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This one is not on Beckett or Mattingly

Josh Beckett was lights out and NO, Donnie Ballgame should not have taken him out.  It was a weak “seeing-eye” hit that won the game.  Beckett was awesome and Donnie did the right thing.

That said, the Dodger offense should he taken outside and shot for impersonating hitters.

Matt Kemp sucks!

Luis Cruz sucks!

The Dodgers suck in the clutch!

This is a problem that has lingered for 4-5 years.

This has to stop.

You can’t win if you can’t score.


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40 Responses to “This one is not on Beckett or Mattingly”

  1. Badger says:

    I disagree.

    Bottom of the ninth, I looked out into the Dodgers bullpen and NOBODY WAS UP. I turned to my friend and said “they should have a lefthander up to pitch to Montero in case Prado or Pollock gets on. With one out,Pollack doubles, up walks Montero and there was nobody ready in the pen. Beckett, who pitched a helluva game and deserved better, was already well over 90 pitches by that time. He basically pitches around Montero then allows Beckett to pitch to Goldschmidt. He got beat on his 102 pitch. When I saw no activity in the pen I said to my dback buddies “I got a bad feeling about this. I was right.

    It’s one thing to leave him in that long to face the middle of the dbacks order, but to not at least have somebody ready in case of trouble?

    The rest of what you said is on the money. This is one offensively challenged club. If Matt Kemp remains lost, and he looks absolutely lost, this club is relatively easy to pitch to. There are a lot of outs up and down that lineup.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    It was a seeing-eye slow hit.

    It\’s easy to second guess.

    If he had brought in Jansen and he gave up a two-run shot you would be saying the same thing.

    Here\’s the bottom line – you can win if you don\’t score.

    • Noel says:

      After today’s loss to Baltimore, I’m ready to put all the blame on Mattingly! It’s time to show the players and coaches that losing is not O.K! Let’s leave Mattingly out to dry! Bring in a coach who is not a players coach! I want discipline, motivation, and most important, I want a coach who can play small ball. Not American league mentality, we need to be able to move runners with a bunt once in a while. Squeeze when needed! Not trying to hit a home run every time, especially with hitters like shoemaker, Cruz, Ellis, and Sellers! We need to play one run at a time, not swinging for home runs every single time! Hold players accountable. Hershiser would be a nice pick, if Sochia doesn’t want it. Let pitchers go longer cause our bullpen is slumping. If they have to throw 135 pitches a game, then let it be. I like Mattingly as a person, just not as our manager. Too soft.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Some of us said over the winter — that the D-Backs, Giants, and Dodgers (for sure) are equal to a degree for the NL West lead and possible Wild Card slot.

    And — that many games just might be decided by a single run, and these games can go either way.

    Today was one of those games. Zero to Zero till the last hitter.

    Beckett did his job. Dodger hitters did not. Game down.

  4. KEN says:

    I am not always willing to gamble but I was today. I could not believe that the gun speed displayed on TV got up to 94 once. Wow!
    Best game that Beckett has pitched in a long time. Even though every game is important it was worth the gamble today to show confidence in a Hot Beckett.

    Stats are always reliable because they are accurate which is not the same as saying that they are relevant. LOL.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It definitely needs fixing. And Beckett definitely deserved better.

    Kemp sucks for now, but I’m guessing that won’t last. And if it does last, the Dodgers are probably toast. As I pointed out at the end of the last thread, Frank Robinson hit .186 in March/April 1962, and ended the season at .342. So I haven’t given up on Kemp. Also, I recall reading that Adrian Gonzalez had some problems in the first month or so of 2011 after having the same surgery in the offseason that Kemp had. And I’ve seen hitters in the past (just like teams) go from cold to hot in an instant.

    I have been skeptical about Luis Cruz for a quite a while. So I won’t disagree that he sucks. And so does Justin Sellers. Again, as I noted in the last thread, at least one of those positions will be addressed when Hanley returns. How long it will take Hanley to start hitting is another matter, and is a cause of some concern. The other position will have to be addressed either by a trade, or the recall of Dee Gordon, who is currently hitting .286 with a .348 OBP at ALBQ. Also has stolen 5 bases in 6 attempts, and has 5 doubles among his 12 hits. Maybe he’s beginning to get it, maybe not.

    The clutch problem wasn’t a problem for Kemp when he was healthy last year, and hasn’t been a problem for Adrian Gonzalez. Nor do I think it’s a problem for a healthy Hanley. And with Ethier handling lefthanders better this year, I’m not sure it will be a problem for him. But it likely will be a problem for Cruz and Sellers, mainly because neither of them can hit in any situation.

    I understand the concern that some people have. But it’s really much too early for panic to set in. I listen to the baseball network on XM radio in my car, and lately Jim Bowden has pointed out that when he was the Reds GM, one year they got off to a 1-8 start, and then won the division. And last year the Dodgers got off to a great start, and then what happened? I hate to keep saying it, but it’s true. It’s a long season.

    And one other thing. None of the other teams in the NL West are powerhouses. All the Dodgers need to do, at the very least, is stay close. This ownership will not sit still if there are moves to be made that can help the team. Who knows, maybe Puig will turn out to be that rare prodigy that can make the leap to the big leagues with very little experience.

  6. Badger says:

    It wasnt “second guessing” Mark. It was first guessing. Cahill matched Beckett inning for inning but Gibson made the right move taking him out and bringing in a better match.-up. I said I saw it coming and I did.

    But you are right – you can’t win if you don’t score.

  7. Badger says:

    Oh, and I am not worried yet. As they say, you don’t win the division in April. They also say “but you can lose it”. The Padres are losing it.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s only one game, but Mr. Puig faced a little adversity today. O for 4 with 3 K’s. Down to a measly .364. Maybe it was just a bad day, or maybe pitchers are making adjustments. Of course, that said, Puig might go 5 for 5 with 3 jacks in his next game. Baseball, it’s a wonderful game.

  9. Pete M. says:

    And if the Queen had balls she’d be King!!!
    Spot on Brooklyn…
    All I wanted was a legit b/u for 3B!!!
    Seems I heard before from here or Donnie “Hitters will hit”…And this I believe…Pity the poor pitchers when Bison gets synched…
    April 15… 1.5 out… Crawfords cooling, Agon is smoking and Dre is steady… This too shall pass
    Going to the Ravine tonite…Hope Bills stays sharp…A sweep is hopeful…the Sisters of Poor Claire could could pick up 2 otta 3 aginst the Madres….

  10. Badger says:

    John Buck? I had him on a fantasy team last year and he sucked.

    Upton doing now what many thought he should do all the time when he was out here. Sure, he will cool off, but it’s fun to watch a guy like that when he has it going on. Kinda like Matt Kemp last year.

    Say what you want about Mark Reynolds, but he would look good in the Dodger lineup right now. He too will cool off, but again, fun to watch. When guys like that are up, no one is heading to the can. In yesterday’s game, everybody just waited for the Dodgers to come up to go take a piss. In 5 quick minutes, the dbacks were up again.

    I too believe Matt Kemp will get it going again, but for the time being he does look lost, and a man lost has no clue. He is still swinging at pitches he shouldn’t be and his swing is way too long for a guy who isn’t squaring anything up. I have no idea how to shorten his swing but he needs to do it.

    We were to the left on home plate, just outside the screen. A screaming foul ball off Ethier’s bat went just to my left and hit a kid right in the ribs. I reached for it, thought I had it, but it was a few inches away. Felt bad afterward. The kid was in real pain.

    Kind of a snoozer of a game but the locals were thrilled with the results. Yeah it was ground ball, a gorp, a “ground ball with eyes”, but when things are going your way, those are the ones that make the difference. Still say Mattingly should have gone to the pen. Maybe he knew that if it went extra innings the Dodgers weren’t going to score and the pen was going to get drained – again.

  11. Badger says:

    About Lilly and his “demands”. Screw him. If the Dodgers are forced to do anything then they will have to eat salary or take nothing in return. The Dodgers pay him, they have the right to do with him what they feel is best for the team. He refuses to pitch every 5th day in the minors, then he goes to the pen and becomes a long reliever. Hey, Ted, if you hadn’t been so delicate you wouldn’t be in this position. You make 12 million a year to pitch, so shut up and pitch.

  12. Bobbie17 says:

    Mattingly’s leash just got shorter. Two bullpen decisions arguably cost two games to divisions rivals. We will never know what didn’t happen, but we know what did. Same ol’. Same ol’.

  13. SpokaneBob says:

    The positive of this game was the way Beckett pitched. It gives me alot more confidence in his ability. While I know he will not throw like this every time out, I also know he has the ability to pitch much better than he did in his first two efforts. Our pitching is excellent. The hitting will come at some point. I suspect it will be about the time Hanley comes back.

  14. jerry says:

    seem like any play who come to L A never seem to do go here..why is it the night live..they do go on other times..that why after a certain age..i say dont sign i still not sure what that age might be…

  15. Bobby says:

    Young relievers update:

    Pedro Baez (as most of us know, he was converted this year from 3b to reliever) so far in Rancho: 4 games, 1-0, 5ip, 0 runs, 3 hits, 2bb, 6k

    Chris Withrow, who is being converted from starter to reliever) in Albq: 3 games, 1-0, 4.1 ip, 1hit, 4bb, 7k

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, regarding your comments concerning Lilly. Amen. Give me the $12 million, and I’ll shut up, pitch, clean the toilets, scrub the floors, wash the walls, and say nice things about Juan Uribe’s playing.

    • Quasimodo says:

      Ditto. Lilly making that stubborn selfish act declares he has little concern for the team. He also is doing himself little favor. Obviously he doesn’t see a spot on the Dodgers and in turn says ‘just deal with it’. Makes us fans see he has no spot as well.

  17. Badger says:

    I would take 1 million to say something positive about Uribe. I would have to wait til the check cleared.

    Just watched the end of yesterday’s game and Brenly was asking the same exact question I was – how come nobody ready in bullpen?

    Bummer in Boston.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    On Lilly: So having a deep drawer of pitchers can be a good thing and can be a bad thing.

    Nice to have options, but the players association (the players side) has a right here to help players get to play.

    The Dodgers are playing their bets, I hope they do the right thing for the club, and I hope for Lilly’s ends days in the majors.

    From Lilly’s side, he probably knows there are only so many hours left in his time and arm as a major league pitcher.

    Ned needs to get creative here. Right now he has 12 pitchers on the active roster. And Lilly is not one of them. Cannot really drop (down or on DL) Howell or Paco; both left handers. Need them.

    Leaves: Bellasrio, Guerrier, Jansen, League, and Tolleson. Any one of them want to take a back seat for a couple of weeks for Lilly to become active?

    Leaves: Bills, Cap, Ker, Ryu, Beckett.

    Wow, that does leave Ned and Lilly in a lilly grey situation.

    I conclude: Too many starters . . . need the others there . . . unless they feel that Tolleson just cannot find the plate right now.

  19. Quasimodo says:

    Well its seems Lilly has had a change of heart and is going ahead and will pitch in minors for further rehab. Glad he’s changed his mind.

  20. KEN says:

    Rachel = Class
    Jackie – Not even the fastest kid in the family. Turned out ok considering he was a member of the Black Panthers.

    PS Kemp chokes again.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    What does it take to get this Dodger team turned on???

    Even knocking out the #2 starter, does not get them off the ground.

    Ethier, with the bases loaded, two outs, should not be looking for a perfect pitch (or to walk) — but a pitch to drive. He failed.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    This Dodger team needs a present day Jackie Robinson.

  23. Bobby says:

    Well we need 4 runs minimum to win this game.

    I’d like to think we can score at least 4 today, but I’m pretty sure we cant.

    Maybe its time to watch that WNBA draft

  24. Bball says:

    What in the hell was that.

  25. Rob says:

    That was horrible

  26. Bball says:

    J.P has been good. I thought he should have been in Pacos spot tonight but what do I no

  27. Rob says:

    I know Punto struck out tonight but he should be playing third with Cruz at SS. He is the scrappy player we need in the line up.

  28. jerry says:

    when are they going to move kemp down in the line up.

  29. Rob says:

    Who are they going to replace him with?

  30. Jason says:

    The Padres… are you serious?

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