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Mets: Let’s Make a Deal

OK Mets, you lost your ace, so you need some help in the rotation.  The Dodgers can’t give you an ace, but how about this?

Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang, Mark Ellis and $10 million for Daniel Murphy?

Have at it!

How about Ryu?  Wow!  The only question I have is whether he can get to the lineup 3 times.



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43 Responses to “Mets: Let’s Make a Deal”

  1. Badger says:

    The Mets might do that considering Murphy has an intercostal tear. It’s a lot to give up, but then, your trades always look like that. Their back-up, Turner, is also injured. Both reported to be about ready, but, you never know.

  2. Bobby says:

    Ryu looked really good last night. Looking forward to the year gentlemen!! (and ladies)

  3. KEN says:

    The mets have very little IF prospect talent. They need to trade young pitching prospects for solid veteran starters. Trade for pitching prospects that do not need to be added to the 40 man roster and then flip them later in the year.

    Why the man crush on Murphy? 15 errors and 6 HR. I would rather move Gumby to 2B.

  4. Badger says:

    “Why the man crush on Murphy?”

    He’s a hitter. Could hit as high as .300 with 70 runs and 70 rbi’s. Ellis will never do that and Gumby as already been designated a shortstop. Murphy, if healthy, has his best years in front of him.

  5. Quasimodo says:

    Ryu is certain to have fans cussing at their favorite players this season in those clutch situations-non Dodger fans that is. I’m sure I’m not the only one here guilty of screaming “YOU SUCK” (add your favorite cuss words) to many of the very good hitters on our Dodgers. I’m glad my beloved Dodgers are not able to hear through my TV. There are two batters Giants have I see as the test ahead, Pence and that damned Panda! I’ll stay out of the trade talk on this one as I its my thinking that you’re only 1/3 correct, Mark. Badger, Jason Thompson 1B Tigers, Angels and Pirates.

  6. Bobby says:

    The Mets will likely suck this year. Why would they want a couple of older vet pitchers who won’t take them anywhere, while also giving up young talent?

    I’d think they just go with young guys and build for the future.

  7. Quasimodo says:

    Bobby, you called for predictions. I’m certain that spread of Giants that far ahead was in jest. So whats your gut really say? I remain bold with my 94-102.

    • Bobby says:

      I’m saying 95 should be expected from this team/organization.

      If we stink it up early, we’ll make changes, but I do expect we’ll be pretty solid all year

  8. KEN says:

    DEPO allowing the Mets to trade with LAD?

    The Mets would be insane to trade any of their limited supply of IF players.

    The Mets should just help the LAD with a salary dump. Harang for one of their #15-25 prospects.

    • Badger says:

      “The Mets should just help the LAD with a salary dump. Harang for one of their #15-25 prospects.”

      Forgive my candor here but that’s just dumb. You don’t trade legit ML starters for that low of prospects. Add to that, the Dodgers don’t need to salary dump.

      Chris Capuano is 190 IP of 3.85 ERA and Harang is 175 IP of 4.5 ERA. That is two legit ML starters. Somebody will do better than a low prospect for those guys.

  9. the truth hurts says:

    Is it Monday yet?

  10. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Back home and glad to be here.

    Dodgers are still scaring me with lack of run production.

    Dodgers still concern me by allowing Uribe to take up a roster spot, not a good precedent to set with the up and coming players. I would much rather have Van Slyke be the back up 1B.

  11. Bobby says:

    Verlander signs a mega deal. Posey signs a mega deal.

    I’m guessing Kersh signs his by the weekend as well.

  12. Quasimodo says:

    Whats today’s lineup?

  13. Quasimodo says:

    Wow! Kershaw to sign $200 million 8 year extension tonight.

  14. DRomo says:

    I’m hearing the same. Stay tuned…

  15. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Peanut vendor in Loge Section signs mega deal today, Dodgers lock him up thru 2018 for $97 million. You go Guggenslammers!

  16. Quasimodo says:

    A.j. Ellis grand slam. Keeps lookin better!

  17. Bobby says:

    I like how Carl Crawford is just going with the pitch and getting hits.

    You can tell he’s a big time hitter. Wow.

  18. Michael says:

    I’m totally glad Special K hit the Lotto but what’s up with paying pitchers more than the guys out there busting it everyday? I don’t know, just don’t get it.
    Will Matt have his feelings hurt???

  19. Michael says:

    No matter their expertise or lack thereof, Ned ain’t going to get squat for the three headed albatross, supply and demand; we have too much and THEY know it

    Besides that, I’m good

    • Quasimodo says:

      I can’t say I’m sharp enough that I get the meaning, huh?

      • Badger says:

        Me either.

        Three headed albatross?

        I wonder what he is good at? Maybe he will tell us today.

        I just read…. “Verlander excited about record deal”……. really?

        Beckett gets a win. 4 IP, 7 earned runs and two home runs. Guess he’s ready. The rest of those who threw looked pretty good.

  20. Badger says:

    So, I have seen three different projected starting lineups this morning.

    Potential serious holes in our lineup:

    Jerry Hairston
    Luis Cruz
    Mark Ellis
    Juan Uribe
    Nick Punto

    None of these guys will hit over .260 and all of them will have OBP less than .320.

    From Bill James:

    “For what it’s worth, Dee Gordon is projected to hit .265/.307/.323 with a .278 wOBA and 44 stolen bases.”

  21. Pete M. says:

    Beckett??? I think he’ll be OK…To use the catch phrase ‘It’s only ST’ could work, but I’d rather say there will be quite a few AL pitchers that feel the wrath of that Anaheim lineup!!! 0 walks always makes me happy….
    CC will be fun to watch…

  22. Michael says:

    Translation; With Capuano [6 mil], Harang [7 mil] and Lilly [12 mil] we have a $25 million monkey on our back that we won’t be able to get fair value for because everybody knows we must sell low.
    Then again with the way Becketts last two outings have gone…

    I’m good with our team and can’t recall being more optimistic.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I doubt if the Dodgers expect to get much for any of their excess pitchers (if there is such a thing as “excess” pitchers). With all the supposed money the Dodgers have, I have to believe that they are at the same time cost conscious. Saving $25 million, or even half of that, likely would be helpful in providing funds for further upgrades during the season. And everything the Dodgers don’t spend goes towards paying Kershaw. And so does the new TV deal, and the 31,000 season tickets that have been sold.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way Badger, if Gordon could hit .265 but improve the projected OBP, I’d take it, and so would the Dodgers. That would be a nice bounce back from last year, and an indication of better things ahead. I would think, that based on Gordon’s improved plate discipline this spring, he could bring up the OBP to a much more respectable number. 44 stolen bases????? The 32 stolen bases he had last year in about half the games, with a .228 AVG and .280 OBP, tell me that he could do a lot better than 44 steals. And, of course, we know it’s more than just stolen bases. It’s also taking extra bases, disrupting the other teams’ defense, etc., etc., etc.

    Maybe by mid-season the Dodgers take on much different look with Puig in the outfield, Gordon in the infield, and some extra pieces acquired in a trade or trades. And maybe not.

    All the pieces have to work, of course. But to me, the largest keys will be the performances of both Kemp and Gonzalez. If everything around them doesn’t break down, I think the Dodgers will have a very good season if both of them perform up to their All Star potential.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, given that Gordon will be opening the season in ALBQ., 44 steals is probably good, considering that if he’s brought up, it probably won’t be until June or July.

    • Badger says:

      That was for 132 games at the big league level. I don’t think he is going to be up for that many. Hope I am wrong about that.

  26. Badger says:

    190 innings of 3.8 is worth a lot more than 6 million. Harang? eh, he is probably worth what he is being paid. After all, he is 24-17 in his last two years. Lilly is another story. Who knows what he will be able to do. Not much for a while.

    Starting pitching is expensive, even 3-5 starters cost quite a bit. Somebody out there will be willing. And they will be willing to part with more than a 15-25 prospect.

    Money is not the Dodgers problem anymore. The McCheesey days are over. They will draw near 4 million this year as long as the team is interesting. So far, just the novelty of new people is causing tickets to be sold. But it does concern me that I see three back-up dudes in our starting lineup. That has to change.

  27. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Disagree with your assessment on batting averages for Mark Ellis and Cruz. I don’t see them batting under .260, more likely both bat above .275 or .280, barring injuries. Mark Ellis was actually really doing well prior to having his leg torn off last year.

    Now, Uribe if he bats above .210 it would shock me. I don’t want to see him even get 100 at bats for the season, actually zero at bats would be my preference.

  28. Badger says:

    I will be thrilled to be proven wrong.

    I still believe all those guys are back-ups. I can’t help it, that’s just how I see them.

  29. Quasimodo says:

    I also felt the same last year when Kenley was the setup, those times he was able to blow away 1-2-3 in the 8th, with around 10 pitches, it sure seemed to me there was ZILCH reason for him to not close in the 9th. Is there something that’s above my head with this as ‘I just don’t get it’! Why fix a watch that’s keeping perfect time?

    • Badger says:

      Well, there is no such thing as perfect time. There’s good times, bad times, sometimes, all the time, time out, time in, on time, L.A. Times, time to plant, time to sew, time to live, time to die, time to laugh time to cry, a time to build, a time to destroy, time to stop using the word time…….

      what was the question? Somethin’ about a watch…………

  30. Quasimodo says:

    C’mon Badger, lol, I’m asking if anybody agrees with me on this. I always value your opinion even when it differs with mine. Perhaps you can explain to me, ‘The Question’…Why can’t Jansen go 2 innings?

    • Badger says:

      He could. Why would you want him to with Bellisario and League there as well?

      Seems like nobody after the 6th goes two innings anymore. Well, nobody is a little strong. There are some teams that have a two inning guy. But most teams don’t have the depth in the pen we do.

      Our pen looks really, really good. Jansen throws really, really hard. Let him blow people away for one inning 68 times this year and I will be happy. Won’t you?

  31. Quasimodo says:

    Well, I’d like him to throw a few more he’s cleared the inning with 10 or less pitches


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