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Mattingly set to walk the plank

Are they the Loss Angeles Dodgers or the Lost Angeles Dodgers? 

Pathetic is what they are.  Lifeless, pitiful, unmotivated, morbid, dead, almost buried!

The lack of clutch hitting is a continuation of the past few years, and one of the constants is that Don Mattingly has been either in charge of the offense or the team during this time.  I know that many regard him as a great hitting coach, but I really don’t see it.  Never have.  It’s hard for me to betray a fellow Hoosier, but it is time for Donnie to take his ballgame and go.  You can’t fire the whole team so the logical choice is to fire the manager and I don’t see the team waiting.  I could see it happening as soon as today.

The Lost Angeles Dodgers brass evidently didn’t have enough confidence to sing him long-term, so he’s a lame duck manager and has a short leash.  Some of you are going to point to his tactical decisions to which I am going to say “HORSEBLEEP!”  Leaving Josh Beckett in the game is something that a guy like Tony LaRussa might just as well have also done.  Tony is unconventional and frequently second-guessed by all of the armchair quarterbacks.  I have heard the rumors about Tony and I am sure he would like to manage another couple of years, but is he the answer?  I have no clue.

I do know that a change is imminent and necessary.  This is not a knee-jerk reaction 15 games into the season.  This the culmination of watching the same stuff happen over and over again, during Don Mattingly’s stay with the Dodgers.  The Dodgers have scored 38 runs this year.  Thirty freakin’ eight!  That’s 2.5 runs a game and only the sad sack Miami Marlins are worse, but that have an excuse -  They have a $50 million dollar payroll and an idiot for an owner.  The Dodgers are nearly has bad with $216 million dollar payroll.  Fans will stop coming out as much… they already have (to some degree), if this keeps up.  Attendance will decline if this keeps up… and it has went on way too long.  This is a bottom-line business and the Captain of the ship has to walk the plank.  It’s over.

Guggs and Company have to fire Mattingly today.  It’s over.  Name Tim Wallach the interim manager and make a decision as to the next manager on the fly, or maybe the Dodgers and Angels should switch managers – let’s see how that works.  Sometimes all that is needed is change for change sakes.  Maybe both teams would benefit.

UPDATE:  Now it’s has been reported that the Padres President and CEO said that Greinke started the fight with Carlos Quentin by intentionally hitting him and then called him “The Rain Man.”  Tom Garfinkel is officially a card-carrying moron of the idiot club.  The Dodgers have officially been emasculated by not sending a message back to the Padres.  Jackie Robinson Day or not, the first Padre batter should have been drilled by Capuano.  If Tommy or Tony were manager, that’s what would have happened.  The Dodgers act like a bunch of pussies and that is the personality of their manager as well.


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  1. Bball says:

    I’m the type where when they win the manager gets too much credit and when they lose he gets too much flack but I’m with u Mark. He needs to go

  2. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Just get it over with, no interim manager stuff flies with me, if you think Wallach has what it takes to manage for a few days, then he probably has what it takes to manage everyday, otherwise get someone else before you name a manager. I don’t know enough about Wallach to know what he’s got. However, the brass probably does know. Kasten and others have been around a long time and have many contacts, they probably have a guy in mind. Interim tags aren’t needed, leadership and a definite direction for the future is what the Dodger players need right now. Don’t pull the trigger if you ain’t ready for the gunfight, no warning shots, no interims.

    Badger, you game i referred to had nothing to do with what you witnessed at a ballgame, it had everything to do with “doesn’t play well with others” I was just giving RC a heads up. I didn’t expect you to get it (you never have prior), I didn’t expect you to get it (You choose not to or not capable of it), others have witnessed it (all they have to do is read your reactions when someone slightly disagrees with you), others will have to continue to witness it (as you post insults and name-call whenever you receive the slightest opposition to one of your posts). That’s been your game and will continue to be your game, as I expect you will have your usual response to me from making this post. Just to clarify before you rewrite and revise what I have pointed out. Knock yourself out, buddy.

    • Badger says:

      More than half that post was directed, not at the point raised in this thread, but at me directly. So you are guilty of doing exactly what you accuse me of doing. What makes you such an authority?

      Let it go and I will too.

  3. Badger says:

    You might get some heat from Donnie supporters in here. It’s happened before.

    You sure you want to bring up leaving Beckett in again? It might prompt somebody to point out it wasn’t the leaving him in that was so egregious…… nevermind.

    It’s easy to pin the blame on Donnie because he seems to do some goofy things – but Hanley getting hurt and Kemp disappearing is not his fault. It wasn’t that difficult to predict the rest of this team not hitting – guys like Cruz, Ellis, Sellers, Schumaker, Hairston, Uribe, Punto… not exactly names to make an All Star team any time soon. I figured they would all hit like back-ups, which in my opinion they all are. But the overall look of the team does appear rather zombie like. Even in warm-up most of them look like they would rather be somewhere else. Is it possible the team lacks energy because it is a reflection of Mattingly? He did make the game look rather easy when he played. Maybe that’s his motus… easy peasy, let the game come to you.

    I don’t know. I can’t say another manager would get any more out of this team of back-ups. Maybe he could get them to hit WRISP. That alone would help dramatically, What we really need is what we needed all along – a real lead-off hitter, Hanley and Greinke back, Kemp to get his head out of his ass, and All Stars at third and second base. A new manager won’t make all that happen.

    Without it’s heart – and by that I mean Matt Kemp – this team could very well be a .500 ball club. I don’t really believe that, but, it sure could be true.

  4. Idahoal says:

    I do not know the answer, but something needs to be done and soon. I agree with you Mark, the hitting is a continuation from the last couple of years. I feel sorry for the pitchers. They must be pretty close to perfect to win, with the run support they receive.

    You cannot fire the players, so the only possible solution is the manager. Somebody needs to set a fire under the players and I do no believe Mattingly will do that.

    Something must be done with the left side of the infield. I know Hanley is coming back, but you still have one hole to fill.

    A lot of it has to do with attitude. In watching the last three games with San Diego. San Diego looks like they want to win the games. The Dodgers look to me like they just do not care. I do not believe you can manage every player the same way. Some players you talk to them and others need to be prodded. I think Mattingly treats every ball player the same. Does not work. I have coached many high school baseball and basketball teams to know it does not work.

  5. Michael says:

    I’m in! I predicted last night but today would be just fine.
    A lot of great players don’t make a good manager or sportscaster for that matter, Donnies calling is to be Joe Torres butler.
    When I first started calling for his head I just thought Wallach would be automatic but now that you mentioned him I remember some kind of blurb about Tony in some capacity with the Dogs this last offseason. Makes sense and although I’ve never been a fan of his I imagine I could jump on his ship if he could save this Titanic clusterfuk.

  6. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Yeah, time to let it go, I’ve made my point, you made your point on the Mattingly sitting on his duff instead of managing in that game you attended. I agree with you btw, for what it’s worth. Mattingly has shown a few times that he is a manager that is playing checkers rather than chess, often being caught not thinking a few moves in advance. It’s time for him to be a coach again.

    I do hope that Mark is right and today is the day for a managerial change, if not today then very soon. Hey, Phil Jackson is still available.

  7. Badger says:

    Chris Erskine’s article is pretty funny today. Worth a look.

    I have a feeling management won’t knee jerk. We are without some key players, and Kemp just has to figure it out (doesn’t he?). There is plenty of time to get it turned around without firing Mattingly. That would be an admission Kasten may not be prepared to make.

    I just read that Kupchak believes D’Antoni is doing a good job. Jackson is going to want mega bucks, so, as good a fit as it looks to all of us, overpaying Jackson while still paying two other head coaches looks rather odd.

  8. Mark_Timmons says:


  9. Roger Dodger says:

    This club does have an interesting cast of backup players, role players.

    But maybe, just maybe, they would be fine — if — Ethier & Kemp were hitting like they are expected and paid to do. Along with Gonzalez, this team would be fine.

    Then, add Hanley in Mid-May, and a team can carry Cruz or Sellers in the infield.

    BUT take the terrible start of Ethier, 1 HR, 3 RBIs and hitting .265.

    Take Kemp, ZERO HRs, 5 RBIs and hitting .182.

    The lineup just cannot go.

    So the weakness of Sellers, Cruz, Ellis (both of them: they have 1 HR and 7 RBIs between them = that it in total) . . .


    And in the end: Federowicz is called up to catch that makes AJ the DH !!! In reality, that makes the extra bat in the lineup against Baltimore, really Federowicz. Not a wise choice in my book.

    Who is making these decisions . . . I read that the new owners were so sharp in their baseball knowledge and development of a team.

  10. Bobby says:

    The Lakers had a great roster, but had a kid coach. Didn’t work; they fired Rambis and brought in Phil.

    The Dodgers need to fire this kid, and send him back to NY, and go get Tony LaRussa. He’s a winner, and he will command the respect from these guys

    Mark is right. Do it today and go to Balt and wake up. This is getting old now.

  11. Prostrate says:

    It’s really hard to know what to say. There is no team there, and will there be one if Mattingly is replaced by someone with a louder voice? The Dodgers need a real 3rd baseman (I’ve been saying this for weeks). It may be time to bring up Puig, trade Ethier, Pederson, and whatever for a bat a third.

    But it is also true this team has had awful luck – Greinke, Ramirez, a non-hitting Kemp,and an absolutely lost Cruz. It’s hindsight to be sure, but Cruz was a bad gamble; he was a career minor leaguer who sprung to life for one season. A bad bet for a season at 3rd base with him.

    We will get the chance to see how invented ownership is, and how much they are now willing to put into this team.

  12. DRomo says:

    EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In other news it’s April 18th.

    Changing coaches/managers as early as possible when you have star players injured and/or recovering still ALWAYS works.
    Jim Buss

    Good day

  13. Bobbie17 says:

    Last year the team went 0 for June. Remember all the shutouts? Now with a group of superstars, it’s the same old song. There is one constant, and it is the manager. He is an uninspiring guy in charge of a group of uninspired players. It’s been this way for years, through at least 3 owners. No manager can push a group of prima donnas, but we need another one to try. I don’t care who it is. Isn’t there someone in the front office who was a manager? Put a uniform on him. From what I have seen on Extra Innngs Direct TV, the D’backs are the team to beat in the division, if they can get by the Giants, and I think they can. 25 ballers playing at 150%. We have 25 playing at 50%. Time for a shakeup at the top.

  14. Gonzo says:

    Mark, I think that the Dodgers and Padres let the beef go not because it was Jackie R.’s day but the tragedy that happened in Boston. It’s those moments that make me realize how good I have it and that petty things like team rivalries or retaliations are meaningless when compared to world altering situations.

    I posted on the last thread that Donnie’s butt is burning. I say no to LaRussa. If I were the one making the decision I hand the keys to Wallach for the season and evaluate him. For some reason I think that Mattingly and Scoscia’s destinies are intertwined. If Mike becomes available you know Donnie is gone. If mattingly goes down first, Wallach has a chance to prove he belongs.

  15. Badger says:

    Gonzo makes some sense.

    On the update….. more violence? Yeah, that’s what this team needs. Don’t take it out on the lowly Padres by beating the snot out of them. Do it by putting more players on suspension. Great idea.

    Roger, that is exactly what I have been saying about this team. It’s ok to have one Sellers on the team, but it looks to me like we have several.

    I watched Travis Hafner park one against the dbacks yesterday to win a game late. How come we don’t have a guy like him on the bench? Why don’t we bring up SVS for this Baltimore series and see what he can do? They guy is OPSing around 1.500 at AAA. FedX? Why him? We just picked up Hernandez.

    After 13 games we have 4 regulars that are already double digits in strikeouts. That can’t be good. I thought this McGwire feller was ‘upposed to know how to help guys make contact.

    Frustrating time for Dodger fans. But, who knows. Maybe Baltimore can bring about some change. I was in Baltimore once. For the World Series in ’83. Nice to place to get out of when the time comes, I remember that about it.

  16. the truth hurts says:

    I think the Dodgers want Quentin and are for him to come to the plate. They will keep that in their back pocket.

    At this rate, who cares if their are suspensions? We can’t score anyway.

  17. Maverick says:

    Chill people, Mattingly is a legit manager. It’s only April. Give the guy a chance. He can’t control the injuries. *shaking head*

    • Badger says:

      He isn’t a rookie at this Maverick. He is in his third year.

      He was one helluva player. But one has to wonder if maybe he is better suited for managing in a league that doesn’t have to worry about a double switch.

  18. Jason says:

    Last year at this time the rival Giants were only 8-7… they went on to win the World Series as we all know. Their first 15 included some horrible play, a few shutouts, and even a clobbering loss of 17-8.

    Currently the Dodgers are at 7-8. Are we worried? Yes. Is it necessarily over? I don’t think so.

    Don does make some bad decisions, but if they were 12-3 right now would we all be calling for Mattingly’s head?

  19. Quasimodo says:

    I’m all for kicking Mattingly to the curb if we might be able to find a Witch-Doctor somewhere. Point blame wherever you wish and you’ll be both right and wrong at the same time. We can all agree hitting in the clutch stands as the main concern. That’ll stay true till we get a score of something like 10+ runs and die when the other team tops that with 11. Seems to me that whats strong one day will be weak another. Maybe I’ll eat about 15 peyote buttons and see if the baseball gods will talk with me. While I have Choctaw blood in my veins, I was born in Glendale Ca. I might be the answer. BTW ‘witch’ translates closer to asshole than one would think.

    • Badger says:

      I would think 15 would put you in touch with something other worldly.

      I look forward to your report.

      My ex is from La Canada. She was a bit ….. spoiled.

      midgets way behind today. I’ll watch the dbacks at 1:30. I actually like that team. If it can’t be the Dodgers then I would be ok if it’s the snakes. Anyone but the gnats or the pads.

      • 1000OaksDave says:

        I grew up there on Chevy Chase Drive between Foothill Blvd. and Descanso Drive. I now live in and prefer Thousand Oaks. Lot of spoiled kids when I grew up in LC.

  20. jerry says:

    what about davey manager

  21. Quasimodo says:

    Some are saying Lopes is part of the problem and I’m able to see their point, as base running isn’t exactly great. There’s a lot of points I can see, but seeing an answer remains tough-at least through this set of eyes.

  22. Quasimodo says:

    Are you calling her a ‘witch’, Badger? I’m guessing about 80% of the older of the Nation (Indian) speak of one being a ‘witch’ is derogatory and the rest consider witches their peers.

  23. Bobby says:

    A team with this payroll, this talent, this ownership, and these expectations needs a mgr who is up to the challenge, and who has met that challenge before.

    This isn’t a starter job, so no to Wallach. This isn’t a job for a retread. This is a job for a proven winner.

    I know Larussa is denying any interest in any mgr jobs, and that he only wants a front office position, but whatever. He can be convinced to come here for 2-3 years, win, all while grooming somebody after he leaves (whoever that may be)

  24. DRomo says:

    I’m so sick of the “With this payroll” talk.

    It is such an unoriginal , un informed take:

    Lets look at the big money items:

    1. Gonzo and Crawford have been great.
    2. Andre has been…..Andre. He is my number 1 trade canidate. And I like the guy.
    3. Kemp is killing us but he is still not 100% I don’t care what he says. Also most who have had that surgery take time to be back 100%
    4. Hanley hasn’t played.
    5. Greinke was outstanding…..but now he is out.
    6. Beckett has not been horrible

    The point here is the only big money item that isn’t producing is Kemp. He is hurt. He will be back. So will Hanley. Until they all play together we can’t judge team this yet. If this continues to Late May? All bets are off.

    Say no to Scioscia and say no to Tony LaRussa. LaRussa is done and I do not want Anaheims trash. Scioscia had 1 great magical season down there and found a way to over manage himself out of the playoffs every year since. Over rated for a guy who has one ring! If 1 ring makes you the greatest manager in baseball, then Terry Francona must be Connie Mack!

  25. HemmorhoidRage says:


    I’m not clear on what you are saying, quit holding back and let it out, lol.

    The Kemp thing does have something to do with his injury, however I think it has moved from the physical to the mental. Sort of like the running back that has a knee injury and doesn’t trust the knee again and thus can’t be the back he once was. I think Kemp is in that position, he is afraid to let it loose. I speak from the experience in having my shoulder rebuilt at the same years of age as Kemp. It takes awhile to trust in the injury to be repaired and won’t be re-injured, you fear bringing back the pain. While I didn’t play in the major leagues, I was very active in all sorts of competitive sports and had to get over the barrier in my mind and let it go. Kemp may be able to or he may not be able to, only time will tell. If he is just still injured, then DL him and bring up Puig (I’ve proposed that previously). If he is sound then he has to show up and play ball and play it all out.

    You are right he isn’t performing and he is killing us. So play or go get healed (mentally and/or Physically).

  26. Beckett_rockett says:

    Let Uribe play 3B until Hanley comes back.
    The real problem is SS! We need Dee Gordon now!

    Sellers is more valuable on defense? Well, Sellers’ FPCT is .952 (ranked 23rd among 27 qualifiers) and his RF of 3.64 is not much better (ranked 20th).
    Last year, Gordon’s RF was a superior 3.96 with a comparable FPCT of .946. In 2011, Gordon’s RF was 3.85 with a FPCT of .954.

    So how, exactly, is Sellers better defensively? Gordon has notably better range – with a virtually identical FPCT. So Gordon gets to batted balls that Sellers cannot get to – and has an equal chance of safely making the play. And, even if Sellers had a SLIGHT advantage, there’s no way it offsets Sellers’ dismal offensive performance/potential.

    Through the recent games, both Sellers and Gordon have played 11 games (Gordon, of course, playing in AAA). Consider these comparisons:

    Gordon: .319/.385/.468/.853 PA-52, R-9, 2B-5, 3B-1, HR-0, RBI-7, SB/CS-8/1, BB-5, K-7, RF-5.64, FPCT-.954, DP-14
    Sellers: .176/.263/.265/.528 PA-38, R-1, 2B-0, 3B-0, HR-1, RBI-1, SB/CS-0/0, BB-4, K-9, RF-3.64, FPCT-.952, DP-7

    Sellers’ lifetime major league line is .199/.280/.313/.593 in nearly 300 AB.
    Who is better now?

  27. Badger says:

    I doubt you will find anyone here that would present a pro Sellers argument. I know I sure won’t.

  28. HemmorhoidRage says:

    You can put me in the “Bring em up, Slash Gordon and Don’t make me Puig” camp. You can also put me in the Cruz you done put yourself on the fire canoe camp.

    Time to change the left side of the infield and let Bison go out to pasture for a few weeks and get healthy (mind and body).

    Time for Lily to get his chance as well. No more rehab starts, time to see if he’s ready for the big boys.

    I hate terrorists, especially two asshole brother terrorists! ASSHOLES!


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