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The Number Two Team in LA

Today Bob Costas was asked who the best team in LA was and he replied:  “The Dodgers will be soon.“  But they persisted and asked “But who is number one right now?”  He answered “The Angels, right now.“  So, the Dodgers have the biggest payroll in baseball and they are not the best team in baseball, even in the NL, maybe even in their division and now not in LA!   Don’t shoot the messenger – I’m just reporting what was said and what I also believe.

Fangraphs did their projections yesterday for the LA Dodgers right HERE.  They have Carl Crawford hitting .269, AJ Ellis at .248, Hanley and Andre at .267 and Gonzo at .286.  Juan Uribe is at .235.  Luis Cruz is projected at .262.  YIKES!!!

Those of you who don’t even want to consider Juan Uribe lack imagination.  You see how horrible he has been and think he has always been horrible.  Let me remind you of a few things:

  • Juan Uribe has been a starter on two World Series Championship Teams.
  • His career BA is .251, not .199.
  • He doesn’t strike out at a record pace.
  • He has 157 career HR and has hit over 20 homeruns in four different seasons.
  • He’s playing for his last contract.
  • He’s got Big Mac.

I’m not convinced he will make it, but Dee Gordon and Juan Uribe will both have an excellent opportunity to make the team due to the World Baseball Classic.  If they don’t make the cut, it will their fault!  I think you see a lot of Gordon at SS and Uribe at 3B this spring.  As a side note, compare Uribe and Brandon Inge – similar careers.

Rants & Raves:

  • The fact that some people have Zach Lee as the Dodgers number one prospect is either an indictment of the Dodgers system or probable cause that insanity exists.  I’m not convinced he’s even a Number 5.
  • The best deals will come at the trade deadline when previously untouchable players will be available.    More and more, that’s what I think the Dodgers are looking at.
  • Don’t hold your breath expecting trades or signings.
  • This team scares me a lot!


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  1. Rob says:

    This is the time of the year when everything get over analyzed. As we have seen in the past pitching wins world series and I think we have a pretty darn good rotation even if Bills is sidelined. I know Ryu is unproven but we seem to have luck with Asian pitching ie Nomo, Kuroda, and even Park. I still have tons of faith that this team WILL compete for the ultimate prize.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    As I’ve said before – Lohse is unsigned so sign him.
    Trade one or more starters for prospects or Bench
    Players or use them out of the Bullpen and remember
    how many of these Starters have question marks over
    them. Lohse would make up the best rotation in baseball
    and if either Beckett/Ryu/Bills/Lilly even Kershaw don’t make
    it we still have a Premier Rotation.
    Pitching wins World Series.
    Our biggest problem is a genuine Lead off man.

  3. jerry says:

    every one is counting on big mac..what if he doesnt help. then what

  4. Badger says:

    What a ridiculous question.

    First of all, there are not two teams in L.A.

    Secondly, how many baseball fans north of Orange County give a rat’s ass about an American League team in Anaheim? They draw well. But, they are not drawing from Los Angeles.

    Watford makes a good point about the lead-off spot and the bench. But I can give you 3 reasons Lohse is not a good choice – 1. He is 34 2. we lose a first round pick 3. Scott Bora$$

    I like him. He is from Chico. I played some softball with his dad. He won 16 games and pitched 211 innings last year. But he has never done either of those things before and I doubt he does them again.

  5. Badger says:

    John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer says Scott Rolen is “not an L.A. guy”. I can believe that. The same thing can be said about Dwight Howard.

  6. Badger says:

    Well over half the teams in MLB draw better on the road.

    I don’t know why, but I find that stat interesting.

  7. quasimodo says:

    I’m not only counting on McGwire to help, I’ll say as much as it is a fact he’ll help. Perhaps not every player will listen to him but some will. He’s here to teach plate discipline not how to hit the ball out of the park. What if he doesn’t help? is as valid as what if he doesn’t show up?

  8. HemmorhoidRage says:

    you can tell that their is nothing else to talk about when fans start talking about the new batting coach just about as much as they are talking about the players. Wow, we need spring training bad before we start to analyze the bat boys in here lol.

    Let’s get onto the important stuff, a few potential topics that may interest some in here:

    I wonder if the Dodgers will use more organ music in the park this season or stick with rock music for a majority of the time?

    Will hideous orange drink be brought back to the concession stands?

    Will Larry King retain his season tickets and attend most games (innings 2 thru 6) this season?

    Will traditional style baseball pants and visible stirrups be back in vogue?

    Let’s stick to those quality conversations, lol

    • quasimodo says:

      OK,I’m not qualified to give any quality conversation. And I’m incorrect in seeing plate discipline as a problem last year. Even Kemp seemed to marry himself to that next pitch too many times. And being the idiot that I am I see McGwire best equipt to help-not cure above anybody else

  9. Gonzo says:

    I agree Jerry. I’ve been thinking about that for a while. I get the sense that some are thinking McGuire is the cure all for the team. He’ll help just like any batting coach would. If we are talking batting in their prime I’d take Mattingly over McGuire.

    Big Mac will do good but I don’t expect Ethier to hit .280 vs lefties this year.

    What worries me is 3B. I see both sides of the issue regarding Cruz. From the Dodgers perspective, he is wasting an opportunity to be the starting 3B. In Mexico, it doesn’t get any bigger than being selecte to play for the national team. Cruz, believe it or not, is considered a star in Mexico and the endorsements that he is setting himself up for will be there after his career in MLB is over.

  10. HemmorhoidRage says:

    oops sorry Badger, I typed “their” and it should have been “there”. I know how that stuff bothers you and throws you off

  11. quasimodo says:

    Yeah, it seems its cincinnati or retirement as far as Scott Rolen is concerned-at least thats the way I read it a few days ago. But Jerry Hairston looked in pretty good shape yesterday on ?MLB tonight? I’ve got no problem callin Angels an LA team. They were the 1st California born team in MLB and their birthplace was LA. Gene Autry was one tough S.O.B. and it was sad he died befor they finally won their championship. I was at Dodger Stadium when Angels made their 1st appearence there, though was there for the Dodger game that fallowed-well probably more likely my parents were unable to find a baby sitter. But Angels will NEVER be my #1 team in LA

  12. Bobby says:

    Not sure if Anaheim of LA is better than LA it self.

    You can quote Bob Costas. Here’s another opinion on who’s better (I didn’t agree with all of this guy’s takes, but I do think over all, the teams are equal):

  13. KEN says:

    Ramirez, Lee, Pederson, Capuano and $10 mil for Headley. SD can not afford Headley’s 6 year – $100 mil contract demand for 2015 and beyond.
    That solves the 3B issue and opens a spot for Dee Dee.

  14. Bobbie17 says:

    Costas is right. What have the Dodgers done????? Think 1988. We get back to money and its place in all of this. As we get closer to the season, we start to get realistic and look at the players that play, not the money. The projections have as good a chance of happening as they do not. Could be another long year….or not. The Giants are not going away and should be even better. The D’backs still have that manager who gets 1000% from everyone. Think 3rd place and be pleasantly surprised, maybe.

  15. Gonzo says:

    We need a serviceable guy as a stop gap at 3B for about 2-3 years. Seager has one season under his belt and I think that he should be ready in 3. I’d be fine with Castellanos at the hot corner for that time period and then transition him to the utility role.

    The Giants will not be better. They rode Melky last year for a while and without him I don’t think they will produce to the capacity of last year. Who have the Giants signed that strikes fear in the opposing team. They only have one guy that is a stud on offense and that is Posey. They’re scrappy but I can’t see the same stats for them this year.

    As for AZ, many of my Dback friends are upset that Upton is gone. I really think Gibby is a lengthy losing streak from losing his job. From what I have heard from people that have ties to the dbacks franchise is that he rubs people the wrong way. That they appreciate his spirit and hard nose work ethic, but to expect everyone to be like he was as a player is being delusional. I bet money that J. Upton takes off in the ATL and begins a borderline HOF career.

  16. Watford Dodger says:

    Headley would be fantastic but wouldn’t want to give up Hanram.

    He will have a big year. Give em Gordon & Uribe

  17. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Anyone else in here have a hard time not seeing Harvey Korman as Headly Lamar in Blazing Saddles, every time you hear or see Headley’s name come up.

    “That’s Headleeeeee” (in response to everyone calling him Heady).

    My bad, don’t want to get blamed for non-dodger talk. So here we go.
    Good point Gonzo, Cruz is a star in MX and that does come with endorsements in his home country via exposure in World B Free Classic. So maybe his agent is on-board with his playing in the Classic (funny to call something like that a Classic anything). Agent makes money on endorsement deals too. The baseball side of things doesn’t make sense however, unless agent has already gotten indications from the Dodgers that there isn’t a future for Cruz in LA. If so, not smart for Dodgers, huge MX community will always give tremendous support to a MX player over other Latinos in the uni. Just go to a game in Dodgers Stadium and you will know what I am talking about, those of you who never attend games in LA really can’t appreciate what I am talking about, it is something you have to experience and not just hear about.

  18. Badger says:

    OK, first things first, it’s McGwire, not McGuire.

    Spelling does count roid. If we had an edit, we could all see our misteaks after their made and fix them.

    Secondly, dammit, stop swinging at crap out of the strike zone. Just don’t do it. If you have to look at a strike three breaking ball on the corner at the knees to fully understand what that pitch looks like then we will forgive you. Swinging at strike three you couldn’t reach with a broom is unforgivable.

    The Dodgers have more people in the park from the second inning through the 8th than most teams in baseball have go through the turnstiles. I don’t give a hoot who stays and who goes, I care only about selling 50,000 tickets every game. If only 30,000 remain til the end….. I really don’t care.

    Those aren’t politcal posts roid, they’re just irrelevant claptrap. This is what a political post looks like:

    There is a campaign out called “Ditch Mitch” that is asking for $5 donations to dump the contrary old rat bastard. I gave them $15.

  19. Badger says:

    I got that all wrong………

    The Dodgers have more people left in park AFTER the 8th than most have go though the turnstiles.

    edit please

    So roid, you are saying the good folks from East L.A. love the Dodgers? Yeah, I think you are right………….

  20. Tejon says:

    Badger… Calling McConnell a name like that is patently unfair. I think you meant contrary OBSTRUCTIONIST old rat bastard.

    And yes, Latinos do like to go to Dodger games. I hope nobody has a problem with that.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    roid, I can’t resist. It’s “equipped” NOT “equipt”. But don’t let it bother you, I used to have a friend who spelled “equipment” with a “t” as “equiptment”. But I’ve made a few errors on this site myself, so you’re excused.

    Read Mark’s post late last night. Been very busy today, and I’m about to take a nap for a couple of hours. However, I recall reading that the ANAHEIM Angels are a bit short in the starting pitching department. But what would you expect from a team that signed Joe Blanton for two years at $15 million? I don’t have an Angels roster in front of me, but I recall reading that after Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson, their starting staff is pretty thin. Not sure about the pen.

    I’m doing this quickly, and without info in front of me. So feel free to set me straight if I’m mistaken. Also, I just skimmed over the posts above, so if I repeat anything already said, please excuse me.

    The Dodgers definitely have question marks. But so does just about every other team. Personally, I think if Matt Kemp had stayed healthy last year, the Dodgers would have won the NL West handily. So while there are numerous question marks on the Dodgers, I’m pretty confident that the Dodgers will be OK if Matt Kemp stays OK all year. And I am still not convinced that the Giants are all that good.

    • quasimodo says:

      Thank you, Brooklyn. I should be able spell at my age but its only getting worse. At scrabble a friend said WATER ain’t a word even to the point of challenging it. It was pretty funny when he found water in the dictionary.

      • Badger says:

        I hope you are able to play poker with this friend quas.

        It seems spelling in today’s age of communication is less important than it usta was. Its the poynt that maters.

        I think Vegas still likes our team better than theirs. I know that doesn’t mean a whole lot at this point, but, I think it might also matter that the Dodgers ownership will do whatever it takes at the deadline to push it this year. That is certainly a big reason to pick the Dodgers over the Angels as far as WS contention is concerned. At least it is for me.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The above from TBLA, and included the following:

    “Now, if Rolen can hit like he did after he came back from shoulder surgery, when he hit .277/.354/.441 with 11 doubles and six home runs in his final 63 games in 2012, all the better.”

    Yes, if Rolen was to come to the Dodgers in a limited role, and was able to produce like he did in the final 63 games of last year, he would be a welcome addition. Of course, his age (38) and the fact that those numbers were put up largely at the Great American bandbox, leaves me still a bit skeptical about Rolen. But he’d probably be worth at least a trial if he was willing to come to LA in a limited role.

  23. Pete M. says:

    Alot about Big Mac. I ask you this!!! Someone, somewhere in the park is taping your every at bat for reveiw and analyis. As a hitter you check it out and maybe call in Manny Mota, Wallach or even Donnie B. What I’m getting at, is I’m not a great proponent of hitting coaches unless they perform another coaching function….Just me…
    Bring back more frozen malts and Cool-a-Coos…
    Rock and organ music mix fine…
    Ryu will be fine thru the lg for the first time and then we’ll see how he adjusts. I too have faith in our Asian pick ups…
    Wow would I love to see stirrups back… I remember giving my Mom my stirrups after cutting the bottom and she would sew in a elastic band. It looked very cool… I have NEVER quite FIGURED OUT the baggy pants… Just me..

  24. quasimodo says:

    Naw, his game was bridge, mine was pinochle. He was very good at bridge and said pinochle was too boring, Badger. Dodgers don’t need to be favored for me to put a little $ for the long-shot of a championship. Didn’t stop me last year at 40/1. I wish they were less favored in the long odds as I see how greatly improved they are this year.

  25. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Brooklyn I think you are correcting the wrong person with your spelling correction, sorry I couldn’t resist correcting you correcting me about correcting the spelling of equipment or whatever you are talking about. So you have been correctly corrected on your corrections regarding correcting spelling which was incorrectly attributed to me. lol

  26. Bobbie17 says:

    The Giants LOVE to be underestimated. Their fans cry all year and then fake surprise that they get the trophy. Who’s got better, PROVEN pitchers? Like last year, they are the target. The series between the Dodgers and Giants are must win series for the Dodgers. I think it starts with the opening series of the year this year. Beat them and then beat them again. And again. We have the players. But they have TO PLAY. No underperformers. And no injuries. One you can control. The other you cannot.

  27. Pete M. says:

    Lets not forget the snakes if they manufacture some runs….What we jave is a helluva divison….
    P.S. Bobby17 no way I underestimate the Gigantes…I’d be a fool to…But that being said I put my $$ on Blue in Vegas…

  28. Roger Dodger says:

    Almost all season long, it will be match-ups of pitching staffs. Their starter against our starter. Then, if needed, the middle men, the stop the rally guys, then the 8th inning guys, then the closers.

    All of April, May, June, July, August, September, then into Oct . . .

    And pitching coaches will have to tinker here and there with pitchers deliveries, trainers will have work their magic with bodies as they break down, tire, and need a legal boost.

    This will be one of the major factors in how teams finish.

  29. SpokaneBob says:

    This post from Lasorda’s Lair should put some questions to rest…at least for now.

    GLENDALE – Things couldn’t possibly be more different for the Dodgers entering 2013 Spring Training than they were just one year ago. Sure there is the millions of dollars spent on new players, renovating Dodger Stadium, rebuilding an entire scouting/player development program etc…But it wasn’t until I spent some time at Camelback Ranch recently that the changes really hit home. The new ownership group is keeping every promise they made when they bought the team and the Dodgers are finally acting like the Dodgers again.

    The realization of just how sweeping the changes the Dodgers have made, and how the organization has really been rebuilt from the ground up to maintain long term sustainability, became evident after having the privilege of spending about an hour speaking with GM Ned Colletti and Manager Don Mattingly. After Ned overcame the shock of “You traveled from Utah for this?” This being the recent Dodgers minor league player development camp, talk quickly shifted to numerous Dodgers players.

    I have literally been digesting so much information and going back and forth on what I feel Ned and Donnie (yeah we’re on a first name basis now) wouldn’t mind me sharing, that my post is a couple weeks late. But keep reading cause I promise you’ll read info straight from the GM and Manager that you won’t see anywhere else. I can promise this cause there were only 5 of us at the table and I’ve seen the comments from the other 2 writers, so sit back Lasorda’s Lairian’s and enjoy your own personal Dodgers exclusive.

    Feb 23, 2011; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti (left) talks with manager Don Mattingly (8) during spring training at Camelback Ranch. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

    Again there is so much info that I’m throwing format out the window and strictly going player by player/subject by subject.

    On Matt Kemp: Ned “Kemp started swinging a bat on Monday (January 7) and has resumed full baseball activities.” This obviously isn’t breaking news but the fact that he was working with Mark McGwire at Camelback Ranch the day we were there, this far ahead of the start of camp is glorious news for Dodgers Fans. BTW more on Mr. McGwire in a bit, he may just turn out to be the Dodgers most underrated signing of the entire off-season.

    On the overall health of the team (aside from the guys who just had surgery IE Elbert): Ned “We don’t have anybody right now that we don’t think isn’t going to be able to participate in spring training from the outset of it, so as of now we’re okay.” More good news.

    On Chad Billingsley: Ned “Billingsley is going to start throwing on the 15th of January which is what he’s typically done.” Bills has been on his usual off-season throwing program so hopefully that means the elbow ligament is strong and stays that way all year. Imagine a healthy and effective Chad Billingsley as your 4th starter, sound pretty good doesn’t it.

    On Carl Crawford: Ned “He is hitting and throwing.”

    Donnie “I saw him (Crawford) yesterday on my way here, had a nice little lunch, he’s in a good frame of mind and excited to meet his teammates.” On where he might hit in the lineup “We talked about all kinds of stuff from where he wants to live to what kind of routines he likes, what time he likes to get to the ballpark, outfield communication, stealing bags. It was kind of the last question but I said Carl I hear you don’t like hitting leadoff and Carl said,” “I have no idea where that came from. I hit leadoff all the way to the big leagues and I read that stuff and I’m like I’ll do whatever you want to do.” Donnie then added, “But that being said he feels like he’s had his most success in the 2 hole that’s where he’s most comfortable.” Crawford also reinforced the notion that he won’t hit leadoff by telling Donnie “You guys tell me where you want me to hit, I played for Lou Piniella do you think I could tell Piniella I don’t like hitting leadoff?”

    On the lineup: Donnie “Leadoff is the one spot I wrestle with, not having that true leadoff guy so it will be a work during spring training of kinda using different guys, there’s different combinations vs lefties but hitting is hitting if your hitting 5th or 6th or 1st. The only difference is in the 2 hole sometimes if you got a guy that runs, if you got a Dee Gordon in front of you, it takes a special guy there to take some pitches.”

    On Dee Gordon: Ned “He’s in the same place, we have options we have choices but we asked a lot of Dee last year, we asked him to accomplish a lot of things at a young baseball age, a young experience age, you gotta be patient and he’s someone to be patient with. You’re not gonna find that skill set, especially in the middle of the infield a lot.”

    On using Dee Gordon in the OF: Donnie “We kicked that around a bit during the winter meetings, and teams we talked to liked him in the OF. But then everyone I talked to that would be putting him in the field and writing that lineup were all putting him at shortstop. We kinda felt the OF talk (by the other teams) was them trying to steal someone from us kinda bring his value down. My personal opinion and we all got em is I hate to give up on him at short cause I think that if we can get a guy that is solid defensively and he can continue to grow we’ve got great moves.”

    On the left side of the infield: Ned “We’re in the same place we were at the end of last year. Hanley knows what the expectation is, he’s played SS before it’s not like we have to teach him a new position. I don’t want to speak for Donnie’s conversations with him but I think Hanley understands he has the chance for this year to be a big year for him and to be a good defensive player at that position, coupled with what he’s not just capable of but what he has done offensively that too is a pretty special skill set.” Hanley is huge to the Dodgers 2013 success IMO. With Ethier, Crawford & Adrian Gonzalez teams will parade out lefty specialist after lefty specialist at the end of games. If the Dodgers can get the Hanley Ramirez that was one of the best all around players as recently as 2009 and 2010 look out. He did suffer injuries in 2011, then dealt with a position change he had no say in last year, so the potential for Hanley to go back to being Hanley is there in my opinion.

    Donnie “We all talked to Hanley before he left at the end of last year and I talked to him a couple times during the winter about the expectations for him and we feel like we’re the best club with him at short. But that being said Hanley has a responsibility to work on his game. I’ve been up front with him I feel like he needs to get better, improve (defensively) and that’s where it’s at.”

    On Luis Cruz aka ‘The Cruzer’: Ned “Last he told us was he was going to San Diego to work with Adrian (Gonzalez obviously) he’ll be training with Adrian which is a good thing in my mind. Adrian works really hard at what he does so I think Cruz will come in in a good place.”

    On Cruz’s 2012 being a long year for him: Ned “When you think about it, this guy grinded out through a minor league season in 2011, went to winter ball and tore it up, came in here and really had a good camp. Then got sent down and tore it up again then got to the big leagues and continued to, so it was a lot of baseball for him.” Good news for Cruuuuz fans as Ned and Donnie were both matter of fact no doubt he’s the starting 3rd baseman, let’s just hope he continues to hit.

    On Kenley Jansen‘s health: Ned “I should probably check with medical but we just met with him and there is nothing on the radar for anyone who was skeptical. After he had the procedure he had to go on blood thinners for a period of time so he could throw but couldn’t have any physical activity so to speak. But that period of time has long passed.”

    Donnie “There have been no warning signs and everything I’ve heard is this guys in great shape doing well. He got off the blood thinners a lot quicker than they thought. I haven’t heard there even being a question about Kenley being healthy when he walks into camp.” More great news for Dodgers fans as Kenley will be HUGE out of the Dodgers pen this year.

    On the roster: Ned”I think we’re fine right now if this is where we come into camp we’re in a good spot De Jon’s added some interesting non roster players to compete here so I think we’re okay. If something else turns up that’s interesting or if a team comes to us looking for a particular need they need to fill it’ll jostle us a bit to make other decisions. But right now if these are the 40 we’re going into camp with then I’m fine with it. Starting in late July to late December we’ve made a lot of adjustments to this club that puts us in a real good spot. We knew last year that we were making massive changes we had 8 different guys than we started with and we knew that was a lot to ask and we knew the transition wasn’t going to take place over a matter of days. While we thought it could help the 2012 club get a better run to it we also knew that really 2013 and beyond was where the moves were gonna pay some dividends for the organization.” Here here, are you excited yet Dodgers fans?

    On having 8 potential starting pitchers entering camp: Donnie “We have a few question marks when you talk about Bills and Lilly so it’s nice to have that depth. We’re going to work them all as starters this spring then at the end sit down and make the best decisions.”

    Ned “I haven’t had 1 player or agent say hey I can count this I don’t want to be a part of it. I haven’t had 1 player ask to be traded. They all want to compete and see how it turns out.” He’s referring to the 8 possible starting pitchers at this point.

    Ned on the past 12 months: “The past 12 months have been very interesting for the organization in a lot of ways. So because of that you do have some transition it’s not going to be a perfect puzzle right away because you build one team in one era so to speak and another team in another era and they were technically days apart. So you’re going to have a little bit of a process that still needs to take place, where it can smooth itself out a little bit and it’s not overloaded on one end vs another. That’s something we’re just going to have to live with and live through and make the best decisions we can make cause you can’t do it the two ways we did it without having that as a part of it. With pitching you’d always rather have too much of it than too little cause the day you don’t have depth your gonna be called out on it by the fates that exist. So we’ll see it’ll be day to day.” These comments by Ned are fascinating to me. I don’t think I have ever given him the credit he deserves, go back re-read that last paragraph and look at his overall vision of the past 12 months. I’m guilty of Ned bashing for certain free agent signings but this is some good stuff from Ned here.

    On Belisario: Ned “We just had one of our scouts with him and he seems to be doing alright. He knows what’s at stake he knows our expectation and he knows what his expectation is too for his career. He’s arbitration eligible for the first time.” Shortly after this Ned asked that we turn off the recorders and there was some fascinating conversation.

    Highlights include the signing of JP Howell and I can’t go into details about exactly what he told Ned over the phone after he signed with the Dodgers, but let’s just say he’s excited to be putting on the Dodger blue. He supposedly turned down a multi- year offer from another club to sign with the Dodgers, and if his on field performance is indicative of his reaction to signing with the club, he should become a fan favorite very quickly.

    Also those of you who scoffed at the Dodgers signing of Ryu Hyun-jin, Keith Law of ESPN I’m looking in your direction, since you referred to him as a “bad bodied lefty.” BTW I can think of a certain bad bodied lefty that’s done okay for the Yankees recently. But back to my point, when I asked Ned about Ryu he lit up and said that the Dodgers had personally spent more time and had more eyes who scouted Ryu than ANY international player they had EVER signed. Now I’m not sure if he’s going back as far as the Pedro Martinez, Fernando Valenzuela days, but that’s saying something. If you’re worried about Ryu personally I would stop right now. The Dodgers can scout and if what Ned said about Ryu is true then he’ll be just fine thank you very much.

    There’s so much more but this is getting near the 2500 word mark so let me touch on 1 more matter that stood out to me while enjoying the 70 degree weather at Camelback Ranch. Mark McGwire is seriously passionate about hitting and I really feel the Dodgers offense will reflect the individual hitting gameplans he develops with each player. We spoke with him for about 20 minutes and you could just tell he’s thrilled to be in Dodger blue, he knows what he’s doing, and the Dodgers hitters are going to benefit as a result.

    Just look at his previous employer and where they ranked statistically with the bat in recent years. If you’re worried he can’t help develop young hitters how did David Freese and Allen Craig do? Worried that he can’t help revive an older player’s career? Lance Berkman and Carlos Beltran seemed to benefit from working with McGwire. He seemed excited, focused and passionate about bringing his hitting strategy to LA, not to mention having a second set of eyes in assistant hitting coach John Valentin, and a 3rd set in Don Mattingly. I’ll be very surprised if the Dodgers aren’t a dramatically better hitting club this year particularly situationally.

    The calendar has officially turned to February, we are literally days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to camp. Yes the Dodgers have a giant target on them as well as massive expectations. But based on everything I personally saw and heard they are more than ready for the challenge. If you don’t believe me let me know, I left the meeting with Ned Colletti’s cell phone number. I’ll text him your doubt’s and get back to you…I don’t know about you but for me “It’s time for Dodger baseball!”

    • quasimodo says:

      Thank you Bob. Some of most fun reading i’ve had and only wish you were less concerned about the 2500 word mark. Very dynamic! The only thing I find wrong is that if too many will read it and it’ll result in long odds dropping futher and my $200 bet (that I’ll place in late march) won’t have so much of a payoff. You can’t text Ned my doubts-I have none, but you can send him my thanks for a job well done.

  30. Jas says:

    Lasordas’ Lair obviously is chugging the Kool-Aid!

  31. KEN says:

    Great article – Thank you Bob.

    Looks like motivated real men have been working out in the off season getting ready to truly compete for their positions and salaries.

  32. Pete M. says:

    Are you sure someone is using Ted Kazinsky’s old cabin and banging on their Underwood..
    That’s alot of good stuff… It is true Ned and Donnie could be on the perverbial hotseat. With the payrolls today, you cant fire the players…

  33. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Sorry for the error. But I did say that I had just “skimmed” through the posts. So I’m correctly correcting myself for correcting you for spelling equipment incorrectly. Just being correctly fair about attributing incorrect corrections with respect to your correct spelling. I am sincerely (correctly?) sorry, and consider myself to have been correctly humbled.

  34. Badger says:

    Great article. Looks like everybody is on board.

    And we still don’t have what we didn’t have yesterday and the day before. A legit lead off hitter. Guess that will work itself out. The fact Mattingly was talking about Crawford hitting with Gordon on was encouraging to me. That is still my ideal lineup.

  35. Roger Dodger says:

    Just watched most of the MLB Network’s special: Top 50 Prospects. Missed the first segment, but there were NO Dodgers that I saw in the top 50. But a lot of good looking players shown. Logan White has to answer for this. None . . . .

  36. el_che says:

    Mark name 5 prospects that are better than Lee

  37. ken says:

    For the 1%, or those who just want to hear Vinny and Magic speak at the same place –

  38. quasimodo says:

    Well yeah, I’m certain speeDee Gordon will learn to get on base sooner or later. And I’m with you on that, Badger. So we’ll hope its sooner. Gordon on 1st is as exciting as the 12th round of an even action filled boxing match.

  39. Roger Dodger says:

    As we await Spring Training and all that comes from that, day by day . . .

    This new Dodger team, IMHO, would be better with Dee Gordon in the lineup every day, than (say) Cruz or Uribe.

    Last season, the Dodgers needed Cruz’s surprise bat to stay in and win some games. Uribe, last season, was always a hope that he might turn a corner and figure it out.

    But THIS season, the Dodgers lineup should be able to score more runs and not need a bat like Cruz to win games. AND the speed of Dee Gordon changes the game totally every time he is up and or on base.

  40. quasimodo says:

    I’ve been trying to imagine anything J.P. Howell could tell Ned so secretly important to warrant ‘please turn off your your recorders’. Did this guy turn down a multiyear deal to play in the national league and he’s gonna start every game because he hits 600 and the answer to leadoff?… Pretty cloak and dagger and funny.

  41. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Mark name 5 prospects that are better than Lee.”

    Actually according to Jonathan Mayo at (by no means the last word on prospects), Zach Lee rates at #78 on his top 100 prospects list, with 35 pitchers (if I counted correctly) listed in front of him. By the way, one of those pitchers listed in front of him is Allen Webster. Listed two spots behind him at #80 is Ethan Martin. And by the way, that doesn’t change my mind that the Dodgers did what they had to do in the trades that cost them those two prospects, and others. And I’m sure if he still rated rookie status, that RDLR would be rated above Lee as well.

    Baseball America says that Lee is a “fairly safe bet to become a quality #3 starter.” Like I said in an earlier post in an earlier thread, I would gladly take that. Good #3 starters are an important commodity.

    • Badger says:

      There are not prospect lists that I have seen that have Dodgers anywhere near the top. And it has been that way for some time. Gordon was on the list before last year, and would have been on it again had the Dodgers not felt the need to rush him to the lineup due to necessity.

      And, there will be no Dodger prospects showing up at the top until next year, and that prospect will likely be Puig or nobody.

      Like I have been saying for a couple of years now, the Dodgers top prospects change every few months because the ones that reside at the top don’t seem to sustain their position there. And THAT won’t change any time soon.

      Kershaw. After him, we buy our starting pitching. Kemp. After him we buy our hitters. Good thing the team has money.

    • el_che says:

      sorry i meant dodger prospects


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