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Derek Jeter Anyone?

On December 30, 2012, I wrote a blog called What If The Dodgers Are Done?  It may have appeared unlikely at the time, but subsequent to that time the Dodgers have merely added a few warms bodies to the roster. J.P. Howell is the only one likely to make the roster, so with Spring Training just a few hours away, it is becoming clearer as to what the Dodgers plans are.  With Michael Bourn still available, the Dodgers could pounce if he were willing to play for something like 4 years and $50 million dollars, but barring that, it is very likely that they are done… for now!

If they were to sign Bourn, then conventional wisdom tells us that  Andre Ethier would immediately become available and packaged in a deal with  someone like Chris Capuano for prospects or a shortstop.   But, maybe the Dodgers have a different idea.  Maybe they would go to spring training with Bourn, Kemp, Crawford and Ethier in the outfield and let the game come to them.  There is a lot to be decided with the Dodgers starting pitching – Are Kershaw, Billingsley and Lilly all healthy?  If so, then Ethier could be available along with Capuano, Harang and Dee Gordon.  Throw in Joc Pederson and/or Chris Reed or Chris Withrow and tell me that wouldn’t get the Dodgers a shortstop… a good one!

Let’s think way outside of the box:  How about if the Dodgers were to sign Bourn and then trade Ethier, Capuano, Cruz and Harang to the Yankees for Derek Jeter.  Jeter comes to LA for his swan song and is re-united with Donnie Baseball.  Jeter immediately becomes the team leader and Captain.  Cruz gives the Yankees another SS option.  Ethier gives them another big bat and Capuano and Harang give them pitching depth.

This is the lineup:

  1. Bourn  CF
  2. Jeter  SS
  3. Kemp  RF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Ramirez  3B
  6. Crawford  LF
  7. Ellis  2B
  8. Ellis  C

Think about it!


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51 Responses to “Derek Jeter Anyone?”

  1. Bobbie17 says:

    I love Jeter, but not getting enough in return. We don’t need another swan song guy, even if he is a HOFer.

  2. RogerCraig says:

    I see what Mark is up to. Jeter is owed $25 million while Ethier is owed $85 million. You have to overpay to get the Yanks to take on extra Payroll. Jeter has one good year left. Not much range, but he would be an asset. It gives the Dodgers time to find a SS and moves Hanley to 3B. Hanley might be able to swallow his pride if a HOF’er took his job. I like it a lot!

  3. Gonzo says:

    Excellent move! Ten years ago. You’ve thought of some doosies over the years but Jeter? Really! I have warmed up to Donnie but they need to change the A on his cap to a D because he is a lame duck.

    Yu don’t think that the package you would send to the yanks wouldn’t get us one of the studs that SEA was willing to send to AZ for Upton. Right now Ethier is the more polished player out the two but Upton’s potential is scary.

    My main concern is now 2B. I’d like for Ned to kick the tires on Jemile Weeks. I hav a feeling that castellanos will surprise people if given a chance at 3B.

    If Hanley continues to lie to himself about his skill set he will finish his contract with the Dodgers and move on. I bet that if Ned knew that the BOS deal were going to happen he’d of passed on Hanley. But like you say mover, if HanRam can get his head out of his ass and play the right way, he’d be very very good for us.

    I still say he needs to lead off until someone else shows he can do it.

  4. KEN says:

    With a projected payroll at $25-$28 mil, the Astros should be told by Bud to make some trades and acquire some veterans. Plus they need starting pitching.

    2012 ERAs by starting pitcher
    1. 3.93
    2. 4.56
    3. 5.09
    4. 6.44
    5. AAA

    I agree that the dodgers should try to obtain Altuve via trade to play 2B, and posted same several weeks ago.

    The Astros clearly need starting pitching and I would propose the following trade.

    Capuano, Garcia, Reed, and Punto for Altuve.

    Jeter is one of those players who will would retire if traded just like Jackie. Beside the Yanks trading Jeter would be the most classless thing that they have done in decades and would ruin their brand name for at least a few weeks. As you say so often put down the crack pipe!

  5. Jae says:

    I think Jeter would retire too… unless he was traded to the Dodgers.

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    The Dodgers are not going to sign Bourn for the same loss of draft pick reason that has prevented him from signing so far. Losing that draft pick goes directly aginst the plan to rebuild the system. The Plan that the Dodgers are commited to following.

  7. Bobby says:

    Not even worth discussing, as NY won’t trade Jeter for pitching depth.

    They’d want Ethier plus top minor leaguers for a hall of famer and the most famous Yankee in 30 years.

    Better chance of the Lakers offering that Ethier/Capuano/Harang package to Miami for Lebron James happening.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    That deal really isn’t worth discussing. You want to trade a power hitting outfielder still in his prime for a 39 year old shortstop coming off a serious ankle injury.

    Yeah, I’ll do that deal, provided the Yankees throw in Robinson Cano. Something tells me the Dodgers could do a lot better than Jeter for Ethier. And don’t the Dodgers have enough question marks with so many players coming off injuries? Sure, let’s just add another one.

    Why not trade Ethier and a bunch of prospects and others in a three way deal that gets us Giancarlo Stanton? I suggest a three way deal, because it’s unlikely that Miami would consider taking on Ethier’s contract. But in a deal that garnered us prospects from a third team to ship over to Miami along with some of our own players/prospects, and some money, maybe there are possibilities. Maybe not.

  9. Badger says:

    Bobby is right. Not gonna happen.

    And as much as I would like to see Altuve in a Dodger uniform I don’t give up what would be a #2 and three more Major Leaguers for him. We may need Capuano.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, getting a lead off hitting All Star CFer for a draft pick is worth it. Trading Ethier for top prospects more than makes up for it too. The question is, are we better with Bourn in center leading off or Ethier in right hitting sixth.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s just not whether or not we’re better off with Bourn than Ethier. It’s also what Ethier would bring back. Certainly he could bring back enough prospects to make it worthwhile to surrender our #1 pick. Question is, would he also garner us a player or two who could make a significant contribution this year. So even if Bourn by himself isn’t an improvement over Ethier, it could be that Bourn plus that other player or two, is.

    Then again, maybe Matt Kemp would become a head case, a la Hanley, and wouldn’t want to move to RF.

  11. Badger says:

    Well, would our starting lineup be better with Bourn leading off and playing center and Crawford hitting second, or would it be better with Crawford leading off and Ethier hitting sixth?

  12. Bobby says:

    If Matt Kemp doesn’t want to play RF, then it’s all moot.

  13. Badger says:

    I would hope Kemp would do whatever it takes to win a championship. But, you may be right Bobby.

  14. Rob says:

    I like the attempt to start a conversation but that proposed trade is a horrible idea.

  15. Badger says:

    Agree Rob.

    For what it’s worth, which prolly ain’t much, it’s my opinion we are better offensively AND defensively with Bourn. And trading a talent like Ethier would add much needed depth to the organization.

  16. Badger says:

    Geez that Heat team is deep.

  17. Bobby says:

    Lebron is on another planet right now. Kobe from 2006 time, or Shaq from 2000 are the last ones to be this absolutely dominant.

    Lakers look so small right now; especially with Howard still very much injured. Stupid choice to hire D’antoni. He’s horrendous, and this front office completely screwed up. Not fun being a season tix holder right now :(

    Thank God pitchers/catchers report in 2 days!

  18. Bobby says:

    Oh, and ummmm, welcome to Los Angeles Kevin Gregg!! :/

  19. Reggie says:

    Ask around baseball if you have any connections. Nobody wants to take on Ethiers’ contract with getting substantial cash back. The Dodgers paid him too much and they are stuck unless they give up a whole lot more. I think the Yankees would be inclined to do that deal if the Dodgers sent an extra $25 mil their way.

  20. Badger says:

    Ethier is a 3+ WAR player. In a place like Boston or Texas, he would easily be a 4+. At roughly 5 mil per WAR point, he would be worth the money to the right team. If they seriously start asking around, there would be interest.

    Agree about D’Antoni. I wonder where the Lakers might be with Hill, Gasol and Howard at 100%. Still not fast, but very dangerous in the playoffs. And they WOULD be in the playoffs if everyone was healthy.

  21. Rob says:

    There’s a huge difference between signing a player and trading the house for an over the hill guy.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Kevin Gregg is not likely to see LA. But yes, he will see Glendale, AZ. Just another body to fill some innings during the spring.

  23. DodgerDude says:

    A guy like Jeter could win us a World Series this year. That’s not much to give up for that.

  24. KEN says:

    Lakers should have hired Bernie Bickerstaff

    I would not give up low priced prospects for Ethier’s contract.

  25. Badger says:

    You wouldn’t trade high priced prospects for an All Star outfielder?

    You wouldn’t last long as a GM. It’s done every year for 3+ WAR players.

    Andre Ethier could have monster years in ballparks that are more like the ones in Boston and Texas and less like the one in L. A. I think he could win a batting title in Boston. He is actually pretty good at popping the ball 300′ to left field.

  26. Badger says:

    Low priced prospects for an All Star.

    Edit please.

  27. Pete M. says:

    The Jeter and Dre trains have rolled into the station.
    Hell will freeze over if Jeter is traded and Dre is the LAD RF in 2013.Badger is right though, Dre would mash in the sweet confines of Arlington or Boston…
    Blue signs Kevin Gregg…This makes it official…Albuquerque wiil have the first 18 man pitching staff on MILB history.
    Kemp…I asked weeks ago, what are Bison’s thoughts on this RF switch??? Lets hope it’s not going to be an imagined Hanley reaction…
    Gonzo, I’m with you on Castellanos…3B might be a stretch, but somewhere if not the bench as #4 OF…

  28. Pete M. says:

    I see where Brandon Belt of SF ragged on LA about their spending by saying “You can’t buy Chemistry”…
    Now I guess I could go off and say who the hell is Brandon Belt, but I wont… WS twice in 3 seasons curbs that reaction.
    He’s right as my Lakers have proven this year and my Jankees over the years, but I dont know if chemistry is the best word…
    You gotta have some luck and health mixed in with players playing up to their potential, no more, no less…
    I’ll go with what I got!!! Last Aug/Sept. history and tommorow a mystery… Pitchers and catchers tommorow starts the grind…

    • Bobby says:

      Actually Brandon Belt is 100% right; free spending isn’t going to buy us chemistry. Giants players sacrifice runners over so the other guy can drive him in.

      Will our guys do that? Let’s see.

  29. Badger says:

    There have been some teams over the years who won despite not liking each other much. I think what it takes is people who care more about winning than looking good or making money. There may be a couple of players on this Dodger team that care more about looking in the mirror than in holding a Championship trophy, it’s hard to tell from my living room.

    The fact that some management types decided to overpay guys like Crawford and Greinke doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work hard and sacrifice for the sake of winning. I also think the gints are managed by a knuckle dragging troll than nobody wants to cross.

    I too think Andre is the right fielder and 6th batter in the lineup guy for this team. But having said that, it would not surprise me if Jed has told Borass “talk to us before you sign anything”. And here’s another scenario that I could see playing out…. you look at Boston’s depth chart and you see Gomes in LF, Victorino in right. You tell me Boston wouldn’t trade Gomes and some prospects for Andre in their outfield. It could happen, prolly won’t, but both teams could benefit from it. Andre in that Little League field of Boston would hit .300 with an OPS+ of 140. Victorino and Gomes won’t come close to that.

    It’s the off season. What else do we have to talk about but ways to improve our club?

  30. Roger Dodger says:

    I am by my phone all day today — in case one of the teams in Arizona or Florida, as camps open today — are a pitcher short — and call me to fill a spot on the roster.

    If so, I will get you all some passes for games in Spring Training. Wish me luck.

  31. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I wish you luck and a good detox center, for you are high on something.

    The Dodgers are not moving Ethier, at least for now. The team wants to see what they got before anything happens. They have the makings of literally a 3 All-Star team OF, I’m not saying they will all be all-stars but on paper Crawford, Ethier and Kemp looks pretty good. At the same time, those three are also an OF of ifs. If Crawford and Kemp are recovered and return to previous form, If Ethier can get some quality help from Big Smak and learn to hit lefties, you have a mind-blowing outfield. The thing is those ifs aren’t remote possibilities, they actually could be realized. Based on that alone makes me seriously doubt that Ethier is shipped off.

    Here is something that no one has considered, what happens if Dee Gordon tears it up in ST? I could see a MIA Hanley Ramirez traded away for the 3B or 2B help you all have been clamoring for. The Dodgers ship off the potential cancer bomb before he can detonate and lower his trade value, even if the Dodgers have to eat a lot of his contract.

    Hanley gone and Ethier staying is a much more likely scenario, again it all depends on what Dee does. Dee is actually the linchpin in what this roster looks like on Opening Day. I might add, I still think the Dodgers want to get a very good look at Cruz before he is tossed on the scrap heap, I believe management is really committed to Cruz, they like his last season accomplishments, they like his attitude, they like his presence in the clubhouse and they like that he is a Mexican (not just latino) in a very Mexican community that they play in.

  32. Badger says:

    “Here is something that no one has considered, what happens if Dee Gordon tears it up in ST?”

    You know roid, just a friendly suggestion, it would help communication in here if you would actually read what others have written. We have already been discussing this very fact, along with many others scenarios. Most figure that if this should happen, Hanley goes to third or goes bye bye. Cruz will get his shot, but we all are looking for an upgrade at third.

    An outfield of Crawford, Bourn and Kemp is even BETTER. A lineup that begins with Bourn, Crawford, Kemp and Gonzalez is the best top of the lineup in either league.

    But again, I don’t really believe it’s going to happen.

  33. emerson-Lake says:

    You’re smokin’ that funny stuff again, Mark. It wasn’t until I saw you on video (good stuff) that I realized you’re not really serious about these insane, just keep piling players into the bucket until someone can’t resist a 6 for l deal–you’re just screwing around having fun because you’re bored. Take it from a New York Brooklyn Dodger fan–Jeter wouldn’t come to L.A. unless you threw in Scarlett Johansson, Ri Ri and a couple of young starlets with great tools. And why don’t you just chill out on Either and stop blaming him for being “overpaid”. He’s a big-time asset when he’s healthy. Time to sit back a little and enjoy the games, and make a few more videos–they’re fun to watch–and figure out what the hell to do with all these relievers. Don’t forget to pass the pipe.

  34. quasimodo says:

    You all pretty much know that I’m happy Ethier is still a Dodger. While many of the above comments make sense,I’m glad Ned is the GM. Did anybody see Doug Stanhope on HBO talking about yankees and being on their side was like being on the side of a casino BJ dealer? Thats the 2nd reason I hate the Yanks-the 1st reason is their fans. And Yank fans have fallen behind Giant fans. But I don’t fear Giants are better than Dodgers this year and stacking the deck further might take some of the interest away. I feel good about making it to the post season.

  35. Badger says:

    I think the guy most likely to help Ethier learn how to handle left handers is Adrian Gonzalez. He has a .280 .345 .445 career split against them. Hope Andre listens to him.

  36. quasimodo says:

    @Badger, I hope gordon tears it up and earns his spot. Its really fun to see him get on base-all buck-50 of him.

  37. Badger says:

    He is fun to watch quas. He gets on base and there is a buzz…… infielders start talking to each other, pitchers and catchers have a little chat…. the opposing coaches get together and start sending signals to their players. Even the outfielders talk knowing something unusual could happen. Speed. What a weapon.

    .333. Just get on 1/3 of your plate appearances kid and you will be a multimillionaire. Get on at 35% and you will be an All Star.

    And I believe you know I am an Ethier fan. Have been since he came up. He does a lot of things right at the plate. The one thing he can’t seem to get a handle on is laying off the outside breaking ball from left handed pitchers. Like I said, I would just as soon see him stop chasing by taking a few on the corner so he knows what that strike looks like. I have watched him numerous times in ST thumping outside pitches to the left field gap, and in batting practice he is really good at it. But in game situations? … not so much.

    Saw Identity Theft. All I can say is…. don’t bother.

  38. HemmorhoidRage says:

    “Hanley goes to third or goes bye bye. Cruz will get his shot, but we all are looking for an upgrade at third.” Really WE ALL are looking for an upgrade at third? In fact many have actually not been say that at all. Just had to say that since you are such a cranky bastard and always play the adversarial role. Maybe you could give others a chance and not just bully your way around in here. Lighten up, damn you must be miserable to live with.

    How about letting some conversation flow in here without going on the attack every time. You act like a damn lawyer. Give it a rest, dude.

  39. Jas says:

    The Original Dodgerman is back!



  40. Badger says:

    Welcome back OD, you surly old crank.

    It was just a friendly suggestion sphincter boy. You obviously had not been a part of all the talk about Hanley to third, Gordon winning the SS position out of ST… etc etc. I thought I was doing you a favor by asking you to wake up and get current, but obviously all it did was bring out the OD in you.

    If you are happy with the Dodgers production at third you are either not paying attention (likely) or you are just satisfied with less than mediocrity. Here’s a little assignment for you, go look at the Fantasy Ratings of all the third baseman in the Major Leagues and tell me where you find a Dodger. I’ll wait here with the crow while you do that.

    Let me put it a different way…. ALL OF US EXCEPT YOU would like to see an upgrade at third. If Cruz can do for 150 games what he did in less than half a season (OPS+ of 106) that would be….. acceptable, but I think most of us would rather see a real thumper there. I think it’s reasonable to believe that MOST of us would like to see Hanley realize he is best suited to be third baseman and start to take that job seriously. Most of us would like to see Gordon explode in ST and force Donnie to play him there. Not you obviously.

    One last thing, do you take medications? Seriously, some days it’s like you are calm and reasonable, some days it’s like you are on your period. Please, take your meds before you come to class.

  41. quasimodo says:

    Badger, don’t know what the identity theft comment means,I sure hope it wasn’t directed towards me as it was me that you addressed. I’d never attempt such a thing. And besides, I’m hardly savvy with computers.—-I read you on what you say about Ethier and I hope he’ll find a fix to that achilles tendon-just hate to see it with him on another team.

    • Badger says:

      It’s a movie quas. And it’s Identity Thief with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. Horrible. Rotten Tomatoes gives it one star.

    • Badger says:

      Ken – I think there would be more than one team that would be interested in Ethier if he were indeed available. You said you wouldn’t trade prospects for Andre and his contract. Did I misread that? Ethier IS an All Star you know. Well he was in ’10 and ’11 and should have been in ’09 when he was 6th in the MVP voting and won the SS.

      Maybe you can explain why you don’t think he is worth top prospects. Is it just the back end of that contract? Like I already said, it’s my opinion he could earn its last four year average (17.5) in a ballpark like the two in Texas, Boston or some of the other smaller parks in either league. Remember, five mil for every WAR point.

  42. RogerCraig says:

    I don’t know how anyone can believe they can count on Cruz. There’s simply no basis except wishful thinking.

  43. jerry says:

    there again we are talking about get someone who is on the down side of his playing days.yes he was great.but we need someone who is on the up side. i like either he still has a good ave..and to me he is a great out fielder.

  44. Gonzo says:

    Quasi, Badger was just letting us know to not go watch the movie”Identity Theft”

  45. KEN says:


    “just a friendly suggestion, it would help communication in here if you would actually read what others have written.”

    Trading propsects for an All-Star is very different than trading prospects for an above averge player like Andre with his contract that you know maybe 1-2 teams would take.

    • Badger says:

      Ken see above…

      my iphone posted it in the wrong place…. couldn’t have been me…..

      I’ll bet Seattle would be interested in Ethier too.

  46. quasimodo says:

    Gonzo, lol, Thank You! I sure feel silly


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