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Anybody Can Overpay

At a time when most Dodger fans are overjoyed and elated at the Dodgers’ prospects, I find myself very underwhelmed, even sad. 

By all accounts the Dodgers are in excellent financial shape.  A huge TV contract will soon be a reality and the team has spent like no other team in the history of the game.  Unlike some of you, I never admired the Yankees.  To me, they were the poster child of what is wrong with the pay disparity in baseball and I don’t feel any different about the Dodgers.  I cannot admire management that overpays so grossly for players like Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett.  In business, throwing money at a problem rarely solves it.   Frequently, it exacerbates it!

For the record, I am not trying to tell you how to feel – I am just telling you how I feel and I am somewhat embarrassed by the Dodgers unapologetic spending.  If it buys them a World Series this year, I think I’ll be able to overcome how I feel, but anything less and the Dodgers will be the Laughingstock of Baseball and as a fan, I do not relish that!   I don’t like bullies – I’ve spent most of my life standing up to them and now it feels like the Dodgers are that bully. I dislike the feeling that a spoiled-brat rich kid can buy anything he wants… and we all know that things for those spoiled brats don’t usually end up well.

Having more money that anyone in baseball brought the Dodgers Crawford, Gonzo, Beckett, Ramirez, Puig, Greinke, Ryu, League and others.  There are snickers behind the scenes that the Dodgers just overpaid to make some moves.  Ask any team in baseball if they would want any of those contacts and I think you would have a hard time getting anyone to take ANY of those players for free except for Gonzalez, IF THEY HAD TO ASSUME THEIR CONTRACTS.  The Dodgers were forced to take or give contracts no one else would.

Maybe the end will justify the means – a World Series Championship would shut everyone up.  Any thing less and the Dodgers might really be the Laughingstocks, I fear.  If these guys can come together and just have their average years, all will be well, but here’s my concerns:

  • Clayton Kershaw – Do hip problems miraculously just go away?  I don’t think we know the whole story…  and that worries me.
  • Carl Crawford -  I have to wonder about a few things with Carl: (1) Saying that Boston was a “toxic” environment makes me question his intestinal fortitude (A-Gon was there and delivered) and I don’t like excuses; (2) Will his arthritic wrist hold up: and (3) Can he even come close to being the player he once was (I have my doubts).
  • Hanley Ramirez – Where do I start?  He could be MVP or a train wreck.
  • Matt Kemp – How long before he regains his power from shoulder surgery?
  • Will Cad Billingsley be the pitcher we all think he can be or will his arm blow out?
  • Who will lead-off?
  • Can the personalities gel and who will be the team leader(s)?

My lack of enthusiasm is apparent.  I currently now have no plans to go to Spring Training – I am simply unmotivated.  Maybe that will change or maybe I’m just getting old and grouchy.  If the above-mentioned players get it together and play up to their abilities, this team can win it all.  That’s the Kool-Aid I need to drink.  Maybe I have been doing this too long…



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  1. RogerCraig says:

    It is a breath of fresh air to hear this, Mark. I feel much the same. I think winning will cure what ails me, but I have a lot of trepidation about this team. I also think there is no middle ground – it will either be a very good or very bad year to be a Dodger fan. I hope it is the former.

  2. Badger says:

    So you guys are going to miss the McCourt years. That’s interesting.

    Everybody hates the Yankees…. except Yankee fans, who support the team to the tune of the most valuable franchise in the history of MLB. Will the Dodgers challenge that? Damn right they will.

    I was embarrassed by the McCourt era. Mark, you supported that cockroach and now you say you are embarrassed by the current ownership?

    I will never again say I am embarrassed to be a Dodger fan. Those days are over. Let the rest of the country hate the Dodgers. I don’t give a damn what they think. I want to see great players on the field in a Dodger uniform and I want to see the team in the play-offs year after year. Of course I want to see championships, but they won’t come every year. Even the Yankees, who lead all of baseball in attendance year after year, don’t win championships every year. Even the Lakers, who are having their difficulties this year, don’t win every year. But…… they are talked about every year…. unlike some teams who only make the play-offs every ten years or so.

    Our team is relevant again. And you guys are embarrassed by that?

    This is a good time for Dodger fans. It’s a shame some of you won’t enjoy it. I am sorry for you.

  3. RogerCraig says:

    I did not see anywhere that Mark said he was going to miss the McCourt years. Did I skip something?

  4. quasimodo says:

    Anything short of a World Series? Don’t we all know that winning a division title speaks louder as to which team is better? I’m saying the best team doesn’t always win the ring as post season series are too short and theres a thing called luck. Its what gave SF their 1st crown. OK, I’ll admit that a victory with less $ spent is something to be more proud of, but its kinda cool seeing better chances to get that victory while we wait for our farm system to be restored. At least its more likely I’ll be alive to see Dodgers win another championship. My health issues make McCourt gone a good thing.

  5. MJRod55 says:

    You guys act like the Dodgers had a choice. The cupboards were empty, and they would remain empty for years of rebuilding. We should waste Kershaw, Kemp, and Ethier’s best years waiting for Gordon, Puig, Seager to arrive from the minors? I don’t think so. I don’t believe the Dodgers will continue to spend like this forever. They have invested in the future, with the front office and minor league people they have assembled. They have brought together people who can find international talent and forge a pipeline to the major leagues. They have a master plan that is greater than their money plan… I can’t wait to see it play out.

    • DodgerDude says:

      They did have a choice. This is the path they have chosen and it may be correct, but I see what Mark is saying. It could blow up in their faces too.

  6. Bobbie17 says:

    We’ll all be better off and forget the spending and just look at these guys as Dodgers who are trying to beat the Giants and everyone else. It’s hard, but forget how they got here and hope they play well. The money part is stupid in sports, unless you look at it as entertainment, which it is. I don’t like to root for entertainers, but I will root for the Dodgers and am excited that my all time hero, Sandy Koufax, is around, hopefully in his #32. I guess the Dodger uniform is bigger than who’s in it, for me. It’s a great uniform and these guys should be honored to wear it, at whatever price. Forget the money and let’s play ball and beat the s…t out of the Giants.

  7. Mark_Timmons says:


  8. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Don’t have enough money to get players, people bitch. Have enough money to get players, people bitch. It just goes to show you that people bitch. Of the two instances, having the money to spend is a great problem to have. Not time for pessimism, although many thrive on it. It is the time for optimism, just recall the mood surrounding the Dodgers 12 months ago, recall the mood surrounding the Dodgers 24 months ago. Wake up people, this is a new beginning in the Dodgers history, get on board and get a smile on your face.

    Yes, definitely RIP Jerry Buss (another guy who did great things for the Lakers because of his abundance of cash, not the lack of it)

    • Dave says:

      I think mark is saying , to climb mt everest with the best gear, best climbers, best guides , shit happens be aware ! its dangerous at them altitudes and weather changes in a hurry climber be ware ! dodger fan beware ! life is hard ! baseball is a hard game ! Winning championships aint a walk in the park ! Go blue !

  9. Badger says:

    Feel the same about Buss. Doesn’t appear the kid has his old man’s chops.

    I was embarrassed when Frankie McNonuts owned the team. I am loving the heck out of what is going on now. The Dodgers are on the front page again.

  10. Joseph Olivas says:

    This is the stupidest article i have ever read im starting to think ur a Dodger basher mark are u sure ur not a giant fan????

  11. Joseph Olivas says:

    We finally got something to be excited about and not wonder if loney or uribe can hit and if ur pitching will be descent get a grip mark and be optimistic!!!!!

  12. Mark_Timmons says:


    I prefer reality. I am realistic about this team and while I am generally an optimistic person, I am not oblivious to the problems I stated. Explain how it is a stupid article and leave out fantasy – give me facts!

    Name one team in all of baseball that would take Carl Crawford\’s $102 million contract! It\’s really hard not to call you names right about now.


    I supported McCourt when he was owner (there was no other choice). It was his own mid-deeds that did him in, but it took a while. I still say McCourt did a lot of good things. His pockets weren\’t deep, but they don\’t have to be. He could have pulled it off, but greed got him.

    I don\’t pine for McCourt, but I think I have a right to disagree with the way Guggs and Company are doing it. Maybe it will be OK – I really hope so, but I have seen companies try to buy market share and it usually doesn\’t work.


    You are an idiot if you believe I am a Giant fan. That\’s why I have, because I\’m a Giants fan? Moron!!!

    It\’s people who read what they want to hear, not what I write that drive me crazy!!!


  13. Roger Dodger says:

    The other day, i received a message from MLB.TV Premium Subscription –

    to renew my subscription for 2013, which is automatic unless one stops it.

    Spring Training games — over 200. And over 2,430 regular season games during the season. Also, on some devices: Mac, PC, smartphones and tablets

    Anyway. Price is $125.99 for the year ($5 off because of having it last year.)

    First game on the schedule is this Sat, Feb 23 — 4 games.

    This is a lot of money, but gee, the number of games . . . Subscriptions

  14. Bill Russell says:

    Well I have to say I’m happier and more excited this year about the Dodgers then several of the past few years. If these guys don’t work out we can dump them and buy new ones. That’s a take and I hope it didn’t suck………………..

  15. Bball says:

    Mark all of your points are valid and I don’t think anyone likes bullies but I think the dodgers are just pretty much making up for mcstank. This team may fail this year but at least this new ownership is bringing back the casual fan to dodger stadium. They are a big market team and a big market team does not have a payroll of 90 million. It also doesn’t have to be this high and I don’t think it will stay that high forever. Once they have a legit farm system that they will have in the near future things will even out. Do you think the rangers are bullies? Cause if they didn’t have profar and olt and others i think they would have had to overpay for greinke and Hamilton.

  16. Bball says:

    Mark all of your points are valid and I don’t think anyone likes bullies but I think the dodgers are just pretty much making up for mcstank. This team may fail this year but at least this new ownership is bringing back the casual fan to dodger stadium. They are a big market team and a big market team does not have a payroll of 90 million. It also doesn’t have to be this high and I don’t think it will stay that high forever. Once they have a legit farm system that they will have in the near future things will even out. Do you think the rangers are bullies? Cause if they didn’t have profar and olt and others i think they would have had to overpay for greinke and Hamilton. As you can tell I’m no writer

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, if anything, is NOT stupid. I disagree, but I understand. Given the reality of the market, I’m not sure that the Dodgers are overpaying. But even if they are, it’s with good purpose. The Dodger brand has to be re-built, and the best way to do it is to put talent on the field. And talent costs. In the end, it’s all an investment. If reports are to be believed, season ticket sales are up from 17,000 last year to 27,000 this year. That’s 10,000 per game. And unlike last year when the team was largely boycotted by its fans, these people will likely show up and spend their money on food and merchandise at the games. And then there’s the TV deal. Maybe the willingness of ownership to spend on talent influenced Time Warner to a degree to bet on the long term success of a Dodger network.

    And the Dodgers aren’t just spending wildly on established talent. They’re making a concerted effort to re-build the minor league talent pipeline, so that as the years go by there will be less and less of a need to dip into the free agent market. I’m sure free agency and trades that involve the absorption of large contracts from other teams will continue into the forseeable future. But over time as more and more talent is internally developed, that will become an increasingly less attractive means of acquiring talent.

    And I agree with Badger that under McCourt this team was an embarrassment. And if they don’t win a championship this year I don’t necessarily think the Dodgers will be anyone’s laughingstock. And if so, probably not deservedly so. If the Dodgers had the resources to acquire talent, and didn’t do it because they were worried that doing so would set them up for ridicule, I would be, to say the least, disappointed. Better that they go all in to win. At least, then, I know that they’re serious about winning. To do anything else, when investing heavily is possible, would be defeatist. And if the Dodgers somehow don’t win at least the division this year, I’m ready for the ridicule. It’s worrying about being ridiculed that bothers me the most.

    • Dave says:

      remodels get people excited its nice n all but the people that live there daily did it change there cohesiveness ? screw the pundits change is always good but is it the right family thats the key !

  18. Idahoal says:

    I agree with Badger. Let the other people bitch about the Dodgers. I really do not care. We may not win it all, but at least the Dodgers are trying to win it all. Under McCourt, we did not have a chance of winning anything. Injuries are always going to be a part of the game. If we have too many, we will not win. However, every team faces that problem. The only thing I do not like is that the Dodgers will not pick up Mattingly’s option for 2014. That is not a good sign. His salary is peanuts compared to what the players receive. This is not a positive sign and may hurt the players, if they start to think they are playing for a lame duck manager.

  19. the truth hurts says:

    I am optimistic about the season and think the team will “gel”.

    However, Mark is right. You can’t forget the end of last season and how horrible this team was. There are a lot of questions marks. A-L-O-T!!!

    We are the Dodgers. I agree with Badger, I don’t give a rats *** what other teams think of us. This ownership has come to play and I am right there with them, bullies or not. If we put together a couple winning seasons, it won’t be long until we are hated anyway. Might as well be spending.

  20. Badger says:

    The Dodgers can afford what they are doing. These new owners are not overspending for anything! We now have what the previous ownership could not offer – proper management tactics. This franchise will continue to make a profit so who cares about taking on Boston’s biggest contracts? They are all overpaid – so what?

    Mark, with all due respect you were warned about that guy. You say you supported him because you had no choice? BS. McCourt came in way underfunded and what happened was predictable. When you gonna start listening to your old friend Badger? You know I have been right about the big picture more than not. You can now make a choice to get behind this new management team and trust we will no longer be the laughingstock of MLB and we will no longer be outspent by the midgets. That should have never happened and it did under your man mcjoke.

  21. quasimodo says:

    I find it hard to see how any Dodger fan isn’t having fun with this offseason. Really! Just whats wrong? Front office did a few things that nobody is 100% in favor of, but I’m 90% quite pleased. I’d be happier if the players came to LA at cheaper price, (though I can’t really say why) I’m just glad they’re here. I don’t need Dodgers to win the championship to get me aboard-they’ve always been MY DODGERS and even though I find myself just a little embarressed at being the highest paid team in history its only because I can’t tag that on the Yankees anymore. We’ll make the playoffs and not with wildcard. Sure hope the Giants don’t get in via wildcard-it’d be a shame to see them get lucky again.

  22. Badger says:

    quas is right. Brooklyn is right.

    And yeah truth, there are a few question marks. I don’t think there is “a lot” of them as you and Mark suggest, but there are a few. We don’t know how quickly, or even if, Crawford will get back to what he did a couple of years ago. But he doesn’t really need to put up those Tampa numbers (OPS+ of 135 his last year) to help this team. I will be happy just to see him on the field. Our left field numbers last year were atrocious and our 2 hole hitter was never really all that. Mark Ellis had an OPS of .692 in 68 games there. I don’t even know who else hit out of that spot for the other 90 some games. And who was our lead-off hitter last year? We didn’t have one then and still don’t really. Third base and second base are question marks, no thumper off the bench, but that’s about it. Who backs up Gonzalez? Iontkno – Uribe or Hairston, but Adrian won’t miss that many games. And our pitching should be outstanding. And here’s the kicker – whatever we need to finish strong will be acquired at the deadline.

    We should all be in our happy zone for this coming year. It’s a new era in Dodger baseball. There is no doubt about it, we are competitive again. And here’s something else I don’t mind – being the west coast bullies. If it means we win 90+ games every year, well, then bullies we be! As for what people who are not Dodger fans think – ef ‘em. You think the gint fans mourned for us when they watched the McCourt’s embarrassing saga play out. They were laughing their collective asses off. I lived up there for over 20 years. I know those people very well. How many t-shirts did I see that said Duck the Fodgers! How many times did I have to listen to somebody tell me they had 2 Dodger hats, one to sh*t in and one to cover it up with. No, like truth so eloquently put it – I don’t give a rats ass what other teams and their fans think of what the Dodgers are doing. They are just jealous.

    Having said that, for years I have been asking for a salary cap in baseball. Right now, I don’t really care about that. I think it has to come eventually, but not yet.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Here ya go. April 1 and here is what happened.

    Hanley finally showed up, had a long talk with Donnie, and moved to 3rd base, to become a great third baseman. Gordon opens at SS, found his hitting stroke and is smoking around the bases, game after game.

    Kemp started off fast in Spring Training, then had a few injury days, but then turned it on and is bashing the ball, catching everything in center and he is ready.

    Ethier learned to hit lefthanders, and is actually hitting higher against lefthanded pitching in Spring Training than against righthanders.

    Crawford looks strong, playing heads up ball, his throwing arm is getting stronger every day.

    AG is stroking the ball to all fields, fielding great; he is ready.

    AJ Ellis is solid. Catching and hitting right on par.

    2nd base has three players all wanting lots of time, Donnie has not made his decision yet.

    The pitching has settled down to five starters. Clayton, Greinke, Beckett, Billingsley, and Ryu leave the gate with high polish. The pen guys are hungry and just wait to be called: Jansen, League, Tolleson, Rodriguez, Bellsario, Capuano, and Moylan.

    Everyone picks the Dodgers to win. End of story.

  24. KEN says:

    Manager Don Mattingly said Gordon weighs over 160 pounds this spring, up from 140 pounds at the start of spring training in 2011.
    I told you guys that Gordon’s listed weight last yeasr was an impossibility and a lie.

    Puig 215 lbs? LOL How about 250 lbs?

    Elbert looking in from the outside for many months ahead.

    Mark is not correct. You can only overpay if you have excess capital or you can con people into believing garbage and just borrow losts of money from everyone that you can con.

  25. Dave says:

    Badger its how you lead the horses to water! to drink as one walk as one and believe as a team! and how you weather storms ! are these the right guys ? so money has changed everything ? it helped but its not a curall !

    • Quasimodo says:

      Damn its time for baseball-Oops! Still another 40 days. The worse games ahead are played at an altitude a mile high. Why does Coors Field give us more trouble than other teams? They should send our rotation up there in the clouds for a piece of spring training.

  26. Dave says:

    Donnie has a load on his shoulders ! no ? They still can fill that contract will see but there playing a card on him and all helping him moneys there now show the results as a staff , kastens playing a risky card there but hes had success in playing that card before ! will see !

  27. quasimodo says:

    I’m not sure I buy the story about Mattingly’s job on the line. Donnie said its all noise and I’m thinking it might be just noise created only for the media to write about along with the rest of the non-news. We have a few hints he’s very trusted about who will fit in and what they’ll bring besides their stats. It may even be directed towards our roster so they can feel less focused on. All coaches seem on the same page as Donnie. He ain’t goin nowhere.

  28. Badger says:

    I don’t believe Donnie’s job is on the line. They like him. Seems everybody likes him. His job is the same as every manager’s in the league. You win or we find someone else.

    The Dodgers did not balk at those Boston contracts because I believe they believe in the players. I know I do. If the Dodgers win, the team makes enormous money. If they lose, they still make money because millions more are now interested and will buy tickets, buy jerseys, buy beer, buy Dodger Dogs and buy whatever t.v. package is available to them.

    I know money is not the cure-all (sic) but it beats being broke. Any of you ever been broke? I mean, seriously without a job, kids to feed, a house mortgage to pay and you just got laid off and the bank account is empty? Do you young guys have any idea what that means? If you have, then you know the feeling. If you have not, then you have no idea what it means to be broke.

    Listen, most of the people I have met in my life who have a lot of money are jerks. I get that. I am not part of the Gag-on-hymen circle, they would never invite a guy like me to their cocktail parties, but that’s ok with me because I likely wouldn’t want to hang around them anyway. But that is not the point. Let’s look at Mark as an example. He is busting his ass to build his company, not so they can be second rate, one of many water companies around the country, but so that they can be the best damn water company in the league! All of us work our entire lives, chasing our tails month after month year after year for what? So we can make enough money to live a decent life. The Dodgers now have enough money to put together a decent organization, following a destructive bankrupt operation and some of you are acting like it’s a bad thing. I don’t get that. We are now what we should have been decades ago – the West Coast Yankees – and we should be embarrassed by that?! I don’t understand that thinking. The Dodgers are from Los Angeles, the second largest market in the nation. They have a long rich history, from Zack Wheat to Van Lingle Mungo to Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Sandy Koufax, Maury Wills, Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Fernando Valenzuela, Kirk Gibson, Mike Piazza, Eric Gagne and then run off the table by the horseshit ownership of first Fox and then McCourt. We haven’t won a title in 25 years! That’s ridiculous.

    It is time to celebrate. We are back.

  29. Pete M. says:

    You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil has to be lead!!!

    Is that where some are???

    I’m on the cusp of one of my most interesting and exciting ST in many a year…

    I’ve got pitching coming out the wazoo…I’ve got a potential line up that can score in bunches…

    I’ll get a sneak peek at some exciting young guns in ST (Puig, Garcia, Seager etc…)

    Now like every team, all I need is health and a some luck… I’m happy, please dont pee on my parade…

    Dr. Jerry B. you always made it ez to forget Donald Sterling..

    Those of you living in SoCal, are we still going to catch most of the games this year free???

    • Quasimodo says:

      @Pete, for free? Well, cable or in my case directv. But thats the same as it was last year. Kcal chanel 9 has several of the games, but most games come on primeticket (FOX Sports West) then theres the rare times on ESPN. But free? I guess chanel 9 might work with a rabbit ear antenna.

  30. Gonzo says:

    Dodgers are bullies? To me, its more of a bullied bullied kid deciding it time to punch the bully in the mouth. The team has invested in the present and near future until the minors are stacked. Getting all of these expensive players through 2018 is like me buying my 55 inch LED TV. Do I need it? No. Is it nice to have? Hell yes!! The Dodgers just put everyone on check since they took over. Why do you think the Giants extended Cain?

  31. Pete M. says:

    Q…Thanks… Yep gotta pay for cable…Just happy I’m getting games…

  32. Quasimodo says:

    And another thing new owners gave us is at least 1 more year of that voice of gold, Vin Scully!

  33. Pete M. says:

    Not intended to be a man crush, but this Puig is built like a brick s**t house..Checking out some shots from Roberto Baly’s to Camelback and he’s got one next to Dre and it’s unbelievable, the diff. A younf Pedro Guerrero??? (I hope)

  34. Pete M. says:

    Q – If they screwed with Vin, I’d be a Halo fan in a NY minute.. I truly hope this could be the year of the ring for Vin and he can ride into the sunset…

  35. DougUgly says:

    I share a lot of your sentiments, Mark. The thing I’m holding onto is Kasten’s comments about rebuilding the minor league system. I think Cory Seager and all of the international work are signs that the future will be brighter than the present. I’ve always loved seeing minor league names progress through the system and then appear in Chavez Ravine. I especially harken back to the days of Garvey, Cey, Lopes, etc. as an era when being a Dodger fan was fun. Hang in there – better days are coming.

  36. Badger says:

    I am looking forward to the minor league system being re-stocked too. It’s all part of the new era. I think we finally have two prospects that will remain at the top of the list – Puig and Seager. Hope so anyway. Tired of seeing that list change every few minutes.

    Nats and Dodgers still even favorites in the National League. Love to see that. The s-perts don’t seem to share the doubt that some in here have.

  37. Dave says:

    badger i agree but im very cautious this game, well as you no, it aint over till its over, heck ive got a dog in the fight ! im extremely excited for the opportunity may the chips fall blue and enjoy the ride and leave it at that play ball !

  38. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s just words, but this is in line with my thinking re: Dee Gordon.,0,3330604.story

    I’ve always considered him a hard worker and I’ve always liked his attitude, enthusiasm, and talent. I haven’t seen or heard anything yet to change my mind. And Mattingly has always had good things to say about Gordon, and it appears that nothing has changed. No mention of second base in this article, but if Hanley does well at short, and there are no plans to ship Gordon to the outfield, I think it’s a transition that could be considered. A second baseman with a strong arm and plus plus range is a nice commodity to have.

  39. Dave says:

    badger does every body believe in the same national policy were divided right ! now if we were one could we kick ass and take names for the good of man as one ? heck ya is the message from the gugg group resonating with all staff and players ? money was sure used as a message for people from within, people come from all shapes and sizes and thoughts and beliefs we dont no there true belief system hopefully donnie bought in and every one else are on the same page ! this game at this level with these dollars makes that task that much tougher. it takes the right players at the right time , the card of money they hope brings the right players for the right reasons ? maybe ! time will tell it is very risky people love to beat the yankees and now the targets a little heavier on are backs and addressed are way , this game is about each individuals players personal challenge from within and having 25 for the same reasons as one team , day in day out very tough indeed ! GO BLUE

  40. Badger says:

    “badger does every body believe in the same national policy were divided right ! now if we were one could we kick ass and take names for the good of man as one ?”

    I agree. We are a divided people, but if we could come together we could really change the world. Won’t happen. Conflict is good money. Hubris gets in the way. Keeping us divided makes sense for those on each side.

    But as far as baseball is concerned, the teams that are the most successful are the ones that are run smartly, and efficiently. Is that us? I know it remains to be seen, but I am, for the first time in many years, very hopeful. We have some very good people in the right positions. Kasten has a terrific resume. Walter and Magic want to win. This is kind of a dream team that has been put together here:

    If it works out that Gordon is at AAA, I will be ok with it. That tells me Donnie thinks the left side is fine without him. I trust his judgment. I am just anxious to see that kid succeed.

  41. Dave says:

    im a believer in the rays system ive talked with many people in there system amazing what they do with so little and they take the rejects and work from within extremely patient intelligent program damn fun to watch how they compete. Also they wealthiest people i no you wouldnt no they made 30 grand a year , you see they stick with the fundemantals strategic non risk takers with high yields fundementals the gugg group from my perspective if we dont win this year is very risky strenght hast to come from within the organization thats the strenght long term , this years play very risky , potential for a bigger target thrown are way for future years. its one hell of a roll of the dice ! go blue

  42. Dave says:

    never rush a player is my motto this game at the big league level is harsh on any one refine your skills my boy is steve ames you may not be aware hes just coming strong into his man muscle but fastball command is key solid slider but key this off season has been his changeup nasty !!!! honeycut thinks with time a splitty will complement his natural arm slot dee and all guys think there ready patience is the key refine refine and stay healthy dee just needs more patience and understanding of himself in certain areas it s a hard thing to swallow when your hungary to be there ! trustme ive had to learn to swallow much in these areas as i have another in the rays system different animal gifted arm but work ethic and patience are the key i see hear all kinds of things its a rather amazing journey !

  43. The OCP says:

    Mark- need your help (and the help of your fanbase). We are reviewing/revamping our Dodgers All-time team and we are stuck on the fourth starter to round out our rotation… Your choices are Vance, Newcombe, Valenzuela, Hershiser and Osteen… Who do you pick? Email me if you prefer…

    • Jae says:

      Who are the first three? They should be Koufax, Drysdale and Kershaw.

      • Bobby says:

        I’d agree with that.

        4th starter: hmmmm, Fernando overall bigger legacy and longer tenured Dodger. Hershiser some of the best Dodger seasons ever (1985 19-3, 2.08ERA and 1988 Cy Young Winner/59 consecutive scoreless innings).

        I don’t know who I’d take wow!

        Is Kevin Gross not an option :/

        • Badger says:

          Don Sutton with 233 wins and 52 shutouts has to be considered. Dazzy Vance with an ERA+ of 129 is better than everybody but Koufax. He also has 190 wins. Kershaw is not yet on the list.

          Out of those names, tough choice but I go with Vance.

    • The OCP says:

      Should clarify… we look for players that best represent a franchise not necessarily the best player. In a case like this, Clayton Kershaw would be up there in terms of talent BUT there are guys that contributed 10-20 year careers to the Dodgers that we would rank higher… tenure almost always over prime for our All-Time teams. We make exceptions in cases where it makes sense… you identify certain players with franchises based upon magic moments, special seasons, etc… and we obviously don’t just go with the guy who played the longest – if one guy contributed 7-8 exceptional years, we’ll consider him over the guy who was average for 15 years (think Bob Forsch for the Cardinals… 15 seasons, respectable 3.67 ERA, no all-star appearances… we chose a couple guys with MVP’s and Cy’s over him that had fewer games started). It’s not black and white but I wanted to give you an idea of what our decision making process looks like. We seek out local voices to help in really tough situations like this.

      • Badger says:

        Makes sense to me. Four man rotation or five? Five would give you more opportunity to represent different generations better.

  44. MT Dodger Fan says:

    YAll you folks knocking the Dodgers new found financial wherewith all outa just shut up and let the games be played! Sure overspending may not solve a the Dodgers ills. But it is a heck of a lot better than the McCourt fiasco. Stan Kasten didn’t turn the Braves into perennial contenders overnight. Sure the Boys in Blue could have taken the slow, arduous path of development from within, but does anyone in LA really want to watch a Seattle like growth path? Heck no! If Guggenheim want to spend some big $$$ to put a potential powerhouse on the field until the farm bears fruit, let them. Better than dreaming of minor leaguers’ future impact.

    • Dave says:

      mt its there money there team they can do whatever the heck they want right ! just curious do you like the way everybody loves to kick the crap out of the yanks ? i do , its good for baseball but with this team overnights wealth transfer itll be interesting to see how big that target becomes on their back just saying lots riddin on this year very interesting we havent earned that vitral hatred yet ya just haft earn it the old fashioned way !

  45. Roger Dodger says:

    Dave, I think the N.L. West coast teams, fans, will be the ones yelling at games . . . and their local radio sports shows will go for hours and hours about the Dodgers and money and players and the such.

    Targets will be all over the place.

    Just think — if some low grade new owner had been given the Dodgers last year (like the Cubs newer owner) — Loney would be at first base. Gordon the starting SS. No Crawford or Beckett or AG at all.

    The Dodger press would be talking about one of the minor leagues stepping into left field.

    Harang and Capuano would know right now they were in the starting 5. Ryn would have been a Cub or with some other club. Brandon League would have signed with another team.

    And not only Mark but other here would be looking for Uribe to finally find himself.

    • Badger says:

      Agree Roger. I look at this team, as it is currently constructed, and I think it’s much better than the one we started last year with. And it would appear, our minor league system is about to get much better too. Overpay? If the Dodgers as a franchise make money, then, how can anyone suggest they are overpaid? Yeah, I agree that most athletes, certainly by our standards are overpaid. I mean, they are athletes, not surgeons or research academics. Einstein or Mandela they are not. They make zero contribution to society other than entertainment, but, that’s what we pay for. Think about how much successful actors make by PRETENDING to be someone they are not. It just shows what we value as a society. So, I predict the Dodgers will make money in the coming years. And they will do it by putting an interesting team on the field. And 50,000 will show up to see it.

      So who cares what others say? You think the Yankees feel embarrassed about how successful their franchise is? Heck no.

      On a different note, what in the world are the Lakers going to do?

  46. Bill Russell says:

    Who thinks David Price will become a Dodger?

  47. KEN says:

    PETCOTA – Wise thoughts!

    Jesus Flores to beat out FEDEX this year?

    Blended camp? Cool!

  48. The OCP says:

    We have it set as four for now. while it would be better for some teams to have five starting pitchers, there are others that would be extremely challenging to fill (the fourth starter for the Brewers is Ben Sheets… next up would be Pete Vukovich or Jim Coborn… The Diamondbacks fourth starter is Ian Kennnedy). In the end, we want all of the teams to have the same number of hitters/pitchers so we wouldn’t do one and not the others. A four man rotation is consistent with a playoff rotation… the first three pitchers on the team are Koufax, Drysdale and Sutton.

  49. Dave says:

    Its all good , just a very interesting dynamic for sure ! historical numbers the buzz is good for business ! im a puriest of the game let em play ball and see where they find themselves , yes im that guy that always rooted for the underdog loved when the low budget team achieved success , i hate the yanks presentation always have always will , the cream always rises to the top from within , i never pay to fix things do it myself , diamonds in the rough and high yield players always are out there. Go blue play ball !

  50. Dave says:

    David Price is a prime candidate to become a dodger at the end of this year for sure whats not to like there, will there budget and needs lean that direction ? pitching dollars full ? position dollars i feel will be in more demand i feel will see how this offense develops !

  51. Roger Dodger says:

    Ken, you have the other key issue for the Dodgers

    Just who would be the backup Dodger catcher on the roster??

    Ellis cannot catch all of the games, so that leaves the famous – back up slot.

    Last season Ellis was in 133 games with 432 ABs. He started in 128 games, that means 34 other games, the backup catcher worked.

    Maybe it should be 125 this season with 37 from the backup.

    Also, finishing out other games, injuries that nag for several days, and so forth.

    But I do not think we can take for granted just who gets that slot yet.

  52. The OCP says:

    Not sure if you saw my comment below (at 1:21 PM)… four.

  53. Pete M. says:

    I would like to see FedEx get his shot…I’m afraid the LAD way has been:
    Backup Catcher = a) old veteran b) can call a decent game with glacial like movement around dish c)has no clue at the plate with bat… Although I must admit, having a Olympic gold metal v-Ball wife damn sure helped…
    The above shouts out to the heavens, ‘Let FedEx try and deliver’…helluva play on words!!??

  54. HemmorhoidRage says:

    I hear Gary Bennett is still available, I think Piazza can get in touch with him for us, lol.

    Just curious, how many in here feel bad about the Dodgers having money to spend and trying to build a championship team? My guess is, most prefer to finally have an ownership team committed to winning and spending what it takes to get a winner on the field immediately.

    Please vote:

    Yay – I’m glad to see this change in ownership and their attitude about putting a winner on the field immediately.

    Nay – I’m unhappy that our ownership is spending cash to put a winner on the field.

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