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Who Will Lead This Bunch?

That is the $267 million Dollar Question!  Of course, $267 million is approximately the Dodgers’ payroll for 2013, putting them dramatically ahead of any other team in the payroll department.  Of course, that doesn’t translate into wins, and in fact, the Dodgers are generally rated no higher than #6 in Power Rankings.  I don’t know about you, but that gives me pause.  It means that no other team has less bang for their buck!  That makes me sick at my stomach!

Of course, that can change with the blink of an eye – Hanley Ramirez could regain his MVP Prowess, Adrian Gonzalez could become the feared slugger he used to be, Carl Crawford could regain his All-Star form, Matt Kemp could remain healthy and show no aftereffects of his surgery, Andre Ethier could hit lefties better under Big Mac, Chad Billingsley could regain his health, Luis Cruz could continue his rise and the pitching staff could be lights out.    Beckett, Lilly, Ryu, League and many others have question marks by their names.  What does and doesn’t happen with these players will depend upon where the Dodgers land in the grand scheme of things.

All teams have buckets full of questions this time of year.  The Dodgers have boxcars full of questions.  I doubt that any other team such great potential for both  success or disaster as the Dodgers.

One of the keys to the season is who will be come the team leader?  Someone, or three, have to step up and do that.  The thing is, the Dodgers don’t seem to currently have THAT guy.  Some guys lead by example (A-Gon, Kemp, Kershaw), but that’s not enough.  Someone(s) will have to step up and be the team leader(s).  Who will that be?  I think Adrian Gonzalez will have to step out of his comfort zone and be that guy.  Clayton, Matt and Andre will also have to step up.  This is their team now.  Andre will have to pretend the trade talk never happened and show a mature approach as a leader.  Matt and Clayton seem primed for it too.  Clayton more so than Matt, in my opinion.

I think Hanley is beyond being a cancer if he doesn’t get what he wants. but not being happy will affect his production.  Happy Hanley means big things for this team.  Let’s hope the right guys step up as leaders.  It’s what this team needs, right now!

Rants and Raves

  • Just three days away from pitchers and catchers reporting… let’s go!
  • Exactly two weeks until the first spring training game.
  • Hurry up already!!
  • While reading about Adrian Gonzalez training regimen in THE LA TIMES, I couldn’t help but wonder that it might help Luis Cruz who isn’t exactly “sculpted?”
  • 18 Non-Roster Invitees:
    • Juan Abreu – RHP
    • Kelvin De La Cruz – LHP
    • Gregory Infante – RHP
    • Mark Lowe – RHP
    • Peter Moylan – RHPlincecum
    • Matt Palmer – RHP
    • Eliezer Alfonzo – RHC
    • Wilkin Castillo – SHC
    • Ramon Castro – RHC
    • Jesus Flores – RHC
    • Alfredo Amezago – SHIF/OF
    • Brian Barden – RHIF
    • Nick Evans – RHIF
    • Omar Luna – RHIF
    • Osvaldo Martinez – RHIF
    • Dallas McPherson – LHIF
    • Tony Gwynn, Jr. – LHOF
    • Jeremy Moore – LHOF
  • Tim Lincecum looks younger than my 13-year-old with his new haircut (above right)


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35 Responses to “Who Will Lead This Bunch?”

  1. Bobby says:

    We all know that everything doesn’t always go right. But we always say “if everything goes right this team could do this and do that”.

    Last year, at this time, we all said “if everything right this team could win 92 games and win the division”. (Roughly 92 games) Granted it didn’t go right, but that 92 win prediction was based on the maximizing the talent we had a year ago today.

    THIS YEAR, if everything goes right, this is a 110 win team!! I mean wow, there is some ridic talent here. RIDIC talent!! Granted it won’t all go right, but the possibilities are to have the greatest Dodger season ever.

    However, the issues we have in my mind are more about everybody buying in, and not being cancers, then everybody not being talented enough. Donnie Baseball will show either that he’s too young/inexperienced and can’t handle all of this talent, or that he’s on the verge of being baseball’s next great manager.

    It’s all on you Donnie. Get guys to ground to 2b with a guy on 2nd to get the runner over. Get guys to sacrifice, to play D, and to play for the team and not themselves. If Donnie convinces HanRam to play 3b, because Gordon shows he’s ready, then Donnie has won the team. If he lets Hanley throw a 3rd grade temper tantrum because he cant play SS, Donnie has already lost the team.

    Cant wait for the next month and half!!

  2. Bobby says:

    p.s. Trayvon Robinson designated for assignment. We can safely say that Ned won that trade!!

    RIP former Fresno St head coach Jim Sweeney, who passed away last night. He was a character for our Bulldogs and a 200 game winner in college football.

  3. quasimodo says:

    Feb 23 is my birthday. And, sadly, I just read at M.S.T.I. that PrimeTicket will only show one ST game-march 28 vs angles. Kcal will show 4 of the ST games but Dodgers 1st appearance at Kcal isn’t till march 15th. Guess I’ll hop across the street to the bar for my BD.

  4. Bobbie17 says:

    I realize I am not a REAL fan to some, but here it goes: The starting pitchers, other than Kershaw, are .500, and that includes Greinke. Kershaw could go 20-10. That’s plus 10. 10 games over .500= 91 wins. Will that be enough? Probably not. Go ahead, take you shots.

    • quasimodo says:

      Norwood and Sanchez (defendants in the Brian Stow beating) probably call themselves fans. I doubt anybody thinks you’re not a real fan.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Bobby 17,

      I know you are a fan, but to include Greinke in the list of .500 pitchers is silly. He is 91-78 on some really bad teams and has won the Cy Young.

      In fact, EVERY starting pitcher has a career winning percentage above .500 except for Capuano.

      You are entitled to your opinion, but that opinion has no basis in fact!

  5. Bobby says:

    I think B17 expects the worst so she wont get her hopes up. haha, I do it half the time with my teams that haven’t won in a long time (dodgers/bears)

  6. Badger says:

    I think Donnie will lead this team. He has the experience now. I don’t see a leader on the field, other than the quiet ones – Kemp and AGon.

    I have the Dodgers at 92 wins, and that will be enough. We handle the NL West. It will be close, with the midgets and the reptiles that live under rocks both being in the mid 80′s.

    The Dodgers will do whatever it takes at the deadline to add what is needed. We still have 8 starting pitchers and a couple could be sent off early. As much as this team has going for it, and it is a LOT, we still have some issues.

    As Magic said, it’s the World Series or bust for the Dodgers!

    Lincecum looks all grown up.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Go back and do the math. 10 games over .500 = 86 wins (86+76=162). 91 wins is 20 games over .500 (91+71=162). Bobbie, I may disagree with a lot of your posts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re a fan. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe in the past you’ve mocked some of us indicating that we thought of ourselves as “real fans”. I don’t know anyone on this site, but I assume that just their presence here means that they’re fans.

    Mark is correct about Greinke. I haven’t checked the numbers, but what he says sounds about right. I do know that Greinke was 15-5 last season with an ERA in the mid-3′s. But I’m in the camp of those who think that wins are overrated. Kershaw won 14 games last year, and as far as I’m concerned he was the best pitcher in the league, with the lowest ERA, lowest avg. against, and lowest WHIP (at least I believe that my recollections are correct). But R.A. Dickey won the Cy Young because he happened to win 20 games. Wins, and whether or not a pitcher is at, above or below .500 is often just a function of what kind of run support they get. If Kershaw had good run support he could win 20 games in his sleep.

  8. Badger says:

    I wonder if the Indians would trade Jason Kipnis.

    Can you call your sources Mark and find out for me?

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, I read this is Baseball America:

    “Righthander Rubby De La Rosa revealed that his grandmother was a nanny to Pedro and Ramon Martinez.”

    No wonder that RDLR reminded me (and I’m sure others) so much of Pedro Martinez.

  10. HemmorhoidRage says:

    The fact is a lot of the statistics used in baseball are actually pretty poor yardsticks of a player’s worth. It takes more than just a statistic or two to legitimately assess a player, usually a combination of a few statistics plus considering what kind of team a player is stuck on, Greinke is a prime example. As far as I am concerned most stats can be pitched out the window. One stat is the most important stat, SCOREBOARD, tell me the what, how and why a player contributes to his team being a winner, that tells me everything.

    Winners win, losers lose!

  11. Watford Dodger says:

    B17 is right about the rotation.
    Lohse is still out there so it’s not too late.
    Signing Lohse gives us best rotation in Baseball.
    Pitching wins Wiorld Series.

  12. the truth hurts says:

    This team has a fresh start. After the big trade(s) last season, we did not have time to find an identity. The entire first half of last season was nothing but confusion and HOLES.

    With a FRESH START, spring training, the full season…….these guys will come together and find themselves and their roles.

    The second half of last season was not enough time, it was full out chaos and chaotic injuries. The guys know each other now, they will gel, their is to much talent for them not to.

    Mark, good call on the leader, I hope it is Kemp, a healthy Kemp.

    No one would have us higher then 6 in the power rankings after witnessing our second half collapse last season. Hell, we are lucky to be in the top 10.

    Unfortunately for the critics, this team is ready for a run in 2013.

    Lets get this party started.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’d be very cautious about wanting to sign Kyle Lohse. He’s Boras client, and is likely asking for big bucks and a lot of years at age 34. I don’t think the Dodgers are desperate for a 5th starter, and it’s dubious at best that Lohse could offer millions more in value than Harang or Capuano, both already signed. Maybe he’s better, but not that much better that he’s worth the many extra millions. Even the Dodgers, new found wealth and all, need not be pound foolish. And just because we haven’t seen them yet, I’m sure even the Dodgers have limits as to what they’ll spend.

    And Lohse is not the sort of pitcher that profiles well in the postseason. Didn’t do very well against the Giants last year. He’s the sort of pitcher who has no real upside, but could regress to a downside. I’d rather the Dodgers either acquire someone via trade, or keep a spot open for someone else to step up into, either from the farm system or from among Harang, Capuano, and maybe even Lilly. And the money not spent on Lohse could be used later in the season if any other opportunities come along. Sometimes it’s just better to keep your powder dry.

  14. quasimodo says:

    Our rotation and lineup has been vastly improved over last year. Through that lens I see more than 5 wins more than last year. All those one run games are likely to tilt towards The Boys in Blue and while it’d take winning 14 more than last year for 100 games I’d bet we’ll be closer to 100 than 91

  15. 1000OaksDave says:

    Yah – I remember the fun at Bulldog stadium from ’87-’89 when I was there as a student. Good times for sure! Thanks coach!! RIP!!!

  16. 1000OaksDave says:

    Re: Jair Jurrjens

    If his knee needs reconstructing and his deal is dead, who thinks the Deep Pocket Dodgers should go get him? I do! Jair is on the right side of 30. . . 27 so I hear. He has shown in the past that he knows how to pitch. Plus, he had a great first half of 2012. His second half sucked due to his bad knee, so I hear. Hear me out . . . I know a few things about bad knees . . . no, I’m no surgeon. I know a great one though! He reconstructed my left knee after my bucket handle tear to my meniscus finally got me to see a doctor, only to be told that I had no ACL whatsoever. Completely no sign of it on the MRI two years ago. As the good doc said, you haven’t had an ACL for quite some time. Kickboxing and training like a foolish sport fighter 20 years earlier in Japan took its toll I guess. But I digress. Soft tissue damage can be a bitch! I am now facing a knee reconstruction on my right knee at age 47. But, I can still train in Toshindo Ninjutsu Mark. AND, I believe Jair can still pitch to his ability as a 27 year old at a bargain price. The Dodgers can possibly grab him for a great price and allow him time to rehab and regain his form. They can add him to their stockpile of pitching assets to deal from that strength as they need. If the Dodgers can throw crazy money at Greinke, is it so crazy to go after Jair if Baltimore gets scared off. What would it take? A couple of million or less? Chump change for Los Doyers!!! Of course, I may be jumping the shark. I just really like Jair and would love to see him in Dodger Blue. I think he can still be great.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      I like Jurrjens, but have never heard of signing someone facing surgery. Too many unknowns. I mean, if he would take a 3 year/$9 million deal – yeah, but why would be do that because if healthy and after sitting out a year, he could get a much better deal.

  17. KEN says:

    While watching the Australian baseball playoffs today I thought since NOBODY can ever replace Vinnie why not hire an announcer from Australia because he will be so different than anyone else that he might not be compared to Vinnie every second of the broadcast. :)

  18. Badger says:

    Don Sutton’s kid Daron is available. He is good. I heard him for a couple of years with the dbacks. He is under contract with the dbacks for 4 more years, but Hall said they would let him go.

    I already gave you three reasons why the Dodgers won’t sign Lohse.. 1. Scott Borass 2. it will cost a draft pick and 3. the Dodgers don’t need another starter. Check the roster… we are already have 8.

    The Dodgers need a lead-off guy, a thumper off the bench and upgrades at second and third. On the depth chart, who do we have backing up Gonzalez? Uribe?

  19. Pete M. says:

    At least the Hanley train has left the station for now. B17 has to break down and clean his water pipe. Zack G. .500???

    Besides Kershaw, who can bunt on the Dodgers??? Don’t know enough about Punto and Schu… Time will tell…

    Another thumper candidate got away in Rivera… Gettin thin out there..

    Badger talked me out of Lohse + draft pick a long time ago…

    I tell you what, I really Jair J. I know, I know, we got too much pitching, but he’s gonna be a big p/u for someone if his knee surgery goes well!!

    A think a team leader/captain is an endangered species!?! Besides Jeter is there another that pops up??? If I had to pick one for the Dodgers it wwould probably go to AGon I guess…

    • quasimodo says:

      Skip Schumaker is not here to bunt. He hits pretty well in clutch situations. His age will be what limits his play time, but if one can guage in a factor of how team and fans (and hitting coach) feel about a players worth, then Skip is gold. He’s a very beloved player from a classy fanbase.

  20. Badger says:

    What is it that team “captains” actually do? I think it’s more of an honorary title and in today’s game, with players changing teams every few years it doesn’t make much sense.

    With the success rates of surgeries what it is, I am ok with giving JJ a contract – if nobody else does. If he heals properly the upside is huge.

  21. Pete M. says:

    So all we got is clutch hitters and no bunters??? Sweet!!! I’ve seen that crapola backfire more than I want to!!!
    P.S. I’m quite happy to have Schu and what he brings to the plate, but looking for the ‘clutch hit’ everytime is asking a little too much. Now if his name were Manuel Geronimo Mota, I’d buy in!!!

  22. Bball says:

    Badger. U mentioned kipnis. Ok I just think there trying to surprise this year and won’t give him up. How about Jose altuve. I don’t no if he’s a lead off guy but the Astros are going nowhere anytime soon and they might be more inclined to give him up. Maybe, maybe not just a thought

  23. Badger says:

    It’s a good thought bball. Problem of course is, both of those guys are arb eligible til ’18. Those are kind of players that small market teams hang on to and need more of. You would need to send them a strong package to pull it off.

    That’s where Mark comes in.

  24. KEN says:

    With a projected payroll at $25-$28 mil, the Astros should be told buy Bud to make some trades adn acquire some veterans. Plus they need starting pitching.

    2012 ERAs by starting pitcher
    1. 3.93
    2. 4.56
    3. 5.09
    4. 6.44
    5. AAA

    I agree that the dodgers should try to obtain Altuve via trade to play 2B, and posted same several weeks ago.

    The Astros clearly need starting pitching and I would propose the following trade.

    Capuano, Garcia, Reed, and Punto for Altuve.

  25. Prostrate says:

    If I were to pronounce my version of the last word on the Dodgers for 2013 prior to spring training it would be something like this: predictions for this team are next to worthless. Where almost every player is concerned something is,for one reason or another, unsettled, unclear, unknowable. Nothing ever goes right, at least not in my life or in the lives of people I know.

    Having said what I said about predictions, I predict a lot of disappointment, and a fair amount of success in overcoming it.


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