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I Tried to Warn You!

For the record, I hate people who say “I told you so” but on February 18, 2013, I wrote a column called Anybody Can Overpay.  In that column, I wrote:

At a time when most Dodger fans are overjoyed and elated at the Dodgers’ prospects, I find myself very underwhelmed, even sad. 

By all accounts the Dodgers are in excellent financial shape.  A huge TV contract will soon be a reality and the team has spent like no other team in the history of the game.  Unlike some of you, I never admired the Yankees.  To me, they were the poster child of what is wrong with the pay disparity in baseball and I don’t feel any different about the Dodgers.  I cannot admire management that overpays so grossly for players like Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett.  In business, throwing money at a problem rarely solves it.   Frequently, it exacerbates it!

For the record, I am not trying to tell you how to feel – I am just telling you how I feel and I am somewhat embarrassed by the Dodgers unapologetic spending.  If it buys them a World Series this year, I think I’ll be able to overcome how I feel, but anything less and the Dodgers will be the Laughingstock of Baseball and as a fan, I do not relish that!   I don’t like bullies – I’ve spent most of my life standing up to them and now it feels like the Dodgers are that bully. I dislike the feeling that a spoiled-brat rich kid can buy anything he wants… and we all know that things for those spoiled brats don’t usually end up well.

Having more money that anyone in baseball brought the Dodgers Crawford, Gonzo, Beckett, Ramirez, Puig, Greinke, Ryu, League and others.  There are snickers behind the scenes that the Dodgers just overpaid to make some moves.  Ask any team in baseball if they would want any of those contacts and I think you would have a hard time getting anyone to take ANY of those players for free except for Gonzalez, IF THEY HAD TO ASSUME THEIR CONTRACTS.  The Dodgers were forced to take or give contracts no one else would.

Maybe the end will justify the means – a World Series Championship would shut everyone up.  Any thing less and the Dodgers might really be the Laughingstocks, I fear. 

For the record, it’s worse than I thought.  Dodgers are dropping like flies (Hanley and A-Gon being the latest).  This band of mercenaries is falling apart.  Some of that blame has to go to Stan Conte and Company, whose record in LA starting with Jason Schmidt is deplorable.  I was never on board with throwing money at something… even as a bridge.  It’s bad business and bad ju-ju.  It’s not the Dodger way and the Big Dodger in the Sky is really pissed.

To compound things, the team that fleeced the Dodgers (I said “FLEECED”) is in first place with a 20-9 record after unloading a quarter million dollars of contracts upon the morons who run the Dodgers.  Those morons knew most of you fans would buy in, but am I the only one who knew better?  Or did you really know (down deep) and didn’t want to admit it?  I’m not that much smarter than you, am I?

Boston is talking World Series and being buyers at the trade deadline and still have Allen Webster and Rubby De La Rosa.  They swindled Ned and Stan – at least that’s how it appears now.  Don’t tell me the Dodgers did this to “bridge the gap” until they built the farm back up.  Boston didn’t !  The Dodgers have some big problems:

  1. Stan Conte and Ned Colletti have to change their thinking or change jobs.  They were dead-wrong in thinking they could spend their way out.  Don’t forget that a Dodger team with a payroll less than half of this years team, got off to a 30-17 start last year.
  2. Don Mattingley was not re-signed by Conte and Ned – they did know he wasn’t the answer.  It’s time to make a move.
  3. Go out and get the best and most respected athletic trainer like NOW!
  4. You can’t fire the players, but you can make changes – change it up – NOW!

Of course, as Eric Karros used to say:  “It’s Early!”

While I am not a big fan of Dee Gordon anymore, I think it is time for him, SVS, Fed-Ex and Puig.


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32 Responses to “I Tried to Warn You!”

  1. Jason says:

    Hanley now too? So pissed off right now.

  2. Jason says:

    Kemp last year, Crawford, Hanley and Ellis with hamstring/leg issues this year. You’re right…what the hell. Don’t these guys stretch?
    No other team has so many leg strains and pulls.

  3. Badger says:

    NOBODY, including YOU, could have predicted so many injuries to so many key players. What you talked about was the money, not the players.

    If all these guys can ever get on the field at the same time, this would be a dynamic team. Las Vegas odds makers could see that plain as day and that is why they made them one of the early favorites.

    I have been saying for years that the Dodgers players sure seem to get more conditioning related injuries than any other team.

    I REMAIN confident. This isn’t your favorite cockroach Frankie No Nickels running this show anymore Mark, this is Stan Kasten at the helm. You don’t believe in the Dodgers? Hide and watch.

  4. Bball says:

    I woke up depressed as hell about this team. I got nothing. Maybe your right Mark.

    • Badger says:

      Nah. It’s a temporary setback. This team will rally and make it close. The Yankees had 85 million on the DL and they seem to be doing just fine.

      It’s still VERY early in the year. A lot can happen between now and September. I look forward to see what it is these guys have planned. Should be entertaining.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    They are cursed!

    You are right Badger, and I said so: It’s worse than I even thought!

  6. KEN says:

    I do not understand these hamstring injuries. In high school I developed a chronic hamstring strain and yet have never pulled it. Even in college playing two sports including running at least 40 30-yard dashes at 95% every day during the 4 month long Rugby season. Result no pull because of ALOT of STRETCHING EVERY DAY. Has Ichiro ever had a pulled muscle? The dude can do the splits any hour of the day in the cold of the North Pole. Just sayin.

    DL everyone with a 5 day pain and bring up the AAAA scrubs. Hard to imagine it getting any worse than this.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I watched most of the game last night. Exciting to say the least.

    Dodgers get 11 hits and 7 walks, that is 18 on base alone. Kershaw has the only extra base hit.

    The Giants get ONLY 4 hits, and it was the cycle: a single, a double, a triple, and a HR to win the game. They are the champions, clear and simple. Zito did what he needed to do for 5 innings. Their pen stopped the Dodgers — and you cannot wait till the 9th inning to try and win a game against Romo.

    The ad on MLB Network for the game on TV tonight or tomorrow night — is advertised as “. . . the Giants against Matt Kemp and the Dodgers.”

    That should change and say: “. . . the Giants against NICK PUNTO and the Dodgers.”

    Punto is hitting .386 and is getting hits.

    I agree with Karros, it is early. It is . . . mucho time to settle down and make a race out of it.

    It will take a new focus. As Badger or someone said, the Dodgers have 8 infielders on this team and 6 of them are very very very similar in their game, plus Uribe the wild man with a bat.

    When watching Kemp at the plate, ready for a pitch. He does look like he will cream the ball very very very hard. Then he takes a pitch, swings and misses, fouls one off, swings again and is hitting — .267 with no power, nor purpose.

    The Giants showed me, they faced a tough pitcher, had 4 hits, and had what it takes to win. Posey is one of the best today. And proved it last night.

    Watch out, the Padres are coming. If the Dodgers do not pull themselves together — no matter who is starting — the guys will be in last place in a tough division.

    Way past time in making changes in the roster. Sellers is clearly a AAA player and overmatched most of the time. And this teams just does not need Cruz and Hairston and Schumaker and Sellers all on the same roster.

  8. jerry says:

    last night every one new it was going to be a one run ball game..and donny should of bunted more..he bunted once and we scored…then there was so many times if we would of bunted again..we could of stayed out of the double play.but donny keeps waiting for the big inning which with this team never happen..hanley has made two big running erors this season…one was trying to steal third and then last night going to third..

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    The Dodgers are still close and in two weeks could run off a string of wins . . .

    But they just as likely will play .400 ball just keeping their heads above water.

    IF someone or two can begin to elevate their play and carry this team for awhile, then it could be .600 ball.

    Looking at AAA -

    SVS is down to .404 with 8 HRs.

    Gordon is .314 with 14 SBs.

    Castellanos is at .304.

    Heck, Gwynn is at .247 (remember when he won a game or two last season).

    Federowicz is still at .500

  10. Jason says:

    Hanley might as well stay on the dl until allstar break. We all saw what happened to Kemp when he tried to rush back last year.
    That is….if Hanley only has a strain. We’ll see what the MRI says. It looked worse than a strain.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Vin was saying he thought it occurred just prior to Hanley reaching third and then tired to slide.

    I thought he started his slide a bit late —- unless he felt the pain and did not want to slide or could not then, and thus, a late slide. But the slide was late.

    On the Kemp throw — not sure that Posey ever got to the plate — Ellis blocked the plate — way to hang in their A.J.

  12. Jae says:

    How do you spell TRAIN WRECK?

  13. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Just curious, didn’t Mark close down this site and quit on the same blog that he sites now? Just wondering.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger pretty much echoed my thoughts. And the “morons” who run the Dodgers included Stan Kasten, who was pretty successful in both Atlanta and Washington.

    Injuries have really mounted, and perhaps there is a problem in how the Dodgers approach their training and medical issues. But with all that’s happened, if Matt Kemp began to hit like he did in 2011 and last year before the injuries, a lot would get solved. And if Hanley is out for any extended period of time, then some sort of move will be necessary. Maybe it includes Gordon, maybe it includes a trade, maybe something else, or maybe a combination of those things.

    And yes, it’s early. The Dodgers are 3.5 games out, and it’s the beginning of May. They could be that far in September and make a move. We’ve all watched baseball for years, and know how quickly things than change. Hot streaks, just like cold ones, can come out of nowhere when you least expect it.

    And please, I realize it’s just a metaphor, but let’s stop this nonsense about the Big Dodger in the Sky, and talk of the Dodgers being cursed. If the Dodgers start to win it won’t be because of the Big Dodger in the Sky or because they’re blessed. It will happen because all the pieces fell into place. Besides, how do we know the Big Dodger in the Sky is as powerful as the Big Midget, the Big D-Back or the Big Rockie? Actually, if you think about it, only the Big PADRE in the Sky makes any sense.

    And injuries or no injuries, 18 runners on base and only 1 run speaks volumes about the real problem. Time to start stringing some hits together AFTER we get the runners on.

  15. SpokaneBob says:

    The Big Dodger in the sky is not pissed. He has a plan and it is being executed. Just like the classic tales in mythology and fokelore, the hero(s) have to go through great difficulties, even tragady before they can rise to the occation and achieve ultimate victory. Most of us knew that the team we started out with from spring training was not the team that we would have in September.

    Heres how I see this playing out. First they call up Dee Gordon and he plays well enough to establish himself as a catalist for the offense. When Hanley comes back they convince him that playing third would be less strain on his hamstring and would benefit the team by having Dee in the line up. By the all star break we get Greinke back, and we get healthy. By August we have a rotation of Kershaw, Ryu, Greinke, Magill and a big arm we aquire in a trade. FedEx replaces Hernandez, Cruz and Sellers are gone and their roster spots are taken by Puig and a power bat gotten at the deadline. After a difficult first half Matt Kemp regains his stroke (much like Gonzales did after his sugery) and we roll into the playoffs playing our best baseball of the year.

    So you see there is nothing to worry about. Time and The Big Dodger in the sky will take care of everything.

    • Badger says:

      Positive thinking. I like it.

      But there is no Big Dodger in the sky. Sorry. That may have been true when all teams had their own players from beginning to end, but that ended with free agency. The Big Dodger now sits in a sky box behind home plate and will make any and all necessary moves to bring in outside help when necessary.

  16. Bobbie17 says:

    Mark Trumbo of the Angels said of his team, that it is not coming from behind to win games, which is a sign of a good team, which the Angels are not right now. You can see what Champions do, and the Dodgers are not even close. It boils down, now, to a totally inept farm system which gives no effective depth to the big league team. And no future stars, in the near future. I wonder what Magill’s confidence level is right now. I hope his coaches have instilled in him some grit, because he will need it tonight. I’m afraid from what I have seen, our coaches–and manager– don’t know what grit is. The Giants just brought a guy up from Fresno. Watch what he does when he gets in. My guess is he will be good and contribute right away. Terrible system from top to bottom. It will still take 5 years to straighten this mess out and then only if we can hire people who are cutting edge, not old news.

  17. Badger says:

    Brooklyn’s right. You hold the midgets to 2 runs you should win. You hold any team to 2 runs you should win. Our RISP batting average is just unacceptable. I believe that HAS to improve. We had opportunity to win that game and we choked it.

    “Adversity doesn’t build character, it exposes it.” The character of this team is about to be exposed. We will see how well they handle it.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Maybe the front office is frozen — afraid to move.

    Most of us arm-chair-managers & general managers —- have seen that this roster does not work. Too many of the same guys — having a bad month.

    New blood. Even from the minors. They could do no worse. NO WORSE.

    How bad is AGon injury or whatever??

  19. RogerCraig says:


    Bill Polian of the Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills had a great track record too, but he sure lost his touch when his QB got hurt and the team nose-dived. Past performance is a guarantee of nothing. It cost him his job. Kasten is not even close to Polian as an evaluator. He’s just a manager. Maybe one who’s time is past.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Maybe, it all comes down to two things now:

    1) being able to play in the major leagues, skill level, and still have some stuff left in the tank —

    Problems: Sellers, Hairston, Cruz, Uribe Hernandez Guerrier, and even Beckett on this list.

    2) team chemistry. This present team does not have it — at all.

    When I watch the MLB Network of other games — other teams seem to be able to play in the majors. Hitters are actually hitting the ball. Making great plays. This is not happening now in L.A With either team.

  21. Badger says:


    For this team, that stat gets better, MUCH BETTER, and they will compete.

    RISP – .211

    RISP 2 Outs – .204

    That must get better.

    The Dodgers need to hold on and go back to fundamentals. Go back? What am I saying, they need to START doing the fundamentals. Win a few close ones, come from behind a couple of times, and we should be able to win .500 until guys get back and we can make a move. This is going to be a rough stretch. But, don’t give up.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, if you are not doing anything for the next six months — I will call L.A. and tell them that you are just the perfect person to take over the helm right now!!!

    • Badger says:

      Right. Easy enough to diagnose, not so easy to get these guys to do what they need to do. Some of it behind the scenes, some of it in front of millions.

      Punish tubed fastballs and leave everything outside the strike zone alone. That’s the first thing. As for all these injuries, somebody recently made a good point about preventing injuries through yoga. I wonder who much serious stretching these guys do.

      And they wouldn’t listen to me. I would have them running too much, taking 100 grounders a day every, swinging the bat 150 times a day and doing visualization before every game. Every guy on the team could bunt, every guy on the team could hit the ball the other way, pitchers could hit, cut off men would not be missed, every base would be backed up and everybody would be running at one point or another. I am too old school for this generation. Strong fundamentals is a thing of the past. I see it every time I go to a game. Guys in the outfield standing around watching, bunts being missed, players not being moved over, nobody using hit and run anymore…. lots of things different now.

      Maybe we just need to get younger and more athletic. Get those guys on the right side of 30. In the post steroid era, it would appear that guys start dropping quickly after 30.

  23. Mark_Timmons says:


    There is no Big Dodger in the Sky?

    You are crazy!

    What kind of jibberish will you spout next?

    The next thing I know, you’ll probably try to tell me there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny.

    You have no credibility!


    On a serious note, I was a RCF power hitter and could hit some prodigious shots (not against good competition), but I lost the power in my early 30′s. I still hit it very hard – I just had no “loft”. I played for 25 more years but was a doubles and singles hitter. I have concluded that you get your power from the torque generated by your shoulders and hips and arthritis just prevented me from generating that little extra. I’m sure steroids help. I say, let them do it!

    • Badger says:

      “I say, let them do it!”

      Makes for a more interesting game doesn’t it.

      If you aren’t born to be 6’4″ and 250 pounds, then do what the guys 5’9″ have to do – play the game the way it was invented. Bochy does it. It’s fun to watch.

      7 out of 10 line drives are base hits. That was figured out years ago and is still true today. How do you most successfully hit a line drive? Read Ted Williams book and you will know all you need to know about hitting line drives. Then take 150 swings a day, as many as you can against live pitching, and always, ALWAYS visualize a line drive. If you are not gifted, you have to work harder to play with those who are. If you are gifted, and you don’t work to improve, shame on you.

      Why are the Dodgers falling like leaves from a tree? Karma. It just has to be karma. Well, that and a lazy off season work-out regimen.

      Big Dodger in the Sky. Baseball is the great equalizer. This game is won by those guys who want it more than the other guys. Look no further than the f’n midgets for proof of that.

  24. KEN says:

    Rumors flying around that Dee will join the dodgers today.

  25. Rob says:

    We all talk about bring guys up like Gordon, Puig, and SVS but the front office is stuck on stupid leaving the club with barely any options on the bench. This team needs a shake up big time! Make a move, any move just to put players on notice. It’s the stupid bullsh$& like having that anti-American PSY at the ball park that pisses me off. They are more concerned about promotions then how the players play.

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Stan Kasten is not the evaluator. He’s the guy that hires the evaluators. And during this past year the Dodgers have done a lot, adding experienced and successful executives, and beefing up the scouting staff. That’s the infrastructure that didn’t exist under McCourt, and it’s the mechanism by which the Dodgers will return to prominence. But that kind of stuff takes time to bear fruit. In the meantime, the Dodgers have spent money to bring in experienced players with strong track records to win while they’re rebuilding.

    And it’s not just those players who have been struggling. Matt Kemp wasn’t one of the new players, neither was Billingsley, or Ethier. And we’ve played all year without Hanley. Nobody could have predicted the current rash of injuries. Imagine how well the Midgets would be doing if the same thing happened to them. In fact, the 2011 Midgets collapsed with the loss of Buster Posey alone. Maybe the Dodgers are just destined to have one of those years, or maybe deus ex machina will arrive and save the day.

    It’s a long season. 134 more games to play. Lots can happen, both good and bad. By the way, someone look it up. I’m guessing that on this day last year the Midgets were at least 3.5 games out, maybe more.

    • Badger says:

      Well said Brooklyn.

      The guys we got from Boston, other than Beckett, have actually played quite well.

      Gonzalez will be back. Not so sure about Hanley. I wonder how much running he did while rehabbing. Not enough would be my guess.

      Kemp and Ethier will start hitting. Punto will stop hitting (he is 35 too and a career .250 hitter) and the rest of that lineup will just have to contribute. It’s going to be interesting to see how the club handles this.

      What a bummer. I sure would have loved to have seen this team, as it was first constructed, play for a title. Nobody could have predicted this.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, in my above post I’m addressing Roger Craig, not Roger Dodger. But that should be pretty obvious.


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