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Worse than even I imagined

I have always been a positive person.  Each year I have faced the season with optimism and have always felt that the Boys of Summer were full of promise every Spring.  It was not hard for me to see a silver lining in seasons of doubt.  I was frequently accused of having my eyes clouded with Dodger Blue… until this year.

I was chided, ridiculed and mocked for having an overwhelming sense of foreboding about this season, but even my sense of impending doom led me to believe that this Dodger team was a .500 team.  The fact is, the way they are playing, they are a seller-dweller!  The team is a train-wreck, but of course Don Mattingly is optimistic.  Of course he is… and therein is part of the problem.  This team is not a Dodger team and they don’t play like it.

Rants & Raves

  • Face it, Dee Gordon isn’t very good.
  • For you Chris Capuano haters, you need to understand that he’s a pretty good pitcher.
  • Scott Van Slyke hits 2 HR Friday night and doesn’t even play Saturday?  Felony Stupid, Donnie.
  • Clayton Kershaw is the fastest pitcher to reach 1,000 innings with the lowest ERA  – 2.70.  Koufax was 2.75 at 1,000, so Kershaw is better than Koufax at this stage of his career.
  •  Don’t look for Zach Lee in Dodger Stadium this year (if ever).  He started out his career in AA on fire, but his lack of a dominant pitch is causing him problems the past few games.  I have never been high on Zach.  If he has any trade value, they should pull the string.
  • On the other hand I am very high on Ross Stripling, Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig.
  • I would like to get Kyle Seager from Seattle.  What do the Dodgers have to give up to do that?


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  1. the truth hurts says:

    I had plans to be in Atlanta this weekend a couple months back. I quickly decided that was probably a bad idea after the first couple of weeks of the season. Mark, you are right- it is worse than imagined.

    My concern coming into this season was scoring runs, which we clearly can’t do.

    It is hard to post anymore, because there is nothing to say. The horse has been beaten to the bone.

    28th out of 30 in home runs.
    29th out of 30 in runs scored.

    Donnie has to go immediately. Broadcasters are second guessing his decisions on television. It is getting bad and will only get worse.
    Change starts at the top and Donnie must be the sacrificial lamb.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark you are so right about the Seattle Seager – would be an excellent addition.
    I remember last year we were meant to be in for Jed Lowrie but nothing happened – wish we had got him. Think we should go with a youthful team and give em a couple of years to mature together – Pederson/ Puig/ Lee/ Magill/ Seager/ FedEx/ Kersaw/ Grienke.
    Build from within and let the team spirit grow.

  3. Mark Sweeney says:

    No sacrificial lamb stuff, Mattingly deserves to be fired! Really the guy is clueless, he has no business being in his position, he got it because he was a good soldier for Joe Torre. A good soldier doesn’t necessarily mean a good general. Time to light the fire canoe and put Donnie Boy on it. Management has defended him, the last sign of a dying leader, he’s gone. He will be removed in the next 12 days.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    If I had been hired as manager two years ago, I would have been fired by May 1.

  5. Badger says:

    How come you guys who are so smart and saw all this coming didn’t predict that both Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier would come out of the gate so slow? How come you guys didn’t predict that Ramirez would be on the DL for so long? How come you didn’t KNOW that we would have 6 starters on the DL? I was the only one saying Ellis would not play 150 games, but even I didn’t see the DL being so active. How come we didn’t hear you predictors saying the bullpen was going to be as bad as it is?

    I’ll tell you why…. nobody saw all of this coming.

    Mark’s biggest complaint was the payroll. Now all of a sudden he is Nostradamus. I call B.S. on all of it.

    You want a guy like Seager AND you want to build from within. Well, you can’t have both. You want a proven Major League talent then prepare to part with half those guys mentioned in Watford’s post.

    Nobody knows how good this team will be when all the parts start working. This could be a horse that comes from behind. It happens EVERY year.

    As for Donnie, you all know my biggest problem with him as been how he handles the bullpen. Now we can add putting terrible performers out there while your hot players sit the bench.

    I guess there are only one or two guys in here that still believe in this team.

    Any day Matt. We’re waiting Andre. And Hanley, please come home.

  6. Badger says:

    One more thing Mark… you want to keep comparing Kershaw to Koufax you will continue to get blown out of the water.

    Stand by because Koufax between the age of 25 and 30 accomplished more than anyone could hope to accomplish in today’s game. Kershaw is now 25. It was at age 25 that Koufax actually became an every 4th day starter. Just look at the numbers and you will see that there is no way, NO FREAKIN’ WAY, Kershaw will be able to match what Koufax did. Between 25 and 30 Koufax started 211 games, was an All Star 6 times, CY winner 3 times, MVP once, won 2 rings, had 1765 K’s and twice won the NL Triple Crown.

    You sure you want to keep this up?

  7. RogerCraig says:

    Badger ,

    Will they raise the mound for Clayton?

    That is a big advantage that Sandy had. If Clayton stays healthy, he might not surpass Sandys’ best 4 years but his entire body of work will likely be better.

  8. Bobbie17 says:

    No one has figured out how to sit millions of $. Probably the best way is to make sure they get “hurt” so they can’t play. Either way they get paid, but at least someone younger is given a real chance to perform. This buisiness of 2 games on and 5 games off is stupid. Give these young players a real chance to be Dodgers of the future. The only way to do this is to make sure that $ gets hurt and put on the DL. You can insert the names you want. It doesn’t make much difference at this point. How do we shorten the plank??????

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Sandy had the higher mound, but so did his opposing pitcher. End of story.

    I think must Dodger fans (players, coaches, admin) thought back in March that the Dodgers would find their way — and be in the middle things. 8 starters, big heart of the order. Just wait till th middle of the season and make any adjustments needed.

    All that and more went wrong.

  10. Badger says:

    Mr Craig……

    Mound schmound.

    The point is Kershaw will not accomplish what Sandy did because he won’t have opportunity to do it. And even if he did I would bet my house against yours he couldn’t do it. Since it has only been done once in the history of baseball it won’t likely happen again.

    I was supposed to get the game today but won’t because of the dbacks. Damn the bad luck.

  11. Mark Sweeney says:

    “Mark’s biggest complaint was the payroll. Now all of a sudden he is Nostradamus. I call B.S. on all of it.”

    I’ve learned that hindsight is always 20/20. Predictions are like assholes, everyone has one (at least one).

    Regardless, to think this team is just a matter of waiting for Kemp, Ethier, etc. etc. to turn it on is also a pipe dream (maybe even a crackpipe dream). This team isn’t close, the bench is poor, the bully is poor, most of the prime players is pretty poor (at least at this point), Crawford is good at bat and extremely poor at fielding (he’d get benched on most slowpitch softball teams, for realz), the manager and his staff is poor (really nothing they are doing seems to make sense, the sitting down of players following a good game is beyond ridiculous, never really seen anything quite like it, very strange pattern of player utilization). Just take a look at the players’ faces you can tell they are confused and have no leadership to follow, don’t forget these players are all young men and very prone to follow their leader and I am afraid they are doing just that, following their leadership – confused, unmotivated and lacking any fire. Time for some wholesale clean up, starting with Mattingly and his staff, literally maybe 75% of his staff should be relieved immediately, if not sooner. Then use the balance of the season to evaluate the talent and make some decisions for the immediate future.
    Something has to change at this point, just waiting around isn’t going to get it done.

  12. LOL says:

    Do some people, who were allegedly alive at the time, really not remember or understand Walter Alston’s moronic usage of Koufax during his first 4-5 years because of Alston’s childish jealousy regarding Koufax’s large bonus? Koufax was still in Alston’s doghouse when he was Kershaw’s current age. Comparing these two pitchers during their same age is statistically correct, but absolutely not relevant, and therefore dumb and dumber.

    Gordon could have been good but decides to play in a way that makes him bad.

    Cappy is good for 3-4 months each year. After than he is not worth trading for a moth.

    Down to only 8 players on the DL. Coming back by 5/31? Beckett, Elbert, Lilly, Rameriz

    This team needs a Don Drysdale mentality. Hit somebody the next time a dodger player gets hit. There are no men on this roster. You have to hit someone at least 25% of the time in response to the other team’s wildness or intentional HBPs.

  13. Badger says:

    What do you suggest Sweeney? Fire the manager? OK, you still have the same players. Fire the coaches? Again, new coaches going to do anything with crappy pen, poor bench? Since you are so sure that Kemp and Ethier will not come back at all, what do you suggest to do with them, and the old players? You gonna get rid of everybody on May 20th?

    The cooler heads, and those who exercise better judgment, will wait until the deadline. If at that time this team looks the same… then by all means pull the Sweeney switch and flush the works.

    Koufax was indeed overworked Ken. But if you look at the stats you will see that he only led the league in GS once, and in IP twice. Bunning, Drysdale, Marichal, Kaat… there were a bunch of guys throwing a lot of innings back then.. but, none more than Koufax his last two years. Who knows, had he not completed so many games maybe he would have stuck around as long as Ryan.

  14. grumpy3b says:

    don’t know what’s up in Arlington today let alone if the Dodgers are in on it but this is interesting:

    Seems they called Profar to Texas as protection apparently in preparation for a move of some sort….who knows…

    As to Mattingly. Until today I have been supportive of him because of the injuries as what ccan a guy do if every player he runs out there throws-a-shoe. That was until I just today read a quote from him about the pitch last night that went against the game plan ofthroing away in a big ball park like ATL but Jansen shook off every call for something away in favor of thowing inside…of course the pitch was tatoo’d over the fence for a 2-run shot. The thing about it was in a post game interview Mattingly says something to the effect he can’t tell a pitcher what to throw he can only SUGGEST what to throw. I mean, wtf? Really?

    Can you imagine a pitcher blowing-off pitches called by Tommy? Ask Sutcliffe who such insubordination worked out. But here is a player of the miniscule stature of Kenley Jansen and Mattingly saying he can’t tell him what pitch to throw with the game on the line. The guy simply is not in charge it seems. I doubt Gibson has such dilemmas…this team needs a foot planted firmly and deeply in their collective asses and Mattingly is not the guy it would seem. At least the way it is going he can have them over for a BBQ to watch the post-season, right?

  15. Rob says:

    We deserve to lose if you option FedEx instead of Cruz or hernandez. I don’t understand these moves and how can they justify keeping so much dead weight in the team.

  16. Bobby says:

    And again, the LVP strikes out with a guy on 2nd.

    No wonder Dee tried stealing 3rd with 2 out yesterday. It’s not like Kemp was going to drive him in anyway.

  17. Rob says:

    I agree bobby, Kemp has been sucking big time. I would rather see AJ hitting in his spot until Hanley gets back. Kemp should be put in the 6 hole.

  18. Quasimodo says:

    Lets look at yesterday’s game. Cappy did a job on the mound very ‘Becket @ D-Backs’ like. And Mattingly suffered the wrath of everybody (including myself) for leaving Becket in too long. So not wanting the same results, DM put the only bullpen piece that’s been trustworthy and we saw how that worked out. Well DM did what this ‘couch manager’ would of done. Mattingly can’t win even making good judgement calls. So maybe Karma is a Real thing and we as fans just don’t deserve our Dodgers to win. But the real fact is our star godzillionaires just ain’t performing with their bats and all other weaknesses stand out like sore thumbs. All teams have these weaknesses, and until we’re able hide ours with some more runs, DM will look like an idiot. So if these players really love Mattingly they better start hitting. He doesn’t have the multiyear-multimillion contract, but he eats their sins. The hitting will come, but will it be in time?……..

    • Bobby says:

      Yup, yesterday can’t be blamed on Donnie (at least not the pitching change part).

      Jansen failed at his job. Not the manager’s fault.

  19. Idaho al says:

    I agree with you Rob. Keeping Cruz and Hernandez and sending out Fed. Ex. makes no sense. I do not who is making these moves, but they should be gone. I cannot believe I think Uribe should play after 2 years of nothing. If Punto can play ss, let him play there. He and Ellis belong.

  20. Idaho al says:

    In the game today (Sunday) Crawford did score, but he should of been on third base and driven in by Ellis. When players do not run hard they should be removed. There is no excuse for someone that does not try hard.

  21. Mark Sweeney says:

    Badger, I didn’t suggest any of the things you said I suggested, so I’ll just simple cut and paste what I actually posted and you some how missed:

    Time for some wholesale clean up, starting with Mattingly and his staff, literally maybe 75% of his staff should be relieved immediately, if not sooner. Then use the balance of the season to evaluate the talent and make some decisions for the immediate future.

    So I didn’t say that Kemp and Ethier would not get it together, I said to make changes at the top (75% of staff gone) and then USE THE BALANCE OF THE SEASON TO E V A L U A T E THE TALENT. See Kemp and Ethier are part of THE TALENT and USING THE BALANCE OF THE SEASON TO EVALUATE THEM. Hopefully that is clear now.

  22. the truth hurts says:

    Did anyone else catch the in-game interview with Mattingly?

    “So Don, how do you manage a team with so many injuries?”

    His response- “I’m not doing a very good job” then there is awkward silence, then he laughs!

    This guy has lost it.

  23. Rob says:

    The pen is in play, here comes the pain!

  24. Bball says:

    Let it pour. Let it pour

  25. Badger says:

    Oh, you were SERIOUS about firing 75% of the staff. I thought you were kidding cuz that is about the silliest thing I have around here in a long time.

    NOBODY fires 75% of their staff Sweeney. I doubt they would fire Mattingly this early either. That doesn’t make much sense. Wait until the deadline.

    “Regardless, to think this team is just a matter of waiting for Kemp, Ethier, etc. etc. to turn it on is also a pipe dream (maybe even a crackpipe dream).” Mark Sweeney

    I must have misinterpreted that sentence because that is EXACTLY what I am waiting for… what you call a crack-pipe dream. Sorry. To me a crack-pipe dream is…. well, not sure to tell you the truth. Never smoked crack. Maybe you can tell me about that.

    Wait til the deadline people. Then if they feel it’s the manager, they will cut him. But trust me, they will not fire the manager and 9 coaches like Sweeney suggests.

  26. Rob says:

    Our best pitcher out of the pen is the rain.

  27. Badger says:

    Another unearned run, though that one was questionable.

    Have to agree with those who wanted Cruz gone. But, Fedx is superfluous and looked overmatched at times. The Dodgers don’t really need 3 catchers and especially another one that can’t hit his weight.

    I say again, when Ethier and Kemp start hitting like the 3 and 4 WAR players they are, and Ramirez gets back, this team will find it easier to score runs. I also believe the bullpen is better than they have shown. I remain positive.

  28. Badger says:

    And Ellis boots an easy double play ball.

  29. Gonzo says:

    In my opinion Donnie should have brought in league instead of Jansen. Jansen looked and threw like a tired pitcher. While I don’t hold mattingly responsible, I’d dismiss him. Something that bothered me was when Dee tried to steal 3rd with 2 out and kemp batting. Although he was safe, he ran the team out of the inning. Anyhow, if it was me I bench Dee move Punto to SS and Uribe at third. It’s these type of things that will ultimately cost Donnie his job.

  30. Badger says:

    You got your lineup today Gonzo. So far so good -
    3 for 23 with 9 Ks in 7 innings.

    And here we go with the bullpen issues. None of this is Donnie’s fault. But you’re right, ultimately it will cost him his job.

  31. Rob says:

    I am just waiting for the roof to fall in. I have no confidence unless the dodgers have a 5 run lead

    • Dodger66 says:

      I have seen plenty of bad series over the last couple of years, but if this has not been the worst in almost all areas of play it has to be up there.

  32. Rob says:

    And there it goes!! Unfucking believable!! Our defense and our pen super suck!!!

  33. Badger says:

    Nobody does now Rob. Even the announcers know something bad is about to happen.

  34. Rob says:

    This is the first time I feel bad for Donnie.

  35. Bball says:

    I guess we should be use to this but it still hurts

  36. Badger says:

    None of that was Donnie’s doing.

    Those runs will show up as earned but if Uribe makes that play – who knows.

    This team is snake bit.

  37. Roger Dodger says:

    Tough. Playing good teams really shows how fall the Dodgers have fallen.

    My wife is in the hospital with foot surgery. So I have watching on my iPad and it is great to be able to get all baseball games — but this game and series is painful.

    The hitting part of this team just gets shut down game after game.

    All that has been said is basically true.

    Blow this up and rebuild.

    Badger I would like to say tomorrow things will turn around — but miracles don’t happen often.

    How many folks have said this team done not play with passion . . . They play for payday.

  38. Quasimodo says:

    I have a true hatred for League, well, dislike him very much. Is it possible to dump him anywhere other than a ditch? If so, do it! Don’t know why Dodgers can’t score anytime other than early innings. They’re sure good at giving that to opposing teams. We got some XLNT starting pitchers. Will our ACE really want to stick around? Hard to blame Kershaw if he chooses to go elsewhere and I wouldn’t blame Mattingly if he quit. What a mess.

  39. Bball says:

    How about Beckett as the closer when he gets back. Maybe he gets a few mph on his fastball knowing he’s only going one inning. Like what Smolts went through. Any takers on that?

  40. Rob says:

    We can, maybe. Carrie works but I don’t know when

  41. DRomo says:

    Unfortunately Mattingly needs to get fired. I do not believe this is his fault. The guys just are not doing the job. Errors (mental and physical) are the reasons we losing these games.

    The team is flat! If there is any hope we need a major shake up. Give the message that its time to put up or shut up. You can’t blame this on Ned. Ned signed proven players. I wanted Gonzo, Crawford, Kemp, Hanley, and Andre. They haven’t produced. Tell me who picked all of them to be this bad?

    Shake things up now! The season can be saved!

  42. jerry says:

    if they wait to long to fire donnie …then it will be to late for this season,,which i think it already is..and i dont think Matt will get his power back this season,,league is not a good closer, but remember we went out and got starting pitures and not relievers.and a average of 2 runs per game ..will not put you in the play offs

  43. Bobby says:

    Mark titled this thread ‘worse than I ever imagined.”

    Of course, that was before today’s game. This is worse than worse than i ever imagined now.

    On a positive note, the Dodgers are now 17-25; the same start the Lakers have. Any chance we finish 28-12 and make the playoffs?

  44. DRomo says:

    Anything less than a sweep in Milwaukee is going to raise the level of “something must change,” chants.

  45. Quasimodo says:

    Well tomorrow we play Brewers, who are also in last place with same W/L, and we’ll be putting our pitching’s best against them. I’m going to expect Dodgers to get a sweep and will be disappointed anything less. Ned, hmmmm, you’re saying its right to blame Mattingly, but blaming Coletti is wrong? Well it seems to me that Mattingly has failed at every option in managing a pen which was of Coletti’s design that Ned has a share in that blame dept. Just because I was Jazzed with Ned’s choices that gave me big hopes doesn’t mean the blame is automatic to be elsewhere. In fact the only thing proven is there’s no such thing as proven players are going to perform at their past levels. The bet looked safe to me but so far its been anything but. Got nowhere to place blame other than the players who simply can’t answer the call. They contracted themselves for that purpose but sure are failing. This army has no hero’s.

  46. Badger says:

    I thought so too Quas. Heck, everybody that knows baseball thought so as well. Vegas had us at 8-1, (I think that’s what it was) second only to the Jays. Of course, that was with Kemp doing what Kemp does, Ramirez in the lineup everyday, Ethier, Bills, a strong bullpen…. most folks thought this team looked damn good.

    And, they still could be. Some were printing the tickets this time last year and we all know how that worked out.

    It will get better.

    Or, do what Sweeney suggests – fire 10 guys, bring in who the hell knows to replace them and pray for a freakin’ miracle.

    I still wait til the deadline. If this team continues to falter, make the necessary moves then. At that point, anyone is fair game.

    I wonder if Kershaw is looking at his home state right about now.

  47. William says:

    Until and unless Colletti is fired, there is no hope for the Dodgers. No matter how much money you give him, he will spend it on overpriced, over the hill players. It is so bad now, that the Dodgers are locked into awful contracts for years to come. That is because ownership was too stupid or pollyannish to spend their first investement on hiring Billy Beane, or another top GM, instead of keeping McCourt’s inept and cheapskate hires.

    Actually, given how public relations oriented and baseball unknowledgeable the Dodger owners are, it would not at all surprise me to see them fire Mattingly, and replace him with Wallach, who ultimately gets a three-year deal. Wallach hasn’t proven anything about his managerial abilities. He’s likely better than Mattingly by default, but he won’t do much, because Colleti is still there. Just look at this $230 million roster, and the deadweight players, past their prime players, injury prone players, who are on it, and it should be absolutely obvious that unless Colletti is gone very soon, the Dodgers are a third-rate club for the next decade.
    And the fact that management can’t figure that out, likely means that they are, anyway.

    Walter is a nice guy who knows nothing about baseball. Magic is a publicity seeking ex-basketball player who knows nothing about baseball. Kasten is a good guy, but vastly overrated because he did one smart baseball thing, hiring John Schuerholz in Atlanta. Kasten did very little right at Washington. We Dodoger fans got rid of McCourt, only to end up with genial people as owners, who don’t know how to build a winning ballclub. And Colletti is the guy who will make sure they won’t. The easy move is firing Mattingly now, and locking up a question mark manager in Wallach. If I owned the team, I’d either fire both Colletti and Mattingly now, or fire both of them at the end of the year, and go all out to get a top GM.

  48. Roger Dodger says:

    This might be the time of: IF or IF’s

    What if the Dodgers had signed Prince Fielder —

    So far in 1 ¼ years with the Tigers, he has 732 ABs, 223 hits, 42 doubles, 39 HRs, 142 RBIs, and a .305 average; slugging is .525; on base percentage .409.

    What if the Dodgers had re-signed Hiroki Kuroda —

    He is 22-13 with the Yankees, ERA = 3.04, has 4 complete games in 42 starts, 206 Ks, 65 walks.

    What if the Dodgers had signed Michael Bourn and placed him in centerfield, moved Kemp to RF or LF . . . (not had Crawford or moved Ethier for a missing piece).

    Bourn so far this season: 74 ABs, 23 hits, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 2 HRs, average = .311, OBP .363, 18 Ks, 5 SBs. This weekend against Seattle Bourn had 7 hits and I believe 5 were infield hits.

    What if those were done, and not the big Boston trade . . .

    For all of the moves that Ned did and did not make he has ended up with a very weak hitting team that has no drive and is falling farther and farther behing.

    In April the Dodgers were 13 & 13.

    So far in May the Dodgers have Won 4 and Lost 12.

    We all know the injuries and they are a part of the game. Maybe relied too much on Kemp coming back with a strong presence, but he looks so lost at the plate . . .

    And of course, Donnie has not helped with questionable lineups, pitching changes, and his steady as it goes style is not leading them.

    Kind of glad there is not time off on Monday – they need to get back on the field.

    So, a lot of IF’s . . .

  49. Badger says:

    William makes some sense.

    You all know how I feel about Jed Clampetti. Won’t miss him if he’s the one that gets the axe.

    A lot of IF’s Roger. Here’s another one… what if all those broken Dodgers get on the field at the same time, including Kemp and Ethier. Can they go 28-12 and get back in this thing.

    Yeah, I think they can. Will they?

  50. grumpy3b says:

    heck with the live chicken, before the next game the Bums need to sacrifice Uribe out at 2nd (where he was signed to play) in order to placate Joboo & the Beesbol Gawds. Demons must be excercised who better to use than someone with too much Junts karma. Oh and Ned’s rug should be tossed on top for S&G’s.

  51. Joseph Olivas says:

    Trade Zach Lee & Andre Eithier for Seager from seattle

  52. jerry says:

    last yr we had a bunch of small time ball player and was in first place half the yr…because they tried very hard to win..this yr we have all the big money player and we suck..i would rather bunt and hit and run to make thing happen..but donnie is just starting to try bunting..and stealing., so yes he is sitting back and waiting for that one big inning which never happens..

  53. Quasimodo says:

    Apollo 13, they made it! Well, they didn’t land on the moon, but still were successful against the worse of odds. It took a lot of teamwork-a larger team with more things to go badly. NASA’s brightest moment. There’s still hope for Dodgers but do they have the will? Sadly, even if they collectively gained that will, they just might be no better off than those at the Alamo. Not only would they have to start playing great, but every team above would have to play bad. Still better odds than those on Apollo 13.

  54. Dave says:

    Baseball , it will chew ya up and spit ya out , at this point its karma system wide. What ever move is made it is what it is , you dig you grind and try to get out thats how this game works , dollars on the payroll going on the road doesnt help , the games about consistency always has been each player hast to focus for his yield , but the karma of bad is damn contagious something hast to change in a steady way respect the game it is what it is , sorry mark its called baseball i no you think thats a cop out . RESPECT THE GAME !!!!!!!!!! the baseball market in la is in a negative yield at some point it goes up its baseball and life !

  55. Dave says:

    Also in this team of the money target , theres a bigger target than management realizes, teams and fans they have a edge, we like to get the big dollar teams. that negative fuel is brought on in house and when teams smell a wound there all over it , dodgers have put the pressure on themselves, outside the system and inside , thats legit negative fuel to a non performing team especially at this level and it extends in to other areas. I honestly believe there was no thought if major injuries and whatever hits the fan there just was not and could not have been a contingency, its pure survival mode! and what do you learn from this debacle ? there all in with no where to go thats my beef ! respect the game !!!!!!

  56. grumpy3b says:

    good observation which maybe leads to a side effect of PED era ball…managers got very lazy and learned to sit back and wait for the big-eraser inning with the long ball…cuz remembe the chicks dig the “long ball”…always wondered about that double entendre made me chuckle to say the least.

    But seems the BBIQ of managers sorta of peaked right before the PED era then has tapered off dramatically ever since. Right now we are seeing players of that era move into manager jobs. Might be a while before we see more students of the game sort of managers again.

  57. grumpy3b says:

    These numbers say a lot about the current season long issues:

    “…Dodgers are 5th in OBP, 2d to last in runs and HR, .294 slugging w/ RISP worst in NL…”

  58. Badger says:

    And yet we are only 7 games out.

    The teams in front of us aren’t all that. I think we can catch them. Teams have come back from further than that much later than this. Seems to me I remember a certain New York team down by 12 1/2 in August and they came back to win it.

    The core players are here. Nothing seems to be going our way now, but that could change starting today. And you know the baseball people are looking around to see who might be available at the deadline. And by the way, the trade deadline is still 10 weeks off. A lot can happen in 1 week, let alone 10.

    I know Kemp cares about his game. Not so sure about Ethier, which is one reason why I have been willing to send him packing for a while now. Yeah Roger, Bourn in center and Kemp in right looks like it would have been a pretty good idea – as was signing Reynolds for a year at third. A lot of 20/20 hindsight going on right now, including from me, but we are where we are and I still think this team can turn it around.

    I admire Mattingly’s ability to stay calm. I think there are many whose hair would be on fire right now. I think he knows what is happening is an anomaly. Smoltz said it best last night – “it’s like you know something is about to happen so you wait for it.” Well, you also wait for that walk-off by Kemp or Ethier. It’s coming, and when it does, it is going to signal a winning streak. The West is going to be beating up on each other all year. Nobody is going to run away with this thing. Stay calm, and win today.


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