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I’m just enjoying a peaceful evening

Sitting on my deck… enjoying the night and no drama.  Come on down and enjoy the night.

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124 Responses to “I’m just enjoying a peaceful evening”

  1. Mark Sweeney says:

    Dave you are the man, love it! Some get it some don’t, keep the faith brother.

  2. Badger says:

    Get what Mark’s Weenie?

    btw, why do you let him get away with that Mark? It’s out there for everyone to see, and…. oh well. It’s your “weenie”. If you don’t mind, why should I?

    I was enjoying the day too, watching the NBA Finals until Dave lost his mind.

    Back to it.

  3. Badger says:

    Hey, am I seeing early signs that maybe the NBA wants this series to go 7 games?

  4. the truth hurts says:

    Badger, you crack me up….the “wtf” comment was 100% justified.

  5. the truth hurts says:

    In the 90′s growing up I looked at the NBA as a different game then it is today, I enjoyed Jordan and the old timers. Not sure why…..but I can’t get into it now. It seems so…..I can’t find the right word.

    Mark, I like the fire and tiki torch touch. What is the address?

    • Badger says:

      I grew up a Lakers fan. In the early 70′s I was Nuclear Medicine tech in L.A. and had a doctor friend with season tickets, 5th row, right behind the opposition bench, and another tech friend with tickets mid court about half way up. I went to quite a few games back then. Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Gail Goodrich, Wilt, Happy Hairston, Pat Riley…. that was a fun time to be a Laker fan. Or is it Lakers fan? I played some, but not in high school. I played a lot in the Los Alamitos Air Base gym. Pick up games against other neighborhoods. Jungle ball for sure. Same with intra-murals in college.

      Yeah, nice back yard Mark. Why don’t you fly truth and I in and we can burn the place up with a bar-b-que.

  6. the truth hurts says:

    Jerry West 5 rows back ain’t bad! Ya Mark, fly us in….

    Is Crawford still 2 weeks out?

    What is Kemps deal?

    Is Hanley going back on the DL?

    IS AJ Ellis activated?

  7. Dave says:

    oh my badger were you oppressed upon for heavens sake nut up and stand for something !

  8. Quasimodo says:

    I’m the one who stands for nothin….and proud of it!

  9. Quasimodo says:

    Suspensions to be handed out tomorrow. Hope the DL’s only get fined. Seems likely Kershaw will get one Greinke as well. My guess at least 5 others. Boo!

  10. Badger says:

    Atta boy Quas. No thyself.

    Dave, not sure if you are bustin’ my chops or you are just kinda thick.

    I stand for the people. I am against paying trillions for wars and for a free education for anyone who is willing to work for it. (More on that in a minute). I am for feeding all children. I am against corporations doing whatever they want to our environment without paying taxes. I am against campaign finance organizations filing as 501C corporations. I am against bombs and for more public transportation, roads and bridges. (And we had better do some dam maintenance or we will be paying for it soon.) I am against giving tax breaks for the wealthy and I am for a single payer health care system. Every other forward thinking nation in the world offers it, we should too. And I am definitely against giving health care to any politician that is trying to bring down the ACA. I am for vegetarianism and against cruelty to animals. I am for sobriety. I don’t like what banks are getting away with and I do like snorkeling in clear warm ocean water with lots of colorful fish. I am against a fossil fuel economy and for Natural Capitalism. ( I am for a form of public service draft system. I know that may sound odd, but if we had more people being drafted into some kind of service, we would have more national push back against these bullshit wars. With 2 years of service, comes your free 4 year education.

    And I am against beanballs.

    Hows that?

    I think you are right about the suspensions Quas. The dbacks pitcher was the instigator, but the Dodgers definitely were the aggressors on the field. They were pummeling the snakes and had ‘em pushed back to their own goal line.

    I need some coffee. And, it’s a hike day. We have to get it done before 7 or it’s too damn hot out there.

    Good morning to all. Even the crotchety ‘sweenie.

  11. AnewBlueDay says:

    Badger, well said.

    Also, can you fix up these senior military and political so called leaders on the sexual mishaps of aggression that has been pushed under the table by these leaders — as the good-ol’-boy system !!

    • Badger says:

      Tough subject Roger. I can’t do a thing. But I do know when I was in there was talk of women in combat and to the man we all said “no freakin’ way”. I believe women were different then. Anyone who has served in a combat job knows what I am talki

      Zero tolerance has proven to be b.s., but it had better change. I just wonder how you can have young men and women being taught incredible aggression, and then expect them to not be aggressive when it comes to those overwhelming biological desires once the training has taken it’s natural and expected course. Those who have been in the military know what I am talking about.

      I understand through reading about this that there are nearly as many men being abused. I wonder how that works. I never looked at a sexually aggressive woman as abuse. Maybe men are different now. I don’t know. I just hope they get it sorted out so we don’t have to keep hearing about it. We got other things to focus on.

  12. Badger says:

    Anybody see the Sheehan article in SI? He makes a compelling argument on batting your best hitter second in the order.

  13. Mark Sweeney says:

    I haven’t read a post from the amazing asshole known as Badger, but I couldn’t resist today, knowing the recent posts must be burning his pea-sized brain to cinders.

    Asshole, didn’t you have a lot to say to Roid about getting on Dave. Now you go calling him thick and all sorts of various insults because he happens not to subscribe to your bullshit? You are a totally disingenuous asshole. You have no honesty in your body. You only have the consistency of being an asshole. I pity you. You are the lowest form of life.

    And sorry to inform your perverted little pea-sized brain, my moniker has no sexually reference to Timmon’s junk, pull your head out your ass and the gutter.

    Now, I will go back to skipping over all of your posts, which I find quite enjoyable. You ain’t worth a piss, let alone reading your vile, self-serving, arrogant posts. Post away, reference me all you want, but know this they ain’t being read by me. I don’t associate with punks and assholes, so have a great time. You are pathetic, damn I feel sorry for your family. You are a miserable and lonely man, which explains why you must post in here 10 to 1 to any other poster. Get a life asshole!

  14. Watford Dodger says:

    Oh dear – just checked and we’ve got a few off days coming up – does that mean Mark’s gonna stir you all up again!
    Maybe a thread on abortion or Syria to cheer us up in these moribund Dodger times.
    Thank f@ck there’s a game to talk about today.
    We’re gonna sweep this series and get on a roll – I can feel it coming.
    4 back by the All Star break & back in the race……

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    Today’s topic will be gay rights for Jewish Pork-Eating Muslim Christain Transgender couples who love George Bush, promote gun control and support Obamacare.

    Have at it!

    Tomorrow we will discuss possessed chickens who lay deviled eggs.

    • Dave says:

      ah thats why i love you mark, your the master of making a great stew and watching you company it it up !!!! keep it coming im hungary !!!!!

    • Dave says:

      Mark im truelly starting to understand the civility in your stew ! but civil it is and honest fare substance ! And having the left drive your civility is all that more impressive keep up the good work ! but extremely enjoying its punch without having to punch ! some are intitled and some are not !

  16. Quasimodo says:

    Good morning men, strange topics again this morning. If a young man of, say 25 years, from the 50′s (my father, perhaps yours as well) was dropped in the middle of these discussions, I think we might want to take note. Even more so with my grandfather, a decorated WW1 vet who’s life span stretched earlier that Wright Brother’s and beyond Neil Armstrong’s 1st step on the moon. I think what would shock them more than anything would be this thing called the internet. They we’re men that were easy to talk to, and at the same time took insults very seriously. Kids these days with these keyboards aren’t so careful with their conversations. Makes ya wonder what evolution has in store. Simplicity and complication almost mean the same thing these days.

    • Badger says:

      I can remember party lines on the phone, 3 black and white t.v. channels, wax lips and 19 cent gas. I was 21 when they landed on the moon. I wonder what else I will see before I check out.

      It’s an off day. This stuff happens.

      “Today’s topic will be gay rights for Jewish Pork-Eating Muslim Christain Transgender couples who love George Bush, promote gun control and support Obamacare.” McTimmons

      I’m for all of it. And you can smoke weed while doing it. Freedom.

  17. Dave says:

    Damn badger i had ya pegged to a tee , but your thicker than i thought my bad !!!!!! Dont let the wind knock ya over !!!!

  18. Bobbie17 says:

    It seems like each new road trip is another chance to show the team is different than we think. A new chance for Fife to be good. A chance to see of Yas can play on the road and against an endless number of inside pitches. A chance to see if someone else is any good. A chance to see if Kemp comes back any different. I’m looking forward to it??????

  19. Quasimodo says:

    After I take my last breath, I’m gonna invite Will Rogers to a poker game and introduce him to Adolph Hitler just to see if I can throw a monkey wrench in his saying “I never met a man I didn’t like”

  20. Dave says:

    The thing that troubles me most badger is you actually have some good points now and then , but when your confronted or challenged there always seems to be a stench of arrogance in your point that tends to really undermine you , its ok were all human and im for the people and all but some how the people thing comes across about you !

    • Badger says:

      So what you are saying is, I bring out the worst in you.

      Yeah, I can see that.

      I don’t expect people to see eye to eye on everything. But when confronted by name calling, I often will return in kind. Mark’s Weenie is a good example of that. Now it’s you.

      fwiw, you do not “have me pegged”. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. We are personalities in a chat room typing away from the safety of our caves. If we sat down at a table, I am sure we would do just fine. Timmons and I have been disagreeing about things for over a decade, but I always look forward to the next time I get to see the big guy. I forgive him his f’d up politics and he forgives me mine. When we get together it’s always about Dodger baseball. I mean….. Dodgers baseball.

  21. Bill Russell says:

    I have been working a lot and haven’t checked in for awhile, however this place appears to have gone crazy. Just sayin

  22. Quasimodo says:

    Lol, Hi Bill, its was really good seeing on TV the other day. Hope it was fun for you. Old hat to some degree, I’m sure. But you’re a big part of the product ‘Better Times’ and have my most respect. You’re on a list that includes many greats, men like Roy Rogers (knew him) Bob Dylan (nobody knows him) and…..well, hope you had fun.

  23. Badger says:

    “Roy Rogers (knew him)

    I met his wife.

    “Bob Dylan (nobody knows him)”

    You mean Bobby Z? Good kid. Strange kid, but has some talent.

    “however this place appears to have gone crazy.”

    No more than usual Bill. Every now and then Mark deliberately takes a bat to this beehive. We’ll survive. We always have.

  24. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, ‘Blood on the Tracks’ is an album I could hear everyday and never get sick of it. It doesn’t matter in the least what Dylan was trying to say, for me it has my own personal meaning. Ry Cooder’s version of ‘I Think Its Gonna Work Out Fine’ is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard. I’ll bet Beethoven listens to it daily. Its so perfect that it had to be an accident. It was worlds different from Ike & Tina turner’s version. Suspensions just in, all in all pretty standard and not as damaging as I feared. Surely not to be regretted. Appears the MLB statement didn’t let politically correctness get in the way of rational.

  25. Quasimodo says:

    Actually I’m proud of MLB’s choice. Especially where it came to Greinke. Even the umpires knew Greinke’s action was called for. Bully for Torre!

  26. Badger says:

    Hwy 61 Revisited, Bringing It All Back Home and Blonde on Blonde. The albums of my youth. Could not choose. “One of Us Must Know”, “She Belongs to Me”, and “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. I got MANY Bob Dylan favorites.

    I saw Ry Cooder with David Grisman at the Russian River Blues Festival about a hundred years ago. What a day.

    I am ok with what MLB did, though you know I would have given Kennedy many more days. That’s just 2 starts. He deserved more.

  27. Quasimodo says:

    Like tonight’s lineup! HanRam’s in, Puig back in lead-off. As much as enjoy the games at home, not having to wait the 3 hours is cool when their visiting in the east.

  28. Quasimodo says:

    Yes, I know Badger, but it ain’t over till its over. And its far from over…..well, maybe it is. Can’t let that bucket list get too big.

  29. Bball says:

    Finally they dfa Hernandez. Hallelujah

  30. Quasimodo says:

    That’s a little harsh when he hasn’t been the largest liability and has been an asset more than once. But I’ll agree he’s not my choice as a fit on the team. His career is pretty full and that should be enough. So I’ll just say thanx and happy trails.

  31. Mark Sweeney says:

    Good to see Puig back in the lineup, batting first is a good thing for this team for the time being. His bat needs to get up to the plate as many times as possible. If we ever get it going, it will be better to bat him in 3 or 4 hole. HamRam is a good thing too, we need all the clutch batters we can get. Something has to be done about Cruz, he really needs to have as few as at bats as possible, unless you want to just help the other team field pop-ups. Cruz is amazingly bad, I have to admit it, last year was a fluke.

  32. Badger says:

    I don’t think it’s harsh Quas. FedX could have done what Hernandez did and for a lot cheaper. We needed other things, not another back-up catcher. Harang has 2 complete game shutouts and a 1.2 WHIP with Seattle. Those SO would have come in handy for us. Yeah, he is an inconsistent pitcher, but, he is an innings eater.

    Cruz is indeed not good. He had a couple of good months last year and folks went ape over it. We can and should do better.

    Oh please HanRam, be careful but knock in some runs.

  33. Dave says:

    Its all good with me badger , neither opinion matters i just care and yours to you has the only true value of any opinion , thats fine it all makes the world go around , keep the faith what ever that is !!!!!

  34. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, I was addressing Bball’s comment. And in no way was it said to berate it either. Actually Fedex and Hernandez had very similar numbers and in A.J.’s absence I’m happy Hernandez was at hand.

  35. Dave says:

    ya badger that is my problem it always has been cause i care too much ive always believed in something much much greater than i!!! i could go into alot about baseball players in what i feel in them talent gone awry with self inflicted nonsense ! someone or something needs to reach and find there balance , hamilton prime example, steve ames all spit and vinegar over achiever always finds a second gear!!!! my belief system is , im a hand shake guy if i say ill be there ill be there, and i go above and beyond its the right thing to do , what the hell is are belief system now as a whole there is none , if somebody doesnt like god they sue yada yada yada you no where im going its very very progressive stuff that is sinking the ship and i am willing to stand and fight for the soul of what this country was built on bottom line its respect and understanding . I no you dont agree but thats what saddens me cause i no you did but youve given up , you caught the virus of the death of america , ya i care about my kids and my future generations thats just the way it is plz respect my outburst cause i care , respecting the game of baseball means more than you no , i had a hard time even listening to some of the things i herd initially on this site cause i didnt believe in alot of cases , most dont really truelly understand this game and its true challenges , baseball is exactly like life , ya im a son of a bitch cause i care !

    • Badger says:

      Are you assuming I don’t believe in God because I am a progressive?

      Why in the world would you make that leap? Where did you see me say ANYTHING that cause you to make such a ridiculous and unfounded assumption?

      Could it be there is a screw loose here buddy? The above sounds to me like the ravings of a mad man. You may need some help.

      You say you are willing to stand and fight. I DID stand and fight! Did you? Or are you just saying you are willing?

      I have my opinions on what I think is wrong with this country and it begins and ends with GREED. Look where we are. Getting ready to go into yet another war. Why? Because there is good money in it and our politicians are owned by lobbies. The people have spoken. 85% want some kind of gun registration. It doesn’t happen. 76% want a public health care system. Our Congress, who should be focusing on the people, are wasting hours trying to take apart the ACA and NOTHING gets done. The people have spoken. They elected a black president. Get over it Tea Party. Everybody wants the children fed, 89% are NOT satisfied with our education system, our bridges are failing, our roads are collapsing, and we are in some cases decades behind in maintenance on our buildings and city structures.

      This country needs to re-prioritize and what we seem to always want to do is throw more money at war.

      And I absolutely positively 100% believe in the creator. I may not have the same look at spirituality that you do, but I happen to believe in freedom of religion. “Buddha said there are many paths to the top of the mountain.” I believe he was right.

      Here’s something else I 100% believe in:

      We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      I took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Did you? I put my ass on the line, got wounded in combat twice and contracted malaria. Did you?

      Would you please stop with this stuff Dave. The site isn’t enhanced with these squabbles.

  36. Dave says:

    you see badger its just a bobby knight moment from me to you cause i care how many americans really understand what knight stood for ?????

  37. Mark Sweeney says:

    Dave, don’t sweat it with Badger, he is a disingenuous asshole. He is as you saw it, it can’t take any disagreement with his views,he really isn’t capable. He is a miserable sort of scum that tries to paint himself as a victim, just watch he does it every time. He doesn’t have one redeeming quality. So skip his posts, they are just piles of dung not worthy of anything but a flush. However since he posts 10 to 1 (needs a life and friends) you will need to flush often.

    Asshole, you are a winner, a real winner. You are to be pitied, and you are.

  38. Badger says:

    All we have in here is opinions. Nobody is an authority.

    I value a lot of opinions in here. Not yours Mark’s Weenie, but many others.

    Some don’t know how to express their anger without name calling nor control what little civility they own. Might have been bad parenting, who knows.

    I think just about any AAA catcher could have done what Hernandez did. We got 98 innings of 0 dWAR back-up catcher for a #5 starter. Maybe that’s all we could get. But, Seattle is benefiting, and we are not. Not only was Hernandez not all that good, he came with a 3 million dollar contract, so it was yet another salary dump taken on by the Dodgers.

  39. AnewBlueDay says:

    So the Dodgers got engaged the other night — and are to tear into baseball with a passion — because of the D-Backs rucks.

    So, when does this start?

    Or, are the Pittsburgh Pirates too good of a team?

  40. Badger says:

    After 8 we are 4 for 26. 3 singles and a double.

    Fife only 5 innings.

  41. Jason says:

    Pop out.

    Can’t watch any more of this shit.

  42. Bobby says:

    We suck

  43. Rob says:

    The story of our season, get two guys on and no outs but they never move. We suck big time!!!

  44. AnewBlueDay says:

    Well, the guys are fired-up. Yes, sir.

    Dodgers just, just looked like . . .

    I switched over and watched an Esther Williams film; she died the other day. Must pay my respects . . . the film was great.

    . . . but the guys were fired-up . . . I mean the Pirates. Heck, they are playing around .600 baseball; Dodgers under .430.

  45. Dave says:

    ya no sweeney your right hes a mindless piece of dung , wrapped in his Ora ! my bad !

  46. Dave says:

    my bad badger sweeney is right ill ignore your self serving bigotry ! you have the bug worse than i reckoned another lost soul in the clouds ! thought there was a chance of simple interaction of common sense understanding ! be safe badger !

  47. Dave says:

    i never said you were a non believer badger your diggin there i wont bother you any more its a waste !

    • Badger says:

      Maybe you didn’t Dave. I can’t tell what you are saying most of the time. But, you did say I didn’t stand for anything. I tried to tell you what it was I stand for, but, like you say, attempts at honest communication are impossible with some. I’ll ignore you as well. I find that sad, but, necessary.

      Yeah, the Dodgers looked soft again. Could be an ongoing theme until the deadline. Very disappointing when the Pittsburgh Pirates are a better team than the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  48. Mark Sweeney says:

    You’ve made an excellent choice to have nothing to do with Asshole, Dave. Not reading his posts anymore and ridding my body of the Asshole is really like taking a dump. Just blow that shit out of your system. From this point forward Asshole won’t even be referenced to you or others, he will be the nameless and never thought of one. Now I will wipe my Badger and move on.

  49. Dave says:

    ya my attempt to communicate sincerely was never there ! are you that stupid to think people didnt read what you just posted !!!!! your a perpetual scum of the earth duschbag do us a favor stick a knife in your gut and pull , cause how any one cant sincerily see the ‘impossible with some’ quote are clueless , get a fuckin life you piece shit !

    • Quasimodo says:

      Dave, you’re way out of line. I can remember Badger standing up for you for when somebody attacked one of your post. I appreciate the man and what he has to say. About the only thing I don’t care for here is needless attacks for the simple sake to be rude. I’m here to talk with friends whose opinions nearly always differ from mine. And that’s one of the things that Badger can usually provide. I don’t know of anything he’s said to you that warrants the continual disrespect you’re displaying these last few post. Peace friend.

      • Dave says:

        it doesnt have anything todo with me standing up for badger ,show basic respect for people he presents him self as the almighty one , and seems to think hes entitled todo what ever he wants and if one speaks a different direction , he behaves like a victim im calling him on it thats it listen i dont need any of this i enjoy communicating but ill guarantee theres those that dont talk and stay away because of him civility and respect are paramount it would be nice if he tried ! he acts as if hes in control he likes to be the umpire i understand that and mark does too but he needs to be respectful of others i was more than polite but i had enough thats fine i just wont bother any more i just dont like dealing with arrogant bullies i had my fill and let him have it, remember couple jokes he thought they were over the top i called him on it thats my problem im a bulldog to bullies . theres plenty who stay away i probably got special treatment cuss my kids on the dodgers i view life in very simple terms treat others like you would want to be treated but if you cross the line im a fly on shit enough of this nonsense !

      • Dave says:

        Quas thanks for caring your a long standing contributor , we all haft to get along but ill say it one more time non of this would be if badger would understand the line he crosses regularly , show consistency in respect i try damn hard thanx i was way out of line cause he asked for it thats important but he wont get it thats life very sad ! respect is very important !

      • Dave says:

        or it was time to go up and in hard thats just the way it is ! cleansing is good !

  50. Bobby says:

    Damn, we have a crappy team AND men fighting like 12 year old girls on my favorite Dodger board.

    This baseball season really does suck!

  51. Rob says:

    Ok back to baseball fellas. Why is uribe treated like the red headed step child? He has put up good numbers but still has sat the bench a bunch of times. He had a big opportunity tonight with two on but came up short. The lineups are more and more puzzling every day.

  52. Michael says:

    For what it’s worth Badger, I am firmly in your corner and have respected your opinions over the last 3 or 4 years I have been checking in here.

    Probably best not to respond to the obscenity laced diatribes from some of these bigots, it just feeds their hate, of not only themselves but everyone in their orbits.

    • Dave says:

      heartbeat !!!!! ck it mike cause you barking up trees of ignorance ! what have these things become ????? diatribes are fueled by laced bigotry from pure ignorance of understanding in your corner of common sense and your last statement just clarifies the utmost in your bigotry of standing for nothing but hate . you love to punch but cant stand the heat of any form of good communication and your way is the only way ! yes your the problem ! your the one that loves to entice !the hate !

  53. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t get it. I thought today’s lineup looked pretty sturdy. Is it just clubhouse poison? You all know how I really like both Ellis’, but both of them today seemed far less disciplined than their usual selves. Hope its just rust that finds a remedy soon. AGon also seems to have fallen in a slump. Damn! This sure sucks. Somebody let the Dodgers know that playing like this has an affect on millions of people’s lives. Wonder if they care?

  54. jerry says:

    elis as a catcher is not a good as fed x..not talking about hitting…seem like every day a ball get by ellis wheater it is his fault of the pitchers.,but it get bye him…yes he has a good arm…but he dont block the balls as good..

  55. Badger says:

    It might take Hanley a few games. And we still need Kemp, Gonzalez and Ethier to do what it is they do. Until they are all in there bashing we might be just a collective team of singles hitters.

    Locke is good. Fife appears good enough.

    Very strange thread. My apologies for my part in it.

  56. Badger says:

    Anyone read the Letters to the Editor in the Times? Not a lot of love for Mattingly or McCourt being expressed.

    Any opinions on the NFL coming back to L.A.?

  57. Pete M. says:

    Really havent missed NFL…Became/still a and enjoying my long distance relationship… Would rather budget my money towards LAD baseball…AFL, ST, reg season games and God willing a road trip (Philly this year)… Can’t forget hanging in Bishop, Ca. trying to find trout that wish to perish…

    • Badger says:

      I always figured the Rams would be back. For me they never fit in St. Louis. But, the owner is from that area so he just might keep them there. What a homecoming that could be though.

  58. Pete M. says:

    Good to see HanRam blister the ball… Those balls will find a hole soon…

    • Badger says:

      I didn’t know he did. Just looked at box score and saw an 0fer.

      Andre Ethier has had a 3.3 or better WAR 4 out 8 seasons. His career OPS is .829, this year, at age 31, it is hovering at .681. What is wrong with him? Too old or too much money impeding his ability to ball?

  59. AnewBlueDay says:

    These guys keep playing like professional baseball players who don’t understand the possibility of winning, or care to win.

    Kind of like — we will lose the game one way or another.

    Very few times this season do they step up . . . and go beyond themselves.

    They look overmatched by average pitchers, by pitchers without much major league experience, and even should not be in the majors pitchers getting a start.

    The Dodgers are now solidly one of the dog teams in the major leagues.

    In the National League, only 4 other teams out of 15 are playing worse than the Dodgers:

    Chicago Cubs 27-38 .415
    Milwaukee 27-39 .409
    New York Mets 24-38 .387
    Miami 20-46 .303

    In the American League only 1 teams out of 15 is playing worse than the Dodgers:

    Houston Astros 24-44 .353

    Today the Dodgers play again at Pittsburgh, and the Dodger ace Clayton is starting. Against a TBA Pirate pitcher.

    Oh, way to go Uribe, on swinging at that ball in the dirt with 2 runners on base late in the game last night. Way to have that hitting eye.

  60. Quasimodo says:

    Ya know, whatever bug bit the Dodgers might of bit me too. I woke up a few minutes ago and came here out of habit rather than interest. Seems that Dodgers are just going through the motions and take their ups simply because its their turn. Hard to be a passionate fan of a team that plays without passion. 2.5 months of continual let down is not worth much. I’ve read books that started really good and halfway though the story turned to shit and further reading simply became a chore. I used to finish those books. Later I found it better to give up on books that weren’t enjoyable regardless of how far I’ve traversed into the story. Am I reading the 2013 dodgers simply hoping the story gets better? It sure ain’t a good read so far.

  61. Mark Sweeney says:

    I suspect we might see the Dodgers as sellers and not buyers at trade deadline. Blow out the grud, remove manager and GM before next season, start with a semi-clean slate. This team is so poorly constituted, it doesn’t really make much sense to be buyers this season. However, in order to get Kershiser to stay, I think they are going to have to show them their gameplan for the club and convince him they are going to not only be willing to get players (they have already shown they will spend) but that they have a true plan for baseball success and will be willing to make the necessary changes from top to bottom in the organization, sorry Mark that will not include firing Magic as an owner, lol.

    Here’s an oldie but goodie:

    No, I don’t play basketball, but I do have a magic johnson!

  62. Mark_Timmons says:

    When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading!

    A few of you need to lighten up before I put a booti. Your a$$!

  63. Mark_Timmons says:

    Spellcheck. Boot in your a$$

  64. Badger says:

    Interesting take Quas. I will give a book about 15 pages to grab my attention. Most writers know this and make an effort to take it to full speed when the gate is open.

    A baseball season is a different animal. It’s a tale of two halves. I think it’s absolutely possible we could be sellers at the deadline, but I don’t agree that this team is poorly constituted. I know sweenie will likely think I am just being an antagonist to his POV, but it isn’t about him. I maintain what I always have. If the starting lineup that was meant to be on the field was actually on the field and playing to their respective ability, we would be in the hunt and possibly in first place. Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez have been mostly absent. Andre Ethier has yet to hit. I am still willing to wait until these guys get back on the field together. I am not one to mail it in before the first half is even over.

    If at the deadline we are still in last place…. ok, pull the plug. I just don’t believe that will be the case.

  65. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t disagree with what you’re said Badger. There is always hope till the last minute and it would be great if all of a sudden Dodgers went on a streak with or without players on or off the DL. All I am saying is I woke up this morning less enthusiastic about baseball and found a parallel that I should perhaps consider when being a baseball fan is a continual saga of disappointment. Its only a mood. But a few more days with this mood might make a change in my dietary dose of baseball.

  66. Badger says:

    I get that Quas. Like me you are baseball fan extremely disappointed with how your team is currently performing. Why not just take some time and watch teams that are playing well? I find it therapeutic. There is dome great baseball being played out there.

    Anyone know how Kemp is progressing.

  67. Badger says:

    Smart phones aren’t so damn smart.

  68. AnewBlueDay says:

    Some interesting thoughts above . . . sellers, holders, etc.

    We have been led to believe that ownership of the Dodgers has money or deep pockets. If true, they do not NEED to be sellers. But . . .

    They need to have a plan, of just what the team will look like next season.

    So if they become sellers, and let some players go, that means they are not planning on them next season . . . and best wishes to them or that player.

    But at some point, they need to make a statement for next season.

    Who will the starters be? Do they pay big $$$ for Kershaw to sign, or let him play out and go. And of the other starters? Can Bills ever come back, or has he really seen his time with the Dodgers end. Please, not another Spring Training with 8 starters and then find that 6 of them go down and not work out.

    Is AGon have enough to be at 1B with expected production? Who just will be that 2B player? Is Hanley really a SS now, and will he every get it back again? Or, is he moved to 3B, or finally bring in a new guy.

    The Dodgers have an outfield problem: Crawford (still injured), Kemp (still injured and not effective), Ethier (still ineffective), Puig and force to be, Joc Pederson might step up — and there are others. Or go get a real centerfielder and let the chips fall where they may on each side

    The Pen needs re-worked . . . same with the bench.

    So — if they do not need to be sellers in July — they DO NEED TO BE PLANNERS and stop this un-controlled drop to the bottom of a deep hole.

    So what is the plan??? God, I hope that someone is in the planning room with a computer and a plan has begun.

  69. AnewBlueDay says:

    Puig looked like Kemp up there in the 1st inning — striking out with a ball that went out of the zone.

    Maybe he has been swinging early the in count — because he does not want to be in a 2 strike situation.

  70. Badger says:

    5 Ks in 6 outs? Who is Cumton?

  71. Badger says:

    Ethier shows up.

    I see the streak on its way.

  72. Rob says:

    Poor Kershaw, the guy pitches great for three straight games and the pen has blown it everytime.

  73. Bball says:

    Does it even effect anyone anymore. I actually kinda expected it.

  74. Badger says:

    Doesn’t seem to matter who we have closing.

  75. Watford Dodger says:

    Get League back as closer. (Joke )

  76. jerry says:

    3 to 1 leed gone again..would of left the young kid in ..bad choice s ..

  77. Rob says:

    Time to clean house come the allstar break.

  78. Rob says:

    Does anyone have faith in League? Will 2 runs be enough?

  79. Mark Sweeney says:

    I’ve been ringing that bell for a while, Rob. They really look foolish just sitting around hoping for great results, same old same old will only get them the say old same old.

  80. Rob says:

    Bad call by the first base ump Mark, not a good start.

  81. Rob says:

    Keeping the ball down just bad breaks.

  82. Rob says:

    Bad form AJ, gotta block that.

  83. jerry says:

    i said it today of yesterday ..that a ball seem to get away from A J every single game..i like fed X

  84. Rob says:

    He fucking did it!!! Hip hip hurray!!!! Let’s have a parade for our hero Brandon League!!

  85. Quasimodo says:

    Sorry all, guess I’m the one to blame for Dodgers being so far back. I promise to wake up with less baseball enthusiasm for Dodger games in the future. We all pretty much owe an apology to Juan Uribe…..Sorry Juan. And Thanx.

  86. Badger says:

    Ethier 3 for 5 with a run and a ribbie. I’m feeling a streak. Get him going, get Kemp back, get Crawford back, Uribe in a contract year …. could be a fun second half.

  87. DodgerDude says:

    You guys need to get a life.

  88. Badger says:

    I got one Dude. A good one. Retired early, traveling some, living in a post card, great wife.

    Now tell us why your life might be so much better than ours?

  89. Pete M. says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all of you out there…Enjoy the day…
    Don’t mean to pee on the Puig parade, but maybe Donnie should talk to/rein in YP a lil on his OF play. He has damn near had a collision with Dre twice now in 2 games and believe me, I have no doubt YP wins…Curtail his SB & SLIDING(?) until he can share some time with Maury in the soft pit… His reckless OF play and sliding will end up having hime and others on the DL.

  90. Badger says:

    I have a feeling balls out is Yassy’s style. Put him center. Then all fly balls are his.

    All the walls should be padded. Why do you need a score board on a field? Just my opinion. I’m sure some will have other ideas.

    Anyone remember pitchers being taught to to finish square to the plate with your glove up?

  91. Pete M. says:

    So many key things missing from the game today, complete games and bunting being just a few…
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love the game and its characters… When we constanly whine about Clayton’s lack of support??? It’s a Dodger tradition. Call Sutton or Koufax… Pray a lil to Big D and he’ll send ya a message…

  92. AnewBlueDay says:

    Agree with you Badger.

    When I was young, remember hearing and reading — outfielders were out for weeks and months after crashing into concrete outfield walls.

    That wall in Arizona that Kemp crashed into and finally needed surgery needs to be fixed. And there are others . . .

    Yes — to pitchers being taught to finish square up to the plate and glove up and ready. But watching guy like C-Bills, wanting to throw as hard as he can, and maybe too hard — he: a.) looses control, b.) is not ready to field a ball . . .

    But so many pitchers finish that way — but what do I know, right.

  93. Badger says:

    Koufax and Dyrsdslr finished their careers with 304 complete games. Think about that for a moment.

    Two pitchers get hit in the head and we have to look at ways to prevent this. Finish properly and you have a shot at protecting yourself.

  94. Pete M. says:

    If a young young pitchers release point, mechanics and all that giddy gauz is OK they don’t mess with it. The almighty $$$ prevails… Let us be thankful it doesn’t happen more in the HS and College ranks with the ‘almost like wood’ composites they’re holdin!?!?!

  95. Badger says:


    I need more coffee.

  96. AnewBlueDay says:

    Pete M. — if you remember Sandy & Don’s hay days — we remember that many games were won by just one or two runs — and many times it was not HRs, but bunt singles, stolen bases, Ron Fairly or Tommy Davis driving in those runs with a hit up the middle.

    Nail bitters, game after game.

    I missed the last 3 innings of the game yesterday due to performing a wedding in the woods . . . anyway, when I finally saw the box score — noticed that League gave up 2 more hits in his 11th inning hold/save. Must have caused Donny and Honey many moments of — where is a pill around here.

    Today – Greinke goes . . . been paying closer attention to him and his style, and it leaves some questions. Hearing comments by the other announcers (other clubs) Greinke seems to have a motor mouth that challenges hitters, kind of in their face kind of attitude. And he has thrown close to hitters for years now. And it seems that this mouth and challenging bodies is catching up to him.

    Gee, the guy has great stuff — but maybe he learned to play with the mouth as a way to win earlier in his career.

  97. Badger says:

    Greinke has a diagnosed anxiety disorder. He also appears to have ballz az big az church bellz. I like him. I hope his teammates do too.


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