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Mark’s Hit and Run

  • Josh Beckett showed up to spring training in great shape and has had one good game.  I know that it’s early, but he looks awful – kind of like last years “out of date” fashions.   In my opinion, it looks like Guggs and Company might have to munch on the $30+ million he is owed!
  • Last I checked James Loney was OPSing .958 (.375 BA/.430 OB%/1 HR /13 RBI).   Our guy isn’t much better.
  • An arthritic wrist, a Tommy John elbow and a bad hamstring.  110 games is the over/under for Carl Crawford.  Which side do you have?
  • Hanley will make some errors, but his bat will make up for it.  Let him be Happy Hanley!
  • Corey Seager is OPSing .803 in A Ball
  • Fed-Ex – 1.556 OPS/Amezaga – 1.053 OPS/SVS – 1.240 OPS
  • This team still looks like a train wreck.


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37 Responses to “Mark’s Hit and Run”

  1. the truth hurts says:

    Monday morning quarterbacking comments. I agree Mark.

    Beckett is looking more and more like a horrible acquisition.

    Gonzalez is certainly out of his prime. He lacks character as well. I wish he had some fire or something in him that shows during games. For that much money now looking back, not looking like a good move either.

    Crawford is our saving grace and like you said, when he goes down due to injury, this is really going to blow up in our faces.

    There is always Punto? Ha!

    Kemp is no longer Kemp. The more I watch him play, the more I see him completely tuned out.

  2. Badger says:

    In a hurry this morning? Got an important meeting or something?

    It’s May the 2th. Too early to pull a hammy jumping out of your recliner. Save that for September.

    Gonzalez is a stand up guy with an .888 OPS.

    Beckett has only blown up once, but it’s true he hasn’t looked good. 5.25 ERA after 6 starts. That could easily be down in 4′s after two good starts. Aaron Harang dropped his ERA by 3 runs last night. (Oh, question, who will have the least valuable year – Harang or Hernandez?)

    And yeah, they are all overpaid. We know that. But, they are better than what we had at the beginning of last year.

  3. Rob says:

    We get Hanley back only to lose two more guys to injuries. We seem to be a cursed ball club. Our bench is terrible, we have a manager who is way over his head, and our so called leaders are not really leaders. It’s still puzzles me why Jansen came in last night after pitching 23 pitches the day prior. Paco was plenty rested and I guess Donnie figured he was looking bad, yeah right! If ownership shakes things up by firing Donnie maybe this team will click.

  4. KEN says:

    Beckett on pace for 48 HRs. What a year. Oh right he is a pitcher. :(

    Other paces after 1/6th of the season.
    Kemp on pace for 168 Strikeouts
    1 guy on pace for more than 66 RBIs
    1 guy on pace for more than 66 Runs
    1 guy on pace for more than 18 Hrs

    Loney – TB has great player development. Loney is batting 5th and protecting Longoria and a guy hitting .170 is protecting Loney.

    Lohse is lookin good right now. He ($11 mil) does make less than Greinke ($19 mil), Beckett ($15.8 mil net), Lilly ($13.1 mil) and less than Cappy ($6 mil)/Harang ($7 mil) combined ($13 mil), Bills ($11 mil).

    Harang’s extended spring training (the month of April) is over and had a quality start against the O’s. That would be better than Ryu, Beckett or Fife did against them.

    Amezaga making too many errors. If SVS can play 1B why not let him try 3B. Can Fed Ex play 3B? :)

    This is a .500 team and the Anaheim Angels are 10-17, same as the Padres.

  5. Bobby says:

    I know we all talked about trading Ethier for a 3b and/or prospects, and letting Puig play RF.

    We may have to trade Ethier for a starting pitcher instead. Not yet. But as we wait another month for Greinke (and have reliables in Kersh/Greinke/Ryu), we’re going to have to see if Cap can hold down a 4th or 5th spot, if Magill indeed can be a decent 4 or 5, or if Beckett wakes up. If not, we will need another arm.

    Not sure if you kids saw the news, but the LA times reported Dee Gordon has started taking ground balls at 2b. No plans to call him up even if Ellis goes on the DL, but maybe its a start?

  6. Bobbie17 says:

    This team is set, like it or not, and I don’t. There is nothing else one or two new players could do to make it much better. We get back to a new manager, a Walt Weiss-type. I don’t think these guys will play for someone like that. So sit back and watch it play out. I’ve been criticized for having low expectations, but pessimism isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hope is still a bitch.

  7. Voldomer says:

    The Pads say they are preparing a very significant contract offer for Chase Headley, but he has already told them he will not negotiate during the season. This looks to me like advance PR work for a July trade . . .

  8. Badger says:

    If it’s the right player, one can make a huge difference.

    Anyone want to bet Longoria won’t outhit Loney by the end of the year?

    Gordon at second has intrigued many of us in here for a while. Why wasn’t that experiment done earlier? Did anyone really believe Ellis would be there for 150+ games? I sure didn’t.

    I don’t believe this team is set at all. I say, stay close until the trade deadline then make a move. It’s always how you finish.

    It’s my opinion Headley would be foolish to stay in San Diego, unless he really loves living there. The other teams in the West will likely pound the Pads for years. They aren’t going anywhere. The only reason they were any good was because of Towers and he is doing his thing in Arizona now. Headley should be on a team with a chance for post season play. He is going to make bank wherever he plays.

    Mark, did you do a re-write this morning?

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Is this the Dodger team? Changes?

    If Mr. Kemp and Mr. Ethier can start to put together a solid May, June, July, August, September — that alone would transform the team.

    Add to that, a bullpen crew who can hold leads and keep close games close . . .

    These Dodgers can get back into the lead in the N.L. West.

    It looks to me that Hanley has come back to play with BB in his focus. But it will take more than Hanley and GonZ and Crawford to make this team score runs.

  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    No why?

    • Badger says:

      Because my first post was in response to something I thought I read that ain’t there anymore. Maybe I’m hallucinating.

      We still have serious run scoring potential. These guys are all pros and will put it together. Our staff will do the same.

      I remain confident.

  11. KEN says:

    “The Dodgers created the farm systems and scouting systems,” said Kasten. “The Dodgers were the first organization to get into the international market. It’s the Dodgers way.” Simultaneous patience and anxiety for the near future.

    Headley – Should receive a contract offer better than Andre’s.

    “Gordon at second has intrigued many of us in here for a while. Why wasn’t that experiment done earlier? Did anyone really believe Ellis would be there for 150+ games? I sure didn’t.” Because no one listens to me!

  12. KEN says:

    I hope that the day off is used by LAD mgmt to rearrange the pitching order

    1. Kershaw
    2. Magill + Guerra
    3. Ryu
    4. Beckett + Guerrier (Give away game)
    5. Lilly + Cappy + Guerra :)

    Save the bullpen for the pennant race.

  13. Badger says:


    I don’t think so.

    Capuano back soon.

    There is no such thing as “save the bullpen”. Use them up if you have to.

  14. Watford Dodger says:

    Ken – been saying it all off season – Lohse would have been a great addition especially when his asking price went down towards the end. This shortage of pitching was no surprise to me with so many coming off injury. Trading Big Show for the Ex Catcher was pure folly.

    • Badger says:

      Didn’t need Lohse Watford. We still don’t. We got pitching depth. Yeah, a lot of them are banged up, but I still think they will be able to pitch.

      And agree about the trade.

  15. Badger says:

    Capuano threw 76 pitches last night and all looks fine. I would put him in Lilly’s spot next time around. And if Ted gets pissy, too f’n bad. You should have said something about your “soreness” lirio.

    As long as Beckett isn’t hurt, we have to keep running him out there. In the mean time, we are going to have to hit with ‘em to play with ‘em.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    One of these games that Beckett starts, the Dodgers might just score 12 or 14 runs and he might be safe in winning that game. Maybe . . .

  17. KEN says:

    Great “Duck Talk” over at MSTI. They prove that it must all be Magic’s fault!

  18. Quasimodo says:

    Ken, that’s at TBLA.

  19. Rob says:

    Donnie will probably let Lilly pitch because he is scared to hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s why we need a manager who puts the team ahead of someone’s ego. It took forever to move kemp out of the three hole against right hand pitchers because he doesn’t like to upset the players and that’s why we need a new manager.

  20. Badger says:

    You are probably right Rob. And we will probably pay for it.

    Interesting article in the Times this morning… McGwire stating obvious hitting tactics that I learned in high school. Why these guys don’t do those things automatically by this time is beyond me.

    But I agree with him when he says these guys will get it going. This will be a good offensive club by mid summer.

    A move is about to be made.

  21. Badger says:

    Slow morning in here.

    I wonder how good Onelki Garcia could be if he threw strikes? So far he has walked 15 and hit 2 in 18 IP. Only given up 15 hits.

    Joc Pederson looks every bit as good as Puig in the stat column.

    Lee is right where he was last year. He should be ready by next year. Nothing overpowering about him, but he is getting people out. Still not in the top 50. Neither is Puig. When do they update that list?

  22. Quasimodo says:

    It seems we are not being brought up to speed on how Crawford and Ellis’s condition is. I hope Kershaw’s game is spot-on tonight even though he has a very good reason for it to be off. I’d like seeing Magill get the go-ahead as well for game 2 in this series. It’d be really cool seeing that fat Panda missing Magills 4 seam fastball.

  23. SpokaneBob says:

    For the last two days, Gordon has been taking pregame grounders for the Albuquerque Isotopes at second base.

    This is not because second baseman Mark Ellis is more seriously hurt than the Dodgers are letting on and are prepping Gordon as some emergency fill-in. It is apparently a more long-term consideration.

    And anyone who watched Gordon struggle at shortstop for the Dodgers last season will understand that thought.

    Despite his athleticism, Gordon struggled with balls hit to the hole and his throwing was wholly erratic. He did not seem a ready-for-prime-time shortstop, but apparently it hasn’t gone a whole lot better early this season with the Isotopes.

    For Albuquerque, Gordon is hitting .302 this season, has scored 16 runs (fifth on the team) and been successful on 12 of 14 steal attempts. He also leads Albuquerque with seven errors.

    Ellis, 35, is in the last year of his contract, though the Dodgers hold a $5.75-million option for next season. Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez, 29, is signed through 2014.

    Still, if you’re into a conspiratorial way of thinking and believe something else is going on here, then here’s one more: Yasiel Puig, who has been playing right field for double-A Chattanooga, played left field on Wednesday. You know, while Dodgers left fielder Carl Crawford missed his second consecutive game with a tight hamstring.

  24. Bball says:

    As good as Crawford has been I’m intrigued to see how puig would do in the bigs. So I guess I’m saying DL Crawford and call up Puig. Man I wish he was a third basemen

  25. Roger Dodger says:

    The major league turf is an interesting place. Young players have come up from the minors and the excitement is all over the place: media, fans, teams . . .

    But the process has some humbling possibilities to it. At first the a player might explode with numbers off the wall. Success. We knew the guy could do it.

    Then — then, other coaches, scouts, players begin to see weaknesses in their game. Holes in their swing, tipping off of pitches . . . the pressure of the fans and within themselves.

    We can (some of us) remember guys like Steve Bilko (power) and Raul Mondesi (five tools) and others.

    Now — talk of Yasiel Puig coming up, maybe soon.

    Yet, teams know the reason for the minor leagues is to fill out a player’s game. Clear up as many of the holes and gaps in their game to be able to meet the challenge of the major league turf.

    Dee Gordon is one project for the Dodgers. Wall was another. Both came and went back . . . still learning to do, holes to fill, gaps to close.

    Now, Yasiel Puig is on the table.

  26. Badger says:

    DL Crawford?

    What am I missing? He has had three days off, shouldn’t he be ok by now? Is there something more to this? Oh crap. I don’t want to see Puig unless he is DHing or taking Ethier’s place.

  27. Quasimodo says:

    Firstly I hope our fears of Crawford’s condition will not be realized and he’s able to avoid the DL, same with Ellis. Guess we’re like to find out more on that tonight.

  28. Roger Dodger says:

    Just bring up 1/2 of the AAA team, and 1/2 of the AA team, and DL the regular 25 man roster.

    They would still play at .500.

  29. Roger Dodger says:

    Voted for the All-Star Team.

    Dodgers on my selection: AGonz, and M. Ellis. Both are having nice seasons.

    Did not vote for Kemp. Other than being a Dodger, he is not producing and does not get my vote. He has to earn it, the old fashion way. Playing All-Star caliber.

  30. Badger says:

    All Star votes? On May 3?

    I’ll wait and vote for Kemp in late June.

    Somebody tell me Crawford’s leg is ok. He might have hurt it carrying this team.

  31. HemmorhoidRage says:

    His leg is ok. His back may be the problem however, he’s been carrying around about 5000 lbs of useless crap on it.


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