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Carlos Marmol-aid and Lyin’ Braun

  • What a great game last night!  This team is hitting on all 25 cylinders.
  • Even Brandon League appears to offer hope.  That would be outstanding if he could return to form.  That’s the same as adding a reliever.
  • I wish the Dodgers would just hurry up and call up Steven Ames…  What?  Oh!  I didn’t get the memo.  OK, call up anyone not named Marmol.  He is toast, which is appropriate because Marmolade goes well with toast.
  • Ryan Braun has changed his name to Lyin’ Braun, as in Lyin’ Piece of Human Excrement.  He has done the same thing Lance Armstrong did – ran over others to propound his lies.   I know it opens a whole can of worms, but he should lose his MVP and if a team wins the series with a cheater, they should have to forfeit the title…. either that, or make steroids legal.
  • Joc Pederson has been in a massive slump, dropping to .283.
  • Soon to be former Dodger Dee Gordon who played 2B last night, is hitting .297 at AAA, but then again, Justin Sellers in hitting .325!  Just say no to Albuquerque!
  • There is not yet a deal for the SS from Cuba, Guerrero.  Beware of blogs breaking news.  Yes, the Dodgers are interested.  No, he has not yet signed.  That’s all!
  • Possible Candidate for the Rotation:  Jonathan Sanchez, who pitched 6 strong innings at AAA and struck out 10, while allowing 3 hits. I’d give him a try…  Don’t forget, he once pitched a no-no!
  • Aramis Ramirez will come off the DL before the end of the month (most likely).  With Lyin’ Braun gone, the Brewers would probably like to unload his $20+ million obligation.  The Dodgers could probably get him for a mid-level prospect if they took on salary.  He could be the bridge to Corey Seager, but his age scares me.



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  1. Corey says:

    Mark, living here in Wisconsin, I’ve seen my share of Brewer’s games. Ramirez is slowing down. If the prospect is a lower tier player and is more of a salary dump, I’m still for it. He is still a very good glove at 3rd and he is clutch. Seems to come up with the big hits when they’re really needed.

  2. Badger says:

    That’s a lot of cabbage for a 110 OPS+ and a negative dWAR. Yeah, an improvement I suppose, but I would not give up any good prospects for him. I doubt any other team is going to offer much.

    Albuquerque needs to be lost. There is just no evaluating talent perspective coming out of that stop. Move the AAA team to Rancho where the night air is similar to Dodger Stadium. Just do it.

    So anyone believe MLB will set a precedent by stripping Braun? No? Me either. If they don’t strip Bonds, then anything else they might do is just lip service. To tell you the truth, I am surprised they are moving forward with this investigation. The other one they did was just an embarrassment for everybody with no accountability imposed on those that obviously lied. MLB – “You violated policy!!” Players – “So f’n what?”

    Is Kemp on the DL yet?

    If you want to see Pederson come out of his slump, send him to Albuquerque.

    Did you read Miami’s stance on Stanton? If they are expecting a return like Matt Harvey, we got very little of they would want. Oh wait… maybe Puig AND a top prospect. Just say Schmiami to those guys.

    So what is going on with Guerrero? Last night as late as around 9 pm there was report on the Fox dback broadcast that the deal was done. Oh wait….. Fox. Nevermind.

    I still don’t get the Marmol move. He wasn’t blowing anyone away in the minors. To bring him up now seemed like a begonia move to me. Who down there in the pen is our two to four inning guy? Most teams have one.

    Sanchez? Sure. Why not? He’s been there before.

  3. Watford Dodger says:

    Had a great night on Monday – took my son to see Giants get their butts whipped by the Reds (11 zip). Just visiting SF for a few days with the family. AT&T is a great stadium but the atmosphere is nothing compared to Dodger Stadium. Our fans are much more passionate even when things are going bad. Anyway – forget SF this season – they are done! They are playing like we were two months ago. Timmy was awful. Still you would be if you had thrown 148 pitches last time out (in the no hitter). It’s us & the D’backs all the way now.
    However The Reds really impressed me. Power all the way through the order. We need to be careful with them this weekend – they are hot and here to win.
    On a differen note I would rather Fife was added to the rotation ASAP instead of Cappy. Nothing against him – just never sure what his gonna give you from game to game.

  4. Pete M. says:

    Can Milwaukee take Braun to court over some breach of contract scenario???
    Just say no Ramirez…
    Thank God the stoning of Bison has subsided and now the DL again… Someone already utterd this, but we need a healthy Kemp to do this thing…
    I love the Rancho idea, but what does the PCL say or teams involved???

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Is Zach Lee ready to be called up? Probably not. I never liked Sanchez when he was with the Giants, so I probably don’t like him now, unless something has changed. And the fact that he pitched a no-hitter doesn’t impress me. Didn’t that guy Lincecum do that recently, only to be bombed his next time out. But that’s not surprising. I believe that I mentioned after the no-hitter that those 148 pitches were probably going to come back and bite him. I know it was a no-hitter, but I still can’t understand how the Giants could let him throw that many pitches in a game given his recent history.

    Remember, Marmol was brought up when Dominguez went on the DL. If he doesn’t pitch well, I’m guessing the experiment will continue again in the minors before long. The Dodgers probably don’t have anyone they think is ready to come up at this time, so Marmol was probably the logical choice. And they probably wanted to see if they could catch lightning in a bottle. There probably is still some long term hope that he’ll find himself, but it’s probably something that will have to wait until spring training.

    The non-waiver trade deadline is next week, and there may be stuff in the works. Maybe one more start for Capuano at Dodger Stadium, maybe not.

    I’m not advocating a trade of Puig for Stanton, simply because I think Puig is going to be a monster in the long run. But I also wouldn’t cry if it happened. Stanton probably needs to get out of Miami, and, I believe, his under-performance this year is due in large part to injury. I don’t know enough to be definitive, but I’m also confident that his long term prospects are good.

    If memory serves, I believe that Mark mentioned yesterday that he didn’t think that Puig would hit for big time power (I’m not looking back Mark, so correct me if my memory is faulty). I don’t agree with that. Puig has big time power, and once he begins to get more selective at the plate, and begins to square up more pitches, I think we’ll see a lot more balls going out of the park. I can see him easily hitting 30-40 HRs per year once he gets his act together (assuming that he does get his act together).

  6. Bobby says:

    I don’t think we need Aramis. Uribe is doing very well this year, and even if he doesn’t hit, he still plays and excellent 3b and is a great teammate. 3b really is the least of our worries.

    If we don’t make a move by next week, I still think we go for one of those waiver wire deals with a big salary guy like we did last Aug.

    Last night’s win was amazing; the total attitude of the team has changed. Whatever the reason is, we all used to blame Donnie when we sucked, so now we need to give Donnie the credit for the surge.

    Cant wait until 4:07pm today!

  7. Davey Lopes says:

    “Last night’s win was amazing; the total attitude of the team has changed. Whatever the reason is, we all used to blame Donnie when we sucked, so now we need to give Donnie the credit for the surge.”

    Let’s see how do I answer this nicely, HELL NO! It took a AA phenom to get the team’s collective head out of it’s collective ass. Donnie is an by-stander watching the parade go by, both in the losses and the wins. I’m afraid it will become very apparent come playoff time, Donnie will be undressed by the other manager when game time decisions are required.

    • Quasimodo says:

      I’m going to give Mattingly credit for his lineups. I think they’ve always been near as perfect as could be asked. His bullpen management is a different story though. Seems Mattingly is getting ‘on the job training’ with the pen and is improving. Last night’s misstep is one I hope we won’t have to revisit. Can’t expect that kind of rescue to be a regular thing. Its not possible to be a ‘by-stander manager’.

  8. Gionfriddo says:

    The Marmol experiment is not going to end well. If, in fact Dominguez has a strained quad, then the next arm up should have been Yimi Garcia. He has pinpoint control (6 to 1 K/BB) & a good slider.
    If (BIG if) Aramis Ramirez’s left knee is ok then he’s huge improvement @ 3B offensively. The guy has SIX 100 RBI years on his resume & is a clutch hitter. I say no to Lee or Stripling in such a deal but would go Reed & Gould.

  9. Davey Lopes says:

    Actually it is totally possible, I’ve played for some. Fill out the line-up card and by=stand as the game goes along. Mattingly is a perfect case in point, you said so yourself with examples you cited just from last nights game, been going on all season in fact.

  10. AnewBlueDay says:

    Making Rancho the AAA Dodger club — probably takes some work.

    It shows 5,500 seats. And I believe AAA has to be at least 10,000 seats.

    Either they wave that, or enlarge the stadium, or build a new one.

    But 5,500 will not cut it.

  11. AnewBlueDay says:

    If this Dodger train keep going and stays on track –

    Donnie, Manager of the Year

    Ned, GM of the Year

    Kershaw, Cy Young

    Hanley, MVP

    Rookie of the Year, Puig

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Don’t think it’s as simple as the Dodgers deciding that Rancho should be the AAA team. Not exactly sure how it works, but I believe that big league teams have working agreements with their minor league affiliates. They don’t own them outright. And how would Rancho become a AAA team? They’d have to be in a AAA league, and I don’t think that happens just because they want it to. There are only two AAA leagues (International and Pacific Coast). The Dodgers would have to come to an agreement with one of the teams which has an expiring affiliation. And if they wanted to stay out of the PCL, it would have to be with a team in the International League. Here they are:

  13. Badger says:

    I don’t care what takes to get it done – just do it. The only team that should have a mile high affiliate is a mile high team. Having AAA players there does the parent club at sea level NO good. Dump it!

    Kemp to the DL. Saw that one coming. Case closed.

  14. Bobby says:

    Hopefully the vets let Puig know that his BS right there is not going to happen again.

    Im sure they will.

  15. Bball says:

    Standing and watching a hit off the wall. Doesn’t bother me much but I guess it does others

  16. Bobby says:

    He hit a shot (finally) and stood watching it as if he hit it 450 feet.

    The ball hit the bottom of the wall; wasn’t close enough to a HR to stand and admire.

    I’m sure part of it was a “finally i hit the damn ball hard!!” mentality when he swung, but still, it wasnt a no doubt about it shot where u know its gone.

  17. Badger says:

    Did he make it a double?

    Team WRISP so far – 1 for 12.


  18. AnewBlueDay says:

    Too many runners left on base tonight by the Dodgers.

  19. Michael says:

    I love Paco

  20. Badger says:

    1 for 14 WRISP and we are still in this thing. Amazing.

  21. AnewBlueDay says:

    Seems like a wasted game so far. Play like this and the season is over.

    Pack up the bags. Be sellers. Bring up the kids . . . is that what we usually say about this time for the past 25 years????

  22. AnewBlueDay says:

    8th inning. Dodgers have 11 hits, of which 3 are doubles == and only 2 runs.

    Blue Jays have 5 hits, 1 a double, === and 3 runs.

    Nolasco had one of those quality starts. More than 5 innings, only 2 hits and 2 runs. But not good enough.

    Belly, no outs, gave up the go ahead run.

    Can the guys pull this one out.

    I say yes.

  23. AnewBlueDay says:

    Just noticed tonight, for the first time in the major leagues . . .

    White line markers on the grass advertising ACURA. That is tacky.

    If they do not stop that — owners will have ads all over the foul grounds driving us crazy.

  24. Quasimodo says:

    I shouldn’t be having to stick up for M.Ellis anymore.

  25. Bobby says:


    I can’t say anything else.

  26. AnewBlueDay says:

    Now, who was for dumping Ethier, Mr. Softy, in a trade about two weeks ago???

  27. Idaho al says:

    What a come back. Down to our last out and Either gets a single. He had a great series. Everybody is playing well. Even League. I hope he gets his confidence back. I was wrong about Matt. He did go on the DL.

  28. Quasimodo says:

    Amazing! This game didn’t start till the 9th inning!

  29. Davey Lopes says:

    Don’t look now but the Dodgers aren’t missing Kemp. You sure you want to believe they HAVE to have Kemp in order to win it all?

    What a job of managing! (Snicker)

  30. Quasimodo says:

    These Dodgers are just cruel!

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This is a good team without Kemp, and it’s a lot better with him. I don’t expect him to be at his best until at least next year. From what I can see from Agon and Hanley, full recovery from this shoulder surgery doesn’t happen until the second season back. But if Kemp can give us what Hanley gave us in the second half last year, this lineup becomes a lot more dangerous, and pitchers don’t get a breather anywhere in the lineup. Kemp makes everyone around him better, and everyone around Kemp makes him better.

  32. Badger says:

    The outfielders went like 10 for 21 tonight WITHOUT Kemp!

    They got going on now. Can they keep it going? Every season has peaks and valleys. Love the peaks. I still believe this is the best team in the Division. In the league? Maybe.

  33. Badger says:

    Reptilian rodent eaters lost to the hapless Cubs. We now play a good team and they play the Cubs again.

    Methinks the West is in shock.

    One of the more satisfying elements of the events of the last month is the midgets are now where we were. How’s it feel gnat fans?

  34. Quasimodo says:

    Giants no longer have any fans, Badger. The monster died.

  35. Davey Lopes says:

    I trade a shitty season for winning 2 out of 3 WS, however. Giants’ fans may be frowning on the outside but they are still grinning ear to ear on the inside. The short-sighted view is always the wrong view.

  36. Badger says:

    The short sided view is looking back. I don’t concern myself with what’s in the rear view mirror. Yeah, they did it then, but that was THEN. This now. And NOW things have been turned around in LA.

    Looking forward…..

    I am confident.

  37. Davey Lopes says:

    So what you’re saying is, no matter what, 2 for 3 Championships isn’t a good trade off for having an off-season. Yous crazy!

  38. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Davey you’d be right (partially, that is) if the Dodgers still have McRoach as their owner. But this team now has an ownership with a short and long term view. In the short term they’ve spent a lot of money to make the team a contender now, and have invested big time in re-building the teams’ player development infrastructure for the long term. The Dodgers now have a far more talented team on the field than the Giants, and the promise of a farm system that will out produce the Giants farm system for years to come. In fact, I’ve been reading lately, that on the whole the Giants farm system is sorely lacking in talent. They may have a player here or there that will make an impact (maybe Crick), but for the most part that’s not the case.

    And if you think Kemp’s injuries are a problem, just imagine what would happen to the Giants if Buster Posey went down like he did in 2011. I hope the Giants enjoy their two championships, because I don’t see them contending for one for quite some time. In fact, if Kemp hadn’t gotten hurt last year, the Dodgers would have won the division, and we’d be talking about the one fluke championship the Giants had in 2010.

    Like Badger, I’m concerned with the road in front of me, not so much with what’s in the rear view mirror, that will ultimately fade from view. Looking in the rear view mirror is important when you’re driving, not in baseball.

    Like Badger says,

    “Looking forward…..

    I am confident.”

  39. Badger says:

    Amen brother Brooklyn!!

  40. Davey Lopes says:

    Wow, you guys really need to reread what I posted, didn’t even approach the issues that you guys have jumped on. REally amazing how things get totally misread and misinterpreted.

    Let’s say we just move on to another subject. WOW!!!!

    • Badger says:

      I read it.

      There isn’t a gint fan anywhere grinning ear to ear now. They dont want to finish anywhere but on top. Its about THIS year. As for trading two championships for one shitty year, exactly how do we do that? Sure,all of us would take two of the next three championships with a down year following it. If that’s what you mean then I’m all in.

  41. the truth hurts says:

    Whatever guys. Im the only one on this board that predicted 23 out of 28, 6 wins in a row and 10 straight road wins.

    Get a grip.

  42. Bball says:

    I can’t believe it. They dfa Lilly. It sure seems like the organization and fans are seeing eye to eye these days. Great time to be a dodger fan. Not so great for Lilly

  43. Michael says:

    Things just keep getting better all the time. Lilly DFAd! Yippee

  44. Quasimodo says:

    Just how many trips has Herrera made up these past few years? Seems like 10 trips at least.

  45. Rob says:

    Finally cutting the dead weight!

  46. Bball says:

    I know this is dumb but I gotta say I absolutely love Vin Scully. I sure hope my son Vin ( 1 year old ) is old enough to recognize His voice before he retires. Lets hope for at least 5 more years.

  47. Badger says:

    Unexpected but welcomed.

    Don’t recall that prediction truth but I am not surprised by the teams success. I too have been expecting it.

    Talking with a gint friend and suggested his team move Lincecum to the Braves. He said no matter how bad he becomes he would rather him retire a midget. Ok. Losing pitcher ERA around 5 – keep him as long as you like.

    Herrera huh? Sure. But do we really need him with Puntellismaker already here?

  48. Michael says:

    Love Vin too. Been listening since 1862 with my Dad on the radio[B4 the internet days, youngsters}.
    Missed the pregame but he must be totally ga-ga’ I know I AM.

  49. Michael says:

    Oops 1962 that is

  50. pgunn says:

    Lilly felt entitled to his spot on the rotation and roster and got too comfortable. But he stunk when he pitched for the Dodgers, he stunk when he pitched in the minors and he stunk pitching in sim games.(Remember, Kemp lit him up for TWO HRs)

    Meanwhile, a Ned alert:Carlos Zambrano has been released by the Phillies.

  51. Michael says:

    Ex-Dodgers seem to be able to extract revenge[ et. al. Jason Werth, Cody Ross, EXavier Paul!???

  52. AnewBlueDay says:

    Add Roberto Clemente . . . and others

  53. Watford Dodger says:

    I’m backing The Truth. He definitely predicted this run. I didn’t. I thought he was trying to be upbeat but I was wrong.
    Saw the Reds spank SF on Monday – they are good. Beware.

  54. Badger says:

    I’ll back truth too. And Brooklyn. And Roger. And Gonzo. And me of course. I have been countering the negative chatter in here for months.

    dbacks looking better tonight. Cubs suck.

    The Reds ARE good. The Dodgers are better.

    • the truth hurts says:

      Ya Badger, I can’t wait for our turn with the Cubbies, except that Lake guy, he looks legit?

      Our schedule is pretty rough, NY/St. Louis/Tampa..hope for the best.

  55. the truth hurts says:

    Thanks Watford, at least someone is listening to me. You are right about the Reds, they aren’t too shabby. Badger, you just must have forgot.

    If anyone else hits that single other than Puig, the score is 2-0 after Ellis hits into a double play. Only Puig scores that run for us…

    I have been a depressed dodger bum since the summer of 2008 when Manny and his roids went ballistic, but I will tell you what, I am not depressed anymore. I REALLY want Kemp back in this lineup….the reason as Badger mentioned which I agree with, he looks bigger and returning to form.

  56. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Truth, I’ll agree on 2 out of 3 in that trio of “NY/St. Louis/Tampa”. The Yankees are a mess. But, in a two game series anything can happen. And yes, the Red are good, and yes, the Dodgers are better. We play the Cards and Rays in August, AFTER the July 31st trade deadline. Maybe by then we will have picked up a piece or two, or three. Maybe even Kemp will be back, and hopefully producing. But looking at the next couple of months, I’m expecting that the Dodgers, even after tonight’s loss (the Dodgers won’t win EVERY game) will widen their lead significantly over the D-Backs, i.e., of course, IF they remain healthy.

  57. Pete M. says:

    Ditto on Vinny Michael…
    What an invention, the transistor radio…
    Getting busted by my Mom lstening under the covers when I should have been asleep (wow, God knows I could have been doing worse things there)…
    First it was the L.A. Angel PCL games…Angel Annie and Steve Bilko mashing…
    Then the miracle happened for this kid…The Los Angeles Dodgers and a young red haired announcer named Vin…

  58. Badger says:

    I don’t go back to the PCL. I moved to the LA area the same year the Dodgers did. I had a light green Admiral table top and my mother let me listen every night in the summer. Great memories – west Canoga Park, crickets outside my window Vin and Jerry on the radio.

    We’re getting old.


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