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I’m sorry, Donnie…

I have called for you to walk the plank for a long time, but with a chance to pull to .500 tonight, this Dodger team has made me look like an idiot!  So, I’m sorry!

I still have some concerns, but boy, oh boy, you have shut me up, Donnie Ballgame!

There are still some concerns about Ned Colletti, but he is looking a lot better with Ricky Nolasco on the team.  I may have to apologize to him too.

What is real, is whether this team can stay healthy.  If they can, they are going to be a factor… a big factor!

I still have concerns about some of the big contracts to damaged good (Carl Crawford, et al) but that’s just me.

This is the biggest game of the year for the Dodgers, as they can pull to .500 after being 12 games below that threshold a couple of weeks ago.

Of course Puig and Ramirez have been getting all the ink, but let’s not forget that Andre Ethier is playing a serviceable CF while raising his BA to .272 and Adrian Gonzalez.  A-Gon is no longer one of the best first basemen in baseball, but he’s still very, very good and a great guy to have on the team.  James Loney is still hitting .316 with a .370 OB% but A-Gon is better (I want to know what happened to James – this is what I always thought he would be?).

Nalasco is an excellent #5 or even a #4.

Capuano and Lilly can’t both be on the roster.

Will the Dodgers really make a run at Garza?  You never know.

Here’s the only think to remember:  DO NOT TRADE ROSS STRIPLING!  EVER!

I wish I had time to post more, but for the past two months I have been acting as the General Contractor on my wife’s ice cream shop (now open). WYLIEPALOOZA

Now, I acting as the GC on our new venture into a neighborhood water store:  (site a long way from done)

We are tearing it up from the floor up.


…and my day job is running US Water… which is growing a a 38% clip this year.  Yikes!

Plus, I am MR. Mom lately, running my son to football practice, the orthodontist and all that stuff since my wife is tied to her new venture for a while.  Wyliepalooza is named after our grand daughter Wylie.


The construction at Timmons Water will be done this month with the Grand Opening August 1st, but Wyliepalooza is open and getting lots of publicity.  This came out today:

Very Cool!

Someday, I will be back to normal.

…. uh, what’s normal?


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32 Responses to “I’m sorry, Donnie…”

  1. Badger says:

    Perhaps the other non-believers will step forward?

    Ross Stripling pitched 4 years of Division I ball, right? That is supposed to be equivalent of A+ ball. He will be 24 in 4 months. I think maybe it’s time he had a call up to see if he can get Major League hitters out.

    That Filipino desert sounds great. I thought you were going to sell US Water and retire? Good luck with all of that.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    Retire? I have decided I will never retire. That’s for old people. I’m only 60. I’ve got at least 30 more good years.

    Just in case you think I am money motivated:

    We have had a Jamaican Father and Daughter who are homeless living with us for 75 days. We have given them health care, glasses, fixed their car and provided them with hope.

    My point is: we help a lot of people. If I retired how could I do that? It takes money!

    I am blessed!

    • Badger says:

      So… people who are retired are old, have nothing to offer and don’t have any good years left.

      Add that to the list of things we don’t agree on.

    • Badger says:

      al, do you think Mattingly had a problem with the Boston trade? I figure he didn’t, but I don’t know that. It would not surprise me if Donnie was more vocal now. After putting up with so many who wanted him gone I can see him voicing his opinion about players. I don’t blame him for not wanting starters in the pen as I wouldn’t either. If that’s what you HAVE to do then fine, do it. The Dodgers don’t have to do it. The heck with what Lilly wants, he starts and if he isn’t any good then lose him and swallow the contract. Not sure about Cappy, but the Dodgers will figure it out. Stripling could be ready. As was mentioned, he has had 4 years in college and 2 years in the minors. He’s no kid, give him a shot at the #5 spot.

  3. the truth hurts says:

    Mark, If the Dodgers win the world series this year….

    How about some free Wyliepalooza for the LADodgertalk brethern?

    I will come forward as a Donnie hater as well. I think a little young stallion saved his job. He motivated this bunch and gave Hanley a little added boost. Anyways, all is good now, so at the moment, I am sorry Donnie too. And how could I forget the optimism from Sir Badger….good job my friend.

    Still a long way to go but I agree, the Dbacks can hear the ground shaking beneath them and deep down I think they believe they are second best in the division. Let’s sweep tonight!

    Crawford sits, hopefully Ellis can get on base for us tonight.

  4. Idaho al says:

    I have been critical of Mattingly in the past. However, I have said that I think he had problems with the players Colletti gave him. Mattingly did not want Capuano and Lily in the bull pen to start the season. They are now going to be faced with the same problem. Colletti gave a 3 year contract to League after League had one good year. He gave Uribe a 3 year contract after he had one good year. Look at Jason Schmidt’s contract. Who was the fat outfielder he brought in and we are still paying. I really believe that the trade with Boston was not a good trade. I really have a problem with Colletti. When you put Uribe on the team for 2 years and he is useless, that is a problem. The same is now true with League. If you put Lily, Caupuano, and League in the bullpen, you got a problem on how to manage if you are Mattingly. Mattingly has already said he does not want Lily in the bull pen. Mattingly wanted Fed Ex as his back up catcher. Colletti went out a got Hernandez and sent Fed Ex down. I do not know this, but I think Mattingly is becoming more aggressive with Colletti in saying what he wants.

  5. Quasimodo says:

    And all is jovial!

  6. AnewBlueDay says:

    Puig seems stuck in something with all this attention. Boy, the crowd sure boos him in Arizona when his name is announced.

    Ryu does not look right tonight. this is when the Dodgers need him to step up.

    OH – have you seen the visualization of the All-Star vote . . .

  7. Rob says:

    I still will not apologize for Donnie’s mistakes. I thought Uribe was our third baseman but I guess he will platoon him heavily at third with Hairston and Punto. Uribe has been one of our clutch hitters on the team and he is sitting the pine for the second day in a row. I will apologize to Uribe who I have bashed for the past two years. Donnie is still the guy who left league as the closer for way to long.

  8. AnewBlueDay says:

    I do not like the way the vibes are going in this game.

    The Dodgers seem like they cannot get untracked. The D-Backs seem in charge.

    Puig has 2 Ks and looks overmatched.

    Ryu is not in control and seems to have lost control.

    Guys got to dig in.

  9. Maverick says:

    Winning cures everything. Glad you addressed this because you were WAY to hard on Donnie. Thank you.

  10. Badger says:

    Punto. Why not try a squeeze? Punto doesn’t have enough power for a sac fly.

    It’s early. Puig will get to Skaggs. So will Hanley.

  11. Badger says:

    This home plate ump sucks.

  12. Bball says:

    Choot choot

  13. Quasimodo says:

    yeah tell me that wasn’t low four ball four to walk in a run. Geez!

  14. Rob says:

    Badger, Punto should not even be playing at third. Those were big spots and maybe a safety squeeze would have worked. I can’t believe Skaggs pitched to Hanley with first base open, way to make them pay Hanley!

  15. Rob says:

    That ball was really low Quas.

    • Badger says:

      Yep. Sure changes that inning. Robo umps.

      I believe the Dodgers can score against this bullpen, so, a lot more game left. I’m pretty old though, might fall asleep here in my chair.

  16. Bball says:

    Ya baby. Now get the win

  17. Quasimodo says:

    It sure ain’t east getting to .500

  18. Quasimodo says:

    As good as swept. Homeward bound at .500 and 1.5 back!

  19. Rob says:

    Great win!!!

  20. Watford Dodger says:

    Bet some if you sleepy heads had a nice surprise when you woke up this morning and looked at last night’s result. Great win. Would not have won that 3 weeks ago. Fair play to Donnie – he managed it really well. Using Grieke to PH in the 10th. I think we had to win it in that inning or he might have had to use League as was the only one left in the pen.
    However I do wonder about Puig – hope he’s not carrying an injury as his power seems to be down as someone mentioned earlier. To me he hasn’t been the same since he ran into the infamous wall at Coors Field. Maybe it’s just a youngster dropping off the pace a bit – in need of a little break. Unfortunately Kemp is injured and Crawford needs some at bats so its hard for Donnie to rest him
    but on the up side the Allstar break maybe be coming at just the right time for Puig. Although The Rockies beat the Padres last night they are not playing great so we should be looking for at least 3 wins from this series and that will position us nicely as we head into the break.
    Also Agon & AJ really stepping up and Mark Ellis is hitting the ball better. If CC can get going then lots of the regulars look in good form.
    Unbelievable turnaround.

  21. T.O.Dave says:

    I not only stayed up for the entire game but still have not gone to sleep. Admittedly, I have a strange sleep pattern and no need to get up for work as I am off work and recovering from knee reconstructive surgery. As far as Puig, he is hitting .293 in July (9 games, 12 for 41). His other July stats are as follows: 4 extra base hits (3 doubles, 1 hr), 3 walks and 15 strikeouts. Someone else can fill in the number of base running blunders. Maybe the worst bit of info on Puig is that Jay-Z wants to represent him. Ugh…

    I’d still trade Puig and some farm hands (prospects/suspects including Stripling and Zack Lee) for Stanton. Maybe I’d wait to see what Stripling could do by promoting him ASAP into the 5th slot of the rotation as Badger called for in a post above, but if he was the final piece that the Marlins demanded to do the deal, I’d do it. Of course it won’t happen. Too much good has become of the Dodger season since the promotion of Puig. Beware of his expanding head, faux pas, and Jay-Z!

  22. Watford Dodger says:

    Totally agree with all the above Thousand Oaks. Would trade almost anything to get Stanton. Think Miami would be very interested as they are rebuilding and because of the Cuban connection. Think Puig could prove troublesome down the line. Seems very immature. Trout dealt with the attention better last year. However like you think there’s little chance of a deal getting done.

  23. Badger says:

    Puig hits a little bump in the road and we are ready to trade him?

    Yeah, I would probably make that trade too. Stanton is a Southern Cal guy, Puig would be a HUGE draw in Miami, it makes sense on a lot of levels.

    But would the Marlins do it? Not now. If you check Stanton’s contract status, you will see he is currently the most cost effective baseball player in the league, ranking around 555th in salary. He makes 537K and is arb eligible for the next three years. Which begs to ask…. why in the world would Miami trade him?

    And the answer might be, because some team out there just might give 3 other arb eligible Major League players, two of whom could be #2 starting pitchers for them, and the third might step in and be one of their best hitters.

    As was mentioned last night by the dbacks announcers, Miami has something going on right now and could possible want to move Stanton, but only for three guys who are Major League ready and I seriously doubt they do it until after the season is over.

    This winter? Well, depends on how Puig and Stripling finish. We need to know how valuable Stripling actually is. Getting AA guys out is one thing, but at age 24 you SHOULD be getting those guys out. Let’s let him throw one at home against the Rockies and check it out.

    For now, Puig has been the answer to Donnie’s prayers. He has lit this entire organization up. We all knew there would be slumps, even though this really isn’t one yet, he does now look vulnerable. Pitchers are figuring out how to make him swing at THEIR pitches. He doesn’t like to walk, but he is going to have to accept them, or accept striking out a lot. Somebody on this team will get through to him.

    I still want Utley.

    And you can bet the dbacks can’t wait for the break. They need some time to do a gut check.

    It’s coming together folks.

  24. Badger says:

    Oh, some reasons why the Dodgers would NOT want to do that trade.

    What Puig costs for the next few years:

    12:$2M, 13:$2M, 14:$2M, 15:$4.5M, 16:$5.5M, 17:$6.5M, 18:$7.5M

    This guy puts butts in seats and scares the hell out of opposing pitchers.

    Why don’t we look for upgrades at other positions.

  25. AnewBlueDay says:

    Thank goodness for A.J. Ellis. Since Puig has fallen flat on is back side at the plate. Swinging like a wild man — rather than putting the ball in play — Ellis has gotten several very important hits.

    Punto looked lost at the plate, but Donnie figures he needs some playing time.

    Saw Crawford hit the ball hard once last night. Good.

    The Dodger pen was breath taking. 9 innings of relief and not runs. And in those scoreless 9 innings – giving the D-Backs only 2 hits and 8 Ks. Withrow went 3 innings.

    In those 14 innings last night, Dodger hitters had only 6 Ks, but Puig had 3 of those. Either pitchers have his number right now (weakness or holes in his swing) or he has lost that focus he came up with.

    Great win — went Gibson thought he had won the game in the 9th with 2 out.

  26. Quasimodo says:

    Mattingly actually did a great job managing the bullpen last night. but it means Cappy will will have to throw a quality start tonight. Hopefully Dodgers bats will be alive as tough as it was on them last night. It was tough on me too…I feel like shit.

  27. jerry says: what got this team going in the right direction..and you guy talk about trading him..come on…get a life..

  28. Bill Russell says:

    I second that Jerry. We got the Puig factor ……


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