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Let This Be A Lesson Us All

When we don’t hear a peep from the Dodger camp, believe nothing of what others say.  All the insiders were full of crap.

All the fans were full of crap.

“He won’t pitch in a big city.  His wife likes Texas.  He was blown away by Texas and Nolan Ryan.”

I was full of crap in suggesting the sign him for $180 million – although that would have gotten it done.

It appears that the deal is in the 6 years/ $147 million vicinity.

Forget the rumors.  This is classic Ned Colletti.  You hear nothing until… WHAM, the deal is done.

I’ve learned my lesson.  Have you learned yours?

Nice job, Ned.  Very nice.

Now, what about Ryu?

P.S.  Sorry, I said “Screw Greinke.”  Full retraction included!  ;)


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  1. Bill Russell says:

    Zack, Thanks for not listening to all my Dodger buddies in here that were telling you to stick it. You will be a very nice addition to our rotation.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Any predictions on who the starting 3rd baseman will be? Will Seattle gave up the brother? Now can we also get Sanchez? I’m excited about 2013.

  3. Mark_Timmons says:

    I would love to see Seager at 3B.

    I think by tomorrow afternoon we will know if they will get Ryu and if they don\’t then Sanchez is a possibility.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I said this in the “Pokerface” thread.

    “I try not to interpret anything I read about Zach Greinke. Chances are that most of what’s being written has little resemblance to reality. Best we can do is just wait this thing out and see where the chips fall. And it’s not just Greinke. It’s everything else we read about other free agents the Dodgers may be talking to, and potential trades. We simply don’t know what’s real, or close to real, or completely false. But one thing I’m sure of. Ned Colletti isn’t anywhere close to being a moron, and that Stan Kasten is the antithesis of a moron.

    Lots may happen all of a sudden, or this could drag on into January and beyond. But for certain, the Dodgers have resources, and those resources will get used, one way or another.”

    So I think I already had learned my lesson. Been watching this kind of stuff for years, and it’s become pretty clear that you really can’t believe most of what you read. In fact, although I feel that this is a done deal, I still won’t rest until I know for sure.

    By the way, I wonder how much of an influence Greinke’s former manager, Trey Hillman was. If anything, it probably didn’t hurt.

  5. the truth hurts says:

    love it love it love it…..

  6. Bball says:

    First I’ve heard about greinke. Out Christmas shopping. All I want for Christmas is greinke, Sanchez and seager. Been a Ned supporter for a while kind of in the minority. Glad to see positivness on his behalf. Man has this new ownership walked the walk or what.

  7. Dodger66 says:

    What a difference a year makes. It has been such a long time since the Dodgers honestly went after a top free agent.

  8. Badger says:

    You see, all it took was for us to say “move on” – Greinke’s agent saw it was time to say yes, and the settlement was reached.

    It all went according to my plan.

    Next up – Ryu and/or Sanchez.

  9. Joseph Olivas says:

    Wow am I happy best 1-2 combo lets add some more i guess lol…

  10. Gonzo says:

    I don’t know of the best 1 -2 combo but very good. I’m glad that greinke decided to hop on the train. For once in your career zack you will see what true fans are. Welcome.

  11. ken says:

    What Badger said!

    Maybe all that we heard was true except for the amount of money that Texas was willing to pay Greinke. Maybe $147 mil is a lot more than what TX was willing to pay while they were chasing Upton and/or Hamilton. TX has the minor league players to go and get Shields or Upton, but both? Maybe, maybe not? Maybe Greinke got tired of TX dragging him along while they were all in on too many players.

    What really matters is that although Greinke’s contract is high it is not so high as to make signing Kershaw a problem.

  12. gionfriddo says:

    Who has a better 1-2 combo? Kershaw matches up against anybodys #1 in any format (NL or AL).

    The #2′s on the top rotations:
    Bumgarner, Lee, Carpenter, Latos, Hudson, Miley, Gio Gonzalez-NL
    Kuroda, Harrison, Scherzer, C.J. Wilson, Peavy, Jarrod Parker-AL

    Those are some good arms but I take Greinke over all of those guys save for Cliff Lee when he is on.. Joseph is right, we now have the most formidable 1-2 front end of any rotation in the game.

  13. Gonzo says:

    Also notice how his contract ends in 2018. Why is it important? Well, thats when all the big contracts come off the books. Another reason to like this deal even more. Greinke is overpayed according to the stats but it was time like someone said that the Dodgers were in on the Prime FA of the offseason.

  14. Joseph Olivas says:

    Great news for us dodger fans! check out might site when u get done with this one!

  15. Badger says:

    I still want another bat.

    So….. now the attention turns to Sanchez? Ryu is signing today, or he is not. If he doesn’t, then I will blame Bora$$. Brooklyn’s point about the Satan Agent is of course valid, but, I still don’t like him. (if you google Scott Boras the devil, you get 186,000 hits) He can take a step up by getting this deal done for his client.

    Things should start happening at an accelerated rate now.

    • ken says:

      SOS should be working on trying to find a job for M. Bourn, who might fall to a cheap #4 OF if SOS doesn’t get Big Nebraska Behind in gear.

  16. Pete M. says:

    Joseph O. Great website. Is that a all time picture of Chavez Ravine, still one of the crown jewels of the MLB???
    Welcome Josh G. No more DH and maybe a lil more hang time on your flyballs.
    Ryu/Sanchez is next???
    I’m preety happy, excited about ST in March and seeing our boys!!!
    Badger, Teo kept it close. Most votes by a D player ever. And then there Bama.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m sure you could get 186,000 hits. And if things accelerate, maybe they’ll hit the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

    Agree that another bat would be nice. Looks like Hanley is at short to start the year, so the preference is probably 3B. And of course, a 4th outfielder, and maybe a backup catcher in case Fedex doesn’t cut it. And perhaps a deal for Skip Schumaker, who could fill-in both at 2B and in the outfield. Probably 186,000 other possibilities I’m not thinking of. By the way, if we dealt for Schumaker, who goes to the Cardinals? Is his contract so onerous that they just want to shed it, or do they want something significant back in return?

    Some details regarding the Greinke deal from Eric Stephen at TBLA, if they can be believed:

    If he does well in the first 3 years he’ll likely exercise his opt-out and look for something in return to get him to opt-in. If he doesn’t perform as expected, he just stays for the duration, or maybe gets traded, since he’s not likely to opt-out after a trade if his market is down.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Looked up Schumaker’s contract status. Owed $1.5 million in 2013, and eligible for free agency in 2014. Doubt if that’s a very onerous contract for the Cardinals, so they’ll want something in return. Nice player to have to fill-in. Probably a good clubhouse guy, and definitely has postseason experience. Definitely worth something, but nothing major, especially since he can be a free agent in 2014, and is not likely to get a qualifying offer, which this year was $13.3 million. That means no draft pick if he was signed by another team.

  19. Badger says:

    I hope he earns the money. Since he has only been a 2 WAR pitcher the last few years he is going to have to be better in Chavez to actually earn near 25 MM. If the formula is still the same he has to average a 5 WAR while a Dodger.

    Bummer about the kid but I am not surprised. 18 years old. Him still needs hims mommy.

    Get Sanchez and be prepared to add a bat at the deadline.

  20. Badger says:

    Still 9.5 Pete. Sportsbook has it at 10. I might take ND when it gets to 11, and I think it will.

    Teo deserved it too. I tell you what he will get before Manziel. His mansion.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    On Ned –

    There was the Old Ned under McCourt’s thumb. And there is the New Ned with the new ownership.

    The Old Ned had little possible movement of money or minor league prospects to offer other teams or players. The New Ned has (it appears) unlimited resources of money.

    Some Dodger fans used to jab, yell at, throw under the bus — ideas about Ned (when we saw him as Old Ned). Now, under the New Day of new ownership, he looks like a future Hall of Fame executive in waiting.

    Mark and I first met Ned back in Camelback at Spring Training in 2009, in the Dodgers front offices. Then in 2010 Ned was signing out behind the practice fields one morning. i waited till the crowd was finished and went over and had him sign a ball and was able to talk with him for five minutes or so before he had to go into a meeting. He does take time for fans. Looks directly at you and has a warmth of friendship during those moments or time. Maybe Greinke and his wife saw that.

  22. ken says:

    I still want another bat(s) too!

    Couple of ideas

    Ely, Lilly, $$ and Gwynn to Twins for a #4 OF Mastroiani (LF/CF). The Twins had 12 different starting pitchers in 2012.

    Cruz and Gordon to Mariners for Seager 3B. He can platoon with Hairston/Punto or even Uribe :) Maybe too many left hand batters.

    Time for another pitcher – Just sign Sanchez
    Backup plans
    1. Sign Ryu
    2. Trade Cappy, Harang, $$$, Pederson, and Van Slyke to Mets for Dickey. Why not a 3rd CY Young award winner?

  23. Badger says:

    Is Mastroiani any better than Gwynn? Honestly, I never heard of him so I really don’t know. His stats don’t tell much. I would hang on to Lilly until he is used somehow for a big bat. Unless of course he is still broken, in which case, yeah, send him off for a back-up.

    Sure, why not a third Cy Young pitcher? Dickey has a couple years left in him. I think. Mets prolly don’t want to pay him. I think the Rangers will be willing to cough up some good prospects. They always seem to have minor league talent in the top 50.

    Just sign Sanchez. We do that, and it would appear we have enough pitching. Cappy, Harang, Lilly and Bills….. who stays and who goes?

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Ely, Lilly. Maybe they could start their own pharmaceutical company.

  25. Jae says:

    Eli Lilly is a drug dealer.

    • Badger says:

      I think they are also a Federal Credit Union. If you can’t afford to buy their drugs, they will loan you the money to do so.

  26. Bball says:

    Does anyone no what dodger players will be playing on the US WBC team.

  27. DRomo says:

    Mark or anyone,
    How is our line up constructed? Who leads off? Ellis? I don’t see Crawford as a lead off guy. In fact I don’t think he lead off in Tampa?

    • Badger says:

      Crawford spent most of his career, and put up his best stats, in the two hole. As of now, I think Ellis leads off. And THAT needs to be addressed.

  28. Badger says:

    “The Dodgers look stellar on paper, but Rosenthal cautions that inflated salaries often lead to inflated egos, raising the possibility of locker room turmoil.”

    While that can certainly be true, every team in baseball has a squad of inflated egos. You don’t make it to the Major Leagues without an enormous ego.

    I think the Dodgers have the right guy in place to deal with egos. Don Mattingly has seen it all and has been a part of the most drama filled organization in sports. Hopefully he keeps these guys focused. It’s about winning championships now.

  29. Idahoal says:

    I see all of the Mariners baseball games along with the Dodgers. Seager is an excellent ball player. If we could get him for 3rd base, I would let Cruz go plus some minor league players. I doubt the Mariners will let him go. If we get Ryu today, then I think we would be set. We could then throw in some starting pitching for Seager. We have enough competition to fill second base. Everybody thinks we need a four outfielder. We have a very good one in Gwynn.

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Even in NY they recognize that the Dodgers have arrived.

    I wonder if there is any truth in those last two paragraphs. Could the Dodgers get involved in the Hamilton sweepstakes?

  31. gionfriddo says:

    Smart move by Greinke–how smart do you have to be take 147 million, though right? However, the young man, according to a litany of reports is very cerebral & analytical. The next few days the papers will tell us just how much Texas was “in” on ZG and just how detailed the talks became. IMO, even though I gave up on ZG being a Dodger on Friday (thanks Jim Bowden), I always came back to the same thought– Clayton Kershaw is in LA.. Even IF ZG was seriously considering Texas in the back of his mind he knew if he signed there that HE would be the #1; he would be THE GUY. Yes, Darvish and Matt Harrison are nice pitchers, but they are 2′s and 3′s. ZG knew that in LA there was already a horse who imbraced that #1 role and thrived in it, in Kershaw..

    Of course, with a 147 million dollar deal there will be tremendous scrutiny (Zack, wait til you meet T.J. Simers!). That burden, however, will be lessened by the fact that he can play Robin while #22 plays Batman..

    Reports say LA offered Ryu 6 yrs @ 30 million– the insufferable Boras wants a 2-3 yr deal with higher #’s annually (10-13 mill) so his client can hit free agency while he’s still young. I’m sure this goes up to the 2:00 deadline but Ryu will be a Dodger.. If Boras plays hardball, Ned needs to turn to Sanchez.. NO TO KYLE LOHSE

    A big thanks to the hack writers who stole Te’o's Heisman from him. Te’o needs to look no further than the heist that took place in ’64 when Golden Domer, John Huarte, was given the award over a LB from Illinois. That same LB also played every down that year not only at middle LB but also as his teams center on offense. I’m not saying Te’o will be the next Dick Butkus but he will be an asset to the team that takes him in the top 15 of the ’13 draft.

  32. Mark_Timmons says:

    In response to Romo\’s question, I think Ramirez has to lead off but I really believe that the lead off hitter the Dodgers need is not currently on the roster.

    I still see Ethier as trade bait. Bourne, or a speedy 2B or 3B?

    If we got a big bat for 2B or 3B, then I\’d be happy with Hanley there.

  33. Pete M. says:

    Gionfriddo, you had me rollin at my computer. 1 bad start and T.J. is all over him like a cheap suit. I’ve never figured how he is still allowed in the clubhouse. Keep Harang near his cubicle as a visual deterrent…

    • Badger says:

      I laughed too. Simers is going to have a field day with this guy. But, then, that is what he does. And, I like it.

      Ramirez can lead off, but, a 220 pound RBI guy is not my first choice. I want a rabbit there. A guy like Gordon, who, when on first keeps the pitchers attention away from the strike zone. I think it’s still true, on those SB counts, hitters get more fastballs with a base stealer on first. Ramirez isn’t a base stealing threat. He is an RBI guy. Keep him in the middle of the order.

      6 years is too long, $30 million is too much. Nobody knows if this guy can get ML hitters out. 3 years, $18 million. You don’t like it, go back to Korea. If this isn’t done, and even if it is, we still should go after Sanchez

  34. Bobbie17 says:

    Where is the crow? One more pitcher, and on paper, the staff, if Kershaw is healthy, is as good as the Giants. One more gamer in Left or 3B, and we have a chance. It’s too late to turn back now.

  35. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t you say that Matt Kemp wouldn’t be happy moving to RF? If the Dodgers get Bourn (He’s not Matt Damon-no “e”-SMILE) he would have to play CF. Nothing else would make sense. I don’t believe it would be a problem, but I thought you did. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  36. Mark_Timmons says:

    Yes, it might be a problem but if it were for a speedster who could lead off, he might be OK with it.

  37. ken says:

    Maybe the dodgers should try to get into a three way deal with TX and NYM. Dempster to TX, Olt to LAD, with Capuano, Gordon, $$$, and Puig to NYM.

  38. ken says:

    Borass is in crash and burn mode with Bourn. Hopefully he will cave on Ryu’s demand. He doesn’t really want to be perceived as crashing on 2 major players in the same year. Maybe the dodgers could get Bourn on the cheap and trade Ethier, Capuano and $$ for Shields or Dickey.

  39. RoidRage says:

    First off, Greinke is going to be a prime time player, that may be all the difference we need.

    Second off, yes Badger we do need another bat, however, the addition of Mark McGwire may create a few “bats” that we already own.

    Third off, aren’t you glad Ned did not give an ultimatum to Greinke and his agent and actually had a conversation and “real” negotiation with them. Despite what some think or believe, an ultimatum isn’t really negotiation, it is a means to try and make a close on a negotiation. It’s a door-slammer, one way or the other. Yeah, I do negotiations for a living not in a book of theories, Real world is where it’s at, theory is just theory. Me still holding my belly laughing.

    • Badger says:

      How do you know the language that was used in these negotiations? Were you there? I find it quite believable Jed would say “this is our offer, accept it or don’t but we need to move on”.

  40. Badger says:

    Why do so many want to trade Ethier? He had a 3.5 WAR last year. Yeah, Dickey had a 5.6 WAR last year at age 37. Will he do it again at age 38? Ethier straight up for Shields is fair on my ledger. Bring in a third team that will have the prospects for the Rays then sign Hamilton.


    • Ken says:

      Just trying to find a natural lead off hitter since Gumby still seems to be a bust for 2013. If Gumby could platoon at 2B and hit .280 it would make a world of difference. Rather try Gumby at 2B then trade for another one of Ned’s favorite over the hill 2B with character.

  41. Badger says:

    Well if you trade Ethier you had better get equal WAR, or top prospects, in return.

    If we can make Bourn happen, I think most fans would be thrilled.

  42. Ken says:

    Waiting for the news flash from insider Mark

  43. Badger says:

    Time’s up.

  44. the truth hurts says:



  45. the truth hurts says:

    8 starting pitchers under contract for next season…..

  46. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Guess we’ll have to wait a while to get the details. Right now it’s all tweets with no details. Oh well, just another pitcher in the Dodgers’ quiver. Building enough inventory for a trade. Dodgers probably aren’t done, but stuff is beginning to fall into place.

  47. Badger says:

    I wonder what the plan is? Could it be that both Lilly and Bills are not
    expected back? I keep reading that Capuano and Harang could be traded soon. Yeah, they could. But does anyone know the medical status of Bills and Lilly?

  48. Roger Dodger says:

    We are off to see Peter Pan (Broadway Across America) — and will ask her if she has any more magic to throw our way.

  49. ken says:

    Starting Pitchers
    1. Kershaw
    2. Greinke
    3. Beckett
    4. Ryu – 6 yr $36 mil
    5. Harang or Bills?

    Bullpen w/2 LHP :)
    1. League
    2. Jansen
    3. Belisario
    4. Harang or Bills
    5. Guerrier
    6. Capuano
    7. Lilly

    The other 10 pitchers appear to have option years available.

    That is a strange bullpen. Looking for 2 trades during the off season and 1 more when Lilly is healthy during spring training or early in the season.

    Of course the Dodgers could still sign Sanchez. :)

  50. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Bills and Harang are possibilities in the bullpen, although I suspect Billingsley will start if healthy. If the Dodgers sign Sanchez, then Billingsley becomes a question mark. I can also see Capuano being the second lefty in the pen, although the Dodgers may not see it that way. Then, of course, there’s Lilly, and what to do with him. Trades are are likely, and health is an issue. Things should start sorting themselves out between now and opening day. What I do know, is that starting with a surplus is far better than starting with a deficit. Remember, it’s a long season.

  51. DRomo says:

    IF Bills is truly healthy he is the best #4 – 5 starter in the NL.

    IF this offense can scratch out 3-4 runs on average each night we are set!

    IF Cruz can resemble anything close to what he was last July-Sept. We are in great shape.

    IF my aunt were a man…..

    Props to the ownership group for walking the talk. I can not understand anyone who complains about this spending spree. The Dodgers TV contract is projected to generate over $200 million per year (before 1 ticket is sold). What should the ownership have done? Pocket it? Weather it works or not, this is what you want your sports team owners to do.

    Now it is up to the players to make it happen.

  52. Badger says:

    Three starters in the bullpen? I wonder how they will feel about that?

    Yeah, it is a long season. Depth is good. So is team harmony. I can sure see going with six starters, with depth at AAA. Not sure how this will sort out but what a great problem to have.

  53. RoidRage says:

    I’ll use your logic Badger. How do you know team harmony is good, are you in the clubhouse. What’s good for the goose… lol

    • Badger says:

      That is ridiculous roid. The two points are totally unrelated.

      And yes, I have been in many dugouts. From your posts, I would surmise you have not.

    • Badger says:

      I think his rage might come from hemorrhoids. I think his sphincter may be wound a bit tight.

      Who knows, maybe Cap or Harang would welcome a switch to the bullpen. Somehow I doubt it. They are starters, and I expect them to ask to be traded.

  54. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I second Badger. Not only has he been in dugouts, but I imagine he’s been in a few foxholes as well. In fact, in just about any group situation where you’re in close contact with other individuals, harmomy is important. Yeah, lol is right. In fact, I’m breaking up.

    • Badger says:

      My last post was supposed to land here.

      Maybe our extra starters can be traded for enough prospects to land Cano, or a lead-off guy.

  55. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, I thought about the Dodgers attempting to do a deal to get Cano. The problem is, I believe that Cano’s agent is Boras. Cano is scheduled to be a free agent next year, and Boras usually likes to take his clients into free agency, and would probably not be amenable to an extension for Cano if the Dodgers acquired him in a deal. Unless of course, the Dodgers just offered Cano a truckload of money to do an extension. Otherwise, acquiring Cano in a deal is a one year rental, with no guarantee that he could be signed long term. Better I think to just bid on Cano next year if he becomes a free agent.

  56. RoidRage says:

    Don’t quit your day job for comedy Badge.

    Yeah, I’ve been in a few dug outs and some huddles, btw

  57. RoidRage says:

    BTW I was asking specifically about this team and it’s harmony, not team harmony in general, morons! Stick with the train of thought boys, you embarrass yourselves.

    • Badger says:

      A little testy there aren’t you roid? Well, I reckon rectal swelling will do that to a guy.

      We all know what you were talking about. You were still talking about the ultimatum debate when most of us have moved on. I think we have what Phil would call a “right fighter”. The only one embarrassing himself around here now is you buddy.

      I read that Cano will not give the Yankees a discount, so, maybe the Yankees would be willing to part company with him. I doubt it, but, you never know. The right package could influence them. And Borass knows full well where the money is. It would appear the Yankees are tightening up a bit (that might change, but Cashman has said they will keep it under luxury tax levels) so, who knows. I think Cano could beat out Ellis for the second base job. (that was humor roid – hey, so was that….. humoroid, your new handle… btw, I quit my day job about 8 years ago. Happily retired.)

  58. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Guess he just feels a need to perseverate about that ultimatum thing. I think “hemorrhoid” fits nicely. I am officially categorizing him as a non-person for whom there is no need to ever reply. So go at it roid, insult me to your hearts content, and expect no comeback. Gee, that’s a lot of words I wasted on a non-entity.

    Badger, I understand. I just don’t like the idea of Boras knowing that the Dodgers would be under extreme pressure to sign Cano next year if they gave up a lot this year to get him. But the Dodgers know the market, so if they’re OK with it so am I. Besides, this team seems to have the kind of money that allows for mistakes. And if Cano is the difference between winning a championship and not winning one, then I’m all for it.

    All that said, I wonder if acquiring Cano is realistic. Maybe by mid-season if the aging Yankees find themselves on the outside looking in, they will be more amenable to parting with Cano, especially if they’re serious about staying under the luxury tax threshold next year, and that signing Cano would bring them above that level.

    I’m not holding my breath, but I don’t think the idea is out of the realm of possibility.

  59. Badger says:

    I’m not holding my breath either. Just something else to talk about. Second base is something of a need, as is third base. But, what a lineup we could put together! The team everyone will love to hate, and show up to watch.

  60. Jae says:

    Who says the Dodgers didn’t give Greinke an ultimatum? Neither side will admit it if they did and sew will probably never now, Roid!

    Roid sounds like another poster who used to frequent this board and then who obviously used a lot of different names: ORIGINAL DODGERMAN!

  61. Michael says:

    The only prob is that we will be selling the fat[excess] for pennies on the dollar

    The Dodgers OWN LA

  62. RogerCraig says:

    Since the Yanks want to dump payroll, I wonder if they would trade Granderson and Cano to us for Ethier, Capuano, Lee, Ellis (Mark), Puig and Reed. This sounds like something Mark would suggest, but it give the Yanks salary relief and a few prospects. They could even send a few million.

  63. Badger says:

    Nicely done Roger.

    OD. That brings back some bad memories. But you are right Jae – same tone.

  64. gionfriddo says:

    Shields and Wade Davis to KC for Wil Myers & prospects.. wow

  65. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I want nothing to do with Granderson. And don’t be fooled by his power numbers. He’s got power, but nothing near what the numbers indicate. The new Yankee Stadium is a launching pad, which includes that short porch in right field. Lots of his HRs would die on the warning track in Dodger Stadium, Petco Park, and AT & T Park. And as much as we complain about Ethier’s numbers against lefthanders, Granderson is much the same.

    And I’m beginning to get the feeling that Puig is going to be very good. While the Dodgers are in the midst of a spending spree, the long term plan is to build from within as much as possible, and as soon as possible. Puig is part of that plan, and he’s one prospect I’d like to hold onto. And as much as I’d like to have Cano, I’d prefer to gamble that he becomes a free agent, and get him that way.

  66. Badger says:

    Myers and Montgomery are both better prospect than anyone we have, and that’s what it takes. But, to K.C.? Bummer for Shields.

    I think I agree about Granderson. HE hit 26 home runs at Yankee Stadium and his OPS on the road was only .755. He would be way overpaid away from that home ball park.

    I could see Bourn leading off for us, but that would mean trading Ethier. I am not sure I would want to make that trade. Yeah, Bourn had a better year last year, but, will he continue to have better years than Ethier? Maybe. And that would move Kemp to RF, which is where I would rather see him. Both Ethier and Bourn have 7 years – Bourn with a 19 WAR, Ethier with a 15.7 WAR. Bourn can lead off. Bourn will score 100 runs on this team. I think I just talked myself into trading Ethier.

  67. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, it all depends on what we get in return for Ethier. Would we rather have Etheir, or would we rather have Bourn and the players Ethier brings back in a trade? Chances are, I’d prefer the latter, assuming Ethier brought back some significant talent.

  68. ken says:

    Good for KC. Shows what a little tv money will do. They have been drafting high and developing a good minor league system. Now can KC succeed in the Central against Detroit? If not then maybe they will flip Shields in the summer.

    What Badger and BD just said

    I am now switching from waiting for FA signings to waiting a little longer for several trades both to unload extra pitchers, Uribe, and to add a 4 OF, and a 3B batting left handed.

  69. ken says:

    Still believe that the smartest thing Gordon could do is learn how to play 2B and platoon with Ellis.

    1B Rameriz
    2B Ellis/Gordon
    SS Rameriz
    3B Cruz/Seager

    A team can win the WS with a couple of platoons when they have 5 other horses, great SP and RP.

  70. jerry says:

    seem like every one on here want home run hitter,s if that happen we will lose more game then win..we need some of the player with high hitting ave..not all long ball.

  71. Badger says:

    What I really want jerry is for Dee Gordon to learn how to steal first base. I want both power and speed, but if I had to choose, I would choose speed at the top of this lineup. We actually have it. What he doesn’t have yet is a .350 OBP. And, I agree with ken……. Gordon at second base is an answer to a problem. In fact, Gordon as our utility guy…. second, short and outfield, could be the answer I am looking for. But, that ain’t gonna happen. If he doesn’t tear it up in Spring Training, he likely goes to Albuquerque, or he is shipped to another organization.


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