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Just Shaddup and Figure it Out!

I have been nothing but consistent throughout the Guggs and Company acquisition of the LA Dodgers up until now.  I said that I did not like what they were doing.

From JUMP STREET, that’s what I said.  I have never waivered and if you want to disagree with me I will simply say “SCOREBOARD!”

If anyone says the 2013 Dodgers have been a success, I will say that you are a WORLD CLASS IDIOT.

A couple of days ago, the Moron who used to be the BunnyRabbit of Jon Boxton’s Soul or some crap like that said: “I thought slavery was illegal. Must not be, because Badger owns Mark on everyone of his posts.”

OK, I get that you like to see someone slam me, but SCOREBOARD, You Ignorant Savage!”  Are you really as stupid as you sound?  Evidently…

The Dodgers are worse that I thought they would be.  Slam me.  Berate me.  Yell at me.

I predicted it!  You are wrong.  You are wishing upon a star, but the facts say otherwise.

They have lots of money you said…

There are lots of people with money who have no brains!

This is the worst Dodger team I can remember…

and the highest paid… by far.

I am embarrassed to be a Dodger fan.

Wake up and smell the manure!

The front office and the on-field management need to be terminated.

It’s way past time.

I can’t continue writing about a team like this


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70 Responses to “Just Shaddup and Figure it Out!”

  1. Badger says:

    “If anyone says the 2013 Dodgers have been a success, I will say that you are a WORLD CLASS IDIOT.”

    They still lead the league in attendance. But I don’t think you are talking about “success” in the terms of actually making money. This is probably more about wins and losses, seein’s how you are so occupied with “SCOREBOARD”.

    “SCOREBOARD, You Ignorant Savage!”

    Yeah. There it is again.

    “This is the worst Dodger team I can remember…”

    You must be about 13 years old because there have been some Dodger teams that were worse. Now, this team has to potential to be worser than the worst, but, that’s to be decided 4 months from now.

    “I am embarrassed to be a Dodger fan.”

    Yeah, heard that before too. Not me. I am Dodger Blue through and through. I’ll hang in with them until I see what is going to be done to improve the team.

    If you decide to quit, I’ll see you at the finish line. I am not programmed to quit. Must be the Marine that is still left in me. I think moves need to be made and people need to heal. Bringing up Puig on Monday in front of 50,000 was one of my moves that they actually listened to. I’ll figure something else out here soon and let you know.

    In the mean time…. hide and watch. It could actually get very interesting very soon.

    btw… good luck tomorrow night. Pacers will need it as what somebody on the other thread said will NO DOUBT happen. Pacers will not get the calls in game 7 in Miami. It just won’t happen.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    We are an absolute shambles.

  3. Watford Dodger says:

    U could of got odds of a million to one in naming June 2nds line up on opening day.

  4. Michael says:

    Good, you have to let it out Mark and yes we stink but we shall overcome{Animal Farm} as soon as P[u]igs fly!

  5. Badger says:

    How about a lineup for August 1st?

  6. Bobby says:

    I see that Hanley didn’t play today. Wonder if that’s just to give him a day off, and then continue rehab tomorrow? Or do we call him up as well, because his hammy has healed (I use “heal” loosely because of our quack medical staff)

    Hanley AND Puig tomorrow?? I might need to buy a cheapie seat off stubhub and roll solo to the stadium!

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    When Puig comes up to bat in Dodger Stadium, the place will be jumping.

    Then, when he hits a double off the wall — with the fans REALLY jumping — that will start that California earthquake they have been waiting for that will split off part of the land . . .

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    That will make beach front views at Camelback.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    The 4 & 5 Dodger hitters were 0 for 8 today (Van Slyke & Federowicz) — kind of like the old Dodger 4 & 5 hitters . . .

    Maybe that changes tomorrow. Who is pitching for the Dodgers?

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    One more though — this Puig guy — if he is so great and ready —— can he pitch and relieve in some of these games the Dodgers have a lead?????

  11. the truth hurts says:

    come on guys, it’s early

  12. William says:

    I was not excited when the new owners were announced. Magic is simply a celebrity. Walter is a hedge fund person with self-admitted little baseball knowledge. Kasten did nothing in Washington. This was not an ownership which I had much faith in to make smart baseball decisions. But they are nice people, and they said good things, so I had hope.

    I wanted them to come in and immediately fire Colletti, if not both him and Mattingly. But the new GM could have done that. We desperately need a really smart baseball man as GM. But they did nothing. And in fact, they kept praising Colletti. This told me that they were either too nice, or that they were more interested in public relations than in baseball success. This has been the problem with the Dodgers ever since the Branch Rickey guys left. The Dodgers have been a marketing machine which doesn’t even need good baseball to get their 3.5 million fans. So we keep hearing about toaster night and lampshade night; and about the great Doddger teams of 40 and 50 years ago, not about what needs to be done to fix the franchise. Maybe the fans don’t really care; maybe all you have to do is act like you have a team, and they will show up.

    But they did spend money, and they deserve credit for that. Unfortunatly, they seem to lack the essential baseball acumen to realize that Colletti is a fraud, a person who pretends he is a general manager. I mean this seriously. He has no idea of what he is doing. Nobody who did would have signed the collection of over the hill free agents and injured players which have filled up his squads for years. He always used McCourt as an excuse, but he is no better with the Guggenheim money. Keep Colletti, and all the rest of this is moot, becsuse the Dodgers are totally sunk for another decade or more.

    If I were the owner, I would fire Colletti, NOW. If that hurts the precious public relations too much, then do it immediately after the season. And spend whatever money you have left to get Billy Beane or someone close to that. Then maybe that person can fix this from the ground up. Anything else I or anyone suggests would be worthless, because Colletti is beyond awful. He has no capacity to fix this roster. He is like the worst sucker at any poker table. The other GMs use him as a patsy, to dump old and flawed players for high prices. And if Kasten, Walter and Johnson can’t figure this out, anyone who actually wants to see winning baseball might as well give up on the Dodgers for another decade at least. And even then I wouldn’t be very hopeful, because if the owners are so dumb that they can’t see that they have the worst GM in the majors, they won’t be able to identify a better one. Stop worrying about your precious P.R., and looking “nice,” and “loyal,” and actually do something for the long-suffering Dodger fans.

  13. Badger says:

    I understand that sentiment William, and for the most part I agree with you.

    But the lineup, and the pitching staff, that was to start the year really wasn’t all that bad. We needed help at the top of the lineup and a legit third baseman, but the rest of the lineup was actually pretty good.

    Crawford – a question mark that many thought was fat and broken. I thought he could easily get his game back. He has been ok.

    Ellis – eh, .260 back-up infielder, but, he was the guy we had and is a good fielder and great clubhouse guy.

    Kemp – possible 30 30 guy with 100+ ribbies

    AGon – do we really need to question him?

    Hanley – career .836 WRISP

    Ethier – 3 year split WRISP .871

    Cruz – a hole as far as I was concerned. I was right.

    AJ Ellis – one of our best OBP guys

    And a starting staff that looked as good as any in the NL, including 2 Cy Young winners at the top of the rotation.

    The problems have been obvious. That hasn’t ever been the lineup, and Kemp and Ethier have … disappeared. No depth was there when guys went down. That I blame on Colletti, but, that can possibly be addressed before the second half.

    I am still hopeful.

  14. Quasimodo says:

    It seems an easy thing to hand pick the “I told you so’s”. I can think of a few myself. But at this point I’m able to see many more things I was completely wrong about-like always standing up for Ethier. A couple guys I’ve stood up for are pulling their weight. But the main thing I was wrong about was where this team would be at in the standings at this point. And to that I was wrong 10 fold. Still it wouldn’t shock the shit out of me if Dodgers turn out putting the other teams in this division in the rear view before the seasons end. I am shocked Dodgers have been this bad this far even with all the injuries. Nobody was right except those goddamn Giants fans that didn’t believe the words they themselves were saying. They won’t turn out correct in the end.

  15. Quasimodo says:

    None of us were worried about Kemp. We were even making excuses for him. He was playing better between his injury and his surgery than he’s played after it. MLB ranked him #1 in all of baseball at the time he resigned. If Kershaw gets his $200 million contract and gets injured early in next season, the blame will fall on Colletti too. We’ll sure be there to say how stupid it was to spend that much on a pitcher. And we’d all be right and wrong at the same time. Was Pepsi stupid for giving M.Jackson $50 million for an advertisement?……

  16. Broxton's Bunny Soul says:

    Wow! You called me out! I feel honored. You are still wrong. The reason we stink is because of injuries, underperformance, and Ned Coletti. Not Don Mattingly, not because they don’t have grit or heart or any of those made up things that people think make some player better than the other.

    I’m never embarrassed to be a Dodger fan. My loyalties aren’t tied up in wins and losses. I wasn’t embarrassed when Fox owned the team… I wasn’t embarrassed when McCourt owned the team. I was angry, disappointed… but never embarrassed…

    All the Dodgers have to do for me….. is show up…. winning is just icing on the cake….

    Seattle Supersonics were bad for a long time…. Think their fans would rather have their team back being awful or the way it is now…. No team at all.

    You know why we still hear to this day over 50 years, the people in Brooklyn talking about when they had the Dodgers…. because they don’t have them any longer…

    Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques, Atlanta Thrashers, Montreal Expos…. the list goes on and on…

    This team has been terrible… there’s no doubt about it…. but they’re still in this thing…. and hopefully we’ll get healthy soon. I still believe and I still believe in Don Mattingly and that we can turn this around

  17. Broxton's Bunny Soul says:

    great article by jon weisman

  18. Rob says:

    If we need to call up a pitcher again for a spot start please call up a pitcher who will throw strikes. By the way, we need to dump sue Falsone for a team physician that is familiar with baseball and sports injuries.

  19. Badger says:

    Glad to see there are still some Dodger fans around here.

    The biggest surprise for me so far has been Ethier. If you take any team’s #3 and #5 hitter out of their lineup, it’s going to hurt production. With the failure of our starting third baseman (no surprise) the failure of our right fielder (surprise) and the injuries to those hitters I mentioned, AND an injury to several starters, including our 147 million prize, it should not surprise anyone we are 8.5 back. Stuff like that happens when you have back-ups all over the field.

    It’s what to do about it that takes good management. Do we have that? Well, I don’t think so but, I am willing to wait it out.

    Another problem that has manifested it’s ugly mug is the lack of any depth in our system. If you look at the top 100 prospect lists of the last few years, we haven’t developed much of anyone into the top 10. S.F. has, Arizona has, but we haven’t. Now that we need help on the Major League level, who do we turn to? A guy we signed last year.

    I think it’s time to take a very close look at Colletti and Logan White. And the trainer. And Mark McGwire. Maybe these people aren’t all that. After years of White and Colletti we don’t have any minor leaguers worth spit, we got injuries all over the field, McGwire can’t get through to Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier but……

    up in the stands Mark Walter smiles….

    attendance 50,000

    Still waiting for the classic GM move. I have been saying it will happen at the deadline…. but now we have dropped another game.

  20. Rob says:

    You are spot on Badger, with the injuries throughout the lineup it has been a task to move players down in the order until they get their swing back. If Hanley was healthy it would be easier to move kemp or eithier or whoever. On McGuire, the cards don’t seem to be missing him.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah Rob, all you need to do is look at the one run losses this year. We recently had 4 in a row. Also, even with the make shift lineups, we still have had a bullpen that leads the Majors with 14 losses. That’s a stat that blows me away. We win half those and we are having a different conversation in here. And I thought our bullpen was going to be a strength.

      We are closer than many think. If Kemp does not get it back we could be in trouble. Not sure what is going on with Ethier, but, we could use some of his 3. WAR in these close games too.

      Here’s hoping Puig is even better than Van Slyke.

      Did I just read that Fife is pitching in place of Capuano tonight? Yoiks.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    I mentioned the following a few years ago . . . (some might remember)

    When Peter Ueberroth was the Commissioner of Baseball (1984-1989) he held a private, closed-door meeting with the owners.

    He asked the question to these owners: if you could finish in 1st place in your division and win the World Series, but loose (say) $1,000,000 in the end . . .

    . . . . or, come in towards the bottom of your division, and not be in the post season at all, but make (say) $10,000,000. WHICH would you rather have happen?

    The owners said — the second one, come in towards the bottom . . .


  22. Rob says:

    I like Fife, he can fill that spot starter roll. Our pen and hitting WRISP has been our Achilles heel. Decisions made by Donnie have hurt the pen. When pitchers shake off the managers called pitch shows the lack of respect from the player. Jansen needs to be the closer with Paco as the set up man. Bring Elbert up so we have three lefties and that should help some of the problems. Donnie just needs to bring in league to hit Quentin in the ribs for payback, we will not miss league if he was suspended.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Right on Badger.

    Also, you said: “Here’s hoping Puig is even better than Van Slyke.”

    In the olden days, the Pittsburgh Pirates had Ralph Kiner hitting all those HRs. From 1946-1952 he led the N.L. in HRs; for 7 consecutive seasons. Only once in the time did the Pirates finish in the first division (1948). In 1952 they had one of the worst records in baseball history with 42-112 and were 54 1/2 games out of first place.

    That year (1952) the Brooklyn Dodgers won with 96-57; the Giants were second 4.5 games out.

    Ralph Kiner led the NL in HRs and the Pirates still finished in last place.

    There is a famous quote that Kiner went in over the winter for a raise (about 1951), but the owner said — no, I can finish in last place, with or without you.

    The Dodgers are now 8 games behind in the lost column. As I recall, the pen lost at least half of those games — all by themselves. Just some better results in the pen and especially closer slot — this would be a better season.

    Now 8.5 games out — with 4 clubs to climb over, and playing the club right ahead of them.

    Have fun tonight — the season is on the line every day now.

  24. Badger says:

    I think if I were in charge I would lose Cruz and bring up another arm for the pen. We don’t need Cruz, we have what we need in back-ups with Schu and Punto. Uribe should be the starter and rotate the back-ups as needed. We need help in the pen cuz only one of our starters can go 7.

    Not surprised at all with the owners comments Roger. It’s a business. These guys are in it to make some money. McNutsack did EXACTLY what he set out to do, buy a business, run it into the ground and sell it for a profit. It is the American model now with the White House candidate you-know-who being the embodiment of that archetypal.

    Will the Guggs do the same thing? I don’t think so because of how much they were willing to pay to get into this game. I believe they believe they can make money AND be successful on the field. In L.A., as in Gnu Yourk, that is absolutely possible. The stadium in L.A. can house over 4.5 million every year – something no other stadium in the business can claim. If these guys put a team on the field that is entertaining, it is possible to have 4 million a year show up for it. Add post season $ and tv $ and we have a new model for L.A. baseball. It will be even better than what we are calling the West Coast Yankees.

    I very seriously believe this can happen.

  25. Bobbie17 says:

    The failure is organizational and has been going on since O’Mallys left. Exhibit A is the crap job Magill did yesterday. Is he prepared to be a big leaguer? No. Why not?
    This scenario goes on and on, with a few exceptions. I fear that some decent players will be eaten up in this process. Magill probably can be a big league pitcher, but by the time his confidence is totally killed, he will be lucky to have a 3A career. Can we be lovable losers? I guess attendance proves we can. That’s about all we will get in the near future. Doesn’t Grenke suck? He can’t even chew up innings right now. Bad baseball. Bad baseball.

  26. Badger says:

    Hold on there Bobbie.. it isn’t that bad. O’Malley sold to Fox in late ’97. Since then the Dodgers have only had 3 losing seasons. They have drawn over 3 million fans every year but 1. We should have more post seasons to our credit, that is for sure, but it’s not like we’re the Royals here.

    All of that, including the worst of it… the McBallsack years, was THEN. This is NOW. I still firmly believe the people that are there now will do what is necessary to produce a winner. It might start tonight with the first game of Yasiel Puig. To think that our best player in the minors is a guy we signed last year is… odd, but it could be a good sign as well. The players we are signing now will be a whole lot more better than the ones we have signed for the last decade.

    107 games to go. The deadline is still 8 weeks out. There is a lot of baseball yet to play. I am actually looking forward to seeing how this is handled. Could be a lot of fun. Wish I was in Southern California tonight. I know where I would be at 5:00 that’s for sure.

  27. Badger says:

    I asked for…. didn’t get it… so I’ll post my own:

    August 1st lineup:

    Ian Kinsler 2B
    Carl Crawford LF
    Matt Kemp RF
    Adrian Gonzalez 1B
    Hanley Ramirez SS
    Yassy Puig CF
    Juan Uribe 3B
    AJ Ellis C

    I made it happen with Texas. Ethier, a few million and a pitcher for a guy that is about to become obsolete in Arlington.

    Now THAT’S a horse we could ride to the finish line.

  28. William says:

    Good comments here. But with Colletti still around, I don’t hold out much hope for any but occasional improvement. I was among those who really questioned the Ethier five years for $85 million contract. He was declining last year, and it is worse this year. He can’t hit any team’s best LH reliever, rendering him worthless in most of the close games. He is on a pace to hit 12 HR, drive in 45 or so runs.

    A smart GM would not only not have signed him again, but would have traded him when he had major value. Ethier and someone like De La Rosa for David Wright? Well, we don’t have DLR, because we traded him to the Red Sox, when we should have been able to avoid giving up players, since we were taking about $300 million in long-term payroll away from them. So whom do we have to trade now for any good player, since Colletti has been systematically trading away the minor leaguers for washed up relief pitchers and the like?

    So now it is more smoke and mirrors, as we bring up someone who has ability, but is immature, and is hitting just over .300 in AA. It will bring some fans in, though, and get the focus off of Mattingly and Colletti. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Dodger owners chalk the season up to “oh, we just had too many injuries,” not realizing that when you keep bringing in injury-prone or declining players, this is what happens.

  29. Badger says:

    Valid points William.

    Ethier was a 3.8 WAR last year. He still has value, especially in an AL hitter friendly park.

  30. Bobby says:

    Here’s a pic of our latest most favorite player ever entering his new home!

  31. Chuck says:

    Boys, lets remember how far we have come. With the McCheaps we had drama and no players of note (except Clayton,Matt and maybe Either).

    Now we have an owner who is spending money getting the Latin and Asian players, trying to rebuild the farm system, fixed up the stadium and made the Dodgers a true player (and in these day a laughing stock).

    Could they have known that Hanley would be hurt, that Kemp would forget how to swing (bad wing) that Either would disappear (again) and that we would have all the injuries.

    They should have know that the roster was filled with oldies that get hurt all the time but in my opinion the best players this year have been the ones (excluding Beckett) we got from the red sox.

    I agree we need to get rid of the GM and bring in someone with some brains. Also lets realize that Magic is all talk and really has nothing to do with dodger baseball or the Dodger legacy (except some cash), enough of Magic J.

  32. Bobby says:

    Puig will leadoff in right field tonight.

    Go Pacers (but I doubt Stern gives them any calls today)

  33. Bobby says:

    1. Yasiel Puig (R) CF

    2. Nick Punto (S) 2B

    3. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B

    4. Ramon Hernandez (R) C

    5. Scott Van Slyke (R) LF

    6. Andre Ethier (L) RF

    7. Jerry Hairston (R) 3B

    8. Luis Cruz (R) SS

    9. Stephen Fife (R) P

  34. Bball says:

    No Hanley. Hmm

  35. Man vs Food Starring Juan Uribe says:

    They gave Hanley a day off on Sunday… He’s playing in the minors today, and will hopefully be back tomorrow, when they send Fife down

  36. Badger says:

    For the record, Magic put up 50 million for his piece of the Dodgers. Not a high percentage but more than a token investment. Hopefully he gets more involved. Has looked like window dressing so far.

  37. Idaho al says:

    On Friday evening I was watching the Boston, New York game. They were talking about the Dodger, Red Sox trade last year and both announcers could not believe the Dodgers made the trade. They said the Red Sox got rid of every player they wanted to get rid of plus their salaries. They also said they got two good pitchers in return and both are going to be in the major leagues soon. This is one of many reasons why I think Colletti has to go, and soon. You wait and see, Colletti will fire Mattingly first trying to protect his own hide.

    • Badger says:

      al we have heard this before, but it’s my opinion the bad part of that trade was giving so much talent back to Boston. That is where Colletti folded. We actually improved our club with the players we got from them. It isn’t the Boston players that are failing miserably, it’s the guys who were already here. Well that and the fact that the bench is so weak. The money involved is no big deal to the Dodgers. The fact that they lead the league in attendance combined with the new tv contract will more than cover all of that.

      And yeah, Mattingly would likely go before the GM. They could go at the same time, but, like you mentioned, it’s more likely Colletti would pull the trigger on Donnie before he falls on his sword.

      • Bobby says:

        The bad part of the trade was EITHER giving up that much talent, or NOT TAKING BACK more salary from Boston.

        Ned bent over on both fronts there. We didn’t need to send both A-Web and RDLR, if we didnt get some portion of the contracts back.

        Now, watch Ned trade Ethier AND a chunk of his salary, less than 1 year after signing him to that contract.

  38. Bball says:

    Crawford on DL now. Holy cow. This is getting rediculous

  39. Michael says:

    Fasten your seat belts, P[u]igs will fly

  40. Bball says:

    Also seen quinton not in the lineup. Dang

  41. Badger says:

    I think I would rather see Pederson than watch Ethier sink to the Mendoza line.

    Fife looking great so far.

  42. Bobby says:

    I’d rather watch Mendoza than Ethier.

    So far today, I”ve seen Puig’s speed and arm. Tomorrow we may see his power. Wed we may see his defense. Dude has amazing talent. He’s not going back down.

  43. Badger says:

    Geez this team is frustrating.

  44. Rob says:

    What did uribe do to be the bench guy?

  45. Badger says:

    What just happened with Cruz at third base?

  46. Bball says:

    Everyone cross your fingers

  47. Bobby says:

    My lord!!

  48. Bball says:

    Finally something to smile about. Wow

  49. Bobby says:

    Not to be lost, however, is that League still sucks

  50. Rob says:

    Wow!! Game ball!

  51. Rob says:

    Does that base hit by Cruz in the 8th keep him alive for a roster spot?

  52. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Made it my business tonight to watch the game. Had to see Puig. And I wasn’t disappointed. It is, yes, just one game, and he didn’t exactly sting the ball. However, the talent is obvious. We saw the speed going first to third, and with the final play of the game we saw a strong and accurate arm. Given some time to get himself acclimated, and a chance to calm down after the excitement of his first day, I think this kid might actually live up to the hype. But it’s early, and only time will tell. But it was definitely a nice beginning.

    By the way, if the Dodgers should manage to sweep the Padres, they will get out of last place, at least temporarily.

    It will be interesting to see if Puig can keep it up over the next several weeks, and maybe grab himself a job.

  53. Bobby says:

    I actually liked him leading off, ala Mike Trout.

    But I think I’d LOVE to see a lineup of:

    The rest

  54. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    One other thing. What made Puig’s throw all that more impressive was the fact that he was going back on the ball he caught, and his initial momentum was towards the fence. Yet he was still able to get off a strong accurate throw to first base.

    If the Dodgers could get a natural center fielder, as Badger has mentioned, they could have dual cannons on the corners in Puig and Kemp.

  55. Watford Dodger says:

    1. Crawford
    2. Puig
    3. Gonzo
    4. Kemp
    5. Headley
    6. Hanram
    7. M. Ellis
    8. A J Ellis
    9. Kershaw

    Hoping a few weeks off might kick start Kemp’s season.
    Don’t like the booing of him – he’s trying its just not happening. Maybe a less pressured environment will let him relax a bit. It wasn’t long ago we were chanting MVP every time he came to the plate! Good player.

  56. Jason says:

    That’s the part about Kemp that bothers me. When he was on the MVP tear he was the offense. How can he have more pressure this year when he’s surrounded by better guys?

    As for Puig…not a bad debut at all.

    As for Puig’s last play..awesome but let’s not forget that League was about 10 feet away from giving up a 2 run shot to blow ANOTHER game.

  57. Badger says:

    Only 37,000 at the game.

    Had that one wrong. Guess L.A. didn’t care much about the next Dodger star’s first game. Disappointing.

    Oh well, the excitement will grow. Hopefully it will give the rest of the team some motivation to play over their heads for a while.

    What’s with the hamstring strains?

    7.5 out with 106 to go. OK, it may not be “early”, but it certainly is not too late.

    What’s the next move?

  58. Idaho al says:

    Badger–Two things I would do. One, trade Either for prospects. This would give us Crawford, Kemp and Puig in the outfield. Use SVS as your 4th outfielder and at 1st base. Use him as much as possible. Second. I would keep Fife up. Every time he has pitched, he has done well. He will never be an ace, but he will be a good four or five starter. He is an Idaho boy, so I am a little bias. Keep Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Fife and whoever for the 5th position. Trade the other two for prospects. Send Cruz packing. Start Uribe at third. Send Hernandez packing. Remove League as the closer. Will not happen because Colletti signed him as the closer.

  59. Mark Sweeney says:

    I’ve been saying this for a while, excitement is a huge factor in how well a club will do. Excitement has shown up at the Dodger Stadium in the Cuban form. Puig will energize the fans and the rest of the players. Now, here’s the real question, will Donnie keep the kid in the lineup? I know it sounds crazy to say that but just look at Donnie’s record of sitting down the hot hand. Based on Donnie’s management skills exhibited so far, you could expect him to sit Puig down tonight. Maybe too many OFers down with injuries to allow Donnie to be a moron tonight, but nothing would surprise me.

  60. Pete M. says:

    This columns a shooting gallery!!!
    Puig, fun indeed…Shades of Roberto??? Now take a deep breath and relax…Got to see R.C.and he was very, very special. Only one close to Robert’s rifle was maybe Rocky Colavito and ???
    SVS, why so long to figure this move???
    Going Thursday to see Ryu, Puig and HanRam… Bingo!!!

  61. Badger says:

    Good ideas al.

    I think maybe Donnie rests his guys cuz he knows there is a hamstring virus going around.

  62. Pete M. says:

    Puig is locked in and we dump Dre??? Are we all sure???
    What happened to the Dre+/Texas/Andrus dealieo’s???
    I always loved the C what you got after going around the lg once…What with the use of cells, Ipads and Twitter the book on hitters is expedited…

  63. dpwtv says:

    The reason why SVS is doing better is because of him. He lost 50 pounds and his swing wasn’t as compact as it is now. He’s improved himself very well. It took so long to get him here, because he wasn’t very good before. They gave him six weeks in the minors to see if he could not only hit, but adjust when the pitchers adjusted toward him. He did… he’s up in the majors and doing well.

    We all conveniently forget that Van Slyke has never been as good as he’s been playing now before this year.

    Kudos to Scott…. he reinvented himself and now he’s a productive member of this team.

  64. Maverick says:

    Where’s negative Mark since Puig has been called up?


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