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I am an Embarrassed Dodger Fan!

I have to admit that I am somewhat embarrassed to be a Dodger fan.  I was embarrassed when McCourt filed Bankruptcy and have also occasionally been embarrassed at other junctures that we won’t revisit right now.  I am embarrassed that the Dodgers playroll (not real money, so it’s not payroll) is about the same as  the D-Backs and Giants COMBINED!  I’m embarrassed that a $216,000,000 payroll doesn’t sway the experts, most of whom are still picking the Giants to win the NL West over the Dodgers.  I’m embarrassed that the Giants play baseball the Dodger way.  I’m embarrassed, because like it or not,  money doesn’t buy a title.  I’m embarrassed because I have made fun of the Yankees overspending for years and refuse to be a hypocrite and pretend that it’s OK because the Dodgers are my team.  I have a bad taste in my mouth about it and if you don’t, you may have a double-standard.

Now that I have said that, I can tell you that I can get over a lot of embarrassment if the Dodgers win.  Winning cures all.

I will say this:  The most important player for the Dodgers in 2013 is someone not in the lineup, that being Hanley Ramirez.  If Hanley can return to his MVP form, he’s a game-changer.  As good a s Matt Kemp is, Hanley Ramirez can be even better.  That would be staggering!

Prediction for 2013:  93 wins based upon what I see.  98 wins based upon possible trades!  Winning cures everything.

It’s time for Dodger Baseball.


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  1. jerry says:

    it in the bottom of the 5th ..and it looks like last yr..get men on and cant get them in.dodgers just hit a double in the sun..should of been a let see what happens.

  2. Bobby says:

    I’m embarrassed that the Dodgers still can’t play fundamental baseball.

    Ellis on 2b, no out. Kemp notoriously struggles against Cain. Why not hit the ball to the right side and get the guy over? it’s 0-0 and Kersh and Cain are on their game. 1 run will be HUGE!!!

    This is why I don’t like stars at every position. This is why I don’t want Cano and Headley and every other STAT player. A real baseball player gets the guy over so his teammate can drive him in. A selfish team goes for the RBI only.

  3. jerry says:

    i agree Bobby ..i have been saying that for a long time..this game will be with who ever make a mistake.

  4. Bobbie17 says:

    I could not have said it better. I do not like the way this team plays. The players seem to make little difference. It just does not play sound, fundamental baseball and has not for years. But winning………

    • Bobby says:

      The Giants aren’t the best team in the league (AT ALL)

      But they play the best baseball. We all know if that were them, Posey would have grounded to 2b to get the guy over, and Pence would’ve hit a sac fly. Thats fundamental baseball.

      Having said all that, Kersh is a stud!!

  5. jerry says:

    it took the pitcher to get it going..

  6. Quasimodo says:

    And who drew first blood? Pretty amazing!!!

  7. Quasimodo says:

    Will the above please enjoy a good meal of crow?

  8. Bobby says:

    haha you know I’m right about that 5th-6th inning, Quas!

    We need to play fundamental baseball, even though we know the 3run hr’s will come.

    combine them both for a deep playoff run

  9. the truth hurts says:

    Best game ever.

    Kershaw, I am speechless.

  10. HemmorhoidRage says:


    End of Story.

  11. voldomer says:

    I am embarrassed that the Dodgers no longer have the highest payroll thanks to the Yanks acquiring Vernon Wells.

    Come on Ned–you have to address this! ;-)

  12. Rob says:

    The 200 million price tag for Kershaw just went up!

  13. KEN says:

    Cool! The game reminded me of the rivalry of 50 years ago when anything could and would happen!

  14. Quasimodo says:

    While it won’t go down in the records as such, Kershaw today pitched a perfect game.

  15. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I told you Mark Ellis would be a good bat in the 2 hole, just like he started last year.

    Crawford also obviously isn’t a lead off hitter, lol.

    I think those 197 wins this year are definitely in reach lol

  16. jerry says:

    crawford got on base just about every time.

  17. the truth hurts says:

    Crawford did make an extremely boneheaded play in the bottom of the 1st. The stolen base attempt KILLED a potentially big inning. Hell, 1 run would have been a “big” inning against Cain. It was like a body blow all the way up until Kershaw did what he did.

    But, who cares now!

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s just one game, but the critics are already out in force.

    Quite frankly, all I want Matt Kemp to do is try to hit the ball up the middle, but only because that’s what he does best. Most of his HRs are to center and right center. But the last thing I want him doing is trying to move runners along. Kemp is in the lineup to contribute to the Dodgers putting up crooked numbers. He’s not Mark Ellis, Marco Scutaro, or anything like those players. His job is to drive in runs. If he moves a runner over and helps the Dodgers score a run, that’s nice. But really, where possible I want Kemp to help put games out of reach.

    And I’ll take Cano and Headley. That would mean less close games, and less need to just move a runner over. This is not a team that needs to play for one run at a time.

    And let’s get real and stop congratulating the Giants for being such a sound fundamental baseball team. Had Matt Kemp not gotten hurt last year, the Dodgers would have won the division, not the Giants. The Giants may have not even won the wildcard, because they likely would have lost several more games against a Dodgers team with a healthy Matt Kemp. Don’t think losing Kemp could make such a big difference. Just go back to 2011 when the Giants lost Posey. What did they do? Anyone actually think that Marco Scutaro is going to hit .362 again for the Giants?

    And Mark is right about Hanley. I don’t know that he’s going to have a bigger year than Kemp, but I’d rather have him in the lineup than the fundamentally sound, light hitting Justin Sellers.

    The run that Crawford scored was a direct result of his speed. Not everyone would have scored on that play.

    Fundamentals are important, and I don’t minimize the value of having a fundamentally sound team. But having players that can drive in multiple runs with a single swing of the bat is also important. Put that together with strong pitching, and the Dodgers will win lots of games.

    Quas put it perfectly. “Will the above please enjoy a good meal of crow?”

    Fundamentals are important, but so is bashing the opponents brains in.

    To my knowledge the signing of Vernon Wells added $13 million to the Yankees payroll, divided by 2 years (the Angels ate the rest of his contract). That’s $6.5 million in each of this year and next. I don’t think that gives the Yankees the highest payroll. But I stand to be corrected.

    And I’m not embarrassed by the Dodgers spending money. They have it, and have made a conscious decision to invest it in their product in order to generate MORE money. They’re in business to make money, and have decided that the best way to do it is to spend now, and on a parallel path build a farm system that will make them less dependent on expensive free agents in the future. That doesn’t mean they won’t sign such players, but it probably won’t be a nearly as necessary as it is now, given the neglect that we witnessed during the parsimonious McCourt era. And by the way, in addition to the TV deal, the best indication that the Dodgers are getting a good return on their investment is the record 31,000 season tickets they sold.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    That was a boneheaded play by Crawford in the first inning. A bit too aggressive considering that Cain was struggling, and was behind to Gonzalez 2-0 with Ethier on deck. I’m sure he was talked to about that, and I’m sure he knows that he made a mistake. Yet despite the mistake, he continued to play well, and played an important role in the final victory. Those insurance runs after Kershaw’s HR were important. You never know what might have happened if the score remained 1-0.

  20. the truth hurts says:

    Brooklyn, agreed, a Kemp shot to center/right center will be a huge sigh of relief. The one where he looks at the ball fly off his bat and you know it’s gone!

    Maybe we get one tomorrow.

    Maybe the bases will be loaded too!

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Kemp got off to a fast start last year, including with his power. But if memory serves, prior to last year I believe that his power during most seasons didn’t start to seriously show up until about June. I’m sure someone could look it up and let me know if I’m right or wrong. Also, I recall reading that when Adrian Gonzalez had the same surgery that Kemp had after the 2010 season, his hitting was OK, but his power didn’t begin to return until about a month into the season in 2011. So maybe Kemp’s power numbers will be off for a while, and pick up in May or June. I’m OK with that as long as he’s hitting consistently, including extra base hits, if not HRs. That said, he’ll probably blast a couple out tomorrow.

  22. Ron Fairly fan says:

    I would rather see Crawford make a mistake being aggressive than passive. From the replay it looked like the Panda made a pretty good play to make the catch and tag. I’m guessing he was a little over amped trying to do too much on opening day. That being said I do wish he would have done it with a right handed batter at the plate.

    We do need to play better fundamental baseball, but Posey would have done the same thing Kemp did try to get the runner home. This is not the 6 Dodgers that

  23. Ron Fairly fan says:

    This is not the 63 Dodgers that needed Wills to get on, steal second have Gilliam bunt him over to third and Tommy Davis drive in Wills. This team will string hits together and put crooked numbers on the board.

  24. Quasimodo says:

    About the NL. Ain’t it a beautiful thing where the pitcher, with 0 outs, comes to the plate? Where a great Don Drysdale can show the ability he’s a 300 hitter? Where there’s 9 players on a kids team and there’s a ML that holds to that tradition? AL fans don’t get the kind of reward we got today.

  25. Win for Vin says:

    I admit winning cures all. But I’m not embarrassed to be a Dodger fan. Win or lose, I’ll still drive my truck with my LA logo on my window all over this friggin Giants town…and this is Central California! Ten years ago…there were no Giants fans around, or THEY were too embarrassed to show it. Now three years later, they’re coming out of the wood work. I’m all for spending the money, heck spend more. Even though the Yankees look pretty crappy this year, California is still FULL of Yankee fans. McCourt WAS an embarrassment, he was just greedy. But, the “guggenbucks”…at least they care. I was stoked to watch all the pregame activities today. I haven’t been this happy to be a Dodger fan in many years. Yes, all the prognoticators like the Reds, Nats, Giants…even D-Backs. Good! Put it on the damn bulletin board in the clubhouse. Win or lose this year, I’m stoked. I love the new excitement around the team. If a friggin Giants fan says to me that the Dodgers can’t “buy chemistry” (a la Brandon Belt…my newest hated Giant) I’ll just smile and ask him why he’s so worried about the Dodgers then. I don’t know if anyone reads the LA Times, but there’s been this bum who calls himself “1900 Yesterday” or something…anyway, he’s always ranting about how the Giants are better. Finally, Dodger fans began asking him if he thinks the Dodgers are so lousy, why in the hell is he so worried about them…. Hell, even Vin was chanting on about how things are looking up. Koufax wouldn’t have come back a few years ago. Sure, I have some changesin mind that I’d like to see too…I want Puig! But, I’m just feeling the vibe. So, if you’re a Dodger fan in CA, IN, AZ or wherever…wear your gear.
    p.s. Kersh is a stud!

  26. Badger says:

    I was embarrassed when Fux owned the Dodgers and I was embarrassed by the McCourt ownership, but I am not at all embarrassed by what is happening how. It’s just good business. The Dodgers will make money even with a 200 million payroll. Attendance 53, 000. I imagine they will draw 150,00 for this series. Spend the money wisely please.

    Good game to start. Yeah, the Dodgers don’t play very good fundamental baseball, and that has been true for a while. Don’t know if it’s Mattingly, but Bochy Ball is played old school. Those guys are never out of position, back up bases, hit relays, bunt, hit the opposite way… it is fun to watch when it’s done properly.

    This team will hit better when and if Ramirez comes back strong. Sellers is a hole in the lineup, and Ellis in the two hole will be average. Kemp, Ethier and Ellis left 12 on base today. I don’t think that will happen often this year. We hit .233 as a team this afternoon, but won because of pitching. I think that might happen a lot this year.

    The team is a good one. As it exists today, I don’t believe it’s a great one.

  27. Pete M. says:

    It was agreat day period…
    Beautiful weather…
    The grand old dame that is Chavez Ravine looked great…
    Magic being pulled by Donnie for the LH Sandy Koufax was EPIC…
    And there was Vinny and his mantra “it’s time to play Dodger baseball”… As usual gave me goose bumps…
    Kershaw, what can you say???
    Cruz’s plays at 3B maybe overlooked a bit…
    Ellis’s bunt, text book!!!
    Embarrased??? I’m not going to go there at all!!!

  28. Badger says:

    I think this is yet another case of Mark trying to stimulate conversation by saying something ludicrous. He has a history of doing that.

  29. Quasimodo says:

    You knew that before you clicked to read on. But there’s some truth in it. I can’t claim I’m happier with purchasing superstars than ones brought though the farm system via scouts savvy enough to build a worthy team. I’m certain the new owners feel the same and are taking all the steps to insure we’ll see more Dodgers earning their ups from a Dodgers farm system. They’re smart enough to know the path they’ve taken is also the shortest one to get there.

  30. SpokaneBob says:

    What a great way to start the season.

    I never hated the Yankees for their spending and I am glad that we are now capable of doing it in the short term. Management has a solid plan in place and they are working it.

    It is going to be a fun year!

  31. Quasimodo says:

    And Badger, I have you to thank for making me attempt to use both hands to type as its been very good therapy for me fallowing a stroke having a limit of use of all things on the left side of this old body. It is important and I’ve made great progress with simple tasks of things like the use of cap letters where they belong.

  32. Bobby says:

    Really looking forward to seeing how Ryu does in a real game vs. the champs and a stud in Bumgarner.

    Well, I’m looking forward to checking gamecast thru my phone, as I’ll be at Shaq’s jersey retirement game at Staples Ctr, but still..

    Also, in case any of you missed it, here’s the video link for the great 7 min opening day pregame ceremony:

  33. HemmorhoidRage says:

    God Bless you Quas as you work thru your physical issues. The last several years have given me a whole new appreciation of the many people that really have to struggle each day. You have a great attitude and it shines thru to me. Actually it doesn’t just shine thru it truly inspires me. Good luck and fight on, brother!

    Badger, with Mark it is actually hard to tell where he is coming from, he changes and shifts like the wind on many many topics. So is he provocative or just all over the board and not sure what he actually believes. However, since he retired and closed the site, it sure has gotten more interesting, active and enjoyable. lol

  34. jerry says:

    i worry about beckett for tomorrow game..last two outing is about 15 runs.

  35. Bobbie17 says:

    I love it that Paco and Sellers made the roster. Finally some farm system youth. I hope they stick. Those decisions show me that this management is willing to go with youth, even if it is untested at this level. Next, Puig.

  36. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Justin Sellers is part of the Dodgers’ youth??????? Wasn’t even originally signed by the Dodgers. Signed by Oakland in 2005, traded to the Cubs in 2009, and then traded by the Cubs to the Dodgers, also in 2009. If compared to an old guy like me, he’s young. In baseball he’s middle aged at 27.

    Maybe Paco Rodriguez will stay, maybe not. Could depend on Elbert and other factors.

    Puig?????? I think the kid has vast potential, but who is he going to replace in the lineup, barring an injury or trade? Kemp? Ethier? Crawford? Not likely to replace a healthy productive Kemp, not likely to replace a healthy productive Ethier, and not likely to replace Carl Crawford if he continues to produce like yesterday. To make it back to the Dodgers this season Puig will have to put up humongous numbers in the minors, and then have a spot opened up to him by a trade or injury.

    And this management is committed to youth, and they’re making every effort to repair the damage done over the years by the true embarrassment that haunted the Dodgers for a decade, i.e., Frank McCourt. We’ll begin to see some of those players over the coming years. But I wouldn’t expect a deluge just yet, although I believe the Dodgers will commit to younger players whenever it’s warranted.

  37. Quasimodo says:

    I can see see Puig as an active RH OF bench. He seems developed to the point of where it may help him as well as the team. Sellers I think is likely lose his spot at the return of Hanley. Harang traded along with Uribe I see on the menu also. If these things were to happen, who’d really be surprised?

  38. the truth hurts says:

    No Crawford tonight.

    But we have RYU tonight!

  39. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Quas, I agree about Hanley (was thinking about it above, but forgot to include it in my post–old age strikes again), and also that there will be moves. At this time we don’t know what those moves will be, but they’re likely coming. Maybe some soon, maybe some later. I just don’t see the Dodgers bringing up Puig unless they plan to give him regular work. As talented as he is, there are parts of his game that need tightening. I also think that after rushing Gordon last year, the Dodgers might be more than a little reticent to push Puig too fast.

    Yesterday was only one game, and I never make judgments on such a small sample size. But Luis Cruz looked a little shaky at the plate to me (but solid defensively), still showing very little plate discipline. Maybe it’s just one game, and he’ll get 4 hits tonight. But he’s a player a lot of us have both hope for and reservations about. If things don’t work out, the Dodgers could be in the market for a third baseman, unless at some point they’re willing to move Hanley over to 3B and return Gordon to short.

    But Hanley won’t be back until at least mid-May, and probably won’t be effective until at least sometime in mid-June. Maybe not even then (thumb injuries can be problematical). And we don’t know how long the Dodgers prefer Gordon to stay in the minors, and whether or not he will improve and mature enough to warrant a return. Nothing really written in stone, so it should be interesting. At least this so-called embarrassing ownership has the resources to acquire top-notch talent should it become available.

    • Quasimodo says:

      I agree with all you’ve said. But I can also imagine that Puig as more of a rotating 4th OF than of bench Dodgers might fit if Dodgers give him some play everyday. Yes, its an imagination driven thought and pieces would have fit. I sure wouldn’t want our 3 outfielders disgruntled but somewhere this situation had to of been a topic. At least I would think-or imagine.

  40. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Speaking of Luiz Cruz’s lack of plate discipline, this from True Blue LA.

    “Luis Cruz was intentionally walked in the eighth inning on Monday, ending a streak of 123 plate appearances without a base on balls. Cruz last walked on Aug. 29, 2012, and went his final 31 games of last season without a free pass.”

  41. KEN says:

    Crawford should know better than to try and steal without a proper lead.

    Glad to hear that Kershaw is negotiating a long term contract. Presumably this means that he has passed a physical and is now healthy and therefore insurable. Wonder whether or not the Crazy Guggenehims are insuring him through one of their insurance companies or through an LAD owned captive insurance company with reinsurance through Guggenhiem Insurance?

    2 LAD players HBP last night. What should we expect from Ryu tonight?

    Cruz actually walked last night! But waaay too many popups.

    RISP 1-11 last night and still scored 4 runs!

    You would think that Rodriquez is on the roster because LAD did not want to lose Gregg on the waiver wire when Bills came back but Gregg is not currently on the ALBA roster. And Guerra is listed as a starting pitcher. hum

  42. Bball says:

    Where’s all the posts tonight I need something new to read.

  43. Bball says:

    Ryu sure getting good D behind him tonight. Not to impressive but he’s throwing up zeros so not much to complain about

  44. Bball says:

    Luck ran out

  45. the truth hurts says:

    Ryu looks terrible…….score should be 10-0 Giants right now…


  46. Rob says:

    Cruz had the right approach with his second at bat. Bum is throwing first pitch strikes and you can’t wait until you are 0-2.

  47. Rob says:

    Ryu looked good in the 6th, using all of his pitches and keeping the ball down finally.

  48. Rob says:

    I guess Ryu can’t run

  49. Rob says:

    Ok I am ready for Punto to play SS. Having sellers in the 8th hole is a guaranteed two outs with Ryu hitting.

  50. the truth hurts says:

    The Justin Sellers experiment is officially over.

  51. Rob says:

    Donnie’s defensive plan with sellers has just exploded. Two errors and the last one was huge!

  52. Jason says:

    Where is the offense?

  53. Rob says:

    Bum is just pitching a great game with great defensive plays by the panda. Really missing Hanley right now.

  54. Jason says:

    Didn’t Jansen used to throw mid to upper 90′s?

  55. Quasimodo says:

    Yeah, Sellers doubling his error count in one game after years of work has value deflating. Sad thing. That’s the way it is and who can’t relate? Ryu doesn’t really look that terrible, this is his 1st ML appearance after all. Pitchers have made it a pattern to get ahead on the 1st pitch against us. And offense is down at AA.

  56. Badger says:

    I may have been wrong about Sellers. .250 may be out of his reach. A few more games like these two and the team will make a move.

    When the middle of this order goes 0fer, we’re done. Hairston, Ellis at the top, and Sellers, pitcher at the bottom is a lot of outs.

    0 for 2 WRISP? Man, that sucks. So that’s like 1 for 13 to start the year.

    Hyu 1 earned in 6 1/3 is not bad at all.

    A bad night following a good night. It’s going to happen.

  57. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Ryu seemed to get better as the game went along. Seemed as if his off speed stuff got better and better. All in all a nice job. Just needed a little help from his offense.

    Badger, how did you ever think that Sellers could hit .250? Came into this season with a .204 lifetime average, which includes parts of 2011 and 2012 with the Dodgers. Lifetime .268 minor league hitter, with some of that time spent in hitter friendly ALBQ. This is a game where Hanley could conceivably have made a difference, and maybe not. I expect Crawford, Kemp, Gonzalez and Ethier to hit. Ellis and Ellis should be OK, but Sellers won’t hit, and even though it’s only two games, my suspicions (and of many others) regarding Cruz are being realized.

    However, I don’t think this is a time to panic. Tonight was only one game, and Bumgarner is a very good pitcher, capable of shutting down good lineups.

  58. Quasimodo says:

    If every damn batter we have is going to give every damn 1st pitch an automatic strike, then bunting will have to be considered. It was like Bum only needed 2 strikes.

  59. Rob says:

    The scoring will be in bunches for both teams tomorrow

  60. Badger says:

    “Badger, how did you ever think that Sellers could hit .250?”

    Well Brooklyn, it’s like this…. I thought hitting 8th in this lineup he would get a lot of strikes, and I was hoping getting a shot as a starter he would work hard at finding the center of the ball with the center of his bat and maybe, perhaps, for a few weeks he could…. get lucky. And, it could still happen. Like Crash said regarding the difference between a .250 hitter and .300 hitter, “if you get just one extra flare a week – just one – a gorp… you get a groundball, you get a groundball with eyes… you get a dying quail, just one more dying quail a week – you’re in Yankee Stadium.” The same difference exists between a .200 hitter and a .250 hitter.

    I think Rob may be right. Today’s game will be much different.

    Who is going to point out the similarities between Bumgarner and Kershaw? Guess it will be me. At age 23 he has 542 innings of a 1.177 WHIP. Very Kershaw like, wouldn’t you say?

    Mike asks a good question…. “why Justin Sellers?”. Well, seemed like a good idea at the time. Who would notice his outs with Crawford, Kemp, Gonzo and Ethier blasting away?

    With him looking suspect in the field, everyone, that’s who.

  61. Quasimodo says:

    I just learned that Bumgarner threw slightly higher than 75% for strikes last night. Dodgers approach at him should of much different.

  62. Quasimodo says:

    Please insert ‘been’ between ‘of’ and ‘much’

  63. Badger says:

    He is 6’5″ with a sidewinder kind of delivery. Hard to pick up the ball on guys like that. My approach was always look for the ball over the plate and try to hit it right back to the pitcher. You never do, but, often you can square it up doing that. It amazes me to see guys in the bigs trying to pull everything. All you do is roll over on the ball and hit weak grounders. I see them all working on taking it the other way in batting practice, then in the games?……. oh well.

    Bumgarner is going to be very successful in this league. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him match Kershaw in IP, WHIP and wins.

  64. SpokaneBob says:

    Conclusions from last nights game…….

    Ryu might slot better lower in the rotation so he is not matched aginst the other teams number 2 guy. But he might be able to rise to this position as he get more starts. And that means Greinke will be matched up aginst the other teams number 4 or 5 starter.

    The gints got alot of hits last night but it was not like they were scalding the ball. seemed like alot of dinkers and soft liners.

    Tonights game is all that more important because of the loss. We need to win the series at home. I would like to see our offense be productive.

  65. the truth hurts says:

    Tonight is about hitting and scoring runs. This team needs to show they are capable of scoring runs. If Beckett can give us a solid start (1-2-3 ER), will we lose again because Kemp is no longer elite and Agone is declining rapidly? Both very scary thoughts. Kershaw can score a run, why can’t anyone else?

    This lineup gives me as much confidence as a wet fart.

    This is not thoughts from Day 2 of the season. This has been carried over from the second half of last season. Somebody do SOMETHING!

  66. Badger says:

    This lineup will miss Ramirez. I don’t see any way around that. And if Crawford is going to sit against the good lefthanders in this league, he is going to be on the bench a lot this year.

    The middle of this order needs to carry the load here.

    Schumaker and Uribe tonight. Oh goodie.

  67. Quasimodo says:

    Skip actually hits fairly well against the freak.

  68. Rob says:

    Why not Punto instead of uribe. I remember seeing a few high light reel plays by Punto over the spring but I guess that doesn’t matter. Puntos bat look good during the WBC and is much better then booribes bat.

  69. Bball says:

    Uribe has 2 hits tonight. Mark it down.

  70. Badger says:

    I think I could hit Beckett tonight.

    Big chance blown in the second. So far, not very impressed with Schumaker.

  71. Steve says:

    New approach to batting? NOT

  72. Bball says:

    I wonder what the combined weight of both third basemen is. Gotta be a record

  73. Badger says:

    Lincecum not sharp, but the Dodgers so far not taking advantage.

    Uribe still not getting cheated. As hard as he swings, if he ever does connect he could give it a ride.

  74. Badger says:

    Kemp, Ethier, Cruz and Gonzalez are hitting a combined .343 for the year.

    I think that has a chance to get better.

  75. Rob says:

    When you lead off with a double it is a must to get that runner over but Cruz and uribe are swinging for the fences and then popping up.

  76. Bball says:

    Cruz experiment is running thin too

  77. Badger says:

    In this series we got out pitched. We had Kershaw and that was it. The rest of the team looked doped.

    This does not look like a very good defensive team.

    Terrible series WRISP

    Our bench still sucks.

    I say again, if the middle of our order does not hit, we have no chance – unless Kershaw is pitching.

    Just the start, but not very impressive.

  78. jerry says:

    how is all that money doing now.

  79. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Hanley is definitely missed. I think with Kemp it’s just a matter of time. It’s early, so nothing is definitive. But Cruz is definitely not inspiring confidence that his performance last year wasn’t a mirage. Right now the left side of the infield is a disaster area. I’ve seen enough of Uribe to convince me that he isn’t long for this team.

    Oh well, as they say, it’s a long season. Who knows, a week from now we may all be singing the praises of the Dodgers.

  80. Rob says:

    Kemp is 0 for alot and his double play with the bases loaded really summed his series up. I keep wishing for Punto to play because he can hit from both sides of the plate. They really let Timmy off the hook with seven walks and no clutch hits or even just small ball.

  81. voldomer says:

    Yes, it is still very early, just one series in against an excellent team.

    That said, Mattingly isn’t long for his job if this doesn’t turn around quickly. This team has no life and makes one wonder what in the world they worked on during spring training. Crawford looks great and Ethier and the Ellises have had some success, but the others seem to be sleep-walking offensively. I think Cruz will come around, and he has been great defensively. Others seem to be in a fog.

    Barring a quick turnaround, I could imagine a managerial change by the end of the month. But who is available? The only feasible candidate who comes to mind immediately is Tony La Russa. He would command attention as soon as he walked into the clubhouse.

  82. Badger says:

    “It’s early so nothing is definitive” Brooklyn.

    I agree with that. One series does not a season make. Kemp will come around and when he does, the rest of the team might start being successful with their respective roles.

    I still look at these lineups Mattingly is throwing out there and wonder. Three games and three different lineups. Who are the starters on this team? He knows he has to plug in bench players every night. That can’t bring a lot of confidence to him either.

    This team will figure it out.


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