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Same ole, Same Ole

  • The Giants batters failed to score runners 7 times.  The Dodgers batters failed to score runners 26 times.  This is a disturbing patter that is continuing (so far) early this season.  But as Eric Karros often said “It’s early.”
  • Carl Crawford is da’ bomb!
  • Really?  The Dodgers couldn’t have worked out a side deal with Kevin Gregg?  Really?
  • I do hear that no one wants to give the Dodgers any value for their surplus starting pitchers and in fact, want the Dodgers to also pay their salaries.  If it were another team, they wouldn’t expect that, but it’s the Dodgers and the league clearly has a double standard.  Agents too!  The Dodgers massive spending means that a agent who might take $10 million from another team, wants $15 million from the Dodgers because the bar has already been raised.  This is another problem with overspending!!
  • Cheer up!  Things might get worse!


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  1. Badger says:

    There may be something to that Mark. The Dodgers have become the West Coast Yankees so there will be those out there that take an ef you attitude. It’s to be expected.

    But to give away starting pitching, for whatever reason, remains bad business. Jed needs to hold his position and treat any dealings with business acumen. Harang and Capuano are not overpaid. To give them away would be silly.

    The remedy for the hate that will come from our spending practices is to do what what all big businesses do – thump the competition and develop our own ef you attitude. The remedy is winning.

    This team, for whatever reason, has been “non clutch” for some time now. Why is that? I don’t get it. Matt Kemp had opportunity to blow the game wide open twice and what happened? He made three outs.

    These guys are better hitters than they are showing. Well, some of them are. You all know how I feel about our bench players, and we have a plethora of them, on the bench and in the starting lineup.

    Patience. Maybe guys like Gonzalez and Kemp just need a few regular season at bats to get into their groove. I hope that’s what it is.

  2. the truth hurts says:

    This team as it stands is average at best. Take away Kershaw and things get real interesting. Let us hope Greinke lives up to the hype or this may all crash and burn. Now if Greinke does, we just need to weather the storm until Hanley returns and we find a new 2B and 3B by the deadline.

    The holes in this lineup are significant and it starts with Kemp. Now on to Kemp, Nomar kept referencing his workout program this off season and how he was unable to perform the routine he usually does. Nomar probably knows a lot more then we think. Maybe his shoulder is still a concern which is horrendous to think about. His swing puts a ton of strain on it, you can tell by watching. Anyways, he was not the player we needed him to be this series.

    Greinke Saturday and Kershaw Sunday. Time to turn this ship around!

  3. Badger says:

    If Kemp is still injured, and with Ramirez out for who knows how long, it kind of puts a different perspective on this lineup.

    Gonzalez should be fine, but, he has some miles on him. Ethier is a good stick, but not one that can carry a lineup. Crawford is good, but ideally he hits second behind a great lead-off hitter.

    I still believe that this team, as it is currently constructed, can win many games. We have the pitching to do so. The Dodgers were initial favorites to win the pennant. Things change quickly in this game.

    I usually wait for the first 100 at bats to judge whether a player is going to have a decent season. That’s about 1/6 the way through the year. I am not about to say throw them overboard after one series. But I will say I have concerns.

  4. KEN says:

    You know that you are a team of chokers when the MLB ticker tape displays your stat for RISP 1-14. Most of the position players should be embarrassed and the rest of the team should be embarrassed for them.

    Uribe 0-3
    Shumaker 0-3
    Hairston 0-3
    Sellers 0-6
    Kemp 0-10
    Cruz 0-10

    Wow $4,500,000 per win so far.

    At least the minors start today so there will be a possibility for a win.

    Team for a team meeting already.

  5. beckett_rockett says:

    Well, Due to the surgery, Kemp’s power will be back by early May. So he should adjust to that reality.
    Hitting has its own cycle. I hope the Dodger line-up will get the feeling during the Next series with the Pirates.

    And I dream mid-season trade for more offense like this;
    1. Kinsler, Gentry for Ethier, M.Ellis, Lily, cash (7~10 mil)
    2. Aramis Ramirez for Pederson, Harang, Guerra, Uribe,cash (3~5 mil)

  6. Prostrate says:

    Not good so far, but I did not expect much from Beckett. Half wins,half losses would be about right, and if things work out as one hopes he is a number 5 starter. The absence of hitting is troubling because some of it may be injury related. We will know about Kemp in a week or so. And there is no way one can feel good about the left side of the infield. Sellers was a nice shot in the dark; so far nowhere near the target. By the end of the month we will know a whole lot about this team. It may be some trades are in order now.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If the Dodgers were going well and this was mid-season we would all blow blow off these last three games as being a bad series. One big hit last night by Kemp and we’d all probably be talking about how wonderful the Dodgers are. Since I believe that Kemp will hit, I’m not going to get overly concerned at this time.

    Mind you, I’m not happy, and I do have some concerns. What concerns me most is the left side of the infield. Until Hanley returns and gets back in the groove, I’m not overly confident having Cruz, Sellers, Uribe and company manning the left side of our infield. Maybe Cruz will come around, but I’m not convinced that he will. Even with his .297 last year, he still only had a .322 OBP. 9 walks in 283 ABs does not inspire confidence. And don’t think the rest of the league is unaware. If I was on the mound, the only pitch I would throw him for a strike would be a mistake. Given his lack of production at the big league level prior to 2012, Cruz has to be suspect. He’s doing a nice job with the glove, but that’s not enough.

    And any assorted combination of Sellers, Uribe and Punto also does little to inspire confidence in me. Of those, I consider Punto the best. But even at his best, Punto is best suited as a utility player off the bench.

    Other teams could take a tough stance with the Dodgers in any talks involving our pitchers. That being the case, Colletti and Kasten are not amateurs, and will definitely know how to make teams pay when they need some help from the Dodgers down the road. If there is an equitable deal out there, I believe the Dodgers will get it done.

  8. KEN says:

    As much as I have been screaming for years for the LAD to have 1-2 long relievers the possible bullpen in 10 days could be insanely full of long relievers or there could be multiple fake injuries keeping pitchers on the DL.

    If I was a non-LAD GM I would wait for the LAD to DFA 1-2 of the extra starting pitchers, presumably Lilly and/or Harang. No need to trade for one of these guys when your team is not going to make the playoffs and you can wait a month to maintain your team’s respectiblity. However, if a contender loses a starting pitcher in the next 2 weeks, then and only then, should a GM trade for one of the extra LAD arms.

  9. Quasimodo says:

    Geez, its a bad start (2 games in a row) but c’mon, 1-2 in the playoffs would be of more concern, wouldn’t it? Am I happy?..Not even. Am I worried?..Not even. Last year it was hard for teams to get 2 in a row against the Dodgers and Dodgers held the crown of the only ‘no 3 in a row’ for a pretty good stretch. This team will look better by May 1st. and will be above .500. By June 1st. will look slightly different lineup-wise. Its not easy to see good things after a loss, but I saw several. I saw a batter who is now at risk of it being said ‘he can’t hit right hander’s’ I saw a couple fly’s almost make it over. I saw some XLNT defense. Yes I also saw some holes, but I don’t fear them as deep as some of my friends here.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Ditto to what Quas just said. And remember, it’s darkest before the dawn.

  11. Gonzo says:

    What I noticed last night is thet both Kemp and Gonzalez are pressing.

    I think I know why Mattingly sends the bunt signal a lot. Like brooklyn said If Kemp, Gonzalez or anybody else would’ve gotten a key hit it’d be a different story.

    I’m not ready to critcize they team yet. Usually teams that start hot cool down and vice-versa.

    I’m glad Donnie sat Sellers. He’s in there because of his glove. He doesn’t have to hit, but when he doesn’t field there is no room for him on the team.

  12. Quasimodo says:

    Well then those GM’s better put than plan together and decide who gets what because there’s more than one and the one that jumps might be the frog

  13. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I’d rather see Dee Gordon than Sellers at SS. Sellers isn’t showing anything, at least Dee may outrun a ground out and get on base, then steal a bag or two. Sellers, not going to happen.

    Cruz is pressing, swinging at every first pitch he sees. He needs to slow down and think, develop an approach besides just hacking away.

    Time to flush that Uribe that Ned squeezed down the toilet. Worthless pile seems to be an accurate description.

    Ethier is actually showing a little life against lefties. Two doubles in two nights off of LHP.

    Crawford obviously is not going to amount to anything, lol.

    Can Kershaw play SS on his days off, we need some offense from that position?

    Gonzo looks like the Gonzo we had last year. The LA Big Time Hitters Curse continues.

    Kemp misses all the mistake pitches he gets a chance at. He ain’t recovered yet, maybe time for DL and let Puig have at it for a while. He could not do any worse. By DLing Kemp, Puig gets a chance to play everyday, which was the argument for sending him to AA.

    Guggencash overpaid for the Loge Level Peanut Vendor. Idiots we’ll never get any FA peanut guys now.

  14. KLD says:

    Hey guys, do you see this huge spending being a long term thing or will the payroll eventually settle down in a couple of years? Like Mark, I am a long time fan who is a bit embarrassed by the huge payroll. My hope is that it will someday be a ‘reasonable’ 160 million or so. Do sny of you see this happening or are we stuck with the new overspend policy? thx

  15. jerry says:

    donnie boy ..didnt play the starters very much in the spring training…and to me most of our starting line up didnt get a chance to get ready..he keep put no bodys at the plate..what do you think.

  16. Bball says:

    What is so embarrassing about spending money. That is so stupid. Who gives a shit if there spending money. I guarantee you if I win the lottery I’m not living in the same house I live in presently, and I’m not driving the same truck I have right now. They have an idea what there return on there investment will be. I am so proud of the guggenheims. Money in the team, and the stadium. I was blown away on opening day how good the tv screens looked. The dodgers are relavent again and to them I say thank you. P.S. I never hated the Yankees for there spending I hated them cause they were winners and we weren’t.

  17. Badger says:

    KLD, I don’t see it as a problem at all. It’s a business and we now have business people running the show, not a rich boy parking lot attendant with a high maintenance wife. Things will be better at all levels because adults are now in charge.

    quas… xlnt defense? I haven’t seen that. After three games we are 29th in fielding % and though I didn’t look it up, I would guess we are about the same in giving up unearned runs. I don’t see a good defense here. And without looking I would bet we are dead last in hitting WRISP.

    But a couple of wins and all will be ok.

    I am still concerned about the lineup. If everybody hits like they should had oughta, we will be fine. But without your number 5 hitter and probably best RBI man in the lineup, you might expect some struggling. We need Kemp and Gonzo doing what it is they do. Once they get it together, this team will have a completely different look. I expect good pitching from everyone on the staff. I still wish we had a lead-off guy so Crawford could do what he is doing out of the two hole.

    Harang and Capuano have to be creating some interest. I don’t buy the “wait it out” theory presented here. If I am a GM in need of a quality starter, I make an offer. You can’t wait around for something like that because somebody might beat you to it.

    Bills and Lilly both pitching today. Here’s hoping they blow a few minor leaguers away.

  18. the truth hurts says:

    I almost did it. I erased everything I just wrote. I would have been banned as the most pessimistic fan ever.

    It’s early…….

    I will give it through the Pirates series.

  19. bobbie17 says:

    You guys disagree but you HAVE to beat the Giants. No excuses. It is
    not “early”. The Giants KNOW they can beat the Dodgers
    anytime anywhere. Do not think that these games have
    little meaning. They do. If the team really believes it.
    is “early” to beat the Champions it is already too late.
    Nothing has changed except $. Same ole.attiude. It
    probably will get worse. But I am a pessimist, right?

  20. Michael says:

    Mark, you have to start a contest; the day Donnie walks the plank.
    He’s playing with “house money” and the “boys in the high heel shoes” have a very short fuse.
    I respected Mattingly as a player,[he homered in 8 straight games] but he’s either dumb, scared or getting bad advice as far as running the show. Just my opinion.

    April 17th

  21. Quasimodo says:

    Anytime anywhere? Oh that’s right! We got spanked opening day! A pessimist? No. Just a Giants fan.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17, I’ll just ignore that claptrap you just wrote. Responding to the clueless only makes me clueless. From hereon forward I’ll simply pass over your remarks. They’re not worth the expense of ATP necessary to read them.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Some good observations from Mike Petriello at MSTI.

  24. jerry says:

    some think these game at the begining of the season doesnt matter.. but when you come up 1 or 2 games at the end of the season .short,,.to me every game counts.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    None of us who think that it’s early don’t believe that games now don’t count. Of course they do. What we’re saying is that you can’t draw any definitive conclusions by what any team has done in a span of just 3 games. A 162 game baseball season is filled with ebbs and flows, ups and downs all year long. A team will look great when it’s hot and horrible when it’s cold. Which is why you can never draw conclusions about a team when they’re at their best and when they’re at their worst.

  26. jerry says:

    i agree with you BROOKLYN , seem like donny boy is always waiting for the big blow ..instead of movie runner over.. just like last yr…they got men on base ..but had a hard time scoreing them.

  27. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Replace Mattingly with Phil Jackson

    • Badger says:

      Run the triangle offense. Good idea.

      MSTI said exactly what some of us have been saying, only he says it with a little more style I suppose. There is still a lot to be excited about with this team. Sellers made a couple off errors early, but he is still the best infield defender we have, which in my estimation isn’t saying a whole lot. To think he could hit .250 is both positive thinking and unlikely.

      Matt Kemp and Adrian Gonzalez WILL get it going. If they don’t, we can mail this one in.

      Our bench is… how did Mike put it? ….. “an oddly constructed mess”. Yep, that about sums it up. And here’s the most irritating thing about that – that mess has already been on the field way too often for my liking.

  28. the truth hurts says:

    MSTI, “It is not time to panic about Kemp, but okay to be a little worried”

    I completely disagree. It has been time for awhile now to panic about Kemp. Isn’t worrying some form of panic anyway? He is the heart of our lineup, our torch bearer, our former MVP….I mean, yes, I am panicking.

    Ever since he ran into that wall, he has clearly not been the same player and certainly nothing close to an MVP.

    The Kemp panic button is ON.

  29. HemmorhoidRage says:

    It’s Loge Level Peanut Vendor Panic Button Time! too.
    Donnie TBall isn’t really cut out to manage. Probably a good coach but his line-ups have always been questionable. I have never cared for putting 3 or 4 regulars out of the line up on Sundays, just makes no sense especially when a team struggles to score runs anyway. I mean come on, with the money Guggencash has spent on everything else, they can’t find a better manager for this club? That makes no sense either.

    The change of hitting instructor has made no change in the results, just an observation.

  30. Bill Russell says:

    Run the triangle offense. Good idea.

    I believe Phil would strand a lot of runners at third.

  31. Jason says:

    If the Dodgers don’t rake on Sanchez tonight then we’ve got real problems. He had an ’8.07 ERA in 64 2/3 innings last season between the Royals and Rockies’(Rotoworld).

    That guy sounds like a fine way to get the bats tuned up.

    • Badger says:

      These guys are professionals. Kemp, Gonzalez and Ethier will do what they usually do. It’s a long season. The numbers will be there at the end, of that I am almost certain. Almost.

      Having said that, replacing Ramirez with Sellers is a punch to the gut. That means somebody else has to step it up. Who? Well, the obvious answer is Cruz, but, honestly, I don’t expect a lot out of him. I will give him .260 with a .310 OBP and I think that might be generous. No matter what position he plays, his OPS+ will be at or near the bottom of league rankings, especially if he is our third baseman. Mark Ellis, a very good man to have on your bench and in your clubhouse, is not the guy you want hitting out of the two hole. I give him the same numbers as I do Cruz. That’s 25% of your lineup hitting .260 and those two will be at critically important positions in the lineup. With AJ doing what he does, which is valuable, but only in the lineup maybe 75% of the time, this offense could stink it up if Kemp and Gonzalez don’t mash.

      I think they will. But if they are struggling, which they currently are, we are going to need our pitchers to shut other teams down to have a chance.

      I can see some deadline moves being a real possibility for this team.

      And I don’t believe Mattingly is the problem. I think the guys he has to shuffle around are the problem. Any team that has to rely on offense from guys like Uribe, Sellers, Ellis, Punto and Cruz is a team that had better have great pitching to stay in the race. Fortunately, I believe we do.

  32. Quasimodo says:

    Well it sure seems to me that too many want to put mattingly at fault for Dodgers sluggers getting off to a slow start. Its not a fine time for a slow start but its not DM’s design. Three games and is not three ‘Uribe’ years. A two game losing streak has got some Dodgers fans sounding like Giants fans. The holes we have are shallow. We’re two games back of the Nats and one of the Giants. If you watched every pitch that ‘Fat Panda’ swung at you’d see Giants have more reason to panick than we do. Take a look at current standings in both leagues and you’ll see about 90% surprises. Nats got three wins from Marlins, thats no surprise. Relax, Friends.

  33. SpokaneBob says:

    MSTI is right on. we have a long way to go. How do you think the Angels fans feel….anyone think their not going to play better?

    While I hate losing as much as anyone here, we have to just hang in there and see what happens. I do share some of the concern about Cruz. If he doesn’t show he can hit the ownership has to do something at the deadline.

  34. KEN says:

    I like CC’s approach to hitting. Just use a short swing and get a base hit and forget about home runs until later in the week/month/year. Maybe a few others should try to shorten their swing until they can actually hit the ball.

    Always behind in the count and only 2 base hits on an 0-0 count, you guessed it, one each by Crawford and Kershaw.

    Crawford seems to have the correct approach. On his final swing during each at bat this year he has not yet been behind in the count. Puig Who? :)

  35. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t see how Crawford would fit better in the 2 hole. Especially when doing everything and then some at lead-off. But he’s only played 2 games, still have to like what we’ve seen. Martin catching, hmmm, he still throwing strikes at 2B like he did as a Dodger? I had to hate Martin while he was a Yank. As a Pirate I’m able to like him again-but not cheering for him.

    • Badger says:

      quas – imagine if you will a lead off guy that gets on twice a game followed by Crawford, Kemp, Gonzalez, Ramirez and Ethier. That looks like 5 runs a game with just those guys. Add what the rest of the team could do and it adds up to 96 wins.

  36. jerry says:

    my be the hitting coach is not doing a good job,mybe he is trying to change a person swing ..instead of fine tuning it..

  37. Quasimodo says:

    Makes sense, Badger. But who you got in mind for lead? With this team as is Crawford fits best.

    • Badger says:

      I got nobody Quas. Crawford is hitting out of position because a new lead off hitter was not addressed.

      That’s my line and I am sticking with it.

  38. the truth hurts says:


    I hope we see a sweep.

    Need to be at worst 3-3 after this series with some offensive power showing up.

    A nice outing by Greinke tonight and Ryu Sunday would be very nice to see. Maybe Ryu just needed to get the first one over with.

    This series has to be a confidence booster!

    • Badger says:

      Justin Upton with his third home run. I wonder how good that outfield is going to be.

      Dodgers did draw over 150,000 in that series. I would not be surprised if they lead all of baseball in attendance.

  39. Quasimodo says:

    Braves have strong chance to put Nats in the wild card chase

  40. Roger Dodger says:

    We just returned home after a trip to China (cruise & 3 additional days in Beijing).

    No computer the entire way, no newspapers, so will have to catch up.

    Getting on the ship elevator one day, an older guy, even older than I — was wearing a L.A. Dodger hat. We started talking. Both starting following the Dodgers as kids when they were in Brooklyn. He started to name the famous mid-1950s lineup, and I finished it. Then I added, “and George Shotgun Shuba on the bench.” He looked at me and said that we were probably the only two guys on the ship that could name that lineup.

    Soooooooooo — where is the chemistry that is needed to move this lineup together!!!

    Just looked at the AA game. Puig is 2 for 3. Lee pitching; 4 innings, 4 hits, 5 Ks.

  41. Jason says:

    Will someone please get a hit

  42. Bball says:

    Sanchez the cy young winner. Oh wait he’s just facing the dodgers.

  43. Bball says:

    Bout f in time

  44. Bball says:

    Greinke so far so good. And on him is this the rotation till the Allstar break or when does it become kershaw greinke back to back.

  45. Quasimodo says:

    One thing also about Zack, check out his readiness after he throws.

  46. Bball says:

    It’s alive! It’s alive!

  47. Quasimodo says:

    Welcome home, Roger.

  48. KEN says:

    Best pitching in MLB, too many errors, finally approaching the Mendoza line.

  49. Bobby says:

    Good pitching keeps you in games. We have that, and we will be in games a LOT.

    Good offense puts those games out of reach, and in the win column. We have that too, and WHEN it wakes up, we will be really really good.

  50. Quasimodo says:

    The real shocker of the day is Nats loss to Reds 15-0

  51. Quasimodo says:

    Bobby, so far our starters have 1.30 ERA,22 K’s and 1 Walk.

  52. Badger says:

    Lilly pitched last night. Went 6 gave up 5 earned with 3 home runs against High A. I’d say he isn’t ready yet. Anyone else?

    Zach Lee went four in his debut. Why only 4? Eh, who knows. Faced 20 batters and I guess that was enough.

    Is this the same prospect list from last week? I thought Puig was our #1.

    1. Zach Lee RHP
    2. Yasiel Puig RF
    3. Corey Seager 3B/SS
    4. Hyun-Jin Ryu LHP
    5. Joc Pederson CF
    6. Matt Magill RHP
    7. Onelki Garcia LHP
    8. Chris Reed LHP
    9. Garrett Gould RHP
    10. Paco Rodriguez LHP

    Why does Ryu remain on that list? I thought we talked about this days ago. A guy in your starting rotation does not belong on a prospect list.

    Harang ain’t happy. It will time to move him very soon. I hear Milwaukee is looking for pitching. We’ll see after Fiers throws his first. I still like the Mets as a trade partner.

    Ellis’ misplay might have saved Mattingly from leaving Greinke in too long.

    Not a bad night. Good thing we have pitching. This club is still struggling at the plate. Cruz and Sellers without an average yet, Kemp at .071. Team 7 for 30 and 2-5 WRISP. Not good, but, we will all take the W.

  53. the truth hurts says:

    ya badger, a win is a win.

    Let’s see something exciting tonight, like back to back dingers…Kemp/Agon…


    And remember, every game now is one game closer to getting Hanley back……………..and the trade deadline ;)

    It has been awhile since we have had a Kershaw/Greinke type 1-2 punch, it feels kind of good doesn’t it?

  54. Badger says:

    With Rickie Weeks and Jean Segura looking pretty good as Milwaukee’s up the middle infield, I wonder if Milwaukee would be willing to part with Scooter Gennett, their 22 year old AAA second baseman. He is ready, he is blocked and is rated their 8th best prospect. We could use him right now. Harang and cash (sounds like a cop show) for Gennett.

    The Mets. Wilmer Flores? Maybe. He would immediately become our top 3b prospect. Same deal. Harang/Capuano and cash for for Flores. I still would like to see Murphy but I doubt the Mets let him go.

  55. Michael says:

    I think with teams getting off to slow starts, the possibility of moving at least one[preferably all three]of our excess SPs will rise. I say all three because Fife has proved to be a reliable call-up if needed.
    The article I read about Lilly said he was ready, right after the sentence saying he gave up 3 bombs. Something’s got to happen because he went [kicking and screaming]to the DL. Ready for what, BP pitcher, sounds good to me.

  56. Roger Dodger says:

    So the heart of the order finally came through: HR, double, double — Ethier, Kemp, Gonzalez — just enough to get a victory. The Pen was total shut down: 2.2 innings with 4 Ks and only 1 walk, no hits.

    Greinke went 6+ with no walks, 6 Ks — excellent.


  57. Pete M. says:

    Just imagine with a healthy Bills sliding into the rotation??? Sweet…
    Who will be optoned or ?? when Bills returns???
    I am still confident in moving Cap, Harang or both soon and beating the 20c on the dollar as someone put it…
    Fun watching the minor lg. daily scoreboard… Love the makeup of the Low A Loons…Alot of Rancho players not.

  58. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “back to back dingers…Kemp/Agon…” Let’s not get greedy. I’ll take back to back hits. It’s early, but I do suspect that the Dodgers will have to address the left side of the infield. Hanley coming back will take care of part of that, but that won’t be at least until mid-May, maybe later. And there’s no telling how fast Hanley will get back to top playing form. Could take a while. In the meantime, I have my doubts that Cruz and Sellers are sustainable, even if they get hot and both climb just above the Mendoza line.

    And unless he produces, hitting Cruz in front of Ethier to break up the Gonzalez/Ethier left/left combination is going to become a rally killer. And although I like A.J. Ellis overall, having Ethier followed by Ellis and Sellers is going to get him pitched around a lot. I have confidence that Kemp and Gonzalez will do their part, but after them the Dodgers lineup is currently a bit thin without Hanley.

    Doesn’t sound to me as if Lilly is ready. But, I guess, the Dodgers have to put as good a face on it as possible. Lilly is untradeable with his current contract. My guess is that at some point the Dodgers will be able to trade him by eating most of his contract, or they will just be forced to release him and eat the entire final year of that contract. Capuano and Harang?????? As long as they can, I imagine that the Dodgers will hold onto them, and wait to see if a deal materializes. There will be teams looking for pitching, and neither Harang or Capuano is overly expensive. And like it or not, they can both work out of the pen for the time being until something worthwhile materializes.

  59. Badger says:

    Well scratch the Gennett idea. I just read on Rumors that with the freak injuries to Braun and Ramirez, Gennett is the only infielder on the 40 man for the Brewers. They got some issues over there.

  60. Gonzo says:

    Badger, I just read that the Mets management knows they are going nowhere and might be hesitant to trade for a capuano or Harang since they got a couple of kids they want to give a cup of coffee to. Regardless, what you propse is ealistic and I hope something gives.

    • Badger says:

      I think you are right Gonzo. The Mets might as well bring up their best prospects as they are pitchers. I don’t know who else might be good trade partners – maybe Oakland as that staff is pretty young….if we are willing to eat some salary they might do it for the experience factor. I have no idea who else might be in need of a 4th of 5th starter…. gotta be somebody out there……… Power Rankings have Seattle, Cleveland and Milwaukee near the bottom. I am pretty sure those teams consider themselves competitive, maybe they will be interested. The longer this goes on, the more Harang and Capuano will be irritated. I thought a deal would be done by now.

      Seen Arizona in a couple of games. Those guys are scrappers. Towers says they will win over 90 this year.

  61. Quasimodo says:

    Seemingly Federowicz will soon be sent to AAA as Dodgers acquired Ramon Hernandez from Rockies. Who saw that one coming?

  62. the truth hurts says:

    Very interesting?

  63. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from TBLA.

    Pretty much what I thought it would be. The Dodgers save some dollars, and remove a potential headache in Harang. Hernandez will be 37 in May, and didn’t do much last year. However, he also didn’t play much last year (maybe he was hurt), but did have a couple of nice years in 2010 and 2011 with the Reds. Has shown a little pop in the past, but that could be diminishing with age. Probably a good veteran to come off the bench. I don’t think it hurts, since Harang wasn’t likely to see much action in LA, Fedex was probably dispensable, and Hernandez may still have something left in the tank, especially if used sparingly.

    Not sure exactly what it means, but Harang was immediately designated for assignment by the Rockies. Maybe they’re working on a deal to ship him elsewhere.

    Now what’s going to happen with Capuano? I think he could be useful out of the pen, but he could also have some trade value, probably more than Harang. Lilly, I sense doesn’t have much trade value unless the Dodgers pick up the lions share of his contract. Unless he suddenly begins to show progress, I suspect that he could end up being released somewhere down the road.

    This is probably just the beginning, since I also have a feeling that the Dodgers are going to have to address the left side of their infield. Lots of problems over there until at least Hanley gets back, and that only addresses one of the two positions.

    • Badger says:

      If the Rockies do move Harang I’ll bet they get more in return than the Dodgers did.

      You’re right about the left side Brooklyn. I would exercise some patience for a while as our pitching should keep us in games while the middle of our order remembers how to hit.

  64. KEN says:

    Nice trade. Fed Ex can play every day now and be the backup next year.

    Harang usually has a bad spring and then turns around his year, but he had to know that he was in a fierce competition and that he needed to show up like he did in 2012 ST (2.63) so his 2013 ST (8.20) is his fault and therefore he made himself no longer needed and unwanted in the eyes of many other GMs. The Rockies do not need him either but may be in contact with a team that is interested in him.

    Too bad that the LAD had a few starting pitches with injuries and that some of the 2012 LAD careers are now diminished because of the decisions made by Ned.

    Maybe the Nats need a new #5 and a long reliever.

  65. Badger says:

    Upton with his 4th.

    Watched the Cards beat the midgets. If things go our way we could be tied for first tonight.

  66. Quasimodo says:

    Well D-backs will also have to lose for a 3-way tie.

  67. Bball says:

    For as long as I can remember( and I could be wronge ) the dodgers have started hot and finished cold. Maybe this year we start cold and finish hot.

  68. Jason says:

    Why does Kemp keep staring at strike 3 when it’s a fastball –scratch that — a MEATBALL right over the plate???

    What happened to the old “protect the plate with 2 strikes”?


  69. the truth hurts says:

    6 of 42 with RISP

  70. KEN says:

    Choke, Choke, Choke another at bat
    Grip, Grip, Grip and if you Choke yourself to death
    Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate
    That you hates to make him wait
    But you just gotta choke another at bat

  71. Roger Dodger says:

    Puig went 1 for 4, and it was a HR. Now hitting .429 in AA.

    Let us just say, the Dodger continue to struggle, find themselves behind the Giant (and maybe others) in a month. And — Puig is still hitting the ball with authority.

    If the Dodgers feel Puig can and the possible zip in the lineup they need — who sits?

    Or, does Ethier go in a “serious” trade, and gamble on Puig??? Having Crawford, Kemp, Ethier, and Puig all wanting playing time just might cause a problem.

    Having Ellis, Cruz, Sellers, and the pitchers slot in the lineup, all in a row — is looking bleak right now. Cruz and Sellers do not have a hit into the end of the 4th game. Maybe time to shake things up.

  72. Rob says:

    Send kemp to the DL and say its his shoulder. Let him get at bats in the minors to get his swing right and call up Puig. Kemps bat speed is off and his eye is way off.

  73. KEN says:

    Kemp did rub his shuolder when he got to 1st base last night. Just sayin!

    LAD Team BA finally above .200. .205 !!

  74. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Kemp looks uncomfortable at the plate, somewhat out of synch. But that’s usually the case when a hitter is in a slump. He’s the kind of hitter that could come out of it all of a sudden. No way I’d put him on the DL to be lost for a couple of weeks, just to bring up Puig. Puig might be the next great thing, and maybe not. Let him get some time at AA and maybe AAA, and make a decision later in the season. I’m guessing that Puig’s .429 is 3 for 7. One less hit and he’d be hitting .286. Averages this time of year can fluctuate wildly. Just looked it up, and it is 3 for 7, with 3 strikeouts. Those 3 strikeouts indicate to me that he probably needs more seasoning, and that he might struggle against big league pitchers if he’s brought up at this time.

    I mentioned our feeble left side of the infield in a post above, and so have others. It would be great to get Kemp going (Gonzalez had a couple of hits tonight), but in the long run he’s not likely to be the problem. On the other hand, Sellers and Cruz may never hit. Sellers never has, and until last year neither had Cruz. Hanley won’t be back until at least mid-May, and very well might struggle when he first comes back. Thumb injuries, as I’ve noted before (and so has Badger) can be problematic. I have a feeling that the Dodgers want Dee Gordon to get at least a month or two under his belt before they consider bringing him back, so I suspect that the Dodgers could go shopping for help at either 3B or SS, or both.

    OK, we’re tied with the Giants, a game back of the D-Backs and Rockies. Certainly not panic time.

  75. Badger says:

    After 5 games only the Pirates have scored fewer runs. Yoiks.

    And this with Crawford hitting .438.

    If Kemp is still hurt he should rest. But, it’s been months. Why wouldn’t he have healed by now? Did he come back too soon? Somethin’ ain’t right.

    Cruz and Sellers 0 for 28. Pretty sure I could do that. In fact, I think I could do better. 0 for 28 not only takes some seriously bad hitting, it also takes some equally serious bad luck.

    Pitching. The Dodgers have pitching. Is this 1965 all over again? Probably not. Those Dodgers hit .250 as a team.

  76. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t get the feeling that Kemp is still hurt. Maybe he’s not a full 100%, but if so, probably very close to it. I just get the feeling that he needs to keep on playing, and in time (hopefully not too much time) everything will get back into synch. It’s also possible, that as a result of having to protect his shoulder early on, he’s gotten into some bad habits. But even when he was healthy, we’ve seen Kemp go through periods like this. Looks to me as if he’s pulling the ball more than he should. Kemp is best when he’s hitting the ball up the middle and to right center. His double the other night was to right center. Maybe it will take a while, but I have to believe that both he and McGwire have already got that figured out, and it’s just a matter of time until he incorporates whatever changes he has to make into his game. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it takes more than a day to rid yourself of bad habits.

    Actually it’s 0 for 30 for our dynamic duo at short and third. Throw in Uribe and it’s 0 for 33. Even I could do that. Decisions may soon have to be made there, even before Hanley returns.

    But let’s look on the bright side. The Dodgers are 3-2. That’s .600 baseball, and translates into 97 wins at the end of the season. Of course, the D-Backs and Rockies are playing .800 baseball, so they should both win 130 games.


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