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So you think a manager doesn’t make a difference?

Do you really believe Joe Torre or Don Mattingly could have taken that rag-tag bunch of wanna-be’s, never-were’s and utilitymen to the 2000 Olympics and beat the heavily favored Cubans to win Gold for the USA?  No way, Jose!  Some people admire Donnie’s calmness.  That’s just the way he is.  Very little emotion.  Unflappable, some would say.  That’s not always a good thing!

Is Kirk Gibson calm?  Is Joe Girardi calm?  For that matter, even Bruce Bochy can get riled.  I wouldn’t call Ron Washington calm.  Tony LaRussa?  Tommy?  Walter Alson was stoic, but that was a different time, different team.  Some times you need a Lou Pinella or Leo the Lip… although I do admit that some of those guys can wear out their welcome quickly.

In the 2010-11 season, the head coach of the Indiana Pacers was Jim O’Brien, a respected, knowledgeable, long-time NBA guy.  He started out 17-27 and was replaced by Frank Vogel who was 20-12 that year.  42 and 24 the next and 49-32 this year as his team now starts the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.  Frank is now 39 and is a fiery little-guy who commands the players respect.  He’s calm when he has to be and wild when he needs to be.  The Dodgers need a manager like that.

Look, this is not a personal attack on Don Mattingly.  He’s a great guy – high character – fellow Hoosier.  He’s just not the guy to lead this team.  This team needs someone with an edge.  Someone like Tony LaRussa, not Tim Wallach.  But Tony’s best days are behind him.  Would the Dodgers want him for a year or two.  Maybe… but the guy I think would be the prefect manager of the Dodgers is currently the manager of the Chattanooga Lookouts, Jody Reed.

He’s got a lot of Frank Vogel in him.  Maybe the Dodgers could bring in LaRussa to caddy for him for a year.  The way I see it, Mattingly and Hillman have to go.  Then Wallach can take over as bench coach.

Jody Reed. Write it down.


  • Clayton Kershaw dropped his ERA to a Koufax-esque 1.35!
  • Want proof that Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier read this blog?  I talked bad (crazy) about them yesterday.  They read it, got pissed off and went out and hit Big Flies!  I know it was my doing.
  • Dee Gordon is not a major league hitter or a shortstop.  Those are his only two weaknesses.


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  1. Badger says:

    “Is Kirk Gibson calm?”

    Very. I have watched him for three years and seen him in Spring Training and in person managing. He is a very calm and measured manager.

    “Is Joe Girardi calm?”

    I don’t know him, but I did read this about him:

    “Girardi has worked nothing short of magic in the Bronx. With a calm, collected demeanor, and with a lot of wise help from GM Brian Cashman, he has filled in the gaps”

    so my guess is yeah, he is very calm.

    To use a group of amateur athletes like the ones in the Olympics and compare them to a group of extremely highly paid veterans in professional baseball is not really a fair comparison. It’s my opinion that if a guy like Bowa came in now and started screaming at these guys and going all ape sh*t when they choke WRISP this particular team would laugh at him and never listen. Again, that’s just my opinion.

    Having said all that, I don’t think I have a real problem with your selection of Jody Reed:

    “In 2011 he was the manager of the Arizona League Dodgers and the Coordinator of Instruction for the Dodgers Camelback Ranch facility in Glendale, Arizona. He was selected as “Manager of the Year” by the Arizona League in 2011 [3]. For 2012 he was named the “Infield Coordinator” for the Dodgers minor league system and he was appointed manager of the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts for 2013.”

    Why not give a balls out over acheiving hustling recent ML player his shot?

  2. Voldomer says:

    I was at the game in Milwaukee last night. Kemp’s missile to LF looked like the kind Bonds was hitting a decade ago. Oddly, there was no audible response in the stadium to Ethier’s homer.

  3. Badger says:

    Anybody remember the guys we got for Juan Pierre? Yeah, I know, we all hated Juan Pierre (100 runs scored 3 times, led league in SB three times, in hits twice, .295 career hitter, .307 last year…. but his defense!) – well, ultimately who we got for him was Bob Rasmussen, a 5’9″ left handed pitcher. He is currently the second best starter on the Lookouts (behind Lee). Maybe he could help get some guys out at this level? Why not? It’s not like our pen is blowing people away.

    • Bobby says:

      Yeah, funny how it works. Pierre for Ely and Link. Ely for Rasmussen.

      It’d be nice if he could be a long reliever too for us.

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    I was not a Pierre hater. If Ned had a different mix of players he would have been really nice.

    Rasmussen knows how to pitch. I think he has a higher upside than Lee (I\’m not high on Lee).


    Kemp\’s ball got out with a quickness… shoulder problems? Ha!

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, I have to call you on Kemp’s reading . . . . your blog . . . maybe . . . but yesterday I called for him (again) to be sent out on a re-hab assignment to get his game back together and said (he will probably hit 2 HRs tonight).

    I think he also reads all of our comments . . . these guys know that something is wrong, and they are grasping at straws to figure it out — thus, read everything here.

  6. Quasimodo says:

    Morning Mark, I can’t see that as proof, But I surely could see that Kemp was pissed and had a ‘now what!’ attitude fallowing his home run like he had been wrongly accused of being dead weight. I did connect that attitude with things being said of him at places such as this, but that was only a feeling. Jody Reed, I’d be a liar to claim I know anything about the guy. But with this new tool (at least to me) at my fingertips, I’ll take a look. So, if its pissing off gets Kemp and Ethier to hit HR’s, how do we piss off the rest of the Dodgers? We still haven’t seen this team put out the crazy-lopsided scores we expected from the start? Maybe its just me, but even last nights victory was kind of boring. I liked the win, don’t get me wrong, but I’m still expecting a rally that didn’t appear beyond Kershaw, Kemp and Ethier. So if they do read this and are asking ‘how can we satisfy you?’, my answer is turn the standings upside down.

  7. Mark Sweeney says:

    I think you all are high!

  8. Badger says:

    Well, solo home runs are a start, but how about a few bombs WRISP? I still say having a Hanley Ramirez hitting 5th would add some scary to this lineup. I sure hope he mends and is back at full strength for the second half.

    Glad to see Ethier pissed off. The umps this year have been as worse as I have seen them. Watching Brenly every night (a real treat actually) and seeing him at his wits end with these guys is kinda funny. They keep calling that pitch 6″ outside a strike and it drives Bob nuts.

    Looks like MLB is taking a much closer look at replay. Going to be much more of it next year. ’bout time.

    Had a buddy over last night watching the most recent gem pitched by Patrick Corbin and we were discussing umps and this year’s terrible calls. I suggested the home plate ump should be like a grocery checker, using a bar code and just scanning the items. He would be in constant contact with another ump upstairs watching what millions of fans are watching (electronic pitch track) who makes the accurate call and the home plate ump just relays it to the people in the park. Easy peasy. Problem solved. Won’t happen, makes too much sense. And MLB is about making money, not making sense.

    So everybody is on board with Mark’s choice of Reed? Good. Make it so.

  9. Badger says:

    “I think you all are high!” Sweeney

    Make that so too.

  10. Pete M. says:

    Back from catching 3 Dukes vs. L.V. 51 games and slaying some trout in the Bishop, Ca. with my fishing partner n wife…

  11. Pete M. says:

    Purposely left my laptop at home, seriously becuz the Blue was pissing me off and making my mood ring dark… I don’t think any changes until trading deadline. I like the Jody Reed take and also like Lorenzo Bundy. I guess the bottom line I like staying in the org.
    I never liked Bowa and as I often comment, if he’s so damn good why isn’t he on a ML staff???

  12. Quasimodo says:

    lol Badger, I could use a morning boost!

  13. Badger says:

    Hey Pete, my uncle used to own some cabins on June Lake. When I was a kid, middle of last century, I went up with my dad and grandpa every opening day at Crowley Lake. A lot great memories up there. Skied June Mountain once when the wind chill hit 54 below. That was memorable, but not so great.

    Hey, I think the Sweeney magic is starting to work! I feel great! Great great great. Great o’ plenty. Thanks man.

  14. Quasimodo says:

    Badger and Pete, Do you guys know Steve or Ed Blair?

  15. Pete M. says:

    Quas…Name doesn’t ring a bell, but of course lately it’s been like ‘On Golden Pond’…
    Badger, people laughed when McCoy bought all that property in Mammoth…

  16. Mark Sweeney says:

    Drug addicts!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well if they are reading this blog comment, let me recommend that they hire at least 2 little people for the bench. Take the walk, put dee in to steal a base. For reference:

    Need a base runner? A dwarf is your man.

  18. Rob says:

    Reed is a wild card choice that sounds good. Bowa is to big of an ass. My son went to the same high school as Bowa and he is the only alumni that acts like he is to good for any fundraisers.

  19. Bobbie17 says:

    Kershaw keeps taking the heat off our future former manager. If Greinke wins today,
    we should stop talking about it because it will not happen until the team is at least 10 games out. Another 8 game losing streak should do it, though. It’s not right to hope for that, is it? Probably not.

  20. LOL says:

    The new position behind the catcher that all umps are using is not working out. Too many bad calls behind the plate. Time for an inspector general to investigate and make recommendations to Big Ego.

    Saw stat that in the last 7 days the LAD pitchers had a OPS of .522 and the team had an OPS of .526. LOL at the position players.

    Fundamentals, fielding, offense, relievers, coaching all Shart.

    3 runs makes for an exciting win when Kershaw, a starting pitcher with a name starting with the letter K who is actually being utilized properly during his early years, is pitching but if the offense is this weak every day will result on maybe 70 wins for the year.

    Jody Reed? Mr. Greed. Sure sign him up and pay him $300,000 per year which is exactly what he got when he turned down a generous offer from the dodgers resulting in Freddy Gruger trading away another all-star pitcher for nothing. Yea Reed should manage for $1 per year just to pay penance for his sins.

    Nice long post HR swing by pencil neck. Time to go back to LoA. Being back Sellers.

  21. Bobby says:

    I still hate Jody Reed for being stupid and not taking our 3 year, 9 mil deal in 1993. If he had, our dumb GM wouldn’t have gone out and traded Pedro for Deshields, and that entire mid 90s team with Piazza, Karros, Mondesi, Ramon, Nomo, Park, etc would have had 2 rings with Pedro heading the top of the rotation.

    Damn Dodger history.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, on umpires (you are our in house ump expert).

    Yesterday, watching an afternoon game on my IPad in the hospital (wife still there), I believe it was the Seattle – Cleveland game.

    Anyway, there was a play at 1B, where the ump made the out call. The play was in front of him, a ball to the first baseman then tossing it to the pitcher covering — anyway, the ball was not caught but juggled by the pitcher, and the ump was blocked with the play —— but the ump had his fist up calling the runner out. AND he closed his eyes and moved is head to the side — missing the ending of the play.

    Key here — not till the play was over, and he later saw the ball on the ground . . . was the call reversed.

    I have seen this in major league umps and even in amateur softball tournament umps — they have a play before them — think that the play is automatic, start to call one out, turn their head to make the call, many times closing their eyes — with the classic hand / head motion — only to blow the call.

    Maybe because they make so many calls, day after day, they think they know what will happen —

  23. Gonzo says:

    You guys beat me to the punch. You are all ragging on my boy Wallach. Yeah he is quiet because IT’S NOT HIS PLACE TO SCREAM AND GO APESHIT on the players. This guy has always been a pro from his playing days to his managing and 3B coaching days. He knows his place and I think that if given a shot he will surprise people. Wallach has earned a shot and when he gets it, I hope it’s with LA.

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about Reed yeah it seems as if he is good, but Wallach also has the same accolades as him.

    Here is my prediction, Donnie doesn’t make it to the ASG or gets canned during it. Wallach takes over and Dodgers make a run. I don’t know if it’ll be good enough to make the playoffs but the performance will make mangagement consider him. Regardless Wallach is a manager next year…somewhere.

  24. DRomo says:

    Speaking of bad calls: Ramirez in the 9th inning hit that “foul ball” ? That was a HR. Every angle showed that behind the pole. Granted I am glad it wasn’t called a HR, but it was a missed call. Ron Reoneke should’ve had it reviewed. Shame on him.

  25. Pete M. says:

    Raggin on Wallach??? Never happen in this court…
    All seem to agree that Bowa is a a-hole!?!?!?
    Jody Reed…good guy and has been prepping down in the minors…
    I’m going to blame him for getting the most bang for his $$$ ??? Hell no…It backfire on him and he payed the price. He would have been a damn good LAD 2B for 3 or more years…
    But you see there is one small problema for some of you!!! Donnie aint going anywhere…
    P.S. I sure wish Wallzh were his bench coach though…

  26. Voldomer says:

    Since we’re talking about hirings and firings, has anyone discussed the possible impact the change of bullpen coaches is having on the relievers?

  27. Badger says:

    Roger, must umps are taught to wait a split second (as if reflecting on what you just saw) before making the call. ALL umps are taught to get the 90 and do not be moving when the play is being made. Anticipate, have the 90 and be motionless when the play is unfolding. Not always possible, but, I have seen way too many instances of umps in the bigs being blocked or moving while play is made. Not good. And the strike zone is a complete joke. Why would there be such a huge difference in batting averages for each ump?

    “Wallach takes over and Dodgers make a run.” Gonzo

    fine with me but the run won’t be made with Ethier hitting .240 and Matt Kemp with only 2 home runs. The run will be made with K&E back to the 3-4 WAR players they always are and Ramirez back in the lineup. AND, there will be no run made if the bullpen keeps blowing saves. That needs to tighten up as well.

    McCoy. Yeah, I’ll say Pete. My brother actually worked on the mountain in the 70′s and I had opportunity to meet a few of the McCoys (including Dave) around ’74. They were living the good life. I think he is still around… right?

    I won’t rag on Bowa because I know a little about him. He is old school and worked his ass off to become the player he was. He doesn’t tolerate lazy because of his background. I don’t think his style would work with this “golden age” of the privileged and pampered super stars.

    Wallach is likely the guy. Or Reed. I am fine with either. Frankly, I hope Donnie keeps his job because that will mean the team has turned it around.

  28. HawkeyeDodger says:

    I seem to recall Reed being a little peeved at his agent over the whole deal. I’m not sure how much longer Reed played after that season.

  29. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t think my words were incorrectly used in saying Bowa gets my vote. It would mean more if I said he wears his passion on his sleeve. The man displays a young attitude and it may seem like I was saying he’d throw tantrums. He might, but not at his players. But Badger has it right where hoping Mattingly retains his job for reasons stated. So ditto!

  30. Mark Sweeney says:

    If that is the rationale being chosen, then I hope Mattingly is named Manager of the Year. I hope Gonzalez, Ellis, Gordon, Cruz, Crawford, Kemp and Ethier all contend closely for MVP as well. I hope it’s a dogfight between Kershaw and all other pitchers on the team for Cy Young too. Okay, so there it is, we got that out of the way and we don’t need to throw those kind of arguments out in support of our positions. Again, stay focused and answer questions poised, it really isn’t that hard is it?

    I actually think it is a given that Mattingly is done here, either during the season or in the off-season, so back to the subject at hand, who should be the manager for this club. I like hearing the different names come up and the reasoning behind them. If you had to put me in a camp, it’s the NO on Bowa, Bobby V types. It’s a YES on the Orel, Reed (liked him on the field in LA), Brenly (maybe, I like that he seems in touch with today’s players and was a catcher, however he was a FN giant), and UNDECIDED on Wallach, Lopes (just don’t know enough about what demeanor they would have as the Chief.

    One more topic to kick around, is it time for Ned to be gone? I know he was hamstrung by McCourt so hard to assess him on that alone. However when he had the cash he did acquire three guys that seem to be the only guys producing for us currently, Crawford, Gonzo and Punto, so you have to give him credit, did he pay too much – I don’t know – the whole pay structure has gotten totally ridiculous. On the downside he did bring in League and he has been a big disappointment. Even when he was operating under McHaircut, he brought in Schmidt, that is unforgivable. Okay, after writing all that I have decided, TIME for Ned to go, maybe fire him at the same time we let Mattingly leave (unless of course he becomes Manager of the Year, there I saved some of you from having to post that).

  31. Badger says:

    Manager of the year? What? are you on drugs? Stay focused Sweeney! We want Donnie to stay because it means one thing and one thing only – the Dodgers are winning enough to keep him around. They don’t make the play-offs then maybe we fire him. If he is gone this week then the obvious move is an easy in house transition – Wallach or Reed.

    It’s the KISS principle – keep it simple Sweeney.

  32. Mark Sweeney says:

    That’s exactly what I was doing. Removing stupid rhetorical replies in the middle of a discussion. You often are the most rhetorical poster, so I can see how you take it personally. Stick to the subject, don’t throw in deflecting responses, they get quite tiresome. You can do better, don’t get offended, I just detest straw man debaters, don’t build straw men please, stick to the matter.

    • LOL says:

      I understood what you wrote. It was easy to read and perfectly clear and clever. And I agree with most of what you wrote.

      • Badger says:

        ‘I understood what you wrote.”

        uh… so did I Ken. I was being facetiously ironical, a point obviously lost on the two of you.

        Here’s some medical advice for the both of you… bend over, place hands on stick up ass, remove. Once done, relax and stop taking yourselves so seriously.

  33. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, the Dodgers could play better, win more, and have more people voted to the All Star team —- if they used drugs.

    Just as Big Mac, ask Sammy, ask any of those boppers who used the stuff.

    Heck, even Dee would have 35 HRs.

  34. LOL says:

    Does a wife make a difference. Kemp usually plays better when his mom is in town and he is toeing the mark. He may be ready in a couple of years to settle down, get married and have some kids. Another athlete that would make a great wife and mother and who will probably be ready in the same number of years is Allyson Felix. At least his mom would approve of her. Their children might be genetically superior and athletic superstars. :)

    • Badger says:

      It will take some time Ken. Kemp doesn’t have full strength back.

      And no, a wife would likely not help his strength.

  35. Badger says:

    Greinke 41 pitches to get through 2. He better have a couple quick innings or we might be in the bullpen early.

  36. Bobby says:

    Annnnnnnnnd the LVP is back!

    Way to strike out on a crappy pitch there buddy!! Maybe you should give $1000 for every strike out to the Oklahoma victims, instead of per HR

  37. Badger says:


  38. Bobby says:

    Annnnnnnnd his buddy Andre the Midget is back!

    Way to strike out on another crappy pitch there buddy.

    Perfect managing by Donnie there. 2 guys on, and Punto bunts em over. The big boys, expected to perform, however, DON”T do their job. Poor Donnie; even when he does things right his players fail him (and us)

  39. the truth hurts says:

    The bases loaded strikeout crew starring Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier…

  40. the truth hurts says:

    It is sad that I have more confidence with Kershaw hitting then I do Matt Kemp…..

  41. Beckett_rockett says:

    Mattingly is not a problem for Dodgers actually. At least, not a NO 1 problem. Priority to fix should be like this:
    1. Ned Colleti : smarter GM is required
    2. Matt Kemp : give him some rest and teach some good approach
    3. Andre Ethier: same here
    4. Dee Gordon : he is not ready

    • Badger says:

      Sound logic Beckett.

      How many years in the minors will be enough for Gordon? He has been successful at every level. I suppose just leaving him at AAA for the entire year no matter what he does is what needs to be done.

    • Badger says:

      Gonna be a bullpen game tonight. Ruh roh.

  42. Idaho al says:

    we finally get some runs from the back of the line up. The bases are loaded for Gonzalez, Kemp and Either. I hope something happens.

  43. Bobby says:

    Annnnnnd welcome Gonzales to the strike out on a crappy pitch club.

    Annnnnd the LVP strikes again.

    How can a team succeed when it’s best has become its worst?? I need a drink

  44. Bobby says:

    Annnnnnd Ethier on 2b with nobody out, and Ellis pathetically can’t be a team player and get him to 3rd.

    New drinking game: from now on, every poor fundamental baseball play by the Dodgers, we take a drink

  45. Beckett_rockett says:

    common problem: Gonzo, Kemp, Ethier should not wait. their approach should be differnt. Especially when bases are loaded.
    And Punto, Uribe, Crawford, Dee should wait.

    They should know that the situations and roles are different.

  46. Mark_Timmons says:

    Why do people change their names and come back… like we don\’t know who they are?

    I know!

    Have a take – do not suck!

    Don\’t judge someone unless you want to be judged.

    Dee Gordon is not a major league player now… maybe not ever!

  47. Mark Sweeney says:

    Dodgers finding another way to blow a game

  48. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, what is a major league player?

    I look at the roster. It says for the Los Angeles Dodgers, infielders, Dee Gordon. That makes him a major league player. The roster does not lie.

    Now, if you say, you want quality major league players, then you best look to another team and their roster.

    But for the record, it shows that Dee Gordon is, for now, a major league player.

    P.S. for the record, the quality – performing major league players on the Dodgers right now are: Kershaw and . . . . that is about it.

    The rest are either working back from injury, lost their greatness, never really have made it, or very young and there because there is no one else.

  49. Quasimodo says:

    That almost looked like AGon tried striking out

  50. LOL says:

    There is instant replay in baseball. Same old non-Kershaw game.

  51. Badger says:

    What an ugly box score. Team – 30 LOB. That is not easy to accomplish. Team 3 for 13 WRISP. Middle of the order – 7 K’s, 14 LOB.

    This club is sleep walking.

  52. the truth hurts says:

    Mattingly might be managing his last game tomorrow.

  53. Badger says:

    Dusty Baker?

  54. Idaho al says:

    I do not care who, just get somebody different to manage. Along with that, get a new General Manager. You cannot fire the players. We need somebody to wake these players up. I just do not know how anyone can justify Cruz and Hernandez on this team. I blame Colletti for most of who we have on this team. I really feel the same way about Uribe. Although he is playing better this year, we kept him for three years, and what have we gotten from him. Colletti will never admit he makes a mistake. That is why Uribe, Hernandez and Cruz are still with us. I feel the same about League. Colletti brought him in as the closer, and League lost his job as the closer with Seattle. I believe Colletti is a least half of the problem with Mattingly the other half of the problem.

  55. Roger Dodger says:

    Watched part of the game last night.

    Kemp came in to field a fly ball, slowed down, and then the bounce and even the Brewer announcers talked about his centerfield play . . .

    OKAY — it is time to talk (again) about the SECRET PLAN that Ned has to turn this team around. He wants to do that so he can get Executive of the Year award.

    • Badger says:

      The plan should have been to add depth in the off season. They believed Cruz was the answer at third. I think that was really stupid, but, there it is. We were stuck with Uribe because of that bone headed three year deal but the lack of depth as ST rolled on was obvious.

      I have never liked Jed. He was a knee jerk by McCourt when the players DePodesta hired were all falling like dominoes. The lack of hitters in our organization is an embarrassment. Time to trade some of the 300 pitchers we have drafted for some sticks. But I wouldn’t trust Jed to do it.

  56. Mark Sweeney says:

    Roger, you’re using Badger’s reasoning now, lol.

    • Badger says:

      So you admit there is reason to my thinking.

      Thank you.

      and why so many lol’s? We all know you aren’t really laughing, so…. the lol must mean lame on line? Yeah, that makes more sense.


      lighten up sweeney.

  57. Pete M. says:

    I think this ladodgertalk needs a winning streak to refine it’s comments/commentors!!! Getting a lil edgy!!! Alot of MLB left and anyhow college camps open any day now, right???

  58. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark S, I do not know how long (in years) you have been with this core group?

    But, for the past 15 years or so, I also bring up: The Secret Plan — that the owner or GM has, that no one knows what it is — and, most likely, even they themselves do not know.

    There must be some secret to keeping Cruz and some of the other on the team this long — the miracle maybe they are planning on.

    • Badger says:

      You don’t need to explain yourself Roger. Those who know you know exactly what you are talking about.

      Talk over at MSTI about why it is and why it isn’t Mattingly’s fault. Both pieces are right.

  59. Pete M. says:

    P.S. Big (sic) Blue head coach Brady Hoke can kiss my Irish ass. Kelly and ND has whipped your ass 4 of the last 5 yrs. You reschedule someone you can beat…

  60. Mark Sweeney says:

    Very touchy Badger, I think it is you that needs to lighten up. Have some fun, LOL is just a way to let others know you aren’t pissed off and are joking. SO LIGHTEN UP, LOL, LOL, LOL. Your skin is so thin, no sunscreen will keep you from being burned, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!! Wow you are amazing, you can take that however you want, because I’m sure you will anyways.

    • Badger says:

      Mark Sweeney is sounding a heckuva lot like sphincter boy. Could it be we have a walk-in identity change? (and I still find the overuse of LOL lame)

      Back to beisbol:

      Priority to fix should be like this:
      1. Ned Colleti : smarter GM is required
      2. Matt Kemp : give him some rest and teach some good approach
      3. Andre Ethier: same here
      4. Dee Gordon : he is not ready (rocket)

      I think our Boston connection is on to something. Jed be gone. The sooner the gooder. I have been waiting for Kemp to work his way out of this, and he is still at .265 with an embarrassing RISP number. (.163) Ethier is .940 OPS the last 14 days so I leave him alone. Gordon? I am beginning to get the feeling Mark might be right about him. He needs to square a few up, or start bunting successfully (why not a squeeze the other night?) but he just seems to be good for a ground ball or a pop up. The alternative? Another back-up on the field.

  61. Watford Dodger says:

    It’s a long way back to .500 now.

  62. Watford Dodger says:

    I think this season is done. There is no hint of any kind of consistent improvement.
    In fact the opposite is happening. Unbelievably we are getting worse.
    We are one of the worst teams in baseball as the stats don’t lie. Bad luck only counts for a small part of it. We are inept in virtually every department. Unless Kershaw is on the mound who else can we trust? He is the only man on a 25 man roster that you can rely on.
    I’ve never known a season end in May before.

  63. Quasimodo says:

    I think the talent is there and they’re the one’e who drank the Jim Jones kool-aid. At any rate, its poisonous to put on a Dodger uniform in too many of these cases. After 2011 MLBN placed Kemp as the best player in the game. Braun it appears was truly falsely accused of PED use as his production remained fairly constant. I won’t say it, but you get my drift.

  64. Quasimodo says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one noticing Crawford rapidly blinking his eyes, as if attempting to clear fogging, at the plate before he takes his 1st pitch. Is it an eye problem he’s not sharing or in denial of?

  65. Idaho al says:

    Watching today’s game. Ellis is a major league baseball player. He hit the grounder to the right side to get Crawford to third. However, Kemp hits the ball into the gap in right center field and he only gets a single. They showed how slowly he ran to first base. He should of been on second. This is why we need a new manager. Crawford did not run hard the other night.

  66. Quasimodo says:

    If anybody had approached me with a bet saying Dodgers would retire the 1st pitcher inside of 2 innings, I’d of bet my last dollar. Wow!


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