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Jose Can You See?

Someone made the suggestion that the Dodgers trade for Jose Altuve of the Astros and the more I think about that, the more I like it.  Houston is obviously not in contention and needs a lot of help, so the Dodgers could offer Mark Ellis (and pay his salary) along with Chris Withrow ( a Texas boy) and another prospect like Shawn Tolleson (another Texas boy).  It is a lot to pay, but Houston doesn’t want to trade Altuve and you would have to persuade them.  They could use a starter, but don’t want Capuano’s or Harang’s salary.  So, a second-baseman (Ellis) for free and two promising TEXAS relievers should get the job done.  After all, Houston is in the re-building mode.

Altuve is loathe to walk (40 in a little less than 600 AB’s last year), but maybe Big Mac could coax a few more out of him.  I think the Dodgers should do that deal right about now.  That lineup would be awesome, in my opinion.

  1. Altuve  2B
  2. Crawford  LF
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Ramirez  SS
  6. Ethier  RF
  7. Cruz  3B
  8. Ellis  C

I like that a lot!

P.S. The photos is of Frank, Ned and me in better times!  ;)



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93 Responses to “Jose Can You See?”

  1. Badger says:

    In my opinion, not enough. If he is on the market someone will offer ML ready talent.

  2. Bobby says:

    Michael Bourn, the man crush of many on this board, about to sign a 4 year, 48mil deal with Cleveland.

    Finally no more “Bourn in cf, Kemp to RF, and Ethier to godknowswhere” posts anymore!!

  3. Badger says:

    How about another Texas boy Mark – Zach Lee.

  4. Badger says:

    Cleveland is about to get much better.

    Not too late, we can sweep in with a better offer, move Kemp to right, trade Ethier to “godknowswhere” and we too can be much better!

  5. Badger says:

    Where is everybody? Nobody else with an opinion on what happened yesterday?

    The Indians, of all teams, just added a 90+ run 4.5 WAR lead-off guy, but have little pitching to go with it. (Lohse makes sense now maybe?) and the Dodgers still have no lead-off hitter. Mark makes a proposal to get Altuve and nobody but me has anything to offer? Come on people, what do I have to do, make some comment about how efn crazy the Tea Party is to get people to lite this board up?

    I like Altuve. Houston loves Altuve. fangraphs has him around a 3 WAR with 80-90 or so runs scored. Obviously, no where near the player Bourn is, but, he is also very young. If you want to get Houston to part with him, you better sweeten that pot or you can forget it. They don’t need a 36 year old .250 hitting second baseman on that team. They need somebody the fans would pay to see, or a prospect (local kid makes sense) that people can get excited about. I say include Lee in the deal. They just might go for that.

    Frankly I doubt it. He is the one player on that team that people will pay to see.

  6. Pete M. says:

    Altuve would be a great p/u but why does Houston let him go??? Arb. Eligible 2015/F.A 2018, they keep him on the cheap…Badger you got it right on don’t give me any old dudes…Kids, kids and more kids…
    Now if you want a future 2B, think Cano…It’s only money isn’t it???

  7. Rob says:

    Drew Stubbs is available. How about a deal to bring him to Los Angeles as a right handed bat in case Andre doesn’t change and a little insurance policy for Crawford. He can lead off and might be a cheap trade because of his down year. The Indians might want a starting pitcher which we have plenty of.

  8. beckett_rockett says:

    Altuve is a good lead-off hiter, but Houston won’t trade him.
    For this year and the future, Dee Gordon should improve and meet the needs. I think his value can be maximized if he can handle 2B nicely.

  9. Pete M. says:

    Who wouldn’t like Stubbs??? At his age, he’s an everyday player and since when do the Dodgers platoon players at positions??? Ain’t gonna happen…Barring injuries Dre and Carl C. will play 140/150 gms. You can take it to the bank. Damn I’d luv a Stubbs on my bench, but would he really be happy/productive???

  10. Badger says:

    Feb. odds:

    Dodgers & Nats 8:1

    Angels 9:1

    midgets and Braves 12:1

    That will of corse change before Opening Day.

    Cleveland no doubt wants pitching. But Stubbs on the bench? I don’t see that.

    Come on Dee. This is your opportunity. Take advantage!

  11. Rob says:

    Everyone is assuming that our outfield will be healthy even after two thirds of the outfield not including a utility guy in Hairston will be healthy. Stubbs would be an easy trade, he only makes under 3 mil and would swap easily.

  12. RogerCraig says:

    Altuve IS NOT on the block, but if presented with the right package, the Astros would trade him. Badger s right. You have to up the ante. Withrow, Tolleson, Lee and Pederson would surely get it done.

    I think you have identified a good trade partner. Capuano for Stubbs.

  13. Badger says:

    I am one of those assuming all our outfielders will be ready to start the season. I have not heard a peep out of the Crawford camp that suggests otherwise. Is there any reason to suggest he won’t fully recover from a commonly performed, and highly success rate surgery? Those surgeries are successful even when the patient dies.

    January 15, 2013:

    Appearing on 710 ESPNLA Tuesday, Dodgers president Stan Kasten said he had just gotten a positive medical report, including video, and that the four-time All-Star has lost 10 pounds since last season and has started to throw.

    “At no time has he felt he wouldn’t be ready for Opening Day,” Kasten said. “That’s exactly how we feel.”

    Stubbs would not be happy to become a bench player at his age. What we need is a veteran hitter to come off our bench… a guy like the Killer Tomato.

  14. Rob says:

    We are just a couple of pieces away from being a complete team. Gordon needs to show up this ST to fill one of those holes.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Rob, Gordon will show up and take one of the positions on the field and someone else will take a seat on the bench.

    Hanley better bust his butt, put in the work, AND show results. Because if he O-lays in the field, and looks slow at the plate, his days are numbered as a Dodger.

    Heck, the Dodgers would be better, at the least, with Gordon at 2nd base, and leading off — than Ellis there, hitting .245 with no power, just advancing running when he is at the plate.

    OH — No calls yet from any team that is short of arms. But my bags are still packed as I await the call for Ariz or Florida.

  16. Bill Russell says:

    Mark always has his hand in the wrong places. Great Pic. I also like the Jose Altuve idea. Make it happen Ned.

  17. Rob says:

    I hope your right Roger. He could be electric if he can just find a way on base.

  18. Bobbie17 says:

    Altuve would be great. He gets dirty and would add some tough to the lineup. Houston should want power and pitching, both cheap. I don’t think the team would do that to Ethier. Probably the best of our young pitchers, and bunch of them might do the trick, but is he worth that? I don’t think so. Latin America is full of cheap middle infielders we can have on the roster in 2-3 years. Let’s wait and hope Gordon makes it interesting in the meantime.

  19. Bobby says:

    Watching Baseball Tonight right now. Tim Kurkjian said Matt Kemp has been going over the possibilities regarding this lineup, and he’s really excited.

    Kemp said if it was up to him, he’d hit Hanley first, followed by Crawford and then Kemp.

    I know some of us talked about that earlier as well. I’d LOVE it!!

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I haven’t seen that much of Altuve, but I remember being very impressed when I saw him soon after he came up in 2011. He turns only 23 in May, so I’d have no qualms about giving up a bunch of young prospects to get him, since he’s already a young player (not a “prospect” who has performed well at the MLB level). If Gordon could regain shortstop, the Dodgers would have some serious speed between Gordon, Altuve and Crawford. And Kemp and Hanley can get around the bases pretty well. Like I said earlier, I haven’t seen much of Altuve, but I’m guessing that with his speed comes excellent range at 2B. With Gordon’s range at short, it would be difficult indeed to get grounders through the Dodger infield. Hanley would of course have to move to 3B, but c’est la vie.

    Because he’s young, I’m guessing Altuve’s walk total would go up over time, especially given that McGwire and Mattingly both preach patience at the plate.

    I don’t know exactly what Houston would want, but I’m guessing that good young arms would be something that they would covet. They probably wouldn’t have much long term use for Mark Ellis, but maybe they’d be willing to have him included if the Dodgers paid his salary. But that’s irrelevant, since if a mutual interest existed, they would find a way to get it done, one way or the other.

    The Dodgers have added a lot of new talent, especially international talent. There may be players in the organization that they feel could replace some of those mentioned for this deal. With an ownership that is now emphasizing the acquisition and development of young players, I’m not overly worried about surrendering some of the talent we have to fill a weakness, especially if the player filling it is not only talented, but young as well.

    And if Altuve could lead off, then Gordon could be dropped down to 7th or 8th, which is where he probably should have been last year. That would put less pressure on him, and allow a slow steady development.

    I don’t know if the Dodgers are even thinking about a deal for Altuve. However, if they are, then I’d fully be in favor of offering considerable talent to get him. I’d have no problem with something along the lines suggested by RogerC above.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Here’s a possible reason that Houston may consider trading Altuve. Their #5 prospect, according to BA, is Delino DeShields, Jr., who like his father, that we all so fondly remember, plays 2B. He was the 8th overall pick in 2010, and signed for $2.125 million. His numbers haven’t been all that great since he signed, but BA thinks he’s improving, and describes him as having “explosive speed”, which is evidenced by the fact that he stole a total of 101 bases last year at two minor league stops. He also draws a lot of walks.

    Regarding Altuve’s lack of patience. At 5’5″ he definitely has a small strike zone. It would seem advantageous for a player of his stature to gain a better grasp of the strike zone.

  22. Badger says:

    Then make them an offer – and it begins with a Texas product that will only be a #3 at best for us, but would be a possible #1 and provide B.I.S revenue down there – Zach Lee.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Not likely any of those “cheap” Latin American players will be on the roster in 2-3 years. Usually, the prospects signed out of Latin America are 16-18 years old. Takes most of them at least a couple of more years.

    I definitely think Altuve is worth a bunch of young prospects, because, in the end that’s all they are, “prospects”. Altuve is young and has already succeeded at the MLB level. Seems a no brainer to me.

  24. Bobby says:

    I honestly admit I didn’t know who this guy was till middle of last year, when there were rumors that the Dodgers wanted that SS Houston had, and then I heard who Altuve was, and how how he was 5’5″

    After reading a bit about him, and his minor league career, I’m all for it. This guy had some incredible minor league numbers, at every level, including some decent pop for a 5’5″ guy! I’ve not seen him play, nor do I know anything about his defense, but he seems like a really good hitter. He was a minor league Futures all star. If he can be had, go for it! (Unless we feel that guys like Valentin, etc will be big time in 2 yrs).

    A funny story about him:

    On May 1, Altuve faced New York Mets reliever Jon Rauch, who at 6’11″ is the tallest player in major league history. The 18″ height differential is believed to be the biggest between pitcher and batter with exception of a 1951 publicity stunt in which a 3’7″ Eddie Gaedel had one at bat for the St. Louis Browns.[8]

  25. KEN says:

    LOL Yea I made that suggestion almost a month ago!

    Houston needs starting pitchers, no prospects, in 2013 really really really bad.

    Kershaw looks bigger than he did in 2012.

    Beckett still looks fat.

    Bourne went to a team that actually needs him.

  26. Badger says:

    Houston already knows 2013 is lost. Time for a rebuild. Their fans know it.

  27. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, you are right about Houston . . . and the Dodgers were there just a few years ago. Just pick almost any year since 1989.

  28. Badger says:

    Houston would be well served to load up on young exciting players. Players like….. well, like Jose Altuve.

  29. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Hanley batting first gives me pause, he doesn’t appear to make enough contact consistently for that role. Now I’m not a stat geek and only can go by what I see and feel, but Hanley just doesn’t seem to fit the bill for the leadoff spot. Between him and Crawford, Crawford seems to be a much more logical choice. With the current team, barring resurgence/coming of age of Dee Gordon, Mark Ellis may actually be the guy, yes not that exciting but what are you going to do, you have to make the best of what you got. I am still of the opinion that leadoff sopt is important but not the total difference in making a team a high run producing unit. A good lead off is a luxury more than it is a absolute necessity. At least Ellis handles the bat well and makes contact, maybe a little Mac magic helps a guy like him work the count better and allows for him to get on base thru the BOB.

    I watched the interview with Donnie BBall and I don’t believe for a minute that he has gone thru potential lineups, over and over. He claims to not have done so, but I don’t know of any baseball manager, baseball player or baseball fan that doesn’t dream of all the lineup scenarios. Hey, but what is the guy to say, pre-season interviews really are just PR requirements, you are not going to see a lot of facts presented.

  30. quasimodo says:

    @Mark. Good photo. But better times? Its my guess thats from a personal standpoint. I’ll be happier when opening day comes around, and if I were to rate best of times through a lens of ‘this time of year’,I’ve never seen it better than right now. I wish it was the same for me with things outside of baseball.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Quasi, you realize that isn\’t me, don\’t you? It\’s my head on Manny\’s body…. and those weren\’t better times. I was being sarcastic!

      • quasimodo says:

        Mark, at 1st it appeared photo shopped,but truth be told I was fooled. I’m sure you have photos of yourself with men of that calibre that are real. I thank you for clearing it.

  31. Badger says:

    IMO, the lead-off guy on any team is VERY important, and on OUR team it is even more so. Of course you can “get around” that spot in the order, but teams with great lead-off hitters usually put pressure on opposing defenses. Improving your lead-off spot will undoubtedly improve your offense. It just stands to reason.

    The Dodgers….. after that lead-off spot of… whoever….you have Crawford, Kemp, Gonzalez and Ramirez. It would be really nice to have all those guys hitting with runners on when they come up early in the game. With Ellis leading off, Crawford & Co. comes up with nobody on about 70% of the time.

    Crawford leading off…. in 1728 career at bats gets on at .319. Hitting second, in over 2800 at bats, he gets on at .345. He also hits over .300 in the two hole. Why a team wouldn’t get him there is mind boggling to me. He is a two hole hitter. He got that contract with the numbers he put up out of the two hole. Yeah, he can lead off. So can Ramirez, but since HE NEVER HAS, there are no numbers to gauge what he has done there. He is a middle of the order hitter.

    Look, maybe it’s a small thing and with this team’s pitching perhaps we won’t need to worry about a .319 OBP lead-off hitter. But, with $200M invested in this team, why not build it from the ground up EXACTLY like you want it?

    If Gordon does not win the lead-off role, we have a hole in our lineup. In fact, we may have two (Hanley at short and …. whoever at third). We are in a division with a team that has won the Championship 2 of the last 3 years. You are going to spend the kind of money the Dodgers are, you better get EXACTLY what you want or you have f’d it up.

  32. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Badger, What i said was the leadoff hitter is a luxury not an absolute necessity, so you are arguing against something not stated, so knock yourself out. Yes a good leadoff hitter is great and does put pressure on the opposition, no doubt about it (shoot I batted lead off on the teams I played on). I also played against teams with a so-so lead off hitters and the teams could still perform and work around that weakness. Is it better to have a good leadoff hitter? Absolutely. Does a so-so leadoff hitter make it impossible to win? Not necessarily. Shoot, if we are going to be making those observations, why not make it about the whole batting order? Is it better to have a great #2 hitter and a #3 hitter and a #4 hitter, etc. It is always better to have a better hitter in any spot, only a fool would say its better to have a weak hitter in any position. Hell, I would prefer to have the best 9 hitters in the game in the lineup everyday. Same with the best pitchers and best fielders, so let’s not be ridiculous and allow some conversation to take place in here. Give it a rest, you are working too hard at being disagreeable. However, if you don’t want to be taken seriously then have at it and keep the silliness up or show some class and let others have a say without out you altering the points they are making. Seriously it’s time to grow up and act your age.

  33. Badger says:

    I think the best thing for meto do is just ignore your posts sphincter itch. You try to tell us Mark Ellis can handle a bat and might be the choice for lead off and you think nobody will call you on that?

    I stand by what I said and hope that Crawford can make the switch because I am damn certain Ellis is not the answer to our lack of a lead off hitter.

    This place needs both edit and ignore capabilities.

  34. Gonzo says:

    Badger, Hanley has led off before, with the Marlins. Or if you were talking about Crawford, I thought that BOS tried to have him lead off at first and then it hit the fan.

    Anyhow, I believe that a lead off hitter is a want, not a need. If you think of it, he only leads of at the beginning of the game and then any batter can lead off an inning. IMO again I say that a guy with AJ Ellis’ batting skills and avg speed would do great.

    Then there are the studs that CAN leadoff Henderson, V. Coleman, Elsbury et al that just become the catalysts for their teams. There is a way around not having a legit LO hitter.

    My main concern is still 2B and my man crush for Jemile Weeks has not gone away.

  35. DRomo says:

    Piazza taking pot shots at Vin Scully?

    I never was a Piazza fan, believe it or not I am one of the only Dodger fans that was not totally against “the trade”. But that’s a tired debate all these years later. THIS though, is beyond ridiculous.
    First of all, I have been listening to Vinny for over 30 years. I can say I actually listen to him. I love his stories. I have never heard him have a take on a players contract or personal life at all. Have you ?
    Second of all, Piazza should’ve worried more about why he needed a defensive replacement in the prime of his career, unlike any other “elite” player at his position. He shouldn’t be grasping at straws to take out his bitterness to an organization. Piazza is still mostly loved in LA. Why take a shot at an icon?
    Go F yourself Mike.

  36. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I too would prefer having Crawford hitting second. He has some extra base power (doubles, triples, not just HRs), and it would be nice, when the leadoff hitter is on base, having him move the runner 2 or 3 bases. But a leadoff double/triple/HR isn’t bad either.

    Even though Crawford historically has hit better in the 2nd hole, I wonder if that might be to some degree the result of his leadoff experience having been earlier in his career, and that he subsequently just became a better hitter. I don’t really have an answer, and I’d prefer he hit 2nd, but I’m not fully convinced that he can’t be successful leading off. And at this stage, even if he works himself into the lineup, I’m not sure that Gordon is quite ready for the top of the order. For now, I’d like to see him in the less pressurized 7 or 8 hole. Mark Ellis leading off? In a word, UGH!

    Hanley leading off? I’d prefer him hitting in a run producing spot in the middle of the order. However, if Crawford ended up in the leadoff spot, I wouldn’t mind seeing Hanley hit 2nd. He’d be tough to pitch to with Kemp standing in the on-deck circle, and Gonzalez behind him. However, moving Hanley up to #2 might push Ethier up to #5, just behind the lefty hitting Gonzalez. Not sure I like having lefty, lefty in the lineup, especially with Ethier being one of those lefties.

  37. Badger says:

    The site I went to said Ramirez had never lead off Gonzo. Maybe you can tell me what his career stats are as a lead off hitter.

    All I am saying is we traded for the prototypical two hole hitter who is wildly overpaid and rather than sign the All Star lead off hitter available we decided to move Crawford. It’s my opinion we would have improved this team on offense on defense and in the minor leagues as well had we signed Bourn.

    And I say again, the reason your lead off guy is so important is not only the first inning, it’s every at bat after that because the best hitters in your entire organization come up right after him. If he is on base over 35% of the time, he will score over 100 runs. Mark Ellis will NOT score over 100 runs.

    We will see how this plays out. Personally I will be watching, of all teams, Cleave-land very closely this year.

    What’s done is done. I just hope we don’t end up with Mark Ellis leading off for us.

  38. quasimodo says:

    DRomo, what shot did Piazza take at Vin? I tried to fallow but I’m not going to subscribe to the Times just to find out. So please tell me in here. Thank you.

  39. Bill Russell says:

    Mike Piazza has not set foot in Dodger Stadium since his retirement. When the Dodgers offered to honor him with a bobblehead night last season, Piazza declined.

    “He doesn’t want to come back because he thinks the fans will boo,” former Dodgers Manager Tom Lasorda, the godfather to Piazza’s brother, told The Times last month.

    Piazza did himself no favors on that score in his new book, “Long Shot.” In the book, he blames iconic Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully for turning fans against him during the contract stalemate that preceded his trade to the Florida Marlins in 1998.

    Piazza, who was eligible for free agency after the 1998 season, said he hoped to stay with the Dodgers but set a deadline of Feb. 15 to reach a new contract. In the book, Piazza wrote that Scully asked him about the deadline in a spring interview.

    “He wasn’t happy about it,” Piazza wrote. “And Scully’s voice carried a great deal of authority in Los Angeles.”

    Piazza wanted $105 million over seven years. In the book, he said the Dodgers made a take-it-or-leave-it offer of $76 million over six years, said he would have signed at $79 million, and suggested the team leaked that it had offered $80 million.

    At $80 million — or even at $76 million — Piazza would have been the highest-paid player in the game. Dodgers fans took notice that spring, as Piazza wrote.

    “The way the whole contract drama looked to them — many of whom were taking their cue from Scully — was that, by setting a deadline and insisting on so much money, I was demonstrating a conspicuous lack of loyalty to the ball club,” Piazza wrote. “I understood that.”

    Piazza ripped the Dodgers in a 1998 opening day interview with The Times. In the book, he said that interview did not play well with the L.A. fans, and neither did the fact that he failed to drive in a run as the Dodgers opened the season with a four-game losing streak.

    “On top of that, Vin Scully was crushing me,” Piazza wrote.

    Scully flatly denied he maligned Piazza.

    “That’s not true at all,” Scully told The Times in a telephone interview Wednesday.

    Scully said he could not recall the interview in which Piazza said the contract deadline was discussed. However, Scully said, he never would criticize a player about contractual negotiations.

    “As God is my judge, I don’t get involved in these things,” Scully said. “I can’t imagine I would ever put my toe in the water as far as a player and his negotiations.

    “I have no idea where he is coming from. I really have no idea. I can’t imagine saying something about a player and his contract. I just don’t do that, ever. I’m really flabbergasted by that reference.”

    Piazza retired via email on May 20, 2008. No team had signed him for the 2008 season, although he heard from Lasorda that the Dodgers might be interested. Ultimately, the Dodgers signed Gary Bennett to back up Russell Martin.

    “Even to the end, ten years after they’d traded me, the Dodgers were still jerking me around,” Piazza wrote. “If they’d brought in Pudge Rodriguez, sure, I could understand that. But Gary Bennett?”

    • Badger says:

      Is there any record of Vin saying those things? I am of course inclined to believe Vinny.

      It’s my opinion Piazza had a legit beef with the Dodgers. They turned around and gave what Piazza wanted to the surly, unlikeable Kevin Brown. If he talked about that I for one souls listen. But to come after Vin is a bad idea. You might want to re-think that one Mikey.

      The trading of Piazza was bad juju.

  40. quasimodo says:

    Thank you very much Mr.Russell. Piazza has himself only for turning THIS LA fan against him.

  41. Badger says:

    “Ever since then I’ve put up with clowns like Carlos Perez, whiners like Odalis Perez, and the certifiably insane Milton Bradley.

    I’ve put up with overpaid underperformers such as Darren Dreifort, Jason Schmidt, and Kevin Brown (who got the big contract we should have given to Piazza).

    I’ve put up with seeing guys like Ricky Ledee, Jason Phillips, and Aaron Miles get legitimate starting time.

    And I’ve put up with the continuing growing pains of Matt Kemp, James Loney, Clayton Kershaw, and Jonathan Broxton.

    And through all that I’ve seen the Dodgers (mostly Broxton) choke twice in the NLCS against Philadelphia, only to then collapse under the weight of the McCourts’ misersly stewardship and settle into a status quo of mediocrity.

    Though it may not have any semblance of logic behind it, I will continue to stick behind my theory that if the Dodgers had only made a long-term commitment to the greatest hitting catcher of all time, a guy who had the potential to leave guys like Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, and Steve Garvey in the dust as he claimed the title of the Greatest LA Dodger ever, things would be much, much, much better and we wouldn’t have a starting infield of Loney, Miles, Carroll, Castro.”

    This guy has it right. We never should have traded the heart of this organization. I blame that one on the evil empire Fox. Then those a$$holes sold the team to the cockroach from Boston.

    Has the curse been lifted? Not yet. But hopefully, soon.

    Mike was pissed. Don’t blame him a bit. Thousands of Dodger fans were pissed too – and I was one of them.

    But you don’t go after Vin, I don’t care how pissed you are.

  42. DRomo says:

    I get that Piazza WAS pissed. He went on to a successful career. The “Dodger organization” he was a part if has switched hands several times since those days. Everyone knows the reasons Piazza was traded. It was a Fox Regional sports move. He was pissed Dodger fans were pissed, Fred Claire and Bill Russell were pissed. They are all gone now. Who is Mike mad at here?
    “The Dodgers are still messing with him?” Really Mike? Misdirected hostility, ya think?

    Mike needs to take a page out if the, “How to be a class act” book by Bill Russell and Paul LoDuca. They came back, they understand the regime has changed the folks who are “the Dodgers” are completely different faces now. Bill Russell spent 20pmus yrs in uniform for the Dodgers. Took over for Tommy and led the boys to the playoffs twice. Just to get fired in the middle of the night after a road trip in a surprise meeting. Who (if anyone) should be holding a grudge Mr. Piazza? You self centered tool!

    But I guess it’s Vinny’s fault, right?
    Like I said before. Go F yourself Mike!

  43. DRomo says:

    Why am I so disgusted? Haha
    I don’t know. But I am. Who is Mike mad at? Who is messing with him? No one is left here from back then. Is he mad at the uniform? Did he swear off the Dodgers? Because of the way he left? I would get that. But that not what he is saying here.

    Then he blames Vinny for turning the Dodger fans against him? I know he still got cheers every time he came back. Go this season and there are still people with 31 jerseys in the stands. What the hell is he talking about. What an ass.

    I’m going back in my basement now….

    • Badger says:

      I know exactly why he WAS pissed, but your point is well made Romey. Maybe I need to read the book. Could be this is taken out of context. Maybe Mike is not pissed at all, but was just talking about that period in his life. Perhaps many in and around the Dodger organization figured 76 million was a good enough offer. But then to turn around and give over 100 million to a jerk like Kevin Brown sort of feels like an unforgivable act. Does to me anyway. Nobody liked Kevin Brown. Everybody liked Mike Piazza.

      These guys are all multi-millionaires that probably wouldn’t piss on us if we were on fire. Most of them are asses. I saw Piazza on the Daily Show and he seemed kinda like a simpleton. I don’t know the guy, but I hope this gets resolved. It’s a damn shame if Mike Piazza is going into the Hall of Fame as a Met.

  44. Bobby says:

    Mike Piazza is and should go in the hall of fame as a Met. He made a World Series as a Met.

    Believe it or not, he actually played in more games as a Met as a Dodger. I still don’t believe it.

    Having said that, I agree with Badger. He was on the verge of being one of the elite elite elite Dodgers of all time, and a face of the franchise type guy that idiotic Fox just traded for no reason. Dumbest trade in Dodger history (yes even bigger than Pedro).

    Think about this for a second. It’s 1992. Our farm was on the verge of producing some ridiculous talent (Karros, Piazza, Mondesi, Valdez, Hollandsworth, Ramon, Pedro, etc). Imagine these 2 moves, and imagine the course of the entire Dodger franchise changing in the 90s/2000′s

    In 1992, Barry Bonds wanted to come home and be a Dodger. But after having been burned by Strawberry and Davis, we didn’t want to spend the money on another free agent outfielder. We could have had him (yes he wound up being a jerk, but I think we’d all take a jerk if it meant 3 rings).

    In 1993, Jody Reed rebuked our offer like an idiot, so Claire traded Pedro for Deshields. We don’t need to imagine this, because we lived it. Imagine if we didn’t trade Pedro.

    But imagine if those moves had been made like they should have. Imagine a lineup of Piazza, Bonds, Karros, Mondesi (however you decide to line it up). Imagine a rotation of Pedro, Ramon, Nomo, Park, Valdez.

    That is a dynasty, and we would’ve absolutely rocked the 90s in the NL, and had some historic Dodger/Yankee World Series in the late 90s. It was all set up for us, and we didn’t make the moves.


  45. DRomo says:

    “The saddest words of tongue and pen, ‘What might have been’”— Vin Scully

  46. DRomo says:

    ok I know Vinny didnt come up with that, but idiots like me only know this poem because of him :)

  47. Anonymous says:

    that the problem with players of today…it all about the big bucks and not the game any more.. that why you hardley ever see a play start and finish with the same team.

  48. quasimodo says:

    Its not always big bucks. Many players don’t always take the pay raise and I can think of a few single-team players. There are many reasons why players switch teams and FA couldn’t be the 1st. Teams evolve towards youth and older players (and young) often not ready to quit the game for being traded. I doubt $ was the only reason Hamilton became an Angel. To me it appeared Rangers and their fans didn’t deserve him. I also think theres a couple Dodgers wearing the last colors they’ll ever wear.

  49. voldomer says:

    Kemp’s response to Brandon Belt’s chemistry comment is classic. One can tell Belt made an impression on the Dodgers. ;-)

  50. Roger Dodger says:

    On my wall in my study, I have about 30 HOF autographed 8X10 framed photos. I have a nice one of Mike Piazza in a Dodger uniform, and when he makes it into the Hall, I will place that one up there with the others . . . in his Dodger uniform.

    Enough said . . .

    By the way, I saw Mike play a number of game when he was in San Antonio with the then Dodgers AA team. 1992, 31 games, 127 AB, 7 HRs, 212 RBIs, average was .377; slugging avg was .658

  51. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, looking at his overall stats, not sure this one is good or bad or just for the record books . . .

    Piazza, in the the: Stolen Bases Allowed as C -

    He was first -10 times, 2nd once, 3rd once, and 7th once.

    In his CAREER, he is 7th ALL TIME, with 1,400.

    But above him is Gary Carter with 1,498 in 19 seasons.

    Looking at Roy Campanella, who only played 10 seasons (we know why) only give up 187 stolen bases = average 18.7 per season.

    Piazza averaged 87.5 per season.

    Carlton Fisk was just below Mike with 1,302 in 24 seasons.

    Tony Pena (remember him) had 1,224 in 18 seasons.

    Steve Yeager only had 595 in 115 seasons.

    Yogi Berra had only 427 in 19 seasons, he is #199 on the list.

    Dropping down to #42 is Mike Scioscia with 952 in 132 seasons.

    #110 is Johnny Bench with only 610 in 17 seasons.

  52. Badger says:

    I stand corrected:

    Hanley Ramirez has hit in the lead-off spot, though not for a while.

    Why not? If he can get on a the .385 pace he did when he was younger, he is the best we have at that spot. Let’s just hope the last two years is not a trend for him. He is young enough he can get it back, if he is willing to work at it.

    Kemp, on why the gints won the World Series…. the top of the order guys, Pagan and Scutaro, always on base. They were a pain in the ass that way. Hope we find that same pain in the ass for our lineup.

    Piazza never was known for his defense Roger. He is who is he because he could hit.

  53. Beckett_rockett says:

    If Hanley’s back, he is the best lead-off hitter. when fully healthy, .340AVG 30HR 50SB .410OBP 540SLG batting line he put up before

  54. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, I agree. If the Dodgers can get the first two guys, on base, each 2 to 3 times a game — they will scores bunches of runs. Bunches.

    It excites me just to think about it.

    That takes some walks, some hit by pitches, some bunts, and then base hits.

    Just do not think Ellis at .248 will do it hitting leadoff.

  55. Badger says:

    I like Mark Ellis. He is a good guy to have on your bench. He only played 110 games last year, got on at .333 for us, but he will be 36 in June. I just don’t see him as our everyday lead-off guy. If he is in the lineup, and frankly I hope he is not (Gordon) then he hits at the bottom of the order.

    Ramirez had 5 years running where he was all world. Then, 2011 and 2012 happened. Though he ended up with a lot of RBI’s last year, he did it with a very pedestrian .759 OPS and a .256 WRISP BA. I sure hope he finds his younger years mojo. If they intend to lead him off, he is going to have to do better with the OBP. The last two years he has stunk it up. He is 29 now, still has a couple years in his prime, so let’s hope he takes it seriously.

  56. Roger Dodger says:

    Wish there was something NEW to think and talk about.

    How about Lilly threw for two and a half minutes, and reached the plate, 45 feet away.

  57. Rob says:

    Sounds like Crawford will not be 100% ready for the beginning of the season. Let’s hurry up and sent one of our extra starting pitchers to Cleveland for Stubbs. He will solve our lead off spot.

    • Badger says:

      He said he will be ready enough to hit the cut-off man. That’s all he is supposed to do anyway. As long as he can run and swing a bat, he should be fine.

      Trout comes in at 240 pounds. I don’t know why, but I hope it slows him down. He’s too young to be that good.

      What do we do with Stubbs? I want Kipnis from that club.

  58. Pete M. says:

    Badger, you killed me a couple weeks ago when I mentioned HanRam leading off. Oh well, were going to see alot of combos in ST before the WBC boys return and we’ll see what happens…
    Just imagine a Dee G. & Carl C. Combo…. I got a feeling Flash Jr. is gonna surprise us.
    Again I love the Schu – Pinto bench duo…Pinto especially for his clubhouse presence… But again, Wheres the Beef???

    • Badger says:

      Didn’t mean to kill you Pete. I still don’t want him leading off. I believe he is a middle of the order hitter. But if he is our best option, do be it.

      No beef on the pine. More like junkyard dogs. We will single them into submission with our bench.

  59. Bill Russell says:

    Carls arm will be like having Juan Pierre back in the outfield. I remember going to the games and watching Juan throw and thinking most little leagues have a better arm. I’m starting to get excited about this game and I’m hoping the Dodgers don’t disapoint me like the Lakers have. GO Blue………………..

  60. Bill Russell says:

    Meant to say Team and not game. EDIT

    • Badger says:

      I defended Pierre and still do. He was quick to the ball and quick in his release. Yeah, he had a weak arm, but the idea is to get the ball quickly to your cut off. Most shortstops have a better and more accurate arm than your outfielders do. I have no problem with Crawford having a weak arm. He is fast and will get to balls in the alley and before they get to the wall down the line. I very much look forward to what he can bring to this team.

      Lakers. Yeesh. Barkley is right…. the Lakers are just playing old. Well, that and their coach can’t figure out a way to use them properly. Will Howard be with them next year?

      Not a whole lot more going on.

      Good read:

  61. Jason says:

    Is this the same Hanley we know?

    ‘Ramirez said he’d be willing to go back to third base, if asked.

    “Whatever they need me to do,” he said. “I’m here for one reason, to try to win it all.”‘

  62. Badger says:

    While Ramirez seems willing to make defensive changes, he hasn’t backed away from considering himself more of a run producer than a batting champ. He hit .342 in 2009 to lead the league and .300 in 2010, but has slipped to .243 and .257 the last two seasons.

    “Hit .340 with 15 homers? No,” he said. “.310 with 20-plus? Why not?” he said. “Hit in the middle of the lineup, get RBIs and see what happens.”

    Yeah, hit .310 in the middle of the lineup sounds great to me.

    Playing third base in the upcoming WBC series doesn’t sound great though. Whatever.

  63. Pete M. says:

    There should be no surprise with Hanley’s response because no one knew what he was thinking. It’s why I asked “should we ask Matt if he wants to move to RF”..
    Hanley smells a ring as does hopefully many Dodgers…
    Great take on Hanley/Pierre throwing arms. Although I really don’t want to think of Juan P.anymore…
    Guys I’m interested in seeing during ST… Castellanos (could be a sleeper), Puig, Seager (if he’s up with the big boyz), P’s E. Garcia and Magill .

  64. Badger says:

    I am most interested in seeing how Crawford swings the bat, and covers left field. Also interested in how Hanley moves at short, though I don’t I will see him there. I have tentative plans to be there on the 18th, and the tournament is from the 3rd to the 19th. Don’t know if Hanley’s team will still be in it, or, how that whole thing is handled. He needs hours of practice there and he won’t get it as long as the Dominican is still playing. It is a competitive tournament, that’s for sure, but he won’t be playing ss in it.

    I am also interested in seeing Puig and Garcia. I am hoping both of them will be playing in the Majors in 2014. I also want to take a close look at Pederson and Seager. These guys will all play into our future, even if it means we move them in a trade later. And I am usually ok with doing things like that. Prospects are just that – a gamble. Some work out, most really don’t. Steep pyramid the Majors are.

  65. Bobbie17 says:

    Has anyone seen Sandy Koufax?

  66. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Sandy wrote a book and threw Vinny under the bus, lol.

    All those up and coming position players also add another element to the package, they push the veterans to perform and hang onto their jobs. Healthy competition for a position is typically a very positive thing and usually gets more out of the vets, nothing wrong with that.

    Some have cited the farm system as being very dismal, yet many seem to be very excited about the players that are in our system and are going to be at spring training. A curious thing to read others posts that seem to contradict themselves as the season approaches. Maybe due to the ‘hope springs eternal concept’ that not only invades players but our posters.

  67. Badger says:

    We currently have zero “A” prospects. . But we do have a few B guys. Their development will be interesting to watch. I don’t know how good they can be, but right now none of them are showing up on any top prospect lists. I want to watch them work out so I have some perspective on them. I won’t get to see any of them play any games this year so, this is my only chance.

  68. Bball says:

    Many on this site are wondering who our thumper off the bench will be. I say go after Grady Sizemore. He can be an insurance policy to Crawford and dh during interleague games. He is very prone to injury but y not take a chance on him. Thinking about it. I wish they would have picked up delmyn young. He was very cheap for the phillies. I see Grady in his category.

  69. quasimodo says:

    It’ll give you a chuckle-at Lasorda’s lair. Good ol Tommy!

  70. Pete M. says:

    Please give something off the bench that will slightly raise the BP of RP’s around the lg.
    If Castellanos makes it out of ST, lets give him a good look. I expect to see Hairston and ?? spend alot of time in LF in the 7th inn. and on for awhile until Crawford is green lighted…
    I’m always looking for a stick-out player during ST. It doesn’t always translate to breaking camp with the 25 man, just fun to see. Justin Sellers hit me that way the last couple years along with Herrera last year. They just know the game and play it the way that makes mgr’s smile and me too…

  71. KEN says:

    Jose, I can’t see the new post

  72. Badger says:

    Isn’t Sizemore still with the Indians? I believe they are still paying him, but obviously that doesn’t mean much. We’ve been paying a bunch if players that haven’t been around for years.

    Know what you mean about those players that catch your attention Pete. I have always liked Sellers for that reason, but the numbers just aren’t there. I have no idea what Castellanos’ ceiling might be, but I would want an experienced hitter up in late inning situations. Maybe he can handle that heat, I don’t know.

    Very disappointed in Piazza. What an ass. The best thing he could do now is come forth with an apology but I don’t think it’s in him. Humility never was one of his strong suits.

  73. Bill Russell says:

    Or just finally admit that he’s gay.

  74. Bball says:

    Badger Sizemore is a free agent. More then likely wont happen but like Ken said time for a new thread. On Piazza. About a week ago he was my favorite player of all time. Then the Scully comments took him out of that spot. Beltre you have been promoted.

    • Badger says:

      My favorite Dodgers go back to when I was a kid. Gil Hodges, Don Demeter, Duke Snider, Don Drysdale, Willie Davis, Tommy Davis, Maury Wills are all on the list… but…..Sandy Koufax was the guy. He was the most dominant baseball player I ever saw. It isn’t even close. What he did from ’61 to ’66 will never be seen again….. EVER.

      Piazza gay? Well, could be he is bi. (If he can’t get it for free he will buy it.)

      Anybody out there ever see the movie The Paperboy? Yoiks. Great performances by every one in it, but the creep factor is about a 9.8.

  75. KEN says:

    So Mike Piazza finally admitted to ….

    Back to work

  76. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “What he did from ’61 to ’66 will never be seen again….. EVER.”

    And imagine how much better it would have been if it weren’t for the circulatory problem in 1962 and the elbow injury in 1964. He may well have won 5 consecutive Cy Young’s in an era when there was only ONE Cy Young awarded each year. And if memory serves, I believe he had over 200 strikeouts when he went on the shelf in July 1962. Might well have struck out over 400 that year.

  77. Badger says:

    Piazza hasn’t admitted much Ken. Androstenedione wasn’t banned when he was using it, and frankly it doesn’t do a helluva lot. It is currently a controlled substance classified as an anabolic steroid, making possession is a federal crime, but it hasn’t been proven to do much in terms of building muscle. Vioxx was a painkiller that was only banned because it doubled regular users’ risk of heart attack.

    The truth of the matter is, I believe anyway, MLB turned it’s back on a lot of this stuff. Heck andro was seen in McGwire’s locker on television. Until Piazza admits to doing what Braun, Bonds, Clemens et al were doing, it means little. I really don’t know why all the older guys just don’t come out with it. Baseball didn’t try to stop them, the fans loved what was going on, everybody got rich…. what’s the problem? The rules have changed now, but then? MLB is complicit. Amnesty! Free the druggies!!!

  78. KEN says:

    MLB article on dodger website says Sandy needed Tommy John surgery when he retired.

  79. Badger says:

    54 complete games and 660 innings pitched on two years throwing the ball 100 mph will do that to an arm.

    With how pitchers are used today Koufax could have pitched into his 50′s.

  80. Badger says:

    A week?

    Hubris. You gonna watch it tonight Mark?

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