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Torii Hunter May Make Perfect Sense

Yes, I know that he is 38 years old, but he is in great shape and has the body type that seems to age very well.  He is a good base-runner and could hit in the #2 spot if necessary.  He kills LH pitchers and hits RH pitchers very well.  He’s not the HR threat he once was, but he’s a very productive player.

Yes, I know that Mark McGwire could help Andre Ethier how to hit LH pitching (or maybe not), but the Dodgers have Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig ready in a year or two, so trading Ethier might make sense.  Hunter will not require any compensation and would probably accept a two-year deal to play with his pal Matt Kemp.  He is also friends with Carl Crawford.

It makes sense because it would balance the lineup which was a little heavy with left-handers.  He’s a good outfielder and can even spell Kemp in CF, if necessary.  Finally, he’s a good clubhouse guy too.

It also makes sense because Andre Ethier could be packaged with the likes of Dee Gordon and Chris Capuano or Aaron Harang to get a solid starter and maybe a 2B or 3B.

The Dodgers need help at 2B and 3B.  Kevin Youkilis is available, but does he have anything left?  Before you say no, consider Lance Berkman at the same age.  Big Mac had a hand is resurrecting his career and could do the same with Youk.   Of course, I would prefer Chase Headly or David Wright, but could they really become available?  It’s doubtful.

How about Andre Ethier and Dee Gordon for Aaron Hill?  Some cash might have to go to the D-Backs…  Or how about Ethier, Mark Ellis and Harang or Capuano for Ian Kinsler if the Rangers lose Hamilton?

How about this lineup:

  1. Kinsler  2B
  2. Hunter  RF
  3. Gonzalez  1B
  4. Kemp  CF
  5. Ramirez  SS
  6. Youkilis  3B  (resurrected – humor me)
  7. Crawford  LF
  8. Ellis  C

Just another idea.

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  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Why would I want to make D-Backs stronger by giving them Andre Ethier? What Aaron Hill do we get? The Aaron Hill of 2010, who hit .205 with 26 HR, the 2011 version who hit .246 with 8 HR, or the 2012 Hill who hit .302 with 26 HR? And none of that power he showed had him playing half his games in Dodger Stadium. Sorry, and you’ll say I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t trade Dee Gordon straight up for Hill. I prefer Gordon’s young potential to Hill’s older uncertainty. Heck, if you’re so hell bent on having Hanley play shortstop, why not consider Gordon for 2B and keep Ethier (or use him another deal). I’d rather have the combination of Gordon and Ethier than just Hill alone.

    Haven’t checked Kinsler’s stats, but I’ll assume they’re still good. I might do that deal and include Ethier, i.e., if it’s the Dodgers who sign Hamilton.

    Youkilis is fine with me. Could fill-in at first and third, could be a valuable PH, and probably a perfect choice to DH in interleague games in the AL ballpark. I’m sure you can guess that I still have Hanley at 3B.

    Trading Capuano and/or Harang is fine with me. That would probably mean that the Dodgers sign at least one more starting pitcher.

    As for signing Torii Hunter, that’s OK with me. Just not so sure it’s OK with Hunter. But if he’s willing at this stage of his career to be a 4th outfielder, then he’d probably worth the investment (risk).

  2. Badger says:

    Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

    Here’s another. Andre Ethier is going to hit .290 with 90 RBI’s on this team and he is going to do that every year for the next 6 years. Torii Hunter is 38 years old. I don’t trade Ethier until I know Puig or Pederson can step in and do what Andre does. That sure as hell ain’t now, and I doubt it’s in 2014 either. What Andre brings to the table takes a few years to develop.

    We don’t need a starting outfielder. We need a decent back-up. If Hunter wants to learn 1b, get a few games there, DH during the inter-league games, and get maybe 300 at bats, then come on over. If not, then he isn’t the guy for the 4th outfielder job.

    I like the idea of Youkilis on this team. He is only 34 and seems like a no nonsense professional. Between Cruz, Youk, Ramirez, Ellis and whoever else they might pick up, the infield should be just fine. This is going to be a balanced club and I don’t see that happening when you trade an every day All Star MVP-6 Silver Slugger Golden Glove winning RFer.

    Now having said that, if Ethier is used to get a guy like Cano or Wright…. then ok, let’s roll those dice.

    Ethier and Gordon for Aaron Hill? I don’t think so. The dbacks outfield looks pretty good right now and Hill is inconsistent. Yeah, he has looked good in Arizona, but he has also hit .222 and .205 in Toronto. He is a career .272 hitter.

  3. Badger says:

    I hadn’t read what Brooklyn wrote before I posted… but…. he’s right…. again.

  4. 7 says:

    Brooklyn said it best

  5. ken says:

    Have I convinced another person to think that Gordon could/should play 2B? :)

    Keep Ethier and weave Gordon into the lineup if he raises his BA.

    I believe that Hunter’s family still lives in Texas and therefore he does not need a no trade contact. Hunter should consider signing with the dodgers, hoping to beat out Crawford, and knowing that if he does not become the 3rd OF then he will be traded to another contender at the deadline for a prospect which the dodgers need.

    The dodgers need to sign a #2 pitcher at any cost, before they start trading position players.

    Can Youk realize that he needs to start over and sign with a team trying to win the WS in 2013 for 1 year $6 mil. Yes McGuire could recharge Youk’s career and Youk could then sign one last great contract. Maybe!

    Ned has said several times that he wants to create competition among the players in an attempt to motivate them, so if he has the budget, then maybe the 2013 dodgers will have more star position players than we previously thought.

    Of course I am just being creative and thinking that MLB players do not have a giant EGO. :)

  6. Mark_Timmons says:

    One thing is for sure – the Dodgers are trying to trade Ethier. They deny it, but around baseball, it\’s a fact.

    • Badger says:

      I don’t doubt they are asking for any interest. But when it comes right down to it, can it get done? Hunter’s numbers were great between age 26-34, as are most good ML players. And he had a terrific year last year, playing in the field 134 games. He is going to be 38 next year and the numbers are going to continue to drop. I think it’s risky to put him out there everyday for the next two years. I could wrong about that of course. Puig and Pederson are not ready, and who knows when, and if, they will be.

      “Have I convinced another person to think that Gordon could/should play 2B” ken

      I didn’t need convincing.

      “Can Youk realize that he needs to start over and sign with a team trying to win the WS in 2013 for 1 year $6 mil.” ken

      He’s 33. He’s got a thousand ab’s left in him. Can we afford to give him two years? I think he would be a good team player and clubhouse guy.

  7. ken says:

    Jemuel Valentin fastracking in PR winter ball! The sign of a young kid with a great work ethic?

    The dodgers signed League, my #1 priority, now just go out and sign a #2 FA starter. Then trade for a #2-3 starter with Ethier and one of their many #4 starters. Then sign Hunter for 2 years or Hamilton for 3 years, then sign the 18 year old pitcher from Japan, and then fix the bench. Idealistically of course!

    I believe that there is a higher probability that the dodgers will need a Left handed bat to platoon at 2B then a new 3B in 2013. Gordon are you listening?

    Other teams will be silently colluding against the dodgers by practicing “Restraint of Trade” making the price of dodger trades even higher this off season, so maybe the signing of a FA pitcher and losing a draft pick will not cost as much in the long run as making a trade.

    Of course, all of this is moot because the dodgers will not win the WS until Mark adds a Spell Checker. :)

    • Badger says:

      “Of course, all of this is moot because the dodgers will not win the WS until Mark adds a Spell Checker”

      Then we’re in trouble.

      Why are some so anxious to trade Ethier? He’s not a problem, is he? OK, he can’t hit LH pitching very well. Find a RH hitting 4th outfielder and give Andre a few days off against them. And in my head, that is where Hunter comes in. Andre had 221 at bats against LHer’s last year. Give Hunter 150 of those. Let him DH, let him rest Crawford and Kemp and let him pinch hit. Bingo – 300 at bats. And he could do that for three years. Easy peasy.

      And, in that trade scenario, why in the world would we need to add a ML starting pitcher for a ML starting pitcher? Ethier should be enough for a #2.

  8. The truth hurts says:

    Just say no to Tori Hunter!

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Isn’t it an “edit/preview” button we’re looking for? I don’t remember anything about a “Spell Checker”. Same difference, I guess.

    Maybe Hunter is realistic enough to realize that he’s no longer a starter. And if he hasn’t yet reached that level of reality, maybe he’ll be forced to face it when he doesn’t get the offers he’d like. Of course there’s always a team out there that does the illogical.

    Or maybe Hunter puts a lot of stock into winning a championship, and sees that he could play an important role in helping the Dodgers win one. He gets to stay in LA, and be teammates with Kemp and Crawford. And if he’s not inclined to accept a secondary role, well, there are other fish in the sea.

    Now the question is, can the Dodgers find room for both Hunter and Youkilis? Yes, one plays at the corners and the other plays in the outfield. But there are only so many PH and DH at bats. If the Dodgers are thinking about Hunter and Youkilis, I guess they can figure out if it’s a fit to have them both.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, another player who might be shocked into a new reality could be Shane Victorino. He’s probably looking to be a starter somewhere, and he’s likely a bit further removed from the end of career than Hunter. But perhaps (maybe), he too could be convinced to take something less if push comes to shove. He offers speed, and good defense, and despite his declining numbers last year, he did hit well from the right side of the plate. You never know.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    I have and continue to hold with Badger. Keep Ethier (at least for another year).

    He will drive in 90 plus, hit over .290, and catch the ball in the outfield. Contract is done, he knows where Dodger Stadium is.

    But I do like the 4th outfielder as a really key guy. Like I said on another threat: rest each of the 3 outfielders, 1 game a week and play the 4th guy; add pinch-hitting and the Interleague games . . . and all 4 outfielders get major playing time, some need rest, and the team is better.

    Soon, they need to figure out this SS / 3B business. Hanley really wants to play SS for another couple of year, because he probably sees himself as a SS and SS’s are supposed to be a more key player – in his mind. So Gordon is trade material, and Youkilis sounds like a great option for a couple of years at 3B and some fill in at 1st base.

    My my Dodger watch, watch for a signing or trade in the next 24 hours. They wlll not take a back seat to anyone now.

  12. Bobbie17 says:

    Tori Hunter has to play. Crawford is the backup until he proves otherwise. Hunter and a solid #2 pitcher sounds good. Maybe this gets done without getting rid of Ethier. Ethier is a solid player. He’s not a star. We have enough of those, now. The Rangers might want him, though, if Hamilton leaves. I’ll take any Rangers starting position player. Texas has a reserve outfielder, Gentry, who is ready to be good, too. I like the Korean pitcher, although not tested here. All are interesting possibilities. Don’t forget who you have to beat–SF. They will be back, probably stronger than before.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hate to change the subject but, if Donald Sterling has a brain in his head now is the time for the “Coup de etat” by hiring Phil Jackson; Touche!


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