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You Know You Are Screwed When…

  • Someone named Jordany  hits a walk-off Grand Slam against you;
  • Ted Lilly pitches well and you lose;
  • Matt Kemp drives in 3 runs and you can’t win;
  • Jerry Hairston, Jr. makes 2 of the Top 10 SportsCenter highlights and you still lose;
  • The Big Dodger in the Sky ignores your pleas;
  • Carl Crawford drops an out;
  • Thurston Howell III shows up to pitch (some of you won’t get that one);
  • Brandon League fails to close the door; and
  • Donnie Ballgame is your manager.

Josh Wall is going to be hard to rehabilitate after that.  Give Steve Ames a shot.

I am convinced that the Big Dodger in the Sky is against us.  We must offer up a burnt sacrifice of recompense – I recommend Don Mattingly be that sacrifice.

This is not a strategy problem.  It is systemic problem.


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39 Responses to “You Know You Are Screwed When…”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, I agree, something is wrong in the Dodger Blue Sky . . .

    Last night (still in Phoenix) we went to see “42″ (the Jackie Robinson movie). I was watching the Dodger – Met game on my iPhone, live stream. Dodgers were winning, but the Mets had 2 runners on base.

    I turned off my iPhone as the movie started — and watched the film. After the film, I tuned back in — and saw that the Dodgers had given the game away. There IS NOT JUSTICE, THERE IS NO TRUTH. When I go to see THIS film, the big Dodger in the Sky is supposed to have the Dodgers win.

    Let me briefly mention my connection with Jackie Robinson. When I was a young teenager living in Tucson, I wrote to Jackie and told him I was a fan and would he please send me an autographed picture.

    He did, a glossy type postcard. He signed it on the bottom. Over time, I have lost that picture (really, it was burned in a van fire when I lost almost all of my household goods in 1976).

    Then, about 15 years ago, Rachael Robinson had a photo book published on Jackie. I was in Philadelphia visiting relatives, and she had a signing at a Borders books store. I went there, met her. Since I arrived toward the end of the evening and event signing, I was the last person. We were able to talk about fifteen minutes.

    I told her of growing up in Tucson and loving baseball and the Dodgers as a kid and the photo that Jackie had sent to me. She told me they had good friends in Tucson. I told her I remember the word of Jackie’s death on the news. And I had read his autography. She signed her new book: “To (me….) a lifetime Dodger fan, Rachael Robinson on the title page.”

    If you have not seen the new film, “42,” you need to see it . . .

  2. Bobbie17 says:

    Watch the D’backs and Giants(ugh) play, and you can see a difference in quality, intensity, and just about any other meaningful category. The Dodger system really isn’t a system. If it were, there would have been signs of progress years ago. Kershaw, Kemp and ??????????????????? . That is a system? If it is, it is a losing system, which is no system. I don’t see signs of change except, maybe, now in scouting. We will see about the development part. Time, a long time still, will tell.

  3. Quasimodo says:

    I went to the doctor yesterday and made it back home just before the 1st pitch of the game and was feeling pretty good watching Lilly confusing Mets batters like an ace. J.P. Howell made his damaging brief appearance making me wonder why he’s got a job to relieve. But there was still hope. Sadly we watched hope die and then the news of my doctor visit started sinking in-it wasn’t great.

  4. Rob says:

    I am not a big fan of how Donnie runs the bullpen. It always seams like when a pitcher is in trouble no one is warming up just in case. Instead of making the key decision in bringing another pitcher in he would rather let the pitcher on the mound figure it out. You pitch to win today and worry about tomorrows game after the current game is decided.

  5. Badger says:

    Donnie has his own…. style. He is a work in progress. Hopefully he is learning from his mistakes.

    I just posted a couple of pictures on Facebook of me in ’72 and the comment was… “dude, what happened”. 40 years of life happened since those pics were taken. I too wish you the very best quas. You’re a good guy. Whatever it is, hang in there.

    This team still has a middle order talent level other teams would love to have. We just need some tweaking. Greinke is coming back, Kershaw will dominate again, Kemp will come out of it, Ethier will do what he always does, hopefully with men on base. The other guys we are counting on now, Sellers, Uribe, Schumaker, Hariston – won’t hit .180 all year and the pen will get worked out. Things will get better. And there is some talent in the pipeline. We don’t need Roy Hobbs to come up. We just need some periphery talent to go with what is already here.

    It’s early and I remain confident.

  6. KEN says:

    Ames has not proved that he is ready yet. WHIP over 1.50

    Tolleson to have back surgery.

    Kevin Gregg has a 0.00 ERA with the Cubs. Ok, his WHIP is 2.50 :)

    Withrow is pitching very well. Can he handle the next level? Aaron Miller and even Yimi Garcia might be fun to watch in the Show.

    Spell Check is Gone again.

  7. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Quas, you are a true stud! You are in my prayers, seriously. You continue to inspire, your attitude comes across strongly to me. God’s peace to you and your family.

    Donnie must go, it will happen next week, maybe as early as Monday. I’m not sure about Wallach as replacement, he is so laid back, it appears, I don’t think we need a laid back manager, we don’t need a Bobby Valentine idiot either. We need someone to inspire the team, Donnie wouldn’t inspire paint to dry. I nominate Quas for the next manager.

  8. Badger says:

    They are at it again…. 1-0. Metzzzzz and Dodgerzzzz right now a combined 3 for 34. Must be some people in the stands being put to sleep by this one. Uribe has walked twice and Hernandez now at a ro-bust .077.

    Will be in the pen soon. After yesterday, who is left to pitch?

  9. Rob says:

    When did we stop attempting to steal bases? We have had kemp, Crawford, and Punto on but no steal attempt.

  10. Quasimodo says:

    Thanks for all the kind words fella’s. But if I inspire anybody it should be ‘The way not to do it’. I’ve pretty much been setting up the domino’s for the most part of my life so there’s not a lot of injustice-well there is, but not on the topic of my health. Check out Aron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham on You-Tube. Now there’s a kid that was dealt a bad hand and worthy to inspire anybody. Not only is his story amazing, its also a ‘must see’ for pure entertainment.-REALLY!

  11. Bobby says:

    Wow when we said Kemp is back, we didn’t mean the idiot baserunner Kemp from 3 years ago!

  12. Rob says:

    Yeah that was a free out and we can’t spare any with the bottom of our order.

  13. Bobby says:

    As this game goes on, and Ryu actually helps save our bullpen today, some injury news:

    Bills had his TJ surgery today. God willing he’s ready by April 2014

    Tolleson, who I wish would’ve become our 7th inning guy at least, had back surgery for a herniated disk and is our 3-5 months.

    As mentioned above, Chris Withrow has seemed to blossom in his reliever role, so maybe he’s next up?

  14. Rob says:

    Where did Jansens velocity go? I remember him throwing over 95 consistently but now he is barely over 90.

  15. Quasimodo says:

    It went for strike 3.

  16. Bobby says:

    That, right there, gentlemen and lady, was the best AB I”ve seen Juan Uribe take as a Dodger.

    He already plays excellent D. Let’s just let him be our 3b and bat 7th now, as Hanley should be back next week too.

  17. Rob says:

    Speed definitely went up on the last two batters. Way to go Dre and uribe. Hernandez sucks!

  18. Quasimodo says:

    Well how bout that? If I were manager, I’d be the one who brought back the fireman in Jansen. I’d at least try seeing how he’d handle an increased pitch count. Maybe I’m dead wrong, but I’ve seen enough to say its strongly worth trying.

  19. Bobby says:

    Anyone else hate when Brandon Broxton comes into the game??

  20. Quasimodo says:

    The only thing I see in League is no batters will ever learn his habits due to his control issues.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve been noticing that Jansen is much more effective when he pitches up in the zone, and is hittable when pitching down. It appears that Ron Darling, the Mets announcer noticed the same thing. He said that Jansen was hittable when he pitches down, and unhittable up in the zone. When Jansen brought his pitches up today, he blew the hitters away. Yes, his velocity has been down, but his pitches still have the same cutting action. I have a feeling that his velocity will creep up as he gets more work.

    Speaking of work, I also think League is more effective if he gets regular work. Sinker/splitter has more action. I don’t think he’s pitched a lot recently, and maybe that has something to do with it. And the blame for yesterday really can’t be put totally on him. There’s plenty to go around.

    And while the Dodgers bullpen has been underwhelming, so the same can be said for the offense. The left side of the Dodgers infield continues to be a sore spot. Cruz can’t hit, Sellers can’t hit, and Uribe can’t hit. Hanley’s return should take care of part of that, but another piece is needed, be it Gordon or someone else we acquire.

    Also, I can’t include Schumaker, at least not yet, in the conversation of players taking up space on the Dodgers roster. Coming into this year he was a .288 career hitter with a .345 career OBP. And although I don’t have the stats in front of me, I understand that he’s over .300 in his career vs. righthanded pitching. He’s 33, so I have to believe there’s still something left in the tank. He might turn out to be a bust, and he also might suddenly break out.

    I don’t know when the Dodgers will do something, but I have to believe that they’re not sitting on their hands, and that plans are being considered. I hate to keep saying this, but it’s true. It’s still only April.

  22. Badger says:

    “Coming into this year he was a .288 career hitter with a .345 career OBP.”

    And Juan Uribe was a decent hitter before he came to the Dodgers. Do not forget…… L.A. is where bats come to die.

    League keeps coming in. You just have to let him work it out.

  23. Quasimodo says:

    Hey, if y’all want to check out ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham, he’s on MTV2 right now. Ch. 333 directv. Nitro-Circus.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I’m shocked you would put Schumaker in the same class as Uribe. Uribe has no doubt hit worse with the Dodgers than he ever has anywhere else. But he’s always been a low average hitter (except .289 in 2009), and has always been a lousy on base guy. His claim to fame was the World Series in 2010, and the fact that he always hit for some power. But all in all, he hasn’t been very good. Schumaker has been a far better hitter than Uribe ever was. And St. Louis has never been a hitters park.

    Maybe Schumaker’s bat will come to die in LA, but his history says otherwise. I’m not ready to bury the guy because of a slow start. Of course, maybe he’s not cut out to come off the bench, or maybe he just needs some time to adjust. I’m betting on the latter.

    • Badger says:

      Same class only in the respect that they might both fall off the cliff after coming to L.A.. As far as who has been better… I think it’s Uribe as has OPS’s over .824 three times. Schumaker never has. Hey, I like Schu – as a back-up. I hope he gets it together. Uribe is a lost cause as far as I am concerned… other than…. and I keep saying this…. contract year.

  25. Bball says:

    In other news. Jamie gets 131 million in her divorce settlement and says its not nearly enough. Wow. Colossal bitch huh. Oh well enough of them. Good win today. Hope they can get on a run and can’t wait to see Hanley back in the lineup

  26. KEN says:

    You know you are screwed when Uribe’s OBP is higher than Crawfords :)

    Schumaker averaged more than 100 games in the MLB during the last 6 years so maybe he needs more playing time.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s all relative. What’s $131 million when Frank ended up with about 10 times that much after taxes? Of course, if a player signs a contract for, let’s say $131.3 million, I would be happy with the number to the right of the decimal point. Like I said, it’s all relative. Besides, I’m sure she buys a lot more shoes than I do.

  28. KEN says:

    LAD BA ranking by position

    2B 2nd
    1B 3rd
    P 4th

    CF 12th
    RF 14th
    LF 14th
    C 15th

    SS 27th
    3B 30th

  29. Dave says:

    ken i agree watched withrow tonight hes come on strong as of late heck steves my kid hes still getten acclimated to a new animal lineup, for late inning guy or closer i like withrow right now command with him is always suspect, but stuffs there though he looks good though if you noticed wall was very tentative in that situation hes got to find a gear in there he took a tone off those fastballs in that 1/3 of a inning hes got to attack attack thats when hes good!!!!! thats what i saw

  30. Bobby says:

    Dave, there’s this new punctuation mark they just invented in English…..

    It’s called a period.

  31. Mark_Timmons says:

    Dave believes in a rolling conversation…

  32. Dave says:

    ……….. so thats what that is ! sorry bobby im a content guy not context guy. It is a blog isn it ? wow did you see that, i read the same way probably 5 pages to your one , whats the message ?

  33. Dave says:

    Are you a attorney bobby ? just curious !


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