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Indiana Timmons on the Dodgers

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  1. mica says:

    Why is it such a shock that dwight howard is struggling…the dude has zero post moves. I say trade him for some young athletic guard/forwards. Further, the dude is soft. Did anyone catch his interview after the “team meeting” and before the Memphis game? He looked and sounded like a scolded child. This dude can’t play in a major market.

  2. quasimodo says:

    Well, Mark, can’t say I’m with you on this report through you probably didn’t intended to come across so negative. I’m not going to puff my chest and say 2013 championship is a shoe-in for dodgers, but its clear we’ve got more than a chance to make playoffs with this team as it presently is. Clearly its not going to be easy to beat the dodgers! It may happen, just not likely. i see no reason to feel Cruz is certain to achieve less than last year, nor do i find Ethier is a problem that warrents it nessary to trade him. This team is greatly improved from last year. I like it! And I only hope for nothing more than their health….excuse me, sorry I’ve drinkin a little to much brandy tonight.

  3. Rob says:

    Juan Uribe!! You are out of your mind.

  4. Badger says:

    Well I have to admit, when you are talking you are making more sense to me than when I read what you write.

    Well done my friend.

    One minor… mistake I think .. about Seager, but I got the point.

    Howard is still not 100% and D’Antoni is the wrong man for that job. A coach has to develop a system that fits his personnel, not the other way around. Classic coaching mistakes are being made by this veteran coach. But I get why you bring it up in relation to the Dodgers. I have already thought about that. Maybe all these stars don’t line up. But I think Donnie baseball, a great player, who played with the Yankees, might be the right guy to pull them together. He has experience now. We’ll see won’t we.

    Uribe. OK. I think that would be great. I also think it’s a long shot. I think it’s a longer shot than Gordon winning the shortstop job.

    The details of Bourn/Ethier move would be worked out long before any move is made. Like you said, that would tricky, and very risky, to do it otherwise.

    Ethier in Texas or Boston has always made sense to me, and that is why I keep bringing it up. In those parks, in those lineups, he could have monster years.

    Profar is not ready to step in and do what Andrus does. I don’t see Texas moving Elvis. I wouldn’t if I were them. Not yet. Profar can stay right where he is, or play a little second base as he is still very young.

    OK, off to Flagstaff. Should be an interesting day around here… what with Indiana Timmons making his appearance and all.

    btw…. those in-law 9er fans are going to eat you up. Good luck with that.

  5. Badger says:

    oh, one last thing ‘efore I go………

    I got Rolen as PH thunder off the bench, a game here a game there against LHers and DH in interleague. If he wants a full time job…. not here.

  6. Pete M. says:

    Mark – Good to see & hear from you…
    Lakers killing me…OKC eats them up and spits them out…
    Uribe @ 3B??? I would luv it and heck yes I’d embrace him and the move if it worked and he somehow found his ass and 2010 with both hands. We know he can still pick em @ 3B…
    Of course this reminds me of my wanting Andruw Jones to make it…He was one of the best CF’s I’ve seen and it was a can’t miss pick up!?!?
    I’m going with FedEx…It’s his time and he is tremendous behind the plate defensively…Flores in waiting…
    Donnie B. is my guy and will be extended…
    I still think Dre is going nowhere and platooning won’t happen. I’m OK with it…
    ‘Easy E’ Scotty Elbert killing me…like the kid…hurry back…
    I’m a 49er fan and I agree with Badger…Mentally wear a flak jacket…We can be obnoxious…

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I think the Dodgers are sitting, waiting for Spring Training, to see just what the players are bringing to their individual games this season.

    We all know the question marks and concerns: Can this guy still hit for power any more, can that guy finally hit left handers, can so-and-so recover from this or that surgery, and on it goes.

    Plus, they (owners) want to see if a real chemistry can develop with this roster. Can Hanley ever get on the team band-wagon, or is he only for himself with up and down performance if he is happy or not?

    Ownership has spend a lot of money, and is committed to a lot of money in salaries and admin/office folks. They have rolled the coins, now they must wait and see if it work and what adjustments they must make.

  8. Bobby says:

    Justin Upton traded to Atl. That’s a nice young athletic OF there.

    Who cares though; time for me to stop talking about the Dodgers on this board, and instead bring up some useless political topic that will ensure I get 50 responses!!!!

    joke. nice video Mark; nice hat as well. Only thing I know about Indiana is from Parks and Recreation; great show!

  9. Jason says:

    That’s a nice grab for Atlanta. Where do you guys think their lineup ranks now?

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from Bleacher Report, which ranks the Dodger farm system at # 20:

    “Top 100: OF Yasiel Puig, RHP Zach Lee, SS Corey Seager, OF Joc Pederson

    Since purchasing the team last season, the Dodgers’ new owners have made it abundantly clear that they’re in it to win it. Backed by their bottomless pockets, the organization continues to emphasize the quality of their on-field talent, which will likely result in an ongoing neglect of the farm system.”

    That last sentence is one of the single-most dumb remarks I’ve ever seen. Aren’t the morons at Bleacher Report aware of the commitment that ownership has to scouting and player development? Aren’t they aware that the Dodgers have re-entered the international market that they abandoned under McCourt?

    If you know nothing about baseball, you shouldn’t be writing about it.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Great job Mr Timmons. Hope to see you at Camelback.

  12. Idahoal says:

    I thought you did a good job Mark. I cannot believe you brought up Uribe. I do think the Dodgers will give him a last chance at winning the job. I agree with Badger that Gordon has a better shot at winning the shortstop job than Uribe winning the third base job.

    I just like the way Either played last year. He hustled hard, he seamed to be a good team player, and I would just hate to see him traded.

    I do think the Dodgers are going to spring training with what they have right now and let the chips fall. If some of the pieces do not fit, they have the money to make a change.

  13. the truth hurts says:

    Mark, your taking this whole blog thing to new heights, good stuff!

  14. Badger says:

    Atlanta is better. I wonder how it will effect World Series odds.

    Uribe has a shot because, as Mark says, Cruz doesn’t fill anyone with great confidence. That job is open.

    Ethier is a 3 WAR player, and a consistent one at that. I figure he will do what he does every year, including hitting lefties at about a .230 clip. I like the guy but remain on the fence. If we can get great prospects for him, and fill his spot on the roster with a 3 WAR lead-off hitter, I would do it. I realize not everyone agrees with that but that’s ok. We all want the same thing, a better team, we just have different ideas how to go about it.

    Duh. Where has that idea come up here before?

  15. Man vs Food Starring Juan Uribe says:

    as bad as anyone thinks we may be… what the Diamondbacks just did and the reason they did it makes me feel at least as good about our chances against one team in our division

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Some of us have felt all along, something is wrong with Uribe. Something . . .

    Like, if he could flip a switch somewhere, he could come on like gangbusters.

    But — we have been watching him swing a pitches like his eyes were closed. He just was not dialed in to anything.

    Maybe Big Mac can get to him. Worth a try.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Reading that Ken Rosenthal article kind of makes me glad that Kirk Gibson never became the Dodgers’ manager. All out gritty grinders are nice, to a point. But I’ll take exceptional talent everytime, as long as the player hustles and has a good attitude. Last thing we need are players performing with reckless abandon with no thought of the consequences. How much better off would the Dodgers have been last year if Matt Kemp used a little discretion, and had not run headlong into that center field wall in Colorado? And what good did he do the Dodgers by staying in the lineup at a time when he was a shell of himself?

    Agree with Badger, “advantage Atlanta.”

    I know that it may have been difficult for the Dodgers to obtain Upton in a deal with their division rival. But I wonder if it might have been possible if they included Ethier and a wad of cash to pay for part of his contract. OK, on to Giancarlo Stanton.

    Juan Uribe has about as much a chance of being the Dodgers starting third baseman as Mark has of replacing Harrison Ford.

    Scott Rolen maybe could be thunder off the bench, but I wonder how much thunder he has left, especially given that his most recent past was spent in the Great American bandbox. Age has probably sapped some of his thunder, and playing in the NL West would probably sap some more. Tend to agree with Mark on this one.

    Luis Cruz is probably best suited as a utility infielder. Even if he hits as well as last year (questionable), he still doesn’t find his way on base very often. I think the Dodgers are less of a team if he’s our starting third baseman. However, based on his performance last year, maybe he has some value in a trade.

    As I noted in the previous thread, Hanley is best suited to play 3B. He’s clearly outgrown shortstop. His future after his current contract expires following 2014 is at 3B. No team is likely to spend big bucks to sign him to a multi-year deal if he insists on playing short. Hopefully there’s a thread of rationality in his brain, and he will see that. Only time will tell. It looked to me that he was happy in LA last year, and wants to stay. Maybe that will be enough to convince him to listen and do what’s in everyone’s best interest, including his own.

    Elvis Andrus? Find a way to get him, and I’ll be happy. If it includes Ethier and Gordon going to Texas, I’m OK with it. And I don’t think it’s much of a conundrum for a smart guy like Stan Kasten to figure out how to trade Ethier and acquire Bourn. I’m sure deals could be worked out in private, contingent on certain things happening. If Ethier could bring back high caliber big league ready talent, then moving him to create space for Bourn makes all the sense in the world. We would lose Ethier’s power, and replace it with Bourn’s speed, and better defense. And if Kemp moved to right field the Dodgers defense would be improved in both CF and RF. Not to mention that there would be less wear and tear on Kemp.

    I disagree about Gordon. I believe he has the talent to become an exceptional big league shortstop. There’s no guarantee that he will, but then again, you never know when the light will suddenly go on. He needs to learn how to bunt, and find a way to steady himself in the field. None of that is simple, but it’s all doable. Maybe it will take another year (or part of a year) in the minors. The return of Sandy Koufax brings to mind that sometimes it just takes time for everything to fall into place. Gordon was probably rushed up to the Dodgers last year, just like Koufax was stuck at the big league level before he was ready.

    Does all this mean that I can no longer watch re-runs of the Indiana Jones movies without thinking of Mark? Life can be cruel (SMILE).

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Thunder off the bench — I have been pining for Jim Throme since last winter, before the 2012 season. But even Scott Rolen has more pop than Sellers, Schumaker, Punto, Hairston, Cruz, Herrera, etc. I think Donnie want at least one mature solid bat off the bench. Go them ‘em.

    Ad for the Bourn / Ethier thing — Least we forget –

    The Dodgers have a body or two in the minors for the outfield, who just might be about ready in 2014, and they do not need to be blocked in all 3 outfield spots.

    Sure, they might be trade chips, but they might be the next Mickey Mantle or MikeTrout or Bryce Harper.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    First and foremost, while building from within for the future, the Dodgers this year need to do all that is necessary to win a championship. While nothing is guaranteed, they need to make an all out effort to win this year, if only to re-establish the Dodger brand and fill the seats at Dodger Stadium. That’s made all the more important by the establishment of a regional network in 2014. So I’m not worried that they might block any prospects in all three outfield spots. If the prospects are blocked, it only means that the players responsible for the blocking are doing their jobs.

    The Dodgers need to build as strong a big league team as possible, and at the same time build minor league depth that allows flexibility in personnel decisions going forward. Prospects can replace regulars if they’re deemed talented enough to do so, or they can provide the capital needed to acquire talent in areas of need via trade. And productive big league players have trade value as well. I want the Dodgers to have depth at both the major and minor league levels, and hope that the cream rises to the top.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      No truer words were ever spoken and I am nervous because the Dodgers are not that team… yet!

      They have 3 players that no one in MLB would probably take: Crawford, Beckett and Hanley (if you consider their contracts). If they play up to their potential, these three guys could be worldbeaters.

      But I am nervous.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Dee Gordon commercial from TBLA. Would love to see that speed earn a spot in the Dodgers lineup.

  21. KEN says:

    Sad day for Elbert

    The dodgers could be the Lakers or the Clippers by the end of 2013.

    I hope that 2013 is Donnie T-Ball’s last year with the dodgers.

    Mark – Great point about WBC (although I did read that on another blog about a week ago) :)

    Uribe? ROFLOL

    4 dodgers in the top 100? How many in the top 50?

    Last but not least Badger said the smartest thing in this Blog today!

  22. jerry says:

    well about cruz,if mark mc, doesnt try and change cruz all the other hitting coachs, and remember he hits close to the bottom of the line up..he not going to be on base as much as you guy want him to be..but he still had a decent ave..seem like you guy want all home run hitter…if we get that ..then the dodger will be like the lakers. you need guy who hit doubles and singles.

  23. Badger says:

    Most of us just don’t trust Cruz to do over a full year what he did with 280 at bats last year. If he can – great. But I think the Dodger brass is looking at it the same way most of us are. If that position cannot be improved, and he has a decent spring, then in all likelihood, that is how the season starts. I would bet it isn’t how the season ends.

    Read this recently, it’s from 2009:

    Gordon: He has some excellent tools, plays SS (although not rather well), and his dad is Tom Gordon. He is extremely fast, according to one report I read, he runs a 6.35 in the 60 yard dash (which works out to a 4.22 on the 40 for those familiar with the football WR 40 yard dashes)

    That is FAST! Gordon is a hard worker. Does anyone remember his stats from last Spring. Let me remind you in case you don’t:

    .381/.451/.492 with seven walks and seven strikeouts in 71 plate appearances

    I am pulling for this kid. The Dodgers need someone like him at the top of their lineup.

    I still don’t understand why in the hell Texas would trade Andrus? They have him signed through ’14 at $4.8MM and 6.5MM. Man, that is easy. Profar is nothing more than a prospect, albeit a great one, but Andrus is THE GUY. You don’t trade a 2 time 24 year old All Star, you EXTEND him! Ask them about Profar if you want, but to trade Andrus would be a boneheaded move.

    “Last but not least Badger said the smartest thing in this Blog today!” KEN

    really? I must have missed it.

  24. Pete M. says:

    NL teams are going to have to worry when LAD SP pitchers go 6 and leave with a lead..Shut down mode…
    NL SP & RP laugh when Vinny announces on your pocket radio “Now Hitting For _____” with 2 men on and 1 out “______”…
    Lets see….. FedEx, J.H. Jr.etc and ad nauseum… Nothing against these guys and what they will add to depth on our squad, but as the lil old lady once said “Where’s the Beef”???
    Roger Dodger you don’t pine alone. Thome has been my boy from the start. I just want to move people over or go yard occasionly… We’ve had a few & AAA that were never given a shot.(i.e Josh Fields

    • Badger says:

      Scott Rolen (will be 38 in April) career:

      late and close OPS .895
      men on OPS .859
      PH (small sample) OPS 1.050

      I know he is an older guy now, but with the game on the line, of the guys I see out there available now – he’s the guy I send up.

      Thome, 42, hit .111 as a PH last year. I think he may be done.

  25. Gonzo says:

    Jurrjens signed with the orioles for 1.5 +incentives. If that kid is right he is a #1. Wish LA would’ve kicked the tires on him. Oh well.

  26. Pete M. says:

    FanFest tommorow!!! I hope the darn weather holds. They say I can get there early (6:30) and line up for individual game tickets including opening day. I may gamble and wait till I get home and go on line…
    Phillipe or El Tepeyac after??? That is the question…
    Is Bison really going out with R again??? I’ve been in denial about the whole damn thing… MLB modern day answer to Samson and Delilah.

  27. Jason says:

    I have been saying that Cruz deserves a chance at 3rd, but I read this on MSTI which makes me want to change my mind:

    “Cruz was horrible in his own stint in winter ball, hitting .184/.213/.398 in 75 plate appearances”


    • Badger says:

      Look at Cruz’ history… he had great month of August for us (tOPS+ of 128 sOPS of 136)

      And that’s about where it ends.

      He deserves a look. But if we don’t have a plan B, then shame on us.

  28. Badger says:

    Anybody remember this:

    “Tanana and Ryan and two days of cryin’”

    Frank Tanana was first round pick of the Angels who threw the ball 100+ mph. He blew his arm out, had TJ surgery, and came back as a pitcher, not a thrower. This kid had a 22.3 WAR from age 21-23, but had surgery and came back throwing lollypops that actually got guys out. This happened in the 70′s for crying out loud. Why can’t a guy like Elbert do this? All you need to do is learn how to pitch and you could have a great career as a loogy. No, this guy has to keep throwing rockets and blowing his arm up.

    You buy them books, you sent them to school…….

  29. Pete M. says:

    I’m with you Badger, Cruzzzzz deserves another look unless Uribe somehow wins the job in ST… It was something to hear and behold at the Ravine when Cruz came up to dish…

  30. Bobby says:

    Wow, so we’re not quite comfortable with Cruz, because we only saw a small sample and we don’t really know what he can do, but we’re going to give URIBE another shot?????

    We already know what Uribe can do, and i’s SUCK!! We’ve had 2 years of him, and he’s been completely worthless for us. Why on earth does he deserve another shot, because he’s getting paid? We’re rich now. He sucks. He should be banished. We don’t need him on the roster wasting space.

    Cruz did more in 2 months what Uribe did in 2 years here. If Cruz has a bad start, his numbers will STILL be better than anything Uribe did in 2 yrs!!

  31. Mark_Timmons says:

    Juan Uribe really sucked the past two years, but he has put up a decent year now and again and has OPS\’ed over .800 3 times. He\’s also in his contract year. Past performance over the last two years is not an indicator of future prospects…. at least not always. I\’ll give you 7 million reasons why Uribe will get a shot and then if he doesn\’t cut it in the spring, he will be axed then.

  32. Badger says:

    “Why on earth does he deserve another shot, because he’s getting paid?” Bobby

    Well….. yeah, that’s exactly why we give another shot. It is a contract year for him. What if he comes to ST de-challupa’d, hits .900 and sucks everything up like old Kirby. You gonna bench him? I think not.

    He will get his opportunity. Hey, I don’t expect much other than what he has shown, but contract years do strange things to MLB players.

  33. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Contract year or not, Uribe will not hit. He doesn’t have a clue about the strike zone, and will swing at anything, and pull off of everything. Pitchers have figured that out, and he’s just not going to see too many strikes. Why would a pitcher ever throw him a strike?

    And as Mark says, “he has put up a decent year now and again.” Pitchers know enough now, that he won’t do it again. And because the Dodgers have a lot of money, they don’t have to worry about paying off Uribe and bidding him adieu. I think Hanley is the answer at third, but even if not, I can’t believe the Dodgers can’t find a better alternative than Uribe. Heck, even Jerry Hairston is a better choice (and no, I don’t think he’s the answer).

    I also don’t think the Dodgers necessarily have to figure out who there third baseman will be at the beginning of the season. More importantly, if Matt Kemp and the rest of the lineup are healthy, and they get good pitching (starters and bullpen) the Dodgers will win, and be in play for any third baseman that may become available at or before the July trade deadline. I think the most important thing to remember about the Dodgers, is that they are now in play for just about everything. If something becomes available they’re primed and ready to pounce.

  34. Michael says:

    The problem with Dee is that his father stole his nickname. I don’t get why a pitcher would get the moniker of “Flash”.
    Anyway Dee WILL get his chance to put up or shut up his faithful followers in spring training and make life a lot easier for all of us. Personally, I hope he puts up.
    I haven’t read anywhere but here that Hanley is adverse to playing 3rd and with the Bison being the badass he is, I doubt he would even put up a whimper.
    Well time to watch the Jazz whoop ass on the misfits of the Staples Center.

  35. HemmorhoidRage says:

    Uribe will be lucky to put up a decent game, once in a while. Totally agree Bobby, we know what shit looks like and what it smells like, Uribe is shit. We all know it, he is an undisciplined ballplayer that won’t change. Never knew the strike zone and never will know the strike zone. Uribe never saw a ball that he didn’t take a rip at. Cruz certainly deserves a more than fair shot to own 3B. I think Cruz is going to be competing with Hairston for 3B, I think Uribe is not going to be allowed to take up a roster spot by the time ST breaks camp.

    • Badger says:

      Well that’s the capper for me.

      If sphincter rash thinks Uribe is sh*t, I have no choice but to pull for him to win the third base job.

      I’m going with the contract year theory. Bill James has him down for .229 with a .294 OBP, 4 HR and 14 RBI’s. I am going to go out on a limb and say .250, .325 OBP with 8 HR and 50 RBI’s and a + WAR on defense. And I am 100% sure that I am not at all confident in those numbers. He is protected by batting 7th in the order, Ethier on one side, AJ on the other.

      We just gave a 16 year old $275,000. I know what would happen if we gave a 16 year old in this country that kind of money. Hope the kid has some good advisers….. like parents maybe.

  36. Badger says:

    From the Times:

    “I have made some dumb, dumb mistakes, and obviously talking about this stuff was one of them.”

    Now what did I say? Exactly that.


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