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Clayton Kershaw: $300 Million Dollar Man?

  •  Clayton Kershaw has won two-thirds of the Dodgers games this year.  A $200 million /8 year deal probably won’t get it done.  Clayton is looking at getting a 10 year/$250-$300 mil deal.  I am certain someone will give him that.  The Dodgers might as well pony up.  I predict at least $250 mil/10 years… maybe $300 mil.  If any pitcher is worth it, it’s Clayton!
  • When I saw that Ramon Hernandez was put on waivers a few days ago, I wondered if the Dodgers would sign him and send Fed-Ex back to AAA to play everyday.  No matter how you look at it, the Dodgers gave Aaron Harang away when they paid $4.25 mil of his salary and took on Hermandez’ salary.  It was just a way of clearing a roster spot.  Hernandez is old and wise, and may have a little left in the tank.  If he doesn’t, he will be waived and Fed-Ex recalled.  I’m sure this was the best Ned could do – No one was going to give the Dodgers anything for their pitching surplus.  It’s a good risk:  Release Harang and get nothing or maybe, maybe, get a key role player who may still have some pop left (maybe Big Mac can help him compensate).  If he can’t play then Fed-Ex is back.
  • After two games Puig remains hot and Joc Pederson is cold.   Normally, I wouldn’t worry, but Pederson has been pretty sorry for a while, and hasn’t had a hit since the Beatles.  This is a continuing pattern, it seems.
  • Albuquerque is averaging over 9 runs a game – I’m not sure if they have any future major league stars, but they are filled with AAAA hitters.  They should put up some big numbers.
  • It’s only five games.  The hitters will hit.  Kemp will break out in a big way soon.
  • Carl Crawford is awesome and is visibly slimmer.  Much slimmer.  He doesn’t even look like the same guy in the face. Was he fat or did he just bulk up too much?  Whatever.  He is a speedster and now has the body of one.  He’s using the whole field and while he may not have had good stats as a leadoff hitter in the past, I think he is embracing his role.  It looks like he is headed for a career year!  I love to eat crow!!!
  • The Dodgers really, really miss Hanley Ramirez!  He will come back mid-May at SS… unless the Dodgers could trade Ethier to the Rangers for Jurickson Profar…  I like that idea a lot!  Throw in Capuano and $30 million if needed.  Throw in more prospects…  (Gordon).  If we have to take Kinsler, so be it!

Dig this:

  1. Crawford  LF
  2. Ellis  2B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Ramirez  3B
  6. Puig  RF
  7. Ellis  C
  8. Profar  SS


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89 Responses to “Clayton Kershaw: $300 Million Dollar Man?”

  1. Idahoal says:

    Kershaw looks awesome. Two shut outs in his first two games. Grienke also looked very good. I do not like your trade. Either has hit left handed pitchers so far. Do not know how long it will last. He looks comfortable against left handers. The problem is at shortstop and 3rd base right now. Neither one is hitting. It is early, but something has to happen pretty soon.

  2. Badger says:

    Back to the fat Crawford talk I see. When does we let that go? Crawford has been a work-out warrior for some time now. If you did some research on the guy, you would know that. He was injured last year and I suspect that is why he wasn’t working out like he has his whole career.

    I don’t see anyone giving a hard throwing pitcher $300 million unless there is a serious insurance policy on it. oh…. wait…….

    The Harang deal is just another example of Jed at work. We have seen this before, and we will likely see it again.

    Brooklyn on the last post had it right. Kemp is thinking too much and trying to yank the ball. He knows better. And when you know better, you should do better. McGwire had better start getting these guys turned around or he may be looking for work elsewhere.

    Ethier, Capuano and $30 million for a prospect? An All Star Gold Glove winner, a #4 big league starter and $30 million for a guy who has 51 at bats in the big leagues. Yeah, that should do it. And, it sounds like something Jed would do.

  3. Bball says:

    Why is there no talk of bringing up Gordon.

  4. Bobbie17 says:

    Henrandez is a better catcher/hitter than KFed, even now at this age. A good move. Don’t be surprised if he is the regular catcher before the season is over…injuries, etc. By the way, there is nothing wrong with throwing shutouts every day. Maybe this will be a pitching team, after all. Bring back the ’60′s!!!!

  5. jerry says:

    i wish you guys would quit talking about trading either..he is doing a lot better then most on the team..and kemp might of been just a one yr hero..crawford is slaping the ball..and getting on base ..mybe some of the others should try doing that ..just punch the ball..

  6. Quasimodo says:

    I think it’s likely Kershaw will accept the $200 million deal (feeds a lot of orphans) and even he realizes the job isn’t life threatening. Then again his agent has got to see him as a ticket to easy-street. I’m not getting into all the trade talk. Its only certain we’re to see more surprises and too early call it right. As painful as its been with hitting, I’m still excited as a fan of this team. The pitching is here and the run support is SURE to come.

  7. Idahoal says:

    I agree with Badger on the Harang deal. We should of gotten a prospect out of the deal and not another backup catcher, which we already have. We should of released Harang. We got nothing out of the deal anyway. Another great trade by Ned. Before I did not blame him because Ned did not have any money to work with. Now he has money and he is still the same general manager.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually the Dodgers did get something out of the Harang deal. If TBLA was correct, the Dodgers saved about $2 million. And they got a reasonably good backup catcher. Let’s get real. The Dodgers weren’t going to get a whole lot for Harang. And it didn’t help that Harang didn’t pitch well in ST.

    If Profar is as good as his reviews, he’d go a long way towards solving the Dodgers left side of the infield problem. If it’s possible, it should be considered. A lot will depend on Puig, who though hitting .429 (3 for 7), has also struck in about 43% of those at bats (3 strikeouts). Maybe a larger deal that brings over Mike Olt, with the possibility of Profar moving over to 2nd base when Hanley returns (and maybe Puig going to the Rangers instead of Ethier). And I could go on and on and on. The possibilities are endless, i.e., if the Rangers would even listen.

    $250-300 million for Kershaw over 10 years. Maybe. I’ll let the Dodgers and Kershaw’s agent figure that one out. Prices have been going up lately. But that won’t continue forever. There’s a lot of media money in baseball, not just from regional networks, but also from MLB. I’m sure it’s not an endless stream of money, but I also don’t have a clue where it might end.

  9. Jae says:



    Maybe Ned said “Hey, I have too much job security – I’ll just take a whole lot less for Aaron so that I can place my job in jeopardy.”

    The Dodgers and every other club have lots of people working these angles all the time. Ned got all he could. Believe that!

  10. Quasimodo says:

    Geez, Jae. Nobody’s been ganging up on Ned to the point needing to be yelled at. I think you’ve been reading other posts at other sites and put the guys here in with that group. All anybody here has expressed is they feel more could of been gotten for Harang, and not unreasonably so.

  11. Bobby says:

    I love Mark’s trade ideas where the Dodgers bend over to get 1 rookie.

    Perhaps his idea isn’t enough; perhaps we also throw in Puig, Zack Lee, Dwight Howard, and Anze Kopitar while getting Jurickson Profar and a burger from Whataburger.

    Then we give Kershaw 15 years, 450million.

  12. Gonzo says:

    So if Kershaw loses two straight the Dodgers will offer less? Lets look at the body of work this kid has…which is awesome. But to jump from 200 for 10 to 250-300 for two games this year is a stretch. Since Kershaw is a level headed kid. I see him giving the Dodgers a hometown “discount” and will sign for 200 + or – 10 mil. It would be fitting that the Dodgers have the first 200 million dollar pitcher since they had the 1st 100 mil one too. I just hope for better results.

    Maybe Ramon H was aquired because there is another trade in the works and TFed may be included, I don’t know.

    Puig in a deal for Profar? Not even Ned is that insane. The only deal in which Puig goes involves one Giancarlo Stanton.

  13. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I’ve been talking about it, read my past posts.

  14. Badger says:

    Take a pill Jae. Harang is a proven starting pitcher in the Major Leagues and we got a 37 year old back- up catcher. I dare anyone to trade that catcher for 180 innings if sub 4 ERA. There should be a prospect in there and no cash.

    Advantage Colorado.

  15. HemmorhoidRage says:

    That was actually in reply to someone wondering why no one is talking about bringing Dee up to play SS.

    You hit “reply” and it usually doesn’t insert it as a reply. The pains of having a closed down website I guess.

    Ethier is actually one of the few guys producing. Cruz is killin me, dang he better break out soon or he is going to be packing. BTW, Cruz is a very good fielder and must get the ball out of his glove faster than anyone else playing 3B in baseball. Sellers is Sellers at the bat.

  16. Quasimodo says:

    It appears there must be something hidden aside from just the removal of a disgruntled pitcher that we may see soon. My living room TV and kitchen computer puts me far outside the ‘in the know’. And Dodgers live is now on.

  17. Badger says:

    It could be as simple as Harang said “I want out of here now!” and Jed said ok, we’ll send you to the worst pitchers park in the league and pound you the next time we see you. If Harang leaves I am betting its for somebody better than a fading old catcher.

    Speaking of back up catchers, I see FedX is playing today, which means we have our third string backstop in the lineup. We also got Hairston, Uribe and Sellers. Tough draw Ryu. I recommend 8 innings of shut out ball.

  18. Michael says:

    I opined here a couple weeks ago that we wouldn’t get squat.

    Sure the Rox got a starter on the cheap, one mans trash is another mans treasure, but we received a back-up receiver who can send Fed-ex to where he belongs. As I said in the winter here, we need to play FedEx everyday in the minors, you don’t develop sitting on the bench. Also saved 2 mil[chump change, for some], more than I could of imagined. Not fair value but when the buyer knows you are liquidating, you’re going to get the short end of the stick.

    Lets put up some crooked numbers today, a day game may be just what the doctor ordered for some big-flys from the big guys.

  19. the truth hurts says:

    oh wow, we are forced to score now…..scary stuff

  20. Mark_Timmons says:


    I have to say that what you just said is pretty stupid. No, “really stupid,” is a better assessment.

    The Rookie in question is the #1 Prospect on all of baseball and Capuano is surplus whom the Dodgers haven’t been able to trade all spring. Ethier is an overpaid RF who has Puig waiting in the wings.

    So, if you want to make sarcastic statements make sure you have your facts straight while you pull your head out of your rear-end.

    Be careful whose toes you step on today because they might be connected to the foot that kicks your ass tomorrow

  21. Mark_Timmons says:

    The Rockies say that Harang will be traded. Michael is right – the Dodgers couldn’t get squat for him. Maybe the Rocks will fare better, but other GM’s want to screw the Dodgers. They all think they can pull what the Red Sox did.

  22. Quasimodo says:

    I’m really starting to become a Sellers fan!

  23. Mark_Timmons says:

    If he keeps that up all year, I could too, but he\’s only hitting .063. Uh oh!

  24. Bball says:

    Cain gives up 9 earned runs. Ouch. Me likes

  25. Badger says:

    I like it when Cain isn’t able.

    So what you are saying Mark is that since everyone now hates the Dodgers, Jed will never be able to make a good deal. hmmm. I wonder why that wasn’t the case with either Cashman, Epstein or Amaro?

    Sellers. Blind squirrel. It can happen. .063 is 63 points better than it was this morning.

    Who knows, maybe the answer is Punto. What was the question?

    Ethier is overpaid. But then, he is also an everyday right fielder in the Major Leagues who hits and fields pretty damn well. Many players are overpaid. Not that many players have a career .838 OPS.Jurickson Profar sure doesn’t. And that .838 OPS would go UP in Texas. Profar is the top prospect in all of baseball. He is also blocked by a better shortstop on his own team. Doesn’t that put the Texas GM in the same position that Jed is currently in?

    I would trade Ethier a bad of dougnuts and some cash to Texas for Profar. If that wasn’t enough, tough sh*t. Go fish somewhere else.

  26. Mark_Timmons says:


    The Yankees never had this kind of deep pockets and other GM\’s resent it and will try and stick it to Ned. Agents will try and fleece the Dodgers too. It\’s a hazard of being super rich.

    Capuano is a bag of Donuts, but I would include Gordon and Pederson (if necessary) to get someone who could be an All-Star SS.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Some signs of life today. Agon is starting to hit, and Kemp even managed a double and a long fly that he really just missed. Slowly, ever so slowly, maybe the offense is beginning to show signs of life. Still an issue, however, with the left side of the infield. Sellers’ HR today should be no surprise. He’s shown some pop in the past. Just doesn’t do it very often. I would have preferred that he broke that HR into 4 singles. Like Badger said, “Blind squirrel.”

    Maybe Punto is the answer, at least until something better can be found. I much prefer Punto over Sellers and Uribe (actually I prefer anyone over Uribe). I might even prefer him over Cruz, but unless that something better is found, I guess Cruz deserves at least a little more playing time to redeem himself. Either it’s just a slow start that can happen to anyone, or he’s reverting to the pre-Dodgers Luis Cruz. Hope it’s the former, but suspect it’s the latter.

  28. Beckett_rockett says:

    At the Harang trade, the dodgers saved some money (approximately 2 mil). that was the second best plan.

  29. Michael says:

    On the bright side, we have a 1.00 ERA and the Battery chuckers just got swept at home on their season opening series.


  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I doubt if other teams resent the Dodgers. There’s more money in baseball than ever before, and if this all doesn’t fall apart down the road, we will be seeing other teams cashing in with their own media deals. Fact is, everyone is currently profiting from a proliferation of media money. It’s coming from regional networks like the one the Dodgers just created, and also from MLB itself, which I believe is responsible for every team receiving an extra $25 million this year. Fact is, the more money the Dodgers bring home from their TV deal, the more money other teams see themselves taking home with similar deals currently in place or soon to be put in place. If anything, what the Dodgers have done is likely to become a template throughout the game.

    Yes, the Yankees never had these kind of deep pockets, but like everything, it’s relative. Everyone’s pockets are deeper. And I’m sure the smaller market teams are not unhappy to collect whatever revenue sharing dollars comes their way because the Dodgers will be paying the luxury tax this year, and in the foreseeable future.

    With some of the deals we saw this past winter, and since, it appears the agents are fleecing everyone. Also, Stan Kasten has a reputation for being a pretty smart guy. Not someone easily fleeced. Also the Dodgers are again investing in their farm system, and within the next few years we’re likely to see quality prospects coming out of the Dodgers system, and less of a need to rely on free agency. But yes, where necessary I’m sure the Dodgers will pay, and on occasion, pay too much.

  31. KEN says:

    Surprisingly Uribe looks just as good as Cruz.

  32. KEN says:

    Do the dodgers have anyone at 3B?

    Uribe .000
    Cruz .000

    Barden (32) .083 AAA
    Retherford (27) .182 AA
    Gonzalez (23-6th yr) .333 High A
    Franco (22) .000 Low A

  33. Badger says:

    I agree with everything Brooklyn just said. I don’t think other GM’s are jealous. I think fans are. In fact I know they are because I was one who for years (right here and on other boards) was saying, as McCheap was buying houses and using the team as his own personal ATM, the Dodgers should be the West Coast Yankees. Now they are and I feel much better about things. Yeah I know, it won’t guarantee Championships, but it does guarantee that the team can do what they feel necessary to improve the team. That much money on both coasts is a tide that raises all boats. What other GM’s will try to do is take advantage of Colletti, just like Boston believes they did. And for the record, I too am on Jed’s side, I am just waiting for that transaction where it looks like he got the best of the deal. So far, he looks like Richie Rich running around spending money. I hope it works. I know I like the players we got from Boston. I recognize they make a truck load of money, but they are only overpaid if we don’t make the play-offs.

    The Dodgers did not get much for Harang not because other teams are trying to screw them. If someone thought Harang would be helpful, it’s their job to get him. I still find it difficult to believe that he was only worth about 150 at bats from a declining catcher. He will help somebody this year. Same with Capuano. He is 190 innings of sub 4.0 as well. James has him at 194 of 3.9. You tell me what that is worth. A good GM, and an agent, would find a spot for a guy like that.

  34. Quasimodo says:

    While looking at the 6 divisions in both leagues there’s only one that I thought correctly would be on top-Braves. And actually its almost shocking to see who’s on the bottom.

  35. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, I think the Dodgers just wanted to get rid of Harang ASAP, to get the clubhouse air cleaner. Not that he stunk up the place — but players on a roster that are not playing — and think they should be — and see themselves being blocked — would rather move on.

    And the Dodgers do really need a better backup catcher right now than FedEx. He just is not a major league catcher and hitter presently.

    So these deep pockets that we keep talking about — just bit the bullet and moved on.

    Harang gone, new catcher to help — and get this team moving forward.

    • Badger says:

      I can accept that Roger. Like I said, what makes the most sense is Harang wanted out NOW. And, he got out. We traded a 35 year old pitcher who started 31 games for a 37 year old catcher that was in 52 games. Even steven, right? Afterall, Hernandez did hit .217 last year. Like Sandman said at Rumors – “Ned Colletti: Finding a way to trade pitchers with a 3.61 ERA for backup catchers since 1987!”

      I think good back-up catchers are pretty easy to find. We found this one and all it took was a Major League starting pitcher. We traded a 1.7 WAR for a -0.8 WAR. Good trade. Moving forward. Capuano is next. I saw Craig Counsel sitting in the stands in Milwaukee yesterday. I think he works for the Brewers. How about Capuano and 2 million for Counsel?

  36. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I hear the Rockies threw in a peanut vendor in order to clinch the deal. Thank God, I knew Ned wouldn’t just get an old catcher for a ST, geez you guys act like he is an idiot or something.

    You guys are racists for not accepting Cruz or Uribe as our 3B (that accusation seems to be readily accepted in other venues in America, thought I’d give it a shot).

  37. DRomo says:

    I think we should tone down the Cruz panic. He is off to a bad start but he looked pretty good in spring. After another week or two if he is struggling you guys can have your way with him.

    Punto is a nice once or twice a week player. Thats about it. By the way, what the hell is he doing breaking up a double play head first? Not smart on so many levels. He reminds me of the kid who plays in the dirt just for the sake of getting dirty. Let’s not confuse hustle for flopping around.

    The Ethier trade talk is coming. Like it or not. Puig needs to get his shot and it will be this year. Doing a little research I saw Kinsler’s contract is almost identical to Andre’s. 5 more years about the same annual salary. Texas has a similar problem as us. Their best prospect is stuck behind a recently extended MLBer. Profar will not be traded, he will slide in at another spot and most believe it will be 2B. They have asked Kinsler to play 1B (which he does not want to). The writing is on the wall. So here is my suggestion. Andre for Kinsler straight up. Not because Kinsler is a huge answer to any problems we will have but, we will need a 2B next season & there is no body waiting in the wings there, the money will be a wash, Kinsler can hit pretty well, he plays 2B at an all star level, & most importantly it adds 2 right handed bats to our lineup (Puig and Kinsler).
    I think the move makes sense for both clubs. Maybe we throw in Capuano for something else too as a sweetener. But the heart of the deal is Kinsler and Andre.

    I like the look of this lineup:

    • Bobby says:

      That’s not a bad trade, or a bad lineup. Although we now only have 2 left handed hitters.

      From what I know, we don’t have any impact 2b coming up anytime soon, unless you count a Gordon moving to 2b. A guy in that spot for the next 3-4 years wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. I think Kinsler hit 1 or 2 in Texas in front of Michael Young and the big bats, so he’s great at the top of the lineup. Any ideas on his defense?

  38. Quasimodo says:

    Is Ethier cheating on his wife with all your mothers, sisters, daughters, etc.? Maybe its because he can’t hit right handed pitching? How he seems to be seen as this teams weakling to many I find confusing. Ethier is a ‘Stud’! Someday he won’t be, but that day hasn’t arrived yet.

  39. Quasimodo says:

    I very well may be wrong as I’m looking ahead with wishful thoughts that Mattingly might be giving days off to outfielders with a mind to bring Puig in as 4th outfielder shortly. Yes its a hope driven thought and I know I’m nearly alone with my hopes. But there’s no reason 4 outfielders should be unable to all get good playtime in and all be stronger in the stretch of the season. And for me it also keeps ‘my hero’s’ on my team.

  40. Badger says:

    Good call Romey.

    Ethier for Kinsler. That solves our lead-off problem and we can move Puig right into Ethier’s slot and he will immediately take over with an .838 OPS. Ethier goes to Texas, hits 30 home runs, OPS’s at .900. Ellis goes to the bench, Uribe goes….. home…. and everybody is happy.

    Looks good on paper. Sounds good when I say it.

    Now let’s think it through and come up with the reasons it will never happen.

  41. Badger says:

    The Red Sox, Twins and Astros are all interested in trading for Aaron Harang, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports.

    Where were they two days ago?

    Guess they don’t like Jed and the Dodgers.

  42. jerry says:

    Quas ..i like you thinking on either..he is better then most.and to bring up PUIG AS A EXTRA out fielder would be great, late inning he can run for someone a steal a base.

  43. KEN says:

    Ned could have traded one of the extra starters in the off season but he decided not to. Now they are not worth much unless a good team has a starter with an injury. There sure does seem to be a lot of players on the DL througout MLB.

    Twins – 4/7 starter goes on the DL
    Red Sox – 4/6 Lackey injured

  44. DRomo says:


    I like Ethier a lot. I always have. However something has to give. Puig is not a 4th outfielder. Also the numbers Andre gives us I am sure Puig could (at least) plus stolen bases. It’s not a knock on Andre if we had a DH we’d use them all. But we don’t. Puig has the potential to be a game changer. He has to get his shot. It will come soon.
    We also will have a question at 2B next season. Kinsler is a lead off hitter w/ a little pop and steals bases. Crawford is a 2 hole hitter most of his career. It just makes sense to me.

    But like Badger says: it makes too much sense to actually happen.

    Lastly: stop the Dee Gordon talk. He has gone the way of Joe Thurston. Sorry guys. He is no longer in anyone’s plans. Late inning pinch runner maybe?

  45. Roger Dodger says:

    A year or so ago, I projected some wide idea in using 4 outfielders. Creating a model to start with, and then adjust as needed.

    3 outfielders all start, and get one day a week off for the 4th outfielder to play.

    So, the 4th outfielder gets 3 games a week.

    25 weeks . . . that is about 75 starts.

    Dodgers have the following AL team games this season — I see 20 games:

    Orioles – 3
    Angels – 2
    Angels – 2
    Yankees – 2
    Yankees – 2
    Blue Jays – 3
    Red Sox – 3
    Rays – 3

    That brings the total of 95 starts, as one of the 4 outfielders would be the DH.

    Then add a few starts for injuries here and there; and hot streaks, cold streaks and a 4th outfielder could have about 110 starts a season; plus pinch hitting.

    Plus, the off days of each, they would be the key BIG bat off the bench, and sometimes in the right/left hand late game situations for pinch-hitting changes.

    Key here: the 1 day a week off, would rest and pace everyone better, as the dog-days of summer roll around, and the Aug-Sept grind hits players these days.

    Personally, I like it. But not sure some players would accept it.

    • Bobby says:

      Everything you say makes perfect sense. This is a well thought out, well written idea.

      Having said that, it’ll never happen.

  46. DRomo says:

    So would they rotate positions? I don’ tget that part. I don’t want Andre playing CF and fr sure don’t need Crawford playing RF with his arm! Maybe I miss something here.

    That said Puig could play all 3 positions and is young. Maybe he plays 3-4 times a week and gives each guy a day off? Hmmm? Maybe we’re on to something…..let me call Donnie….

  47. Badger says:

    What Bobby just said.

    Ethier or Puig will eventually go somewhere because both are 155 game a year players. Your fourth outfielder is a guy who can play all positions a few times a year and hopefully offer some punch off the bench. The DH games just give a player here and there something of a day off.

    I will not stop my Dee Gordon talk. I like him and that’s just the way it is. He hit at all stops. He got thumbed last year. Painful injury, and one that can just stop you from hitting a baseball. If he is healthy he should be fine. He is off to a terrific start at Albu hitting .154 as we speak. But you never know, those type of injuries can linger for months. Hope we don’t see that with Ramirez. I believe it was his top hand that got injured.

  48. KEN says:

    LAD is doing fine, but with some extremes that should even out over the next month

    LF .391 3rd in MLB
    CF .100 27th
    RF .273 12th

    1B .400 2nd
    2B .381 2nd
    SS .050 30th
    3B .000 30th

    C .211 21st
    P .200 3rd

    Pitching ERA
    SP 1.32 1st
    RP 0.00 1st

  49. Quasimodo says:

    Seems our pitchers have a say in giving all our outfielders days off as far as outfield play goes. Roger comes to my rescue, him being so gifted with his way of words. That being a year ago projection of Rogers, ‘now’ is the time it couldn’t make more sense. When both corners have been given days off and Puig has played both corners, you have to ask yourself why? All those inter-league games were only the menu for less than a year.

  50. Badger says:

    Why is anyone getting days off already? They had Thursday off and now they have Monday off. We need our best 8 in there every day, at least for the first 25 games or so.

    Pitching. These Dodgers will remain competitive due to their pitching. If other changes are to be made, then the sooner the better. Having said that, I got a feeling nothing will happen until we know if Ramirez is on schedule.

  51. Bobby says:

    Javy Guerra went 4ip yesterday in AAA. Are we converting him into a starter?

    I thought he’d be a pretty solid middle guy/7th inning guy for a while. Oh well.

  52. jerry says:

    last yr. Donnie gave days off to the hitter that was should be the other way around..when your not hitting you get a day off.

  53. DRomo says:

    Bobby, I read they are stretching Guerra out for middle relief. There are no plans for him to start in LA

  54. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ll keep up the Cruz talk if he continues not to hit. He never hit until last year, so there is reason to be skeptical. However, it’s early, and I won’t bury him either. Maybe it’s normal slump and he’ll come out of it. But it also looks to me as if pitchers are feeding him more breaking stuff. Maybe he’ll make adjustments, or maybe the pitchers have found his Achilles heel. Also, even when he hit last year, Cruz had a low OBP.

    As for Gordon, I won’t let 13 ABs at AAA alter my opinion. In fact, I’m encouraged that he’s drawn a couple of walks in those 13 ABs. Besides, Gordon can get streaky, so he may get 4 or 5 hits tonight.

    Maybe Puig is one of those prodigies who doesn’t need much pro experience to be good. If the Dodgers decide to bring him up, however, it should be to play everyday, not just once in a while. If Ethier can get a good return, I have no problem with his being traded. I haven’t watched Kinsler play much, but an Ethier/Kinsler deal could work out.

  55. Bobby says:

    Is Roy Halladay done?? He didn’t have a very good year last year, and has been awful so far (in 2 starts) this year.

    Anyone recall who Toronto wanted from us in a potential Halladay deal in 2009? Or 2008? Or what Seattle/Cleveland/Philly wanted from us in a Cliff Lee deal? I know Gordon was one of the main pieces

  56. Roger Dodger says:

    So the Dodgers and Clayton are talking contract and over the $200 million dollar mark. Over . . .

    Mark, just how deep are these pockets of the new owners?

    I know, TV contracts, ticket sales, sports sales stuff, etc. But there must be some bottom line. Also, funding the minors, administration, world scouting, etc.

  57. Roger Dodger says:

    Puig was 2 for 3 tonight with Chattanooga. Hitting .538

  58. Jason says:

    Has Puig played OF his entire ‘career’? Anyone know if he has infield experience? I would love to see him at 3rd.

    • Badger says:

      Read all the current scouting reports. Puig has work to do to become a decent right fielder in the Major Leagues. A position switch at this point in his career would be really risky. He is a hitter and he is a right fielder. Let him learn to do both at the Major League level and get a third baseman somewhere else.

      Ethier for Kinsler is looking better and better. I wonder if Texas even has that on their radar? Profar and Andrus could be the best infield combo in all of baseball almost immediately. But, with Kinsler’s start, they may not even be thinking of that right now. And, Nelson Cruz is currently hitting .393. So the trade is looking better and better for us, but not necessarily for Texas.

      • Roger Dodger says:

        I think that the Dodger brain trusts — know they have to improve 3b by the end of July. They are counting on being in post season, and cannot have a grouping of: Uribe, Cruz, Hairston, Sellers, etc. to TRY and play there.

        I think they are willing to go with Ellis and Punto at 2b.

        Schumaker is the wild card. He is about 33 years old and has played:

        2B – 413 games at 2B.
        Outfield – about 400 games.

        Wat amazes me is that: Cruz, Ellis, Hairston, Punto, Schumaker, Sellers, and Uribe are somewhat the same player. That is 7 guys who are better glove men or singles hitters and have not reach anything or are pass everything.

        As we have said in the past, get one thumper for the bench.

        • Badger says:

          “Wat amazes me is that: Cruz, Ellis, Hairston, Punto, Schumaker, Sellers, and Uribe are somewhat the same player”

          I agree. And that player is at best a back-up utility infielder. How many of those are really needed?

          This roster can be improved.

          • Bobby says:

            I’ll still dream of Hanley to 3b and Gordon running away with SS.

            I’ll also dream of me and Salma Hayek. Hopefully one of these dreams comes true

  59. Quasimodo says:

    I see fairly thick lines between all those players. Though the line does narrows at their value. But certainly scratch M. Ellis from that list. And Sellers is a sub. Cruz just may turn it all around @ padres. So Hairston, Punto, Schumaker and Uribe are back-up utility. Okay, whats new?

  60. Badger says:

    Quas…. Mark Ellis is turning 36 this year. Last year, at age 35, he played in 110 games with 464 plate appearances. With those he hit .258 with a .333 OBP and a 93 OPS+. Those ain’t exactly first team hit second in the order numbers by my scouting calcs. He is a decent fielder, a good guy to have around the younger players, but those are back-up player hit 8th in the order numbers from a guy who is now a year older. And he IS the best we have right now.

    We can, and must, do better than that from our two hole. This team, and it’s outstanding pitching staff, deserve a lead-off hitter that will allow Crawford to go back where he BELONGS – hitting out of the two hole. He is the consummate two hole hitter – a left handed career .293 hitter with great speed.

    Make it happen dammit!

  61. Quasimodo says:

    No could do, Badger. Goddamnit! what a doll!

  62. Badger says:

    She’s all right. The problem with hanging out with girls like that is they just make me look that much worse. And I am worse enough without adding to my worseosity. As Mark once told me, “man you look like sh*t” – and I had no rebuttal because I knew he was right.

    Changing topics…. make it happen dammit!!!!

  63. Quasimodo says:

    Besides, her husband is a billionaire.

  64. KEN says:

    Uribe batting 5th! Andre pissed?

  65. HemmorhoidRage says:

    The one thing about the Mark Ellis stats you site are they do not take into account his horrific injury that he suffered. Prior to the injury he was tearing it up pretty good, if I recall correctly. After the injury he struggled to get it back together. I would like to see the stats broken down pre-injury and post-injury to actually evaluate Mark Ellis’ offense. Just take a look at Bison’s stats prior to him hurting his hamstring and after he hurt his hammy. Pre-injury he is hands down MVP, post injury he wouldn’t even be in the top 30 outfielders in the league.

    If you think Andre is pissed, you have no idea what I am thinking. Donny TBall is at it again.

  66. Quasimodo says:

    Fox Sports is obv. pissed about not winning the TV deal. PrimeTicket will show Wed. and Fri. games taped! Them Putting Dodgers in the back of the line to hockey and basketball proves such.

  67. Man vs Food Starring Juan Uribe says:

    Uribe has 10 hits and two homers against tonight’s Padres starting pitcher

  68. Rob says:

    Uribe sucks! They keep playing him based on numbers in the past, can’t Punto play please.

  69. the truth hurts says:

    Way to go uribe! Nice lineup don!

  70. Rob says:

    Punto has an actual batting average and has a good glove but I guess that doesn’t matter

  71. Rob says:

    I still hate uribe

  72. Bobby says:

    I think I saw Uribe flipping off half of on his way around the bases

  73. KEN says:

    The new vaunted LAD right hand hitting power hitters


    :) :) :)

  74. KEN says:

    Beckett kind of looks like a Gopher. How appropriate.

  75. voldomer says:

    Wow. Would have ever thought that pitchers would struggle to keep the ball in the park at Petco!

  76. Roger Dodger says:

    Padres seem to own the Dodgers. There are times they play like they are the world champs.

    Kemp needs to come around. Ellis needs to come around. SS (who ever is there) needs to come around.

  77. Badger says:

    Pitching. As long as we have pitching we …….eh, nevermind.


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