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Matt Garza anyone?

The Dodgers reportedly still have interest in Matt Garza of the Cubs.  The question is:  At what price?  Garza is a very good pitcher – some regard him as a #2 or #3.  With the Dodgers, he would probably be slotted at #4 right now.  A rotation of Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Garza and Nolasco would be one of the best in baseball.  If healthy, it would be hard to think they could not win it all.

That said, other teams are also after Garza and so the Dodgers will have to compete with them.  I would think that Stephen Fife would be part of that deal, and maybe Capuano (with the Dodgers paying his salary).  The Cubs will want a lot more than that – they will ask for Ross Stripling.  To me, he’s the deal breaker.  I would say no to Stripling being included in any deal.

Stephen Fife, Joc Pederson,  Zach Lee and even Dee Gordon would be fine with me.  Can the Cubs do better than that?  We will know soon.  I would think that the Dodgers want it to happen sooner, than later.

If Capuano is not part of the deal, he could be traded, as he has value.  He could bring back a solid prospect, maybe even a reliever, or perhaps Cappy could be the situational lefty in the pen.  Paco is more than a situational lefty.  Cappy isn’t!

Here’s the final piece of the puzzle:  What happens to Brandon League?  The Dodgers can’t hide him on the roster anymore.  There are only three choices:

  1. Release him and eat his contract;
  2. Put him on the DL with a hangnail; or
  3. Somehow get him to agree to go to to the minors for 20 days to work on his game.

The clock is ticking….

Dodger News:

  • That Zach Greinke is pretty good, isn’t he?
  • Don’t dis Clayton Kershaw – let’s look at his stats compared to Greinke:


Last night’s game notwithstanding, Clayton Kershaw is clearly the Dodgers’ ace.  His stats are eye-popping.


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  1. Badger says:

    Garza would be a great addition.

    What about another bat? Philly might be listening now.

    Ready to give up on our “Top 10 only dropped to us because we offered $5 million” pitcher Mark?

    Me too. IF it brings back a bat or a starting pitcher.

    The Cubs would almost HAVE to accept your offer. As far as I am concerned that is one prospect too many.

  2. Idaho al says:

    I do not think we should do anything right now. We have Fife and Caupuano for the 5th spot and both have been good enough. Let one start and the other to the bull pen for long relief. We have two problems, they are Lily and League. When Colletti releases both of them, then I will finally believe he is doing his job. If you could trade Lily, Capuano, and Fife for Garza, I would do it.

  3. AnewBlueDay says:

    Mark, the important stat above in your graph is: LOSSES – G-2 — K-6. Simple. Stats are stats. Wins and losses puts the team in or out.

    If Kershaw were pitching last night — he would have probably lost the game somehow. But G. came through. That was an “A” game all the way. And with that terrible lineup he had hitting for him . . . he had to pitch a shutout.

    That is not asking too much of our starters. Just pitch a shutout.

    Ned — bring in a big bat for the bench. Might have been needed yesterday.

    • Bluenose Dodger says:

      To me “wins” are a team statistic, not truly a pitcher statistic or an overall reflection of pitching performance. His ERA, WHIP, K/BB ratio, GO/FO ratio are his. He achieves them while he is on the mound.

      In Zack’s two starts prior to his two recent shut outs he got two wins while giving up 9 earned runs in 12 innings. Clayton has had two losses and two no decisions in four games in which he pitched 27 innings and gave up a total 7 runs.

  4. Badger says:

    Cubs want prospects.

    I would submit to the board that we need a bat. With Kemp and Crawford iffy, we need more ways to score runs. Van Slyke and Hairston won’t get it done. Mark Ellis, trooper that he is, must be considered a back up. If we can’t get Utley, Michael Young is on the table.

    We can’t count on winning games 1-0 the rest of the way.

    • Bluenose Dodger says:

      Why give up players for guys on their way down or on older guys on the verge of free agency or spend considerable time on the DL? Because we can isn’t good enough. Think beyond this year. If the team is to give up prospects, and they must, as the trend is not for these kids to ever play for the Dodgers, then try for a young player in return with a future – a Kyle Seager type player.

  5. Quasimodo says:

    With League I’d say really only one option, #2. Seems he should like to head off somewhere to find a fix to whatever the ailment is. Unless he’s happy to go out as a flop that is. To me he appeared too jovial while blowing saves the 1st couple times though that look has changed since. So maybe he’ll want to right the ship.

  6. gionfriddo says:


    Being a Bulldog alum I want him for the stretch run but at the cost of Pederson AND Lee? That’s too streep of a price for what could be a 2 month rental. Now, if you want to lower the offer to Jon Garcia, Reed, & Fife then I would be on board.

    Badger, I’m with you on the extra bat needed for the stretch run. Utley? He would be my #1 pick but Philly is not yet sellers (the Ben Revere injury could change that). Michael Young? He would be ideal–professional lifetime .300 hitter who is a tough out. My last option would be Aramis Ramirez who’s currently on the DL with a cranky knee but he’s a proven run producer who would lengthen AND strengthen our lineup.

    Imo, neither League or Lilly should see the mound again this year for us. League’s confidence is shot along with his mechanics. Lilly to the pen as suggested by Donnie is laughable. The guy can’t break a window with his 85 mph fastball. Pay him his remaining salary & place him on the 60 day dl so he can be a high priced cheerleader.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Roger, wins and losses have nothing to do with it. I love Greinke, not only because he’s a good pitcher, but because, unlike his prior reputation for anxiety, he’s not afraid to protect his hitters. To me that speaks volumes. But Kershaw is clearly the ace of this staff. Given any kind of support, his won/lost record would be far better than it is.

    On those stats above, I think hits, HR’s, K’s and BB’s should all have been per 9 innings. Kershaw’s ERA, Batting Average Against, and WHIP are a testament to his dominance. But don’t get me wrong, as I noted above, Greinke is no slouch.

    It’s hard for me to determine what Garza is worth. He’s pitched well, but also has that injury history. That tells me that I’d be reluctant to surrender an awful lot, especially for a rental. And even if he wasn’t a rental, how much confidence could I have that he would remain healthy going forward? And he’s not the only pitcher out there. And if the Dodgers think that one of their prospects is ready to step up into the rotation, then why not?

    I’m haven’t totally given up on League. After that HR he surrendered the other night, he settled down, and struck out two of the next three. For League, I think, it all depends on his splitter. When it sinks, he’s tough. When it hangs over the middle of the plate, he’s no better than a batting practice pitcher. If he can make the same adjustments he made at the end of last year, he could still have value in the 6th and 7th innings, and maybe even the 8th.

    We definitely need a bat, or two, or three. Chase Utley would be a nice addition, and I’m still wary of Uribe, so an upgrade at 3B also appeals to me. We have a lot of outfielders. Do we need another? Maybe, if Kemp and Crawford continue to be health problems. With all that said, the bottom line becomes the price in prospects.

    As regards Uribe, now might even be a good time to attempt to include him in a deal. Based on what he’s done this year, he may no longer be seen as worthless to other teams. Given that less than half the season remains, there’s not all that much left on his contract. In a package deal, he might help the Dodgers bring back something worthwhile.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “We can’t count on winning games 1-0 the rest of the way.”


  9. Pete M. says:

    The replys are going smoothly and I’m all in on most. Sometimes Mark’s topics resemble sabre rattling to get the bp up and replys flying. So here goes….No on Garza, somehow it seems to me it would retard the the possibilities of some of our young gun(?)SP’S in moving up.
    When has a MLB P with any senority ever accepted a trip to the minors with the intent of ‘working on his game’???
    I’m a huge M.Ellis fan and I must admit, age has caught up with him and the old bod cant take the grind of a 162 gm. season. Utley, being an old school type player/personality,would he be able to handle our loosey goosey team and it’s cast of characters…
    I havent given up on SVS. He’s a streak hitter with pop. That being said go ahead and see what Young will cost…

  10. Badger says:

    Bluenose – it will ALWAYS be about winning NOW. Might as well get used to that idea. That does not mean the new management won’t be developing, they’ve shown a commitment to that. But make no mistake, they are going for it this year.

    If trading Uribe brings us chips to use for an upgrade at third I am all for it. But for now I am ok with him. As long as he continues to perform at his contract year levels, he is fine as a #7 hitter. If we can get a #5 hitter for him, I’m all in on moving him. The thing is, an upgrade at second base is available now.

    Not sure what to do about League. But improvement in the pen is on the list.

    • Bluenose Dodger says:

      Badger – that has been the mistake of the past 25 years. Doing everything to win now and not look to become competitive annually with always the chance to win.

      What I am saying is that I am all for winning now but look to build at the same time for the years to come. if you think Chase Utley is a better acquisition that Kyle Seager, for instance, that is OK. I don’t as I expect Utley to (1) break down before the season is over and (2) be a rental as he is a free agent after the season. Seager has better stats than Utley, is approaching his prime and is a free agent in 2018.

      Will Utley be available? For sure as the Phillies can load up on young players and not have to deal with his free agency. Will Seager? For the right package – yes. A bigger package than an Utley package but for a better player who is 25 years of age, not 34.

      Bite the bullet on Brandon League. Lord knows the team knows how to bite bullets. Waive him. Have a look at Yimi Garcia from AA Chattanooga.

      • Badger says:

        Kyle Seager? When did he enter this conversation? Of course I would rather have him than Utley, but, let’s face it, he is not available. He is still arb eligible for a few more years. We must deal with what IS, not with what we wish were true.

        And I don’t necessarily disagree with your premise. I would like to see more of our own come up, but, I think what this ownership is aiming for is a Championship this year. And I am on board with that goal. Half this board, including it’s administrator, gave up on this team before June. The management has made it clear they want to win now. So… with that in mind, what would YOU do to get us to the finish line?

  11. Bball says:

    How about moving uribe to second then that package of prospects for Kyle seager instead of garza. If they did get garza what would the playoff rotation be. I can see problems with that cuz don’t we only need 3 starters in the playoffs. That’s hopeing we get there

  12. jerry says:

    now that we have some of the starters back on the bench..donnie never use,s a set line up..i think that is just stupid. he is back to be in donnie..hanley and puig saved donnie job.

    • Badger says:

      Kemp on the DL, Crawford, Puig, and Ellis banged up jerry. What can Donnie do?

      The big move now could be a stable veteran bat. A bat that won’t be injured any time soon. Garza makes outs the best staff in baseball. I would never turn that down.

      This off season the training staff needs a huge upgrade.

  13. Bobbie17 says:

    I think the team should stand pat. Keep Bellasario and League in positions where they can’t hurt much and rely on the other guys. I like the youth in the bullpen and would like to see more youth on the rest of the team. The energy cannot be duplicated by any free agent. Grienke missed a lot of time for one reason or another,and I think even his ST was cut short. He is tougher than I thought, and when he controls the slider and fastball, he is almost unhittable. Sometimes I think he is still learning how to pitch, which means that he still has an upside. I am concerned about the Puig situation–not just the injury, but pitchers starting to figure him out. If he plays all the time and finishes .290+ with 20 HRs and 70 rbi’s that would be great for his rookie season. Will that be enough to get to the Promised Land? We can’t count on Kemp to be productive when he comes back. Too many medical issues. The keys will be both Ellis’s and Uribe. Can they play the way they have? The others will do what we expect them to do. All in all, we are in good shape. Just refine what we have from within. Youth, youth, and more youth. Stay away from more expensive free agents. Does anyone favor getting a free agent just so our division opponents will not? That has some merit, I think, if the price is not too steep. The Giants are only 6.5 out. They are still the team to beat.

    • Kris says:

      Belly is coming around, his last few outings have been good. Hope League is starting to come around as well.

  14. Bobbie17 says:

    I just peaked at the schedule following the AllStar game. It is packed with quality opponents home and away. All non divisional. This will be an important 2 weeks. Aren’t they all?

  15. Pete M. says:

    Bobbie, I’m with you on the Gigantes… If the last two pitchers Rox threw at us stay healthy, their future is bright…Love M. Ellis, but age and his body are getting to him I’m afraid… With Seagar (LAD) at SS in the next couple years and HanRam at 3B it is time to fill the void at 2B… We will do something at by Trade deadline. I’m convinced.This team spends $$$ like a drunk sailor…(Now dont jump on that Navy guys, I was 6 years Naval Air)…

    • Quasimodo says:

      HanRam’s been on a mission and SS is part of it. I wouldn’t risk that For anything. I want Hanley to keep that smile he show coming to the plate. That smile tells me to relax. Too much at stake there.

  16. Pete M. says:

    P.S. From what I’ve seen the last couple weeks I see no problem with winning series… Our pitching and now situational hitting is off the chart.
    I hope that wasn’t a kiss of death???

  17. jerry says:

    badger ;i understand there are injury ..but just keep one line up..let them jell together..that was why we lost a lot of game before puig came..different line up every day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well jerry, I don’t know the difference between Punto, Schumaker and Hairston. Obviously I think we both want Uribe to just stay in there as he has been better than all those guys, but, I think part of the reason he has been successful is he ISN’T in there every day.

  18. Badger says:

    Drunken Marines are more likely to cause a ruckus Pete. I believe they are far more pissed off and dangerous.

    I am betting the Dodgers management is counting on both Crawford and Kemp being back for the second half. If they are fragile, alternate them. We still don’t know exactly who will be available as the deadline is still a few weeks off. But I think we all know the Dodgers are going for it. I really doubt Young will draw much interest from anyone else so he might be relatively cheap. I’d kick the tires on that one.

    Obviously we need Puig.

    This team will be constructed to win the West AND win a seven game series. I think right now our pitching is already good enough to win those series’, but first the division.

  19. Badger says:

    Impressive at bat by Pederson and scores the first run of the Futures Game.

    • Gionfriddo says:

      Agreed on Pederson. Down 0-2; lays of 2 tough looking sliders away & strokes a 96 mph heater into LF. If he’s the centerpiece of ANY deal it better bring back pieces that make us nearly unbeatable down the stretch &the in playoffs (only getting Cliff Lee & Utley can do that, imo)…

  20. Quasimodo says:

    I knew a marine that was very proud of that. Going untapped at the battlefield led him to the occupation of bank robber-25 years with some tacked on for attempted escapes. As Warren Zevon would say, “Well he’s just an excitable Boy”

  21. Badger says:

    Marines are highly trained at blowing shit up and amassing enormous body counts. It is without doubt the most stressful job available in our country. When those men release that stress, stand by. Some never can. And we are not a nation that deals with the issue.

    I wonder if Nolasco looks at this lineup and asks – wtf?

  22. Bball says:

    He’s probably saying. “This sure looks like a Miami marlins lineup card, I thought I traded up”

  23. Quasimodo says:

    A very close friend of mine (R.I.P. Jerry) loved fighting and living in a town that has a Marine base he was able to do something he loved often enough. Jerry was in Special Forces Army. All service branches have bad-asses.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, that’s true. Even the Air Force has it’s Special Force unit. But ALL Marines are combat first. And ALL Marines are freakin’ nuts.

  24. Quasimodo says:

    Guess I wouldn’t blame Nolasco’s probable concern that the lineup is missing a couple stars. But the timing is right to field today’s lineup for a good start fallowing the break. Also its fair test to see more of what he’s made of.

    • Badger says:

      What he better be made of is quality pitches at the right time for 7+. This is the JV team again, and I wouldn’t count on a ton of run support today.

      Now having said that, I do hope they prove me wrong.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Still people around here complaining about the Dodgers spending too much money, and the need to emphasize youth. Understand this, the Dodgers are doing BOTH. Some people see Puig as an example of youth. Well, he is young. But he’s a prime example of what $42 million can do. Without the money there is no Puig.

    And then there’s the recent deals that brought the Dodgers about $400,000 in international cap money. For the uninitiated, that probably doesn’t sound like a bunch of money. But in an international market where MLB places caps on what teams can spend, that’s a nice chunk of change for the Dodgers to use to sign YOUNG international free agents.

    After totally abandoning the international market under McCourt, the Dodgers have returned big time. And I believe they signed their first 12 draft picks from this year. This ownership is going to use money to fill present gaps, but is planning on using the farm system to be the chief supplier of talent in the years to come. But signing and developing young players takes time. So in the meantime, expect the Dodgers to pick up expensive contracts that other teams want to shed, and spend in free agency until the farm system begins to produce a steady flow of talent.

    And yes, they want to win NOW, and they want to win TOMORROW, and TOMORROW and TOMORROW, and so on.

    And if there’s a team to beat in the NL West, it’s most likely the D-Backs, NOT the midgets. But really, I don’t care about teams to beat. The Dodgers just need to take care of their own business.

    And hopefully Mr. Lincecum will ultimately feel the effects of throwing 148 pitches in his no hitter last night. He had a good night, but he’s just no longer the same pitcher he used to be. And if the midgets continue to allow him to throw 148 pitches they’re asking for trouble.

    • Dave says:

      And hopefully !!! brooklyn , so your aware many teams stayed away from timmy thinking he would not hold up to the ware and tear of pro ball , but the giants took a chance and it paid huge dividends, timmy also threw high counts in his college years would throw 120 plus pitches on fridays and close on sundays, giants are well aware of his unusual prowess but the bottom line he has and will always be known as the ‘FREAK’ for his heavy pitch count prowess thats who he is , unusual you bet, but thats timmy the freak and it will always be that way , but i hopefully wish him the best , im sorry you feel it should harm him !

  26. the truth hurts says:

    looks like we have our work cut out for us today.

    Rockies 1, Dodgers 0

  27. Kris says:

    We already have two Ellis’ – don’t need two Ramirez’

  28. Bball says:

    So with freeman out they are saying they might chose puig as his replacement. Lets hope he declines if that’s the case. I’m a fan of the all star game but I’m coming around to the fact that its s joke. Scutaro. Really. Ok obviously your just looking out for your own and you don’t care to win. I sure hate the giants and everything associated with them

  29. Watford Dodger says:

    Cannot see us scoring a run today.

    • Quasimodo says:

      I believe we’ll score some runs today. But also scouting reports likely say to throw the 1st pitch strike to All Dodgers other than Puig because they will not swing!

  30. jerry says:

    Anonymous yes i agree with you ..seem like when the other three are in the line ..we dont score..just like so far today.

  31. Badger says:

    That was me jerry. Got puter issues.

    Do you us scoring 4 W?

    Brewers beating up on Kennedy. Couldn’t find a more deserving punching bag. Not a day to play our hamburger squad, again, but, as long as we remain fragile, this is what we’ll get. How come its the first teamers going down? I could live with Punto on the DL, but no, it’s gotta be Kemp.

  32. Quasimodo says:

    Its really-really time for technology to step in against these umpires.

  33. Idaho al says:

    Anyone who thinks the Mariners are going to give up Kyle Seager is totally wrong. The Mariners like him and they are going to keep him, unless we give up 4 starter for him.

  34. Bball says:

    Well 500 at the break was a dream. It happened so we should all be great full for that. Healthy = World Series. Lets hope for that.

    • Badger says:

      Agree. We saw what this team is capable of when at (almost) full strength. If we can get everybody healthy – this team can win it all. One has to ask – is this medical team capable of getting, and keeping, these injured players on the field through October? I must admit, I have my doubts.

  35. jerry says:

    are medical team ask are injured player to sit down and half some tea.the only thing them ask them if they want sugar with there tea.

  36. AnewBlueDay says:

    Badger, not sure we will see “everyone” healthy this season. Kemp is probably cooked unto next seasons with the shoulder thing. And his legs have also been a problem.

    Crawford is just continually coming down with something.

    Was it 6 pitchers on the DL . . . far too many, several out for months yet.

    The pen has been better of late — but I saw a bit of Belly today, and he still does not know where the ball is going. No command, no control.

    And this quilt patch lineup that has: Schumaker, Punto, Ellis, Van Slyke, Hairston, then the pitcher’s slot, etc. just will not win many games.

    When we saw: Puig, AGon, Hanley, Ethier, and even Uribe; and sometimes Kemp — all lined up . . . that saw results — but not now.

  37. Gary Busey says:


  38. Watford Dodger says:

    2 runs in 3 matches says it all.

  39. Adrian says:

    the Dodgers needs offense. not the starting pitcher.

    • Badger says:

      The Dodgers need anything that will allow them to outscore the opposition. If Kemp, Crawford and Puig are all going to be dinged up the rest of the way, then the choice, right now anyway, is Young or Garza. That could change in the coming weeks. I doubt Lilly helps, and Capuano is a coin flip every time out, so, since the topic of this thread is Garza, I say – yeah sure, if we can’t get Utley, and we don’t trust Young, then let’s try to shut every team down with pitching the rest of the way. At least that is a plan. Beats waiting around for something to happen. As my old high school coach used to scream at us – “do SOMETHING, even if it’s wrong!!”

      And for the record, if Kemp goes down again after the 21st, I say bring up Pederson for center field. What the heck, it just might work.

  40. Corey says:

    I think we are better off with Pederson up and Ethier gone. Pederson is a much better outfielder, with speed and the ability to steal bases. Just not sure he will hit, although that hasn’t been a problem at any level for him so far. The catch is what to do with Ethier. Can we get someone to take him for at least a marginal prospect, if we eat a chunk of his salary?

  41. Watford Dodger says:

    I found that defeat last night particularly disappointing as we all knew yesterday that it was on the cards. Badger is right – this team cannot win with the reserves playing.

  42. Badger says:

    Can any team win with replacement players? To put out 4 of them in an 8 man lineup is just asking too much. One at a time is how it should be done. And we are getting to the point in the season that healthy rosters start resting their regulars. We may need to rest our replacement players.

    I wonder how much of Ethier’s contract would have to be absorbed to move him?

  43. Bobby says:

    Dodgers don’t need to make a trade. They just need to keep these fragile people healthy.

    Donnie’s biggest managerial task post break will be to manage guys in and out of the lineup continuously. No more set lineups. If our trainers can’t seem to force guys to stretch, then Donnie really does have to platoon 4-5 guys in the outfield, and platoon the Ellis/Shoemaker/Punto/Hairston/Uribe types at 2b and 3b. Granted, Uribe to me has solidified 3b.

    We also need to give Hanley minimum 1 day off a week, and do a 60/40 Ellis/FedX combo at catcher

    We can do this. We’re 2.5 out which is nothing, and our division blows.

  44. SpokaneBob says:

    At a time when we can’t seem to get even 3 of our 4 outfielders on the field at the same time, why would you want to trade Ethier? We need to add to the team, not subtract from it. Our deep pockets will go along way in that process. We don’t know who it may be, but I expect that we will do something in the next couple of weeks. Personally, I would like an upgrade to either 2nd or 3rd to lenthen our linen up. At any rate I am looking forward to whatever Ned can do.

    • Badger says:

      I think the plan suggested was to trade Ethier and bring up Pederson. Would that work? Who knows. At least Ethier stays in the lineup, one good reason NOT to trade him. Another is, if he is moved, in order to get anything reasonable back, much of his contract will likely have to be absorbed. The time to have traded Ethier was the off season. We dint do it then, I really doubt it will be done now. Not with so many outfielders showing signs of weak health, and the pressure it would put on Pederson to perform right away.

      I too look am looking for an upgrade at those two positions Bob. Who will be available between now and the 31st?

      Prolly gonna be quiet during the All Star break. We all know how important this “show” is for MLB, so, they won’t want any attention taken from it.

  45. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from MSTI on the Dodger prospects

  46. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I agree Spokane. And as much as we need offense, this team probably needs at least another starter. Bullpen has been better, but probably also needs some help. Otherwise, just gamble, and see what Dominguez and Withrow bring to the table with more exposure. Maybe there’s something else on the farm that will step up, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    Ethier has hit better than he did earlier, but where’s the power? I’d trade him if he can bring something back. Otherwise, maybe he can be moved in the offseason. Right now he doesn’t look like he’s got a long term future playing everyday in LA. In any case, if the Dodgers are to get anything worthwhile for him, they likely have to eat most of that contract. Or, perhaps if they accept less they’ll have to eat less. Maybe.

    Like Spokane says, “We don’t know who it may be, but I expect that we will do something in the next couple of weeks.”

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