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Ifs, Ands and Buts

It’s less than two months until pitchers and catchers report, but as we speak, the Dodgers are starting their Annual Winter Development Minicamp at Camelback Ranch in Arizona.  Yasiel Puig is not participating, as his team is in the playoffs in the Puerto Rico,, but the following players are participating:

  • Steve Ames – P
  • Tim Federowicz – C
  • Onelki Garcia – P
  • Zach Lee – P
  • Matt Magill – P
  • Jeremy Moore  – OF
  • Joc Pederson  – OF
  • Rob Rasmussen – P
  • Chris Reed – P
  • Paco Rodriguez – P
  • Matt Wallach – C
  • Chris Withrow – P

The arms dominate 2-1.  Currently, the Dodgers have a dearth of position top players.  Last year, over half of the players who were invited to this Minicamp were also called up to the Dodgers… at least for a cup of coffee.  So, hopefully some good things are happening as you read this.  John Sickels has released his Top 20 Dodgers Prospects in case you missed it.  In other news, the Dodgers are poised to sign J.P. Howell, who is an excellent situational lefty, if healthy, which he hasn’t been for quite some time.  Nothing new on the free agent or Andre Ethier trade rumor front.  Yawn!!! All we can do is hurry up and wait for Spring Training with anticipation, but we do have to realize that there are some IF’s, AND’s and BUTS!  Let’s look at them.


As Dodger fans we are supposed to have great expectations for the 2013 Dodgers and IF Carl Crawford returns to glory, IF Adrian Gonzalez regains his stroke and power, IF Matt Kemp recovers completely, IF Andre Ethier learns to hit LH pitching a little better,  IF Hanley Ramirez can return to his MVP glory, IF Mark Ellis has one more good year in the tank, IF Luis Cruz can do what he did last year without walking, IF AJ Ellis can repeat 2012 and IF Chad Billingsley can remain healthy, the Dodger will win more than 100 games and IF Mark McGwire can do what he did in St. Louis, look out!


The problem is, not all that will happen AND depending upon what happens, they will fall somewhat short of that AND if they have significant injuries to pitchers AND position players, the wins will be impacted even more, AND we don’t know what we don’t know.


BUT, you never know what will actually happen.  Dee Gordon has not looked particularly good, BUT he could blossom next year.  Carl Crawford has stunk up the joint for a while, BUT he could return to his All-Star Form.  Josh Beckett has been in decline for the past few years, BUT he could be rejuvenated in LA.  The Dodgers have lots of pitching options, BUT that’s probably a good thing, especially after signing situational lefty J.P. Howell.  BUT, let’s face it:  the Dodgers could win it all in 2013 or they could be 81-81.  Guggs and Co. has spent the money, but they don’t play the game.

They have spent on Hanley Ramirez who will not be effective unless he plays SS.  The Dodgers are hoping that playing him at SS will help him get his MVP -type bat back and his defensive shortcomings at SS will be minimized.  Those of you who say to move him to 3B, have no idea what a “head case” he is.  He’s now our head case, and if you move him to 3B right now, he’ll be a .250 hitter.  He just might hit .330 at SS. That’s what the Dodgers are hoping for.  Unless he has an epiphany and decides to move to 3B, he’s our SS.  Maybe someone can push the right buttons, but unless Hanley volunteers to play 3B, it won’t be pretty if he does.   Carl Crawford has just plain sucked since he left Tampa Bay.  All we can do is hope he can re-capture his magic.  I am skeptical, but I would love to be wrong.  Here are Adrian Gonzales’ HR totals the last 4 years:  40, 31, 27, 18.  Is this a trend?  It looks like it.  Let’s hope he can turn it around.  There are excellent reports on Matt Kemp and Chad Billingsley and their physical condition.  Let’s hope that is accurate and continues.  There are a lot of IF’s AND’s and BUT’s, but it could be a fun season…. IF everything goes right AND players are healthy BUT I don’t really know…

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  1. Pete M. says:

    The signing of JP Howell is SWEET…I wanted Paco to get a shot, but at 20 he’ll be in the wings and active in Alb.
    Roid, luv your take. There’s not a team in MLB that doesn’t have a hole here or there or could use some improvement. To me health is essential. Yep, were going get dings here and there but avoiding lengthy stints on the DL is key.
    My worry right now, what are we gonna do with our excess pitching??? There’s alot of SP’s still out there. The last week of ST could be very busy…
    One more thing, please pursue Thome. We need someone off the bench who could possibly bring some fear into the opposing late inn..pitcher.

  2. Badger says:

    Where to start. First, thanks for the new post and giving us something to write about.

    The top 20, as was predicted by many, has once again been re-arranged top to bottom. And once again, no A prospects. That could change by mid season, but I doubt it. We have a few B prospects and that’s it. Not a can’t miss star in the bunch.

    A lot of if’s that we have been talking about for weeks now. I don’t carry as much doubt as some and neither does Bill James. Though nobody knows for sure, he knows a lot more about this stuff than any of us, and his predictions for our middle of the order reads like this:

    Crawford .274 16 HR 83 runs
    Kemp .300 31 HR 103 rbis 100 runs 5.5 WAR
    Gonzalez .300 27 HR 107 rbis 4.6 WAR
    Ramirez .280 22 HR 90 rbis 3.9 WAR
    Ethier .284 20 HR 79 3.1 WAR

    He doesn’t think much of Billingsley’s chances for full recovery, but maybe his stats are because the Dodgers have 7 or 8 starters and who knows what will settle out of that.

    James, like me, doesn’t share Mark’s trepidation about Crawford. He has him playing 153 games and doing ok. Of course we all know Carl is overpaid, but, as long as he is in the lineup everyday I don’t care about that – he makes us better. James also likes Dee Gordon’s chances of playing some ball, giving him 132 GP with 55 runs and 44 SB’s. Maybe that is why Gordon doesn’t show up on any prospect lists.

    I didn’t research the whole team, but I figure the Ellis twins will do what they do and our pitching staff will do what it does. James likes Beckett better than Mark does, (so do I) giving a 13-7 record with 174 IP.

    We have a solid nucleus. I have no reason to believe that middle of the order posted here won’t be around all year. They aren’t THAT old. I like our chances. We still have some pieces to add, and those will be added at the proper time. Right now, I am feeling just fine about the 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers. The smell of sulphur is gone, the sun is shining and all is right in Dodgerland.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      If Bill James is right, the Dodgers will be monsters!

      Of course, like you and me, Bill James is not always right. In fact, I wonder if he\’s any better than us. Maybe?

      I hope he\’s right.

      • Badger says:

        I read a few random articles on James’ accuracy before making that post and what I can say with certainty is that he is very good at what he does. The variable that he cannot always account for are unforeseen injuries. As long as our players remain on the field, we can count on those numbers.

        He is better at this than you and I are Mark.

  3. ken says:

    Finally a new post. Been waiting for weeeks… Mark probably knew the Loogy signing was going to happen and just waited for Ned to convince another CEO to overpay for another average player.

    40 players plus Gwynn in the wings. Looking for the 4th OF/1B and a better backup C and then spring training. Then trade Cappy and Harang for some more B prospects to play in AAA?

    I can’t believe that Herrera, Uribe, Sellers are still on the 40 man roster.

  4. DRomo says:

    You may be right Mark. This will either work or be a disaster. But I would rather have this sense of excitement and expectations than the wing and a prayer we’ve had the last 3-4 yrs.

    Crawford wasn’t what he was in Tampa but he wasn’t awful in Boston in my opinion. Plus he was hurt. I think he will be something in between the two and a welcome addition here.

    Beckett for all of his struggles was a decent #3 for us. Other than his first strt for us in Colorado, was he that bad? Secondly when you look at his performances in Boston, the year before last he was pretty good (not great)until the infamous “chicken and beer” collapse. Last year he was bogged down by the media and the fact that his talent was finally starting to be outshines by his ego. I am sure he will still be aloof and chippy but I still am positive the change if scenery and being slotted behind Kerhaw and Grienke will be good for Josh.

    I’m excited. I will be positive and optimistic …….until the season starts and I will be sure the boys will break my heart

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Have a feeling that both Cappy and Harang will both not be traded. They will probably keep one in case C-Bills or Kershaw have some health issues and if Lilly cannot come back. Lots of arrows in the fold.

    Have a feel that Ethier goes and Bourn comes in, just a feeling. That makes less power, but the leadoff hitter Donnie needs (wants).

    • Jason says:

      I get the vibe about Bourn coming to LA too, but I get worried when a guy’s game relies so much on speed. “IF” the Dodgers sign him and he pulls a hammy or has some lingering leg issue all year, then what? Still no leadoff hitter and then Andre would be gone…yikes!!

  6. Bobbie17 says:

    Averages and projections based on those averages is all we have to go by. A lot of this team’s success will depend on health and desire, something no one can measure.
    Does Beckett have the same desire he had? If he does, he is working out all off season and getting his body and mind in shape to be a 20 game winner. Measurements are about the past. How about the present? We have a lot of guys who may be at the climax of their careers. Are they still going up or are they starting to come down? We’ll see. Health and Desire. That’s it.

  7. Kevin says:

    “In other news, the Dodgers are poised to sign J.P. Howell, who is an excellent situational lefty, if healthy, which he hasn’t been for quite some time.”

    Wasn’t he healthy last year?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      He was used sparingly last season – only 8-9 appearances a month due to recovering from surgery, so I would not say that he was healthy, although he pitched effectively.

  8. DRomo says:

    I can’t say JP Howell without wanting to say “the 3rd” after. I know it’s not Thurston but it just rolls off the tongue. :-)

    Is it spring yet?

  9. Badger says:

    Howell pitched in 55 games last year and faced over 200 batters. I say he matches that next year. And for a LOOGY that could be enough to earn his money if he keeps his WHIP down.

  10. Pete M. says:

    Beckett and his agent know full well without a decent year he shoots the golden goose, which the MLB has become. Did him and Lackey drink beer during games in the clubhouse??? Did he play a 18 or 27 holes with the the boys and then tell kiss his arse??? Did Adrian get caught up in a little of it??? Carl C.??? You know I cant say for sure on any of these items, but I know Boston was a 3 ring circus lead by Bobby V.
    I’m betting on these guys for sure though to give us a solid effort….

  11. ken says:

    Welcome back Alfredo!

  12. Badger says:


  13. Roger Dodger says:

    This is what I see:

    June 2, 1998: Drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 44th round of the 1998 amateur draft, but did not sign.
    June 2, 1999: Drafted by the Anaheim Angels in the 13th round of the 1999 amateur draft. Player signed June 4, 1999.
    December 17, 2004: Selected off waivers by the Colorado Rockies from the Anaheim Angels.
    April 20, 2005: Selected off waivers by the Pittsburgh Pirates from the Colorado Rockies.
    May 5, 2005: Released by the Pittsburgh Pirates.
    November 22, 2005: Signed as a Free Agent with the Florida Marlins.
    December 12, 2009: Granted Free Agency.
    February 3, 2010: Signed as a Free Agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
    November 6, 2010: Granted Free Agency.
    January 26, 2011: Signed as a Free Agent with the Colorado Rockies.
    August 6, 2011: Traded by the Colorado Rockies to the Florida Marlins for Jesus Merchan (minors).
    September 8, 2011: Released by the Florida Marlins.
    January 13, 2012: Signed as a Free Agent with the Chicago Cubs.
    October 29, 2012: Granted Free Agency.

    Since I am not his biographer, in 2010 in the minors, AA, he had a total of 4 plate appearances with 2 hits, average 1.000

    “Los Angeles Dodgers
    He was signed to a minor league contract by the Los Angeles Dodgers on February 2, 2010. Still recovering from his injury, he did not play in any spring training games. Amézaga made his season debut on May 17 for the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts. He only had four at-bats before returning to the disabled list for the remainder of the season, after which he became a free agent.”

    Maybe he will take us to the World Series!!!!

  14. Badger says:

    Only if he owns a bus Roger.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Good point Badger.

    Say, I just found out this morning that the Hockey strike might be over, or walk-out, whatever — I did not even know they were not playing. But I grew up in Tucson, so Hockey was never on my mind.

    • Badger says:

      Not much ice in Southern Cal growing up. But hockey is a game I am sure I would have played had I grown up where it was frozen half the year. I took up surfing instead.

      Anyone taking Seattle in the next one? AFC very predictable so far.

  16. RoidRage says:

    Speaking of Alfredo, I love it on pasta! Yep, we are down to silly talk in here.

  17. Jae says:

    It is soooo boring right now!

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you better list one of your super duper three or four way trades. The natives are restless

  19. Mark_Timmons says:

    OK Roger,

    Dodgers trade Andre Ethier and Dee Gordon to the Tigers for Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. Miggy plays 3B and Prince moves to SS.

    How\’s that?

    • quasimodo says:

      good one, but i sure wish all the chat about trading ethier is a dead horse, though it seems whipping it will still persist. ethier is one of my heros on this team and i’m hoping big mack can help solve the lefty issues. mark was great at not chasing bad pitches from his start and his coaching abilities seemed to help cards…….for that matter lets keep gordon and see if mack’s help gets him on 1st. more often. seeing this kid on 1st. is as exciting as final round of an action packed championship even fight

  20. Pete M. says:

    Where did u surf Badger??? I was at 10th. st. Manhattan beach. Oh how times and places have changed…Every time I drive by Trestles I have flasbacks…
    Tonight (finally) we get ‘the’ game. It’s always seems amazing how ND will bring out the Bama (or whoever they play) in people…Love em or Hate em, no in between.
    Oh yeah, baseball!!! Howell is good (real)…Of course I thought Coffeey was going to be a LH out machine. Alfredo is like State Farm commercial, he’ll be there in Albuquerque…

    • Badger says:

      Mostly Seal Beach, Sunset and Huntington Beach Pete. San Onofre was a little south of where we went, but we did get down there occasionally. Also Dana Point was a hot spot back then. Sure looks different these days. I was also one of the early body surfers at the Wedge using a fin. Some guy from Surfer Magazine was down there snapping photos of me and a buddy on a good day. Have no idea if they ever showed up in the magazine. I actually preferred doing that to board surfing, not sure why. Danger probably.

      I like Mark’s trade, and I am sure Detroit would do it once they knew Gordon was in the mix. Prince at short might be a problem. His range you know.

      I hate winter.

  21. Pete M. says:

    Killer Dana…Not many now know of it, but it was one helluva ride.Then the yuppies killed it in the name of sailing and hi priced slips…

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    See Mark, you can do good work when you want toooooo.

  23. ken says:

    HOF is a joke until Gil is selected. War 1969 Amazing Mets.

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    In our New York Times this morning, was the following on the HOF:

    Steroid Era Suspicions Have Unfairly Tainted All
    Published: January 6, 2013

    I hope what you read here is wrong, as misguided as my prediction last spring that the Miami Marlins would win the National League pennant. When I look at the Hall of Fame ballot, I see at least a dozen players who ought to have plaques in Cooperstown. But I do not believe the writers will elect any candidates when the voting is revealed Wednesday.

    This is only partly about steroids. Based on published ballots and polling by The
    New York Times, it seems highly unlikely that the new candidates most prominently linked to drug use will be inducted. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens received only 47 percent of the 92 ballots we confirmed on Sunday. Sammy Sosa received just 12 percent.

    Mike Piazza, untainted by formal allegations of steroids, has a better chance. But even Piazza managed just 63 percent, perhaps a reflection of the skepticism surrounding him. Candidates need 75 percent to be elected.

    Historically, this has not been easy. In 1971, when Yogi Berra made his debut on the ballot, he collected only two-thirds of the vote. That’s right — 118 of 360 writers did not vote for Berra as soon as they had the chance. Fifteen players on that 1971 ballot eventually made it to Cooperstown, but that year, the voters could not reach a three-quarters consensus on any of them.

    Since then, only one other writers’ ballot has produced no new inductees.

    That was in 1996, when Phil Niekro, Tony Perez and Don Sutton got more than 60 percent but less than 75. They and three others from that ballot — Ron Santo, Jim Rice and Bruce Sutter — eventually elbowed through the crowd and into the Hall.

    What makes this new ballot so intriguing, of course, is the presence of Bonds and Clemens, and the sad referendum voters are likely to send on their legacies. The writers have bestowed more single-season honors on Bonds and Clemens than they have on any other player; seven Most Valuable Player awards for Bonds, and seven Cy Young Awards, and an M.V.P. for Clemens.

    But the ultimate honor will have to wait, if it ever comes. Too many voters have prioritized the character clause in the voting guidelines over recognizing the achievements we all witnessed. That is their right, of course, and a lot of fans and former players agree.

    We know steroids mutated the records. What we do not know, and never can, is the full roster of players who used performance-enhancing drugs, including when they started and when they stopped. Punishing only those who were caught (with varying degrees of evidence) while rewarding those who got away with it seems like willful ignorance of the depth of the problem.

    I did not send in my ballot, because The New York Times does not permit voting for awards. The rationale is that reporters should cover the news, not make it. If indeed no players are elected this week, the writers, and our unwieldy election process, will be the story. That is a shame, because the focus should always be on the candidates, and their on-field worthiness for enshrinement. If you consider only what we saw on the field, the ballot is dazzling. Yet even the players free of steroid suspicion seem unlikely to reach 75 percent.

    Craig Biggio combined longevity and excellence with a set of skills matched by few others. How many players reached 3,000 hits — including 1,000 extra-base hits — while stealing 400 bases? Just three: Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker and Biggio. Cobb and Speaker last played in 1928.

    Biggio, however, is perceived by some to have been less than dominant. He never led his league in hits, batting average, on-base percentage or slugging percentage, and he batted .234 in the postseason. Yet another candidate who was dominant, and sparkled in October, seems even less likely than Biggio to make it on Wednesday.

    He is Curt Schilling, who had about eight extraordinary seasons and a handful of others just a notch below. His regular-season record (216-146, with a 3.46 earned run average) belies his postseason brilliance (11-2, 2.23), and he is the only pitcher in history to record at least 3,000 strikeouts with fewer than 750 walks.

    Like all players of their generation, Biggio and Schilling were not tested for steroids until 2003. We cannot say for sure they were clean, but most writers seem to assume they were. Yet they still will not convince many voters.

    At least two voters have said they submitted ballots with only one name checked — that of Jack Morris, a worthy candidate but one whose credentials fall short of Biggio’s or Schilling’s. Another writer handed in a blank ballot in protest. Another said he generally does not vote for anybody on the first ballot, a completely indefensible position, even if it is rooted in history.

    After all, 23 lunkheads left Willie Mays off their ballot. Forty-three did not vote for Mickey Mantle. Sixteen did not vote for Mike Schmidt. Even Tom Seaver, whose percentage of 98.8 is the highest in history, was deemed unworthy by five curmudgeons.

    Maybe Morris will make it, in his 14th appearance on the ballot, after collecting 66.7 percent last year. His election is long overdue, although he will not receive a final push from the bloc of analysts who rightly lobbied for Bert Blyleven two years ago. Morris’s 3.90 E.R.A. would be the highest in the Hall.

    If Biggio, Schilling and Morris are made to wait — to say nothing of Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Piazza, Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and others — there will still be an induction ceremony in Cooperstown this summer. In December, the veterans committee elected Hank O’Day, Jacob Ruppert and Deacon White to the Hall of Fame. All three died in the 1930s.

  25. RoidRage says:

    The stain of steroids has blemished all in this era. I have to admit, I had my suspicions about Biggio all along, so I really am not that surprised. REgarding Shilling, I think his bombastic attitude has a lot more to do with him not getting in, than any steroid issue. He was a loud mouth, arrogant prick that the writers loved to quote but deep down must have hated, let that be a lesson to players, writers and bloggers, bombastic arrogance gets old real fast, real fast.

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Been without a computer for several weeks. Been keeping up with the Dodgers on my iPhone, but that’s about it.

    J.P. Howell missed the entire 2010 season due to shoulder surgery. He came back in 2011, and pitched in 46 games, throwing only 31 innings, with 18 BB, 26 K, and 30 hits, with a 6.16 ERA. He also pitched in 7 minor league games for a total of 7 innings. Obviously, that was just the first step in his recovery. Last year he appeared in 55 games, pitching 50 innings, surrendered 39 hits, walked 22 and struck out 42, and had a 3.04 ERA. Last year was closer to 2008-09, when he had ERA’s of 2.22 and 2.84 respectively. Most likely his stuff was better last year than it was in the year immediately following his surgery, and certainly his control was much improved, going from 18 walks in 30 innings to 22 walks in 50 innings. I also heard that he throws a lot of off-speed stuff, so maybe it took him a year to get back the feel for those pitches.

    Given his role as a LOOGY, he’s probably a very good complement to Scott Elbert, and just about what Dodgers need to fill-out their bullpen which appears to be very strong from the right side with Jansen, League, Belisario and Guerrier (not so sure about him), with room for at least another righty be it from among homegrown options like Shawn Tolleson, Javy Guerra, etc., or from the the outside in a trade.

    Got a lot of non-Dodger stuff to catch up with, so I don’t know how often I’ll be posting in the immediate future. Then again, maybe I won’t be able to resist the lure of LAdodgertalk.

  27. Badger says:

    Missed your input Brooklyn. You can use your iPhone you know. More mistakes will be made but we all look beyond that. I am using mine right now.

    I don’t see pitching being a problem this year. We have a couple of holes in our lineup and our defense may be average.

  28. Roger Dodger says:

    We are just so excited around here about the National Championship game tonight, the Alabama Fighting Irish verses the Notre Dame Crimson Tides.

    Should be a bell wringer.

    Right now I could not tell you even one player on either side. Nor either coach. Nor any of the cheer leaders.

  29. Roger Dodger says:

    Here IS something to get excited about.

    On the MLB Network channel, they just said that the Dodgers have the most complete roster in the majors.

    Also, you can go out a buy players, but you cannot buy chemistry.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see anything special about Puig. He hasn’t prove anything yet. Saw him at Rancho and has an attitude. Some prospects are way better than him.

    • Badger says:

      But all the s’perts say he’s our best prospect.

      I don’t see a deep roster Roger. I think we still don’t have a proven lead-off guy and not much thunder off the bench.

      Speaking of depth, how does Alabama look so far?

    • Badger says:

      Should have been Oregon.

  31. Pete M. says:

    Just an old fashion ass-whooping…
    ND was out everything!
    There’s no silver lining here.
    I don’t know if we will be able to compete any time soon with Saban’s Bama.
    But you know what, I still luv ya and thanks for a helluva year…
    O.K now I look fwd to March Madness and ST…Life goes on…

    • Badger says:

      Those talking heads were right, this thing with ‘bama is going to have some life to it. It was men amongst boys. But, they did get took down by one team, so it’s possible. Just don’t see it happening in big games. Oregon has the speed to compete with them, but they don’t have the size and strength. Nobody does.

      Do you think this changes Te’o's draft status? He looked over matched out there.

      McCarron has it going on. QB of the National Champion, another year to pad the stats, Miss Alabama on his arm. It’s good to be the starting quarterback.

      Now we wait for something round ball to happen.

  32. gionfriddo says:

    Hurts to say ND got taken behind the wood shed but it’s the right terminology. Badger, I think Te’o was a top 15 pick prior to kickoff but he did look bad last night (it wasn’t just one arm tackle but too many to count vs Lacy and Yeldon).. His LB mates (Spond, Fox, and Calabrese looked intimidated to me)..
    Bring on ST— when does Capuano and Harang get dealt or do we keep them and deal them during ST?

    • Voldomer says:

      Yes, that was ugly. I wonder if things would have been better if ND had gone for the first down on that first drive at 3d and short yardage rather than try a second long pass down the sideline. Perhaps that would have settled them down a bit. As it was, a three-and-out after Alabama had scored quickly on the opening drive was a disaster, and it went downhill from there.

      Any interest in Freddy Sanchez? The Dodgers already have numerous infield guys, but why not give him a shot and finally cut Uribe?

  33. Pete M. says:

    I don’t know how Johnnie Football and A&M beat em, but I dont see anyone beatin them last night.
    There will be other metrics used on Teo, but this was not a resume capper.
    Hard to rate McCarron last night. He could have brought out a rocker for the pocket last night on many plays. Johnnie Football is the best QB I saw this year and I really like the kids from Michigan & Oklahoma.
    Cap, Harang and Lilly’s status keep us wondering, but by the end of ST with injuries or setbacks for other clubs, we’ll be in a seller’s market…

  34. RoidRage says:

    Last night was a no brainer. It was a bigger ass whoopin than even I expected. I previously posted bama by 13, little did I know that would be for the 1st Quarter. Glad I was on my flight to Phoenix during the game, I knew game would be a snoozer. In honor of Monty Python I’ll say it “Bloody Catlicks”.

    Now we can focus on Dodgers Baseball. Just a month away and we got baseball again, yahoo! Someone mentioned that MLB likes the Dodgers on paper, I have been impressed as well, on paper. Now can Mattingly turn that paper into money and not into asswipe?

  35. Roger Dodger says:

    If I were Ethier’s agent, I would really want to get him into Fenway Park in a trade with the Red Sox.

    Why? Usually teams do not start many left-handers there because of the Green Monster. So, he might face more right-handed pitching.

    If not there, then a trade with the Cubbies. Andre would be loved in Chicago’s north side. The Cubs might not be going any where in baseball, but he would be a fan favorite. And face it, while Andre has been with the Dodgers, the Dodgers did not go anywhere.

  36. Bill Russell says:

    Can Michael Morse play 3rd base? Would love the bat in our lineup and the Nationals are looking to trade him now.

  37. Badger says:

    I have been saying the same thing about Ethier and Boston for two years now Roger. If ever there was a park that is suited to him it’s that place. He could .300 easy there. And, his best bud plays for that team. Perfect fit. How to make it happen? Who knows.

    Freddy Sanchez is available? Oh hell yes. Sign him up.

    Now, about that lead-off guy and late inning pinch hitter.

  38. quasimodo says:

    yes it is a joke. after pirates KOed dodgers in 1979 playoffs and went on to win the championship vs baltimore (i think this was my favorite world series) through these eyes it seemed kent tekulve was the real mvp though it was awarded to willie stargel. tekulve’s not in the hall of fame and he sure should be. they found it easier judge against pete rose with less evidence than these suspected of using peds and pete’s crime really did nothing to harm the game. i was shocked that mattingly and kemp bet dinner about who’d get kicked out of a game next. they needed to be afraid of being kicked out of baseball for life as pete’s betting was just as harmless but ole bud put it in same category as blacksox. there are several worthy of being hall of famers that aren’t. at least they’ll always have chance when sometimes things get backed up and corrections are made, elsewise there’d be no hall of famers from the negro league


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