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It is way past time to change Village Idiots

Most of you were foaming at the mouth when the Guggenidiots paid a half a billion more than the nearest bidder for the Dodgers, then traded prospects for $250 million in broken-down has-beens, hired a guy who was no longer relevant (Stan Kasten) to be the President, hired a basketball guy to pretend to be the spokesman, included the hated Frank McCourt in the financial mix, hired the first female trainer (can you say train-wreck?), kept the Village Idiot as the GM and the Half Wit Manager.

The Dodgers are the laughingstock of baseball and I told you so long ago.

Say you are sorry and get on this bandwagon to oust all of the above pretenders.

This is a train-wreck – The entire front office needs cleaned out.

Fire the following people:

  • Stan Kasten
  • Ned Colletti
  • Magic Johnson
  • Don Mattingley
  • Sue Falsone
  • Stan Conti
  • De Jon Watson

Logan White is named interim GM, Jody Reed is the Manager, pick the others carefully.

This train-wreck is worse than anything I have ever seen.

Change for change sake.  That’s all.

I refuse to write about this team EVER AGAIN until they make changes.

I’m out!!!!


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43 Responses to “It is way past time to change Village Idiots”

  1. Joseph Olivas says:

    Yup agree to fire everyone except Stan Kasten & Well Magic is pretty irrelevant either way!

  2. Badger says:

    You cannot FIRE an owner! We already talked about that.

    Stan Kasten will not be fired.

    I don’t really care about the rest of those people. Have at it. Start with Jed.

  3. the truth hurts says:

    Mark, I can’t blame you!

  4. Has says:

    You sure can fire a Minority owner

  5. Michael says:

    You forgot Trey Hillman.
    I agree that the last resort to awaken these millionaires to unite and regain focus is a total housecleaning.
    Money aside, and I’m sure their would be plenty of suitors, but why would Clayton resign with us, the place where hitters come to die. He pitches his ass off and watches his effort go by the wayside, game after game. Just wondering

  6. Quasimodo says:

    This has the appearance that Mark is trying to evoke a heated discussion because sadly the Dodgers are boring him. He’s cooler than the words above even though he feels changes are needed. We all feel changes are needed, though none of us have a solid idea with what needs to be put in action. At least none that will come to reality. We’ll just have to let the wind blow and await to see what changes will be made. But we can be certain the dramatic changes he’s calling for won’t be tested in a sudden flash. The “Guggenidiots” are anything but idiots. Their plan of fielding a championship team together this season is most likely a failure, but they’re not losing money you can be sure of. It just sadly didn’t happen for us this year. But the way I see it, these owners are not going to continually let Dodgers rank as a last place team. They’ll eventually get it right. Hope I’m around to see it.

  7. Michael says:

    Just how bad is it?
    The Padres are a game above .500 and only 2 games out, I suppose we still have a chance.
    Go Spurs

  8. AnewBlueDay says:

    Mark, you have told us just how many old, and old time Dodgers have been pulled back into the fold . . .

    Do they not talk? Do they not know how the game is played? Do they not have any influence at all in the progress of the Dodgers?

    This teams is now so bad — Walt Alston would have a hard time. Also, I would hate to see Tommy have the big one on this downturn. He deserves better.

  9. Mark Sweeney says:

    Mark you left out burn down Dodgers Stadium, lol.

    Yeah it is way past time to make a change, you have to think about the players currently here about to become free agents and soon to be free agents from around the league. Who is going to want to be on the Dodgers under the current regime? I’d guess not too many.

    This change is not for change’s sake alone, it is for legitimate issues in this organization. If you want different results you have to do things differently. there is an old saying in the computer world, “Garbage in, Garbage out”, I think that applies here at this moment in history.

    Mattingly is gone before the end of the month, or maybe week. Ned is gone before the start of next season, probably days after the season ends, I he is gone before I finish this post actually.

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over, they say that all good things must end, turn out the lights the party’s over (sung in Dandy Don Meredith voice with warble)

  10. Mark Sweeney says:

    I just heard a rumor that there is some info starting to spill out that Donnie NyQuill may indeed have just days left. Watch for it, the Sweeney has spoken!

  11. Badger says:

    “This has the appearance that Mark is trying to evoke a heated discussion because sadly the Dodgers are boring him.”

    I think you are on to something Quas.

    Once this team starts rolling, and it will, they will be anything but boring. Ethier is heating up, that can be a good thing in two ways, for us or for somebody else. Ramirez is back. It will take him a few weeks to get into mid season form. Kemp will heal. Not sure about Crawford, but if he is done, his contract can be handled by the super wealthy owner. The lineup that was to start the year, + Puig, will give this team a chance. We are 7.5 back. Milwaukee, with nearly an identical record is 15.5 games back. We can still do this.

    And if it turns out these players can’t get it done….. they will be turned over like this morning’s egg.

    Quas is right. It’s gonna happen. I look forward to seeing how it is done. I have been around a long time. I have the patience.

  12. Pete M. says:

    Quas…As the man would say “Elementary Watson”…And once again Badger is my beacon of hope in this angry group…Fire Magic??? Really??? That man’s smile alone sells a 1000 seats a night…
    Let us bow our head in silence for Lefty!!! By his interview, this may have been his toughest 2nd.
    Let us scream to the heavens “Go Spurs”…

    • Badger says:

      The idea of “firing” Magic is ludicrous. Not sure about this Pete, but I think what they are suggesting is a negotiated buy out and that would take costly litigation. Magic put up several million to be a minority owner in this venture. To look at him as part of this problem really is taking your eye off the ball. Give it a rest people.

      Speaking of taking your eye off the ball, we did have the bases loaded later in the game, just like I said we would, and instead of using Uribe… or Hanley…. Donnie went with Cruz. I almost threw up in my mouth. Donnie has pissed me off more than once, but most of this year I have been defending him. He is playing high stakes poker with a pair of threes. But you have to make the moves that give your team the best chance. Allowing Cruz to choke, which he does 9 times out of 10, is not that move.

      In spite of what a pissed of McTimmons says, you cannot fire everybody. If they fire anyone, it will be Mattingly. I still say they will wait until all bodies are present and accounted for. If after we get our varsity team back on the field, he pulls bone headed moves like the one just mentioned, he has to go.

  13. Mark Sweeney says:


  14. Badger says:

    Whatever that means.

    Before the All Star break we have 20 games against the West. As far as I am concerned, that’s the length of Donnie’s current contract. If it doesn’t look any better by then, then it will be time to make some hard decisions. Kemp should be back, Crawford should be back, the first team should be available for that stretch. I think we will know by the break if this team has it or not.

  15. the truth hurts says:

    IT has been all doom and gloom so far this season, there has not been ONE win streak over 3 games, NOTHING has gone right…SOMETHING has to go right. As Badger said, there is still time left, somehow we are still in this thing.

    We need our “varsity” team out there.

    That is the question I wish I had the answer to, when is that going to happen? Once that happens it might be different, the tide may turn. Kemp was not doing much before he left to get me excited for his return, but what do I know.

    Confidence breeds success, if (big if, maybe impossible if) our lineup gets back on track then maybe the bullpen gets inspired.

    As much as I want to shit on this season, I can’t because April 1, 2014 is very far away.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mark,

    Can you spell Mattingly’s name correctly, please?

    Tony Colao

  17. jerry says:

    even if all are regular get back ..donnnie will probably sit some of them..he dosent have a set line up.he dosent know what a good line up is.

  18. AnewBlueDay says:

    Greinke is part of the problem. He is not money in the bank like many thought.

    He has only 3 quality starts out of 9. I think we counted on him for more.

    He is getting $19,000,000 this season; he might have money in the bank, but not #21 stuff for this team.

    Cruz has hurt this team about as much as anyone. He has been in many key situations at bat, and not delivered.

  19. Bobbie17 says:

    I thought most of you applauded the deal. Some had a wait and see approach. Right now, who cares how we felt back then. The present sucks. Firing people won’t help, except the manager must go, just because. How do you fix a crappy bullpen? On Sat, not one relief pitcher pitched a clean inning. And that was a game they won! Greinke is nothing. He is paying for lack of Spring Training, injury, etc. I’m not sure he is any good anyway. The minor leaguers, except for Puig, stink. Too much pressure for them, I guess. How can the Padres win? Jason Marquis is an all star. Go figure. No pressure breeds success. Our guys cannot handle the pressure of playing in LA. Period. Every loss brings more pressure. This team needs the type of leadership that can convince the players that they should play the game the way they did in high school, just because they loved to play. Forget the money; forget the fame; forget the outside pressure. Just play. Right now, I sense we have a bunch of guys who cannot play under the pressure of being a Dodger. A ten game winning streak would ease the pressure. How about a one game streak?

  20. Bobby says:

    We’re just a boring team. Once Puig bats, I don’t care to watch anyone else.

    Kersh is worth watching, as is Ryu. That’s it.

    The rest of the planet must agree as well, because none of our players are remotely close to getting any all star votes. It’s embarrassing.

  21. AnewBlueDay says:

    I feel kind of funny right about now. The Dodgers were supposed to be a strong N.L. team this season with wonderful key players and a fixed up baseball stadium.

    But I look at the sports news and in reality — the San Diego Padres are the surprise of the N.L. Then I remember, Peter O’Malley was part of a group who purchased the Padres last August.

    The son of the man who brought the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles years ago.

    Along with Phil Mickelson . . .

    And now the Padres have won 6 games in a row and are only 2 games out of first place.

    Also, their AA farm team plays right here in the town where I live. Maybe I should go see some of their future stars in action.

    Most of us could not even name many of their players on the field other than Headley and he is only hitting .221.

    Oh yes, we remember Quentin who hit our beloved Greinke and hurt him real bad in that fight. Quentin is only hitting .261.

    Looking at their stats, they have no one of note. 1 guy is over .300 at .305 and that is Cabrera the SS.

    No one there has 10 or more HRs. Venable has 9.

    One stat that does stick out is Cabrera has 31 stolen bases.

    Looking at their pitching, Marquis is 9-2. The Dodgers rejected getting him.

    Stults — former Dodgers is 6-5 with an 3.28 ERA.

    That closer Street has 13 saves in 14 tries.

    So this team to the south, owned by a former Dodger owner, is, is playing as a team, on a win streak, and must have that city in fiesta mode.

    I bet you they bring Steve Garvey in some days, let him wave his arm to the crowd, and remember when he was a hero there as well.

    Looking down their list of front office — saw a couple of former Dodgers there:
    Brad Ausmus, Mark Loretta — both late in their playing careers.

    So — maybe this is their time. Right now they are on a roll — gee, could the L.A. Dodgers ever do this this, THIS season??

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Fire, don’t fire, I don’t care. For me the overriding reason this team hasn’t performed is because for practically the entire year we have not had the lineup we expected, nor the pitching we expected.

    Kemp has underperformed, probably due to a shoulder that should have been repaired last August or September, and now he’s out of the lineup with another hamstring. Hanley has been out the entire year, save a few games, and Ethier has simply underperformed. Throw in Billingsley (not totally unexpected), Lilly (also not totally unexpected), an injured Greinke (probably still not performing at his best), and you have a prescription for disaster.

    I don’t care what Guggs paid for the team, because I’m sure they concluded that overpaying assured that they would get the team, and allow them to make zillions going forward. And with the new TV deal set to kick in next year, they will. And let’s not forget everytime we complain about the money, that Yasiel Puig is a part of that spending. And so are the gaggle of international players this team has signed, whose names we won’t know for a while. Maybe there have been some early missteps, but I like the direction this team is likely headed in the years going forward, when I expect that they will finally have a productive farm system contributing to the mix. In the meantime, I expect that there will be some trades, and other player moves, and perhaps the Dodgers will flex some of their financial muscle and take on a large contract or two. And yes, they will likely look to add over the winter via free agency and trades.

    Maybe the Dodgers will get incredibly hot going forward, or maybe this will just turn out to be one of those years, and we’ll have to wait until next year to get back a fully healthy Kemp and Ramirez. Maybe Mark is right (I doubt it), or maybe this is just a bump in the road.

    Of all the things Mark mentioned, the one I think that has the most validity concerns the medical staff. That I think is something that will have to be looked at closely. Just too many hamstrings, and too many players coming back too early from injuries. And maybe it’s not just the trainers and Stan Conte. What about Dr. El Attrache? Maybe he’s part of the problem, maybe not.

    I’m not overly confident about the remainder of this season, because there are still too many things that have to suddenly go right. But I am confident in the long term outlook, and confident that the people in charge will know how, and do everything necessary, to fix the current problems. Of course, I’m not ruling out a strong run this season, but I’m simply not confident enough to rule it in.

      • Badger says:

        Agree. Well said.

        A lineup with Crawford, Ellis, Kemp, Gonzalez, Ramirez, Ethier, Uribe, and AJ – provided they are all doing what it is they are capable of doing – is actually pretty damn good. By the time the All Star break rolls around, we should have all those guys back. It might take a few weeks to get into a team rhythm, but I still say it is absolutely possible. We just need to hang around until everyone is back.

        And that is why I have been patient with Donnie. No manager out there could take the lineups he has had and win consistently with them. Not with back-ups. Not in this league.

        Big stretch of division games around the corner. When that stretch is done, we will know more about our team.

  23. jerry says:


  24. Mark Sweeney says:

    Well over the last 10 games the Dodgers went 4-6, wow much better than I thought, feels like they went 2-8. They look bad, they play with no enthusiasm, you can’t tell they are having no fun. Then throw in some blown games by the pen, some mismanaged games and very little offense and you got a team that looks like they are on a 2-8. So I guess we should be glad with the results. This team is getting to the “unwatchable, no entertainment value” catagory.

  25. Mark Sweeney says:

    that would be “can tell”. Damn missing edit button. I bet Guggenshiser would have an edit button if they ran this site, lol

  26. Drew says:

    Jody Reed cost us a hall of fame pitcher, so his name is mud in my opinion.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    In a word, NONSENSE. The one thing that this new regime did was to bring in a bunch of new people to shore up their international scouting, and I also believe that the Dodgers have beefed up their scouting department. The problem prior to this past year was the unwillingness of McCourt to spend any money on international talent (the Dodgers ranked dead last in that category in the last couple of years of his ownership). And also, the Dodgers generally had late draft picks. Let’s see what happens over the next several years before we jump to conclusions.

    “Big stretch of division games around the corner. When that stretch is done, we will know more about our team.”

    Badger, I agree. I haven’t lost hope, I’m just skeptical as to whether or not players like Kemp, Crawford and Hanley can pick it up sufficiently in the second half for the Dodgers to make a run. Then again, they are not all that far out, and teams have made up a lot more in lot shorter time. In the end, hope springs eternal. After all, the Padres have recently picked up a lot of ground almost overnight. It happens.

  28. Quasimodo says:

    Somebody, what is the condition of Crawford? It almost feels like he’s not a Dodger, but I know better. Just not getting the news passed or updated rather. Hope Kemp is practicing off the tee. At any rate the DL list isn’t as long and there really is a chance things could get hot, actually its most likely things’ll get going. Guess one way to word it that remain always true is ‘the future ain’t what it used to be’.

  29. Gonzo says:

    I too think there is a run in this team when the starters are back. I don’t expect a ring this year, but I am willing to give the owners a mulligan this year.

    Donnie will be OK when he is let go. The Yankees always help their own, so I see him working as an advisor or some other role for them. As for Ned, if Kasten who I believe is a legit baseall man keeps him I will lose some respect for him.

    Now as for the trade with the BoSox, I was excited and nervous when very little money came back to LA. Looking at the big picture I prefer this scenario and arm chair GM’s second guessing the move which is a baseball related versus the articles that reported McCourt was out of money and could not pay the players. Very rarely does an ownership get it right their first year. One example is Mark Cuban he invested in the team and facilities and eventually his team became competitive and won a championship.

    Walter and Johnson are in the business of making money and they are very good at it. I truly believe that the nrw owners wanted to put butts in the seats and stop the bleeding until they get the minors fixed. If you look at at all the contracts like kemp, ethier, gonzalez and crawford they all end around the same time. Right about the time that the minor leagues should be ready to contribute.

    Another person I’d add to the fire list would be Logan White. I think he has messed up on his picks more often than not. But it makes no difference to me if he stays or goes. He is not GM material, yet and may never be. The last places that he has interviewed with for a GM position have passed on him.

  30. AnewBlueDay says:

    Mark, I am surprised you have not suggested a trade near and dear to you . . .

    Dodgers trade Donnie to the Red for Dusty Baker. Maybe have to throw in two lower AA an A players to the Reds —

    But Donnie’s roots are close by and Dusty was a great Dodger.

  31. Evan Bladh says:

    Ah Mark, you’ll be back writing about this team of misfits because like all of us here reading and commenting, we’re freaking addicted to these idiots. I’m not sure what it is, but when I see those crisp white home unis with the “Dodgers” script across the chest, I can’t help it, I tune in. We’ve endured ’67, ’68, ’79, ’92 and ’05, the 25 years without a pennant, the Newscorp fiasco and the McCourt debacle. We’ll weather through this one. All the right chess pieces will never be in place. Never have been, never will but I’ll continue this masochistic self-inflicted torture session and will tune in to continue watching the train wreck unfold in the Bronx this week.

    Oh, and to Gonzo, who wants to fire Logan White. Let me just say, “Are you KIDDING ME?” Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton, James Loney, Russell Martin, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, Aj Ellis, Yasiel Puig. Major Leaguers all. His track record is amongst the best in the game.

  32. Badger says:

    Interesting take Evan. And, where you been?

    I think a lot of teams get the first round right. But it’s the subsequent rounds that I wonder about. I would only give White a C as far as his drafts.

    There are a lot of misses in these drafts. And if you look at the top 100 prospects over the last several years, including this year, you don’t see any Dodgers at the top of that list. Maybe with an owner that is more willing to invest in international scouting, as Brooklyn pointed out, White will be more successful with getting some depth into the organization. btw, Puig wasn’t drafted and it’s not like White discovered him. Every team had him scouted, we just out-payed everybody else.

    I agree that it might take longer than we had hoped. I also agree that getting those guys from Boston was an effort to get people back to the park. And it worked. Chavez was a freakin’ ghost town at the end of last year. Now? We lead all baseball in BIS.

  33. Rob says:

    Let’s not play another game because we just gained a 1/2 game in the standings.

  34. Badger says:

    Very tight at the top of the West. We are 6 games back in the loss column. We can make some hay starting soon.

    It can be won people. We can do this.

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