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Clayton Kershaw isn’t the pitcher he once was

… and that’s good.  He’s obviously pitching more to contact now.  He can still blow it by the hitters when he wants to, but for the most part he’s pitching deeper into games by using fewer pitches to record outs.

I see two things about this:

  1. It will obviously extend his career; and
  2. He will probably give up a few more hits, which means he is less likely to pitch a no-hitter.

I’ll take it if it prolongs his career.  He is striking out less than one an inning, but interestingly, his ERA now sits at 1.89 and his WHIP is 0.90.  He’s 8-5, but should easily have 12 or 13 wins if the bullpen wasn’t bullbleep!

Dodger Notes:

  • Good luck to Steve Ames – I think he will have a good career in middle relief.
  • Dodger starting pitchers are 4th in all of baseball in ERA (and Greinke’s ERA should drop a lot).  They are 15th in WHIP.  The bullpen however is 27th in ERA.  Ouch!
  • Dodger hitters are 11th in batting average but 21st in hitting with RISP.  Double Ouch!!
  • Dodgers fielders are last in the NL in fielding.  Triple Ouch!
  • Those last three things need to change and why do our Gold Glove 1B and CF have so many errors?
  • Ross Stripling came in and pitched 2 innings in relief (3 K’s , no walks) to get his first save.    His ERA is now 2.21.  I think they are just trying to limit his innings, but I think he can pitch right now in relief in LA.
  • Corey Seager went 2-3 with a double and 2 BB yesterday to bring his BA to .299 at Great Lakes.  His OB% is .373.  I think the 19 year-old is ready for AA.  He doesn’t need no stinkin’ Rancho!
  • AJ Ellis is a guy I like to see at the plate with the game on the line.
  • Let’s take 3 from the D-Bags, er’ Backs!



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62 Responses to “Clayton Kershaw isn’t the pitcher he once was”

  1. Matt says:


  2. Badger says:

    Dodgers overall pitching is middle of the road. It must get better.

    Dodgers hitters will show better numbers from July to the end.

    Steve Ames? Who cares.

    Dodgers defense? Sucks. Am sure the pitchers would all LOVE some upgrades. This bullpen could really use some better 7-9th inning defenders behind them.

    Kershaw is often matched against other teams #1 and that is why he doesn’t get much run support. Neither do teams opposing pitchers when Clayton is on the mound. 20 games? eh, maybe. Probably not, but he will keep is in most of them.

    Corey Seager? Maybe 2015.

    Puig an All Star? Maybe. I really don’t care. His head is already big enough.

    MadBum was the 10th overall pick. Zach Lee was allegedly a top 10 pick (paid like one) but fell to us because of the whole LSU thing. What does Bumgarner do? Wins World Series games at the same age Lee is now. Bumgarner is only 23 and has won 45 games. OK Lee, time to show us some of that Top 10 talent.

  3. Bobbie17 says:

    Kershaw has learned to win when he is not dominant. A great thing. I like his quiet demeanor. Class guy. It would be nice if the team were as good as he is–or even approaching it. Another big series tonight. Right now the D’backs are the team to beat. Big time rivalry in the making. No one likes the Dodgers–especially now that they have won some. Grienke has to be better, and they have to win game 1.

  4. Watford Dodger says:

    We are still 4.5 games back on the Diamomdbacks so the series starting tonight is massive. If they were to sweep us that would be 7.5. They have 14 of next 17 games at home – with 4 against The Brewers, 4 against The Cubs and 3 against The Padres. They should win all of those series comfortably. After this 3 game series we have a nice looking 4 game home stand with the Rockies. However the problems start after the Allstar break – 3 at The Nationals and 3 at Toronto then home for 4 with the Reds followed by 2 with the Yankees. I know baseball is not played on paper but there’s no doubting which schedule looks easier. Those fixtures take us into August and the final third of the season. On the upside there are loads if inter division games left but the conclusion must be that we cannot afford to lose this series because we could find ourselves a very long way back by August.

    On a different note I loved Ricky Nolasco’s Tweet as he boarded the plane out of Miami yesterday – saying how excited he was to be hooking up with his new teammates. Sounded very pleased with the move. Lets hope it works out.

    • Quasimodo says:

      You know he is(pleased)! You can be sure this move for him is truly a dream-come-true from his earliest boyhood dreams to now. Hope he’s able to make the best of it!

  5. Dodgerdog says:

    Time will tell if Nabisco is a cookie or just crumbs.

    “Steve Ames? Who cares.” I detect someone’s feelings got hurt. Seems inappropriate to take a shot at a poster by way of taking a shot at the guy’s kid, but maybe that’s just me. At any rate a childish move, I would hope for better behavior in here, but maybe that’s just me.

    I agree with Mark, Kershank got his redemption and has become a better and maturing picture with a winning pitchers approach to life in the MLB. Strike outs are an ego boost but winning is where it’s really at, hats off to Mr. Kershaw.

    Maybe we can have a much improved bully with the addition of Crapuano, although he doesn’t throw flames, his experience and only having to face the opposing batters once will reap benefits possibly.

  6. Dodgerdog says:

    Uhh let’s try “pitcher” instead of “picture”

  7. SpokaneBob says:

    2 out of 3 from the Dbacks and 3 out of 4 from the Rockies puts us at 500 by the break.

    Make it happen Blue!

  8. AnewBlueDay says:

    I have a picture in my mind of the Dodgers pitchers. And that picture is a good one. Clear and just right. Kershaw as a pitcher is sometimes on and sometimes off and that is not a good picture of him. Another picture I have of a pitcher is some what out of focus. That is Belly. And what a picture that is. One year he is here and another he cannot get out of his country. The picture on his passport and in the box of employment it says that he is a pitcher. But is this picture the right pitcher? I do not know. All I know is the picture I see on the TV when he plays is large belly of a pitcher.

  9. Badger says:

    “Steve Ames? Who cares.” I detect someone’s feelings got hurt. Seems inappropriate to take a shot at a poster by way of taking a shot at the guy’s kid, but maybe that’s just me. At any rate a childish move, I would hope for better behavior in here, but maybe that’s just me.

    I say again, Steve Ames….. who cares? He never pitched an inning with the Dodgers. They brought up damn near everybody else but him, so, why would I miss him or even give a crap?

    And maybe you forgot that Dave, probably after drinking a gallon of Tennessee white whiskey, told me to stick a knife in my gut and pull long and hard. You want to talk about better behavior in here, why not start with that? Dave? Good riddance. Take your boorish behavior to a Miami board.

  10. Watford Dodger says:

    People have short memories Badger – I knew where you were coming from.

  11. Badger says:

    People also have selective memories Watford.

    I see no reason to miss ANY of those pitchers. Of course I won’t miss Dave, for obvious reasons, but none of those pitchers had a future here. I have to give this one to Jed. We still have our organizations best arms and we improved our rotation. Plus we got enough to sign another young international player. Things are looking up!

  12. Glass Is Half Full says:

    dEasy on the “stinkin’ Rancho” comment Mark…some of us live in Rancho and it don’t stink!….LOL

  13. Badger says:

    Rancho for AAA! Get out of mile high Albu.

  14. Badger says:

    Kemp where he belongs – on the DL. Might as well leave him there for a while.

  15. T.O.Dave says:

    Yah, Dave was a strange one. I had to change my name because of him. I often wondered whether his posts were fueled by excessive alcohol use or just plain bad grammar…ain’t sure but found them amusin’ nonetheless(er).

    Have to agree that Puig’s head is expanding. Talented for sure but still raw. I’m still in the camp that we trade him for Stanton. He’ll, I’d throw in Zack Lee and Ross Strippling. Call me crazy, call me what you want. I’m betting that Giancarlo will have a more significant career than all three of those combined.

    BTW, I want mentally strong guys that are very skilled and want to play for the Dodgers not themselves. I think the latest Marlin turned Dodger (Nolasco) is just that. I think Hanley is, too. Took me a while to believe that about Hanley though I must confess. Puig may become that but why wait and chance it if we could get Stanton?

  16. Badger says:

    Interesting take Dave. I have always felt local guys have more of a sense of what it means to be a Dodger. I could be wrong about that, it’s just a gut feeling.

    I think Miami would do that deal. Not sure I would. Obviously Puig is playing way over his head but he has the tools to be very good for a long time. But then, so did Mondesi.

    • the truth hurts says:

      Badger, I think Dave was a fictitious poster trying to get your fired up.

  17. AnewBlueDay says:

    Mondesi was impressive. I saw him here in AA play a bunch of games; even met him and have several autographed pictures.

    BUT — his total game was not as explosive as Puig’s seems to be. I think Puig covers more ground than Mondesi did in the field. And, I think Puig is a leopard on the bases. Fast, daring, and in your face kind of runner. Explosive to say the least.

    Puig’s power is down of late I think. More of the singles and led doubles.

    Maybe tonight he will get it in gear again.

  18. AnewBlueDay says:

    I think Badger is right handed and a right brain type. Dave is probably (his) left hand and left brain type — has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time? See . . . same person . . .

  19. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t. I believe Dave is Steve Ames’ father. I don’t know what got him started on Badger and I told him he was in the wrong. I hope he took no offense. I appreciate what he had to offer as he had ties within the Dodgers. Also I’m not big on berating anybody. Especially when its not face to face. Steve Ames gave thanks to Dodgers and Dodgers fans and thus he has my best wishes as well. Dave was too constant to be an imposter.

    • the truth hurts says:

      “Dave” could not type a complete sentence. He was constant, but constantly making no sense. It was almost so bad that it would have to be an imposter. But I guess everyone on the internet is who they say they are.

  20. Rob says:

    Kemp needs to write this year off and get healthy, we have enough depth in the outfield to allow that to happen. When kemp is healthy he will be the MVP style player we saw the past couple of years. The Fife injury sucks but at least it happened after the trade and so close to the allstar break.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I wouldn’t be bothered by a Puig for Stanton deal. But I could understand why the Dodgers wouldn’t do it. Simply put, for the time being Stanton would be lot more expensive, and even the Dodgers aren’t in the business of throwing big dollars away, especially dollars that could be used to improve the team at other positions. Right now Puig looks like the real thing, and I suspect he will mature (most people do, eventually) and refine his game. Rookie mistakes are just that, rookie mistakes. Maybe his head is a little big, but not so big that I think he doesn’t take advice. Seems friendly, seems to get along with his teammates/manager/coaches. Hopefully I won’t look back and tell myself he wasn’t all that he SEEMED.

    Ames????? I really don’t care either. I’ve suspected for a long time that he wasn’t all that much, given his age and the level he was pitching at. But he did fine at ALBQ this year, so who knows. Maybe he’s one of those guys that doesn’t seem all that much, but sneaks up on you and has a good career. Only time will tell. In the meantime the Dodgers got a decent starter in Nolasco, and some all important international slot money.

    Kemp on the DL a good thing, especially if the Dodgers are able to parley that time with some extra time off for him due to the All-Star break. He needs to get completely healed. This back too early stuff is getting old. But with Fife going on the DL, that puts a hole back in the rotation, and, temporarily at least, deprives us of Capuano in the long-man role. Still having trouble getting this team completely healthy. Probably more moves in the Dodgers future.

    I’ll be happy if the Dodgers take 2 of 3 from the D-Backs, and I don’t care in what order. Lose the first, win the next two, win the first two and lose the last, win game 1, lose game 2, win game 3. All the same to me. Of course, a sweep would be nice. I believe this is an important series, but also don’t believe that if the Dodgers lose it, they’re dead. The season gets shorter and shorter as it goes along, but there is still plenty of time left, and perhaps all kinds of twists and turns.

  22. Badger says:

    Dave’s not here.

    Crawford’s swing just looks wrong.

    Brenly says Puig hitting nearly .800 when swinging at first pitch. Why would anyone throw him a strike?

  23. AnewBlueDay says:

    With Kemp out (again), I think Andre Ethier sees his career changing . . .

    He is now a very key player for the Dodgers. Center fielder, left fielder, and sometimes (now) right fielder.

    Assuming he can move his average up a bit, some power, but key hits as they present themselves to him . . . Andre is worth his weight in gold.

    He also sees that the Dodgers, indeed, have a future with this group. He would be silly to be traded to Seattle or Miami or KC or . . .

    He is smart and will take advantage of this silver linings play-book.

    Crawford will play if he can hit and field ok. SVS is there for relief or if Crawford gets hurt again.

  24. Dodgerdog says:

    Lay off Dave, jeez don’t act like a bunch of vultures circling over a corpse. You didn’t understand him, he was right on his takes, even though trouble expressing himself in basic English. Didn’t Badger give a poster hell and damnation for mocking Dave’s writing? (With the lashing Badger gave out for that, he has no room to talk now about Dave, sorry but that’s just the facts.) Now Dave is fair game? Give it and him a rest.

    As I said before, Kemp should shut it down for the year and get healthy. He did this same thing last year and never really got healthy. Shut him down, give him rehab, maybe and only maybe bring him back in Sept for a pennant run. It’s becoming an issue of his career to keep bringing him back as soon as possible. If you like Kemp and you want to see him produce for a long career, you would see the wisdom in what I am preaching.

  25. Ravensdale says:

    Dave is Steve Ames dad, dorks. He just does not know how to type, but he knows what is up. Politically correct? Not a chance! Dumb? Not that either!

  26. Badger says:

    You give it a rest dog. I wasn’t blasting him for his third grade writing skills. He went way over the line with me.

  27. Mark_Timmons says:

    I can tell you for a fact that Dave is Steve Ames’ dad. He doesn’t deserve ridicule.

    He’s just a guy… A guy who has two sons in the minors – his son Jeff is a very good prospect for the Rays. Not many of us have one son, let alone two sons poised to be in the majors. He must know how to do something right.

    For the record, I think we could use a guy like Steve Ames in our pen, but I am OK trading him for what we got.

    • Badger says:

      So Mark, you have no problem with him telling me to stick a knife in my gut and take my own life?

    • Dave says:

      And mark i respect that comment , you see mark your bill orielly and badger is chris mathews , mark is sincere and strong willed but backs his stuff with facts but has a stron heart , well mathews is clueless angry vitral spew a victim ! Sincerity always trumps the spew of insincerity ! thanks again mark i new thats the core of who you are and your wife married you for knowing that as one of your great assets ! keep em honest mark !

    • Dave says:

      Also mark, maybe your quote , seeing the invisible , and doing the impossible applys to some of these non believers of who and what i am , for mark theyve probably never built something with there own hands that will stand the test of time , let alone believe me they cant see me , and the way i present and say who i am is impossible cause they cant understand theyve never come close to understanding where i come from my boys are real and it is possible they got a shot at the bigs . the truth hurts !!!!!

  28. AnewBlueDay says:

    Hanley did not play “smart” baseball on that looping flyball to right field. He lopes down to first base . . . and then turned on the jets and was out.

    If he had zipped down — this is a very key game — and then turned the jets, he would have been safe at 2nd base. I hate hot doggers.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Really bad play by Hanley. What’s he doing looking over to third base? Just run out of the box as hard as you can. You never know what might happen. Actually, if everything turned out the same, Ethier’s grounder to 2B probably scores a run, given it would have been 2nd and 3rd, one out.

  30. Badger says:

    He knows it. Embarrassing.

    When Greinke pounds the strike zone he is really good. Hope he goes 8.

  31. Badger says:

    Parra is a drama queen. I’ve watched all year.

  32. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, you are my friend so may I say that you’re kinda painting a picture that just isn’t there by asking a question you surely know the answer to. You know Mark is a good guy. PEACE FRIENDS.

  33. Badger says:

    He never said a word about that Quas. I have seen him jump all over idiots for years. Why does he allow crap like that. And why does he allow OD to come in here as Mark’s Weenie? As board admin you gotta put your foot down on that nonsense. That’s my opinion anyway. And I have known Mark for years. We have always been able to speak ours minds to each other.

    Crawford looks lost.

  34. Quasimodo says:

    Knock on wood, but so far Grienke’s a puzzle that D-Backs can’t seem to piece together. Good game!

  35. Gonzo says:

    At the game and loving it. This was dodgers territory before it was dbacks. Zach isn’t on his A game but he’s showing grittiness. Got to talk to a couple scouts that said Nolasco should put LA over the top to win the west. Said also that they probably weren’t done in the trade market as they would try to get stronger in the bullpen.

  36. Badger says:

    In about 130 at bats Puig has 5 walks. Why would anyone throw him a strike?

    Crawford looks drugged.

    This is a good team. They look like they are having fun.

    Rosenthal on the broadcast here and had the balls to tell Brenly the Dodgers are the team to beat. BB wasn’t happy about that.

  37. Rob says:

    Great game for greinke even though the ump didn’t give him the outside pitch.

  38. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    To me Crawford just looks out of sync at the plate. Maybe it’s just a timing issue, and he’ll suddenly put it together. If he stays healthy, I think it’s only matter of time before he starts to hit.

  39. Rob says:

    I love seeing Eithiers average going up. It’s at .269 which should end up in the mid .280′s by August.

  40. Quasimodo says:

    Just maybe we’ll return to Dodger Stadium at .500 and 1.5 back. Winning 13 of 16′s been great. 19 of 22????hmmm

  41. jerry says:

    crawford has done noting since he has been back up..time to play svs.some time i dont think they have men hurt fifh ..they just put them on the make room for someone else.that last game he lost was 4 – 2 it wasnt that bad..

  42. Dave says:

    Badger P’s and Q’s but obviously who cares, only what his opinion stands with himself , keep diggin badge china comes soon enough but when your 6 under who cares ! arrogance always looses to sincerity ! Greatest attribute my folks instilled in me , try it some time . but then again you dont really give a damn !

  43. Dave says:

    Your a victim again badge poor boy cant take a little constructive critcism you act like a arrogant spoiled brat , i said do us a favor stick it in and pull , poor guy badge you crumbled with words, respect is earned i called ya on it ! obviously to late for you its your and only your life . But respect for all in your realm doesnt exist its the badge world to you but then again who cares ! My parents always warned me of the likes of you ! Gods peace badger ! Gods peace !

  44. Watford Dodger says:

    Been celebrating the trade I think.

  45. Dave says:

    Truth , it would really hurt if you only new who i really am . As mark says i have 2 boys that play pro ball and all you have is your opinion on this blog , you dont have a flippin clue about this game ! Let alone why id be on hear not many understand of what i really see and hear about this game from my perspective, thought it might be a good outlet to talk ! Mark understands , maybe you could try to understand ! my content and understanding of whats really at stake for these kids playing this game is real ! whether its proper who cares its a flippin blog get over it bunch a damn cry babies , step up give some content and stop whining !

  46. Dave says:

    badger your a joke to yourself and you dont even understand that ! Gods peace badger ! Gods peace ! you better start respecting his presence in this world cause judgement days comin ! sooner than ya know ! arrogant souls are not good badger !

  47. Rob says:

    Haha, midgets lose to the Mets in 16 innings. Crawford had the game losing error which was really bad. The midgets are the team now with no clutch hitting!

  48. Dave says:

    And badger is looking down on the peasants again, you are a piece of work badger !

  49. Dave says:

    A line doesnt even exist in your way of thinking badger , i crossed a line , to make you aware of the consistent lines you cross with arrogance and everyone sees it now and im crossing the line again to call you on it hello badger get it !

  50. Dave says:

    Badger did your mom ever teach you respect ? seriously !!!!!!! or maybe you being the victim its the us armed forces fault the way you are ! just try a little respect for ounce in your life !!! i just cant believe more dont call you out on your crap !

  51. Dave says:

    see badger you haft to ask that ? to mark but mark has patience with your stuff it all adds to the stew , but marks a real conservative with values , that tolerates spew because its his job and this is fun for him but its your salvation of existence in your self perceived world , i on the other hand call a spade a spade for what it is and its value , and im not the moderator its all good but you can find positives if you want to like mark does or i can check in now and then and add alittle more flavor to the stew to tone down your viral spew !

  52. Watford Dodger says:

    I’ll have one of what Dave’s drinking please.

  53. Badger says:

    Put the bottle down and check yourself into rehab Dave. You obviously need some help.

  54. Dave says:

    Badger i dont drink but obviously you do , or maybe some of those pink pills , what a piece of work !


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