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Andre Ethier – Trade Candidate?

In case you live on another planet and haven’t heard, the Dodgers have a guy who may be a pretty good player at AA by the name of Yasiel Puig.  I think it has been assumed by many Dodger fans that Andre Ethier would be the odd-man-out and he may be, but at what cost?  I have never been a big Andre Ethier fan.  In fact, I used to call him Mr. Softee.  I stopped that for a while, but it seems that is his real persona.

Read this carefully:

The Dodgers will not be able to trade Andre Ethier unless they pay at least half of his salary.

What does that say about the intelligence of Dodger ownership?  It tells me that they are dumber than a bag of hammers.  I was working on this argument, but Greg Zakwin of Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle did it first and makes an excellent argument against Andre Ethier, when he calls Andre Ethier “one of the most overrated and overpaid players in baseball.“  He concludes with this:

When tacked on to his below-average baserunning (career -4.7 BsR) and defensive shortcomings (i.e. he’s a terrible right fielder, costing the Dodgers ~ 23.2 runs per year), Dre’s inability to hit lefties makes him the ideal candidate to platoon with a righty bat that can hit lefties and actually field the position.

The potential has been there, and the Dodgers definitely won the trade with Oakland to bring him to LA – giving up Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez – but Andre has never been able to live up to that potential. His fWAR has never topped 3.2, and it’s likely to never top the 3.5-4 range because those massive struggles against lefties drag down his bat, the one area he can contribute in.

If left-handers didn’t exist, not only would Andre be more appreciated, he’d be a star amongst stars. Well, if lefties and fielding and baserunning weren’t on the table, he’d be upper-echelon easily. His career line against righties is an outstanding .310/.388/.523/.911 with a .389 wOBA. Andre walks more, strikes out less, hits for more power, and is actually competent against right-handers.

Unfortunately for Ethier, we live in a baseball world where lefties do exist.

And he should never play against them.


Andre Ethier is not underrated in any sense of the word. It’s quite the opposite, actually, as he’s one of the most overrated players in baseball.

Sorry to burst your bubble, non-statistically-inclined fellow Dodgers’ fans.

So, to make room for Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers might have to pay some club $40 mil to take Andre and take a couple of mid-level prospects back.  Certainly they won’t get anything of value.  That means that Puig becomes a $82 million player ($42 million contract plus the $40 million they eat from Ethier).  I don’t know about you, but with this stupidity, and after a lifeless 7-8 start, I have about as much confidence in Guggs and Company as I did in McCourt at the end.  Something behind the scene smells here….

Dodger News & Notes:

  • Puig hit a 2 run shot last night and is still OPSing over 1.000
  • Joc Pederson is hot (5 HR, 12 RBI) and is OPSing over 1.000 too
  • With Zach Lee off to a good start is it time to dangle Lee and Pederson for Chase Headley – would the Padres want Magill and Reed too?  Probably…
  • Corey Seager is struggling after moving to A Ball (.175 BA).
  • My daily photo is going to be the same until Mattingly walks the plank!



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71 Responses to “Andre Ethier – Trade Candidate?”

  1. Badger says:

    OK, rather than jump to any conclusions based on some guy named Gred Zswanskinski…… and of course Mark, who I know is too busy to actually do any research, I decided to do my own investigation on the numbers. This is what I found…

    yep, by some estimations, Andre Ethier is indeed perhaps, maybe, quite possibly, overpaid. But not by as much as Mark and Greg suggest. His aggregate WAR is 3.0, (3.8 last year) suggesting he is worth somewhere around 13.5-17 MM per year. His defensive metrics are lower than I suspected, that is true, but so far this year they are in positive numbers. It’s early.

    To suggest that someone will take him ONLY if we pay half is salary is of course absurd, but I must also point out that Jed Clampetti is our GM and something like that could indeed happen. Ethier is owed 49.5 over 3 years, with a club option, so if he can keep his 3.0 aggregate going, and he most definitely could in a more friendly ballpark, we should not have to pay half his salary. But, I do agree that, depending on who comes back, some of that near 50 million+ will likley stay with the Dodgers. If I am doing the negotiation, say with a team like Texas, I would point out that it would be a no brainer to expect in that hot band box they play in, ‘dre could put up 3.5 WAR and even a 5.0 oWAR for them. What would that be worth? Certainly more than half of 49.5.

    Maybe if he were a left fielder instead of right fielder, and could DH now and then, or move to first base in a year or so, he could have considerable value to the right team. An offensive WAR of 3.8 and an OPS+ over 120 every year is valuable. And again, those numbers were acheived in the NL West. Go to a more hitter friendly division, and that OPS+ goes up.

    Andre is not, nor has he ever been, Mr. Softie. He has had trouble with left handers. Maybe that weakness changes this year. For those who don’t follow numbers – so far in ’13 he is hitting over .300 with an 899 OPS (187 OPS+) vs. LHP. Could be that AGon done learned the boy a thing or two.

    I look forward to further debate of dre’s value. I hope other teams are looking into this. It is just a matter of time before Puig is either brought up, or traded.

  2. Rob says:

    Badger excellent research and I agree Dre would mash in a hitter friendly park.

  3. DRomo says:

    Puig is getting rave reviews from scouts everywhere. The ONLY thing he lacks is some maturity (that can’t be over looked).

    But I laugh at the thought of trading him. He may end up being a bust when we look back years from now. I don’t care if we got Stanton back in return do you want to see a kid 22 yrs old with unbelievable raw skills flourish in another uniform? Imagine re-living Pedro Martinez again. And remember Pedro only played every 5th day! We would see this little Puig-y on Sportcenter EVERYNIGHT!

    Dumb take fellas! Rethink it and try again.

    Also do not worry about Seager yet. He is a kid starting his first season of professional ball. Give him time. Chase Headley would only block him so rule that out too. Remember the plan is to grow our own prospects. Buying free agents is a temporary solution.

    Everybody stay calm…

  4. Badger says:

    “Dumb take fellas!”

    Oh, I don’t know. So far all he has really done is hit AA pitching for a while. If we got a 5.7 WAR in trade for him, the smart money says to do it. But, I see your point. Puig is a tools guy. Sounds like he may also be a melon head, and we went through something similar with one Raul Mondesi – million dollar talent with a one peso cabeza. I’m not saying Puig is that, but he shows early signs of it.

    For now we have Puig and he looks like the only real ML hitting talent we have – but cept maybe Pederson. I would rather use him in the trade, but, he isn’t worth what Puig is.

    It’s all just talk Romey. And with our team below .500, that’s what we fans will do for some time.

  5. BLUEFAN says:

    Firstly, contract details for Ethier are as follows

    5yr/$85.5 million (6yr/$105.5 million w/ TO/VO)

    13: $13.5 million
    14: $15.5 million
    15: $18.0 million
    16: $18.0 million
    17: $18.0 million
    18: $17.5 million (TO/VO w/ $2.5 million BO)

    TO: Team Option
    VO: Vesting Option*
    BO: Buy Out

    * VO triggers with 550 PA in ’17 or 1100 PA in ’16/’17

    Secondly, the current player who pops up near the top of his comparables or “similarity scores”, is Hunter Pence.

    Here are their career numbers per 600 AB ….

    AE 600 84 174 39 3 22 90 65 116 04 4 .290 .362 .475 .837 123 .986
    HP 600 82 171 31 5 24 89 48 122 12 7 .285 .338 .474 .812 117 .984


    While Pence has put up most of his production is the band boxes of Houston and Philadelphia …

    HOU .290 .339 .479 .818 (680 Games)
    PHI .289 .357 .486 .842 (155 Games)
    SFG .229 .289 .401 .690 ( 75 Games)

    … While Ethier has played his entire career in the pitcher friendly Dodger Stadium as well as the majority of his games in the NL West.

    Also, Pence has been traded a couple of times … so assessing his “value” becomes a little easier.


    OF Hunter Pence

    1B Jonathan Singleton (02)
    RH Jarred Cosart (04)
    OF Domingo Santana (09)
    RH Josh Zeid (23)


    OF Hunter Pence

    CA Tommy Joseph (02)
    RH Seth Rosin (NR)
    OF Nate Schierholtz (ML)

    () Rankings per Baseball America, pre-season Top 30
    NR Not Ranked
    ML Major Leaguer

    To us, this equates to …

    1st Deal
    OF Yasiel Puig (02)
    OF Joc Pederson (04)
    RH Matt Magill (09)
    3B Alex Santana (23)

    2nd Deal
    OF Yasiel Puig (02)
    RH Andres Santiago (NR)
    UT Jerry Hairston Jr (ML)

    () Rankings per Baseball America Top 30
    NR Not Ranked
    ML Major Leaguer

  6. Badger says:

    Bluefan… both fangraphs and Cots has it reading like this:

    13:$13.5M, 14:$15.5M, 15:$18M, 16:$16M, 17:$18M, 18:$17.5M club option ($2.5M buyout)

    Secondly, I don’t get your comparisons. Why do this? Hunter Pence? Like you mentioned he hasn’t hit so well since he came West (.248 over the last 365). I think I would much rather have Andre Ethier than Hunter Pence. If you put dre in the parks Pence flourished in, he would be even better.

    And please explain the bottom part of your post. I don’t follow it.

  7. BLUEFAN says:


    The $16M in 2016 is a typo. If you add up the numbers and/or look on their 5 year spreadsheet it is listed as $18M.

    I compared to Pence, because Mark was indicating that he had little trade value and Pence (per Baseball Reference) is the top current player in “Similarity Score” to Ethier. With them both being RF and Pence traded a couple of times, I thought it would be a solid comparison.

    The bottom part of the post is who Pence was traded for in each instance and how that would currently relate to our own system in terms of current value. Since most on here know the relative value of our own prospects better than the rest of the league, I thought it would drive home the “value” of Ethier in a trade.

  8. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Hey Mark, you deleted my post because I said I hate asshole terrorists? Check yourself dude, that’s ridiculous!!!

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Check yourself, dude. You posted it on yesterdays\’ thread. It\’s still there. I don\’t delete posts.

  9. Bobbie17 says:

    Great photo.

  10. KEN says:

    GROUND HOG DAY. When I finally get to LA Dodger Talk I am always destined to go to the Just 4 Things post and can only get to the most recent Mark post by clicking my mouse together with my keyboard and click on Mark Timmons. IT Guy must be sleeping again.

    Oh how I remember the verbal attacks that I received many months/years ago when I started calling Mattingly – Donnie T-Ball.

    Remember Ned likes veterans so do not be surprised if Trey Hillman is considered as the interim replacement for DONNIE T-BALL. The dodgers would have at least 6 starting pitchers with over 250 innings for the year. :)

    Puig – Nice article over at MSTI about why he should not be called up. However if you replace his name with Kemp the article unfortunately still makes sense becasue Kemp is committing all of the same errors at the plate as Puig would. So I guess it would not hurt to call up Puig and sit Kemp for a while.

    Ethier 2013 stats
    BA .265
    LHP .304
    RHP .231
    We are now in Opposite Land

    • Badger says:

      What are the four things?

      I am thinking that Ethier’s numbers will even out, but at the end of the year he will better against LH pitching, so, he will have better oWAR numbers than he did last year. It will help him to have a healthy Kemp and Ramirez in the lineup at the same time. Pitchers might tend to relax a bit after facing the middle of our order. I don’t KNOW that, but it makes sense to me. I can still see Ethier in a hitter friendly park increasing his value.

      I don’t think sitting Kemp is the answer. Unless of course he fails a physical. I look around and I think it could be possible the doctors missed something. Aaron Hill had a broken bone in his hand and the dbacks missed that. How do you miss a broken bone? It happens. Seems to happen a lot with the Dodgers medical staff. They have had a hard time keeping this team on the field for some time now. Seems like it anyway. If Kemp is still hurt, the team needs to know. If he isn’t, he needs to stay after it. But I think it’s clear he needs to adjust his approach. He has a golf swing going on. Shorten up dude. Think about going back through the box with it.

      • KEN says:

        I am always sent to “Just Two Things” where I can only see Just Four Things (4 posts), thus Ground Hog Day for me!

        “Shorten Up” – For Sure Kemp and Cruz

  11. HemmorhoidRage says:

    my apologies, damn, I still hate asshole brother jihadist terrorists.

    Mark, I’m sure I owe you a “check yourself” for something else in the past anyway, lol

  12. DRomo says:

    Maybe “dumb take” was a strong way to say it… Thats on me guys.

    I just disagree.

    Badger, “All he has done is hit AA pitching”. Dude really? All he has done is been in AA! hahaha
    What else can he do? He is there because it is a pitchers league. If he was in Alba-quacky he’d be hitting moon shots.

    I get the point of the 1 peso brain. The kid needs to grow up. I know a few folks involved with the Single A RC Quakes and they said last year the kid was a beast but immature. He needs a mentor. BADLY! Or the super bitchin bat flip he does will turn into a super cool earhole shot about 95 MPH in the big leagues.

    But he is here to stay. He won’t be traded.

    I gotta work fellas be good. Lets root the boys out of this slump tonight. 10hitters in the lineup tonight should be good for 20 hits and 2 runs, right? hahahaha

  13. Badger says:

    AA numbers are impressive sometimes, but not necessarily indicative of ML performance. EG:

    .303 avg. .419 OBP and 1.042 OPS

    Hee Seop Choi his one year at AA. He hit 39 home runs and about 150 ribbies his next 200 or so games at AAA. Then he had a couple of decent years in the Majors before disappearing.

    You just never know.

    “Aren’t all jahadists Moslem Extremists?” Ken

    Not necessarily.

    “Why not just say Moslems extremists” Ken

    I would. And I would add the word “radical” to it.

    Jihad appears 41 times in the Quran and frequently in the idiomatic expression “striving in the way of God (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)”.

    I suppose “striving in the way of God” would be open to interpretation. One thing for sure – they have zero tolerance for Christian governments dictating policy in Arab nations. That goes back over a thousand years. I say leave them alone and who knows, maybe things will quiet down. Yeah, maybe not, but it’s worth a try. Just my opinion.

  14. HawkeyeDodger says:

    Some of these defensive sabre-metrics are ridiculous. Andre Either may not having blazing speed to cover a lot of ground, but he is hardly a terrible fielder. He rarely makes an error or misjudges balls into hit. He’s got a good arm and is a solid fielder.

    Having said that, at some point the Dodgers will need to deal him to make room for Puig. The Dodgers sorely lack a dynamic player in the lineup who can create havoc on the base paths as well as hit. Until Kemp gets straightened out the only player like that I would call dynamic is Crawford. Kemp and Hanley when they are right fit that description, but who knows how long it will take for them to get right. Whether or not it is this year or next, the Dodgers will have to move Ethier at some point. So if that means moving him or packaging him with a prospect to get maximum return and then move Puig into the lineup, I would do it.

  15. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Badger, you fail to notice that they have a problem allowing Christian nations to dictate policy in any nation, their nation or other nations. They ain’t going to be satisfied with just keeping it in their own borders. Just my (and historical) opinion.

  16. Quasimodo says:

    It seems the same can be said of Christians. If God created the Universe it appears to me his work at that task was complete about 13.7 billion years ago as physics took the chore from that point forward. I would hardly think Mankind is Gods main project. But what do I know? Faith is a good thing-its wealth. I’m a poor man.

  17. Badger says:

    “They ain’t going to be satisfied with just keeping it in their own borders. Just my (and historical) opinion.” anal itch rage

    Historical opinion? It’s either history, or it’s an opinion, but, an opinion that’s historical? Check yourself dude.

    I am sure you will come up historical evidence of recent Muslim invading armies into Europe, China, Russia, South America, the Bronx and maybe even Canada, who knows. All I suggested was – let’s stop taking the bat to the beehive and see if maybe things don’t cool off a bit.

    Again, just my opinion. Somebody else brought it up, I didn’t.

    Interesting take quas. Ever read any Eastern philosophy? They suggest there is a whole lot more to God’s kingdom than this little ball of dust. There are levels of consciousness containing beings that look at us as we would grasshoppers. Those levels are in fact available to us. I find it fascinating. The way out, is the way in. Think about it.

  18. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, like I’ve said, “what do I know?” Unlike Jews, Muslims and Christians I’m unable to trace my family tree back to Abraham. They might be right. Its the only thing they seem to see eye to eye on. And all I know is I know nothing.

    • Badger says:

      “And all I know is I know nothing.”

      And that is the beginning of all wisdom grasshopper.

      “Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.
      Live in silence.”

      “This silence, this moment, every moment, if it’s genuinely inside you, brings what you need. There’s nothing to believe. Only when I stopped believing in myself did I come into this beauty. Sit quietly, and listen for a voice that will say, ‘Be more silent.’ Die and be quiet. Quietness is the surest sign that you’ve died. Your old life was a frantic running from silence. Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. Live in silence.”


      In silence exists true freedom.

  19. Quasimodo says:

    I really had good feelings about tonight’s game. Eastern philosophy for this situation is RAIN!

  20. Jae says:

    Learn to be still

  21. Bobby says:

    Religion talk is great, when it’s peaceful and used to show how alike we all really are, as well as to understand what differences we do have.

    People love to differentiate between religions, but there’s wayyyyy more similarities. Some just choose not to accept or discus that, however.

    Looks like we finally got the 2nd guy cornered. Hopefully we get him alive and not let him take the easy way out.

    I really want this game to start as well. Otherwise I have nothing but watch old 80s movies on line?? Any recommendations on flicks I should have watched when I was a teenager? Last night was Risky Business

  22. Quasimodo says:

    We’re probably close on the same page, Badger. I’m becoming more convinced this book of everything is being read by all of us in reverse.

  23. Quasimodo says:

    Yes! One movie came to mind. ‘Nobody’s Baby’ Not because the movie was all that great, but because it shows how great an actor Gary Oldman is.

  24. Quasimodo says:

    Well game 1 of series tomorrow 10:00 am PT.

  25. Roger Dodger says:

    What a season so far.

    The AL East:
    Boston was supposed to be rebuilding and in trouble – they are in 1st place with another problem team, the Yankees in 2nd place, 2.5 games behind them.

    Toronto, the re-built team, was supposed to be right up there, but playing at .438 and 4.5 games out.

    KC is tied for the central with Detroit (expected), and the Twins hanging with them.

    The AL West – Oakland is up and the Angles hurting. Houston is probably the lone team where they are supposed to be, in the cellar.

    NL East – see Atlanta, that power-house on top, but tonight the Pirates flattened them 6-zip.

    Washington, supported to be on top – is 4 back.

    The Mets are a surprise to me, above the Phillies.

    Miami, like Houston, can hardly win a game.

    The NL Central is about right . . .

    NL West is upside down.

    The stacked Dodgers are under .500 with no soul.

    Rockies are playing above their head, lead the pack.

    San Diego is opening some eyes. Maybe they have found their way.

    Sooooo now the Dodgers need to get their game into gear, find that chemistry that works — and play with some passion.

  26. Badger says:

    There are many paths to the top of the mountain.

    • DodgerDude says:

      I prefer to take the elevator

      • Badger says:

        With my knees….. not a bad idea Dude.

        Hey Mark, guess who’s coming to dinner? Venice Glen is in town with family and we are going to get together and head up to the Slot Canyon area around Page on Monday. I’ll be sure and tell him you haven’t changed. He’ll get a kick out of that.

        Watched the Rockies last night. They are the same guys, but look a lot different than they did last year. Tulo is still a beast, and Chacin looks unhittable. He was cruising then pulled something and was gone just like that. He’s 3-0 with ERA around 1.nothing. Weiss has them believing. Great. Was not expecting a 98 loss team to actually be any good.

        • Gonzo says:

          Say hello to him for me Badger. Also have him say whats up to Wrecks if they’re still in touch.

          • Badger says:

            I am in touch with wrecks… or I was a few months ago. He is doing good. We were in a fantasy league together last year. I have his email address if you want it.

  27. Badger says:

    Aaron Harang didn’t do so bad in his first outing. 3 earned in 5 IP, 6 K’s. Better than some. Capuano for example.

    Off to climb Sugarloaf. Great morning here in the most beautiful town in the U.S.. (GMA and USA Weekend)

  28. Bobby says:

    Just FYI:

    One of our man crushes this offseason was Michael Bourn.

    So far in Cleve, he’s hitting .333, with 2 hr, 2rbi, and 1 sb.

    However, he just hurt his finger and is on the DL now.

    2 Dodger games in 1 day?? And the NBA playoffs??? Great day gents!

  29. Badger says:

    Bourn was on pace to score over 100. If he had been here, that finger would be fine. Of course, if he were here, we wouldn’t have all this Ethier trade talk.

    Playoffs start tomorrow as far as I am concerned. Lakers in 4. And no, I won’t bet on it.

  30. Quasimodo says:

    Well, there again I’m confused at Mattingly removing Jansen too soon. Actually I was a bit shocked he had a mind to give Jansen more than 1 inning. I’m certain Jansen is worth at least 2 innings, especially when he kills the order 123.

  31. Quasimodo says:

    And there it just went!

  32. Jason says:

    Why why why why why why

  33. Roger Dodger says:

    Well now. The Dodgers are in a worst fix than I thought they could ever be . . . from just a month ago.

    Hitting has been terrible, and many times pitching has been very non-Dodger like.

    And this line-up: Hernandez, Schumaker, Cruz, & Sellers is terrible. Those four are not of championship caliber.

    Notice, Balisario does not seem to have that stopper edge I remember from past years.

  34. Quasimodo says:

    I wasn’t calling for Mattingly’s head. But now I’m checking ticket prices for boat-fare. Am I the only one who saw pulling Jansen was simply stupid?

  35. Ken says:

    What do I do
    What do I do
    I guess I’ll rub my neck
    Another loss
    Another loss
    Oh what the heck

  36. Bobby says:

    In Boston, they’re saying “Boston Strong”

    Here, we’re saying “Los Angeles Weak”

  37. Badger says:

    I insist on an investigation.

    Something is terribly wrong here.

    Ethier with some power. Team 8 for 33… that isn’t good. Kemp got 3 hits. Cruz under .100 now. Schumaker is Schumaker. Ryu wasn’t sharp. Bullpen was weak…

    but hey – we were 2 for 8 WRISP and that is vast improvement over .100.

    This team so far is very boring. Will 52,000 keep showing up at Chavez Ravine? I doubt it.

  38. Badger says:

    The good news:

    “The Dodgers didn’t know exactly what they were getting when they acquired Carl Crawford in last year’s blockbuster deal, but the early returns are promising now that he is back in action. In fact, one scout told Buster Olney of (on Twitter) that he is greatly impressed with what he’s seen in 2013 and his stopwatch times to first are the fastest they’ve been since his early years with the Rays.”

    I told you guys he was ready. All I heard in here was how fat he was.

  39. Roger Dodger says:

    Have the Los Angeles Dodgers entered the realm of the old: Pirates, Royals, Astros, Mariners, Cubs, etc.

    A few good players surrounded by journeymen players . . . that just can’t seem to rise to the occasion to close out games . . .

    Even Clayton is on a two game loosing streak. Without him . . . right now the Dodgers are weak to none.

    And ——– with all of the heavy-weights the new ownership has brought in to get the Dodger spirit a kick in the pants — there seems to be a lack of communication.

    But hand it to Baltimore. They came back and did what they had to do to win a game.

  40. Badger says:

    Hernandez, Schumaker, Cruz and Sellers. Murdered Row. Highest average in that group? .186.

    $220 million just doesn’t buy what it used to.

  41. Rob says:

    The bottom of our order is killing us!! Please hurry back Hanley so we can bump some good hitters down to cover the automatic three outs.

  42. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I guess a good leadoff hitter doesn’t necessarily mean your team will score runs, now does it?

  43. Badger says:

    Not this team.

  44. Bball says:

    I swear if they don’t fire this idiot I’m not gonna be able to watch anymore. Bonehead move after bonehead move. Horrible. I’m so embarrassed

  45. Jason says:

    There is nothing left to say. I want to gripe but it’s all been said repeatedly.
    This is so frustrating to watch.
    Out coached and out played twice today.

  46. Bball says:

    I am so tired of seeing cruz in this lineup. Garbage garbage garbage. He needs to go back to the minors where he belongs. Bring up Dee what in the hell harm would it do. I’m starting to think this ownership is stupid. They have to shake things up. Obviously this group of idiots have no heart.

  47. Rob says:

    Donnie will be fired!!! This team is hard to watch.

  48. Bobby says:

    It is sad that I’d rather watch a 25 point blowout nba playoff game between 2 teams I could give a rat’s butt about than watch my own boring baseball team.

    Fire Donnie Softball now please. Replace him with someone who isn’t in over his head. Bring up Dee. Send down about 13 of these current guys.

    We will be fine, as whenever you’re in a losing stretch everything looks bad; but we do need to shake some things up

  49. Bball says:

    Maybe they give McGwire a chance. He looks like he could be an ass hole. Set em straight mark

  50. Badger says:

    6 for 26, all singles, and 0 for 2 WRISP.

    Pretty weak.

    Still early.

  51. KEN says:

    A rain out and 3 games in 30 hours and no long reliever. Fire Ned too!

    3 starters hitting above .250 in the last 7 days.
    2 pitchers below .450 in the last 7 games.

    This is getting old fast. Fire Donnie T-Ball please.

  52. Quasimodo says:

    Yelling at my poor TV set when Jansen was removed I guess was no smarter than the idiotic move of removing Jansen. I couldn’t help it. Maybe I should afford Mattingly the same-he couldn’t help it. Wish I was getting paid to yell at my TV, I could get rich watching Dodger games.

  53. Roger Dodger says:

    Well, Cleveland beat Houston 19-6. But that does not make the Dodger’s fall any easier.

    Toronto, with their new makeup, is also in free-fall.

    Dog race here:

    Phillies are 7-11
    Tampa Bay – 7-10
    Toronto – 7-11
    White Sox – 7-10
    Indians – 5-10
    Seattle – 7-11
    Angels – 6-10
    Houston – 5-11
    Miami – 4-14
    Cubs – 5-11
    Padres – 5-11
    DODGERS – 7-10

    So, 12 teams are in free-fall.

    So much has been said about the lineup. Some of those players should not even be on a major league roster.

    Conclusion — there are just not enough good – solid players with major league talent for 30 teams. Injuries are a part of the game, but some of these guys just are not ready for prime time.

  54. jerry says:

    we need to get someone who is moving up in the majors..instead of all the one who should retire. we never bring someone to L A who is on the move up..

  55. Rob says:

    I’m not saying losing is good but maybe this start might help us get rid of Donnie boy.

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