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  • The San Diego Padres handily beat their AAA Affiliate, the Lost Angeles Dodgers, 9-3 last night.  The Dodgers were clearly over-matched as they had 10 hits but left 22 runners stranded.  This is typical of a AAA team playing against the big club.  “It’s early“, “we just didn’t have it last night“,  [insert other favorite excuse here].  Big Mac has his work cut out for him with this bunch of clowns.
  • Carl Crawford continues to play at an All-Star Level.  He may not have had success at lead-off in the past, but he has clearly slimmed down and seems to have the mindset that he is going to be a tremendous lead-off hitter.  What an asset he can be as the Dodgers lead-off hitter.
  • That said, Mark Ellis is excelling at #2 where he is OPS’ing .791.  He’s due for a career year.  Hard worker, good guy!
  • Josh Beckett clearly is in great shape.  The gut is gone along with the beer in the clubhouse, but I fear he has too many miles on that arm.  He may not stay in the rotation and if he doesn’t, I see him as a DFA.  Roy Halliday looks shot too.  Lincecum?  Yikes!
  • The Dodgers are evidently trying Javy Guerra as a starter.  He pitched 4 innings as a starter Sunday in his first outing of the season.
  • Hanley Ramirez says he is ahead of schedule.  May 10th… maybe???
  • I refuse to mention Juan Uribe!


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19 Responses to “AAA vs. MLB”

  1. Michael says:

    Disappointing but over the course of a season you’re going to have your ups and downs.
    Ethier continues to hit lefties, he would really love Arlington Park or AKA Rangers Park in Arlington.
    Yesterday it seemed like Matt wasn’t busting it on his double and that ball hit in the gap, just thought he would make a better effort to go after it. Is he playing hurt, scared or smart?
    Javy was just being stretched out which was posted in your last blog and read by me the day before somewhere.

  2. Idahoal says:

    The game was a disappointment. Clutch hitting continues to be a problem. I agree with Michael, Either is hitting left handers. Tonight we have Billingsly. We shall see what he has going for him. Right now pitching is the only thing keeping us in most games.

  3. Badger says:

    Mark Ellis IS a good guy. But, considering he OPS’d .697 last year, .634 the year before that, and .739 the year before that, and actually only OPS’d over .791 once in his career (9 years ago), I got 500 push-ups that says he won’t be OPSing .791 by the All Star break. Just like Crawford won’t be hitting .458, Justin Sellers and Juan Uribe won’t be leading the team in home runs, Clayton Kershaw won’t be undefeated, and Matt Kemp won’t be hitting .120.

    I won’t, once again, go into why I think Crawford belongs in the two hole. You aren’t listening anyway. I suppose I should just accept the fact he is hitting out of position and doing a damn fine job of it. I hope the pressure of hitting in a spot in the order he isn’t really used to (3 for 32 in the last three years) doesn’t get to him.

    The trend that I find most disturbing in all of this is the team’s hitting WRISP. Did they not have the same problem last year? This team isn’t showing much coming through in the clutch.

    OK, different day. This thing turns around today.

  4. Pete M. says:

    Bills is a mystery tonite…I wouldn’t give up on Beckett quite yet. Uribe, hell I’ll talk about any of my 25 thats grabs a headline or a win…
    The bat flipping by Puig may come back and bite him in the ass later in the form of a grandeous bruise on his rib cage…Just another reason he’s in AA and working on the lil things…
    Any idea what catcher will exit Alb. with FedEx going down??? Hate to see Wallach lose playing time…

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Last night. I’ll take Beckett at 5 innings, with 6 hits and 3 runs.

    If the Dodgers get (much) better relief pitching and their hitting down — they will win those games.

    Donnie must let Kemp work thought his re-hab. But too bad there is not another CF on the team (4th outfielder) who can rest him a few games.

    Yet — the day will come when his gets his hitting eye, and he will wear out the league.

  6. Quasimodo says:

    I’ll try to look for the good through the pain and what we got out of it-best thing being Mark sharing that ‘cow jumping with dolphin’. Last night’s game was painful and brings a fear of a continuing saga of the Dodger fan bummer. We’re all fearing Bills not ready and will keep the saga alive. Death to that saga, bills kill the fear and go Dodgers!

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Fan suggestion to Donnie. If C-Bills is out there thought 5 innings, and the Dodgers are ahead — just pull him then, before the roof falls in — and get your pen to save the day.

    Suggestion: Matt Kemp, wake up and be the player we and you think you can be.

  8. KEN says:

    All I can say is that any manager that pitches their long reliever for one inning when there is a 50% probability that they will have to pitch 3 innings the next day is a complete moron. Pitch Cappy for 3 innings and save the bullpen for Bills’ day or do not pitch Cappy at all and save him for 3-4 innings backing up Bills, especially since CAppy has not pitched in a real game in 10 days.

    Ned finally has placed a real long reliever on the LAD and Donnie T-BAll missuses him.

    Way to use 5 relievers in 3 innings.

    Call up Fife so the LAD have 2 long relievers so that when Donnie T-Ball misuses one the other one might be available. WOW!

  9. Bobbie17 says:

    Another year of underachievement. This got old about 20 years ago. Too bad we can’t play the Pirates every week. And there is no Houston to get fat on. Same ol’. Same ol’. If they play like this until May 31, Mattingly should be gone. But who takes over? This team will be as good as Beckett, which is not very.

  10. KEN says:

    Time to move the Mendoza wannabees to the bottom of the order

    Lineup :)
    1. Crawford .458
    2. Ellis .348
    3. Ethier .318
    4. Gonzalez .435
    5. Punto .600
    6. Ellis .200
    7. Kemp .120
    8. Sellers .111
    9. Pitchers .154

  11. Badger says:

    The Pirates are actually not that bad.

    Agree with Ken about Cap. He is the long reliever. Let him do his job. He needs the work so other teams can see he is actually not a reliever, he is a starter, and a pretty good one at that.

    That lineup would work… if you switch Punto and Kemp. Kemp will get it going. He is not a .120 hitter. And Punto isn’t a .600 hitter. And Crawford isn’t a .400 hitter. And Gonzalez isn’t a .400 hitter. And Mark Ellis sure as hell isn’t a .348 hitter.

    I bet Bills is on a pitch count. And I’ll bet Capuano can pitch again today. Yesterday was only a warm up.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well, in fact, it is early. The Dodgers are 4-3, a HALF GAME out of first place. Had they won last night they’d be 5-2, and a half game ahead. Drawing conclusions about a team after 7 games is downright dumb. And we’re a half game out WITHOUT Hanley.

    Badger is right. Kemp won’t hit .120, Crawford won’t hit .400, etc., etc. etc. Let’s be logical about this. If a team gets off to a great start and hits a stretch in mid-season where it doesn’t hit, and goes 4-3, nobody says anything. Do it at the beginning of the season, and panic sets in. I know some people don’t want to hear this, but it is a long season. Relax, and let things play out.

    As for using Capuano for only one inning last night, I suspect that Mattingly just wanted to get him into a game before using him more extensively. For all we know, the Dodgers are working on a deal for Capuano and didn’t want to over-expose him unless absolutely necessary. Again, relax, and let things play out.

    Here’s how early it is. I believe Paco Rodriguez had an ERA of 0.00 going into last nights game. Now it’s 7.71. Relax.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And Badger is right. The Pirates aren’t that bad. Didn’t they just beat the D-Backs two in a row?

  14. Bobby says:

    on ESPN 710, they just made a pretty good point:

    Dodger rotation is deep, and we have 2 starters in the bullpen (once Lilly is back). The Angel rotation is a mess, and now Weaver is out 5 weeks.

    Wouldn’t it make sense for the Angels to come asking for Chris Capuano to solidify their rotation? He’d be their #2 or 3 right away as Weaver is gone!

    I’d really love to see what we could get from Anaheim for a guy like Cap; plus he wouldn’t have much of a chance to come bite us in the butt by throwing a no hitter vs. us

  15. Badger says:

    Teams will show up that need starting pitching. They always do.

    Capuano threw 15 pitches last night. He could go 4 innings today if needed. The Angels sound like a pretty good place to send him. It’s a cab ride away and it’s in a different league. Perfect. I am sure the Angels would be happy to deal with Jed. He can trade Capuano for Bilk Hornswaggle and a choice between minor leaguers Bam Bam Boozle, Fluster Buffalo or Bunco Fudge.

  16. Michael says:

    That’s why I was bitchin about Donnie last week. He’s too stubborn and set in his ways. Maybe we could score some runs by bunching the guys that ARE hitting together. Moving Kemp down to 7th would be an instant wake-up call, hopefully piss him off so bad he’d get his game face on instead off grinning everytime he gets a double.

    Mr Ed is smarter than the skipper

  17. Quasimodo says:

    In defense of Mattingly. He did his pregame homework and should of been rewarded with a win. The blame should be directed at the players for being unable to execute his plan. Its easy see how it should of been done with hindsight as with a loss its surely to be different.

  18. SpokaneBob says:

    You may need Cappy to step in for Beckett if he can’t get on track or for Bills if his arm falls off.

  19. Badger says:

    Michael, to compare our skipper to Mr. Ed is highly unfair. Mr. Ed had a measured IQ of 156 and graduated with honors from Appaloosa State.

    I made that up. He actually went to Saddleback College

    Midgets and Reptiles each scoring 10 today. Our turn.


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