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What’s wrong with the Dodgers?


  1. If you want a scapegoat, you have one.  Why would Donnie start Luis Cruz at 3B?  His defense or lack thereof was a factor.  Uribe is superior defensively and has an OB% 300 points above Cruz.  What is wrong with him?  What is wrong with Ned?  Cruz is a waste of a roster spot.
  2. Dodger fans need to realize that Matt Kemp may have fewer than a dozen HR this year after surgery.  He’s still playing hard, but he’s a #2 hitter right now.
  3. Carl Crawford has been an awful defender in LF.  There’s no way to sugarcoat it.  Offensively he has been a Godsend.  Defensively he sucks.
  4. In 5 games, Scott Van Slyke has 1 less HR than Either and Kemp have in 79 games.  They have been pathetic.  SVS may have finally figured something out.  WOW!  He has some power.
  5. Dee Gordon still has those mental lapses and he’s blowing his chance again.  His BA dropped to .200 last night.  He’s on his way back to AAA soon.
  6. The bullpen is horrid.  In the Dodgers first 40 games (23 losses) the bullpen has lost 11 games.  That’s about a years worth of losses.
  7. There is just a malaise hanging over the team that can only be traced back to their manager.  Change is due.  If the Dodgers thought anything of Mattingly they would have re-signed him.  The fact that they haven’t speaks volumes along with how they have started.  Injuries you say?  The Yanks have had as many and flourished.  THIS IS A NO EXCUSE ZONE!
  8. I covered this is #1, but the Dodgers have two players on the bench who need to be gone – Cruz and Hernandez.  Call up Castellanos and Amezaga… or Mark Ellis.
  9. The Dodgers have little power – Kemp and Gonzo are no longer HR threats and Andre is … well, he’s different.  They need a power hitter and he’s on the DL and he’s not really a true power hitter.  Their lead-off guy is leading the team in HR.
  10. The bench has been horrible and Skip Schumaker has been a true disappointment .
  11. The Dodgers are among the best in OB% and among the worst with RISP.  Make of it what you will but I call it choking.


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41 Responses to “What’s wrong with the Dodgers?”

  1. Badger says:

    OK, I’ll bite.

    First, is the whole thread the NO EXCUSE ZONE or is it just point #7?

    What’s wrong…

    obviously injuries to key players. 6 starting pitchers on the DL, Ramirez, Ellis and Kemp. The list has been long all year.

    Bullpen has underperformed.

    WRISP stat sucks.

    giving up so many unearned runs is inexcusable

    bench sucks

    Is all of this Donnie’s fault? Some of it must be. But, again, I wait until everybody is back before I make any final determinations. If Kemp gets his strength back, he could still hit 25 home runs. Not sure what is going on with Ethier, but one good month and he is back too. And Ramirez cannot get back soon enough.

    • Dodger66 says:

      Badger, thank you I mad that same observation of the Gattis at bat against Kenley. Kenley proved your point earlier in the at bat when he elevated a fastball and Gattis hit nothing but knats in the air.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    The point is The Yankees as an example are not waiting for all their players to get fit – they are getting the job done with what they’ve got. The manager is making the best of a bad hand.
    You cannot possibly think that Donnie is doing that?

  3. Bobbie17 says:

    The only thing that will get these guys out of this funk is solid, if not great, starting pitching. To get some close wins in low scoring games is our only chance. It looks like right now Greinke is the key so that Kershaw and Ryu have some company. The rest of the staff will only win if they get 6-10 runs. I think Ryu should have gone another inning last night. These guys HAVE to go 6 with the bullpen we have. Our next manager should make it known that the starters are in for 6 no matter what happens. I was disappointed for Paco last night. He still has to learn to pitch from behind the count because with his normal control, he might be a touch predictable. SVD must be in the lineup somewhere every day. With all the old guys, that shouldn’t be hard. LF, RF, 1B–somewhere.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, not sure it is strength.

    Something tells me might be adjustment of . . . Hand to eye. Bat choice . . .

    Shoulder surgery. Maybe will not let him swing like he used to.

    He has creamed some long foul balls. Hit some hard balls to fielders, even high pop ups.

    He is just not hitting the ball square — like Justin U. Did last night.

  5. Badger says:

    Roger, I was just referring to all the articles written about this surgical procedure suggesting Matt Kemp would not be at full strength to start the season. Sounds like an understatement here in mid May. Kemp, though hitting better lately (.293 in May), doesn’t look at full strength to me. His slg. % is still in the .300′s and his WRISP stat really sucks.

    Upton is amazing. I watched him here in Arizona for a few years and he was the most impressive dback on the field. His shots were often prodigious, like the one he hit last week over the center field fence here. I was there when he hit one 450′ to left field. Looked like a 5 iron shot. Incredible strength.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    It is amazing to wach the Dodgers continue the struggle.

    Maybe this ownership has a different agenda than the fans.

  7. LOL says:

    I think that it is time to admit that the Yankees were geniuses when they passed on Donnie T-Ball.

    Never heard of WCB Sports before, good find.

    Who would have thought last winter that during May 2013 so many fans would be wishing and hoping for Uribe to start?

    Gordon is obviously trying to hit another HR. Idiot.

    It is time to put fear and urgency into the brains of the dodger players. DFA or send a player back to AA at least every 2 weeks during the rest of the season until the dodgers have a .500 record. Cruz, Hernandez, FedEx, Schumaker, Gordon, Guerra, Magill, Capuano, League, Lilly, and Beckett should be called out and warned that their place on the 25 man roster is now subject to their performance.

  8. Bobby says:

    The #1 problem on the Dodgers is that our best player has been one of our worst players.

    If Matt Kemp were Matt Kemp, we’d be at least 5-6 games better than we are now. He’s underperforming, and by batting 3rd, he has multiple chances to contribute, espeically with Crawford seeimingly always on base.

    Matt Kemp is the LVP so far this season, and he’s the #1 reason we suck.

    (Donnie useless is #2)

  9. Bobby says:

    Meanwhile, I said beginning of last year that I’d rather go with Kuroda (and his salary), along with Eovaldi or another kid, as opposed to spending Kuroda’s salary on Capuano and Harang. Others disagreed and Kuroda was done.

    Currently, Kuroda is 6-2, 1.99ERA in the AL. Cap is useless and Harang got traded for something less than useless.

    Another brilliant decision by Ned.

  10. Quasimodo says:

    That bloop that fell in the middle of Crawford, Kemp and Gordon, who’s real estate was it in? Would it of been caught had Gordon not rushed out of his territory giving threat for more injuries? I don’t think so. Crawford looked like he wasn’t really interested in last night’s ballgame. Was Kemp’s argument with the ump’s call strike 3 justified? It looked like a strike on my TV. This poisonous saga of finding a way to lose has everybody pointing blame just about everywhere and I guess everybody mostly correct-if not one game, it’ll be true the next. 6 games under .500, 6 games back in division and 7 games back WC makes it hard to see a silver lining. When we are given any reason things might turn around another weakness appears. Its starting to feel like they’re doing on purpose. The way they’re playing demands change but any change has the risk that it can get worse. Trading Mattingly? He goes wherever and ends the post season with a ring and Dodgers dig deeper. Very possible. This team should be doing better, Dodgers secured proven players that are just proving that nothing is secure. Is there an answer? Anybody’s guess is as good as anybody’s.

  11. Badger says:

    “Cruz, Hernandez, FedEx, Schumaker, Gordon, Guerra, Magill, Capuano, League, Lilly, and Beckett should be called out and warned that their place on the 25 man roster is now subject to their performance.” Ken

    That ain’t gonna happen, but I agree it should.

    “The way they’re playing demands change but any change has the risk that it can get worse.” Quas

    yep. And it already has. Our lineup should read a lot better than it has. I was worried about our bench, (and Cruz) and those bench guys (and Cruz), along with under performing Kemp/Ethier are contributing factors as to why we are where we are. All of that can be fixed.

    I still think Kemp and Ethier will get it going. Get Ramirez back, get Ellis back and then get another stick at the deadline and we might just be ok. The pen has some very good arms in it and I just don’t believe they will continue to blow games. If they do, then yeah, we are done. But I just don’t believe they are as bad as they have performed.

    Or who knows, maybe we become sellers at the deadline. Rome wasn’t built in the day. It took a couple of weeks. Creation was built in 7 days, but, creation had a much better architect. This team may need to start over. I don’t believe that, but, again, as Quas just said – Anybody’s guess is as good as anybody’s.

    I still look forward to a win streak.

  12. the truth hurts says:


    That will turn the ship around.

  13. Mark Sweeney says:

    Mark Timmons: 1. Quit giving trash a bad name by associating it with Cruz. 2 Horrid when describing Crawford in the OF is being kind, a more accurate would be to compare his fielding to some Jr. High athletes.

    Badger: 1. Creation was made in 6 days, on the 7th day God rested. 2. They are as bad as they have performed, scoreboard says it all. Now they may be capable of being better but they have to do something with it. Like putting the best racing fuel in a race car, if the crew screws up the car set up it doesn’t matter what fuel they put in the car. They have potential but unrealized potential doesn’t mean scat. They are bad, very bad.

  14. Badger says:


    Good point about the God thing. No comment about Rome? You sound like a guy that knows history.

    2. Since you know history, you will know that last year at this exact time, the San Francisco Giants were 6 games back of the Dodgers and the Tigers were under .500. How did the year eventually work out for those two teams?

    There is plenty of time. Yes, they have not played well. But, they are not a bad team. Not yet anyway. Too many of you sound ready to give up. Not me.

  15. Badger says:

    Capuano with a great game.

    In the 8th, the Dodgers have one run and zero rbi’s. Offensive juggernaut.

  16. Bball says:

    Well mother fn said badger. I hate the way they are playing right now but it is a very long season and like was pointed out what was the dodger record at this time last year and how did it end up. Better to play crappy now and turn it on after the all star break. I have faith so does every other person on this blog they just can’t say it right now.

  17. Bball says:

    Our pen is absolute bull shit. Ill day it again. Absolute bull shit. What the fuck. I still stay optimistic I guess

  18. Bball says:

    I can’t believe this.

  19. Rob says:

    I feel like I wasted my time watching this game. Cappy looks great all game and Donnie loves playing match ups. It’s ultimately kenleys fault but the announcer said it correctly, “A guy like Gattis who is a young hitter can hit a fastball but would have had trouble hitting capuano who can change speeds.” match ups don’t always work, you need to know who is batting.

    • Dodger66 says:

      Gattis was on Kenley’s fastball fouling off two in a row, and the third went out. Kenley needs to at least change the level of the ball or move it in or out. Earlier in the at bat Kenley elevated a fastball and Gattis missed it, but Kenley never elevated his fastball again.

  20. Mark Sweeney says:

    Double ouch, this team really is bad in all phases of the game, except starting pitching. OUCH! No wonder this team just looks defeated even when they are leading a game, they are all waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  21. Watford Dodger says:

    2 hits in 9 innings. Pathetic.

  22. LOL says:

    Glad I listened to most of this game in the car after a meeting instead of watching and wasting more time.

    Before today’s typical loss (Time to watch Ground Hog Day again)
    1/4th of the season extrapolated stats of the losers

    ABs – Kemp 616, Crawford 560 (I thought that these guys were supposed to rest every once in a while)
    Runs – Crawford 96, Kemp 72
    BB – Ellis 76, Ethier 72
    2B – Gonzo 32, Kemp 32
    RBI – Gonzo 108, Kemp 60 (Really? All Chokers except one)
    HR – Crawford 20, Gonzo 16
    SO – Kemp 164, Ethier 108
    SB – rawford 32, Kemp 24

    On pace now for 48 losses by the bullpen!

    Ho Hum!

  23. Badger says:

    BS and an L. Nice work stud.

    You can ” extrapolate” all you want but every year there are lousy starts and great finishes and every year there are slow starts and fantastic finishes. I have no idea what is going to happen. I am still feeling the glow of McDuckbutter leaving the building.

    Great start by Capuano. I’ll take that and stick a few more pins in my midgets doll.

    Any day Matt. Still waiting Andre.

    • Badger says:

      You know, I have found I make a lot more sense on boards with an edit capability.

      You know what I meant. Hopefully this is a slow start fantastic finish club.

  24. Watford Dodger says:

    Someone earlier said SVS wouldn’t get a game tonight after his 2 homers yesterday.
    They were right. Go Donnie. I mean go.

  25. Bball says:

    Kevin kennedy huh no like that thought alot. Alot. Make it happen

  26. jerry says:

    yes it seem we cant win the close games..they always find a way to loose

  27. Roger Dodger says:

    Missed the game tonight being at the symphony in town. But did hear one half inning when the Dodgers had the one run lead.

    Face it, the Dodgers a playing about a good as they can with what they have to put on the field most nights. Now — when they play these really top notch teams with power, speed, fielding, great pitching and tough closers — it is curtains time.

    Fact it, this it what we get. New ownership, but they have a crappy roster and what is out there is not performing . . . they seem to be using the ” wait and see” attitude.

    So, some might feel, call it a season, finish at .400 ball or so — and look for a nice high draft pick one year from now — to save the team three years from now.

  28. Badger says:

    3 total bases and 0 for 3 WRISP. Yeah, Jansen sucked, but, with offensive numbers like those you really don’t deserve to win.

    Have to agree about SVS. Don’t want to take the chance of him cooling off so I’ll sit him tonight. Gotta wonder what is going on in Donnie’s head.

    Still waiting for this club to whip out the whoopin’ sticks. 9 runs today and I think they will win it. Giants and dbacks with a June swoon, Dodgers with a June boon and all will be right with the baseball world. In the mean time, I will continue therapy.

  29. Badger says:

    Capuano had allowed only five hits and thrown only 91 pitches.

    “I’m not going to let him lose that game,” Mattingly said of Capuano,

    That’s standard practice in the big leagues.

    “Gattis said Upton’s instruction was to wait on a pitch “starting at you, or it looks like it’s starting at you. That’s going to be the one that you want.”

    Gattis fouled off two cutters before hitting the line-drive home run.

    Jansen (1-2) said Gattis “just hit a good pitch.”

    “What could I do?” Jansen asked. “I’m not going to let that bother me. Tip your hat. He hit a good pitch.”

    Here’s what you could do dipsh*t – don’t throw a power hitter the same damn pitch three times in a row. You aren’t Mariano Rivera. Secondly, it’s 0-2, you are ahead in the count, bust a fastball under this gorilla’s hands and back him off the plate. THEN throw another cutter on the outside corner.

    Who is coaching these people? These guys aren’t the Bad News Bears, they are the Los Angeles Dodgers. GET A CLUE!!

  30. LOL says:

    Cappy not Happy
    When the dodgers
    Play so Crappie

    The problem with the LAD is systemic. The Dodger Way has left the system.

    Alba 20-22 (No pitching)
    Chatty 16-26 (Last Place)
    Rancho 21-21
    Loons 14-27 (Also in Last Place)

    Some people still can’t read.

  31. Bob Dow says:

    Eithier hit .350 as a rookie and mattingly and Torre tried to make a pull hitter.

    If you all remember he was leading both leagues triple crown. When he broke his hand instead of letting it heal for 6-8 weeks they pushed him to play in 10 days. he has never the same since. His swing changed, his knees were impacted by that and now Mattingly puts all the blame on him.

    loney is having a career year now that he left. They bring in Maguire who only hit with steroeds. Eithier needs to try a fresh start. He is a very emotional guy. Paul O,Neil was like that and need to get a fresh start from Cincy and became a great player.

  32. Bob Dow says:

    .350 vs left hand pitchers his rookie year.

    Ethier and Kemp carried that team offensively and now are not tough enough. Kemp’s shoulder may never be the same. Elbows and knees are much less complex.

  33. Charlie says:

    A good manager makes a team good.

  34. dave says:

    Dodgers lose again? Oh well. Listened to it from campsite 14 at Dennison Park. Great view overlooking Ojai. A hidden gem. Listening now to Kevin Kennedy on Dodger Talk. I bet he could turn this disaster around.

  35. Badger says:

    I went to some hot springs in that area years ago. They still there?


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