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The Big Dodger in the Sky

Whether you are Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Wicca, Taoist and any other religion, you already know about the Big Dodger in the Sky.  How do you know that he is real?  Tommy Lasorda told us so.  That’s all you need to know.

What else you need to know is that he is not happy and when he is not happy Dodger players drop like flies, their hitters can’t hit and the team looks lost (sound familiar?).  I will explain why.

The Big Dodger is the Sky is comprised of the collective consciousness of many former Dodgers.  I will name but a few:

  • Walter O’Malley
  • Branch Rickey
  • Al Campanis
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Duke Snider
  • Walter Alson
  • John Roseboro
  • Don Drysdale
  • Junior Gilliam

What is notable about this group is that they were not always THE BEST, the biggest or the highest paid, but they were Dodgers and played baseball The Dodger Way.  They all had Dodger Blue in their veins.  When Jackie Robinson got traded to the Giants, he quit!  There was no compromise – he was born a Dodger.  He believed in Blue.  He was not going to play against his Dodgers brothers.

Therein lies the problem with the 2013 Dodgers as they are currently comprised.  The team is comprised of a Band of Mercenaries and overpaid prima donnas.  The LA Dodgers are not a team.  They are not a Band of Brothers.  They are comprised of a bunch of selfish, unworthy former stars – many of whom were not wanted by most other teams because of their atrocious contracts.  How many teams would take Gonzalez, Crawford, Ethier, Greinke and Beckett if they had to assume their contracts?  Not as many as you might think.  Gonzalez the only hitter they might take and he has been on  a 4-year decline.

Zach Greinke picked the Dodgers only because they offered him the most money.  Mercenary!  Ted Lilly, Hanley Ramirez, even Matt Kemp are all about themselves.  There is no sense of team here, especially when you are led by an ex-Yankee who was part of some biggest payrolls that never won anything either.

Guggs and Company are learning the hard way that you can’t buy a championship.  You can’t buy Dodger Baseball.  Dodgers are born, not bought!  The sooner the Dodgers return to their roots, the sooner they will take a step toward winning.  This is not the right way to run a Dodger baseball team.

Have you considered that the Dodgers might become sellers in July and that nearly everyone not named Clayton could be part of that fire sale as Stan Kasten admits “I have learned a hard lesson?”


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69 Responses to “The Big Dodger in the Sky”

  1. Michael says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Hurry and hit the undo button to cleanse the chise of the infiltrators McCourt brought in.
    Kim Ng to replace Colletti, Giants don’t bleed Dodger Blue.
    We have the bucks to persuade Arte to make a managerial change and we’ll even through in Donnie. Imagine Sciosca back in Blue.
    Time to make these kids understand what it means to be a Dodger and what an honor it is to wear our uniform.

    Would love to have the bulldog back as pitching coach too

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, nice article . . . but I do not think the front office is going to like it much.

    Michael, I think there are several players on the Dodger now, that do indeed bleed Dodger BLUE.

    Cruz, Ellis, Punto, Sellers, Ellis, Kershaw . . . I think they bleed the Blue, but only one of them (the last name) has real professional baseball skills. Ellis is close, but aging.

    The other are just nice players, playing because Ned has them on the roster.

  3. Badger says:

    Yep. I think you nailed that one Mark.

    Having said that, I don’t think the problem is comprised of highly paid players like AGon, Matt Kemp, and Carl Crawford. Those guys all look like they are glad to be Dodgers. The other guys I am not so sure about.

    We do have a group of overpaid players, but then so do all Major League clubs. I guess you just have to know who it is that is playing for the contract and not for the Dodgers.

    I don’t know we will ever see any teams like the ones those guys you mention above played on, or put together. Those days are over. But the days of getting a group of great athletes that like each other and want to win a World Series are still with us. Look no further than the World Champion San Francisco Giants. They did it right. They are doing it right. Hate to say it, but those guys play like I wish the Dodgers knew how to play.

    It’s true, money cannot buy you happiness. The world is filled miserable rich folks. But money can, if properly spent, put together an entertaining baseball team. Give me, Mark, Brooklyn, and Roger the money, and I am sure us old geezers could, with the help of you younger people, put togehter a team people would love to watch and would pay money to do so.

    My first move would have been made already. You all know what it was – Ethier was traded for prospects and Bourn is in center. Gordon is the SS, hits 8th if he has to and Ramirez goes to third. Cruz might have stuck as my Schumaker, but you know I was enamored with him so I would have no problem moving him while his value was high. Many of you would have traded for him, so I am sure other GM’s would have given me some prospects.

    OK, those moves were not made. Now what? Well, with Ramirez back, he still goes to third. Cruz is gone. Not worth anything now, but, so what? Uribe is my thumper off the bench until I can find another one and believe me I am looking. Contract year for him, so I expect he will do better than his first two years here.

    Puig plays now. 35,000 last night? Puig in the lineup fills up the park again.

    I get new medical people, new physical trainers and I insist on off season training and hustle from everyone. It would be like Marine Corps boot camp for these guys. They look soft. They won’t be if I am in charge.

    It’s about entertainment people. We have the money to buy exciting players. We have the money to rebuild the system. It might take a year or two, but I promise you Timmons, Badger, Brooklyn and Roger management with Guggs money of course, would not bore you to death like the current team has.

  4. DRomo says:

    I think some folks can’t see the big picture here.

    The BIG SPENDING is a bridge to the homegrown talent. Maybe you would rather stink out loud for a few seasons until they are ready? The upfront costs to rebuilding this franchise are high but the money is there. What should they do, pocket the hundreds of millions per season in TV money? For all the headlines the big league payroll gets the spending on scouting and development has increased on a colossal scale. The Dodgers were pioneers in global scouting and Stan and Company want that mantle back. But those players are not ready today. We have a bridge to that talent Hanley, Beckett and even Mark Ellis come off the books after next year. Who steps up then?
    A few years ago guys like Logan White and DeJon Watson were called great scouts and talent finders, geniuses. Sure we have Kemp and Kershaw but we have been through plenty of Jerry Sands, Ivan DeJesus, Andy LaRoche, Joel Guzman, Tony Abreu, etc. Where is the genius part?
    Everyone has admitted that the spending will not last. You can chose to ignore it or listen to what they are saying. It’s laughable that the uninformed will choose bits and pieces of a story to confirm the preconceived ideas in their heads.
    It wasn’t long ago we heard the whining of fellow Dodger fans that we should be the West Coast Yankees. That we should get the top free agents. So now less than a month in the boo hoos start? Some fans, huh? I guess it’s easier to complain than wait and see. I guess that’s America these days.

  5. Rob says:

    Excellent DRomo!!

  6. Mark_Timmons says:

    This position is not new to me. I have never been on that bandwagon. Look at the Red Sox. They traded Gonzo, Beckett and Crawford for kids. Rebuilding and they are in first place. The Dodgers are closer to last than first. My point is that throwing money at something rarely works…. even temporarily!

  7. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I’ll take Mickey Hatcher as manager any day over Donnie Tbag. If you want to instill the Dodger way in the club you need to start at the top in the dugout. Even though Mickey didn’t start as a Dodger he sure became a Dodger in the true spirit of Dodgerdom. Let’s get some energy back in the clubhouse and on the bench. This group of managers and coaches are just too stoic and boring, they inspire no one and nothing. Clean house on the bench, shoot give me Tommy as Interim Manager, I don’t care how old he is, this team needs some spirit.

  8. SpokaneBob says:

    I am with Romes on this one. First off ITS STILL APRIL! This team will evolve over the course of the year and will probable look quite different in September. We will have hot and cold runs as will all the other teams. It’s a long movie and no one here knows how its going to end. And “The Plan” has been clearly laid out. We will get back to a team of mostly home grown players and I look forward to that. But I am not going to give up on this team in April. It is the strongest team we have had in a long time and there have been issues that will require some time as with Greinke and some changes such as the left side of the infield. Those things will come to pass we will see this team preform. We have not been able to field our best line up and have not played the way we are capable of playing, but we are only 3 1/2 games out. You guys want to go back to the days of Jason Phillips?

    Prediction: At some point Dee Gordon will become our shortstop and provide the catalist that will help this offense reach its potential.

  9. DRomo says:

    Donnie isn’t the problem. But a higher energy guy wouild be nice. PLEASE STOP the Scioscia talk. Scioscia is the most over rated manager in baseball history. I’m sick of that.

    Mark you were the one championing the scouting department for the past 3-4 years. Logan White was a big favorite of yours. I bought in too. But I am just looking around and wondering where are his big leaguers? Lets face it if james Loney panned out we wouldnt need Gonzo. If Joel Guzman was the stud we thought we wouldn’t have Hanley, same for La Roche…3B would be solved, etc, etc.

    This is not an attack on you Mark it is just to illustrate the scouting and development has been lagging. No one mentions the money the Dodgers have put into this since the Guggs took over. Free agent contracts are just an up front cost to a long term solution. They have even said as much.

    Again, somebody answer this question “what should they do with the hundreds of millions per season from TV contracts? Pocket it?”

    You can’t buy chemistry. I get it. You can’t buy leadership. You can’t buy health either. point to Boston if you want but without Crawford and Gonzo nobody would be hitting the cheap guys aren’t hitting either. Boston has had a great month. Congrats to them. Remeber the World Series we won last April/May?!?!?! It can go away that fast.

    Just be patient. None of us know the answers. Admit it.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Ok, so replace Donnie with someone . . . you name it.

    The guys might get excited for awhile . . .

    But, will Cruz or Hairston or Punto or Schumaker or Sellers or Uribe or Wall or Lilly Or Howell or Guerrier or Beckett or or or . . . START PLAYING LIKE CRAZY hitting, pitching, fielding like never before ???

    Roster changes are necessary. I would start with the Dodgers own minor leagues for several . . . and then even a trade or two.

    Who ever is manager — needs a better roster, no matter what.

    Think of the 69 Mets — they played with heart and soul and grew and did the impossible. They stepped up their game.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “The BIG SPENDING is a bridge to the homegrown talent.” Romo squared it up and hit it out. The big spending was a reaction the failure of the McCourt years, during which time the big market Dodgers were LAST in spending on the international talent; a market in which the Dodgers were pioneers. The new regime wants to do it the Dodger Way, and is heading in that direction. McCourt never did it the Dodger Way, and we’ve paid a price for that. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the Dodgers.

    And let’s not get carried away by last night’s debacle. That’s mostly on Lilly, who probably shouldn’t have been pitching. And Lilly’s injury is probably good news. Maybe it opens the door for Magill to stay in the rotation, and hopefully he produces.

    And what was so bad about the spending the Dodgers have done. Crawford has for the most part played well, Gonzalez is hitting (albeit with diminished power), Greinke was pitching well until he got hurt, and maybe Matt Kemp really did develop bad habits by trying to play last year when he should have went under the knife. At some point I believe he will come around, at least I hope he does. And by the way, Nick Punto isn’t doing too bad either.

    And this is pure, utter nonsense. “Ted Lilly, Hanley Ramirez, even Matt Kemp are all about themselves.”

    Ted Lilly is physically impaired, and probably shouldn’t be playing. The fact that he didn’t want to go on a minor league rehab can be questioned, but nobody complained when he gave us 5 good innings against the Mets. Hanley has obviously worked hard to get himself back early, and although I question his early return, I see no evidence that his attitude is anything but good. And Matt Kemp played through pain last year; stupid yes, selfish, no way. He’s got an 8-year contract, and could have comfortably sat out while he was hurt. Instead, he stupidly tried to play through pain, and management stupidly allowed him to do it.

    The Dodgers are in striking distance. One good winning streak and they could be on top. The midgets must also be developing attitude problems. How else do we explain their recent losing? And again, it’s still early. Winning streaks mostly come out of the blue (Dodger Blue??????). The Dodgers could suddenly get hot and win 19 of their next 20. Or maybe the streak will come later.

    This is not about the Dodger Way. It’s about a team with lots of injuries (Hanley, Greinke, Billingsley, etc., etc., etc.) that’s not yet hitting on all cylinders. Even the old Brooklyn Dodgers went into slumps. And although they played the Dodger Way, they managed only a single championship in 1955.

    And money could yet be the savior. Maybe there is a large contract the Dodgers will pick up, or maybe they’ll trade Ethier, pick up a large piece of his remaining contract, and get back some real talent. And the Dodgers farm system, while not stellar, is far from fallow. Maybe Dee Gordon comes back at some point, brings energy and helps to breath some life into the Dodgers offense. Maybe Chris Withrow has turned a corner since moving into the pen, and can help lengthen the Dodgers pen. And in some fashion maybe we eventually get contributions from Zach Lee, Javy Guerra, and maybe even Yasiel Puig. And who knows where else contributions may come from. I’ll repeat myself ad nauseum. It’s a long season. A very long season. Teams generally end the year looking a lot different than when they started it.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Think of the 69 Mets — they played with heart and soul and grew and did the impossible. They stepped up their game.”

    And if memory serves, they didn’t kick it into gear until the second half of the season. I repeat, IT’S A LONG SEASON.

  13. DRomo says:

    Thanks Brooklyn. You get what I’m saying. Only you said it better. Time will tell. The same way we shouldn’t have celebrated in April last season we shouldn’t panic in April this season.

  14. Quasimodo says:

    I’m really having a hard time finding any words to post. I want to, just because I enjoy the company here. I’m going to brand last night’s game to my memory as a purely pathetic performance and hope we never get treated again to anything nearly so spirit sapping. I’m not a fair weather fan and I’ll watch every game and remain hopeful, its just not much fun simply running on hope.

  15. Bobby says:

    It’s been a beyond frustrating start.

    Our manager looks clueless. We traded one of our surplus starting pitchers for a backup catcher who is proving to be utterly useless. Our 2b started hot, and he’s hurt. Hanley’s been out all year. Our 3b combo is atrocious, and makes us miss the days of Jeff Hamilton and German Rivera. Our CF is only now waking up. Our #2 starter broke his collarbone in a brawl. Our #3 is gone for the year with TJ surgery. Our #4/5/6 have been hurt. We’re finding replacement starters for replacement starters. Our bullpen is a mess right now, and we need a long guy. We might be shortly starting our 10th starting pitcher within the first month of the year, more than we used all of last season.

    It’s April 30, and we’re 3.5 games out of first, after this mess.

    I’ll take it.

  16. jerry says:

    we need some hitting in the 6 7 8 spots.then we will win some more games..but mat kemp looks tired and like he is not trying..been playing bad out field lately, mybe it,s call the big buck sindrome,no body in baseball is worth the money they get..and it make people like me not being able to go to game,s very much

  17. Bobbie17 says:

    Scioscia is having the same problem with the Angels. He was a great manager when he had the type of players that Mark likes. Now he has his own prima donnas and is forced to play long ball, which he is not very good at. I’m sure he would rather manage the team of a few years ago than the one he has. It will be interesting? to see what the teams of prima donnas do when they play each other in May. It seems that neither team wants to get good the hard way–by actually playing good, solid baseball, with hustle, pitching and defense. So we can look to the Giants, D’backs, Rays, Orioles, Cardinals, Reds, etc. to carry the day-again.

  18. Badger says:

    The “Dodger Way” is something most of us old guys remember and for which we wax nostalgic, but what we refer to is a thing of the past. It won’t ever be like that again.

    This is a new Dodger paradigm. Accept what is, or live out of balance.

    I say again, the Boston players are not the problem we are looking at. We all know they are overpaid. But the Dodgers can afford that. What they cannot afford is to keep throwing the second teamers out there and expecting them to do something they are not capable of doing. They cannot afford to give guys like Lilly the ball and expect miracles. They cannot afford the Josh Wall’s to continue to get blown up. (Where is our David Hernandez or Sergio Romo?) They cannot afford to keep drafting the guys that are superior AAA players but swallow the choad when brought up.

    I’ll tell you something else they cannot afford – to keep Albuquerque as their AAA club. It’s insane that young players are not sent there because of the dangers that exist in that environment. The Rockies AAA club should be in Albuquerque and our AAA club should be in Rancho Cucamonga.

    Who is the one that has been saying it’s early with damn near every post?

    And I have NO PROBLEM with being the West Coast Yankees. The Yankees are the most successful franchise this side of the Lakers. I won’t take a position arguing against success. That would just be stupid, and I’ll leave that ridiculous argument to ….. others.

    We will be fine. It will all work out eventually. We are bored with this team, for obvious reasons. Those reasons, pointed out by a few here who saw some of this coming, will be addressed and all will be right with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  19. KEN says:

    Great posts today.

    Nice to see Hairston eliminate the shutout by hitting a HR into the empty stands.

    28th in Fielding PCT. When will the infield and outfield practice be reinstated before each game?

    18th in ERA and 20th in WHIP. Where is the pitching? On what date does this year become a rebuilding year?

    And of course 29th in runs scored and FIRST IN CHOKING. 6th in most fly outs and 25th in HRs. Something is surely wrong with the LAD team approach to batting. Sorry, the good news is the LAD are tied for 4th in Scoring Fly Balls so that must make all of the fly balls part of Donnie T-Ball’s plan.

  20. KEN says:

    Tale of 2 Cities

    LAD .245 .325 .356 .681
    CIN .245 .330 .380 .710

    LAD 82 runs
    CIN 125 runs

    One CHOKE team
    One CLUTCH Team

  21. Reggie says:

    Money has not been the Savior and if this is a”bridge” move, it’s the bridge to nowhere.

    The Red Sox have shown they are smarter with money than the Dodgers. How does it make you feel as a fan that your team has to spend 2 or 3 times what other teams do, JUST TO BE LESS THAN MEDICRE?

    Bullpoop is what Romo and Brooklyn Dodger speak!

    Quit making excuses.

    • Badger says:

      Who exactly is making excuses Reggie?

      Seems to me most of us recognize there is a problem here. The ones that are most obvious to me are the players out on the field. When Kemp gets back on track, Ramirez is full stength, and Greinke gets back, we will be better, but we still have the same holes we always had. That isn’t an excuse that is fact.

      It’s April. We are not the Marlins, Padres or the Astros. There is really no need to panic here.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Billingsley out, Greinke out, Ramirez out, and assorted other injuries. Yet despite all that the Dodgers are at about .500, and very much in the hunt. What happened to the Giants when they lost Posey in 2011? Let’s be patient and let this thing play out.

  23. DRomo says:

    I love the German Rivera and Jeff Hamilton reference! Awesome! Bob Baylor and Rafeal Landestoy didn’t want to come to this party? hahahaha

    Before we rush off to fire Donnie let’s remember this is it for him anyway. He wins or he walks. But who do we replace him with? Is it Tim Wallach? Why has he not gotten the opportunity elsewhere, especially when he was a HOT canidate jsut a year ago? Who is it? You really want Scioscia? Knee Jerk Moreno won’t let Scioscia go if he knows there is a chance he might end up here. I can guarantee that. So who?Mickey Hatcher has as big a change of managing anywhere as Mickey Mouse does. Boys, these are our cards. We haven’t played a single game with Hanley , Greinke will be back, Capuano will be back and give us more than Bills was going to (that’s my honest opinion). There will be holes to be filled. There will be trades to be made, but no one….NO ONE is trading anything of value in April.

    Just relax…..and stay away from sharp objects

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    There is no way to rationally respond to your “Bullpoop”. I can’t argue with someone who is guided by a what have you done for me lately attitude, and doesn’t recognize the ebbs and flows of a long baseball season. Romo commented that I said it better. Actually he said it better when he wrote “Time will tell. The same way we shouldn’t have celebrated in April last season we shouldn’t panic in April this season.” That makes eminent sense. You make no sense. And if you think that you can judge a team after 25 games, especially a team that has had numerous injuries (and yes, injuries are a LEGITIMATE excuse) then you clearly are residing on another planet.

    The Dodgers are 3.5 games out of first, a single game behind the midgets in the loss column, 2 behind D-Backs in the loss column and 3 behind the Rockies in that same loss column. By this time next week they could be 8 games behind in the loss column or 5 games in front. Or somewhere in-between. Or do you think that the race is over, and one of the teams in front of us should break out the celebratory champagne?

    And remember this. You’re never as good as you look when you’re at your best, and never as bad as you look when you’re at your worst.

  25. Dave says:

    Romey , you said it all !!!! it is what it is play ball ! the trading block will be interesting to say the least ! one pitch and bat at a time, is there anything else to say! is there ? the game is just brutal but others are gonna get there share , heck there aint no more room in the big blue bad mojo left up there, its plum full dig in boys cause it can only go are way from here , cant it ? Its baseball so at least we have that going for us !

  26. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Mark, your picture in this thread makes me think that the Dodger in the Sky is Mormon (I know you must have taken that heavenly picture from a Mormon website).

    • Badger says:

      Those are Dodger fans with those loud plastic horns they used to sell for a buck at the Coliseum. I was blowing mine out my window one night in Canoga Park and the cops showed up. Seems my neighbors weren’t Dodger fans.

  27. Rob says:

    Talking about the dodgers being sellers this early is crazy. Would we be having the same conversation if we lost last night by one run? We had a washed up pitcher start the game last night due to injuries and a kid that should not be in the bigs follow up behind him. I am not a Donnie fan but it’s way to early to hit the panic button. The Rockies will come back to earth and finish around .500 and the snakes and giants will have their problems with injuries. It’s a long season and if we stay close I like our chances.

  28. Bball says:

    As has been said before. Last year at this time were in the playoffs. Some of you guys way overreact. We are just getting all of our injuries out of the way early. This team will be TNT after the all star break. I don’t no if we have the most players with injuries so far this year but its sure close. It’s panic time in Anaheim not Los Angeles. Hanley in the lineup tonight. We’re getting healthier already.

  29. Badger says:

    Hey Bball… it’s a promo night homey. Somethin’ about the Korean pop star Psy getting a jersey or something. Gonna be 50,000+ Gangnam stylin there for the presentation.

    • Badger says:

      This just went sailing through my head ….. from whence it cometh I know noteth… maybe from me waxing nostalgic about my Canoga Park days:

      anyone remember what a dipthong is?

      • Badger says:

        or is that whither it cometh?

        eh, I am beginning to sound like those dipthongs on Facebook that I find so irritating…..

  30. Bobby says:

    Someone earlier today or yesterday (I think it was Ken), mentioned our long reliever situation and asked why Guerra, who’s being stretched out this year in AAA, wasn’t up.

    Well, your wish came true!! Wall and his 18.00 ERA are gone, and Guerra is up. Hopefully he can be a good 2-3ip guy for us when needed.

    HanRam starting tonight, batting 5th.

    And Go Kings Go!! NHL Playoffs open today

  31. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I grew up just off of Nordhoff in what they now call Northridge, Canoga Park, I know it well.

    Your neighbors were Dodgers fans, but bigger sleep fans.

  32. KEN says:

    Guerra – Yes!. Actually he may not be the solution but at least he is a candidate for the long reliever position that is absolutely needed with this team of 9 starting pitchers so far.

    No spell check today?

    The dodgers are like a diphthong this year. We just do not yet know whether they are rising or falling. Sometimes when I watch the dodgers play I am as annoyed as when I hear OI!

  33. Bball says:

    Yep just like I said badger. Good promotion, bobblehead, sweater, sports bag, etc. = sailout no matter how bad there playing. And like you were saying dodger fans are loopy

  34. Quasimodo says:

    Crawford scratched and Hairston in LF. HanRam at SS, punto 2B and Uribe 3B.

  35. Roger Dodger says:

    So, Dodgers are still in Spring Training mode. Players coming and going, trying out for this and that.

    About right.

    • Badger says:

      Hairston, Punto and Uribe. That is 3/8 of your lineup made up of back-ups.

      We need 8 starters. Who are they?

  36. Dodgerdog says:

    Sad to hear about Clayton’s dad. Wish him the best. It sounds like he plans to make his start on Friday.

  37. Mark_Timmons says:

    I missed one day of work when my Dad died. He was my best friend and the best man I have ever known, but I knew that was the way he would have wanted it. That was 18 years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. My youngest son is honored with his name – Stephen.

  38. Bobby says:

    Welcome back Hanley!

    Ryu has a great chance at rookie of the year this year.

  39. Michael says:

    Hope everything is cool
    Whoever said; “Just win baby”, was right
    I’m much more tolerable
    I am very impressed with Ryu and he knows what to do with a bat in his hands, he knows how to pitch and the rocks are fit to be tied

    Mikey likes it

  40. Badger says:

    Dbacks need a new closer.

  41. KEN says:

    Good game, no errors, 4 for 9 RISP, Ryu 12 KOs. Hanley’s HR was cool but I was impressed by his 2B.

    Kershaw’s dad, younger than many of us?

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