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The Natives are Restless…

With Spring Training only a few days away, it seems more and more likely that the Dodgers will go to Glendale with the team, as is.  It is likely that they would trade Andre Ethier, if they were overwhelmed, which they evidently haven’t.  The World Baseball Classic is what will impact Spring Training more than anything as Luis Cruz, Hanley Ramirez, Adrian Gonzales and others will be playing for their respective countries and some of them could be absent from Spring Training from March 2nd through March 19th.  MSTI thinks much the same way as I do about Luis Cruz:

It’s nice to have confirmation of the Dodger interest in Rolen that was reported earlier this month, and even nicer to know that the hot final six weeks that made Cruz into a folk hero haven’t completely fooled the team management. That said, Rolen’s a very flawed alternative at this point himself, and we’ve been over this so many times that there’s really almost no chance of an outside improvement this late in the winter.

Honestly, it puts us all in a very awkward position. Sure, we all hope that Cruz is for real, that he’s a solid player who helps this team win — an example, essentially, of “found money”, as opposed to the millions of real dollars spent on uncertainties like Carl Crawford. But objectively, it’s difficult to think that six weeks of good play — without walking, ever — overcomes 12 years of mediocrity, and the issue is that tons of fans aren’t thinking about this objectively — they’re 100% certain in their hearts that Cruz is the next big thing, that he’s the hard-working fighter who made his way through years of obstacles to finally become a local hero after getting the “chance he deserved”.

Players will start reporting on February 11th, so depending on when they join their own countries teams, they could be gone nearly a month, if the get into the Championship Round Finals.  I guess this is not a big deal with guys like Adrian Gonzales because he’s been around for some time, although it means that Big Mac won’t be able to work with him as much.  However, it really hurts Hanley Ramirez who fancies himself a shortstop in that he won’t be playing the position at all in the WBC unless Reyes is injured.  The player who could be hurt the most by playing in the WBC could be Luis Cruz – the WBC could cost him a spot on the roster if Gordon and/or Uribe really step up.

Don’t kid yourself – contract years do strange things to players.  I don’t really believe that Uribe the Doughboy will win the 3B job, but it would not surprise me either.  Someone said that this was the only site where it is reported that Hanley will be a head case if he doesn’t play SS.  What do you expect the Dodgers to say “Hanley will sulk and pout if we don’t let him play SS?“   Of course, they aren’t going to SAY that, but ask yourself why, why are they saying he’s the short stop?  If you don’t know the answer you are a little green around the gills.

The best thing that could happen to the Dodgers would be for D-Flash (that’s my new name for Dee Gordon) to show up, step up and grow up.  If he can get hot in the Spring, Hanley could voluntarily offer to go to 3B if he doesn’t play SS in the WBC.  That’s a lot to ask.  Dee has to field, hit and run like he never has.  It could happen, but don’t hold your breath.  Still, I am hoping for that.

This 2013 Dodger team can be really, really good, but man-o-man,  there are huge question marks!


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  1. Tejon says:

    Vegas likes us.

    Mike maybe read what was being said here? Maybe not.

    Rolen is a role player. We have room for him if he accepts that.

    Gordon will surprise many.

    This team, without a legit lead-off hitter, questions at third and second, an average defense, will win with strong pitching. Fix those holes and this team could win 100 games.

  2. Leroy says:


  3. mica says:

    Unless the Dodgers aquire a proto-type lead-off hitter, the offense will sputter, backfire and stall like a ’72 pinto with a crack in its cylinder. Gonzalez and his alley power would truly benefit from people on base in front of him. This offense has some power but not much in the way of obp…the dodgers are like a football team with power running attack but no speed at the WR position to keep the defense honest…dodgers as currently constructed are 84-78

  4. RogerCraig says:

    I think they could be an under .500 team if Crawford continues his highway to hell and if Hanley still has his head up his rectum. I agree with Mark that this team has lots of question marks.

  5. Tejon says:

    Pitching is to good for that to happen Roger.

    72 pinto? Not even a capital P? Damn.

    Vegas likes us.

    As we stand right now? 92 wins. Easy to say something like that because the team you see start the year will not be the team that finishes it.

  6. quasimodo says:

    Tejon, I just checked the spread and a couple other sites and Dodgers are now at 8.5 to 1, still thats leading the NL with Washington fallowing at 9 to 1. I’m certain we’ll see odds flux befor opening day. I’m not quite as worried as most are. One thing for sure is we’re greatly improved over last year.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Yes, the Dodgers have questions. But that can be said for just about any team.

    This from the same MSTI post that Mark references”

    “Mattingly admitted he has “a little concern” about whether Cruz can replicate his performance from 2012 (.297 with six home runs and 40 RBIs in 92 games) over a full season. But his big concern on the infield is whether Hanley Ramirez can improve defensively and be the everyday shortstop. If Ramirez’s defense is not satisfactory, that could create a domino effect of problems for the Dodgers.”

    So there is some question about Hanley at short as well. The Dodgers talking about Hanley being the shortstop doesn’t mean they’re hiding fears that he’s a headcase. Sure, if they think so, they’re certainly no going to go public with it. But it could also be that they’re just not willing at this juncture to hand the job to D-Flash, and have no real confidence that Luiz Cruz could be the everyday shortstop, in much the same way that they have their doubts about him at 3B. Maybe, like also suggested at MSTI, they see him mostly as a utility guy.

    Just got the Baseball American Prospect Handbook. The Dodgers farm system is rated #19. The Giants are rated #28. Cardinals now rated #1.

    For whatever it’s worth (probably not much), here are the Dodgers top 31, at least according to BA:

    1. Hyun-Jin Ryu, LHP
    2. Yasiel Puig, OF
    3. Corey Seager, SS
    4. Joc Pederson, OF
    5. Zach Lee, RHP
    6. Chris Reed, LHP
    7. Onelki Garcia, LHP
    8. Paco Rodriguez, LHP
    9. Matt Magill, RHP
    10. Ross Stripling, RHP
    11. Alex Castellanos, 2B/3B/OF
    12. Chris Withrow, RHP
    13. Tim Federowicz, C
    14. Jesmuel Valentin, SS
    15. Bobby Coyle, OF
    16. Scott Van Slyke, OF/1B
    17. Garrett, Gould, RHP
    18. Scott Griggs, RHP
    19. Zach Bird, RHP
    20. Joah Wall, RHP
    21. Steve Ames, RHP
    22. James Baldwin III, OF
    23. Alex Santana, 3B
    24. Scott Barlow, RHP
    25. Angel Sanchez, RHP
    26. Brian Cavazos-Galvez, OF
    27. Aaron Miller, LHP
    28. Blake Smith, OF
    29. Jeremy Rathjen, OF
    30. Joey Curletta, OF
    31. Darnell Sweeney, SS

    Badger, I know you’ve been intrigued with Curletta in the past. He only hit .149 in 74 AB, with his 11 hits including only two extra base hits (both doubles). Apparently he has problems hitting the long ball in games, including in HS. However, he was also a pitching prospect, and according to BA “he was capable of throwing 94 mph in high school but prefers hitting.” They state that “The Dodgers will give him a chance to make it has a hitter but would put him on the mound if he doesn’t make progress within a few years.” He’ll be 19 in March, so I guess there’s still plenty of time.

  8. Badger says:

    Curletta was an interesting prospect because he hit the ball 500′, but it could be all show. And it’s my opinion any 19 year old who can throw the ball 94 mph should be on the mound.

    Again, the Dodger prospect list changes faster than San Francisco weather. Notice it’s the new guys at the top of the list. Why isn’t Lee the number 1 by now?

    Odds must have just changed quas cuz I checked the hoard this morning.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Baseball America says this about Lee. “Lee’s lack of a knockout pitch keeps him from having true frontline potential, but he’s a fairly safe bet to become a quality No. 3 starter.”

    If he turns into a quality #3 starter, I’ll take it. Very few can be #1′s, and not so many become #2′s.

    If you want to read about some of these guys, the latest issue of BA features the top 10 prospects for all NL West teams. It’s issue No. 1304/130201, dated Feb. 5-19. Tyler Skaggs of the D-Backs is on the cover. Otherwise, the Prospect Handbook can be purchased from the BA website. I believe the price is $32.95. It has the top 30 prospects of every MLB team, and includes a supplement with every teams #31.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And last year when he was throwing 94 mph in H.S., Curletta was only 18.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And one other thing (when you get to my age, you can really only think of one thing at a time, if that much). Maybe the Dodgers fully understood that Curletta was only a batting practice hitter, and hoped that once he realized that he wasn’t going to hit, he would embrace moving to the mound.

    • Jennie says:

      Don’t count Curletta out as a hitter. Yes he has a great arm, but he is a strong overall athlete and he is a very hard worker, mature far beyond his 19 and has the determination and work ethic to make it. Keep your eye on him….I think he might surprise you! He loves being a Dodger and loves Dodger Nation! I don’t think fans realize what a Rookie goes through and the hard work, self discipline and courage it takes to go through the process. I admire ball players so much more watching Joey go through the system. Anyways, I hope Dodger Nation will keep him in their thoughts and prayers and pull for this hard working “people’s player”. Love to read the blogs and comments from Dodger Nation!
      Dodger Mom

  12. Badger says:

    That makes sense Brooklyn. Curletta is probably another pitcher who loves to hit.

    Prospect handbook? The names will likely change every day. So… that isn’t really a book is it. Of course not.

    Our system is currently bottom tier but we all know why. I believe we will be in the top third in only a few years.

  13. Michael says:

    Hey Mark, thank you very much for the vine. I’m that somebody who threw up the validity of Hanleys’ adverseness to manning third. Hanley is a head case for sure but all of these prima donnas who are coddled and told how great they are[at least by their agents], are.
    Like I said yesterday, with Hanley pursuing his own interests in the WBC, Dee has a chance to Wally Pipp Hanleys manning the hole.
    D-flash, I like that, could solve two problems all by himself.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Hanley is a head case for sure”. Maybe he’s a head case, maybe not. How does anyone know anything “for sure”, especially about a person they don’t even know?

    I agree Badger, but I think we could be even higher than the top third. In the 2011 Prospect Handbook (yes, it’s really a book) the Cardinals were ranked #24. Last year they were #12. This year #1. The Dodgers have recently signed some Latin American prospects, and signed a bunch of international players last summer. Those names have yet to emerge. I expect before long we’ll be hearing names not among those top 31 I listed. With an ownership committed to player development, I expect the Dodgers farm system to rebound pretty quickly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Brooklyn, Since you are so quick to point out a misspelling by me or any other thing I may say that you want to criticize, here is a blip from one of your posts “I also don’t think the Dodgers necessarily have to figure out who there third baseman will be at the beginning of the season” I let it go at the time but I believe that should have been “their”
      Sorry if I am taking it personally but I get the impression that you think you are better than me and my opinions aren’t welcome.

      Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass houses

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Just re-read your post Badger. The Prospect Handbook doesn’t change everyday, because it’s only published once per year. Nice book to have when you want to check up on a prospect from your team or other teams. Obviously it’s not perfect, and most of the names never make it. Just took a look back at the players on the covers since 2007.

    2007 – Phil Hughes, Delmon Young, Homer Bailey, Carlos Gonzalez

    2008 – Jay Bruce, Franklin Morales, Clayton Kershaw, Cameron Maybin

    2009 – Matt Wieters, Travis Snider, Neftali Feliz, David Price

    2010 – Jason Heyward, Starlin Castro, Brian Matusz, Desmond Jennings

    2011 – Bryce Harper

    2012 – Mike Trout

    2013 – Jurickson Profar

  16. Badger says:

    What I meant was, the top prospect list for every team, especially the Dodgers, changes throughout the year. We have three guys at the top of our list that are the same top three last year of the year before that. And how many of those top three for the last three years are starters on the Dodgers.

    I don’t mean to sound like I don’t respect that book, I have heard of that book but don’t know that book as I have never bought it. I just check on line and see what the organizations are saying and doing with their prospects, mostly in the West. S.F. has already promoted their best, Posey and Baumgarner, they have one more, Gary Brown, who some say has fixed his swing. Arizona has plenty of pitching and we will see it very soon. I already talked about those guys. I saw Skaggs in ST last year and he looks like a #2. Bradley looks like a beast. 6’4″ with 99 mph fastball. If he ever develops a change up, look out. Both Skaggs and Bradley are top 20 (some top 10 lists). We don’t have anybody like that. I suppose we could get into the top third tier by next year, if we have another good draft. Like I said, those things do change quickly.

    I don’t know Hanley is a “head case”. That is Milton Bradley territory. I think Hanley just thinks a lot of himself. If he hasn’t worked on his game over the winter, and who knows really, he will likely work his way out of the SS spot soon enough. But who replaces him? Come on D-Flash. The door is open.

  17. Badger says:

    edit please…. the top 3 now are obviously NOT the top 3 from last year OR the year before….. it’s early, haven’t had my coffee yet. Will somebody else out there please buy a water treatment system from Mark so we can get an edit capability in here?

  18. Pete M. says:

    Hanley this and Hanley that…Dude comes in and gives me 44 RBI’s in 60 gms. and yep he strikes out a tad bit, but what the heck. I saw no on field tirades and no locker room rumors… Why don’t we forget the RUMORED past and give him a shot. I’ve heard no “play me at SS or trade me” rants!!! I truly hope Dee G can find it and we’ll see about the HanRam switch…
    Donnie B. called Rolen… I think he retires or stays close to his home as possible.
    At some point we will address the bench as far as pop and versatility because as constituted this bench presents no problem for good NL RP’s….

    • Badger says:

      Agree Pete. Hanley isn’t a good defensive SS. Everyone knows that, but ‘cept maybe him. The negative dWAR numbers are there, as well as film, so, if he is paying attention he is working on his game. Losing a couple of pounds might help that. 6’2″ 230? How about we get down to 220 to start and see if the feet don’t slide a little easier. Just a suggestion. Or, you want to stay at 230 move over to third. He was clearly our best RBI guy, so, he plays somewhere.

      Looking at those names Brooklyn posted, seems to me the top 10 prospects aren’t that difficult to ID. There are some guys that just stand out. It’s those guys in each organization that can actually play at the ML level that seem to be difficult to clearly distinguish. Remember a few years ago, when we actually did have A prospects one of them was La Roche. Another one lately was Dee Gordon. The top of our list is a revolving door….Chris Withrow, Ivan De Jesus, Andrew Lambo, James McDonald, Chin Lung Hu, Blake DeWitt… who am I missing? Looks like Zach Lee may have a chance to join that illustrious list. Doesn’t have a knock-out pitch. You kinda need one at the next level. Last year at this time the top 5 were Lee, Eovaldi, Webster, Gould and Silverio. Next year, it will probably look much different but I am betting Lee is still listed.

  19. Bobby says:

    The guy who I pay attention to is James Baldwin Jr. He’s #22 on this list, but his talent is #1 by far. When he gets on, he steals a base almost every time; its ridiculous. But he hits near .200. If/once he figures out, look out. He’s also very young, so he has time to learn.

    Or maybe he needs do pushups every time he pops up, like Willy Mays Hayes did?

  20. quasimodo says:

    Time Warner done deal-$280 million a year, new dodger chanel. I hope Steve Lyons will part of the new developement.

  21. KEN says:

    “That is a clown question bro!”

    Presumably MLB Approves the $7-8 Billion TV contract.

  22. Badger says:

    Recruit Daron Sutton. He is really good and he is available.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Here is why the Dodgers are very likely to move up in the farm system rankings:

    Some of these names are likely to be on Dodger top prospect lists in the not too distant future. And it’s why I don’t worry about the talent level of the farm system. It’s been clear for sometime that the Dodgers are intent on re-building this team both through free agency (to put a winner on the field ASAP), and an aggressive player development program (adding new players, management and scouts) to re-build the talent pipeline to LA.

  24. Badger says:

    Signing 16 year olds may be a good idea, but it doesn’t mean our system will improve quickly.

    I do agree that we will get better, but I stand by my prediction of that list changing. In fact, I say it is going to change on Opening Day because Ryu is going to be in the starting rotation.

    It is also my opinion that no player below AA should be included in your “top prospect” list because they really haven’t done anything. It is a very steep pyramid after A ball. Do something remarkable against the stiffer competition of AA and you have earned the right to be called a prospect.

    I think on that list above, Puig is our best “prospect”. After that? It’s a crapshoot.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually Puig hasn’t done anything above A-ball. Even though he hit a combined .354 between the Dodgers Arizona League Rookie club and A-ball at Rancho Cucamonga, he accumulated a total of only 82 ABs between both stops. The latest report on Puig from BA states this: “Puig raised expectations in his U.S. debut last summer, but his development has been much more ragged since then. He missed the Arizona Fall League due to a staph infection in his elbow which required a surgical procedure and then hit just .232 in 20 games in the Puerto Rican League.” In the Prospect Handbook they state that “He’ll likely begin 2013 back in high Class A but will move quickly if he produces.”

    I suspect that if he has a strong spring, he could open the season in AA at Chattanooga. I’m not concerned at his poor showing in Puerto Rico, since it followed directly after the staph infection was cleared up.

    I agree that it will take some years for the Dodgers farm system to rev up, since teenagers take time to develop. But if the kids signed show talent, they will be rated on the perception as to where their talent will take them. So while the system will move up in the ratings, it’s likely that it will take some time for it to begin bearing fruit that we’ll get to see at Dodger Stadium. And that’s where free agency comes in. Until the farm system is ready to begin producing big league ready players, the Dodgers will fill holes wherever necessary. If the new TV deal is approved by MLB (and it likely will be) the Dodgers will have the resources to keep themselves in the hunt while the farm system is being re-built.

    And yes, if he makes the Dodgers staff, Ryu will no longer be a prospect. But isn’t that what we hope happens to all prospects? And it would appear that some of the pitchers in Dodgers system might be relatively close to contributing in LA.

    And on top of everything else, the Dodgers now have the ability to trade some of their talent to obtain proven big league talent, even of the expensive variety.

  26. Badger says:

    I agree with all that Brooklyn.

    I wouldn’t classify Ryu as a prospect. That’s me. He wasn’t signed to be sent to AA. He was signed to be Major League starter. And the reason I think Puig is our best prospect is because of what I have read about him. Most think his raw ability has All Star potential. I don’t read that about any other prospect in the Dodger system.

    Lee, our second best prospect has mostly things like this being said:

    “Don’t see the elite ceiling that was once projected. Really strong base for a pitching prospect with a high floor and number three ceiling.”

    Nothing wrong with a #3. Every team needs them and they make milyuns of dollars, but I look at a team like the dbacks and last year they had three prospects that graded out as front of the rotation pitchers. One, Bauer, is gone, but I sure would like to see three Dodger prospects rated in the top 20 with “front of rotation” written behind their names. Nobody there now that fits that description.

    I give it 3-4 years (one already in) and we will move up the ladder with our organizational ranking. You spend 8 years digging a hole as deep as McCheap did, it takes a few years to get out of it. (where have I heard that before?) The new owners have enough money to bail out the big team and make it competitive immediately (again, where can we find that parallel? – relax roid) but the building blocks of the organization, our minor league teams and our scouting system, need some time to show growth.

    Just one man’s opinion.

  27. Badger says:

    You guys prolly already read this over there ———->

    MLB wants a slice of the larger pie:

    Can’t say that I blame them. But, the court really misjudged the value of the t.v. rights. Perhaps this will indeed go back to them for an adjustment? How do the rest of you feel about spreading the wealth?

  28. Pete M. says:

    Puig will roll thru Las Vegas July 11 – 14 if nothing weird happens. L.V. AAA games always a ball for my brothers and I. Keeps them outta the casinos and saving money with good entertainment. Albuquerque should be a preety damn good team this year…
    I’m anxious to see Rafael Ynoa with the absense of our left side of the inf. Dude has had a great 2012 between AA & AFL…Good insurance. Another kid who never quite did it will be Blake Smith.
    Lets get this Super Bowl thing out of the way with a 49′er and get to P & C reporting!!!

  29. Pete M. says:

    So let me see…I dont have Time Warner and I’ve been enjoying seeing my Blue for free.. Anybody got a guess whether I’ll have to starting in 2014… A. swith to Time Warner Cable or B. buy games from a new Dodger station on Time Warner or C. T.W. will sell the new LAD station to other Cable and Satellite folks???

    • Bobby says:

      If it goes as the Laker TWC Sports Channel went, you’ll have this channel as part of your TWC Cable.

      Now TWC negotiates with DirecTV, Dish, and the rest to sell them this channel. Let’s see if negotiations take as long as the TWC Channel did!

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t have a clue if the Dodgers will have to shell out more in revenue sharing, or if they will prevail in bankruptcy court if it gets back there. Something tells me that everyone has something to gain from this deal, and that in the interests of everyone it will all be settled between the Dodgers and MLB. In the end, I think everyone takes something out of this deal.

    I also noticed that unlike the Lakers, there is no Spanish language channel component in this deal. Could it be that another deal is in the works, with either TWC or Fox working out a deal with the Dodgers to launch a Spanish language channel? Seems unlikely to me that the Dodgers would ignore that large and growing market.

    Badger, with maybe some small differences, I believe that we pretty much agree on the direction the Dodgers are taking towards the building of this team via free agency and player development. They want to win, and I think both of us recognize that they won’t leave any stones unturned in that pursuit, given the considerable resources available to them. It will take several years for the farm system to recover from the McCourt years, but recover it will. In the meantime, they’re likely to do all that’s necessary to win now.

  31. KEN says:

    Balco #2 happening?

    If the almighty BK Judge made a decision to give the dodgers a break on the revenue sharing formula and the Guggenheims relied upon that structure to make their bid, then the BK Judge should hold to his prior decision or reduce the purchase price!

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    No matter the formula used, the Dodgers are going to make out very well, and will more than recoup their initial investment. Looks like $2.15 billion wasn’t all that exorbitant.

    Sounds like Ryu is committed to justifying his contract and the posting fee.

  33. Roger Dodger says:

    Down in South Padre Island, looking at the surf from the Gulf . . .

    Can someone explain, if Time-Warner owners the Dodgers in some big deal — how will they be on TV across the nation?

    Only on Time-Warner channels, or will DirecTV and Dish Network, or others carry them?

    Will there still be Extra Innings on DirecTV with the Dodgers as del?

    Or, will there be a Dodger Network, carried by everyone for a price???

  34. quasimodo says:

    Roger, sadly it’d take a crystal ball for an answer to those questions-at least at stage. I’m certain directv will have the new chanel but if it’ll cost me more than it does with primeticket we’ll see. My crystal ball says during 2013 directv will increase its fee’s and in 2014 claim the new chanel is part of ‘the reason directv is better than dish’. Kinda like the 99cent burger and the $2 small drink

  35. Badger says:

    You and I don’t disagree on much Brooklyn. That is why I say you are the voice of reason around here! Sickels yesterday has us at 19 so we are already moving.

    I have mixed feelings on the t.v. deal. I can’t blame MLB for wanting their 34% of that extra $200 milyun lying on the table. That money is a tide that floats all the boats. This deal is EXTREMELY valuable to MLB. And, yeah, the Dodgers are going to do very well financially no matter how that comes down.

    Is Puig going to AAA this year? I kinda thought he was going to AA but I don’t really know.

  36. jerry says:

    my friend went to fan feist ..and said they waited and never got in…the line s was so long.and people was complaining..did any one go..from here.

  37. Bball says:

    Ya I went Jerry. It’s cool they did something like that but honestly it was a joke. I got to hear Vin talk a little so that alone was worth it to me but they said there was around 21,000 people there and the space they had it in had a capacity of no more then like 7,000 people. They also said the line was about a mile long for autographs and all you got was one autograph from a player you couldn’t choose. So some people waited all day to get nick puntos autograph. I think they totally underestimated the turn out they got

  38. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Obviously I wasn’t at Fan Fest, but the large turnout tells me that if the Dodgers don’t disappoint, they’re going to draw big time this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the attendance is over 4 million. That’s lots of revenue from tickets, parking, merchandise, Dodger Dogs, etc.

    If it hadn’t been for the staph infection, perhaps Puig would be opening this season at AAA. But BA seems to think he’ll open up in high A, and move quickly from there. I suspect a good spring could get him to open in AA, and perhaps advance to AAA during the season. None of us really knows what the Dodgers have on their mind, but I suspect they’ll simply be guided by what they see.

  39. Badger says:

    Being reported that the Rangers not willing to include Profar in a deal for Carlos Gonzalez.

    eh, sorry, but I do that in a freaking heartbeat. You got an All Star shortstop already, what do you need with another one? CarGo would put up monster numbers in that park.

    Sometimes I just don’t understand what is REALLY going on.

  40. KEN says:

    #76, #78, #85 LOL

    What a miserable farm system

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, Ken, these kids are working hard. What good does it do to throw insults? Give them a break, let the process play out and they might surprise you. Another option is for you to put on a uniform and see what you can do. Now that would really be LOL!!!!

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