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$216 Million Can Buy You Last Place

  • Yeah, but… injuries, disabled lists, blah-blah-blah…
  • Save it.  It is what it is and it might change or might not.
  • Boy, Carl Crawford must have it in for Chris Capuano.  Caps was already struggling when CC just kept pouring gas on the fire last night.
  • I got a call from my old friend Tony Jackson last night – look for him to resurface soon… maybe covering the Dodgers.


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85 Responses to “$216 Million Can Buy You Last Place”

  1. Badger says:

    “Yeah, but… injuries, disabled lists, blah-blah-blah…

    Save it. It is what it is and it might change or might not.”

    500 push-ups says the Dodgers do not end up in last place. Put up or shut up.

    This is not a last place ball club. Ethier is hitting .240 with 9 rbi’s. Matt Kemp looks lost. Ramirez is lost. The bullpen has been drugged. Our bench needs to be put back where they belong… on the bench!

    I know I am not the only one who believes in the club.

  2. HemmorhoidRage says:

    No the problem is not the bullpen has been drugged, it’s that Belisario is clean. Line him up and he’ll be fine.

    I know this team has a lot of injuries, maybe training staff’s fault, maybe just the breaks of the game. However to have so many players under-performing must be laid of the feet of the manager. Why would so many players be having there poorest years, there is only one common denominator, the manager and his staff. It’s pretty evident. To not understand the “coincidence” of such poor play by most players is just plain stupidity. Wake up Brass, time to change the manager (and staff too, no that won’t happen mid-season, but it should).

    This team goes nowhere until Donnie Tbag is gone.

  3. Badger says:

    I meant to change that to “back up” (edit please) …. I know Mark will never do either, but, I get him on those bets.

    Maybe it is Donnie roid. iontkno. Like I said, he does some strange things. But I do like his calm. He’s been around a long time and he knows there is no need to panic. At the same time, there are games, not all of them but some, where the team just seems to be ….. unavailable. I know if Matt Kemp were hitting like he did to start last year, it could become infectious. Without your leader, any squad is hesitant. I have found that to be true on a Marine Corps battlefield to a teacher’s union to Little League baseball. There are leaders and there are followers. Some times those followers do a lot more than you think they are capable of when they are being led by a stronger personality. On the field, that is Matt Kemp. In the dugout, it’s Don Mattingly.

    There is plenty of time to turn this around. We need Ramirez and Greinke back for sure. And we need Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier to do what they are paid millions to do.

  4. Bobby says:

    Magic and the museum people cannot be happy right now.

    Yes, amazingly we’re still only 5.5 out, but it’s spiraling downhill really fast right now.

    Another 2 weeks of this, and Donnie Softball is going back to Pawnee. Time to get a guy who can motivate, lead, and command respect.

  5. jerry says:

    dodger need pitching ..we only have 2 that are any good.crawford dive last night came up about 3 ft short.

  6. Rob says:

    Don’t worry guys we can count on Beckett to stop the bleeding, haha. We are in trouble big time! I don’t think I have ever seen a season with so many injuries, bad plays, and bad luck hard hit balls. Is Larussa still a special advisor to the team? If so convince him to manage the team.

  7. Bobbie17 says:

    It’s early. Ha! Magic and the museum people should take the team by the collective throat and squeeze hard…and then harder….and then harder. This isn’t panic. It’s being pissed off. 30,000 at the game last night. Fans should stay home en masse. How that translates on the field is questionable, but this is ridiculous. It’s time to stop settling for mediocrity. Start by shortening the plank. I think his toes are hanging over the edge. I hope. He’s ok with a sweep by the Giants because they are playing better? What a joke. Send him back to the Yankees so he can learn to manage somewhere over there. Maybe Torre can help him. Pathetic.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Folks — I have moved into the final stage of death/loss . . . ACCEPTANCE. As far as the Los Angeles Dodgers are concerned. Let me explain.

    Back in the 1960s, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross developed 5 states of death or loss.

    1. Denial
    2. Anger
    3. Bargaining
    4. Depression
    5. Acceptance

    As it fits the 2013 Dodgers is like this . . .

    1. Denial — it makes not sense that the Dodgers have kept loosing. It makes no sense with the roster they have. If, IF, I-F these guys played like they should and could — they would be in first place. They will come around when the injured guys come around. This cannot be happening to this team, it is too good.

    2, Anger — Kemp was not ready for the season. Billingsley scares me, we need him and he should have had the surgery last fall. Ticks me off he waited so long, now he will not be ready for at least another season. Bad. Gee, more players down, on the DL. More players on the DL like Elbert, Fife, Greinke, Lilly, Tolleson, Ellis, and Ramirez (twice). How can this happen to one team. I am also angry at Donnie and his style of managing. Angry at Ned for not cleaning up the roster or making some changes. What is with those two!!!

    3. Bargaining — I have called upon the Big Blue Dodger in the sky, but BBD seems to be busy or is angry at something. Okay, I will have only good thoughts for this team. I will watch games on TV wearing my Dodger jersey’s. Maybe I should send a positive word to Donnie and tell him just to hang in there — the guys will turn this around — I am sure.

    4. Depression — This looks like a big black hole. There is no life or spirit with this team. They are paid a lot of money and they are not doing what we expect of them to do. I have trouble eating, sleeping, I do not want to go out anywhere, afraid my friends will say, “Hey, what is wrong with your Dodgers, they stink this season.” Last place now. A lost season.

    5. Acceptance — Maybe this is for the best. A bad season. Get it out of the way and re-load for next season. The present Dodgers do not deserve to win. After some player personnel changes are made by the end of July and after the season, the new Dodgers will be ready. Now I know what Cub fans have go through for years and years. We Dodger fans must stick by them. Sooo, what till next year.

  9. Pete M. says:

    Right on Badger…
    Connie Mack couldn’t breath life into this rag tag lineup…
    We will be in or close to top of the NL West by trading time…
    CC had possesion 1st play…Second one was preety stupid, just trying to get a spark going I think…
    Now that were looking up at everyone, deep breath, get healthy, get going…

  10. SpokaneBob says:

    We have yet to field our true starting line up. Adrian, Matt, Hanley and Andre have not been in the line up at the same time.

    There will come a point when we get healthy and get to full strenth. By then we will know if Gordon has played well enough to claim the shortstop position and if we need to make a trade for a third baseman or another frontline arm.

    A couple of years ago the Cards were in the same spot we are and ended up winning the World Series.

    I am getting a little tired of the bitching and crying by a bunch of fair weather fans who don’t understand why we are where we are and that it is very likly to change as the season progresses. None of us like whats happening but to write off the year at this point is a little rediculus.

    • Badger says:

      Well said Bob. You too Pete.

      I accept what is Roger. It IS May 7th. We have played 31 games. A 5 1/2 game deficit would be a problem if it was a 50 game season. But my math tells me there are 131 games left to play. You guys want to throw in the towel now? Man, you don’t make the first cut on my team.

      I remain confident. This team WILL play better.

  11. KEN says:


    They may tank even further or they might win 4 in a row, BUT THEY ARE IN LAST PLACE. (The word “are” connotates present tense not past or future tense.

    DFA Cruz, DL Hairston, move Bills and that spineless reliever to the 60 Day DL and bring up SVS and Amegaza. Time for Donnie No-T-Balls to leave. As Donald Trump says “You are the project manager, you are FIRED!”

    Ok, now those moves might be a little panic stricken :)

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    What amazes me – with all of the baseball knowledgable people on the staff now, advisors, etc. – Ned is still playing games with a stacked deck or players not producing and worn out.

    Surely this advisors are looking, talking, and thus = advising. But it is not being acted upon.

    Hey, maybe ownership is betting vegas against 1st place and a championship, and will get big $$$ if the Dodgers finish in last place — now that is the only thing that makes sense right now.

  13. Quasimodo says:

    Dammit! I sure as HELL hope they’ll play better. I’m really not sure there is a hell. Where have these guy lost their ‘passion’ to play? Does getting $$$$ put the game so far down the list that they feel there’s better things they could be doing? That is not ‘dancing with the one who brought ya’. They are not loving baseball. They’re poisoning the team to a point that Kershaw might not even consider a further contract with the Dodgers. How he’s holding his passion has nothing to do with the money! He loves the game. Of course they’ll play better, how could they not?

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Ditto what Badger, SpokaneBob, and PeteM said. The Dodgers are 13-18. Who’s to say it’s inconceivable they won’t get hot and go 25-6 in their next 32 games. Or maybe they just start to play better now and get hot later in the season.

    If the Dodgers get healthy, Kemp and Ethier start to hit, and some changes are made between now and mid-season, this team could be poised for a breakout second half. There are no guarantees, but there is ample precedent for a turnaround. And should it happen, it probably won’t be immediately apparent.

    Could just be one of those seasons, or it could be that the cream will rise to the top. I’m betting on the latter.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Typo – 25-6 in their next 31 games. And I used to teach math.

  16. Badger says:

    A life lived in fear… is a life half lived……

    Two camps here… those who live in fear, and those who fear not.

    31 games is too early to panic.

    Yes, this team is currently in last place. 5.5 out on May 7th. Mark, Ken and Bobbie (who is 17) are ready to blow it up.

    Too early too knee jerk. And it’s NEVER time to panic. Panic is for those who lack confidence. Stay calm. Stare it down. Face your fears.

    This is not a last place team. I don’t know where they will ultimately finish, but in the mean time, I look forward to see what they can do when everyone is back and playing well. If in mid July they are playing the same, then make some moves for a push to the play-offs. For now? I wait and I watch.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Karros: “It’s still early.”

  18. Bobby says:

    Despite all the injuries, we should NOT be 5.5 games out. We should be close to 1.5 games out MAX.

    We have one of the top 3-4 most talented players in the game in Matt Kemp, and under these circumstances, it’s his job to carry us until help arrives. So far, he’s failed miserably.

    As of May 7, Matt Kemp is the LVP in baseball. Maybe he, and not Ryan Braun, was on something 2 years ago??

  19. KEN says:

    Still have to deal with those that exaggerate and those who can not read. I just want a player that bats less than .100 gone after a month of excessive patience and those who should be placed on the DL to be actually PLACED ON THE DL.

    I never thought Donnie T-Ball would be a good manager so I have been waiting for more than 2 years for him to be gone. Remember his contract was not extended by Stan or Ned.

    Love is Patient… and Repeating the same thing over and over is Insanely Moronic. This oxymoronic situation is difficult to reconcile, when applied to the dodgers, and while choosing one specific side over the other will always generate a response from the true thin skinned, falsely accusing a person of choosing one side over the other will always generate a response from me.

    My opinion will always be that when so many people are underperforming there should be a change in management and a change in staff. As applied to the dodgers, one player should be DFA’d every 2 months and one coach/medical staffer should be let go at least every 3 months until the dodgers make the playoffs.

    • Badger says:

      31 games is not enough of a sample to knee jerk a manager. That is the sign of panic.

      If after 32 games they are still struggling I’ll bet neither of us will have changed our position on this issue.

      If at All Star break we are still in last place – I can the manager.

  20. emerson-Lake says:

    So, just saw that we called up Herrera to replace the disabled Hairston–just so we make sure we don’t run short of weak-hitting utility guys. Cool. And this way we can keep hot-hitting Isotope and Chatanooga teams intact, so we can win a pennant or two SOMEWHERE!

  21. Bball says:

    Anyone seen the clip of Kemp giving away his apparel to a dodger fan in San Fran. Pretty good stuff. I would link it but have no clue how too do that stuff, but if you’d like to see it. Go to YouTube and search stayinhigh4209. Oh ya and can we please get a victory tonight. Beckett will be awesome tonight jot it down

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Bball, here’s the YouTube link.

    All you need to do go to the site, find the link, and then copy the address from the address bar (use CTRL-C to copy) and paste it in your post (use CTRL-V to paste). In fact, you can use the same procedure to copy and paste anything. For example, I copied your search instruction by highlighting it and copying it using CTRL-C. I then went to YouTube and pasted what I copied into the search box (using CTRL-V). If you use a Mac, substitute the “command” key for CTRL. Hope this helps.

    For some people the glass is half empty (last place), for others it’s half full (only 5.5 games out). I’d rather be 5.5 games out in last place, than 10.5 games out in second place. After 31 games the Dodgers have completed just over 19% of the season, which means there is a just under 81% of the season remaining. If the Dodgers are in last place when those numbers are reversed, then I’ll be ready to start thinking about 2014. Unless of course, the Dodgers are in last place with 31 games to play, and still only 5.5 games out. That wouldn’t be an easy deficit to erase with little time remaining, but I’d still have hope.

    By the way, I’ve liked Matt Kemp since I saw him interacting with fans at Vero Beach in 2008. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy to me. And that’s why I’ve never subscribed to all the negative stuff that’s written about him.

    • Quasimodo says:

      Well I’m looking for some lopsided runs scored tonight FOR the Dodgers……its got to happen soon! Too much talent for the continual bummer of losing to go on much longer.

  23. Bball says:

    Thanks Brooklyn but I don’t have a computer. My computer is an iPhone. Gotta love technology. I can even print from my iPhone. Do you no how to do it from an iphone.

  24. KEN says:

    Down to 2 non-pitchers and 3 pitchers not on the 25 man roster or on the DL. WOW!

    WOW! 2 years plus 31 games. STILL CAN’T READ.


    Still can’t understand the difference between objective quantifiable current facts and qualitative future desires.

    Control freaks still trying to change a person’s issue because they are control freaks or can not understand how to read.

  25. KEN says:

    Dodgers nay need to go 75-56 the rest of he way to make the Wild Card slot at 88-74. Today that seem improbable. Next week we will see. Sorry if the multidimensional series of sentences confuses anyone.

  26. Roger Dodger says:

    Just discovered something about watching Dodger games on TV.

    DirecTV cut out my Dodger TV broadcast, and sent me to the Diamonbacks coverage on Extra Innings coverage.

    So I tried my IPad. Now I believe I paid extra and get games on my computer but had not consider the IPad. So I tried it, bingo Vin was on with the Dodgers. Now it is about 5 or 8 seconds behind the TV broadcast picture, but that is ok.

    Reason I tried this is, I need to do some work in a room that does not have a TV, but my house does have wireless . . . so now I can take the IPad in that room and follow the game. (Heck, one could take it in the bathroom as well and not miss a thing.)

  27. Rob says:

    Why is hernandez batting 6th?

  28. Badger says:


    Still can’t understand the difference between objective quantifiable current facts and qualitative future desires.” KEN

    Quantify this genius – 5.5 games out with 131 to go. That is a current objective data that everyone can see and yet you seem to ignore. I know they are in last place. It doesn’t concern me as much as it does you.

    And acting like a college professor doesn’t make you any more accurate and sure as hell doesn’t make you more interesting. I have my own multiple graduate degrees so don’t attempt to go pansophic on me, it won’t work. I can read, I just don’t think you are any where close to being accurate. Not yet. Give it another 100 games and who knows, maybe you could be in the ball park. As of now, you are out on Sepulveda.

    Actually, pompous smug fits you so keep it up. Maybe some around here get a kick out of it.

    It took Kemp 7 steps to stop on that single by Parra, turning it into a double. I’m an old man I could have stopped in 4 steps, holding Parra to single.

  29. Badger says:

    Dodger hitters just not getting any breaks. It would appear the gods are not yet favoring us.

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Sorry Bball, haven’t had to copy and paste from my iphone. I use it mostly as a phone, to get email, and text. Don’t have a Wi Fi printer, so can’t do the print thing either.

    Badger, is it the gods, or is it the Big Dodger in the Sky?

  31. Bobby says:

    and with a guy on 3rd and 1 out, our leadoff hitter pops up.

    The worst thing u can do is pop up on the infield!! This is why we’re in last place. These crucial chances to drive in key runs with simple baseball we just fail at consistently.

    Before the 1st pitch to Crawford, I said to myself “squeeze him here. Nothing else seems to work; maybe a successful squeeze could ignite us.” nope. Donnie American League doesn’t do it.

  32. Bball says:

    I’d sure be nice to see the shredder tonight. I bet were the only team without a walkoff.

  33. Bball says:

    Ya I was thinking squeeze too

  34. Badger says:

    In the old days it would have been a squeeze. Not any more.

    BDIS? No. Baseball gods? Maybe.

    Their shortstop is pretty damn good. He’s a few years ahead of ours.

    The NL West sure looks evenly matched so far. I look for Colorado an Sa Diego to eventually fall off.

  35. Badger says:

    “That made no sense.”

    Bob Brenly on Hernandez hitting with Ellis (2 for 4 against David Hernandez) sitting on the bench.

    What say you Donnie?

  36. Bobby says:

    And with a guy on 2nd and nobody out, we can’t even get him over to 3rd, let alone score him.

    Is there any gameplan to get runs in at all?? We don’t need 3-4 runs at a time. Scoring 1 here and there is good enough.

  37. Badger says:

    Yeah, throw Goldschmidt the same damn pitch four times in row and see if maybe you can sneak one by him.

    Their first baseman is better than ours, their shortstop is better than ours, their third baseman is better than ours, their starting staff is better than ours and their bullpen is better than ours. Right now, the dbacks are a better team. So is San Francisco. That might change, but, until it does, this is a very hard to team to continue to watch.

    I still don’t believe they are a last place club. But, without anyone showing any real power, they are not a play-off team.

  38. Rob says:

    Hernandez barely has a batting average and he was batting 6th. Things might have been different with Punto batting 6th but we will never know. Donnie must go!!

  39. Pete M. says:

    Ramon H. taking up space surprises me…
    Nick Punto, although I’d never really thought I’d have the chance to say it, arguaably the the most consistant hitter the Blue has had!!! Batting 8th.??? Really Don…
    Already looking ahead to 2014. Not panic, not giving up, just looking ahead… There’s a good chance Yasiel Puig will be manning an OF spot and surprisingly Zack Lee, may have become a pitcher and not a thrower… His outing are starting to get boring!!!
    A stop by Clayton is neccesary…

    • Badger says:

      It’s only Maybe this team isn’t that good.

      28th in runs scored. (Rockies, Dbacks and midgets all in the top ten) 27th in home runs. 23rd in OPS.

      The schneid stops tonight.

      Harang pitching better for anyone who cares. 6 IP and 2 earned in his last two outings. Great trade jed.

      6 games out. First place by June 1.

  40. Bball says:

    We should win the next four. With Clayton going tonight and Miami coming in for the weekend anything less then four in a row is a let down.

  41. Idahoal says:

    I agree with many of you who think that it is early and we will come back. However, there are some things I just do not understand.

    1. Why bring Herrera up. We need some pop from the bench. Another weak hitting infielder. We have enough of those ball players.
    2. Why do we not bunt more. Look what Arizona did last night. Get the lead off man to second, bunt him over to third and then he scores. We are not hitting home runs, so why not play small ball. The Dodgers where chasing Arizona all night.
    3. Why not hit and run more. Again we need to generate runs. Why not use the squeeze play. Why not steal more. These are things that can be used when you are not hitting home runs. we just seem to sit back and wait for the home run and it does not come. I like Donny, but I put a lot of this on him. He just does not adjust. I like his calmness, but I would like to see a little more fire.

  42. Roger Dodger says:

    Boy, this is really something. Painful. Other teams and their fans have stopped laughing at the Dodgers, they are looking at other developments in baseball.

    Somehow, Donnie will figure out how to get: Cruz, Punto, Schumaker, Sellers, Uribe, Hernandez, and Herrera all on the field at the same time. Then, put that game on prime-time TV.

    • Badger says:

      How in he heck do these players salaries add up to $216 million?

      al, I think Herrera was brought up because the only thumper we have at AAA is a guy who can’t be stuck anywhere on the field.

      I got nothing else.

  43. Roger Dodger says:

    Here is one way Donnie will have his team on the field, maybe against a A.L. team even.

    Pitcher – 1 (DH Gonzalez)
    Hernandez – 2
    Uribe – 3
    Punto – 4
    Cruz – 5
    Sellers – 6
    Schumaker – 7
    Kemp – 8
    Herrera – 9

  44. jerry says:

    gibson bunts in the first inning…and scored..but not donnie.

  45. Badger says:

    I think I would have tried a squeeze with Crawford. However, I did notice they were pitching everything high to him, suggesting they thought he might bunt. They didn’t seem to worried about a fly ball, which is what usually happens with a high pitch. They got a pop up and eventually got out of the inning.

    I did notice that line drives found gloves again. And I noticed my heart rate went up when I saw League in the game.

    Maybe I need to take a break from the Dodgers. Go to the movies or something.

  46. Badger says:

    Zambrano anyone?

  47. Dave says:

    Its freakin baseball ! Ya never no , and its damn early something will give , you never throw in the towel thats for damn sure ! play ball and see where the chips will fall. AND IM STICKEN TOO IT !!!!!

  48. Jason says:

    Brandon League must be hanging out with Chris Perez. Did they become friends?

  49. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Badger, you sure acted like an ass in your address to Ken, lol. (Don’t worry I actually agree with you, Ken has a tendency to try and act like an intellectual, but remember, he is just acting, lol).

    Regarding replacing a manager after 31 games is a knee-jerk reaction, I agree, the problem is he hasn’t been our manager for 31 games, he has been our manager for 193 games. He really hasn’t shown me or anyone much, I know you agree. Time for Tbag to be tossed on a scrap pile. I’ll say it again, this team can make changes and interchange players, but it goes nowhere as long as Donnie Tbag is the manager, book it!

  50. Badger says:

    “Badger, you sure acted like an ass in your address to Ken,”

    Yeah well he pissed me off with that condescending crap he likes to pull.

    As for Donnie, I don’t necessarily disagree that he hasn’t got the most out of this group. The record is clear, but, this year my biggest issue with him is his handling of pitchers. It isn’t his fault our 3-4-5 hitters have been pretty much absent for most of the year. Ramirez is actually gone, and Kemp and Ethier just flat out have not produced. Mark Ellis gone, Greinke gone, bullpen very much under performing – my biggest concern about firing him this early is the question about anyone else being to able to have an immediate impact on those issues. Would Wallach be able to increase Kemp’s power? Would he be able to get Ethier to hit .300? Could he heal Ramirez?

    I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe this is an off year for the middle of our order. Maybe everything will come together in time. I have no say in any of this, so, I wait.

  51. Badger says:

    Anybody see Webster’s outing? 8 earned in 1.2 IP. Can’t say I find that disappointing.

  52. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Don’t sweat it, just having fun with ya. The difference with you and me, Badger, is I like to point out absurdity with comical absurdity x 6, you like to go for the throat with no levity. That isn’t a jab at you, just how we both deal with stuff. I nearly killed off ThousandOaksDave the last time, when I was absurd with Dave’s Not Here (somehow that fits, he he he).

    Ken’s obviously some sort of bean counter or lawyer-type, or likes to play one on the internet (or some other reptile, rimshot) and he gets off on being a condescending asshole, to each his own.

    Bottom line, Badger, as much as you probably would hate to admit it, you and I would probably get along real well in real life. I know that kills you, but it seems to be obvious that we like to push each others buttons and yet in some sick way, we enjoy it, go figure. As Ken would like to say, we have a symbiotic relationship (oh Ken is going to feel right at home with such word usage).

    Peace Brother!

  53. Rob says:

    FedEx called up to cover for Donnie’s mistake last night by not batting Ellis. I can’t believe it takes an additional two weeks for the team to make any moves.

  54. Badger says:

    I’ve got a sense of humor and I acknowledge yours when I see it roid. What you did to Dave nobody found funny. That was just mean. But I think you’re right about the other points you made.

    FedX? What happens to Hernandez?

    Watching other sluggers around the league I can state with confidence that Matt Kemp has the longest swing in the game and he has no intention of changing that approach. It’s ok if squares it up. Hope he does with regularity soon.

  55. Jason says:

    Check out this video I found of Kemp’s walk-off against the Nats last April.
    Look how balanced he is. His swing looked quick and compact…not long like we’ve seen so far this year.

  56. Bobby says:

    Yes it’s not Don’s fault with all the injuries, or the fact that Ethier has become average at best and Matt Kemp is the LVP of the league so far.

    However, it is Donnie’s fault that he doesn’t compensate for this under-achieving and under-producing lineup by playing small ball for the time being, until the big guys wake up.

    Bunt, sacrifice, squeeze, steal, do something but wait for the 3 run HR. Any idiot could sit and manage waiting for 3 run hr’s.

  57. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Yes it was mean, however we have some sick bastards in here, lol

  58. Roger Dodger says:

    Here we go again.

    Padres swept the Florida team.

    Oh, why keep Hernandez, as a third catcher?

    Easy, in case Donnie needs a pinch runner during the game.

    Last night, I believe there was 1 out, runner at 1st, Hernandez hits a ball deep into the hole at SS; and the D-Backs turn a double play, and Hernandez was no where near getting to first base. Really — he is taking up space on the 25 man roster.

  59. Roger Dodger says:

    There goes the possible no-hitter.

    Lots of empty seats in the stands, and Mr. Baseball is pitching.

  60. Badger says:

    Kershaw looks hittable early. The dbacks don’t look afeared.

    11 pitch first for Miley? Yoiks. That’s too easy. And Kemp not close on any of his first three swings.

  61. Rob says:

    I feel like the only fired up players on the team are Kershaw and Punto. Everyone else is on vacation.

  62. Bball says:

    U see how Agon walked off. He’s hurting

  63. Idaho al says:

    I like Punto. He hustles and will do anything to beat you. Hey, we got two runs for Kershaw. That is about all he ever gets. I just hope he can pitch 9 innings. We cannot have League finish it. Again, I saw League pitch for Seattle. He was not very consistent and Seattle was willing to get rid of him.

  64. Badger says:

    League has nasty stuff but he can’t control it. He needed to throw that sinker to Goldy and he could not get it over so he threw four straight fastballs. That won’t work.

    And AGon leaves the game.

    Charge the ball Dee and get it on the short hop.

    Goldschmidt. Again. The guy is a beast.

  65. Rob says:

    Why pitch to him with two outs and no one on?

  66. Bobby says:

    annnnnnnnnnd Goldschmidt again.

    As the great MC Hammer would say “I can’t watch this”

  67. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Bye bye Donnie! You will be the next to go. He’s gone by the end of the month or week.

  68. Rob says:

    We have challenged Goldie way to many times. Sometimes you need to tip your cap and give him first base.

  69. Badger says:

    Like I said several days ago – Matt Kemp should watch film of Goldschmidt and do what he does.

    This continues to be painful to watch.

  70. Bobby says:

    Leadoff runner at 2b, and we dont even get him to 3rd.

    The Giants would have gotten that runner in.

    Donnie Moron naturally doesn’t bunt the guy over, thus having all kinds of options with runner on 3rd and 1 out.

    Please fire him tonight. Replace him with a dead cow for all i care

  71. Rob says:

    I agree bobby, he continuously makes position mistakes over and over. Donnie lost that game all by himself tonight.

  72. 1000OaksDave says:

    Just for the record hemroidrageguy, I am not the father of the Ames brothers (must say though that I’d be proud to have a son in the Dodgers and Rays organizations). I do have an awesome 11 year old daughter though. Your post making fun of THE Dave (father of the Ames bros) did split my sides with laughter and end any chance of a camping/fishing trip as I pointed out. No big deal, just a strange turn of events. I am lucky enough to have the life I want and live it where I do, and the ability to pick right back up and do what I want when I want. . . and I’m not in the one percent or even close to it. Nor am i jealous or resentful of those that are. God bless them…or at least those of them whom are deserving of what they have. I’m just frugal as hell and clever…and lucky/proud to be an American. What sucks is being a Dodger fan these days though…OUCH. I love the displays of egotism on this site. From Those of Badger, Mark and Ken (Great stuff). I keep coming back for more and occasionally doable in it myself (my martial arts bs for example). This is such a guy place…love it! ah shit…The wife is screaming…gotta run.

  73. Monty says:

    Let’s be honest. Kemp has lost like 15-20 lbs of lean muscle. He looks soft and his swing is long. A portion of his weakness can be attributed to the shoulder surgery but don’t forget he started to fade before the shoulder injury and he’s only had one season with more than 30 knocks.

  74. Roger Dodger says:

    Well now, at least the Dodgers will not loose a game today.

    So far this season, the Dodgers are averaging about 2.2 wins per week.

    Or, about 3.4 losses per week.

    In the month of May, the Dodgers are 0 and 7.

    In April they were 13 & 13.

    Tongue in cheek —– Kemp needs a re-hab assignment. He needs to get his hitting, his game, and his mind back to where we know it should be.

    In the minors for a week or so, he can try some different things and not feel that he is hurting the team. Like: a different weight and type of bat, changing some of his swing, his feet and stance, etc. Also, his selection of pitches.

    He is swinging and missing many, by a lot. He is letting many pitches go by he might be swinging at. His approach to the plate, to sometime just putting wood on the ball.

    Right now, 5 other teams are playing worst than the Dodgers: Toronto, Angels, Houston, Cubs, and Miami —– and Miami is next for the Dodgers.

  75. Badger says:

    “I love the displays of egotism on this site”

    me too:

    “I am lucky enough to have the life I want and live it where I do, and the ability to pick right back up and do what I want when I want. I’m just frugal as hell and clever”

    As for the 1%, yep, God bless the ones that deserve it. I trust he will deal with those that do not.

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