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There May Be Light – I Hope It’s Not a Train!

The tunnel has light.  Two wins in a row is a lot for this bunch, but there is reason for hope.  I have a few observations:

  • Hanley Ramirez is way ahead of schedule – that can’t hurt;
  • Juan Uribe has an OB% of .388 plus he plays great defense – let’s hope Donnie leaves him there;
  • Don’t get all giddy over Cruz’ HR – he’s still at .114 and has to have pictures of someone;
  • I was not a believer in Ryu early in the season – I am rapidly becoming one;
  • Kemp looked better last night, but a day or two rest can’t hurt;
  • The pen wouldn’t be as bad if the Dodgers had more offense;
  • Zach Lee is really starting to dial it in – I’ve been skeptical of him, but he’s showing me something;
  • Pederson and Puig are close to ready;
  • I hope Ethier is traded, not Puig and Pederson;
  • It’s troubling that the Dodgers can only get 3 runs off Blanton in 7 innings when everyone else beats him like a rented mule;
  • I’m going to lay off Donnie, Ned and Stan while the Dodgers are streaking;
  • The Pacers are what “TEAM” is all about;
  • The Indy 500 was the best one I have ever seen;
  • Why do teams like the Cards promote young guys and the Dodgers go after re-treads?  Is Ned an idiot?
  • This team should have Fed-Ex, Castellanos and Pederson on it… Puig too!
  • Cruz, Hernandez and Hairston… Yawn!
  • Let’s sweep the Angels.

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18 Responses to “There May Be Light – I Hope It’s Not a Train!”

  1. Bobby says:

    Mark, I COMPLETELY disagree…. I like Hairston on the club.

    Buster Olney was on espn710 today and suggested a Ethier to Toronto for Mark Buerle deal (I guess problem for problem). He makes 11 mil this year, and then, for whatever reason, jumps to 18mil and 19mil the next 2 years. I’d rather pay part of Ethier’s salary for prospects than get Buerle!

    Let’s see if our crafty lefties Cap and Lills can do anything for us.

  2. the truth hurts says:

    “while this team is streaking”…LOL

    I love it.

    Can the boys do the impossible tonight and win…..wait for it….3!!!!! IN A ROW?!?!?!?

    Go blue.

  3. Bball says:

    Texas is wondering what do with profar and kinsler when kinsler returns. Well I’ll solve it for u Texas. Ethier for kinsler straight up. And our lineup looks like this

    1. Kinsler
    2. Crawford
    3. Agon
    4. Ramirez ( till kemp is right)
    5. Puig
    6. Kemp
    7. Uribe
    8. AJ Ellis

    If uribe continues his hitting he stays. Otherwise we trade Van Slyke and take on salary of Aramis Ramirez. Actually lets do this deal anyway

    Looks like a winner to me

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, I have always wanted to be at a Indy 500. I watched almost all of it this time; like in the past; and some years back it was only on the radio; listened then.

    Race ended in caution flag, meaning cars could not truly race to the end, but an nice drive to the end.

    I have always wondered, if a car was in 2nd or 3rd place making a go of it with 3 or 2 laps to go — but someone (driver or owner) of another car was back in the pack, and did not “like” that 2nd or 3rd car or owner — has his car crash to cause a yellow flag, so that the leader would win, and could not be challenged . . . (you get the idea).

    Dario Franchitti drives for Target Chip Ganassi Racing — and the Ganassi Racing has several cars in the group; 4 I believe.

    The #2 finisher was Munoz – drives for Andretti Autosport.

    The #3 finisher was Hunter-Reay – drives for Andretti Autosport.

    The #4 finisher was Marco Andretti – drives for (you guessed it) Andretti Autosport.

    So my wild theory is — Ganassi Racing did not want an Andretti car to win, and the first 4 cars were Andrettis’ —— so crash a car to freeze the race.

    I want an investigation.

  5. Mark Sweeney says:

    With ya Bobby, I was stunned to see Hairston dissed, all I see is a guy that competes and usually comes up with big hits, like the first game he was back from DL and got clutch hit WRISP. To me Hairston is a key role player for this team, currently much more reliable for an RBI than Kemp. When I see Kemp coming up with a potential rally opportunity all that flashes across my mind is RALLY KILLER. Then I think, I hope he strikes out rather than hitting into a double play.

    Rumor mill has talk of Chase Utley coming here from Philly, prompting moving Ellis to 3B, so chew on that.

  6. Badger says:

    We have talked about Ethier for Kinsler before Bball. I still think it’s a great idea. I think Ethier could add to his WAR value down there. Kinsler is 31 next month. Though the wrong side of 30 and his offense would suffer in L.A., I think it’s a good fit. It answers our 2b issue and gets Puig up.

  7. Badger says:

    Utley? I don’t know about that. He is again on the DL, is already 34 and hasn’t played 150 games since ’09. Kinsler probably has more left in the tank.

  8. Bball says:

    I read that too Sweeney. I’d rather have uribe at third to be honest. Utley. I guess but for what

  9. Bball says:

    Ya I think I agree badger. Utley if healthy ok. But that’s a huge IF. I’d pass

  10. Bobby says:

    Utley/Kinsler: depends also on their contracts. It’d be nice to free up some money from this Ethier deal, not have guys making 14plus for the next 3 years

    I still laugh that we’d have to send cash WITH Ethier for someone to want him, yet we took on an injured Crawford, a finished Beckett, and barely got any cash from Boston. Brilliant negotiating there Ned.

    I’d like to see Ned negotiate with a prostitute in Vegas:

    Prostitute: I want $500 for 1 hour
    Ned: I’ll give you $1000 for half hour, but that’s my final offer!

  11. Badger says:

    Weaver doesn’t appear to be rusty.

  12. Mark_Timmons says:

    Yes, how much will he be on the club?

    DL is his address.

    That\’s my point.

  13. Mark_Timmons says:

    You should come to a race Roger. It is amazing! Even if you hate racing.

  14. Mark_Timmons says:

    Just so I am clear, we are talking about Jerry Hairston who has a career .255 BA and is 36 years old, and has spent a lot of time on the DL recently?

    I just want to be clear….

  15. the truth hurts says:

    Kemp has got to go. This guy belongs in AA right now.

  16. Rob says:

    So hopefully kemp goes on the DL and finds his swing before he comes back. This arm injury might be a blessing.

  17. Rob says:

    I guess it’s a mild hamstring not the arm.


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