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Where and When Will Dee Gordon Be Traded?

Will Dee Gordon be traded?  It’s no longer a question of if, but rather when and where?  Dee Gordon will be traded – that’s a given.  This winter, he is hitting .328 with an OB% of .403 and has 7 SB’s.  Let’s hope they overlook his 8 errors in 15 games.  That extrapolates to 88 errors in a 162 game season.  Yikes!  Will he go to Tampa Bay in a trade for James Shields or the Mets in a trade for RA Dickey (knuckleballers scare me more than clowns)?

The Dodgers under Ned Colletti play their cards very close to their vests, so it would not surprise me if the Dodgers make a move that no one expects right out of the blue – WHAM!  WOW!  WHO KNEW?  Watch and see.  It will be sooner than later!

Ramblings of a Lunatic

  • If I were the Dodgers I would not sign Zach Greinke or Hiroki Kuroda or any player that will cost them their first round draft pick.  If they truly want to rebuild that farms system, they need this years draft pick which will probably be the highest one they will get for a while.  They need to build for now and for the future.  Just say no to any free agents that cost us draft picks.
  • John Valentin is reported to be the assistant hitting instructor, but that has not been announced by the Dodgers.  Why and Why?  Is McGwire on board with this?  If Mark McGwire is “Big Mac” is John Valentin “Quarter Pounder, with cheese?”
  • Will Big Mac tell Donnie that he won’t manage if Donnie doesn’t coach the hitters?  INTERESTING CONVERSATION….
  • Aaron Harang and/or Chris Capuano could be very valuable trade chips.
  • How about Scott Hairston as the 4th outfielder?  Cheaper than Ross and maybe as productive?
  • I would not expect the Dodgers to release Juan Uribe at least until the end of Spring Training.  Maybe Big Mac can “fix” him?  I’m sure he would like the challenge.
  • Don’t think the Dodgers have an unlimited payroll and even if they did, don’t think that is the difference between winning and losing.  The A’s won 94 games with a payroll of $53 million last year while the Yankees won 95 games with a payroll of $210 million.  To spend $157 million more and still fail to make the World Series is what I fear.  Boy, how dumb does that make you look?  I mean, you spend that much and win one more game than a team with a payroll 1/4 of yours.  I would be so ashamed.
  • Will Andre Ethier really be traded?  I doubt it – Big Mac would relish the challenge of fixing him against LH pitchers.

UPDATE:  I posted last week that Greinke and Sanchez would not require draft picks and then due to massive brain disease (what else could it be?), I forgot.  They do not require draft picks because they were traded during the season.  That’s a new rule in the collective bargaining agreement.


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36 Responses to “Where and When Will Dee Gordon Be Traded?”

  1. Ken says:

    Rays – Keep all of your pitchers and just sign Hamilton for 1 Yr, $30 mil, with Yr 2 a $10 mil option. Roll the dice.

    Sanchez and Greinke both have an ERA+ under 110 over the last 3 years and they want WHAT?

    IF the dodgers win one of the Far East postings, then that is almost the same as a 1st round pick and then they could sign either Kuroida or Grienke.

    Is it possible to find out which dodgers have no trade clauses, and therefore what player trades are even possible?

    Gordon – Just lift weights, gain 15 pounds and switch to CF. Just don’t get a fat neck like Crawford and Karl Rowe :)

    IF the dodgers make a 2 for 1 type trade by 11/20, then there might be room for Uribe on the 40 man roster, otherwise with the Rule 5 protection roster addition date in less than 2 weeks, Uribe should be gone. I would rather DFA Uribe and invite him to ST then lose a valuable prospect.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    I think you may be right – Gordon’s future may be in CF!

  3. Bball says:

    How about Gordon and ethier for king Felix. Mariners said they would consider a trade if the players in return were MLB ready. They need a ss and ethier could add a good bat especially since there moving the fences in. Thoughts

  4. Gonzo says:

    Good points Mark. Gordon will get traded I’ve never been that high on him. What makes you so cautious about Greinke? He seems to have his ailment under control, pitches 190-200+ innings a year and is in his prime? I would risk that 1st rounder for him but not Kuroda. Read on ESPN that if Texas were to sign Greinke Holland might become available. Who do you think pitchers will end up in LA?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      I like Greinke, but the Dodgers need a high pick. I think we can do just as good without giving up a pick.

      I have no clue who they will get, but I think Sheilds is likely. Maybe the Dodgers send Capuano and Harang in the deal and pay their salary ($6 mil)?

      • Michael says:

        While both Greinke and Sanchez would require a large outlay in both dollars and years, neither one would cost a draft pick. Because both pitchers were traded midseason in 2012, neither were eligible to receive a qualifying offer of one-year, $13.3 million from the Angels and Tigers, respectively.[TRUE BLUE LA]
        I was just reading yesterday of another team that will employ 2 hitting coaches saying it had nearly become a neccessity. HMNN, a righty and a lefty?

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Don’t be surprised at just what might happen. As suggested, signing someone like Hamilton and trading Ethier could work.

    Going after a big pitcher and trading some chips, might just happen.

    They want to fix this team, and continue to grow from the bottom up.

    Sound like they will leave catching alone. 2b, maybe as well for now.

    Is there a lower minor league SS that has a big upside after Gordon, if he is traded, and Hanley is moved to 3b, say, two years from now?

  6. Gonzo says:

    Roger, If the Dodgers were to be involved in a trade with the rays they could ask for Tim Beckham in return as well as a pitcher.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I thought Greinke would not cost the dodgers a draft pick if they signed him because he was traded mid-season.

  8. Badger says:

    You continue to miss the point about payroll. Maybe different words would help:

    it ain’t about outflow, it’s about incoming.

    Does that hit the mark Mark? The A’s have a low payroll because THEY DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY!! The Yankees have a high payroll BECAUSE THEY CAN AFFORD IT!

    Gordon in center makes sense to me.

    We need starters who can throw 220 innings of 1.3 WHIP. You have that and everything else will fall into place. Screw all those other stats. I’ll take WHIP over all of them.

    I don’t care as much about the draft pick. I want the player now.

  9. 7 says:

    zach will not cost a draft pick

  10. Gionfriddo says:

    Hyun-Jin Ryu anybody?? Did Kasten put in a bid?? We will know by Monday .

    Before those of you who knee jerk & say no– watch the film on him- he KNOWS how to pitch (throws 4 pitches for strikes)… Looks to me like a Kenny Rogers/David Wells type ..

    Time will tell…

  11. Ken says:

    I’ll take HWIP, as I called it back in 1965, too! WHIP, Innings and then ERA are all needed to be a true Ace.

    If Stan trusts Logan, then sign Kuroda and the 18 year old from Japan, which might be even better than what they would obtain in their #1 draft pick slot. Otherwise sign Sanchez. My gut is still not high on Greinke for more than 4 years. Not sure why.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    If Gordon learns to play CF, does Kemp move to Right Field, Crawford (when ready) in LF, and Ethier gets traded for another important piece . . .

    • Kevin says:

      That would be ideal Rog….Kemp IMO is made for RF. He def has the arm for it, and I’ve always thought he takes akward routes to the ball in CF. Of course his pure athleticism usually makes up for that.

  13. Gionfriddo says:

    Sanchez= 6 yrs/90 mill…. A big hell NO to him… not worth it.

  14. Badger says:

    As I mentioned on the last thread, if Sanchez can up his innings a bit, and I believe he could in L.A., he would be worth signing. But asking for that kind of money for 6 years is kinda nuts. How about close to that for 3 years? With an option?

    I, like Ken, am not as sure about Greinke. Something about him bothers me, maybe it’s because I think he is living off his 25 year old year when he had an ERA+ of 205. Hasn’t come close to that since. But, he had a 1.196 WHIP last year so, if they decide he’s the guy, I’m down with it. I don’t believe he is worth $20 million for more than 3 years. After that length of time he will be pitching at age 34. Will he still have 220 innings from age 34-36? Risky if you ask me.

    I would love to see Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay stats from somebody we pick up. Who is the 26 year old out there that is worth hanging on to for the next 9 years?

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    UPDATE: I posted last week that Greinke and Sanchez would not require draft picks and then due to massive brain disease (what else could it be?), I forgot. They do not require draft picks because they were traded during the season. That\’s a new rule in the collective bargaining agreement.

  16. Badger says:

    I doubt the brass is considering a draft pick this winter. If the guy they want says yes, they will sign him. I got a feeling they are all about winning now. In fact, I think it would be ok with them if they picked last every year.

  17. ken says:

    Kuroda and the other 7 rejected the qualifying offers. Everyone is looking to get a share of the new MLB TV money and the 2014 LAD Cable Money!

    Maybe Kershaw should wait until the Cable Network is in place before asking for $30 mil per year.

  18. ken says:

    Lakers finally looking for a real coach. Don’t want to be upstaged in LA by both the new Clippers and the new Dodgers.

    Nate McMillen or Jerry Sloan?

  19. Gonzo says:

    Brian Shaw. Should have gotten the job in the first place.

    • Badger says:

      The job is his if Jackson’s wants it. If not, then the first choice should be Shaw, if the Pacers will let him out of his contract.

  20. Mark_Timmons says:

    We aren\’t letting him go. We needs him…

  21. Gionfriddo says:

    Hyun-Jin Ryu– look @ the video’s– get to know him… Winning bid was 26 million and the team picked to get him (Cubs), DID NOT win the bid..

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    None of us knows the dimensions of the kind of TV deal the Dodgers will ultimately put in place, but I trust it will be as Jayson Stark described it, “humongous”. And it’s not only the TV money that the Dodgers are counting on. I expect that they will do everything in their power to bring attendance to 4 million or more per year, with its attendant revenue from ticket sales, parking and merchandise sales.

    Yes, the Yankees and their high payroll didn’t win anything. We all know that money alone is not the answer. It’s how you deploy that money which makes all the difference. The Yankees decided to spend large amounts of money on aging stars like Jeter and Rivera. Anyone surprised that it didn’t work? And how much further would the A’s have advanced if they had the money to add a piece or two, or three?

    Gurnick tells us this about Colletti. “When told he might have the highest payroll in baseball, he said: ‘We’d rather play with a full deck.’”

    Nobody is suggesting that the Dodgers are a lock to win anything next year. But at least they’re in the game.

    I don’t have any preferences about who I want to see the Dodgers sign or trade for. I’m just hopeful that the Dodgers will be active this winter, and end up with some significant new pieces. As for Dee Gordon, I offer no opinion, except to say that if he makes it into the Dodgers lineup, he could turn out to be a very cost effective piece. No doubt Gordon could probably play center, could probably play 2B, and could probably play short. He could be traded, but I don’t consider that to be any kind of “given”.

    If they can improve themselves significantly, the Dodgers will surrender their first round draft pick, if that’s what it takes. But let’s keep in mind that the Dodgers are now again a strong player on the international market. When this team finally fills in the pieces it still needs, and ultimately begins to produce talent down on the farm, then, and only then, will it not be necessary to surrender draft picks to fill holes on the major league roster. Ultimately, the goal is to build a strong pipeline of prospects throughout the minor league system to replace aging veterans. That pipeline will take several years to build. In the meantime, it will be necessary to patch the holes that years of non-investment created.

    I also believe that the Dodgers prefer not to surrender draft picks, if possible. And besides, how is surrendering a draft pick a more onerous option than trading away current minor league talent to obtain a James Sheilds, or his like. I fail to see the difference.

    • RogerCraig says:


      Are you on crack?

      No kidding?


    • Badger says:

      The Yankees have a different model – and that is hitters. Every day players that put butts in seats. If they could put together a staff that matched their lineup, look out. They were second in runs scored (behind only Texas) and I believe 10th in runs given up. I think the Dodgers will always be a pitching organization. But, they will soon be able to put more runs on the board. We had 56 1 run games last year, more than anyone but Pittsburgh. I don’t see us having that many next year. We were 26th in runs scored. We will never be that low again.

      I still say Gordon can add a dimension we haven’t seen around here in quite a while. 70 stolen bases? 100 runs? All he has to do is get on base at .340 and if he does, I can see both those numbers being reached on this team. But, like Brooklyn says, if he is traded so be it. But, if he is, it had better be for somebody really good, and hopefully it’s to an AL team.

      As for the t.v. deal, we have been talking about this for months. It was first on the list of reasons why the Gaggonhymens paid what they did. DTN was something that McCourt envisioned and it will likely match, or surpass, the YES network. There is only one other organizations in all of baseball that could do what the Yankees did with that model. Brooklyn is right – we have no idea how much money that is going to bring into the Dodgers organization. We all admit that the money will not guarantee a championship. But we can all assume it will mean the Dodgers will put on a show. The Championships will come. Just look at the Yankees record. Since 1995 they have been to the play-offs every year but one. They have been to 7 World Series’ winning 5. The Dodgers record could even be better than that if they do it right.

      Let the good times roll.

  23. ken says:

    The lower revenue sharing percentage for tv revenue is true when the dodgers start their own network.

  24. Gionfriddo says:

    Ryu= winning bid was 25,737,737… 3′s & 7′s are lucky #’s to the Koreans, hence the final figure…

    ALL the teams who scouted & talked extensively with Ryu & his agent, Scott Boras, have been eliminated as winning bidders per sources — these teams include the Rangers, Orioles, Cubs, and Angels.. That leaves…….

    Rosenthal & Morosi said the Dodgers put in an “agressive” bid, while Buster Olney is saying the Blue are the likely winning bidders.. Translation= we might have a new LH starter… Check out the video.. The lefty has a devastating out pitch with his changeup to go with a low 90′s heater..


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