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I Still See Texas as a Trade Partner

Maybe the Dodger will go into 2013 with Carl Crawford as the leadoff hitter.  I doubt it though.  It may work, but Carl has never been a great leadoff hitter throughout his career.  I prefer to think that the Dodgers would try and make a trade and I still believe that the Texas Rangers are an obvious trade partner.  They need another bat (preferrably LH to take the place of Hamilton) and they could use another starter.  I have a prefect trade idea:

The Dodgers trade Andre Ethier, Chris Capuano, Mark Ellis, Chris Withrow and Corey Seager to the Rangers for Mike Olt and Ian Kinsler.   Ellis is merely insurance to the Rangers for Profar and/or Andrus being ready to play 2B full time.  Capuano gives them an extra arm for the rotation, Withrow comes home and Seager will be ready in 3 years to replace Beltre, while Olt is ready now.  Kinsler gives the Dodgers a leadoff hitter who is a solid defensive 2B (while not in the Mark Ellis class).  Olt is a great defensive 3B and brings tremendous power to the position.  I can see him hitting .245 with 3o HR at 3B in year one.

Here’s the lineup:

  1. Kinsler  – 2B
  2. Crawford – LF
  3. Gonzalez  – 1B
  4. Kemp  – CF
  5. Ramirez  -  SS
  6. Olt  – 3B
  7. Castellanos/Schumaker  – RF
  8. Ellis  C

If the RF platoon doesn’t cut it, then there are trade options Mid-Season.

I like that lineup.  I like it a lot.  Texas gets a 3B option after Beltre and an immediate boost to the rotation and outfield.  Withrow is a wild card but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be enticing to see if a local boy can make good.

Kinsler had a down year last year, but is just 30 and should have several good years left.  Olt is a potential All-Star at 3B, but you never know.  It’s a lot to pay, but it has merit.  We don’t know if Seager will ever be a good player, but he has huge potential.

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51 Responses to “I Still See Texas as a Trade Partner”

  1. Badger says:

    I like that lineup too by why are you including Capuano in that trade? Leave him out of it and it’s a fair deal. Ethier would hit .300 with 30 and 100 in Texas and no way Kinsler hits as well in L.A. as he did in the hot air of the south. And may I remind you Olt is still unproven. As much as we all like him, he is a minor leaguer.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I won’t comment on the trade, because there’s a lot I don’t know about some of those players. But I do agree with Badger’s “minor leaguer” comment. Also, when the CBA led to a change in the draft rules last year, I don’t believe it changed the rule by which a drafted player had to be in an organization for at least a year before they were eligible to be traded. If so, Corey Seager can’t be included in that deal. At least not now. Maybe as a player to be named later.

  3. Leroy says:

    2013 Dodgers line up will be:

    1. 2b Ellis – poor choice because lack of OBP%
    2. LF Crawford – so far a “?”
    3. CF Kemp – so he can get more at bats as opposed to clean up
    4. 1b A-Gone – self explanatory
    5. SS Hanley – so there isn’t back to back lefties
    6. RF Ethier – good, but splits blow so he has to bat 6th
    7. 3b Cochito – another “?”
    8. C AJ – because Mattingly loves to reward high OBP guys!

    I’d prefer Hanley and/or AJ somewhere at the top. But who knows.

  4. Badger says:

    Seager was with Zogden last year. Did well there. Hell, he might be as good as Olt.

    Maybe Ellis can improve his OBP. He is a seasoned pro. With his speed, all we need is .400 out of him. That’s a joke.

    Gordon. The answer to our lineup is Dee Gordon.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    The other day on MLB Radio, someone called in a suggested a trade with two teams (not the Dodgers) and Olt was involved as one of three Rangers to move to the other team.

    The MLB Radio expert, knew the players involved and said that Olt was a nice player but will not be a major player in the majors. He is nice, but not a star. But he raved about their other player, I believe it was == Profar a SS. He was the key guy.

    • Badger says:

      I would rather have that kid from Zutah… that Zeager feller. He has a body that, when grown into, will provide Major League power. Move him on up….. give him some time at Cucamonga, then on to AA ball, then right on to the big club. I see he and Puig in the starting lineup by April of next year…..

      I see a lot of things. Mushrooms will do that for you……..

      Happy Holidaze……

  6. Anonymous says:

    If Dodgers did trade Ethier, they would make a run for Bourn, he would be the right fielder.

  7. Dave says:

    You’re giving up too much Mark. I say trade Ethier and Capuano for Kinsler. Sign Bourn. Keep Seager. We need to see him develop. Forget Olt. Just play Cruz et al. Who knows, maybe McPhearson and Uribe can contribute (can’t believe I typed that). I did, though. I say we address 3b later. . .spring training? before the trading deadline? I also think we should hold on to Mark Ellis. He can spell Kinsler and maybe, just maybe, fill in at 3b and LF. I (and others) can see him as a super utility guy in 2013. Maybe spring training will show that; then we can jettison Uribe. Or maybe, as others have mentioned, Big Mac can get in Uribe’s head and turn him around. Keep Dee Gordon…in AAA. Have him play CF (as others have suggested). Maybe he becomes our future CFer; maybe he further develops his game and becomes a better trade chip. He is low as a chip for us now outside of his speed (can’t even bunt let alone field his position). Keep Puig. Let’s see what he can do. So far his stats look good plus we have a lot of money riding on him.

    • Badger says:

      Good calls Dave.

      From what I read Olt is ready to play in the big leagues. How good he is is yet to be determined. Seager won’t be ready for some time, so, if Texas would make that trade, minus Capuano, I think I would do it. But I think also your point is well made.

      Does seem though that we have a whole slew of young talent we draft, wait around for, then nothing much seems to happen, other than moving them for real Major League players. We used to have a great development program, with ROY winners or candidates ever year. Hope we get that back. Seems like ages since we were that organization.

      Some yet to be done, but the nucleus is here. We have some very good ballplayers in this lineup. A tweak here and there and we will be competing for the Division all year. And, like Dave just mentioned, we have time to make moves. The team we have right now is good enough, if they all stay on the field, to be right in it at the deadline.

  8. Dave says:

    BTW, I realize you didn’t suggest Puig in that trade. I just want to hold on to that dude for now and had to mention it.

  9. RoidRage says:

    After reading all of the trades that Mark proposes, I get very enthusiastic. Enthusiastic to buy the store where Mark shops, that is. I know Mark likes to get it done, but the price he is willing to pay is astronomical. Okay Mark, you can now attack me for disagreeing. Ready, Go!

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      I don\’t attack people for disagreeing, just being disrespectful or stupid. Your opinion is fine. I am just saying what I would be willing to give up. If you aren\’t willing to give that much up, so be it! Why would I attack you for that?

  10. ken says:

    Some people have Olt starting at DH for TX in 2013. Is he ready?

    Gumby has screwed himself and the dodgers by his refusal/inability? to bunt, refrain from swinging at eye level fastballs, work the count, throw balls to first base with the correct arm slot, ……, in other words, unfortunately, only a miracle makes Gumby an option for any MLB position in 2013.

    Maybe Mark is overpaying in his proposed trade because he understands that the dodgers must over pay for all players because of the weakness of Logan’s draft picks, partial collusion because of fear of Daddy Big Bucks taking over baseball, and as a team
    gets better they always pay exponentially more for added players.

    However, I would not say Olt is a “Great” defensive 3B.

    There still are some average platoon ready free agents avialable to sign as additional RF options. I bet Cruz could play RF and thinking about the possible BAs for the Casty platoon the dodgers might consider, for 2 seconds, playing Gumby in CF and moving Kemp to RF :)

    • Badger says:

      Feelin’ Blue is giving Ethier away too.

      Do people realize how good Ethier would be in the “friendly confines” of Arlington? I am telling you, in that lineup, in that ballpark, he is .300, 30 and 100. And for that, a top pitching prospect and CA$H, you get back a guy whose numbers will no doubt go down in Los Angeles. EVERYONE’S numbers go down in Los Angeles.

      Wake up people.

  11. Badger says:

    “Gumby” knows exactly what he needs to do to become a multi-millionaire. He would be a fool to not get it done. There it is Dee, a job as lead-off hitter for a World Championship contender. You have all the tools, you will be given every opportunity, the job is yours for the taking. TAKE IT!

    Mark has been doing this for years Roid. We are used to it. And it is true many of our players are overrated, but every now and then we give one away. Screw that. I say there is new a new enforcement team in town and it’s Kasten & Co.. Here is the deal…. you don’t like it then beat it… we’ll just buy your guy when he hits free agency.

    I think Olt can hit. He put up a .977 OPS in the Texas League which is about 1.200 in the PCL. I would put him in our lineup right now, ahead of Cruz, in a heartbeat. But I don’t think he is coming here. I would offer Capuano or Harang and a prospect for him. That’s plenty. The Rangers need pitching and Capuano is superfluous in L.A..

    • ken says:

      So far Gumby is playing the fool. As of today, he is still the best alternative. The dodgers need to play at least one league minimum position player each year or END Logan’s Run and FIRE Colonel Mustard.

      1. Gumby – CF
      2. Crawford – LF
      3. Kemp – RF
      4. Gonzalez – 1B
      5. Rameriz – SS
      6. Olt – 3B
      7. Ellis/Schumaker – 2B
      8. AJ Ellis – C

      Texas already has 4 #3-5 starters. They need an ACE, they do not need Capuano or Harang.

      Either, Seager, plus $$ for #2 Olt 3B and #5 Alfero C or #9 Odor 2B.

      • Badger says:

        Man I would love to be the lead-off guy in that lineup. Look at the 5 guys coming up right behind you. You KNOW you are going to get some strikes. Be selective, lay down some bunts, straighten out some fastballs, hell man, put the ball in play (on the ground!) and run your ass off. Whoever earns that job could easily score 120 runs and cash very large checks.

        • ken says:

          I would rather have Gwynn start, in my lineup, than Casty/Schumaker in Mark’s lineup.

          Will Casty, Puig, Pederson, Baldwin, SVS, or Smith be ready?

          How about
          Brian Cavazos-Galvez
          Tyler Henson
          Kyle Russell
          Leon Landry

          Do the dodgers have any OF ready to play in 2013?

          The dodgers have a lead-off guy cliff :)

          Bourn will cost a draft pick
          Grady Sizemore is injury prone
          Delmon Young can’t field
          Scott Hairston?
          Lance Berkman can’t run
          Bobby Abreu
          Jeff Baker
          Endy Chavez
          Billy Hall
          Austin Kearns
          Scott Podsednik
          Juan Rivera

          How many of these FAs are better than Gwynn or Gumby?

  12. RoidRage says:

    Just pulling your chain, Mark, but maybe sending a little message at the same time. Sometimes people can state an opinion and they get personally involved in it. Then when someone criticizes the opinion, the one who proposes the idea, takes it personally as if they are being personally attacked. I guess that is what I’m saying. Now if someone retorts, “Hey you stupid asshole, pull your head out of your ass and get real and quit proposing stupid ass ideas, trades or whatever” then it should be taken personally. However to say something like, “Wow that is a dumb idea, what were you thinking?” or something of that nature, then I don’t consider that a personal attack, I consider that a conversation on sports.

    Like Badger stated and I hope it’s true, “we don’t need to have thin skins in hear” or something like that. This is sports, not court, not the playground, etc. So I will take Badger at his word and hope this is a place that encourages the exchange of ideas. If so, I’ll contribute, not that anyone gives a damn about what I think.

    G O L A K E R S !

    • RoidRage says:

      that would be “here” not “hear”. What a stupid asshole, with stupid spelling errors, I need to pull my head out of my ass! lol

      • Badger says:

        You need an edit capability.

        Most people have kept it civil over the years. Just don’t talk about George Bush and things should be fine.

  13. Mark_Timmons says:

    George Bush is a moron!

    So is the President after him!

    • Bobby says:

      Mark, you idiot!! You moron!!

      (anything else ridiculous I can add to it?)

      Also, on behalf of all Fresno St alum, we apologize for that pathetic performance our team put on in the Hawaii Bowl

      • Badger says:

        Saw most of that Bobby. Was very disappointed. I thought the Bulldogs were tough.

        I noticed that most of the West teams are favored in the Bowl Games. The most notable exception was Washington against Boise. I also see the line is still 10 in the BCS game. Can’t touch that one, but still think ‘bama is gonna win it. Hope not, but, most think they, at #2, are the superior team. Isn’t that interesting.

        Mark, your opinion on W has changed. You loved the guy the decade he was driving the bus over the cliff. Now he is a moron? Well, better late than never. The guy after him is a Constitutional lawyer, right? Yeah, what does he know. You can’t trust those degrees. Even Bush had one from one of those East Coast schools. He also, allegedly, was a pilot. Imagine that.

        Jose Lopez to close a deal with the Yomiuri Giants. Who is Jose Lopez and why does anyone care he is playing ball in Japan? Is that guy who had one good year in Seattle a while back? Steroids.

        What an incredibly sssllloooowwww time of year.

  14. Idahoal says:

    Keep politics out of baseball. You are giving up way to much for two players. Ott may be ready, but until he proves he can hit major league pitchers, i do not do this deal. At least we know what Either can do.

    • Badger says:

      What deal do you do al?

      Ethier to Texas for????????

      and then the Dodgers sign Bourn to take Andre’s place in the starting lineup.

  15. ken says:

    Bush Sr. is in intensive care so lets not talk any politics in case a day of mourning occurs soon and then honor the position and give Sr the same level of respect that Bill Clinton gives to him.

  16. Idahoal says:

    By the way, Ogden is in Utah.

  17. Badger says:

    Anybody think Sands or DeJesus break the starting lineup in Pittsburgh?

  18. Mark_Timmons says:

    The both might start in Pitt.

  19. Michael says:

    Checking in from Zogden, Zutah in the ZUSA;

    Leon Landry was traded and now is in the Mariners farm system Snowing like hell here[shoveled 3 times already] bah, humbug…

    is that why the Bulls @ Pacers game was axed, Mark?

    ? Do vegan baseball players use a cardboard glove?

    • Badger says:

      It’s znowing in Zutah. How inzpiring. Nasty weather all over. I even have my wood stove lit up here.

      Vegan is what you eat not what you wear. Though I felt like taking a bite out of my glove now and then.

      UCLA Baylor tomorrow. Who you got?

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      It’s 85 degrees here in Indy….

      Well really, we had a blizzard today with a foot of snow. I was hoping for two feet, but maybe next week.

      Yeah, that’s why the game was axed.

      Do possessed chickens lay deviled eggs?

  20. ken says:


    I do know one person who was a presidential candidate last year :)

    • Badger says:

      There were actual people running? Didn’t see any. All I saw was a stage full of stooges….. or as the liberal media called it… the RNC Clown Car.

  21. Beckett_Rckett says:

    I would like this deal:

    1. Beltre for Ethier

    2. Ackley for Capuano, Mark Ellis, Van Slyke, Kyle Russell

    3. Sign Michael Bourn, Bill Hall

    then the Dodgers’ line-up would be like this.

    1.Bourn 2. Crawford 3. Kemp 4. Gonzalez 5. Beltre 6. Ramirez 7. AJ Ellis 8. Ackley (bench : Hall, Schumacker, Hairston, Fedex, Punto)

  22. Idahoal says:

    Dee Gordon is our lead off man. Move him to second base. There is not that much difference between the two positions except for the arm. I just would not trade Either. We know what we are getting and I think he is going to hit left handers this year. McGwire will help him.

  23. Mark says:

    Good idea Timmons. Trade Ethier for either Kinsler or, Beltre (with the other pieces you mentioned). Would rather have Beltre back of course.

    I just don’t see the logic in signing Michael Bourne- just more money to shell out and we already have some good prospects (Castellanos and the big prize, Yaisel Puig). If we sign or, trade for another star OF, I’m going to puke- we don’t want to be “Yankees West.” The Dodgers of old have always relied upon talent from the farm from their excellent scouts and talent evaluators. I hope we can get back to that….but it bice to have the gargantuan financial resources of Guggenheim to help this steer this organization back in the right direction. I just hope they are in this for the long-haul.

  24. Mark says:

    As for a lead-off hitter, stick Crawford or Mark Ellis in that spot.


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