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LA DodgerTalk On Line Interview

In case you are interested, interviewed me last night.  Two Giants fans and a Dodger fan.  Have at it… or not!





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26 Responses to “LA DodgerTalk On Line Interview”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    I have this old tape in my brain that says, Dodgers leading now 3 to zip, but this game is not over — because Billingsley is pitching.

    I really need to get that tape gone.

  2. Badger says:

    Good interview Mark. Those two sounded like kids.

    Again about the money. It’s an investment. You do know that the Yankees make money – right? They spend money on players because they KNOW they are in the entertainment industry. So are the Dodgers. They currently lead all of baseball in attendance. The Dodgers are averaging 5,000 more than fit in AT&PacMcCovey Cove Park. If we are entertaining this year the team will actually MAKE MONEY. They will make a lot of money with the new tv deal. Interesting concept don’t you think?

    Just win baby.

  3. Badger says:

    That was close.

    Where is everybody?

  4. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t think anybody here finds it too strange that I wanted to see Bills get in a little trouble. I liked what I saw that he went in attack mode the same way he did after All Star break. Its gonna be a good year for Bills.

  5. Quasimodo says:

    I think most were waiting for the taped game to start on Prime as there has been incorrect messages of not being able to view it live. Happily I had to see for myself and when time for pregame came, it popped up on ch. 289 directv. So at that moment, I through in all my chips in online poker and turned off Mark’s interview. I saw good things in the game. Still some holes but shallow enough I believe will soon be filled. I enjoyed finishing hearing you being interviewed after the game, Mark. Thanks for sharing it with us. The game was indeed close, Badger, and it was Padre’s, but still lots of fun.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I’m just ready for the ethier kinsler trade and puig call up later on this season

  7. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Hey Mark, did those guy who interviewed you know that you closed the site down and retired? LOL . Your 15 minutes, enjoy!

    My boy Cruz gets his first two hits of 2013, yay! Hopefully just the start of a very good season for him. I still think he has one of the best gloves and definitely one of the quickest releases of all 3B in baseball. No one starts a double play quicker than he does.

  8. Idahoal says:

    I thought Billingsly looked great last night. He could not get his curve over, but he showed it to the hitters enough to keep them off balance. He pitched six innings with just his fast ball. The hitters were just sitting on his fast ball most of the night. Last night I thought be became a pitcher and not just a thrower. He pitched the way he did the last part of last season. We could have five pretty good starters. League scares me. I do not like him as a closer. I watched him pitch in Seattle as a closer and he was in trouble most of the time. That is why they got rid of him. They could not trust him.

  9. Pete M. says:

    It appears that new LAD AA mgr. Jody Reed doesn’t read all the hype concerning Yasiel Puig. Jody has given J.P. glowing reports, but didn’t hesitate in pulling the wunderkind in the 4th. last night for a OF gaffe… Will Magic be upset??? I dont think could give a sheet…
    Hats off to Bills…I’m still concerned about his arm not falling off!!! If this Plasma stuff works for an apparent Tommy John candidate, there will be alot of recovering pitchers wondering “what if”???

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    That 9th inning was something. No more of those, please.

  11. Badger says:

    A post of mine is missing. And I was brilliant in it. Those moments are so rare, not likely to be repeated any time soon.

    Cruz and Sellers are hitting .281. And that’s a good thing.

    Another unearned run and 1 for 8 WRSIP. Still a problem. You can get away with that against the Pads. Can’t do that against the good teams, and there is one coming up on our schedule. I will be at the game on Sunday with a group of my dback friends. I’ll be the one in the black LA hat.

    Mark has had more than his 15 minutes roid. Those two kids were amateurs. Mark has actually interviewed Logan White. He should do it again and ask him about Capuano. How often is a long reliever actually needed? Cap threw 198 innings of 1.2 WHIP last year. It’s a waste to keep him unused in the bullpen.

    Bills with 94 pitches yesterday. I think that’s about 10 too many. Keep him under 90 for a while and use Capuano for the last 3-4 innings when Bills pitches for the first 3 starts. I worry about Bills. Don’t we all?

  12. KEN says:

    Good job by Bills.

    Hopefully League is not similar to Broxton in that he must pitch every other day and loses his control when he has 3 days off.

    Congrats to Baez for a successfull transition to relief pitcher, .000 so far!

  13. KEN says:

    Things are not right in dodger land when Sellers is better than Kemp!

  14. KEN says:

    There are 8 teams in MLB that have a lower BA than the dodgers yet have scored more runs. One of these teams has scored more than twice as many runs as the dodgers.

    Even the pitiful Cubs with a BA lower by .059, and OBP lower by .090 only have 1 less run. When is the approach to chocking going to change?

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Puig is playing CF today for AA. He is 1 for 2 so far.

    You can get the game on Gameday, on the AA web site.

    Chris Reed is pitching.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Puig is now, 2 for 3, adding a double.

  17. Badger says:

    Mets are “monitoring” Giancarlo Stanton and CarGo. Yeah, I’ll bet they are. So is every other team in MLB.

    Interesting piece on Zito. They guy has a good year, makes bank for several years, does squadush during those years, and now, of course in a contract year, he is off to a great start. When will people learn. If the guy doesn’t pitch worth beans until it’s time to re-do a contract then he isn’t worth the paper that contract is written on. Yeah, gints, go ahead and sign him up again. And if this guy reaches FA and some other bone head GM gives him another 12 million then shame on him. And the same thing could happen with Uribe.

    I’ve learned something over the many years of watching all of this unfold – catch them on their way UP! If you are looking at anyone over the age of 31, then be looking at them as a back-up or a role player. You want your everyday players to be under 30, or entering the last years of the current contract if they are over 30. That’s my model and I am sticking with it.

  18. Badger says:

    Just saw this on another board:

    “This lineup could be improved, and one thing we need is a lead-off hitter that would allow Crawford to do what he does out of the two hole. He is the consumate two hole hitter, and though I am glad to have him leading off for now, I am waiting for the real Mark Ellis and his .260 batting avg. to show up. Kinsler, Crawford, Kemp, Gonzalez, Ramirez, Puig, Cruz, Ellis, will score a ton of runs.

    Just a thought.”

  19. DRomo says:

    The Kinsler move would make too much sense. I’m just saying….

    Impressed with Bills. Still don’t trust that elbow for 180+ innings.
    I hope I’m wrong.

    How good is Crawford? Wow! Here’s my question. If Crawford does this for 2 or 3 more years of the 5 left on his deal. Gonzo does the same (he has been great so far even if his power isn’t what it once was). Then De La Rosa turns out to be the next Pedro. Was this trade a win for us? I say yes. These guys are just what we need and I am happy with the deal even if we lost some great pieces.

  20. DRomo says:

    Anyone else thinking Brandon League is scary?

  21. Mark_Timmons says:

    But, we could have had the great James Loney at 1B….

  22. Quasimodo says:

    Nobody has mentioned that savvy attack triple of Crawford’s. Leave the fear at home and bring the guts to work! Crawford ‘make good medicine’ paleface! Things are moving along in the right direction. I think Cappy will stick around a while and feel it to be wise to keep him. We all know Jansen is the real closer but maybe League is there because he does better at closing than setup. Well…seems all I got is rabble, so I’ll excuse myself.

  23. Badger says:

    No excuse needed for rabble. Rabble is as rabble does, and we does a lot of it in here.

    Is there Kinsler talk anywhere else but here? That trade really seems to make sense on so many levels. Unless the Rangers just want Profar to stay where he is for another year. But bringing up Profar and adding a stick like Ethier’s to that lineup, in that park, would make them pretty not too bad.

  24. Josh says:

    F8ck San Diego


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