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How Do the Dodgers Prospects Stack Up?

I hate to break you the news, and you can ridicule me all you want, but the fact of the matter is that when I purposed trading prospects (Dee Gordon, Zach Lee, Chris Reed and Joc Pederson) for Daniel Murphy and R.A. Dickey, I was not giving up too much.  The reality of the situation is that other than Dodger fans, most MLB General Managers and scouts don’t think much of the Dodgers prospects I mentioned. Yeah, that’s right!

So some of you morons who say I am on crack or giving up way  too much need to consider a few things, like (1) who was the last prospect the Dodgers traded who really amounted to anything; and (2) will Gordon, Lee, Reed and Pederson amount to anything?  Most of you think that the Dodgers prospects are sure-fire first ballot hall-of-famers and they simply are not all that.  Not even close…

Consider this:

  • Dee Gordon is fast and erratic and is not highly regarded outside of Dodger Fandom.
  • Zach Lee is a #3 or #4 starter AT BEST!
  • Chris Reed is a middle reliever .
  • Joc Pederson is a huge question mark after an immense flop in the AFL.

R.A. Dickey is the current Cy Young winner.  He’s 38 and could pitch 2-4 more years easily.  A two-year $35 mil deal would be about right.  Daniel Murphy is a solid bat at 2B.  He’s no All-Star, but he would be an asset.

Do we have a catcher who can catch Dickey?  Ellis caught Haegar and Fed-Ex has probably caught Wakefield.

OK, this is just an idea.  A place to start.  I put ideas out for you to chew on, but they have basis in reality.  I think the Dodgers would do the deal I suggested.  The Mets probably wouldn’t because they likely wouldn’t think it is enough.  HELLO!

You also need to realize that because the Dodgers are flush with cash, they will have to overpay for any player they sign.  They are driving the market up by their mere presence.  If the Dodgers weren’t in on it, Greinkie would probably get $160 million.  With the Dodgers in on Greinke, he’ll get at least $20 million more.  When you can pay, the sharks will make you.

There are rumors that Uribe is being shopped.  QUIT IT!  No one will want him.  Pay him and let him walk.

Cody Ross and Scott Hairston for 4th OF.

James Shields is still on the radar.

Hanley Ramirez is going to be the Dodgers SS, just  like I have been telling you - LA TIMES

Negotiations continue with Ryu who turned down the Dodgers first offer.

Skip Schumacher?  OK I guess!



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36 Responses to “How Do the Dodgers Prospects Stack Up?”

  1. Michael says:

    Prospects, smoshpects. For every Greg Brock, Jeff Hamilton and Mike Marshall I’ll show you squat.

    It’s beauty in the eye of the beholder.

    Nothing wrong with your take Mark, I was longing for Murphy last season and knuckleballers can throw til they’re nearly fifty, God bless Phil Nekro, Charlie Hough and Hoyt Wilhelm.

    Don’t take the criticism so hard Mark. If all these geniouses were as smart as they think they are they would at least be in the game not working for Mickey D’s.

  2. Michael says:

    Skip Schumaker; oh joy

  3. Idahoal says:

    I would make that deal with the Mets. However, the Mets will not.

  4. Michael says:

    I thought by now we would have Zach, Josh and half of the ’27 Yankees signed.

    That was supposed to be Niekro.

    Outside the box

    Keep on keeping on and thanks for the vine er line

  5. Badger says:

    Mickey D’s?

    I was retired at 58. Never worked fast foods.

    You will never see those you negotiate with praise your assets. Our prospects are not as good as most, everyone knows that already. Don’t forget how hollow McSpudnuts left this organization.

    Having said that, some of our pitching prospects would generate interest and I guarantee Gordon would bring back some talent.

    And I think Dickey throws his knuckler harder than most (83 mph). He is also throwing without a UCL so nobody knows for sure how long he will last.

    Not everyone that disagrees with you is s moron. Not everyone that agrees with is a genius. Just different opinions.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      But some ARE morons. They know it and you know it and I know it. You might be one too, but not today! ;)

      • Badger says:

        I am capable of moronic action. I was a moron on July 12th, 1966 and again in August of 1978. Other than those two days, I have done some stupid things, but moron? Nah.

        “*Dee Gordon is fast and erratic and is not highly regarded outside of Dodger Fandom.
        *Zach Lee is a #3 or #4 starter AT BEST!
        *Chris Reed is a middle reliever”

        Well, I disagree about Gordon. He will draw interest from more than one team. I guarantee it. He is ranked the 26th best prospect. That’s high enough to get some folks talking.

        Lee? Something you don’t like about a #3 starter? Every team has one, and every team is always looking for another one.

        Middle reliever? And, that is a bad thing? Do you know how many games are won and lost in the 6th and 7th innings? Every team in Major League baseball is looking for solid middle relievers. If we have one we can include in a deal, that will be a valuable chip.

        I am confident that by the time the season starts, the Dodgers will be good enough to be considered among the favorites for the NL pennant. What happens this week could be important, it could mean nothing. I thought the Dodgers would get Greinke signed before this week-end, and looks like I could be wrong about that. But I don’t really care if we get him or not. We will eventually get what we are looking for.

  6. the truth hurts says:

    thank the good lord Victorino is gone….

    what a waste…..

    I supported the move, BOY WAS I WRONG!

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Everything Badger said.

    And the genius above shouldn’t sardonically call people “geniouses” if he can’t spell it (“geniuses”). And I’m guessing it wasn’t a typo.

    Actually, Mark, morons don’t know they’re morons. If they did, they wouldn’t be morons. Some of us have moronic moments, but we’re smart enough know it.

    Actually, according to MLB Trade Rumors above, the Mariner’s are interested in Dee Gordon. And apparently, according to that piece, there’s lots of interest.

    If memory serves, Baseball America ranked Zach Lee last year somewhere slightly above or below the middle of the pack in their top 100. So yes, he’s not as highly thought of as some Dodger fans may think. But I knew that, and others around here knew that. As Badger said, “everyone knows that already.” Except maybe a few morons.

    Also, I have pointed out on more than one occasion that I’m willing to part with prospects to get established big league stars, simply because I am now confident that our ownership is very capable of re-stocking the pipeline. That wasn’t the case with “McSpudnuts”.

  8. Pete M. says:

    “you can lead a horse to water, but a pencil has to be lead”…See what these lead Winter Meetings have lead me to!?!?
    I have utmost faith in Ned and Guggenheim in getting as Badger so succeintly said ” We will eventually get what we are looking for.
    My take on the Blue Minor Lg. system is about the same… Everything we have of promise is at least 2-3 yrs away.
    Well, tommorow is another day….

  9. ken says:

    If the dodger minor league players are so bad, then why did the dodgers promote Colonel Mustard and Logan White to VP?

    Actually, I think as little about the dodger minor league prospects as I do of the 2 new VPs.

    The Mets might do the deal but with different alleged prospects. They already have a Gordon.

    Is Schumaker still better than Gordon? At least he could platoon with Ellis, and Chavez would be a good platoon with Cruz.

  10. Badger says:

    I am not saying that the deal Mark proposed for Dickey and Murphy is necessarily a bad one, I am just saying I think we can get more, including a younger SP, for that group. Dickey could be good for another couple of years, but, you have to ask yourself, as the writer of the article I posted did, how long can a guy like him go? He isn’t your typical knuckleballer. He throws that thing hard, and he is doing it without a ulnar collateral ligament. I challenge any of you to throw without YOUR UCL.

    “Dodgers Rangers battling for Greinke” —- I wouldn’t bet against the Dodgers in that one. I have to admit, I wish it was a different pitcher hitting free agency this year – like Verlander, Price or Hernandez. Or Chris Sale. He is 23 and looks like Kershaw, only taller.

  11. AnewBlueDay says:

    Hello, I confess, I am a moron. With a capital “M.” Here are just 2 reasons:

    I did not like McCourt’s ownership of the Dodgers. I never tried to explain his actions and condone his moves – as some here did. Jamie, his wife, was a looser spending so much Dodger money on her life style. What I did say about “them” was – if they would have come to Southern California, made the right moves, they could have been the darlings of Dodgerland for decades. But they went the opposite way.

    I am a moron — in that I say, keep Dee Gordon for another two years, because I have the feeling that Hanley will either bust as the SS this season, and field terribly
    or injure himself — and finally move to 3B realizing that he can take pressure off of poor fielding play and concrete on hitting. Then if Dee is needed as the SS, he is there. Heck, if another need comes up because of injury, then the Dodgers could trade Dee during the season or the next. Meanwhile, he learns his craft in AAA for part of 2013 and is ready when called. (Unless the Dodgers have another SS in A or AA that can work magic that we are not talking about; or trade for a super star now).

  12. DRomo says:


    A lot of us have said in the past that our farm system was bare. We have said that the guys we were bring along were mostly busts. Haven’t you gone on and on about what a great job Logan White and DeJon Watson had done? Didn’t you drool all over Logan White any and everytime you could? I am sure this new stance you are taking is a realization that some of us were right.

    I could be wrong.

    I am now willing to bet we leave Nashville empty handed. I think our activity comes after the meetings. Although the time is up on Ryu this weekend. Hmm?

    • ken says:

      Or you could be right!

      I, for one, am very glad that Stan is now in charge of dictating the direction to be taken during each player draft. Logan should kick his shoes together and realize that he’s not 2003 anymore.

  13. Bobbie17 says:

    When the Dodger 3A team was in Vegas, I went to some games over a period of several years. I have said before that I did not see any superstars there. Even Kemp looked like a cry baby. I don’t really blame the players because there has been zero development in the farm system. I am still hopeful that some of these minor leaguers can be “reclaimed” by someone who can teach. It’s not too late for them. I agree that the scouting and development people have stunk, and they are still around. Why? I’m not giving up on these guys because frankly, most teams stink in scouting and development too. Opinions of other organizations don’t mean much unless its the Giants, A’s, and others who have had a good track record. Do I care what the scouts from the Pirates think? Anyway, if you are going to give them up, get someone better than Dickey.

  14. DRomo says:

    I have a source (a friend in the know) who says the thing to watch today is Justin Upton. If he is traded to Texas,Grienke will likely be a Ranger this year.
    Texas will likely not need Hamilton if they have Upton. This saves them a ton of money to give Greinke. Greinke will likely be more comfortable in Texas by most accounts. Also $160 million is closer to $160 million in Texas. So if you think the Dodgers have a strictly money advantage you are wrong.

    • Badger says:

      Maybe the Dodgers offer more to make up for the state income tax.

      Or maybe this Greinke kid just likes Texas more than California. He is from the South, though not as red neck south as Texas. He is from Florida. Orange County Florida. Though, with all that money, any liberal leanings may have thinned a bit. Perhaps he belongs in the Texas.

      Who cares. If we don’t get him, we get somebody else.

      • Badger says:

        btw, Ramirez IS playing shortstop and IS working on his defense in winter league. And Mattingly says Hanley Ramirez can do anything…. including play third base for the Dominican Republic in the WBC.

      • Kevin says:

        Greinke is going to pitch where he wants and money won’t be a factor. Both teams can give him what he wants in terms of dollars. From all accounts his guy is very involved and is taking all factors into consideration. The one advantage we do have is that he likes the NL style of play, would be pitching in a pitchers park, and would have easier lineups to navigate through. Not sure if that will be enough though….gotta think that it would be hard to say no to Nolan Ryan if your a pitcher.

  15. Gonzo says:

    That’s why Anibal Sanchez won’t sign until Grenkie does.

  16. DRomo says:

    I’m wondering if it might be better to have Sanchez and Ryu. Or Sanchez and Edwin Jackson?

    The money doesn’t concern me. Who cares. It’s not ours and the Dodgers have the money and NO IT WILL NOT KEEP US FROM LOCKING UP KERSHAW! (I’m sick of hearing that)

    The length of the contract is what scares me. I don’t want to see a 7 year contract. Even if the guy is 29. 7 yrs for a pitcher? Yikes! Kershaw maybe he is younger and means more to the franchise than any free agent pitcher. 6 is iffy but 7 years (which I am sure would seal the deal for any club) is ridiculous!

    All that said I am sure Ned/Stan have a plan B locked and loaded.

  17. AnewBlueDay says:

    Not that we need these guys now, but the Dodgers did have (control) over some players that most of us were excited about – then they went away – here are 6 players, and some $$$ totals of their career . . .

    Jonathan Broxton –
    Dodgers drafted and signed him in 2002. Then granted him Free Agency in 2011. He’s been with K.C. and now the Reds. Total salary paid and to be paid = $47 million. He has now pitched a total of 450 major league innings.

    Joel Guzman –
    Can’t miss prospect. Signed 2001. Traded to TB for Julio Lugo, then granted Free Agency 3 time plus finally released by the Red, so really 4 times, cut.

    Edwin Jackson –
    Drafted and signed in 2001. Traded to TB for Danys Baez & Lance Carter. Then traded 5 times ! and granted Free Agency 2 times and is now a Free Agent waiting to sign again. Total salary: $27 million. Won-Lost record, 70-71.

    Andy LaRoche –
    Drafted & signed in 2002. Traded to Pittsburgh in 2008. Granted Free Agency 4 times after that. Is open to play somewhere. Total salary, almost $2 million. Has a total of 1,180 ABs in the majors, 22 HRs, 113 RBIs, average .226

    James Loney
    Drafted and signed in 2002. Traded to Boston in 2012. Salary over $17 million. Average .282, with 73 HRs, 459 RBIs in 3,170 ABs.

    Russell Martin
    Drafted and signed in 2002. Granted Free Agency two times (2010 & 2012). Salary $21 million. Average .260, 93 HRs, 418 RBIs, in 3,183 ABs.

    Here are some more prospects over the last decade, who held great promise and or hope – and all gone:

    Blake DeWitt
    Luke Allen
    James McDonald
    Ivan DeJesus
    Josh Bell
    Josh Lindblom
    Andrew Lambo
    Carlos Santana

    These guys made it, and are still here, thank goodness some of the Dodger prospects panned out:
    Chad Billingsley
    Matt Kemp
    Clayton Kershaw

  18. Rob says:

    Chavez to Arizona for cheap. I guess our backup 3rd baseman is uribe again.

  19. Gdub says:

    I know we can get a better and younger SP with the same pkg (Dee Gordon, Zach Lee, Chris Reed and Joc Pederson) instead of Dickey. Dee Gordon still has good upside with the lack of SS’s out there and Lee also has great upside. look at what TOR gave up to get Josh Johnson, Reyes and co. I heard those where not even top prospects.

    • AnewBlueDay says:

      Maybe the Florida team just wanted to get rid of those guys and pulled the trigger when they had a possible trade.

  20. Rob says:

    I guess choate wanted to get away from his ex wife

  21. al says:

    How do the Dodger Blue feel about having Ramon Castro as a catcher behind or in front of A.J. Ellis?


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