren’t planning any.

  83. Pete M. says:

    Is it RIP for LADtalk ??? If Mark returns, I promise never to bring up Miley Cyrus again!!!
    Darn and I wanted a cup of coffee for Lee and Stripling!!! I understand holding off till they join the 40 man, but still…
    Tony Gwynn Jr. is now adrift on a AAA carpet ride.His name hasn’t surfaced in a long time. Good guy…Great glove…No Offense…
    My beloved ND vs Bill Cosby U. tommorow… I see a much stronger ND team by mid point and hopefully the Stanford game at the end of the year will be competetive.

  84. Badger says:

    The last thing we hear from him is “piss off”?

    Come on Mark. You used to be able to accept criticism. Doesn’t it come with the job? To say that one series, a series in which our best did not face their best, could possibly suggest that Kasten made a mistake with that trade, and you do that for blatantly obvious personal reasons, is opening yourself up for a jab or two. Both teams have benefited from that deal, both are in first place, and the Dodgers are again favorites to make it to the World Series. You continue to act like you believe that trade never should have happened. Why? You aren’t answering questions of your critics either. You used to. Are you just tired of this? If so, let us know. Don’t just pick up your ball and storm off the field. That’s not like you.

  85. Michael says:

    Can Mark come out and play?
    In the meantime just for fun, go back to older entries, you can keep hitting the button and it’ll take you all the way back, and see some of the things we all said earlier this year. I cracked up seeing some of the things I have said[or for that matter did previously in life].
    Have a nice day :}

  86. Watford Dodger says:

    Sure Mark is just too busy or perhaps unwell. Sure he loves this place more than we do. Sure he will be back when he’s ready.

  87. Bobbie17 says:

    One handed, bare handed pick up in right field. That pisses me off. Catch the ball with the glove! Dodgers are not show-offs. Period. I hope I never see that again.

  88. Bobby says:

    I think Mark, and most of us, could care less if we agree on what the Red Sox series really meant.

    I think we, like Yasiel Puig, are in a late season rut and we’ll all get out of it as the Magic Number approaches 5, and then the playoffs are right in front of us.

    This board will go crazy in about 2 weeks. Now we’re excited about college and pro football starting.

    Will Ian Kennedy pitch for SD vs. us this weekend??

  89. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Can’t really tell very much from written reports, but from what I read about Kemp’s performance at Rancho last night, I’m encouraged. Of the 4 balls he hit, two were hard ground balls to 2nd, and one a line drive to center. What encourages me, is that except for the ground ball he hit to 3B, everything he hit was towards center and right center. When he’s doing that is when he’s at this best.

    But again, I’m just encouraged, which is a far cry from being convinced, that he’s back to being the old Kemp.

  90. Roger Dodger says:

    The 40 man roster is always on the Dodger site . . .

    neither are on it –

  91. Roger Dodger says:

    Looking at the 40 man roster . . . just go down the name of pitchers and try counting out just who might be the 12 on the roster next April 1 !!!

    And then see, some just might be used in trades . . . what I mean is these have a chance for 1 April:



    That is 13 — and have not even onsidered Billingsley (maybe after 1 April) nor, Capuano, Dominguez, Elbert, Fife, Guerra, Tolleson; no Moylan, Magill.

  92. Badger says:

    Looking at that list, and the rest of our 25 man, I can’t help but notice how many of our stars didn’t actually came through our system.

    Might as well keep drafting pitchers and trade them for proven bats that other organizations can no longer afford. I know some people have disdain for that model, but, it looks like that is where we find ourselves.

  93. Badger says:

    Just read Kemp was 0fer and made 7 outs in his 5 at bats.

    But he did run to first base several times without incident. So…… I guess that’s good.

    He might need several more days, or weeks, to get it together.

  94. jerry says:

    maybe fife has given up…he pitches good and they send him down.after going up and be he feel that is all there is..

  95. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Sometimes double plays are turned because the ball is hit hard. So I’m still encouraged (although very cautiously). Besides, at this stage, with the Dodgers having a 9.5 game lead, he can be put in the lineup to just get at bats, and find his timing again? It might take some time, but I think the Dodgers can muddle through. It might also be a good idea to hit him near the top of the lineup (at least to begin with) to get him as many at bats as possible.

    Kemp’s timing is something to worry about, but that’s trumped by the larger issue of his health. Can he play effectively (both on offense and defense) and still stay jury free? If he’s in the lineup through the remainder of the season and into the playoffs, I am certain that I will be holding my breath throughout.


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