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Rant & Rave Saturday

  • Carl Crawford is looking like the best leadoff hitter the Dodgers have had since….  I can’t remember when.
  • Justin Sellers?  What is Mattingly smoking?   Memo to Dodgers:  Forget Sellers!  Just put Cruz at SS.
  • Prediction:  Mark Ellis will hit .300 because he won’t hit against tough righthanders.  He’ll probably have around 400 AB’s.
  • The Dodgers need to keep Castellanos – he is the only sub with power… unless you include Uribe (yawn).
  • Andre Ethier and Paul Goldschmidt appear to me to be pretty equal offensively (Goldschmidt is a lot younger).  Who would you rather have:  Goldschmidt at 5 years/$32 million or Ander Ethier at 5 years/$85 million?  Again, the Dodgers have way overpaid!
  • Even if Dee Gordon had a .340 OB%, his defense is not major-league quality.  You guys are wasting your time pining for Gordon.  The Dodgers hope he does well at AAA so that someone will make a dope-fiend move and trade for him.  I predict he has ZERO future with the Dodgers.
  • Is this the opening day lineup:
  1. Crawford  – LF  (L)
  2. Schumaker  – 2B  (L)
  3. Kemp – CF  (R)
  4. Gonzalez  – 1B  (L)
  5. Ethier  -  RF  (L)
  6. Cruz  SS  (R)
  7. Punto  – 3B  (S)
  8. Ellis – C  (R)

Stack the lineup with lefties against Cain?


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37 Responses to “Rant & Rave Saturday”

  1. Kevin says:

    Nope that won’t be the lineup mark because I guarantee Ellis will be playing 2nd and hitting 2nd. Have you seen skip play 2nd base?….he’s terrible!!

  2. Badger says:

    Why is Saturday any different than any other day?

    I don’t like that lineup. Change it.

    Here’s a prediction. Sellers and Cruz will hit within 20 points of each other. And Sellers is BY FAR a better shortstop.

    ok, that was a little much, but….. you get my point…..

    Schumaker, Punto, Cruz and Mark Ellis are all bench guys as far as I am concerned. I’ll give Cruz the benefit of the doubt up to 100 at bats. After that, he better be hitting .286 through the All Star break or I am going to be demanding a move to upgrade third base.

  3. Quasimodo says:

    Terrible is kinda harsh, the only reason he’s ever been put at 2B was was because of his batting skills. Mark’s point is to stack lefties against Cain. I’m not really qualified to say how important that move would be, or even guess. I’ve got a poker tourney about to start so checking stats ain’t happening. At least (hopefully) not for a few hrs.

  4. Badger says:

    “I predict he has ZERO future with the Dodgers.”

    That’s crazy talk. He is already the starting SS for their AAA team. If he does well, he will be up. If he had no future with them, he would be gone already. His future may be in a trade….. oh you said that……….

    Look, with the Dodgers infield situation the way it is, I see NOBODY but Gonzalez as an everyday player right now. Mark Ellis will only play 120 games at best, just like he did last year. Luis Cruz is a career .249 hitter and Schumaker and Punto are bench guys and glad to be considered as such. Hey, it’s a big league job. Gordon could be playing with the Dodgers by June 1. If not, he could be used to get somebody else who will be playing with the Dodgers by June 1.

    As good as this team is, they are not a 94 game winner without Ramirez in the lineup. That’s my opinion and I am sticking to it.

  5. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I read a story or saw an interview, where Cruz said his improvement with the bat was because of his daddy. He stated that all his MLB career he listened to the coaches and he hit .249, now he has given the finger to the coaches and has gone back to listening to his daddy, like he did until he reached the MLB, and he has his stroke back. Maybe he has been over-coached by the MLB “experts” and really found something, let’s hope so. You can’t argue with his results last season, once he was given the job. Viva le pappy, Finger le coaches!!!

  6. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Maybe that should be Vivo le pappy now that I think of it.

  7. Voldomer says:

    Badger: “Why is Saturday any different than any other day?”

    Because this is the Sabbath of Passover? ;-)

  8. KEN says:

    Sellers v. Gordon? Sellers appears to have more baseball (not personal) sense than Gumby but Gordon has more up side.

    A week of Sellers at SS and Cruz at 3B would be interesting. If Kemp and Gonzalez could hit over .300 during the firt week of ML then I would like to role the dice and play Sellers for his defense. Is Hairston truely healthy or should he spend a month on the DL?

    Carl Crawford is improving quickly and his 2012 stats (extrapolated for 162 games) were good even though he was kinda fat.

    Donnie T-Ball has never shown the wisdom of platooning (1949 Yankees WS champs – all starters played in 100 games or more but only two played in more than 116 games and Joe D played in 76) but he might learn. Rest these players (especially the bullpen) and play the bench often so that the players will not wilt in the summer.

    Goldie is a 1B so I would rather have Andre. In three years ask the question would you rather have Goldie or Gonzalez.

    92 wins!

  9. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Just a quick thought on posts made in here:

    When Dodger fans make a prediction and it isn’t one that would be considered positive (like Joe Blow will only post 12 wins this season or Tommy Taco will only bat .197 this year), can we all just assume that the poster isn’t wishing for that outcome and would rather be wrong about the prediction. Thus the poster doesn’t have to always post, “I hope I’m wrong” or “I don’t want the guy to do poorly”, etc, etc. It just gets a little silly always having to place such apologies or clarifications in all responses. Really, if I had to be in verbal conversations with statements always being made it would make me crazy. From this point forward, we all know that you love the Dodgers and you are not wishing that they or any of the players fail. So let’s just have conversations and let people have an opinion that doesn’t have to be qualified and/apologized for, just let it flow. It will make the site much more entertaining and enjoyable for all.

    Peace and let it out with freedom of thought.

    • Bobby says:

      I may nominate this as LADodgertalk post of the year.

      Love it!!

      I predict Uribe hits .220 as a starter (but I hope I’m wrong and he hits .375)

  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    If he eats enough, I am confident he can hit 375!

  11. Rob says:

    I agree with Gordon’s future in LA. He is a terrible defender and is not worth the trouble unless they move him to the outfield or 2B. I would rather see Cruz at SS with Punto playing third but I guess they don’t want to make Hanley upset if Cruz looks to good to move back to 3B.

  12. the truth hurts says:

    LF Crawford
    3B Puig
    CF Kemp
    1B Gonzalez
    SS Ramirez
    RF Ethier
    2B Cruz
    C Ellis
    P Pitcher

    I wish Puig was a third baseman and Hanley was healthy.

  13. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t hate hockey. But ‘this’ very Saturday I hate it. Why FoxSports allows hockey to disrupt the beginning of tonight’s final ST freeway series game must have to do with losing out on TV rights.

  14. Leroy says:

    Goldschmidt wasn’t a free agent – he simply had his arbitration years bought out. If he were a free agent, he would have gotten Andre Money.

  15. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I knew there had to be a few others that are driven nuts by such things. Thanks Bobby, now quit wishing Uribe to do terrible and failing, lol

  16. Bobby says:

    Is it me, or does A-Gone’s swing look totally off?

  17. Pete M. says:

    To all of the guys and gals happy Easter and Passover…
    Quas…Right on with the hockey sentiment…
    Hitters now can settle into their comfort zone, knowing they are going to be hitting against familar foes. Their IPADS are at the ready to review past performances…ST has meant seeing different different pitchers from A, AA, AAA and a few of the regulars…
    Justin, just give me good D, some semblance of a bat and don’t read the fish wraps or blogs…

  18. Quasimodo says:

    Pete, I listened to the game till the Kings vs Wild ended and went directly to Dodgers@Angels. But knowing it would be tied 6 innings later allowed me to watch a really good boxing match, so I remove my complaint. Easter or Passover (or for all of us here) New Years Eve. Happy New Year, Friends!

  19. Badger says:

    I am fine with Sellers as a stand in until Ramirez gets back. If he can hit .250, good for him. If not, just put a positive dWAR and we should be fine. I think we will win many games with pitching and defense this year.

    Mattingly and Scioscia both on hot seats. Why don’t we just make that trade and be done with it.

    Go Gordon. I trust his heart is in the game. (Don’t want to say “I hope” his heart is in it.) If it is, he should improve. He just doesn’t have the experience that most players his age have.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, agree with all that you said just above. But I actually like Mattingly, so I’m fine with the status quo in that area. But I wouldn’t mind Scioscia in the Dodger dugout.

    Sellers works for me if Cruz hits at 3B. If Cruz doesn’t hit, then that’s another hole in the lineup that the opposition can exploit. Based on the play that Punto made at short last night, maybe he can fill-in until Hanley gets back. Not saying it’s the answer, just something to think about, and maybe forget.

  21. Bobby says:

    1 more day to go kids!! For those that didn’t see, here’s a great write up via on the best rivalry in the game:

  22. Quasimodo says:

    Interesting read, Bobby. I remember being at Dodger stadium and hearing the announcement of Mays coming to the plate. Some might find this strange, but, Mays actually received more cheers than boo’s from Dodgers fans. The closest thing to an actual fight I ever saw there was when a drunken Neville Brand (starred in TV series ‘Laredo’ and movies)and co. were seated 1 row in front of us. They kept standing and yelling and being idiot drunks, my Mom asked the one next to Brand “please sit down, we paid good money for these seats not to watch your butts”, Brand said “that is your seat and you can stand if you want” to his friend….My Mother socked Neville Brand in the face and immediate crowd cheered her. Brand and co., very wisely, sat down and behaved quietly the remainder of the game-my Dad was nobody to tangle with!

  23. Quasimodo says:

    Pretty good stuff on MLB Tonight. Nobody’s been as bold as me to say 94-102 wins. I’m alright with that and nothing has changed. If I’m a fool to be so bold, I’m alright with that as well. I’m with friends here and not worried about looking foolish. My 94-98 depends mostly on improvement with rotation, lineup and health over last year. The 99-102 is the new ownership. If I turn out to be wrong, Dodgers will still be my team as long as I’m alive.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Quas, think 94-102 is reasonable. Of course it will depend on key players returning from injury (e.g., Kemp, Crawford) and being healthy all year, Hanley returning on schedule from the DL, and ready to play, and players like Cruz performing well. Of course, everything doesn’t usually go exactly as planned, so I think the other trump card is the fact that our ownership will not be shy about acquiring whatever is necessary. And maybe Captain Puig will come on board and slay the White Whale (aka, Midgets). Maybe even that Gordon guy will inject himself into the mix.

    Of course, if things don’t fall into place, we’ll both look foolish. But who cares (about the “foolish” part, that is).

  25. Bobby says:

    I”m saying 95 is expected as well

  26. Michael says:

    Dust off your gear and put on your gameface.

    It’s time for Dodger baseball, AKA “How the West was won”

  27. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Okay Quassi, I’m predictiing 145 wins (top that). Now no one can say they are as bold as me. (I’ll predict 210 wins if someone dares to try and top me, lol)

  28. SpokaneBob says:

    I think the decision on Sellers was the right move. The best defense posible. And why mess with 2 positions when only one player is out. Plus we won’t have to see Uribe start.

    Heres to a great season … it starts today.

    • Quasimodo says:

      I have no complaints with that move. Sellers likely is only here briefly. At least this season. Though his stay will be longer than 2 that’s on today’s roster. I’m sorry for the ones who can’t avoid work today… its easy for me to put off blood work for a week. But if i was working I’d of called in sick.

  29. Bobby says:

    It’s tiiiiiiiiimeeee for Dodger baseball!!!

    Hi everybody and a very good afternoon to you, wherever you may be!

  30. the truth hurts says:

    If the yankees game goes past 4. Shoot me.

    Why don’t they have that game on ESPN and the dodgers/giants on ESPN2.

    Makes no sense to me.

    They have both late evening games on ESPN 2.


  31. Quasimodo says:

    Being here in So Cal and game on PrineTicket they always blackout the games played taped broadcast MLBN and ESPN. Can’t figure the reason that is. Sometimes when you’ve already watched an amazing play and want to see it again on a different network and its blacked out even in the early morning hrs of the fallowing day. Makes no sense. Truth, you need to get PrimeTicket.

    • Quasimodo says:

      There will be no reason beyond 7 months having primeTicket.

      • the truth hurts says:

        Quas, your right. I have mlbtv but i am assuming it will be blacked out with the game on ESPN, I hope not because this yankees game is OF COURSE in the top of the 7th (typical slow AL game)

        by the way, MARK, wheres the opening day post?!?!

  32. KEN says:

    Astros – Best team in MLB :)


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