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Bullpen Problems? Nope! Puig Arrogant? Maybe!

  • .500 smells good, but until you are the lead dog, the scenery never changes.  Keep charging!
  • The Dodgers are 15-3 in their last 18 games.  Now is the time to reel off about 10 in a row.  Bury the Rocks.
  • 9 Shutout Innings by the Bullpen.  The Dodgers don’t have any stinking bullpen problems.  Winning breeds confidence.  Confidence breeds more confidence and more confidence breeds more winning.  It’s a vicious cycle… and a good one to be in.
  • Some people think Yasiel Puig is arrogant… and he may be, but I think it depends upon your point of view.  He is pushing that line, which may be what makes him great, but he needs to be careful.  Only Yasiel can stop Yasiel.
  • Stop the Stanton for Puig rumors.  I don’t think any GM would give up Puig in that deal.  Stanton is a guy who has a lot of power and who will probably be a career .265 hitter.  Puig is  a 5-tool guy who stands to hit .300+.  No way I make that dope-fiend move.
  • Carl Crawford looks pretty awful right about now.
  • A-Gon is rock solid!
  • I just found out that for our anniversary (July 19), my wife is flying us to DC next weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday to see the Dodgers play the Nats.  I have an awesome wife!


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55 Responses to “Bullpen Problems? Nope! Puig Arrogant? Maybe!”

  1. SpokaneBob says:

    Puig is only going to get better. No way I would trade him.

    Hope Cappy can bounce back and give us a good game tonight.

  2. Badger says:

    Dope fiend move?

    You know, when Stanton was Puig’s age, he hit 37 home runs and led the NL in slg. %. And by the way, Stanton was Puig’s age LAST YEAR!

    There are a lot of GM’s that would at least DISCUSS that move. Stanton is from Southern California, Puig would ignite the Cuban community in Miami. We can’t even talk about trades without being accused of being dope addicts? You say you are “still young”, but sometimes you talk like a cantankerous old curmudgeon. Where you from… Mississippi? Maybe so much work is stressing you out. Sell that business for 3 million, retire, do some volunteer work, make ice cream sundaes at your wife’s place and travel the summer with your son going to every baseball park in Umerca. You need to chill out.

    More on why that move, on the surface, makes perfect sense. Puig is certainly affordable by Miami standards. With the fact they are eventually going to lose Stanton, and the market for him could possibly go down, they may accept less from us for that reason alone. Puig for Stanton straight up. Would you make that move?

    I have known for some time that there are a plethora of good arms in our bullpen. They have just been under performing for some reason. Maybe they, like others on this team, have turned the corner.

    Crawford does look awful. But, I think he is too talented to keep this up. He will get back to his early season form soon. And I am surprised we haven’t heard the “fat” argument being raised lately.

    First place by the All Star break? Wouldn’t surprise me. I knew this was coming, but remember I was giving us til the deadline to make determinations. We don’t look like sellers now do we.

  3. Quasimodo says:

    15 of 18 is more than any of us would of believed back while we stuck in the bummer of a single 3 game streak. It took that 15 of 18 just to reach .500 so who could blame us for being disheartened 3 weeks ago? There’s not a chance that Dodgers would consider trading Puig at this moment for ANY 3 players. It doesn’t matter whatever how juicy anybody’s make-believe deal would appear or even how much sense it’d make. Puig is a Dodger and will be beyond this season. The organization is quite happy with their quests internationally paying off and so is Dodgers fan-base. Trading Puig would be like Boston selling Babe Ruth. These owners won’t be so silly.

  4. Pete M. says:

    Retire when you’re ready!!! I retired at 57 not because of the people I worked with (still go to reirement mtg.’s monthly) but because I didn’t like the grind and the clock… I’m no Donald trump, but I got enough… Thank God for a decent insurance plan and good health…
    .500… How sweet that sounds….
    I don’t have a good feeling about Yasiel… In the cluhouse??? The outside??? I just don’t know…

  5. Pete M. says:

    Puig…..Ruth, whom I feel is the best ever to put on a uniform…Really Quas???
    Cap gimme 6+ plez or we may have to see if Yasiel can pitch…

  6. Bobby says:

    I think Chris Withrow was one of the heroes last night. The guy came in and pitched 3 great innings of relief until we could score.

    Overall, we do have some really nice arms in the pen: Withrow, Dominguez, Paco, Jansen. Next year we’ll have Tolleson back as well. Nice job of developing these guys by our minor league system.

    As said above, or in the last post, we need Cappy to pitch a good one tonight and give the pen a rest.

    Puig must be a star; media is now finding things to pick on him. Let’s see how all the hate plus the struggles affect the kid, and how he snaps out of it.

    Giancarlo Stanton is a pure stud, and regardless of whether we’d trade Puig for him, I would NOT also throw in Lee and Stripling and others. That’s a 1 for 1 deal. If Miami doesn’t want it, sucks to be them.

  7. Mark_Timmons says:

    I still think it\’s a dope-fiend move. Dope-fiends want instant gratification and this might be that, but I still say Puig\’s ceiling is too high.

    • Quasimodo says:

      I’ve got a little dope fiend in my heart. I think I’d happily revisit my past for a taste of instant gratification the way I feel this morning. Okay, said in poor taste but…..

  8. Badger says:

    Good stuff in here so far.

    Pete, good on ya my man. I retired at 60 because I could. Time is more valuable than money, and it took years of chasing my tail to realize that. Mark’s not there yet, but I suspect he will be one day.

    “I think Chris Withrow was one of the heroes last night.”

    Excellent point Bobby.

    Puig is a sensation now. But we shall see how it all plays out when he goes through struggles. Hopefully he is mature enough to recognize how much he is pissing off other ML players. It isn’t supposed to be this easy and players have to pay their dues yada yada yada. To think he would continue to hit .400 is crazy. If he ends up at .300 it will be a fantastic year. What I would like to see is adjustments made to how he is being pitched. Don’t swing at pitches out of the strike zone. There is no need to. Yeah, you can maybe hit them, but the idea is ALWAYS to get on base. If they are going to give it to you – f’n take it! He appears to be really hard on himself and gets angry when he walks. He gave the pitcher the stink eye when it happened twice the other night.

    I don’t trade Puig now either. He is putting butts in the seats and for the time being IS the Dodger lynch pin. Who knows where this will be by the end of the year. This winter, Puig for Stanton may make more sense. For the time being, he is ours and we are all happy about that.

  9. the truth hurts says:

    Mark, I am flying home for the DC series….will be at all 3, let’s grab a beer!

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    The negative PR on Puig and the Dodgers response to it over time may have a negative effect on him, which will show up in his performance. That is part of being a star, especially on a team hated by most. Hopefully, he comes out of it on the other side in one piece and still be able to perform. I saw him in ST, and heard him speak his Cuban lingo, and it did not have the sound of humble to me. That is who he is. If he changes, will his performance? It has happened to others in his position. The great ones learn to cope AND perform. For me, he has ignited the whole team, and right now, that is all I care about.

    • Quasimodo says:

      Very true. K.M. yesterday at ‘Intentional Talk’ brought up the subject of the needs for one without the dirt in his cleats to show respect and not rub any inside the big picture the wrong way. Kevin made the point of Barry Bonds being a great player with few friends. Puig is in Rome and needs to have a good relation with the Romans. Otherwise he might find hatred polluting parts of his future story. That would be a shame.

    • Kris says:

      Humble is overrated. Reggie Jackson was the antithesis of humble – but 14× All-Star, 5× World Series champion, jersey retired by Oakland AND the Yankees, and 1st ballot Hall of Fame will excuse IMHO a lot of arrogance. Yas can be as arrogant as Reggie if he has the chops to support it.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t trade Puig for Stanton straightup either. He will settle down and become a superstar. He will pack the house and bring excitement to the park. All Stanton has over Puig is more power right now and that may even change. I remember watching Stanton during the beginning of this year when he was slumping and being glad we didn’t sell the farm for him. Just give Puig another season to become more seasoned. Exciting finish last night. With Cap on the hill tonight and everyone exhausted from last night don’t expect much today. Prove me wrong Blue…………….

  12. Badger says:

    Stanton, at age 22, in 501 at bats, had a 5.5 WAR. That’s in a Pujols league. Remains to be see where Puig ends up. The talk of trading him for an Albert Pujols type bat is interesting, and we can have that discussion, but I would like to hang on to our own budding Super Stars. Puig is the talk of all of baseball. That is a marketing force the Dodgers will not screw around with. This coming off season? Who can predict what will happen then? Puig might make ROY or he might fall off the charts. In the mean time, for the rest of this season, he is going to put b.i.s. everywhere he goes and THAT is leverage for OUR team.

  13. Badger says:

    If you haven’t read Evan Bladh’s piece over at Think Blue today you should.

  14. Quasimodo says:

    I find it difficult to see why Dodgers would skate around a more sound approach to bring Kemp back healthy rather than risking more damage an unhealthy Kemp would likely suffer along with less success in his play. There may be some method to that madness. Its just beyond me.

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    Truth Hurts,

    Love to… if I can stand the truth. ;)

    If you don’t have my cell number, e-mail me and I’ll give it to you.

  16. Mark_Timmons says:

    Now you know the truth. Evan nailed it!

  17. Mark_Timmons says:

    On retirement:

    When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. That\’s where I am right now.

    I\’m having fun. I see people younger than me who retire and just go downhill, because they have no purpose.

    I\’ll probably never retire…

    • Badger says:

      You learn a lot about a man by what he does when he has nothing to do. I worked ALL of my life. Most people do. You are indeed blessed Mark.

      Maybe Kemp should take 60 days.

  18. DRomo says:

    I agree about Puig. I think he needs a reality check. As much as I hate to say it.

    He is very good, but he needs to grow up and respect the game a little more. Throwing the tantrum on the fied after he missed the ball the other night. That was ridiculous. The running through stop signs or even some of the throws from the outfield that aren’t needed. He is going to get hurt or hurt someone.

    What bothers me the most is the stories that he doesn’t listen to coaches or other players. He refused to talk to the media then I heard Juan Uribe took him aside and told him just to let the writers know he doesn’t want to talk and they will leave you alone. To that Puig blew up and didn’t like Uribe telling him what to do. That is a problem.

    So in the short term I enjoy his play, but I get the feeling we are looking at Raul MOndesi/Jose Guillen part 2 in about a year. The kid is going to get himself in trouble…….soon. Mark my words.

  19. DRomo says:

    by the way, I was glad he wasn’t picked as an all-star. I didn’t “Vote Puig” either. He is too important to the Dodgers to let him go.

    I am honestly scared he will make a fool of himself or do something stupid in NY.

  20. Watford Dodger says:

    Spot on Dromo – that’s why I’d trade him in an instant for Stanton.
    He is gonna cause unrest as he is so immature. At the moment the other players are putting up with it because we are winning – they won’t when we cool off and he keeps embarrassing us.

  21. jerry says:

    now it trade puig…it was trade either….if i was a dodger owner i sure wont listen to any of you..some of you must be drinking to much of marks water..but have to say puig is a little cocky.if he keep it up ..they will be throwing at hime pretty soon..

  22. Badger says:

    Puig’s ego is the size of Montana. That’s a good thing on some levels. You have to believe in yourself or you will not succeed here. He is rich, he is good looking, he is both enormously popular and immensely talented. Will this ballon ever come down? Yes, of course it will. But Gibson had it right – when his talent and maturity come together he will be even more fun to watch and more valuable.

    We are making a lot of assumptions here. This kid is the son of two educated people and is very smart himself. I think as time goes on he will figure it out.

    This game has a way of humbling most. Eventually even Babe Ruth was eventually grounded.

    I didn’t vote either. Screw the All Star game. I really don’t care about it anymore. This is a team game and my team is the Dodgers. I would rather none of them go and they make the playoffs then have a bunch of them go and they stay home in October again.

  23. Badger says:

    Edit please

  24. Bill Russell says:

    I agree Badger. The main reasons I don’t trade Puig for Stanton is the upside for Puig is greater and at a cheaper price. Puig can steal bases, hit for power, play better defence and hit for a higher average. Does he have an ego? Yes but that will be taken care of over the course of the next year. Stanton is a stud, but he isn’t as well rounded as Puig will be.

  25. Bill Russell says:

    I voted for Puig as an Allstar but I agree that it’s better that he didn’t make the team. He is better then a truck load of REDBULL for this team right now. Truthfully speaking, I never liked Hanley before he became a Dodger. Now I can’t wait to see him hit every night.

  26. the truth hurts says:

    I can’t wait for Capuano to throw a no hitter tonight

  27. Idaho al says:

    Mark, you are doing a great job. I did retire at 57. That was too early. I should of worked until 65. If you enjoy what you do, keep working. Just enjoy some time with your family and your wife.

    I did not watch the end last night. I went to bed after the 9th. I am glad to see the pen do a great job. I think moving Capuano to the pen would be fine. However, Lily in the pen is not a good move. I am glad we did not have to use League last night.

  28. Quasimodo says:

    You’d likely still be able to get amazing odds on a wager. lolz

  29. Davey Lopes says:

    Puig is a good kid, an extraordinary talent. With what he has done to ignite this team, why shouldn’t he be in the All-Star Game? He’s a star every park he shows up at, just listen to the boos at enemy parks if you need evidence of his affect on the team and on his opponents. Yeah, the kid should be there.

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    For me, trading Puig for Stanton is neither a “dope fiend move” nor is it a “no brainer”, from either side. I believe Stanton was hurt earlier this year, and that last years .290/.361/.608 (.969 OPS) with 37 HR was more representative of what he’ll be. And because he’s only 23 I expect that he might get better. But Puig might also get better. If I had my druthers, I’d like to have BOTH of them in our outfield. And, I think, coming to LA would contribute a great deal to Stanton’s game.

    If it’s fat anyone wants, don’t look to Crawford, look to the Panda in SF. He’s actually starting to look like a Panda. If he keeps it up, he’ll eat himself out of baseball.

    I’ll trust that what we’re seeing from Puig is more youthful enthusiasm than arrogance. But really, only time will tell. I suspect that we will see him gradually mature, but probably not all at once.

    Actually, last night I was encouraged by Crawford. Seemed as if he was hitting the ball harder, but just at people. I would give him some time to get his timing back before I started jumping to conclusions.

    Dominguez, and especially Withrow were encouraging last night. No doubt that they both have the arms. It’s simply a matter of whether or not they will develop consistency and command of their offspeed stuff. I’m encouraged, just not convinced. Let’s see if they do it over time.

  31. Badger says:

    Having them both would take some creative GM’n. It’s likely Stanton will be traded in
    the next two years and when he is made available top 10 prospects will be required. We currently have none.

  32. AnewBlueDay says:

    Looks like Cap. got the message. There are other starters on this team that want to pitch and are stepping it up . . . so . . . he figures if he wants to play some baseball the rest of the season — he better step it up.

  33. Bill Russell says:

    Trivia Question.
    How many strikeouts can a pitcher get in 1/2 inning without giving up a run?

  34. Idaho al says:

    Capuano is pitching a great game. We need it. The bull pen needs a rest this evening.

  35. Quasimodo says:

    Is this the 1st time a game above .500 besides opening day?

  36. Rob says:

    Another great win! Good job by Donnie taking Puig out and giving him a rest. He needs to sit a bit to keep his ego in check.

  37. AnewBlueDay says:

    That pitch that League through for a home run ———– was right over the middle of the plate, saying, hit me high and deep and far.

    CarGo is really some player.

  38. AnewBlueDay says:

    Looking at the visualization map from MLB on the vote —- I might be jumping to some conclusions . . . but

    The Braves TV network reaches across the country and especially across the deep South — look at that spread in the South: 6 states almost all Freeman; except for one tiny place in north Alabama, and one in the bottom left corner.

    Also much for Freeman in the central part of the country and the rocky mountains area. All of this is somewhat of a hold over from the national political voting. Bring in the Brave’s guy, the American (white) guy.

    Pence was all S.F. area, understood.

    Gonzalez had very little.

    Desmond was really just his team area.

    Puig was mostly south west, south Florida and New England. Also some in the rust belt and here in there in the west.

    But in the end — it was the Deep South that put Freeman in.

    Watch Freeman’s hits on Quick Pitch this morning. The guy is a hitter. Have to give him that — and much more so than Puig has been the past week or more.

  39. DRomo says:

    Puig needs to rest. He needs to chill out and recover from his wall collision.

    Freeman is Ryan Klesko part 2. I am not a big fan but more power to him.

    The earlier conversations here suggested trading Puig for Stanton or who ever. I don’t think thats really an option nor do I think it’s a good idea. Puig just needs to be taken aside and talked to. His immaturity is going to bite him in the ass someday. That is my only knock on him. Little things liek the bat flips on a single, the wasted at bats when he is angry from his last AB, the temper tantrums in the outfield…That is the stuff I hate. He is exciting but I wish he would clean it up a little. Because someday he will slump. They all do. When he does this child like behavior won’t be so cute anymore.
    Good win last night. Glad to see League get some action at least to save Jansen a nights work. CarGo hit an absolute BOMB!! But after that League looked pretty good against quality hitters. I hope he figures it out. He would or could make a good 7th 8th inning guy when we need it.

    Peace fellas. Happy Friday

  40. Badger says:

    The deep south has a lot of influence in a lot of matters Roger. Scary ain’t it. It’s my feeling that Puig will eventually fly past Freeman as far as production and interest is concerned. Freeman is a nice player, but, Puig is a rare talent.

    League has command issues. His good pitches have a lot of downward movement. His bad pitches are the ones the he throws over the middle of the plate and they don’t break. Those have “hit me” written all over them. I wonder why that happens. As long as it does, he cannot be counted on in tight games.

    Dbacks beat a weak Brewer team. Anyone interested in Rickie Weeks? eh, me neither. Another player that peaked at 27, but he is capable of a home run now and then. Ellis is fine as long as he gets nights off several days a month. Sure would like to see an every day second baseman on this team. And an every day third baseman. A closer. Some of our prospects breaking the top 20. I got a list………

  41. Davey Lopes says:

    Racism? Really? Voters in the South hate Latinos? Wow, not in here, please not in here.

    • Badger says:

      Voters in the south? Hate anyone of color?

      Of course not. Nobody in here would dare say anything like that Davey!

  42. Bball says:

    On puig and his behavior. He’s Latin that’s the way he was brought up to play. Every Dominican, Cuban etc. etc. has flare. If you watched the WBC you saw that. To be honest I loved it, it kept the game exciting. Then you watch the US and they have a been there done that mentality. Kinda boring if you ask me. I will admit a bat flip on a single is a bit excessive but if you hit a bomb and want to admire it I have no problem with that. On another note my first prediction looks like it will be granted by being 500 at the break. Hopefully my second prediction comes to pass and were in first. It’s sure fun watching this team right now. Go blue

  43. AnewBlueDay says:

    Last night, when Puig got the infield single . . . ball hit slowly to the left side –

    As he was running, he looked at the play and saw that they bobbled the ball — YET HE KEPT RUNNING HARD AND AS HE REACH 1ST BASE — HE LUNGED FOR THE BAG — he did not have to do that — there was no throw to 1st. That was a wasted thrust to the bag and might have caused a problem for his back, legs, etc.

    Some of those kinds of super charged efforts could be modified by him with some coaching.

    Face it — this guy is going to have accept coaching, who does he think he is: Ruth, Mickey, Duke, Joe, Lou . . . well, yes we and he does.

    • Badger says:

      He has heart and passion. Some of the things he does piss off the old conservatives in the game. Traditions and all that. He will settle down. The vets will get through to him.


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