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David Always Beats Goliath!

I find it ironic that when I look at the baseball standings today and I see the San Diego O’Malleys in second place in the NL West with a 38-36 record, just 2.5 games behind Arizona.  By the way, did I mention that they have  a $68 Million dollar payroll?

Contrast that with the Los Angeles Guggenheims who bought O’Malleys’ old team, poured Billions of dollars into the purchase and have a $216 Million dollar payroll.  They are 30-42 and in last place in the NL West, 9.5 games behind the leaders and are among the worst teams in baseball in clutch hitting, defense and bullpen clutch pitching.

Who built this team?  Who is the President?  Who is the GM?   The Manager?    They must be really stupid is what one would have to conclude.

I know most of you are sick and tired of me saying I told you so, but I did and you know it!  Guggenheim knows financial instruments, bonds, stocks, sinking funds, investment banking, insurance and a plethora of products with no heart, no spirit and no soul, which is exactly why they bought an asset like Dodgers.  They have no heart, not spirit and no soul.  Peter O’Malley doesn’t know Guggenheim but Guggenheim doesn’t know O’Malley.

The season is approaching the halfway point.  There are no excuses.  Quit making them.  The Padres don’t complain that they can’t afford to pay more than $68 million in payroll.  They just play… and win!

Peter O’Malley knows that the essence of the LA Dodgers was the Dodger Way to Play Baseball.  He knew that the Dodgers were a team with heart, spirit and soul.  Peter O’Malley had a manager who embodied that heart, spirit and soul in Tommy Lasorda.  Don’t even try and tell me Don Mattingly embodies the Dodgers. Please….

Guggenheim has tried to buy what the Dodgers always stood for, what they always embodied, and in the process Guggs and Company tore out their hearts, disemboweled their spirits and removed their souls.  The LA Guggenheims fit perfectly in with Guggenheims’ soulless, lifeless, heartless financial instruments.

They are a hard team to watch, root for or even love.  The thrill is gone.  An autoposy needs to be performed and the team needs to be buried.  As we speak, Clayton Kershaw is counting the days to free agency!

Money usually corrupts and lots of money always corrupts!

Flash:  David always beats Goliath!


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  1. Badger says:

    “David Always Beats Goliath!”

    I believe Goliath was undefeated until that day.

    There is a point that is being missed here.

    You are a business man. You are supposed to recognize a good business when you see one. Let me axe you a simple question – would you rather own the Los Angeles Dodgers or the San Diego Padres?

    And if you say San Diego, you have much less business acumen than for which I gave you credit. The Dodgers are the second most valuable franchise in all of baseball. The Padres? Second division my man.

    “The Padres don’t complain that they can’t afford to pay more than $68 million in payroll.”

    The Padres themselves may not as they are happy to be playing Major League baseball. But their fans bitch like crazy. Most fans do. Why to you think there is that incessant sophomoric “BEAT LA” chant everywhere you go? Jealousy that their team cannot be as successful as the LA teams are.

    “They are a hard team to watch, root for or even love.”

    Maybe for fans in Indiana. Folks out west love their Dodgers.

    “The thrill is gone.”

    Sorry to hear that. For real fans, the thrill is just on hold.

    “Money usually corrupts and lots of money always corrupts!”

    Something we agree on.

    Now, about that disagreement we had 10 years ago regarding the invasion of Irag. You ready to concede?

    • Joseph Olivas says:

      two thumbs up totally agree I rather spend like our market allows us to. and no matter what I love the dodgers no matter our record I rather have these superstars than not! I also think injuries have been tough can’t exactly judge this team yet…

  2. Mark Sweeney says:

    “They are a hard team to watch, root for or even love. The thrill is gone. An autoposy needs to be performed and the team needs to be buried. As we speak, Clayton Kershaw is counting the days to free agency!”

    Damn I wrote this blog a month ago. Glad someone reads and remembers my posts, lol.

    However, you were right Mark at the beginning of the season and I didn’t see this team being a total abortion and you did. This team really is a disaster with absolutely no heart. Ever seen a person that has dropped to the ground with a heart attack and from all signs looks to have passed on, then someone hits the victim with a defibulator and suddenly that person jolts back to life? This team really needs a defibulator, which I have been touting for months. I’m not talking about a little jolt, that doesn’t do anything, it needs a HUGE SHOCK! A shock that rattles the windows and the building. Puig was a little shock, gave a slight jolt but not enough to save the victim. So what’s a huge shock you ask? I’ve been saying it for two months and here I go again, Mattingly, Sned, and 75% of the coaching staff removed immediately. A wholesale change is in order, HUGE SHOCK fellows, HUGE!!! There you go Mark, you got yourself another blog topic for you to write in another 3 to 4 weeks, LOL.

    Don’t be fooled and think: a little this a little that; everyone comes back healthy; everyone is back in the lineup planned upon at the break of camp is all that it will take, that’s just foolish talk with no grasp of the desperate times the team is in. An oldie but goodie saying comes to mind and applies to this organization ‘Desperate times call for desperate actions’. Hey Mark maybe you can title your blog on this subject with that old saying, LOL. You all know I’m right but just can’t admit it, so bash away (note to Asshole: I really don’t read your posts, they get flushed as soon as your moniker is spotted, which seems to be 10 to 15 times a day, so don’t waste your time, then again waste your time, I don’t give a damn what you do).

  3. Mark Sweeney says:

    Oops, I didn’t think that looked right, it’s defibrillator. Yeah that’s the ticket

  4. Mark_Timmons says:


    Are you talking about the invasion that practically every member of Congress approved? No, I am not sure if it was right or wrong. Get back with me in another 10 years and it might be clearer…

    • Badger says:

      I am talking about the invasion that YOU approved.

      in ten years it will be just as worse as it is right now.

      what about the rest of my post? No comment on that?

  5. BigBlue says:

    I am 50 years old and have lived in So Cal my entire life rooting for the Dodgers. I can honestly say this is the most disappointing and frustrating year that I have ever had watching and rooting for the Dodgers given the enormous expectations coming into this season.

    I watch them almost every night. I laugh at myself because the prior night I am usually so disgusted with what I see I tell myself that is the final game I will watch this season and then there I am the following evening watching them.

    Momentum is a very real thing in baseball and good teams have the necessary ingredients to prolong upward momentum while having the talent to minimize downward momentum. This team, due to injuries and a lack of talent in certain areas (i.e. bullpen) are unable to sustain any upward momentum. That is why their longest win streak is 3 games. This team is horribly constructed. Ned Coletti’s penchant for old…… uh I mean “seasoned” players is the main culprit in my opinion. “Seasoned” players leads to: more injuries, less passion (already have the fat contract) and less ability (i.e. too slow to do the little things like going first to third).

    Last, Mattingly is not the guy. Even if he had the right players to win, his decisions are baffling. Just today I read where is is talking about moving Puig to LF when Kemp returns and then platooning Puig between RF and LF when Crawford returns. This is insanity. Puig is hitting better than any of the other three and he clearly beats out Ethier hands down. However, now Mattingly will move the guy with the best talent / tools to the field that requires the least amount of skill. And once Crawford returns Puig may not even be a starter. Are you kidding me?

    There is so much incompetence at the GM and Manager level that they will never get better until that changes. Guggs & Co are great at managing money and getting maximum performance. Let’s see if they have the ability to transfer that skill to the business of baseball.

  6. Quasimodo says:

    Dodgers are playing bad. They are stepping up to do so. When 2 are on base with 1 out I see a DP coming. And so do Dodgers. Heart, soul or whatever title you insert boils down to Dodgers are playing bad. Tommy Lasorda managed and general managed losing Dodgers. Koufax and Drysdale pitched for losing Dodgers as well. There is poison inside the clubhouse and Dodgers don’t know what it is. Neither do we. They’ve tried to find a solution in several directions that we felt may of been the problem with them as well. Their willing to clear benches, throw blows, take suspensions and even willing to take individual blame. But none of that makes a line drive miss a glove or an infield hit find a hole or a fly ball clear a fence. Talent? Yes. Try showing us!

    • Badger says:

      Quas, Big Blue….

      do you not see a difference happening when Crawford and Kemp get back?

      I sure wish we had a healthy team. We don’t, and rotating guys like Sellers, Herrera, Uribe, Gordon, Castellanos, Punto, Schumaker…. (who am I missing here) has resulted in a record that cannot surprise anyone. You can’t start a lineup with 5 mediocre reserves playing behind a rookie pitcher and expect anything but a Kansas City outcome.

      It’ll get fixed. Maybe not this year, but, it will get fixed. In the mean time, it is what it is. It’s not gonna ruin my day.

  7. BigBlue says:


    I do see the situation improving some when Kemp and Crawford return, however I do not trust them to remain healthy for a prolonged period of time. This goes back to the “construction of the team” comment I made in my post.

    I also don’t trust Mattingly not to make poor decisions such as putting in Matt Gurrier in a tied ballgame. So unless Kemp and Crawford lead to a couple more runs being scored per game I don’t see them having a huge impact on the overall outcome.

    You hit it on the head when you said you won’t allow the Dodgers to ruin your day. It’s just a silly ballgame played by people we do not even know personally. Perspective right?

    Last, this season is cooked. Even if the Dodgers had the best record in baseball going forward, mathematically the numbers just don’t work. They still won’t make the playoffs. Best to be sellers at the trade deadline and make decision that will help them be winners next year and beyond.

  8. William says:

    I was never in favor of this group getting the team. I actually feared something like this. Magic is a basketball fan, he is just here for the money and the publicity. Walter is a money guy who does not know baseball. Kasten was the baseball guy, but he is not much of one. McCourt got to choose whom to sell to. Dennis Gilbert or Cohen with LaRussa ss President, were preferable.

    But here we are. Does anyone here have the knowledge and will to fix this debacle? Fire Colletti. Fire Mattingly. Get the best GM you can get in here, and let him pick his manager. Fire the entire coaching staff, including Honeycutt and McGwire. Get people in here who can actually teach and coach baseball, so that the Dodgers are not a team of error filled bumblers who do not know fundamentals.

    I cannot say for certain what the Dodgers should do in terms of personnel. But I frankly see very few players I would want to keep. Puig, of course. Kemp, with the hope that he can regain his greatness of early last year. Jansen. Kershaw seems necessary, but he really didn’t have that great a year last year, and he is not this year, despire the good ERA. Great pitchers win more games. But what can the Dodgers do, since they have no other totally reliable pitcher?

    I do not like Gonzalez; he has lost much of his power, and he is so slow, batting high in the order. I do not like Mark Ellis, a .260 hitter with no speed or power. I would seriously consider dumping virtually everybody; the problem is that if Colletti makes the moves, we will end up with a bunch of over the hill players and utility men. But this roster needs an almost complete overhaul. These injury prone players will only get worse and have more injuries. The Dodgers desperately need to be able to acquire some players who promise to get better each year, not worse. If the ownership is not willing to get rid of their sunk losses, and spend another $300 million to paper over their mistakes, you are looking at a last-place type team for many years. You can rebuild pretty quickly in baseball–if you are willing to spend, and if you actually know what you are doing. It is obvious that we are not seeing the latter with this ownership.

  9. Badger says:

    Blue makes some good points.

    But, I still say with healthy ballplayers, this team is one player away from making a run. Of course, Crawford and Kemp playing the rest of the way is paramount. If that doesn’t happen, it’s difficult for me, the eternal optimist, to see us catching every other team in the West. We need both of them doing what it is they are paid to do.

    William, firing everybody will put us about 2-3 years from anything that resembles order. I would definitely start with the GM. McGwire? What is he supposed to do with the .260 hitters he has been handed? Turn them into something they have never been? Chavez Ravine is not the place to perform hitting miracles. And I can’t believe you say you don’t like Gonzalez. Geez, what’s the guy supposed to do to earn your respect? He would have 55 rbi’s on his way to 120 on any decent team. He is there to drive in Crawford, Ellis, and Kemp. Haven’t seen a whole lot of those guys this year have we.

    I can see why people have decided to quit on this team. I just refuse to do it. In the mean time, screw the gints, worst of luck to the Pads, may the Rockies always be a .500 team, and may it come down to the Dodgers and the dbacks in the last week of the season.

  10. AnewBlueDay says:

    William, William, William — one does not overhall a roster in today’s baseball world without taking several years to do it.

    IF — they sign a number of free agents over the winter, they draft picks go away.

    IF — they sign more foreign players, it takes awhile for them to move into U.S. major league baseball, language concerns, and all.

    If — they trade, other than Kemp and Hanley, and maybe a pitcher or two, the rest are role players and would not bring much in return.

    So, overhall, takes several years.

    I think Kershaw is gone as soon as he can walk and sign and move.

    AGon is now a nice singles and doubles hitter, with totally no speed.

    Best to San Diego — they are playing amazing baseball, maybe even more fun to watch than the D-Backs. No wait, Goldsmith is really something.

  11. jerry says:

    every one keep say when kemp get back…well i hate to tell you he is not the answer..i believe he is a one yr player that, that will never be the same.

  12. jerry says:

    i have read that some of the other team are starting to make move with there players..but the dodger always wait till all the good one are gone..that why i say dont wait till the dead line.

    • AnewBlueDay says:

      That was the OLD Dodgers.

      The NEW Dodger — made the Boston trade and the Hanley trade . . . just did not work out — so far, that changed the team into winners.

  13. Bball says:

    I wonder what Brian Wilson is up to these days. Worth a look at least with how this bullpen is performing

  14. Gerald Griffith says:

    The Dodgers have all they need to win! They all need to sit down and watch “The Natural”. They have the Natural “Mr. Puig”. Let’s play ball with confidence!

  15. AnewBlueDay says:

    I did not hear of how the scoring went — but looking at the box score from yesterday: San Diego starts a pitcher, but takes him out after two pitches, puts in another pitcher and he throws 4 innings and come out. Key here, is that he did not pitch the required 5 innings for a starting pitcher, since he was a reliever.

    Sooooooooo to get Kershaw a few more wins — start someone in the pen. Then after 2 or 3 pitches, take out that starter (really a pen guy) and put Kershaw in. Let him pitch into the third or fourth inning — let the Dodgers score a few runs — and then bring in others to close the game — and Clayton can pick up some wins.

    See, that is so easy. He could get 20 or 30 more wins. Because he would not be the starter, but reliever.

  16. Watford Dodger says:

    Kemp for Stanton.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “You all know I’m right but just can’t admit it”.

    Badger hit it on the nose. But I’ll take it a step further. There is only one word to describe those words, and it is ARROGANCE. No further explanation necessary.

  18. Gonzo says:

    WHile frustrating to watch, I will never give up on the Dodgers. Players come and go, but memories made watching this team at its best is not enough for me to blast them or say I won’t follow them while they are at their worst. Players will come and go but the name on the front will stay the same and that is why I am a fan. I still give them a pass this year and I know that the problem is not in the big three of Walter, Kasten and Magic. It starts with Ned an his decision making process.

    I believe there is a good young nucleus to build around in Kemp, Krshaw and Puig. Clayton will never wear another uniform unless he is traded there or released. Book it. That kid has good melon on his shoulders and he is loyal.

    Again I prefer to bitch and complain about how Guggs and Co. misspent money rather than bitch and comlain that the Dodgers might be insolvent or that another prized international prospect went to another team because the Dodgers don’t have that type of money to spend.

    While I despise Frank McCourt for what he did to the Dodgers I can’t hate or better yet, don’t care that he still owns part of the parking lots. Guggs and Co. did what they needed to secure the asset they wanted. None of my business as long as the team is competitive. Thats all a real fan wants.

  19. Quasimodo says:

    There’s not a doubt in my mind we’ll see good baseball from Dodgers. There’s also no doubt they’re too deep in a hole to climb out of. 12 games under .500 is a very strong indicator that Dodgers have been playing bad-very bad. Blame GM, manager, coaches, players, trainers owners, karma or whatever. They should be better than they are. Instead they just suck so far. And that’s a fact that I don’t have to guess at.

  20. Mark_Timmons says:

    But they aren’t.

    It is what it is.

    • Badger says:

      And it will be what it will be.

      We don’t know how good they will be when everyone is on the field at the same time. Could be we will get the same results. I can’t make that prediction. Others are willing, but I will wait. Patience is often the key.

      Nobody is running away with the West. Not yet anyway. If one of the good teams busts a move at the deadline to take them over the top, the second half could have a very different look.

      Good call Brooklyn. That guy continues to behave like the a**hole he accuses me of being. How about we just have different takes, express ourselves with respect and quit the 6th grade name calling. Is that too much to ask?

      I responded quickly to Watford’s trade idea. The problem of course is that Kemp is already being paid what the Marlins will be trying to avoid. What they will want in return is 3-4 A/B prospects. A three way could get that deal done, but, who in our organization has the hutzpah to do it?

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know if Kemp and Crawford will be healthy enough this year when they return to help spark a second half run, and I also don’t think firing everyone is the answer to anything. The Dodgers could conceivably make a strong second half push, or maybe they’ll remain mired at the bottom of the division. It could turn out to be just one of those years.

    If it turns out to be a bad year, I wouldn’t use that as a predictor of what to look for going forward. After this season we will likely be saying goodbye to Uribe, Lilly, Capuano, Mark Ellis, and a number of other players I’m not thinking of right now. So no matter what happens, there will be significant changes going into next season. If Kemp and Crawford recover, Billingsley comes back sometime next year, a free agent or two is added, and the team gets healthier in general, it may turn out that things will look a lot brighter than they do now. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. No one is as good as they look when they’re at their best, and no one is a bad as they look when they’re at their worst. The Dodgers are simply not this bad, but trying to convince anyone of that is difficult when there isn’t anything positive happening.

    Money isn’t the problem with the Dodgers, and players generally look like they have no heart when everything is going bad. All in all, I think this ownership has the right approach, but I don’t think that approach includes knee jerk reactions. And I don’t think they’ll act hastily and make changes just for the sake of making changes. But changes may well be on their agenda, but simply not on the same panic schedule as some people around here. If personnel changes are made (wholesale or not), they’ll likely occur after the season, when they have a clearer idea where they should go, and when people not available now become so after the season. For all we know, they’ve made decisions, and are holding off acting on them until after the season.

    And there may be some changes soon, for example, trades, if the opportunity presents itself. But if management has a plan, I doubt if they’ll veer from it just to appease some less than rational fans, or make a move that doesn’t fit their long term plans going forward.

    And when David beat Goliath, it wasn’t the little guy beating the big guy. It would seem that David had a pretty big guy backing him up. And while the Padres are hot now, it wouldn’t take much for them to reverse field. They’ve done this sort of thing in the past only to have it go bad before the year was out.

    I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical about this team. It’s tough to remain optimistic and enthusiastic when everything seems to be crumbling around you. But things will get better. I’m just not enough of a soothsayer to predict exactly when that will happen.

    Roger, I think you alluded to the fact that the Dodgers would lose their first round pick next year if they sign free agents. Actually, if the rules haven’t changed, teams with picks in the top half of the first round (picks 1-15), are exempt from losing their first round pick. They only have to surrender a second round pick, and so on if they sign a free agent who accepts a qualifying offer.

    • Dave says:

      Honestly brooklyn i think the boys feel the season cant get over with soon enough , theres many things awry , mark is right , sweeney hit it on the head, the system needs a positive kick in the ass of belief in what the organization is really doing , direction just isnt there , there faith is adrift in purpose , and there wondering along as individuals that is death to any team , leadership trust admiration, inspiration and the drive to do your part to make it all better its just not there ! clean house ! at this pace of limping along its just a slow death , kill it !!!!!!! find some strength and opportunity else where !!!!! what have you got to loose ?

  22. Quasimodo says:

    Greinke on the mound and Quinten in Padres lineup. I don’t expect that sort of a battle but it still peeks my interest. Friends, while I loudly express my disappointment in Dodgers present situation, Dodgers are still my team and always will be. I’ll watch every game even past the math where its impossible. Sometimes I wonder why?

    • Badger says:

      I know why I remain interested Quas. It’s a long season. There are seasons within the season. Last year on this date the Tigers were 2 games under .500 and the Dodgers were on pace to win 96 games. The Tigers finished in the World Series and the Dodgers won 86. It’s crazy to throw in towels when you aren’t even half way through the season.

      As Brooklyn just said, the Dodgers have the money to fix the system. If it turns out this year isn’t their year, then so be it. The Dodgers are re-investing into an organization that McSewerspume drained. We already have a couple of the new guys up and we will see more in the future. It’s going to get better.

      For now, one game at a time and we send positive healing vibes to Kemp and Crawford. Those two guys at the top of our lineup, along with Gonzalez and Puig and we could become a very tough team to pitch to.

      Now, about that bullpen.

  23. Rob says:

    Kemp and Crawford can’t help the pen or the bad management.

  24. Mark Sweeney says:

    Brooklyn, so tip toe around and just sort of let things just sort of fall into place, is what you are saying BRILLIANT. Let me ask you this, Captain (of the Titanic) would you like us to rearrange the deckchairs? I’m glad you don’t agree with me, it makes me feel much more confident. Hey Genius, exit stage left!

  25. AnewBlueDay says:

    Last year the Giants won the West with 94 wins, Dodgers were second at 86.

    Right now (June 22) last year it was like this:

    Dodgers 42-29
    Giants 39-32

    This season, right now:

    Arizona 40-33
    Padres 38-36
    Giants 37-36
    Rockies 38-38
    Dodgers 30-42 9.5 games out

    So let’s say a team could be in the post season from the N.L. West with 88 wins.

    OKAY, if that would make it . . .

    To get there the Dodgers would have to play the rest of the way with 90 games at: 58-32 for these last 90 games, thus finishing at 88-74.

    Is it humanly possible to go 58-32???

    90 games – and if the big 3 starters went every 5 games, or 18 starts each: Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu – and the Dodgers won 14 those games (even if the pen got some of the victories) that is 42 wins.

    That leaves only 16 more wins from the other two starters with their 36 starts. So in those other starts with the number 4 and 5 starters (who ever they are) go 16-20 —– the Dodgers could get to 88 wins.

    Is that possible? Yes, if there is a complete turn around. But maybe it just starts with a new manager who kicks the tires on this club a bit and shows leadership.

    If Puig continues his dramatic season.
    If Kemp and Crawford come back in some key fashion.
    If the pen can pitch like they can if well oiled.
    If Hanley goes to his stardom.
    If, if, if – it is do-able.

    The concern is, these lifeless Dodgers are 3-7 in their last 10 games and terrible against other teams in the N.L. West. That attitude has to change. Heck, with a hitting team, Clayton would have won a game last night. The ERA has to come down a bit, the batting averages and power has to go up — but that is how champions are made.

  26. Badger says:

    Tigers won 88 last year.

    Say….. I’m curious – is James Loney still leading the entire universe in all things offensive?

    It’s a long year. Heck, summer only just started. And we are the boys of summer.

  27. Bball says:

    Love the optimism from those who are optimistic. I start writing bad stuff about this team whenever there are other bad things being said. I too will watch this team day in day out. You just never no what might happen. Shoot I remember my wife telling me to turn it off its over. I said to myself one more batter and what happened next 4 home runs in a row and a walk off by nomar. I live for that stuff. I love this team whether they go 162 – 0 or 0 – 162. Never give up and go blue. It starts tonight.

    • Badger says:

      That’s the spirit Bball. You are on the starting team along with Brooklyn, Gonzo, Gerald, Roger, Quas and ….. still making out the lineup.

      But this is for sure, Mark and his weenie are staying on the bus. ;)

  28. Badger says:

    I got the Reds/dbacks on Game of the Week. Most of you prolly have the Dodgers fryers. Let’s pick up a game tonight.

  29. Bobbie17 says:

    All the chatter is nice and entertaining. That is what this site is for, after all. The team is only competitive with 3-4 teams in MLB. That doesn’t mean they can’t play 6 innings with the others. It means they can’t compete in a 9 inning game with men who can, and want to, and do. It is what it is. Watch them at your own risk.

  30. Bobbie17 says:

    I just read that 30-42 is the worst Dodger start since 1936. It IS as bad as it seems. I’M not even that old. The worst Dodger team in my life. How’s that?????

  31. Bball says:

    Like was said. It starts tonight. Yes

  32. Rob says:

    Taking advantage of mistakes, finally!

  33. Bobby says:

    The only thing that cures this, and gets us back into it by the all star break, will be something like a 10 game winning streak

    I however dont have much faith this team can do it

  34. Rob says:

    Bobby the Jays have done it and so can the Dodgers. We can gain ground because the Dbags will not go anywhere with Bell as their closer, just blew it to the reds.

  35. Dave says:

    blue im not sure i follow you , isnt baseball about getting outs and wins as a team , whether kersh gets a win or not is part of the game the pen hast todo there job ya kersh has not had help but his numbers are there hes doing his job its the team thing , pitchers always can have phenomenal numbers but not alot of wins , wins require team effort , its not about clayton its about blue getting the win and clayton would tell you the same thing !

  36. Badger says:

    Dbacks with yet another walk-off. Those guys never give up. That is 11 wins trailing after 7.

  37. Mark Sweeney says:

    exactly Dave, scoreboard it the objective, not personal stats, awards, etc. Otherwise baseball would be tennis

  38. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Brooklyn, so tip toe around and just sort of let things just sort of fall into place, is what you are saying BRILLIANT. Let me ask you this, Captain (of the Titanic) would you like us to rearrange the deckchairs? I’m glad you don’t agree with me, it makes me feel much more confident. Hey Genius, exit stage left!”

    Sweeney, you’ve really got to stop the drivel that comes off your keyboard. Insulting people is really just plain crass. Like Badger says, “How about we just have different takes, express ourselves with respect and quit the 6th grade name calling. Is that too much to ask?” But then again, arrogance can be sign of insecurity. Feel free to criticize/ridicule me all you please. I have no intention of responding to any of your claptrap. It’s really not anything that I need to perseverate over.

  39. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark this date, 6/22/2013. The Dodgers beat the Padres, and Bball told us it starts tonight. Only bad thing about tonight’s game is that I couldn’t see it. Blacked out due to Fox regional coverage.

  40. Quasimodo says:

    Grienke was outstanding!

  41. AnewBlueDay says:

    Brooklyn, some people just forget to take their two little pink pills once an awhile.

  42. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Dodgers win, and you make me laugh. Good combination.

  43. the truth hurts says:

    a win Sunday and a win Monday night will get my attention…..

    until then….

    Watermelon Oreos

  44. Quasimodo says:

    So is the plan Ryu, Kershaw and Greinke vs Giants? Even though its only 4 days rest for Kershaw and Greinke, I like it.

  45. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    International signing period begins July 2nd. Interesting that teams are allowed to trade pool money. Wonder if that will be reflected in upcoming trades. There are also a couple of Cuban players who don’t fall under the same money restrictions, due to age and playing experience. For anyone skeptical about the Dodgers farm system, maybe we’re about to see some significant additions. Stay tuned.

  46. Quasimodo says:

    BlueDay is Roger? Oh, okay. Makes sense.

  47. Dave says:

    kemp rehab in alb error and 4ks !

  48. Badger says:

    I’m glad they sent him to Albuquerque for that.

    I wonder if he is flailing away like he was before they put him on the DL. He had better adjust or this year will be wasted. He may need more than just 15 days.

    Good win. Now let’s string a few together.

  49. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And SVS went 0 for 3 with 3 K’s. Between them, Kemp and SVS went a combined 0 for 8 with 7 K’s. Funny thing is, Dee Gordon hitting just in front of them went 4 for 5. I know that Gordon struggled with the Dodgers, but he’s definitely a better alternative than Luis Cruz. He’s been streaky in his career. Should have stayed with the Dodgers and got a few hundred ABs before the plug was pulled.

  50. AnewBlueDay says:

    Brooklyn, I have thought the same thing most of the season. Dee would be a better player on the Dodgers, even riding the bench many games, than Cruz has been.

    But — then I hear, the Club wants he to play every day to learn the game and that is better done in AAA than here; except when Hanley went down and SS needed his playing for awhile. Remember, he did go cold there a bit.

    But now — Bring him up, and cut Puig’s buddy.

  51. AnewBlueDay says:

    Quas: I am Roger. Yes, but folks have called me “Anew” rather than BlueDay.

    History. Some of us, Mark, Badger for instance, have been together since the mid-1990s on some 4 or 5 different Dodger fan boards.

    It all started in the mid-1990s when the L.A. Times had a really nice one. Everyone had a nick-name — and I picked “Anew-Blue Day” — meaning Anew, the Dodger were hurting then so not just continue —- but a-new. Blue for Dodger blue. And Day — this day and the future. A fan that wanted “a new-day in blue.” (Note: the L.A. Times closed that board because other mis-used it. So a bunch of us moved on to other Dodger fan boards. Mark started this one about 2007 as he and I kept talking about it at Vero a couple of years. )

    People even e-mailed me “Anew.” Venice Glen was one guy (a Giants fan) who we all grew to like. He is from S.F. and on vacation twice there, we went to games. Two other times in S.F. we met for lunch. At one of those game 4 of us met and sat together. Mark has the picture and has put it on the site in the past. To all of them, they called me Anew.

    Mark and I have roomed together for 3 years in Vero and 2 in Camelback. He even flew to my home in San Antonio, and we drove the 1,000 miles to Spring Training in Arizona a few years back.

    Badger and I have known each other all these years and finally met several years ago at Camelback and saw a game together. Mark has use in a picture together (with Mark) and has posted it.

    So, after 4 or 5 Dodger boards — private phone calls and e-mails and visits together. We are family because of the Dodgers.

    Several years ago, one of them said, Anew, how come you just did not pick the name Roger Dodger? So I changed for awhile. But use both off an on.

    So we have a history, friendship, and the Dodgers are important to us . . . but so are each other.

    Does that make sense?

  52. Badger says:

    Roger, did I tell you Venice was here a few weeks ago? Had a great visit, went up to the Antelope Canyons on the Navajo Reservation and also went over to Glen Canyon Dam. He is a photographer and got some great shots. It was a fun day. Not sure why he doesn’t come post here. He would be a valuable addition to this place. Even though he is gints fan, he is knowledgeable baseball fan first. And Mark McTimmons will always be Mountainmover to me.

    I agree that Dee Gordon should be on this team. He can’t do any more in AAA and what he needs is at bats against ML pitching. I don’t really care to see Herrera or Castellanos anymore. And Punto/Schumaker/Ellis all look like the same guy to me. Schu may acutally hit a little better, but they are all utility back-ups. Gordon brings something nobody else in the organization has.

    I have been thinking about how we draft and what must be done in the minor leagues to prepare our draftees for the bigs. Maybe we will have better evaluations, and better instructors now that we have actually committed some revenue toward that end.


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