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Flirtin’ With Disaster

I think that song is appropriate for your LA Dodgers.  Listen, read the lyrics and weep!  The Dodgers are deeply entrenched in last place!

The Dodgers have the third worst record in the NL.  Only the Cubs and Marlins are worse than the Dodgers.  Throw in San Diego (the team just ahead of the Dodgers in the NL West) and you have a total three team payroll about the same as the Dodgers.  I mean you can finish last by spending just $50 million.  Maybe Stan Kasten needs someone to explain to him that $216 dollars is a lot to spend to finish last.  This is a train wreck…. or worse!

Excuse of the Day (you pick):

  1. But it’s early.
  2. It’s not the training staffs’ fault.
  3. It’s just the injuries.
  4. It’s not Mattingly’s fault.
  5. Kasten knows what to do.
  6. It’s a long season – they will be OK.
  7. That’s just baseball.

There’s a lot more excuses you could add, but this is a bottom-line business.  You lose, you go home.  You lose, someone gets blamed.  You lose, someone get fired, You have injuries, the training staff has to share some of the blame – it’s delusional to think otherwise.

This bunch is averaging 3.3 runs a game while giving up 4.1 runs a game.  Their clutch hitting has had it’s clutch go out.  Big Mac is just a sandwich, not a batting coach.  This team is flirting with disaster.

How Do You Measure…

  • Heart?
  • Hustle?
  • Enthusiasm?
  • Pornography?
  • Laziness?Deeply Entrenched

There is no barometer, but I know it when I see it.

The same is true with the LA Dodgers.  My son-in-law stayed with us Tuesday night because we live near the airport and he had a 5:00 AM flight to catch.  He’s a big Red Sox fan, but he watched the Dodger game with me.  I think it was in the 5th inning that he said “They look tired.  They have no energy.”  

Yeah, even Ray Charles can see that!  There is no silver lining…


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  1. Badger says:

    “Excuse of the Day (you pick)”

    I’ll take 1. and 6., even though they are the same thing. I like 5. too, though that isn’t an excuse. Hopefully it’s a fact. 3. is true, but you can’t say “just” the injuries. None of us know how good this team could be if everyone was healthy.

    Kershaw deserved better. 1 earned in 7 and you don’t win? It’s ok if that happens to the Marlins. People expect that with teams that are rebuilding.

    Your son-in-law is right.

    Somebody tell me how that team we are putting on the field adds up to $216 million? Oh, yeah, it doesn’t.

    Matt Kemp’s swing looks like a gate on the Bullsh*t Cattle Ranch. He evidently isn’t going to adjust it, so, I expect more of the same. Gonazalez is still a good hitter and is our current rbi guy, but, will he be in and out of the lineup for the rest of his career? Anybody seen Andre Ethier? Maybe we should have traded him and signed Bourn? Bourn was on pace to score 142 runs when he cut his finger. He’ll be back this week-end.

    Herrera looks like a great utility guy. He joins a team of utility guys already here.

    Yep, this is a last place team all right. I still think they are better than the Rockies and the Padres. But I don’t think they are better than the midgets and the dbacks. Those teams own us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If it looks like shit and smells like shit, it must be shit.

  3. Pete M. says:

    FedEx is back & Ramon H. stays??? I’ll ask again, why isn’t SVS given a shot as a bench guy/part time 1B…
    How in the hell can a guy @ 31 years old be relagated to a part time player???
    1 & 6 are a good choice and I’m not touching the measurement stuff…
    Doesn’t Paco deserve a shot at facing more than 1 hitter at a time??? Come on Donnie…

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, we like to think that the Dodgers are better than the Rockies and Padres . . . but looking at the Rockies,

    they have 7 players with 7 or more HRs.

    they lead the majors in batting average with .281; Dodgers are 5th with .255.

    Rockies have almost twice the number of HRs than the Dodgers; 45 to 23.

    they have 6 starters on the field hitting over .297; 5 over .300.

    They have only had to use 6 starting pitchers this season.

    The Padres seem to be playing as a team. In May, they are 6 & 2. Dodgers have not won a game.

    Key: we used to say that a manager can make the difference over a season by their use of pitchers (who starts, when to pull, and which relievers in and out) and putting on special plays; bunting, hit and run, run and hit, stolen bases, etc.

    So far, the Dodger under Donnie, have 5 — 1 run losses, and 4 — 2 run losses; or 9 losses by 1 or 2 runs = = =
    That is 9 losses out of 20 losses by just 1 or 2 runs.

    I think that some of that is on Donnie. Line-up, substitution of position players, relievers, very little hit and run and sac and bunts, etc.

    And much of the teams failure this season — is what Ned has done with the roster, and the lack of moves . . .

  5. DRomo says:

    I will agree that this team looks tired, listless, and uninspired. Injuries are not an excuse. It is a fact. The price tag is a lame thing to point out when you figure the big money guys are either hurt or actually producing (Gonzo/Crawford).
    This team needs a leader. That could be a manager or a player but a leader none the less. Kemp wants to be that guy but I think he just isn’t. I don’t hold it against him. As much as I do really like Donnie, I think we need a guy with more fire. I am not sure Wallach is that guy either. I don’t have answers. Usually at this point I’d say we need a manager to get tossed from a game, flip over tables, maybe a guy to charge the mound, something to force some emotion into this team BUT we have seen almost all of these things so far this season and it has brought us nothing.
    Bad luck is bad luck. No one could have foreseen the injuries here. Greinke looked great while he was here, Hanley looked pretty good too. Save your Monday morning QBing and hack clichés like “you make your own luck…”
    Sometimes S**t happens. We shouldn’t be happy. But we know as fans that this front office did what we wanted them to do last season and this offseason, They got front line players, stars that we all thought they should’ve had. We all wanted all-star caliber players here. They went out and got them. This front office also did not extend Donnie until he proved himself. But we should all rest assured that changes are coming if they don’t turn this around.
    Or we can all panic and tune out. It’s more fun to whine.

    • Badger says:

      Well said Romey.

      And Roger, I think that Rockies team will fade. It’s pretty much the same guys that lost near 100 last year, right?

      It’s the same today as it has been all year – this team needs Kemp, Ethier, Ramirez and Gonzalez all on the field at the same time, and doing what they are paid to do, for at least 125 games. They aren’t there and playing like the 3-5 WAR players they are paid to be, then this team goes nowhere.

  6. Rob says:

    You can blame the players or the injuries but ultimately the blame falls on Donnie’s shoulders. I asked the question, “Other then the first game when Donnie elected to leave Kershaw in and he hit a HR name a decision Donnie has made that won a game this year?” I can’t think of one but I can think of plenty of games his decision making has lost games. It’s simple crap too, why pitch to a guy who has scorched your staff over and over? Why not bunt the runners over and put them in scoring position? Why? Why? Why? You know everyone has sat at home and watched these games and asked why to many times this year about Donnie’s decisions. I have watched a bunch of Angels games this year and Scocia has not made bad decisions, his players have flat out under performed. Mr. Moreno please fire mike so we can hire him as our Manager!

  7. DRomo says:

    No Scioscia!!!! the most over rated manager in history geezo! Mike over managed his way out of the playoffs when the team was good. If you blame the players now then you should give Donnie the same pass! Scioscia is not a greta manager. 1 ring makes him great? Then Terry Francona is GOD! LOL

    Besides Arte of Los Angeles of Anaheim would never let Scioscia go knowing he’d be in the running to come here.

    So here’s a good question. Besides Scioscia who would you fellas like for the next Dodger manager? Serious names only. No Mickey Hatcher, Tommy Lasorda’s, or Steve Yeagers. Who? I honestly don’t know. I don’t know what Ron Washington’s contract status is but he is a former Dodger farmhand. Is Dodger blood a pre requisite?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, I don’t know… Don Baylor, Bob Brenley, Ryne Sandberg, Wally Backman, Dave Martinez, Jim Rigglemann, Sandy Alomar, Larry, Mo and Curly. Ted Turner???

  8. jerry says:

    bottom line ,when you get player,s on the down swing can you expect much from them..we never go out and get someone who is young and on the up swing in his carrer,, it always what someone doesnt want..go out and get some free agent..that are new..other wise you get people on the D L

  9. DRomo says:

    Great point Jerry.

    But if some player was on the upswing, why would their current team trade them? Scouting and development need time to catch up. And that is what we are seeing now. Stan and Guggs are literally BUYING time. Thats all. Not trying to buy a championship.

  10. HemmorhoidRage says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, the Dodgers need a young and unproven manager. A raw guy that doesn’t know that he isn’t supposed to know anything. Probably an ex-catcher that still has the fire in the belly and can get pissed and yet run a tight ship. Close enough in age to the players he coaches that the usually bullshi’ite excuses they might try to run won’t wash with the new young guy. Now who that guy is I have no idea, but I bet some of you baseball junkies can think of a guy that fits that description. So let’s hear some names, you baseball guru gods give me your thoughts, I’ll throw out one Pudge Rodriguez, he fits the description, I admit I don’t really know if he can fill out a line up card, but that’s the kind of guy I’m thinking of.

    • Dave says:

      I agree rhoid a dirtbag guy in any capacity would be beneficial lets get back to basics mentality , who that is ? your guess is as good as mine , i no a couple retired college coaches in the northwest that are all spit and vinegar and brilliant dirtbag baseball minds . This damn hump, we just gotta get over and get on down the road we role up than back down , just to get a little momentum would be huge right now its mental right now itll change something hast to give !

  11. Bball says:

    Maybe brad ausmus roid?

  12. Bobby says:

    I think we need an established winner. A guy who’s done it, and will command respect from high priced players.

    N, not Phil Jackson. But Tony LaRussa.

    This is LA. We need the best

  13. Dave says:

    Using the term “its just baseball” , as you know mark, has many variables, and yes at this level you gotta win. Theres been alot of one run games , injuries , some good at bats, ok mark and no wins , now if the wins come around by 1 run, and balls find holes and wins start showing up i’ll stand by my statement ” its just baseball”. Was there heart different there approach different , this game will chew up anything and everything period ! Respect the game !!!!! its a tough game, winning helps , balls finding holes help , getting rythem as a team, moving in the right direction helps !!!!! Respect the game !!!!! adversity is a measuring stick , ok there being measured , maybe you dont like some of the heart !!!! Respect the game !!!!! Baseball , damn i love this game because it always instills respect of it at any level , any player , fan , umpire , over time the harshest critic ! Respect the game !!!! now swing away mark !!! Its just baseball!!!!!

  14. HemmorhoidRage says:

    That’s what I talking about Bball.

    Just what we don’t need, IMHO, Bobby. No old in the tooth guys, no to LaRussa, No to Bobby V, no no no!

    Dave, I agree.

  15. Badger says:

    Lane Kiffen.

  16. Dave says:

    And yes mark, ownership set the tone , hype , expectations , demands whatever you want to call it its all crap in my book , respect the purity of the game play ball !!!!!!!

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Injuries do make a difference. Bad performances from Kemp and Ethier do make a difference. It is a long season, like it or not. Maybe changing managers would help, maybe not. I’m not going to comment on whether the team looks tired and has no energy, since I’ve been that way myself lately. I’ve been working long days, and haven’t been able to stay up late to watch the Dodgers. Haven’t even had time to post here too often. I’ve missed a lot of games lately. But quite frankly, put it any way you want, and I’ll keep saying that 33 games doesn’t prove anything, and that the season could turn on a dime. But if Matt Kemp and Ethier continue to hit as they have in the early going, this team won’t win. Those two guys (especially Kemp) need to be in the middle of things for this team to score runs. And if the Midgets are better than us, let’s see how well they’d do with Buster Posey out of the lineup. I believe we saw that in 2011 (but I forgot, injuries don’t make a difference).

    Maybe the Dodgers will kick it into gear too late to win this year, or maybe they’ll have a sizzling second half. I do know that this ownership will spare nothing to find a solution. And that couldn’t be said about the previous ownership.

    “The Dodgers are deeply entrenched in last place!” Really!!!! They’re not deeply entrenched in anything this early in the season. And tell me how a team just 6.5 games out of first place (6 in the loss column) is “deeply entrenched in last place? They’re in last place, but not even close to being deeply entrenched.

    I prefer to let this thing play out. And if things don’t get seriously better, I am betting that this ownership will know how to respond appropriately, without panic.

  18. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t have a clue what should be done. I really believed the right moves were made. Will they turn it around? I can only hope they will. Why its not working simply makes no sense to me.

  19. Badger says:

    I second Brooklyn and Quas.

    And I wait.

    • Bobby says:

      ESPNLA says Dodger management has decided to wait and patient for now.

      They will wait until the injured bunch is back, and then evaluate what to do.

      Whether that’s good, bad, or ugly, I’ll let you kids decide.

      • Badger says:

        Sounds reasonable to me. Ramirez should be back before the deadline. If he is sound, and Kemp has it together by then, maybe a move could help.

        I still say Ethier hitting in Texas would be good for everybody. Maybe he goes on one of his famous streaks before the deadline.

  20. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Bobby, that’s called the “kiss of death”. Mattingly is done. I think the worst thing about me advocating Mattingly should be fired is that Billy “Dancing with Myself” agrees with me (at least until he changes his mind and then claims to have never wanted him fired. Watch for this developing story, lol).

    I noted some time ago, that the team shows no energy or excitement. This seemed even obvious during ST and really even last half of last season.

    Give us a young gun for manager, but give it to us now, I don’t want to wait til all the injured players are back. Headleee Ramirez is gone for 6 weeks or more, along with many others. That’s too long to wait. Put this team out of it’s misery and shoot the manager, please.

  21. Badger says:

    Shoot the manager?

    I think cooler heads will prevail. Wait until everybody is back and see what they can do. I don’t know that a new manager would make a difference with this bunch. Will Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier all of a sudden start hitting if Mattingly is fired? I think it’s more likely it would just piss them off.

    And I wait.

  22. Bball says:

    Dang is Ramirez really out 6 more weeks. I didn’t hear that. That sucks

  23. Rob says:

    Good to see greinke will be throwing a rehab game on friday. He is way ahead of schedule and we need him now. I like the rotation of Kershaw, greinke, Ryu, the good cappy, and Beckett. Beckett and cappy are pretty much the same #5 guys but they will do with the strength of the front rotation.

  24. Rob says:

    I like it when we don’t play, we gained 1/2 of a game in the standings!

  25. Idahoal says:

    I agree with all of those who say we need to wait and see what happens when everyone is back. You cannot hire a young manager with no experience. This is a veteran team and the players will not accept a young manager. I just do not think we have a leader in the club house. Some one who will stand up and say this is how we play the game. We play Dodger baseball. Kemp should be that man. He is a Dodger. Ellis is a home grown Dodger. Kershaw is a Dodger. These are the only three players that came through the Dodger system that start. If you look around there were are three teams who paid out money to buy a championship. They are the Dodgers, Angels, and Blue Jays. Look where all three are in the standings. This should tell us something.

  26. HemmorhoidRage says:


  27. Badger says:

    Remember our discussion about Mark Reynolds? He would look pretty good in the lineup right now.

    Kasten says they will do whatever it takes, short term and long term. I wonder what short term whatever it takes might be.

    6 more weeks on Ramirez huh. Well, that means we may not be in first place by my June 1st prediction. Might have to stretch that out.

    6 games out. This time last year the midgets were 5 games out.

    al makes a good point about a young manager. How about one in between. A guy that can relate to younger players, but has the fire that Bowa did. Who might that be? Chatanooga’s in last place. Maybe we should switch managers with them. I think Jody Reed is the manager there.

    If a move is made, is should be Wallach. He knows the players, knows the system, and has earned his stripes.

    But, nothing will be done until this team operates at full strength.

    Maybe the Dodgers and Angels, or Dodgers and Blue Jays, or all 3, should work on deals exchanging contracts. Give everybody a chance for a re-do.

  28. Pete M. says:

    ‘If’…Emphasis on if I wanted a mgr. change!!! I would go with Wallach or Lorenzo Bundy. Both been with Blue for a long time and have good relationships with players….
    Same preface above for GM…Pry Kim Ng back from MLB…
    Time to beat up on a team…Might as well be Miami…
    Zack G….Please dont hurry…
    ‘Easy E’ Elbert…same as Zack…You’ll look sweet in the middle of the pen again..

  29. the truth hurts says:

    Mattingly has got to go. I never liked him, ever.

    But, whoever takes over this team has no chance to succeed and will be the new captain of a sinking ship filled with to many holes.

    This team is awful.

    • Badger says:

      Really truth? awful?

      It’s playing terribly, but I don’t see it the same way you do. If Kemp and Ethier were playing to their previous levels that alone might have given us a couple of W’s in those one run losses. Greinke back would strengthen our rotation and Ramirez, Ellis and Gonzalez at full strength gives us a couple more W’s. The pen will come around. Too many good arms down there for that not to happen.

      The weaknesses I see are still the same places they were at the beginning of the season. This team, at full strength, is actually pretty good. Will they ever get there? Good question.

      I still believe in this management team. They couldn’t see all these injuries coming. Nobody did. And if somebody would have told us Matt Kemp would have a .676 OPS on this date I would have bet my 500 push-ups against it. He had all winter to rehab and get ready. That’s plenty of time to heal from whatever was wrong with him. His problem is in his head, not his body. His swing starts in the Valley and ends in San Clemente. He needs to look at how Goldschmidt approaches at bats and duplicate it. Geez I think I could fix Matt’s swing, if he would listen. Why doesn’t Big Mac get him straightened out? Strange.

      • the truth hurts says:

        Badger, thats my problem. Kemp and Ethier show no signs of returning to their level of play from previous seasons. Its scary to think Kemp is no longer BEASTMODE. From what I see now, it certainly looks that way. I dont think Ethier scares anyone anymore either.

        Im not asking for 20 HRs from Kemp at this point but even if he is starting slow, a former “MVP” should have maybe more then 1? Shoulder or no shoulder, its a scary but very real possibility.

        I’m sitting in the Dallas airport. 3 hour layover. Its gloomy/dark and dreary outside. The grinch is out.

        • Badger says:

          Point noted.

          Ethier is streaky. I think he will hit what he usually does. Not sure about Kemp, but, if he does not come back, this team’s offense has a huge hole in it. Trade him to the Angels for Hamilton or Pujols.

          Dallas airport. Sounds delightful.

  30. Roger Dodger says:

    Greinke being out because of anger that was not stopped or buffed . . . Seeing that it could happen again and again —

    1. The Commissioner’s Office or the owners should change the game and state that if a player or team, crosses a line of field behavior, and hurts or injures another player/s from another team — serious action will follow. (More than being suspended for 2 or 3 or 8 games.) As suggested by some, if a player is out for 8 weeks, the player/s at fault will also sit that amount of time. Or, 3 months, or 50 games. And a second offense – a year, etc.

    2. Or, like some places in society. Players be allowed to carry pistols and use them on the offending player to settle the situation right then and there. And, fans can carry guns with them in the stands, and they too have the right to settle arguments of players and other fans. (This ideas is sponsored by gun manufactures.) See, that is how we do things here in Texas. Just as the governor.

    • Badger says:

      Perfect. The Texas solution.

      Well, it would stop the fighting.

      I just heard that in some state, likely in the south, they are trying to require teachers to bring guns to school. Gee, what could go wrong with that?

      Seriously though, what to do about that kind of violence? You charge the mound it’s an automatic 25 game suspension. That is a conscious choice that is easy to see. And they already have the warning/ejection rule for pithcers. That should come with a fine too. Not a pocket change fine, one that will dig deep.

  31. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, trying to have students to bring guns to school.

    What concerns me about the baseball violence and attacks — take the Greinke situation –

    Say he starts his comeback, but a bit too early. Injures his throwing arm, or other part of his body. Then after several attempted comebacks . . . is through.

    Dizzy Dean had that problems as I recall. He was hit on the toe with a line-drive by Earl Averill, in an All-Star Game. He tried to comeback too early and hurt his arm.

    Something needs to be done. Heck, if the ump feels that Greinke was throwning at a hitter or hitters — then toss him. End the possible battle of the mound.

    • Badger says:

      Note to pitchers:

      any moron rushes the mound, move backwards and aikido until your third baseman arrives

      Note to Texas:

      get your head out of your ass before it’s too late.

      Better yet, arm everyone down there and let them shoot each other. The less Texas the better.

  32. Mark_Timmons says:

    They disarmed Chicago and how well did that work? If you are not a criminal you can\’t get a gun in Chicago very easily, but the murder rate is soaring.

    • Badger says:

      If they “disarmed” Chicago as you suggest, how is the murder rate increasing? What? They using rocks and clubs now?

  33. Mark_Timmons says:

    Criminals can easily get guns. If you want to go through the right channel, it is very difficult.

    • Badger says:

      So…. you’re saying its too late? 300 million guns already out there?

      How exactly did Chicago get disarmed?

      Offer $500 for every functional gun turned in and watch these moron criminals shoot each other for their weapons.

      • Badger says:

        OK, not being a resident of Illinois, I had to do some fact checking. Interesting state on gun laws, I’ll give you that. So this is what I found:

        To possess or purchase firearms or ammunition, Illinois residents must have a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card, which is issued by the Illinois State Police.

        The police must issue FOID cards to eligible applicants. An applicant is disqualified if he or she has been convicted of a felony or an act of domestic violence, is the subject of an order of protection, has been convicted of assault or battery or been a patient in a mental institution within the last five years, has been adjudicated as a mental defective, or is an illegal immigrant. There are additional requirements for applicants under the age of 21.”

        Seems reasonable to me.

        And, yeah, criminals can get guns where all criminals do, from gun shows, from craigslist or out of the back of a van. This is a shooting galary country and we have enough nutballs in it to start a whole new country.

        What does any of that have to do with Texas?

  34. Dave says:

    pretty simple badger somebody wants to be a badass they get a gun then oppress others , but every damn citizen has the right to defend them selves from the stupid ass, sorry nobodies taken my gun. switzerland, norway, puts a gun and trains every one how to use, lowest crime rates in the world , there will always be oppressors in the world we as citizens have the right to defend from oppressors period .

  35. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Damn, I am totally with Dave on this one. Gun sales are going up and gun deaths are actually going down in huge measures. You won’t see that in the press but just take a look at the statistics, it’s true. Gun-free zone is a greenlight to criminals, no one around to deal with. Gun-allowed zone, redlight to criminals. Sorry for making too much sense, but the statistics bear it out. Recent school shootings and the shooting in a gun-free advertised theater in Aurora CO are just the latest examples. Intellectual integrity is a must in a real discussion on issues. Since that won’t happen in here with some, let’s move on to baseball and away from politics. That’s as nicely as I can put it, MOVE ON!!!!

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, I’m sure more guns is the answer to all our gun problems. I have nothing against licensed hand guns. It’s the automatic weapons and high capacity magazines that I have issue with.

      And nobody is saying anything about the second amendment as I am sure all of those of you who own guns are members of a regulated militia.

      I put down weapons right after I was done being a part of a mass murder organization (we were damn good at it, and they still are) and since I don’t hunt, I have not had the need of a gun for the last 45 years.

      This is what I know about Texas, Andre Ethier has an OPS over 1.000 in Houston and EVERYBODY hits in Arlington. Puig in right field in L.A., Ethier in right field in Texas. As keyboard GM, I will not rest until that is a reality. I will also go find a lead-off hitter to replace Micahael Bourn that I didn’t get and a replacement third baseman for Mark Reynolds that nobody would let me sign.

      We got utility strength on this team so the bench is actually ok after I find a late inning thumper. Heck, I might even give that job to Uribe.

      • Badger says:

        and roid, can you try ONE post without the snide left handed insults that you are so fond of? Just a suggestion, not expecting anything.

        Moving on……….

  36. Dave says:

    comon badger cause there are stupid asses of the world every body hast to comply to the one half of one percent nonsense , there again education , respect and understanding , these new potential laws will open the flood gates for 100 times more problems , criminals need to no im out there you tred on me ill verbally warn my intention that you picked the wrong house thats my right , you see, they no a twelve gauge is going to come there way they just got a little respect without it there laughing at me, read what the 2 amendment says it mainly states if government gets overly oppressive i have the right to defend, read it, its are right period no excuses cause this subject to me is all nonsense, it was very carefully crafted read it its amazing people want to adjust it to there way of thinking purely nonsense ill stop because these kinds of things are exactly the problem in america no values and respect and understanding period, and these gun issues are extreme crap !

    • Badger says:

      Dave, my friend… do you REALLY want someone to believe you want an automatic weapon so you can take on the United States Government? I was in the Marines. I think it’s safe to say that you and your militia would not stand a snowball’s chance of actually taking on a squad of Marines, let alone the entire United States Armed Forces. That is a lame argument targeting people with less than a 6th grade education.

      If you want to discuss the gun issue problem in the United States in an intelligent manner then I am in for the debate. But don’t try to lay the second amendment bullshit on me. It was “crafted” over two hundred years ago. Nobody is talking about taking away anyone’s right to “bear arms”. That is not what the current debate is about.

      And stand by, roid is likely to go after you regarding your spelling, grammar, and punctuation neglect.

  37. Bobby says:

    Word has it SVS is being recalled from AAA.

    Not sure if that means Hernandez, our brilliant acquisition for Harang, is being cut, or if another high priced guy (A-Gone?) is going on the DL.

  38. Bball says:

    I say Agon to DL. Lets hope it’s Hernandez though

  39. HemmorhoidRage says:

    NIce try Badger, you are the king of lefthanded insults. You totally lack any intellectual integrity and resort to just plain lame attacks and insults. You are so pathetic, just reread your posts. You really aren’t worth the effort, you refuse fact and just lash out. Enjoy your jerk-off fest. Pathetic dude, just pathetic.

  40. Gonzo says:

    I never thought about buying a gun until the shootings in CO. My wife and I are movie buffs. I decided right then and there I would not be a victim. Where I live AZ you can conceal without a permit, so that means that anyone can be concealing; at least that is my point of view. I now carry my gun virtually everywhere I go. My once quiet town has been impregnated with a lot of southern california filth that have transplanted themselves and are assaulting people and robbing them at gun point. Last week three jerks went up to a guy sitting in his fron porch minding his own business and demanded his money at gunpoint. The victim agreed and reached into his pocket for his wallet, but drew his own gun shot the thief with the gun in the neck and the other in the leg I believe.

    I hate violence but I will not let anyone interfere with the safety of my family. The other day some guy confused me for some dud that stole his girl and was talking trash and putting his finger in my face. Unbeknownst to him my wife was in the bathroom and whe she came back to the table the dude actually believed me when I was telling him he had the wrong guy. Anyhow, my point is that I had my Ruger on me, and not once did I ever think of drawing it to end the situation. The day I have to draw my gun will be because I am going to use it.

    • Badger says:

      Mistaken identity. You don’t need a gun for that. Now if that guy walks in with a semi-automatic weapon and starts firing, guys like you can pull that weapon and take your shot.

      I’ll be the one ducking under the table waiting for him to change magazines.

      It’s not guys like you that are the problem Gonzo.

  41. Gonzo says:

    Oh yeah, go Dodgers. Donnie’s gone at the All Star break.

  42. Dave says:

    badger im sorry your service left that with you ,i have lots of friends that feel differently , my uncle flew b17s in the first months over germany , i respect your point, mistakes are imminent in war but at times a necessary evil , abroad issues are much different ! perspectives are what they are now blue needs to win some damn ball games !

  43. Dave says:

    militia , now that has no place here im a human with simple rights all ive said is these potential laws are nonsense , and theres no need to change a pretty simple principal, my beliefs are pretty strait forward and far from radical but i hear that in your defense and im sorry you feel that way its a free country and yes im quit concerned in governments run away freight train and the grade is getting steeper by the year its out of control. we actually agree on oppresion by gov but on much different issues thats fair to say dont you agree ? no worries badger differnt strokes for different folks enough on this i think !

  44. Roger Dodger says:

    Dodgers are only 5 games back in the lost column.

    And with their record in May alone, it might take two or three years to move the Giants and D-Backs out of 1st place.

    Where is James Loney when you need him?

    Rubby would be nice right now. He is playing for Pawtucket. He has 6 starts with the following innings: 2.1 2.1 2.0 3.0 3.0 4.0 = sounds like he is on a pitch limit. ERA is 5.40.

    Jerry Sands is playing for Indianapolis. He is 3 for 27. 2 singles and 1 double. That is it. What, did he fall of the earth . . .

  45. jerry says:

    the games we are loosing is in are division,, and that alone is hard to make up.some times you have to win 3 in a row just to make up one game..

  46. Dave says:

    Badger have you ever owned your own business ? strait up ?

    • Badger says:

      Yep. Twice. Wasn’t a store front though.

      And we haven’t had a necessary war in decades. Vietnam didn’t teach us a damn thing.

      Again Dave, I do not have a problem with gun ownership. I am not that naive (despite what roid may argue). I understand owning a handgun for protection, though I don’t own one. I sure know how to use one, I just choose not to be around them. Personal choice. I respect yours.

      It’s never about what we hear being harped by both sides. That’s all bullshit. What isn’t is high powered military style weapons with drum magazines so easily in the hands of our criminally insane. We may never agree on this stuff, but, I respect your position. I hope to get things done with sane policies and the vote. I may be waiting a long time, but, I keep hoping. But I KNOW this, if the government ever decides to turn on it’s peoole, we are finished. I have seen firsthand what a Marine unit can do to a village when that village does something to piss them off. If you think an AR15 will help you in that situation you are fooling yourself. You own one of those, and you will be the first one taken out.

      No worries buddy. We’re good.

      SVS coming up? Did I hear that right? A thumper off the bench.

      Just saw the movie Mud. I recommend it. I hadn’t even heard of it.

      And Rage can piss up a rope as far as I am concerned. He needs some adrenal therapy.

  47. Mark_Timmons says:

    I’m with Gonzo on this one. I never had a gun until last year. The Colorado shootings were the turning point. I now carry a Glock 17 9 mm with a clip of 17 and my wife has a Smith and Wesson 5-shot hammerless revolver with hollow points. I also have two Mossburg 12 Gauge Presuader’s with 18.5″ barrels and hand grips hidden in two strategic spots (one beside my bed). I am not paranoid, but I spent 7 years in the bowels of the American Prison System for a crime I did not commit and I know what the criminals are capable of. I never draw my gun and hopefully I never will, but I can use it and I would rather have one and not need it than need one and not have it!

    Assualt Rifles? I see no need (for me).

    Craigslist, gun shows and underground sales should be banned. Period. Background checks are great although I am fighting with the FBI right now even though my conviction was overturned. They are really stupid sometimes…

    • Badger says:

      And guys like YOU aren’t the problem either Mark. I don’t really care what you keep under your bed. Not my business. If the state if Indiana has no problem with it, why should I.

      Background checks are something 90% of us agree on. Mark, after going through a reasonable check, you should be cleared. But those guys you met in prison? No way.

      And yet, any background check bill cannot pass what is laughably called our legislative bodies.

      Also, other civilized nations around this planet don’t have the problems on this issue we do. One has to ask – what are they going that we are not?

  48. Dave says:

    Dont own a a AR have no need for one nor want one semi auto pistol with three clips can do more damage so there was a extra 3 seconds for clip change, whats there point there is none it wont do any thing period. And when that doesnt work theyll try another and another , common sense goes a long way , i have 1 shotgun 2 rifle antiques and a 22 and im gonna sell the antiques. I hate guns, but i like the history and engineering function of design. I get very frustrated when im told to piss , walk , pay this and that , many forms of agencies are broke clammering for money , when they fail and pensions come short , when the agencies drown and feel the hurt like everybody, then theres problems the pan handler is the government , its a form of regulatory extortion im sorry thats what it is. We need basic common sense approach to so many things, my biggest stress in my life was dealing with the agencies hated it and i always will its the most waste we have out there ya even more so than garbage yes they waste that much ! Corruption and entitlement mentalities just dont fly with me there isnt one ounce of accountability in government they have a long road to proof otherwise it aint happenin !Government has destroyed 1000s of small businesses period there clueless !


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