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Guggs and Company Should Come Clean

You don’t have to drink the Kool-Aid or believe the company line to be a Dodger fan.  If you have kids you know that sometimes they stray the wrong direction and you love them anyway, so don’t try and tell me I’m not a Dodger fan just because I violently disagree with the direction the team is headed.  Let me recap what I don’t like:

  • I think Josh Beckett is likely done as a Dodger and even if he pitches again, it’s unlikely he will be more than a #5, yet he is paid more than our #1.   Any way you slice it, that is a bitter pill for Clayton to swallow.
  • I think Carl Crawford (who is on the DL)  will likely be on it again (at least one more time) due to his arthritic wrist.  He has been a surprise to me so far, but I think he will disappoint before the year is over.  Do you think he’ll start 100 games?
  • I think Adrian Gonzalez has been awesome, but how long will he hold up?  The Dodgers have him for a lot more years.  Hopefully he can play at a high level for two more (at least).
  • I think Mark Ellis, Ramon Hernandez, Juan Uribe, Jerry Hairston, Ted Lilly and Chris Capuano , along with Beckett, Gonzo, Crawford and Gurrier are all on the wrong side of 40… most are WAY on the wrong side… and that is a HUGE problem.
  • I think Matt Kemp is injured and likely will not be be himself until July 2014 (I have great hope in Matt), but he’s young.
  • I do think the catching is in good hands in that FeD-Ex and AJ Ellis can handle the duties without being run into the ground.
  • I think the Dodgers lack an authoritative manager and (I can’t prove this) I believe he interferes with the current hitting coach due to his background.
  • I think Ned Colletti has proven his worth and it is a MINUS!
  • I think it is an absolute disgrace that the team’s spokesman has four or five other jobs that he puts ahead of the Dodgers.
  • I think Guggs and Company thinks fans are stupid when they try to keep their agreement with Frank McCourt from becoming public.  If there was nothing they didn’t want us to know, they wouldn’t try and keep it secret would they?
  • I think the sheer mass of injuries should be considered as a failing of the training staff (CONSIDERED).

Ten Things I Would do if I Ran the Dodgers:

  1. I think Yasiel Puig should play everyday.
  2. I think Joc Pederson should also be called up.
  3. I would play SVS as much as possible.
  4. I would fire Magic Johnson and appoint Orel Hershiser as Team Spokesman
  5. I would fire Ned Colletti and replace him with the brightest assistant GM I could find not named DePodesta.
  6. I would admit that I made some mistakes with Frank McCourt, divulge what they were, ask for forgiveness and move on.
  7. I would fire Don Mattingly and replace him with Jody Reed or Tim Wallach.
  8. I would try and trade Ethier, Mark Ellis and Crawford for prospects and/or Jose Altuve  (it would take $100 million in cash to trade both Crawford and Ethier, but that is the price you have to pay for being stupid rich.  I would also release or cut Punto, Hernandez, Uribe, Hairston and Lilly.  It’s over.  In other words, I would rebuild.  I would call up Withrow, Hererra, Yona, Castellanos and others to see what they can do going forward.  I would think they could get a 3B too – don’t know who?
  9. I would hire the most respected sports medicine organization in the world and have them consult on the Dodgers injuries.  They would then make recommendations up to and including termination of current staff.
  10. I would explain to the fans that we were stupid for doing all the trades that we did and that the Dodger ways will return and we will build from within.

This would be my lineup (today):

  1. Altuve  2B
  2. Pederson  CF
  3. Ramirez  SS
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Puig  RF
  6. Van Slyke  LF
  7. Ellis /fed-Ex  C
  8. Hererra  3B

All of those guys are not the ultimate solution but neither are the guys I want to jettison.  Let’s see what they can do.  Maybe we would end up in last place.  Oh… well!


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27 Responses to “Guggs and Company Should Come Clean”

  1. SpokaneBob says:

    I am glad your not running the team.

  2. Badger says:

    Where to begin.

    I agree with you about the medical staff. I agree with you about Colletti. But much of the rest of that needs some careful examination, for me beginning with the fact Ethier is not mentioned in what is wrong with the offense and you would actually fire an owner. Let me axe you this, can someone who works at US Water Systems fire you?

    Look, many things have gone wrong so far this year, but the same facts still remain, we don’t KNOW how good this team could be because we haven’t SEEN them all on the field at the same time. The second half could go exactly the opposite. You KNOW it’s always how you finish.

    If Kemp is actually taking care of himself he should be back and productive for the second half. Not sure about Crawford. I’ll take the over 100 on him. Beckett is being paid for what he did, not what he is doing. Same is true for Gonzalez but he should be fine for three more years. Ethier is an enigma to me. I am still waiting for that hot streak, and when we see it, it will mean some wins. He will remain overpaid for years, no matter where he plays. And I say again, we will be paying him no matter where he plays. Hopefully when he is here he can start earning his money. He may need a change of scenery. If so, give it to him.

    Our problem has been 3/4 of the middle of our order not producing. We have lost a number of 1 run games and our bullpen leads the league in losses, suggesting to me we have had opportunities to win late and and have had some leads, but they swallow the choad. It may suggest something else to you.

    Some of that stuff you just said is valid, like Colletti and the medical staff. Not crazy about your lineup, but, I doubt that one could do worse than the back-ups that have been in there so far.

    I am waiting to see what is done next. Pederson? Maybe. But I am thinking we need more better pitching.

  3. Mark_Timmons says:


    Majority owners can fire minority owners as employees. They are still owners but not involved in operations. Magic would be an investor and if he didn\’t like it he can sell his stock.

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    Why do you guys ignore the attempted cover up with McCourt\’s role?

  5. Bball says:

    I guess cause no one cares. I no I don’t. As long as they spend I really don’t care if he’s involved or not.

  6. Mark Sweeney says:

    I like Herrerra, he is a hitting machine, whenever I am watching, give him 3B, let’s find out what we really got.

    Magic is probably the least of our concerns, why waste the time trying to axe him and alienate the fans? Makes no sense, you got to pick your battles and trying to fire Magic is more like picking your nose.

    Mattingly has to go and Sned has to go, immediately too, like yesterday.

    McCourt is McCourt, another useless effort when there are much bigger pressing needs for management to deal with. Leave it alone for another time, if ever. Who cares, you may hate him but he made his deals and got paid and positioned himself to get what he is going to get. Stop picking your nose and pick appropriate battles.

    Get Puiged often. Get SVS in there. Get Ethier out of there often, dude needs an attitude adjustment. No more Cruz, No more Uribe, Hang onto Punto.

    Crawford is a real roll of the dice, he may spend some time on the DL, but until he is totally done, you got to ride that horse, adds too much to the offense to not want to hang with.

    Something that Mark didn’t address and really is a huge issue is the bullpen. Move some players that still have some value, like Ethier and get some bullpen help, it sucks donkey down there.

    Training staff issues, I hear that the Balco guys and the Florida Anti-aging Guy are looking for work.

  7. Badger says:

    Mark, what exactly would you fire Magic Johnson from? I mean, other than minority owner, what is his title and responsibility from which you would fire him? And, what exactly has he done to warrant such a PR nightmare?

    Magic is usually pretty busy during the NBA season. Not sure what it is you want him to do for the Dodgers, but, whatever it is maybe he will have more time once the finals are over.

    I don’t know how it was that McDuckbutter was able to weasel his current existence in Dodger business, but I am a bit surprised the Guggs didn’t tell him to hit the bricks as soon as he cashed the check. Nobody wants him around, yet, there he is. They don’t want to talk about it for obvious reasons. He is a stain, and evidently one that wont’ wash out.

  8. Mark Sweeney says:

    Okay I’m warning you all, seat down before you read the next sentence. Donnie has Puig in the lineup again tonight. Okay, what demon has moved into his body. The Donnie I have been watching would never ever keep a young hot bat in the lineup night after night. Invasion of the Donnie-snatchers.

  9. Badger says:

    Love that pick.

  10. Bobby says:

    Never heard of him.

    But I have heard of the Yanks 1st round pick, Fresno St outfielder Aaron Judge!!! Congrats to him

  11. jerry says:

    we all talked about get all are guy in the line up…so now donny sit hanley. i dont like donny one bit.

  12. Idaho al says:

    Our line up tonight. Three rookies, Fed Ex, Puig, and SVS–maybe the best of the group. Cruz, Punto and Schumaker– nothing worth talking about. Either, who is in a slump. The pitcher, who is a pretty good hitter and Agon. Greinke better pitch a good game because he is not going to get many runs.

  13. Idaho al says:

    Mark, I agree with many of your suggestions. I put most of the blame on Colletti. He has no clue on how to put together a team. Mattingly has his hand tied behind his back. However, Mattingly has made some decision that has not helped. I agree, they both need to go.

    I think the medical staff needs a house cleaning.

    I would also bring up Pederson. The first year players and Agon are the only ones producing right now.

  14. Bobby says:

    I’m afraid of League blowing this one tonight.

    We need to score more now

  15. Bobby says:

    I’m not afraid of League blowing this one tonight.

    Puig mania!!

  16. Quasimodo says:

    Send him back down to mature in the minors!

  17. Rob says:

    This Puig guy is a fucking legend already.

  18. Bball says:

    And puig is not here unless guggs and company are the owners.

  19. Quasimodo says:

    Rob, very true! Yep, Q. How long does it take to to become a legend in the majors? A. 5 days.

  20. Watford Dodger says:

    I’m sure his two months of ‘seasoning’ in the minors helped him hit that Slam – not his unbelievable natural ability.

    Think of all those one run games that have got away. If he’d been the 4th outfielder he would have played every night anyway coz of the poor form of Kemp & Ethier plus the need to spell Crawford and also his ability to pinch hit for anyone. Come the end of the season I’ve a feeling we will regret not having him from the start or at least not getting him up earlier.

    I haven’t given up on Kemp as I think this hopefully short spell on the DL may just get him out of the hole he has been in and may just relax him a bit & also not on Ethier as he’s always been a bit streaky and maybe it’s just a longer downturn than usual.

    It means that if we can get those two plus CC back and add them to our surging players Puig, SVS, Shumaker, Hanley & Agon we should score a lot more runs.

    Also good to see Grienke stepping up.

    • dpwtv says:

      Or he could’ve come up here and struggled, gotten booed like they’ve booed Kemp and Ethier. The media and fans and blogs would’ve screamed and lamented how we’re stuck paying this guy 6 million dollars a year for the next 7 years. Simers and Plaschke would’ve ridden him in the locker room and on the paper and the internet. The 21 year old man, with his real first taste of wealth in one of the biggest cities in the world…. can’t handle the pressure and gets caught up in the L.A. nightlife because he’s not able to deal with the adversity. He struggles, gets caught doing something stupid and he’s unable to recover. He becomes the Rick Ankiel of hitting and never regains the confidence he has.

      This could’ve happened just as easily as him being successful from the get go.

      Every single person who makes the majors has natural ability. Playing baseball is hard…. not everyone can do it. You have to hit a round ball with a round bat square coming at you from 60 feet at 90 mph. When your pitching, you have to throw a ball in an unnatural motion that goes against physics over and over again and throw it in a relatively tiny window for it to be called a strike. You have to be able to throw different types of pitches using the same pitching motion over and over again. It’s hard and very few can do it on this planet. It’s why they get paid so much.

      We may have had 4 more wins if Puig had started with the club out of spring training. We could’ve just as easily had 4 less wins than we do now.

      It’s hindsight, not insight. Just as I can’t guarantee that what Watford said wouldn’t have happened, no one else can guarantee, that my scenario wouldn’t have happened.

      I’m really enjoying how well Puig is playing…. and I’ll enjoy it until it stops….. hopefully 20 years from now in Dodger blue, after multiple titles, and a long career with the greatest team on planet earth.

      As far as the Guggenheim-McCourt thing. I don’t give a crap. Make it public, don’t make it public… all the Gugs group has done since they got here is do whatever they can to try and win. Do you think Fox and McCourt did that?

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        … and monkeys could have flown out of his butt and aliens could have abducted him and Jimmy Hoffa could have had his assassinated. That is ridiculous! What if’s are lame!

  21. Badger says:

    “It’s hindsight, not insight.

    Well said man.

    It’s all happening exactly as it was supposed to. We had an outfield that was set. There was no room for an unproven rookie. Now there is.



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