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Train Kept a Rollin’

OK, let’s play nice today!  No talking bad to each other!

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25 Responses to “Train Kept a Rollin’”

  1. Rob says:

    A clean slate for Dave and Badger. Let’s turn the page and root for OUR Dodgers to kick the crap out of the Dbags.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    Forget Dave and let him take his abuse to a Marlins site. Makes uncomfortable reading for everyone else. We are never going to agree on everything but doesn’t need to get personal.

  3. Idaho al says:

    Agree. We are Dodger fans. Kick the “hell” out of the Dbacks. I would like a sweep, but 2 of 3 is not bad. Greinke looked good, but so did everybody else. Crawford needs a hit.

  4. emerson-Lake says:

    Well said, except I won’t settle for 2 out 3 yet. I missed the end. How did hitters look against Dominguez in the high 90′s? No strikeouts? Doesn’t he have breaking ball or change? Love the idea of this Beast in the Bullpen emerging out of nowhere–but don’t know if it’s real, or an illusion–but interesting that DM put him out there in closing situation in this big a game–even with big lead–of course it did save the real guys for the next two wins :)

  5. Badger says:

    Hitters were looking for, and catching up with, that heater Lake. I saw a change up Dominguez threw at 84 mph. It buckled whoever was up. Why doesn’t he throw that pitch more often? If he does, he could become unhittable.

    Sorry about the Davecapade on the other thread. Hopefully he gets out of here and gets some help. I won’t contribute to the problem anymore if he continues to ambush this site. I still don’t know why Mark doesn’t clean that up. But, it’s his site. He has banned other posters for things not nearly as disgusting as that.

    1 down, 2 to go in Arizona. Then home to thump the Rockies. I have a good feeling about this.

    Rosenthal saying very positive things about the Dodgers in the booth last night. Made some derogatory comments about the Blake deal, and he agreed with all of us, giving up Santana instead of paying Blake’s salary was a dumb and impecunious representative move. He said Kasten has announced that the Dodgers will become a dynasty and Rosenthal believes him.

  6. AnewBlueDay says:

    I have stayed out of the Dave thing. BUT are there several posters posting a Dave???

    For folks on the left and in the middle — the word “spade” is out of our name calling reference. It is offensive. It was used years ago as part of slander and hate against a certain race. It is a word that clearly marks something and is name calling without having to use a persons real name. Hate has no place on this site.

    Last night, if the Dodgers had a eight run lead, Donnie might have put in League. But only six in front — go to one of the new guys for some work. He look fine. It was more experience — and confidence building.

    Gamblers pick D-Back tonight, but not by much. I do not think I have ever watched with interest our new pitcher, pitching tonight. Be interesting. Know he will give it is all.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    2 games under .500. What a turn around. The power rankings have us 16th right now. I can’t imagine 15 other teams being better then us right now. Let’s hope Nolasco gets out of the gate with a great game tonight. Go Dodgers

  8. Badger says:

    Hey Glass, Marmol pitching at Rancho tomorrow. You might want to pedal on over and check it out.

    Nolasco against Kennedy. Kennedy has been up and down all season, but when he is on, he is good. He has given up 19 earned in his last 28 IP, but was not bad against the Mets last time out. I’ll take the Dodgers in this match-up. Nolasco may be a bit nervous, but the team will get him some runs early and he will settle in. Dodgers – 7-4.

  9. Dodgerdog says:

    I think most in here miss the point and points that are made in here. I do love reading what people post as they position themselves as victims on a continuous basis. I think that mentality has invaded our country and it isn’t a good thing, actually destructive for the individual and society as a whole. Again I will say, shameful how people don’t recognize evil vs. good, even though it is all around them. There is one poster, who is the lightning rod in every dispute that erupts in here. Hmmmm, Food for thought.

    Time to shut down Kemp, let the man get healthy, rushing him back has never worked with him. Maybe his physical make-up or he favors the injury and then damages something else, but no matter he is definitely a player that seems to have strings of injuries. Maybe he should have the nickname of Domino.

  10. AnewBlueDay says:

    Looking at the DL of the 40 man roster.


    Beckett – 15 day
    Fife – 15 day
    Lilly – 15 day
    Tolleson – 15 day
    Kemp – 15 day
    Billingsley – 60 day
    Elbert – 60 day

    6 pitchers, one fielder.

    If and when some come off — what happens to the 25 man roster.

  11. Kris says:

    I’d be very surprised in Beckett pitches again this season. Elbert & Billz – see ya next year. Tolleson will probably go back to the minors. Fife back in the rotation, one of the kiddies goes down to Alb. Lilly – I won’t be surprised if he is DFAed. Management (unlike Frankrupt) does not seem averse to eating salary.

  12. Pete M. says:

    Wow, I’m glad I missed the last post…
    Emerson-Lake-Palmer (damn i liked that group esp. Emerson on the gyro)…Back to Jose Dominguez – You cant teach 98-99 but comes with control and command issues… Spot on evaluation… Must make the hitters happy reading it!? Badger absolutely right on the chg., this kid would be a freak…
    So many good thoughts… Let Kemp get healthy period…CC will come around…Maybe start SVS today!?

  13. Badger says:

    You got the answers – be the change dog.

    Dominguez has the pitch – he just needs to use it. He threw it for a strike.

  14. Bobbie17 says:

    Dominant win against a tough opponent on the road. What’s a good word for the new Dodger attitude? The Nats had Natitude last year. How about something for this year for this team?

  15. Dodgerdog says:

    Badger I think you should take your own advice, immediately and often. Your victim game wears thin.

  16. the truth hurts says:

    Desperate Dodgerwives of LADodgertalk ;) Gotta love it.

  17. Badger says:

    Not possible hey dog?

    Oh well, must be an old dog. I see no need to escalate this.

    B17 – Bluetude?

  18. Quasimodo says:


  19. Dave says:

    mindless spew again badge clean it up !

  20. Dave says:

    Ya no badger dog takes the time politely , to remind you this post is a team kinda thing , see as a coach id pull your ass aside and say you need to figure it out cause your a disruption to this team, viral spew isnt tolarated , but your a one man show and not being a team player at all plz show some damn respect to others let alone yourself !

    • Badger says:

      I AM a coach zipper head. Coached as high as Jr. College. And what I would do with you is pull you out of the game and send you to rehab.

      Don’t you have some place else to go blather? Go obsess on a Marlins board.

  21. Dodgerdog says:

    Nah, none of that is what it’s about, arrogance, condescencion and victim mentality just gets very old. Badger has a problem with anyone who disagrees with him and lashes out and attacks every single damn time and personally attacks, it’s just old. He gets away with that crap and many are sick of it and many should be sick of it. If he hasn’t turned on you, then you have never disagreed with him.

    • Badger says:

      Just different opinions hot dog. You don’t like someone with an opposing opinion you are in the wrong place. Keep it about baseball and we can agree or disagree. Keep making it about me and both of you look foolish.

  22. Dodgerdog says:

    Badger, the responses you offer are always the best evidence about which I speak. Arrogance and condescension you got a corner on that market.


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