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Straight From the Horses What?

Kenny Shulsen Lasorda’s Lair recently had an interesting interview with Ned Colletti and Don Mattingley that lots of fans are” ga-ga” over, and while I admit I read these things too, I have to tell you that I don’t put much stock in it.  On the record, you are going to get the corporate line, but you don’t really know anything more.  You don’t really know if Carl, Crawford, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley and Kenley Jansen are going to be healthy.  You don’t have any inside information, even though you think you do.

I have done interviews with people only to have them tell me the opposite off the record.  I stopped doing interviews a couple of years ago because of that.  You get a “can of corn” from these guys – players, coaches, managers and front-office types, but you don;t really know anything when you are done, for lots of reasons:  ticket sales, tipping off the competition, potential deals, et al.

I have other ways to get info which is feel is right from the horses mouth, but sometimes the fans think it’s from another part of the horse.  However,  I trust it a lot more than an interview with these guys.  They aren’t going to give you any inside info and if they did and you wrote it, they would never talk to you again.  I’m a fan… not a groupie.

Super Bowl Prediction:  Ravens 24/49′ers 19.  Headed to Napa this morning and back to SF to watch the Super Bowl later.



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44 Responses to “Straight From the Horses What?”

  1. HemmorhoidRage says:

    niners 27 ravens 20. Humperdank gets pounded, yes that has to be the ravens strategy if they plan on winning. Ravens will take a few penalties early for late hits and hits to the head of Humperdank in order to rock his world and knock the smile off his face.If Humperdank is still smiling at the end of the 3rd quarter this game will actually be a blow out. Otherwise Alex Smith comes in for an injured Humperdank and leads team to victory. You read it hear first.

  2. Badger says:

    I got the Ravens and 4.5 points for 100 push-ups. The 9ers are the better team, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot at this point. The Ravens are one bad safety play away from being sent home weeks ago against Denver. Maybe their luck continues, maybe it ends today.

    So, Mark, in my old stomping grounds hey? I miss living in Napa. It was fun there. Too many ghosts in closets to make it work again.

    And, since your brought it up, what do you know that nobody else does? There are no guarantees ANYBODY will stay healthy all year. Cain could go down. Posey could get hurt again. I mean, he DOES have a history of injury. It’s my feeling that all the Dodgers will start the year on the field. Who will be the first to go down? Who the hell knows. Not even your inside sources know the answer to that.

    The dbacks are going to be a junkyard dog team with very good pitching. Atlanta and Washington should be good. The Reds will be good. Heck, even the Mets could improve. The odds will change by mid season. My prediction? Dodgers have the division lead on July 31st and make a move on a big time player for the stretch drive.

  3. the truth hurts says:

    With you badger, I got the Ravens as well…..POTG will be Terrell Suggs. The Giants just won the Series, I mean, come on. Also, I like the Ravens Harbowl over the 9ers Harbowl. Torrey Smith scores two touchdowns…..Ravens 27, 49ers 24.

    2013 results
    NL West- Dodgers (obviously)
    NL East- Nationals
    NL Central- Reds
    Wild Cards- Giants/Braves

    AL East- Orioles
    AL Central- Tigers
    AL West- Angels
    Wild Cards- Blue Jays/Rangers

    World Series winner- Dodgers

  4. HemmorhoidRage says:

    The NFL factor could come into play in the Ravens favor, we all know the NFL is lusting for a Ray Lewis victory and have instructed the refs to “let them play”. Some may not believe the conspiracy but I am a strong believer in “follow the money” theory. That theory always prevails in business, in politics, in life, etc. Ray Lewis redemption story is too big for the NFL to allow it to slip by. Now do I believe there will be direct intervention by the refs to favor the Ravens, no. Do I believe there will be some influence on how the game will be call, yes.

    NO, I’m not a 9ers fan, I am still a Rams fan, so I have no love for the 9rs, so that is not influencing me on how the game will be called and who will win. So today, Ravens will get away with a lot, but the 9ers will prevail. Forget the points gambling angle, I ain’t a fool who wagers, I am strictly talking about the true sport of football, scoreboard baby is all I care about.

    Enjoy the game.

  5. Bobby says:

    Go Ravens. I can’t root for anything SF

    Thank God the Lakers are showing life now.

    Pitchers/catchers report in a week???

  6. Badger says:

    It too believe in some conspiracty theories. Can’t go into very many of them here, but I do believe the NFL is thrilled with the Harbowl.

    The refs are know for swallowing whistles in the bigger games. That bothers me……. like different strike zones for different players. My feeling, as a former official, it’s a penalty or it isn’t. But, who knows what kind of instructions these guys are given.

    My take, if the Ravens maintain lane assignment integrity, push the pocket and beat the crap out of the receivers all the way downfield (see Patriots vs. Rams Super Bowl XXXVI) then the game will remain close. I like the 4.5 points I have, and it ain’t for money so, I just hope for a decent, well played, well officiated, funny ads game.

    I still believe the Lakers can make the play-offs. If they don’t, their first round pick is a lottery pick, and they gave it away…. along with a few other high picks, for Nash. Sure hope that move eventually works.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Hey, what time is the Cowboy’s game today???

  8. Jas says:

    The Cowboys are home on the range

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    When I look at the Dodgers roster I tell myself that they will win the division by a comfortable margin, with full knowledge that winning by any margin will require that they remain healthy, and that most of the players (especially Matt Kemp) returning from injuries will have to comeback healthy and remain healthy.

    And I agree that anything coming out of management’s mouth has to be taken with a large degree of skepticism. And as many question marks as the Dodgers have, the same can be said of the Giants, Dbacks, etc. I like the personnel on this team. Do I know that they’ll jell as a team? Not a clue. Just a hope.

    And Badger makes a good point about July 31st. By that time, or before, there is a good chance that the Dodgers will make a significant move(s) to fortify the team. They’re in on everything, although it’s possible that nothing could get done. We’ll just have to wait and see, and hope.
    There are no guarantees, but it’s also true that the Giants are not supermen, and neither is anyone else in the division. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. If Matt Kemp hadn’t been hurt most of the year, the Dodgers would have won the division handily in 2012. And don’t be fooled by the 8 game differential at the end of the season. Just FOUR more Dodger victories against the Giants would have had the two teams in a tie.

  10. Badger says:

    Agree 100% about Kemp Brooklyn. He only played in 106 games. I am sure had he been there for another 40 we could have gained a few games, at least on that WC berth.

    And, I would like to have seen Gordon finish the year. In his 11 starts before he went down he was 12 for 41 (.293) with 2 doubles and a triple and 9 stolen bases. That’s like 11 doubles and a triple in 11 games. I think he was beginning to figure it out. 600 plate appearances in the lead-off role could have really helped that kid.

    And of course, I too have them winning the division. I want home field throughout the play-offs. 56,000 screaming Dodger fans on national t.v.? Oh man, would I LOVE to see that.

  11. Bball says:

    Super Bowl hmm. What a joke. Hurry up baseball. I hate these other sports

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, cyber attack?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Double murderer, just like OJ wants to make me puke. Good fuckin riddens Ray; sure God has saved you NOT

  14. Bball says:

    Anonymous. It’s things like that that just bug the hell out of me. All the negative talk about baseball and peds but yet when ray Lewis gets caught with antler spray its swept under the rug. Baseball gets a bad rap cause there actually trying to clean it up. While I bet at least 75 percent of those stupid football players are doing way worse. Baseball is and will always be America’s game. Super Bowl stupid bowl as far as I’m concerned

  15. HemmorhoidRage says:

    No wonder deer can jump over school buses, they have antlers, that has to be much more powerful than just antler spray.

    If Humperdank would have gotten injured, the 9rs would have won, just as I predicted, lol.

    Roids Rule, Antler Spray Rules, Union Electricians Suck (lol)

  16. quasimodo says:

    Well men, about the only the I saw great about footballs big event was it ending with SF fans being unable to gloat and rave. But then I’m not much of a sport of football. Thats just me though. Hope the ones of you who bet did so on baltimore, with that-congrats.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If the Giants (NY variety) aren’t in the Super Bowl I don’t watch it, except the 4th quarter. Now that that’s over, and since I don’t get too wrapped up in basketball (Knicks) or hockey (Rangers), I’m primed and ready for the baseball season, which for me, like others on this site, really has a 12-month season.

  18. KEN says:

    What is the big deal with sissy men wearing padding. Time to watch the Sevens.

  19. Badger says:

    Ads were disappointing.

    The power outage came at the right time for th 9ers. Looked like the game could have been on it’s way to a blowout.

    A lot of penalties not called. But, kinda expected that.

    Halftime show? eh… too long. I like Beyonce. My son met her in Vegas and said she was much smaller than he expected. About 5’6″. She looks 6′ tall to me.

    Thank goodness for union electricians. Without them, the game would have been played in the dark.

    Now, it’s time for some baseball news. And I got none.

  20. voldomer says:

    Did anyone else flip over to the DR-Mexico game on ESPN2 yesterday? H-Ram had a key two-run double off the wall in left-center and walked in the 11th as part of the winning rally. I saw the double and his first AB, a high chopper up the middle. He looked good sprinting to first on that ground out, but on the double he spent too much time admiring its flight (and thinking it was a homer) before running the bases. He’s batting third for the DR, but it is not a team stacked with stars.

  21. Pete M. says:

    What a year for a fan of the 9er’s, Lakers,Bruins and Fighting Irish!!!
    At least I had a game to watch after the 1st. half…
    With March Madness around the corner and C & P’s reporting next week, there is no better time of the year than now!!!
    Let the positional roulette begin…Above all stay healthy…See the boys in Blue March 5-7………

  22. Badger says:

    I hope Ramirez is taking the time to work on his defense. Everybody loves to hit, but unless you are in the A.L. half your time in the game is spent defending and there is no position behind the pitcher more important than shortstop.

    Lewis did get off easy. Celebrities and people with money often do. But he did turn his life around. Having said that, haven’t we all seen enough of him?

    Never was a fan of winter sports Pete. Except skiing. The only basketball I played was intramurals, and it was highly competitive but other than the Lakers and UCLA, I don’t watch much basketball. I go from football directly to baseball.

  23. Bobby says:

    Help needed from Mark and anyone else who knows:

    A few weeks ago, you guys were discussing the VPN, or computer ID, which fools the internet into your location. So you can look like you’re in Dallas when you’re really in LA, etc.

    You all mentioned there were some free good ones. Could you please guide me to one of those? Thanks so much! I’m out of the country for work and I’d love to have actual US access.

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    I need some help with radios.

    Looking to buy a new car, but the one I was interested has Sirius Radio installed.

    Just called SiriusXM — and they claim that even though they merged, a car radio with Sirius — cannot receive MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL GAMES, like it can on cars with XM radio.

    Do any of you have Sirius Radio in your car, subscribe, and receive MLB radio games? or are you locked out like they said???

    Thanks . . .

  25. Bball says:

    I have Sirius xm and get every game roger. I’m not positive but they are around channel 160 through 180.

  26. Roger Dodger says:

    Thanks Bball, but I need a follow-up . . .

    SiriusXM, on the phone said, that if my new car has a Sirius button, it will only get the Sirius programming. That the Premier package has MLB baseball, but that is for computer, smartphone, table — not for the Sirius button in a car.

    My present car has XM radio, and of course, get all baseball games.

    What kind of car do you have? Is the radio the installed one, or did you put in a 3rd party one that was really on the XM side.

    Only asking because it is confusing . . . thanks . . .

  27. Bball says:

    I have a 2012 chevy silverado. It has the stock radio with a sirius xm button. I didn’t even no there was a premier package but I must have it. That’s pretty weird that they merged but still have seperate stations and programming. I gues it makes sense now though cause I always hear them say mlbxm 89 Sirius 209 so what u saw was probably right. I’m sure u can get the premier package though. Maybe 4 dollars more a month and if your getting a ford don’t. Chevy or nothing. Good luck roger on your new purchase.

    • Roger Dodger says:

      Bball, Chevy is XM, not Sirius. But calls it SiriusXm as the newer trademark.

      Anyway, what I need is for a Sirius car owner (such as): Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Fiat, Jaguar, Jeep, Kiv, Land-Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mini Cooper, Mitsubishi, Volvo, or WV

      . . . to tell me if they can get baseball games on their SiriusXn car radio.

      Funny, if this is right — a real baseball fan, if they want the car radio to have live baseball games — would have to purchase a car that does XM . . . which just might not be any of those I listed above.


  28. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Roger, maybe you can get some info here.

  29. quasimodo says:

    Once again I watched ‘eight men out’ last night. For myself, maybe even unfairly, Comiskey becomes a bigger villian than my watching it the time befor. I would think White Sox fans would feel the same way as i do and feel honoring a new park in his name is an insult. But like I said, I may be being unfair as I know little more than the way the movie villianized him. Its time for Dodger baseball! Can’t wait for the action to get underway at McCourt ravine!

  30. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Thought some of you would like to see an article regarding the officiating at the Super Bowl. Prior to the game i mentioned that the league had sent down the order to “let them play”. This article addresses that issue, enjoy.

  31. KEN says:

    Hanley’s error at SS losses game for DR. Will I dare root for gordon before ST is over?

    • Badger says:

      H 0fer.

      I’m still rootin’ for Gordon.

      We kinda knew whistles would be swallowed. I didn’t pick up on the black referee thing but don’t doubt it. And S.F. can whine all they want, they are there because the same thing happened in their game against the Falcons, only this time it happened to them.

      Got talked into a round of sticks at the local resort. Nice day for it, about 61 out there, sunny. Gonna work on my short game…. try hitting the center of the ball with the center of the club… for a change.

  32. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Wasn’t really overly interested in the black take, per se, but more the mentality of the NFL in wanting a very loosely called game. I hate it when at playoff time the league changes the way games are called. It is most obvious in the NBA, at playoff time, a player driving to the basket literally has to have their arms torn off in order for a foul to be called. Obviously, the league offices want to attract the casual fan and they feel that too many foul calls will kind the games to a halt and cause the casual fan to tune out. Again, it all comes down to “follow the money”.

  33. Bobby says:

    Some big things going on, kids, as young pitchers (and some vets) have already reported to spring training!!

    Chris Withrow is permanently moving to the bullpen, where hopefully his 99mph fastball allows him to become Eric Gagne part 2 (minus the roids). Also, as many people have requested the past 2 years, Pedro Baez is now being converted to the mound.

  34. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If I recall correctly, I believe that Blake Smith, in addition to playing outfield in college, also pitched. Given that he appears to be only marginal as a hitting prospect, shouldn’t the Dodgers also consider having him make the transition to the mound? I believe he was reputed to have a very strong arm, and had also pitched successfully in college.

  35. Badger says:

    “Braun – Justice Soon”

    Hope so. Most of us thought he was dirty.

    How long is this PED thing going to go on?

    Hopefully Baez and Withrow (another top prospect for a few years) can now actually move up in the system.

    Yeah, bummer about Carpenter. But he has 15 years in the league. I don’t feel sorry for him.

    “Again, it all comes down to “follow the money”.” roid

    Isn’t it that way every where you look? Football is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. You can bet they will do what they feel they need to do to protect an asset like that. Referees in the way? Give them orders to not do what they are paid to do. Not surprising really. We all predicted it.

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