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Ned’s Way Takes Him to the Highway

While watching the game last night, it became very clear to me that Ned’s way is not the way the Dodgers should be headed.  Ned’s way is trading or signing experienced, aging, over-the-hill players on the North side of thirty and thinking they will somehow get better.  Instead, they under-perform and repeatedly end up on the DL.

Last night’s game included the high-flying Puig (yeah, he needs seasoning), Scott Van Slyke and Fed-EX (I can’t spell Federowicz) – all rookies.  On the DL for the Dodgers are Capuano, Beckett  and Crawford – all over 30′s.  On the team are Gonzo, Uribe, Schumaker, Punto, Hernandez, Ellis and Hairston, whose combined ages are 700!

It occurred to me that Ned always liked the vets over the kids and that blocks the growth of the rookies every year.  Who wanted Hernandez over Fed-Ex?  Ned!  The Dodgers have Castellanos at AAA who is hitting like SVS, but Ned sticks with Cruz.

Here’s the down and dirty of it – NED has to go!  Period!  The sooner the better.

If Puig had broken with the team, would they have any more wins?  I think so.  He has resurrected this bunch and excitement is high again.  “A little child will lead them.” He’s not going to hit .600, but he might hit .280 or above.  He will bring it every night and he will make some mistakes.  Sure it’s early, but who was the last player you saw with this kind of talent?  It’s rare, and talent like this has to play.

At the end of Spring Training, only an idiot would not have had him on the team.  The idiot running the Dodgers didn’t!

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  1. the truth hurts says:

    Would we have more wins?

    Great point Mark.

    THIS (Puig) is something special.

    We should have had him up a long time ago.

    This kid might take over LA.

    This is exciting!

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    Absolutely spot on – its not hindsight as most of us said it at the time.
    He was mashing the ST pitching – same guys who pitch in the majors.
    It’s not just the power it’s the energy that he is bringing and aggressiveness.
    Look at the smiles on the other player’s faces – suddenly they are enjoying it!
    Slumping players down & form players up. Collateral tries to make us believe that this was always his masterplan – give him time etc – rubbish. He was ready April 1.

  3. Rob says:

    I gave Donnie a lot of fault in the losses but it is quickly becoming clear that Ned has set Donnie up for failure. It’s a sign of insanity when you keep doing the same thing over and over again with failure. I hope Cruz gets suspended from Texas so they will trade for eithier.

  4. Watford Dodger says:

    Why do we always seem to play teams that are hot? Just played the hot Angels & Cards next up The Braves & Diamondbacks & Rockies!
    If we can start beating our own division then we may still have a chance.
    Is it just me wishing Puig wouldn’t run so fast – just waiting for the hand to grab the back of his leg…..

  5. Badger says:

    Where would Puig have played? On the bench, and that is not a wise move for a young player. He needed to play every day, and the only place to do that was in the minors.

    But your point about Jed and his propensity for aging vets is indeed spot on. He often bids against himself and in general overpays everybody. The smart move is always to mix experience with youth. But not like he does.

    You want to look at the correct model, go no further than St. Louis. Those guys are in it every year, and they do with a relatively modest payroll. (11th in MLB)

  6. Badger says:

    Attendance 37,500

    Again, disappointing. Come on people. Get out to see this kid.

  7. Pete M. says:

    W.D. – Really??? ” He was mashing the ST pitching – same guys who pitch in the majors.” Really…
    I’m a So-Cal resident who is lucky to get to Camelback about 4 to 6 gms. a year and yes this year I was extremely happy to see The Cuban Missile, but using your recipe, Brian Barden should have been starting at 3B. I saw countless A & AA pitchers I would have gladly gotten into the box against…
    Puig has exceeded expectations. Lets hope he can know when to get a limo driver and always remember, Nothing Good Happens after Closing Time…

  8. Mark Sweeney says:

    Well, I was called crazy for wanting to dump Ned mid-season, while dumping Donnie. Funny how things come around. Cut and Paste people, it would make it much easier, lol.

    I mentioned a total lack of excitement had landed upon this team, now take a look, Puig has the whole dugout up and watching, cheering and high-fiving his every move. Then look up in the stands, same thing, excitement is contagious and it produces winning.

    With all that said, Donnie will most likely bench Puig and SVS tonight, they are too hot and need to sit down. Ned and Donnie are probably booking the airline tickets for Puig to be sent down in the next week, he needs more seasoning in the minors and learn the Dodger way, stupid kid thinking he could play at this level.

    I will repeat, Ned and Donnie must go if this team is going to go anywhere. Let’s just say they rally and make the playoffs, do you really want Donnie pulling the strings during a playoff run? I didn’t think so.

  9. Pete M. says:

    Badger – Seeing him and Han Ram tommorow night… Soon, KimChi every 5 days and Ropa Vieja daily…

    • Badger says:

      ATTA BOY Pete! If I was still down there, I would join you! In fact, I wouldn’t miss a game this series.

      “At the end of Spring Training, only an idiot would not have had him on the team. The idiot running the Dodgers didn’t!”

      20/20 hindsight Mark. You had All Stars at every outfield position. Who were you going to bench to play Puig? Nobody can say they KNEW those guys would break down (Kemp) and come out of the box mediocre (Ethier). The correct baseball move was to send Puig down for seasoning. It’s working now.

      But let’s not go crazy. There is yet a book on Puig. You can bet that ML pitchers will be talking about this guy. And if they can’t get him out, with this lineup don’t be surprised if they pitch around him.

      105 left – 1 at a time.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Welcome to the get rid of Ned cheer, Mark. We have been saying that around here for months now.

    I am just surprised that ownership does not see it and do something about it. I know it is hard to bring someone from outside the org. to learn it over night, with some 200 minor leaguers and all — upcoming draft — bringing more people and thus having to let others go. But this is an emergency.

    Oh, Andre should watch Puig’s approach to the plate and maybe learn something. He sees to me a free swinger, in zones. Andre swings like a swinging door. Both are nice, but the door sure seems closed.

  11. Quasimodo says:

    We did talk about Puig as 4th outfielder and how he’d get plenty of play and rotating with Kemp, Crawford and Ethier. We made very valid points how beneficial it may have played. Turns out it was insight and not hindsight. Hell, I thought we came to an agreement on how much sense it made. There was an issue of Dodgers contract control on Puig that holding him through April 18 in the minors would give an extra year’s control. I really thought he’d be on the 25 roster by April 20th or at least by May 1st. That extra year’s control was the only reason I saw as valid Puig not staring opening day.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah we did Quas. But I think we decided that with Crawford, Kemp and Ethier playing everyday Puig would only get a few at bats a week. At least, that’s how I remember it. Maybe I only remember what I was thinking. A young player like him needs 4 at bats every single day. He got them at AA. There is no way he gets them in Los Angeles to start the year. We decided he goes to AA until mid summer when resting the regulars is needed.

      Am I the only one that sees it that way?

      The Dodgers decided NOT to move Ethier. Instead, they decided to give him 85 milllyun dollars. That means HE is the right fielder on this club. You don’t pay a guy that much money then bring up a 23 year old with only 82 A league at bats and put him on the bench. That kid needs to play EVERY DAY.

  12. Bobby says:

    Actually I am going tonight. Puig and Kersh (and likely Ramon Hernandez batting 4th); how can you beat it!!

    If any of you kids are going, I’d love to get a drink with u!!

    • Bobby says:

      Especially you Mark; i told you before, thanks for the blog; we all really appreciate i, so I’d beers on me when you’re at Chavez!!

  13. Badger says:

    “Guggenheim appears to be concerned about potential embarrassment from public disclosure of Frank McCourt’s ongoing involvement with the team.”

    really? ya think?

    From Shaikin over there ——————–>,0,3147686.story

    It is so difficult to kill a cockroach.

  14. Watford Dodger says:

    27 games against NL West before All Star Game.

  15. jerry says:

    mark i like this post..i agree with everthing you said..we have a bunch of has beens..and need to start the younger guy..last yr when we was winning we had a few new guy on this team..and was wining.and we play small ball..but the second half they brought all the veteran back ..and we lost.

  16. Bobbie17 says:

    Finally a reason to park the $. Even make-believe injury is ok. Let the young guys play. It’s too bad that the young pitching is so-so. If we can get Magill going with some early runs, he has a shot. Puig can get us those early runs, so bring on the youth. With PEDs on the run, baseball is becoming a young man’s game again. The over 30 crowd has its days numbered. That’s ok by me.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    After 2 games, the Dodgers are alive . . . here is a future story:

    Dateline: Los Angeles, CA – 2034

    Puig Called to the Baseball Hall of Fame –

    The Baseball Hall of Fame election totals are in and Yasiel Puig received a 99 percentile vote total. Only five years after his retirement from the game Puig was voted into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot entry.

    He broke into the major league on June 3, 2013 in Los Angeles and right off the bat he was destined for greatness.

    In his first month, back in 2013, he was selected three times as player of the week and then player of the month. He was selected to the 2013 All Star team that year and 14 of his 16 years in the majors. In fact, he led that 2013 Dodger team from last place in their division to the division championship, then the National League championship, and finally to the World Series crown.

    Puig rewrote the record books in many ways . . .

    In all, he made over $500,000,000 playing baseball in the United States.

    He will be inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. the weekend of July 29-30, 2034.

  18. Mark Sweeney says:

    With everyone seemingly now on the “youth bandwagon”, I go back to my other point that I have been making. We need a young manager to take over. I like what the Rockies did, they went brought in a new young manager, without a huge managerial resume, White Wuss (Walt Weiss, for the impaired in here). White Wuss was a good choice for them, not a old proven has been manager but some fresh blood. That is exactly the direction the Dodgers need to go and will be the subject of Mark’s blog in about 3 to 4 weeks, lol.

    Out with old, in with the new! Guggenhumperdink be bold, wash out the old blood (front office and manager) now as you bring in the new blood (Puig and company). You went big in acquiring the club, you went big with a huge trade with Boston, now go big again and flush it clean now, get a new fresh start.

  19. Badger says:

    “I like what the Rockies did, they went brought in a new young manager, without a huge managerial resume” sweenie

    ummm… at the risk of stating the obvious… that is exactly what the Dodgers did.

    Weiss was 49 when he was hired as manager. Mattingly, I believe, had just turned 50 when the Dodgers hired him.

    You could be right about the front office being … outdated. Colletti needs to hit the refresh button, but, finding a qualified manager under the age of 50 could be a problem. Who you got in mind?

  20. Jae says:

    Jody Reed

  21. Jason says:

    Will Kershaw buzz the tower on Carlos Quentin tonight?

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    When I watched Quentin last night — I got angry. His charging the mound, and then hurting a player — that needed surgery, with a plate and all — and that player, a Dodger pitcher, just might never be the same.

    One thing for sure, he lost a number of starts and then has not really been what he could, since — those could have been several Dodger wins.

    Quentin should have received a greater suspension than he did. That incident hurt the Dodgers much more than San Diego. Period.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    cut & paste:

    Here’s the list of players who are connected to Biogenesis based on those records, according to ESPN:
    Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees
    Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers
    Nelson Cruz, Texas Rangers
    Jhonny Peralta, Detroit Tigers
    Everth Cabrera, San Diego Padres
    Francisco Cervelli, New York Yankees
    Melky Cabrera, Toronto Blue Jays
    Bartolo Colon, Oakland A’s
    Yasmani Grandal, San Diego Padries
    Gio Gonzalez, Washington Nationals (ESPN reports that Gonzalez only received legal substances, however)
    Jesus Montero, Seattle Mariners
    Cesar Puello, New York Mets
    Fernando Martinez, Houston Astros
    Fautino de los Santos, free agent
    Jordan Norberto, free agent

  24. HawkeyeDodger says:

    For those of us who saw the BlitzPuig in person at spring training knew that he was a man amongst boys. I get why he didn’t start the season on the 25 man roster, but he should have been called up 3 weeks ago. This team would have at least five more wins.

    I for one don’t want what Ned’s style is other than they don’t let kids play when they are ready. It happened to Ethier, Loney, and Kemp when Ned hung onto L.Gonzalez, Nomar, and others too long. For every good move he makes, he matches it with a bad move.

    There has been a real disconnect with Donnie and Ned about the roster this year. I.e, Gregg, Puig, FedEx. We’ve seen a combination of mismanaging games, injuries, and the wrong 25 guys on the roster.

  25. Mark Sweeney says:

    I still have to ask the question, if the Dodgers make the playoffs do you really think Mattingly can hold his own against the opposing manager? His moves and lack of preparedness in games seems to be a major problem with him. I don’t know how many times he has been caught with no pitcher up and ready in the bullpen, it has happened numerous times so far this season. You all know, or should know, that Mattingly will get out-managed in a playoff series.

  26. Mark_Timmons says:

    Just so you know I have not been a Ned fan, I have called for his firing back as far a June 2011:

  27. Michael says:

    Ned certainly deserves his fair share of blame but since the new ownership took over I’ve felt he is more of a figurehead with someone over him signing off on his deals. If not then maybe it’s high time somebody did.

  28. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Let’s not get carried away with Castellanos. The soon to be 27 year old is hitting .277 at ALBQ. SVS was hitting .397 when he was brought up.

    Also, let’s not get carried away with SVS. He’s managed to come down to .250 with a .304 OBP with the Dodgers. Yes, he’s hit 5 HRs and has a bunch of extra base hits. But that can stop as quickly as it started. SVS, if anything, is no Yasiel Puig.

    And Badger hit it on the nose. The Dodgers opened the season with Kemp, Crawford and Ethier in their outfield. Where exactly was Puig going to play everyday. He needed to play, and Chattanooga was as good a place as any. And how do we know that his time down in Chattanooga wasn’t well spent? Puig came to the U.S. last year after having been banned from playing in Cuba for about a year. He really hadn’t played much over the last two years, since he only had limited at bats last year, mostly in rookie ball and, I believe, some A-ball. And on top of that he struggled a bit in Puerto Rico over the winter after returning from the surgery on his elbow for a staph infection. Add to that, that he was also adjusting to an entirely new culture at ages 21-22, and it seems more than reasonable that the Dodgers chose for him to open the season in a less pressurized environment where he had a chance to play everyday, and get the professional repetitions he probably needed. Calling him up now made sense because he was performing well at Chattanooga, and playing time was available due to Kemp and Crawford moving to the DL.

  29. Mark Sweeney says:

    What the hell is wrong with Mattingly? He has Puig in the starting lineup again.

  30. Badger says:

    The voice of reason returns.

    Great point about SVS. But at least he can reach the seats. His OBP is weak but he is slugging .635. Yippee.

    Yeah, maybe Donnie would get out managed in the play-offs but I hope we have that debate. If we do it means he did something right to get us there.

  31. Quasimodo says:

    I’ll make a comparison of Puig. Puig reminds me of Puig. And that in itself was good reason he should of been brought up much sooner. If he’s immature… I don’t think two months in the minors is what suddenly clicked a switch and made him what he is. Cuba is saturated with baseball and aside from his god given capabilities he’s likely been at it since the age of 5. He’s proven it to himself so much as to risk his life to reach the US. Who’s gonna tell him any different? It’d be a silly thing to even try.

  32. Roger Dodger says:

    Hanley gives up a run . . .

  33. Mark Sweeney says:

    Puig reminds me of Bo Jackson

    • Michael says:

      When he steamrolled Brian Bosworth?

      His arm is a bazooka and reminds me of Roberto Clementes’ arm but at the plate he reminds me of Vlad Guerrero

  34. Michael says:

    What’s up with all the balls flying out of Dodger Stadium the last couple of nights?

  35. Quasimodo says:

    I’ll give Ned till Monday to get this nightmare of a bullpen before joining all of you Ned haters. No, it wasn’t the pen who lost this game but they do their best to put it out of reach. All in all not a bit of this game was any fun.

  36. Jason says:

    When Kershaw is outpitched by Jason Marquis, your season is _____________________.

  37. Rob says:

    The pen blew the chance of our first walk off of the season.

  38. Badger says:

    “When Kershaw is outpitched by Jason Marquis, your season is _____________________.”

    Still only a third over but …. point taken.

    They both gave up 2 earned, Marquis got one more out than Kerhsaw did. Their pen was better, gee, there’s a surprise, and we gave up another unearned run. Good news is, we took the series, and that is obviously the goal the rest of the way.

    Next 14 are going to be very tough.

    Puig 0fer with 2 K’s. Yeah, even Bo Jackson had some off nights. Could it be a hole in that swing has been discovered? I don’t know, I didn’t see the game. What pitches did he strike out on?

    I think I want to move to Phuket. Too much stress in this in country.

  39. Roger Dodger says:

    Clayton needs to pick up his game.

    1. might not make the All-Star team. Forget ERA, I look at 4 losses, and could have been 5 at this point.

    2. Cy Young award is no sure thing, even to be in the top 3 or 4.

    Puigs forgot to fly last night.

    Dodgers outhit, 12 to 5.

    Dodgers now 7.5 games out and 8.0 from the wild card. With Atlanta coming in and their pitching staff, including closer, and power bats.

    OKAY – Draft later today. Will Logan White show up? Looks like 10 picks to start: numbers 18, 56, 92, 124, 154, 184, 214, 244, 274, 304.

  40. Mark Sweeney says:

    Don’t look now but Kershiser has become very hittable his last two starts.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too.

      Still, 2 earned in 6. In today’s game that is actually considered pretty good.

      Cy Young only means that pitcher is going to cost you what two pitchers costs someone else. I would rather see five 200 inning 3.0 starters and a team full if dirt bag baseball players than 1 Cy winner and what Jed has put together.

      Anybody in here old enough to remember block parties?

  41. Pete M. says:

    Happy for SVS… Never envisioned him as a regular, but mainly a bat off the bench with SOME KIND OF POWER. This he may be able to accomplish. Badger n others… Puig ended up where he belonged, monstrous ST or not. Sitting on a bench would have been, well, just plain stupid…Only the clairvoyants in the group knew of the melt downs of Dre & Kemp.
    But as the plot thickens, where does Dre go or what does he do after the DL. Remember at best we got a fragile OF at best!!! CC’s hammys, Kemp mental state and Dre’s body in general…

    • Badger says:

      Yep, we all knew there would be a call up. I didn’t figure it would be this early.

      What to do with ‘dre is a good question. He is at .230 now, with a weak OPS. One good streak this early would change all of that, but for now, he is an afterthought when making out a lineup. If he doesn’t get it turned around, we are stuck with that contract, whether he is here or not.

  42. RogerCraig says:

    Kershaw is shot. His ERA is all the way up to 1.99

    • Badger says:

      Somebody shot Kershaw?

      Damn. No wonder his ERA is up.

      I think Kershaw is trying to strike everyone out cuz he knows he won’t be getting much run support. If ever there was a guy who should pitch to contact it’s him. Just put those pitches where you want to and let that outstanding defense behind you make those great plays…


  43. Roger Dodger says:

    R Craig — Clayton was outpitched last night. That has been like the new norm. He has lost 2 of the last 3 games he started.

    Last 4 starts, has given up 10 ERs. We expect more from the new Sandy Koufax.

    Sometimes when Clayton is pitching, the other team also has a pitcher out there, and yesterday the Padres beat him.

  44. Mark Sweeney says:

    Donnie has been letting Kershiser throw a lot of pitches so far this year. I think he had one game of 130+, a few games 120+, and a couple more 110+, could this already be taking a toll on him? Who knows, although some will claim to know.

  45. Pete M. says:

    How in the hell did Drysdale, Marichal, Gibson, Koufax and a host of others make it??? Good Golly Miss Molly…Pitching every four days and screw the stoppers!!!

    • Badger says:

      Different breed of cat Pete. That is only one of the MANY reasons Kershaw will NEVER be another Koufax.

      I played high school ball down in Orange County back in the mid 60′s and there was a story going around that you might find interesting. The Dodgers used to give away to high schools their blue sleeved t-shirts that they had used in games. Seems some kid got one of Koufax’s. He wore it, not knowing which Dodger had worn it, and during a game, on a hot day, he was sweating and his left arm suddenly felt like it was on fire. Turns out it was one of Koufax’s shirts and, even after sanitizing it, there was still so much heat balm in the sleeve that nobody could wear any of his shirts. He did walk away at age thirty and most say the reason he did it was because of the pain in his elbow.

      Still, there are a lot of HOF pitchers whose numbers will NEVER be reached because of pitch counts and today’s propensity to go to the pen.

      And yes sweenie, Kershaw has thrown a lot of pitches early in the season. $200 million? Beter give that some thought.

  46. the truth hurts says:

    4 against the braves? With hairston, punto, schumaker, fedex, uribe?

    Someone get me a beer.

  47. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, I am remembering that Koufax’s left arm was shorter . . . from his throwing . . .

    Anyway, Kershaw is good, but not in the Sandy league yet.

    And as I remember, Sandy had to face a large bunch of really good hitters in his day. (Yeah, the olden days did have great hitters. Aaron, Mays, Killerbrew, Mantle, Maris, Frank Robinson, Dick Allen, McCovey, Cepeda, Clemente, Oliva, Colavito, Gentile, Cash, Rose, Carew, Banks, Santo, Boyer, Brock, Billy Williams, Rico Carty, Stargell, Yastrzemski, Kaline and I’ll stop there). Bunches of these guys are in the Hall of Fame — not sure we have these kind of hitter in MLB today.

    But each age is within its own self. Cannot compare ages, only look at them and see what went on then and there.

    • Badger says:

      Remember a strike zone that went from the arm pits to the bottom of the knees? Then it went from the letters to the bottom of the knees. Then it went from the navel to the top of the knees. Now it’s the size of a box of Cheerios. And there was that point Mark made about the mound. ALLEGEDLY, the mound at Dodger Stadium was 20″. I also heard that about other mounds as well. Advantage – pitchers. But, back then there were more Vaseline balls, sandpaper scratches etc..

      But, even with all of that, 41 starts and 330+ innings is a lot of wear on a pitching arm. That will never be seen again, and with that, goes 380 K’s and 53 wins with 54 complete games in two years.


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